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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.10


A messenger from Wazrof dropped by on the 18th, Lecan, Eda and Julius moved over to the townlord's mansion.

"Hey, Norma. Seems the duel's gonna be on the 20th huh."

"Ah, so you've heard already. Yeteria Wazbon-dono will arrive here tomorrow."

"Who's that."

"He's the Undersecetrary of PM Office. The same person who visited Vouka ahead of Herb Saint-sama back then. I never met him before, but I believe you have."

"Ah. Yeah him. Why'd that guy come here?"

"The prime minister-dono dispatched him. As a witness in the duels."

"What? That guy's gonna be the judge?"

"No, he won't. Marquis of Tsubolt himself will oversee the duels, and his aide, Haydent Notz-sama will act as the umpire. Lord Wazbon is here to report results of the duels to the prime minister. He can't possibly speak in the marquis's place."

Members of Rainzats, Indole, and Fotos all have arrived as well, but as they've all agreed to not meet each other beforehand, none of them came bothering Lecan's group.

Notz members never visited either. Neither did Yeteria.

There were several spy-like individuals prowling around, but they did not do anything out of line.

And then it's finally the duel day.

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It's a big arena with as many seating for the audience, yet there's not a lot of people watching now.

Around twenty people from Gido and Smarc Households, about ten from Rainzats and Wazrof, three officials dispatched by PM Office as well as their two escort knights, and then three people from Notz including the townlord as the overseer, and his aide as the umpire.

Heles is sitting at the audience seat currently. Her duel will be held after Lecan's.

"We will now hold a duel between proxy of the heir to Smarc Marquisate, lord Pentaros Fotos, knight Lord Viska Kouen, and the proxy as well as the fiance of the heiress to Goncourt Household, lady Norma Goncourt, adventurer Lecan. Were lord Kouen to win this duel, adventurer Lecan will annul their engagement, and lord Pentaros Fotos shall be betrothed to lady Norma. Were adventurer Lecan to win, lord Pentaros Fotos is to never propose to lady Norma ever again."

Pentaros and Norma made their vows before the town's temple head.

"The winner will be decided when one of the two is either dead or incapacitated, or when there is a clear winner of which I shall be the judge. My judgment shall be impartial."

Viska Kouen raised his hand.

"Lord Kouen. Do you have any objection?"

"Naw. No objection 'bout you. That ain't it, oy, Lecan."


"We're bettin' our lives in this duel and all. 'Course there better be some rewards, don't ya think."

"I'm fighting for Norma. Not for rewards."

"Oh, come on now. I mean yeah, I'd lay down my life for young master too. But ya know, ya just gotta have that in a duel, yeah? Winner takes the treasure. That's how ya make a fight leaves no regret."

"Get to the point."

"The winner gets to pick one thing the loser has on him and claims it as his, how's that sound to ya."

"Hou. Interesting."

"Hehehehe. Knew it. Yer' just like me. A maneating fanged fish who hunts for prey in ocean depths. So yeah, Haydent-san. Add that to the list."

"Do you object to it, Lecan-dono?"


"Very well then, the winner of this duel can claim ownership of one item the loser has on his body. The winner has the right to choose that item, the loser is not permitted to object. Take a pledge."

"Hehe. Yale."


"Put magic stones into the barrier."

Magic stones got put into pillars in four corners of the arena, then the whole arena got wrapped in an anti-magic barrier.


Lecan rushed out with <Sword of Rusk> held aloft.

<Guardian Jewel of Zana> has been fully charged with mana. He plans to end the match at once with the highest firepower he could muster. There's a lot of Grace Gear and magic tools capable of putting up anti-magic barriers, but he's rarely ever seen one that can put up an anti-physical barrier. You can set up an anti-physical barrier with magic, but that takes time. Thus this attack should definitely bring him victory.

If by any chance it gets blocked, he'll keep attacking until the third strike, and if that's still not good enough, he's going to activate <Ring of Undying King> and deploy <Comet Cutter>. This strategy should ensure his victory.

His opponent, Viska Kouen is someone with a flexible looking build, and an aura you can't underestimate. There's no doubt that he's terrifyingly strong, but he's still no match against a depth-walking adventurer in a one-on-one duel. It's his gear that's to watch out for.

Viska had started reciting a spell as Lecan took his first step, it was done being recited by Lecan's fifth step.

"Gaspario Raaf."

Lecan froze while retaining his posture of holding his sword up high. He didn't fall, but he's unable to move even a muscle.


(This can't be.)

He's got the silver ring and <Dagger of Harut> on him. No way he could be afflicted by poisons or curses. He's also got <Necklace of Intuador> equipped, no magic should bypass it.

Viska approached with a wide grin on his bearded face, and then he struck down Lecan's <Sword of Rusk> with a huge curved sword he had in his right hand.

Then he slashed again with that curved sword, mowing down Lecan's neck with impressive sword handling.

Lecan's body boasts a defensive power far tougher than ordinary men. Viska's slash did not manage to cut off his neck. That said, Lecan barely survived the attack, his throat had been sliced open as blood gushed out. He's gonna die at this rate. He can't cast a spell either with his throat cut.

Viska jumped backward, grabbed a knife hanging on his waist with his left hand and threw it.

That knife struck the middle of Lecan's chest.

Then an explosion occurred, blowing Lecan away.


His back fell on the ground, and just as he was about to lose consciousness, he heard an ear splitting scream.





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