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Okami wa Nemuranai 43.8


Both Eda and Julius were already Wazrof mansion.

They spent day one of month one at the mansion, after which, the three of them left Mashajain on the 2nd of month one, arriving at Town of Kozuin in four days. From Mashajain to Palcimo, the route that goes through Kozuin is not the shortest, but taking this route means they can visit four medium sized dungeons along the way.

Dungeon Kozuin is a 40 floor long, medium sized dungeon, yet, so many more people are congregating here than Ninae, the town is flourishing.

Dungeon Kozuin has a low rate of treasure chest spawns. Meaning you can instead acquire a lot of magic stones here. Magic stones from Dungeon Kozuin are of good quality and on the bigger side, a huge quantity of magic stones harvested here are being sold in the capital. Hence, there's a constant flow of adventurers diving in the dungeons hunting for magic stones.

There's only one type of magic beasts that spawn here.

<Fanged Rabbit (Egifurul)>.

There is little to no natural habitat of <Fanged Rabbits> in Zaka Kingdom besides insides dungeons, Lecan has never seen one out in the wild himself.

He's caught sights <Rabbits (Furul)> occasionally. Among pictures of animals lady Rubianafale drew for him, <Furuls> looked similar to <Rabbits> found in his original world, thus he thought they were one and the same, but the real things turned out to be much bigger and slower, they weren't really like rabbits. Though in that sense these <Fanged Rabbits> probably don't look like ordinary rabbits either.

Besides possessing venom in their fangs, <Fanged Rabbits> also have another ability that varies by individuals.

Either <Confusion>, <Sleep>, <Paralysis>, <Blind> magic, or <Petrification>, <Torpor>, <Corrosion>, <Despair> curses.

<Petrification> can be blocked by equipment with <Abnormal Status Resistance> in Lecan's original world. However, it appears this world doesn't have an equipment that universally resists all abnormal status, instead needing particular resistive equipment for particular status like <Confusion> resistance, <Sleep> resistance, <Paralysis> resistance or <Blind> resistance. He saw necklaces with either <Confusion>, <Sleep> and <Paralysis> resistances being sold in Tsubolt for astounding amounts of money. As most abnormal statuses are inflicted by magic, equipment with magic defense can block them but Lecan has never seen equipment that can erect magic barriers like the ones he and Julius have being sold in stores. He's seen accessories and armors that raise or have strong magic resistance however, so most adventurers probably got them instead.

And in this world <Curse Resistance> can block <Petrification>. Apparently, <Petrification> is only known as Curse in this world. Despite the fact that Lecan's world had <Petrification Poison> and <Petrification Magic>.

At any rate, there's equipment to resist them.

Lecan has <Dagger of Harut> and <Ring of Rozan> equipped. <Dagger of Harut> was from Dungeon Golbul, with <Curse Void> and <Undo Curse> Graces. <Ring of Rozan> is the silver ring he brought from his world, it's got <Abnormal Status Resistance (Large)>, <Poison Resistance (Large)>, and <Curse Resistance (Small)>.

As <Confusion>, <Sleep>, <Paralysis>, and <Blind> are mind magic, Eda should have a high resistance against them being a user of mind magic herself. Eda also got <Bracelet of Jip> on her. It's an equipment they got from Dungeon Ninae floor 15 with a <Curse Resistance (Small)> Grace.

Lecan gave Eda <Barrette of Giena>. It's a Grace Gear one of <Gwyntir Era Slupiner>'s members he beat at Dungeon Tsubolt carried with them, possessing <Curse Resistance (Large)> Grace.

He also got <Amulet of Iruent> equipped on Eda. This one's an item the swordsman Vangard had, it's got <Poison Void> and <Stamina Recovery Boost>.

Julius had <Amulet of Zain> from Arios. It's got <Curse Void> Grace of all things.

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(Guess this was the thing Arios dropped at Ninae back then.)

Julius also has <Jewel of Shandona>. The white jewel with <Magic Defense> Grace. This should suffice to block mind magic.

In reality, Lecan also has a ring with poison resistance among the loot he got from <Gwyntir Era Slupiner>, but he purposely kept it away from Julius. For the sake of instilling the boy the dreadfulness of poison.

Once the group was done with their preparations, they stepped inside Dungeon Kozuin.

Floor 1 of Dungeon Kozuin is a vast meadow.

(So this world's got this kind of dungeons too huh.)

However, above them is not a sprawling blue sky, but a white mist-like matter that floats about ten step tall. You could also find big trees here and there in the meadow, but those trees' surface areas are covered by white mist-like matter.

Fanged Rabbits are lurking in several spots here. Some are alone, some are grouped in two, three and even ten rabbits. Many adventurers are hunting them down.

(Giant variant... there it is.)

Thankfully, there's no one nearby the giant variant. Lecan's group swiftly moved out toward it.

Then the giant variant showed itself up from behind a big tree.

It's rotund with evil-looking eyes. It's also bipedal for some reason.

As it's a magic beast found on the first floor, this giant variant is quite a bit smaller than Eda. And yet it's clad with this dangerous aura peculiar to magic beasts, nothing to scoff at.

The giant variant made a hiccup-like noise, 'gubi', then a magic barrier got generated in front of Lecan. Apparently it just shot out a mind magic.

"Go, Julius."

"Yes, Master."

Julius rushed out breaking through the meadow tall grass and reaped the giant variant's head.

Once the magic beast fell down, Julius drew his dagger, fetched the magic stone, wiped it clean and handed it over to Lecan. Then he looked in the direction behind Eda.

A party of five stood there. All of them young.




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