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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.4


"Is that all this time?"

"Yea. No. Uumu."

"What is it. Look at you being all hesitant."

"You've sworn to never going into a dungeon again, have you."

"Yep, I sure do."

"I'd like to conquer Dungeon Palcimo, any chance we could get your help?"

"Nope, no can do. Go ask somebody else."

"I see."

Lecan drank down the rest of his cold tea.

Shira muttered a word.

"There's my oath, and besides the me now don't have the stamina to fight in a dungeon."


Lecan couldn't imagine Shira lacking stamina when he recalled how dynamic she moved around in the form she took as Nike when they went on an adventure together.

As Lecan was thinking that, Shira took a thin wand and recited a spell in a language foreign to Lecan, casting the spell on herself.

Then her hazy form reflected in <3D Perceptions> suddenly became vivid.

"What the."

Lecan spoke out without thinking.

Shira's form shown in <3D Perceptions> was that of an old woman.

This was not how it was previously.

Despite her elderly exterior, her real body was that of a young 18 year old woman. Hence, the form shown in <3D Perceptions> was her true form. Or in other word, the young adventurer known as <Nike the Comet Cutter> was Shira's real identity.

Yet, the Shira displayed in <3D Perceptions> is that of an awfully elderly woman.


(This must be the price she paid for having <Purification> cast on her.)

When <Herb Saint> Skalabel visited Vouka and cast <Purification> on Shira, she took it head-on. It was most definitely the highest level of <Purification> you could find in Zaka Kingdom.

Yet, Shira who was supposed to be an undead monster looked completely unfazed sitting on her seat despite taking a <Purification>. It didn't seem like she suffered damage in the least. Thus Lecan was also relieved.

But that wasn't the case. There's no way an undead like Shira would be fine taking <Purification>. Yet, she willingly accepted Skalabel's <Purification>. That was her way of accepting Skalabel's sincere feelings.

Shira paid that by having her life force as an undead greatly diminished, losing her youth.

This put the conversation between Shira and Skalabel back then to light.

To Shira who spoke to Skalabel that any more <Purification> would be unnecessary, he replied back, 'Yes, master. I understand well.' Skalabel immediately perceived and correctly analyzed the effects his <Purification> had on Shira and figured out her true nature.

(Well, damn.)

Lecan was agape.

Then Shira might have risked getting erased that time. If only Skalabel had continued his <Purification>, not even Shira could withstand it. That's how much resolve Shira had when she yielded herself to Skalabel's <Purification> back then.

You could say that was foolish of her. But Lecan is deeply moved. He doesn't get what is it that makes him feel that himself. He doesn't, but he's in awe with the choice Shira took.

It was probably the same with Skalabel. He must have been in marvel of the sheer conviction Shira showed as she willingly took on his <Purification>. She pretty much declared, 'I don't mind dying by your hands.' It was the reason why Skalabel's respect towards Shira didn't shift in the slightest even after realizing her nature as an non-human monster. At the same time, he realized that he almost got his master to whom he owed a great deal of debts of killed. Hence why he was awfully shaken and got in a daze. Looking back, things fell into place now.

"So, as you can see. I can't get around that well right now. Dungeons are no go."

"Y-yeah. That's fine. I get it. But is there no way for you to regain your strength?"

"Well, about that. There might be just a way."


"It's thanks to you."
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"Yep. To that end, I need to ask you something."

"Ask me?"

"Do you have a magic stone equaling or perhaps even surpassing Vurs's?"

After a period of silence, Lecan replied back with a low and deep voice.

"Yeah, I have one."

He's still got several more dragon magic stones on him, but there's only one that could be said to surpass Vurs's. A special treasure.

However, Lecan has no qualms in giving it to Shira if it could be of use to her. No matter how enormous a dragon magic stone is, it's nothing more than a huge mana reserve to Lecan anyway. It's nothing compared to all the favors he owe Shira in this world.

He's prepared to part way with the stone if needed so.

However, Lecan is an adventurer. He won't let go of a treasure he acquired after great pains simply for free.

Lecan spoke as a suspicious light gleamed in his right eye.

"I've got this magic stone of an otherworld dragon called Barifoa. By the way Shira. You've got a <Genesiac Grace Gear> on you, yeah?"

Shira made an indescribable expression. That expression didn't change even after a long silence, but she finally spoke.

"Dear me, I just knew you'd notice. Yes. I do."

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