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Okami wa Nemuranai 43.7


The following morning as Lecan and Julius were about to depart, Toru handed them a letter of recommendation. It's got the seal of approval from the Guide of Palcimo Magic Research Institute, Jiza Morfes, the letter will make it easier for Lecan to find companions the next time he's delving in Dungeon Palcimo.

Lecan accepted the letter, said his thanks and left Palcimo with Julius.

They arrived at Mashajain on th 14th of month nine.

Eda is still in the capital. Norma and Jinga have gone back to Vouka.

Manfrey was busy that day, thus Lecan waited all day.

They had dinner together on the 15th where Lecan reported what they did at Palcimo.

"We got to experience a worthwhile trial thanks to your arrangement. You have my gratitude."

"I'm delighted to hear that. I take it this won't be the last time you are heading for Palcimo."

"Yeah. But first I've got to get Julius used to fighting animal-type magic beasts first while we're out collecting herbs. There were also some interesting dungeons along the way from here to Palcimo, might take a look at them."

"I could write you letters of introduction if you wish. They will surely prove advantageous for you."

"Thanks. But no thanks."

"I see."

"Will you contact Eda."

"Of course."

"Then tell her I've gone ahead to Vouka with Julius. She should come back to Mashajain once she's done there."

"Very well. It shall be done. Would that take place within this year?"

"Probably, yeah."


"Hm? What's the matter."

"I would like to go back home by spring next year once."

"Hou. You're free to go home anytime but are you coming back?"

"Yes. I will definitely return. But, I won't know after that until after I ask father first."

They left Mashajain on the 16th and arrived at Vouka on the 25th.

Lecan notified Norma before going back to his home. Norma asked him to stay at Goncourt, but Lecan didn't find it comfortable so he went home. His house was well maintained courtesy of Chaney Company.

He took it easy the following day and went shopping the day after that.

Then on the 28th, Lecan and Julius went out of town to collect herbs.

Lecan gathered a mountain heap of Tago Grass.

They also went around looking for ape and wolf-type magic beasts as they went, letting Julius to take on those beasts.

Julius had been taught fighting styles and concepts that are highly specialized on dealing with humans, he seemed bewildered even when he was up against very weak magic beasts.

Lecan showed him the basics of magic beast combat once, then he lured swarms of magic beasts for Julius to fight off.

Julius braved through Lecan's teachings. The boost in his basic strength must have also helped a lot. Of course, this kind of reckless training would not have been possible if not for Lecan's <Recovery>.

One time, Lecan made him fight off 30 Spider Monkeys at once.

Julius appeared to have grasped something in that fight despite getting all worn out in the process.

From then on, his progress was simply remarkable.

It was 10th of month 10 by the time they got back at Vouka.

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"I'm gonna get busy processing the herbs now. You go back ahead to Mashajain by yourself."

"Yes, Master."

"I'll write a letter to Manfrey. To have you trained by Wazrof Knights."


"I'll be heading to Mashajain as well once I'm done with the herbs. Should be there within this month."

"I understand."

"Eda should be at Wazrof too soon. Once all three of us get back together, we'll take on Dungeon Kozuin."

"Yes, Master."

Lecan saw Julius off before focusing on Tago Grass's processing.

The basement in Shira's house was still completely untouched. When Lecan went there for the first time in a while, Jericho was already there, cleaning the place.

"How the heck did you get down here."


Jericho pointed at a wall that goes up the hole to the surface. There are small rocky bumps here and there that are utterly unsuited as footholds. But then Jericho showed off how he could dexterously grabbed and climbed up those bumps.

Lecan shut himself in Shira's house for several days, processing the Tago Grass. Jericho also stayed there all the while. He must have left Goncourt Mansion when Eda left the town and opted to live here. What a free ape. He even bought some booze for Lecan. What a considerate ape.

Once all the grass has been processed they must be hung and aired to dry next. As there wasn't enough space even when he hung them in Shira's house, Lecan's home ended up being full of hung herbs.

Afterward, he boiled them down and mixed them with Pure Magic Water into a solid mass.

As he gathered a lot of them, the whole process also took quite a long time. But with this, he should be able to make enough Mana Restoratives to last several years.

Norma had messaged him to come and see her every once in a while, thus Lecan had been occasionally turning up at Goncourt Mansion for dinners together. Norma is still swamped with her work to finish her father's posthumous books. Apparently Findin has been making himself useful.

The pond's construction was already underway. Lecan got asked to give his opinion on the room arrangement, thus he asked her to make a detached hut to air medicinal plants slightly further away.

"Anything's fine so long it's protected from rain and wind."

"Don't you need a furnace and mixing shelves too?"

Those two ended up getting built as well. Norma was amazed when she found out the size of pot Lecan used in medicine making. Norma would also use the place to make medicine in the future. The herb garden in her clinic is left as is for now, but she's brought her medicine making apparatus to Goncourt Mansion already.

"Ah, and also, Lecan. Regarding the words <Gaspario Raaf>."

"Oh, did you find anything."

"Wazrof Mansion had some documents regarding ancient language, see. So I did some digging there. I can't say it's 100% correct, but I believe <Gaspario Raaf> means, <O everchanging ones. Let your vicissitudes be fleetingly split asunder from the law of nature.>"

"I have no idea what that explanation means."

"Hmm. Simply put, it should sound like this. <Stop the time of living beings.>"

"Ah, I see then."

"Mind if you tell me where you saw or read those words?"

As he's not trying to hide it or anything, Lecan told Norma about the <Talisman of Dark Demon>.

"I see. So you too obtained something in that duel."

"Huge things. I'll take on a duel like that anytime."

Norma had a complex look on her face.

Lecan had been repeatedly going to Shira's house all this time since he needed to ask her something as well, but she was always absent.

Once he was done with his business, Lecan cast <Acceleration> to run to Mashajain, yet it was already the last day of the year by the time he arrived there.

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