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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.13


"Hou! This is good. I'm taking this one. Oy, Viska."


"I won, you lost. Get it?"

Viska looked at Haydent. Then at Pentaros. Then he finally realized his defeat.


"Good, hand over the loot. <Talisman of Dark Demon>."


Viska's face turned aghast.

"N-no way. This can't be appraised. How'd you find out about this talisman?"

"Shut it. Just hand it over."

Lecan thrust his right hand.

Viska hesitated for a while but he eventually relented and took out the talisman hidden in his chest pocket.


The aggravated voice was Pentaros Fotos's.

Viska looked back at Pentaros with a warped expression.

"Make it quick."

Pressed by Lecan, Viska put the talisman on Lecan's hand.

Lecan held out the talisman to Haydent and proclaimed.

"For beating the proxy of Pentaros Fotos, Viska Kouen, I take this <Talisman of Dark Demon> as my prize. Have I made myself clear?"

"You certainly have. That item is yours, Lecan-dono."

Pentaros let out an intense bloodlust. The sound of his teeth clenching resounded.

Lecan put the talisman in his <Storage>.

Still, that was really a close call.

Since he got the warning from Shira to look out for Grace Gear, Lecan had planned to end the match right away without waiting for the opponent to make his moves. But his opponent recited the spell faster than he could strike with <Sword of Rusk>. He might be able to stave off the <Stasis> effect until it expired had he used <Ring of Undying King>, but he had no way of knowing it beforehand.

What should he have done in such a situation anyway. But he can mull it over later. Another opponent is waiting for him.

This Solusgia guy appears to be quite a tough one as well, but he still doesn't measure up to depth-walking adventurers.

No. He must dispel such a line of thought. There's no way of knowing what kind of equipment the guy's got. Nor abilities. Feeling sure of your victory will only leave you open. Preparing himself to face the unknown is important. Lecan should have learned that from his duel with Viska. This guy challenged Lecan even after watching his match against Viska earlier. He must be confident of his chance. Lecan can't let his guard down now.

"Thanks for waiting. Now come, let us fight."

"Lecan-dono. I am sure you covet for spoils of war in this duel as well."

"Nah. Not really."

"Let's make it the same terms as the duel earlier. The winner shall take over one item the loser has on him."

"Yea. Fine by me."

Solusgia's gaze was directed at Lecan's chest area.


(He wants to take back <Talisman of Dark Demon> huh.)

(Is he trying to sell favor to Fotos House?)

Solusgia got down the audience seat into the arena's field, he stood opposite to Lecan and fetched a shield from a stylish-looking bag hanging on his left waist before putting it on his left hand.


(A shield that big from a bag that small?)

(I see. So that's that <Free Box> thing.)
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Haydent announced the duel's terms.

Solusgia and Lecan pledged.

Solusgia drew his sword.

Lecan too drew <Sword of Rusk>


Lecan recited a spell quietly yet firmly as Haydent's voice resounded in the arena.

"<Tiri Warda Roa>."

Solusgia closed in on Lecan at terrifying speed. Must be some sort of Graces.

Then he pushed his shield on Lecan instead of striking with his sword.

Lecan tried to lightly stop the shield with <Sword of Rusk>, but he got pushed back instead due to Solusgia's momentum.

He tried to push back against it, but he couldn't. Far from it even, he kept getting pushed back instead, Solusgia's shield was already nearing contact with Lecan's chest.

(Guess this is some sort of Grace Gear too.)

Solusgia's handsome face came near Lecan's and unsightly contorted before Lecan's eye.

"That woman is mine. <Storm Fang>."

Countless spears of light jumped out of Solusgia's shield at once. <Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier won't manifest at this range. The spears tore through Lecan's body.

Solusgia's triumphant face vanished as quickly as it showed up. No attacks work on Lecan during <Invincible> state.

Lecan lightly kicked Solusgia's right leg with his right leg.

Solusgia's face met Lecan's left fist as he tumbled down.

Just as Solusgia was about to get blown backward, Lecan grabbed his right wrist with his own left hand. Then he gripped it hard, creating a bone breaking sound, Solusgia's sword dropped down.

Something weird took place. Solusgia's bent nose returned to normal. As Lecan could feel some kind of magic at work, he must have a Grace Gear to that effect.

However, it seemed the guy was still dizzy from the attack he received, he neither attempted to attack nor defend himself.

Lecan put away <Sword of Rusk> into his <Storage>, took off Solusgia's shield and threw it away before grabbing and bending the man's left wrist with his right hand. Solusgia' bone got crushed with an unpleasant sound.

Still gripping the left wrist, Lecan punched Solusgia's face with his left fist.

The guy almost got blown backward, but Lecan was gripping Solusgia's left wrist fast, not letting him to fall down.

His face recovered again.

Lecan struck Solusgia's nose with his left fist. Solusgia's face is red all over from the spilled blood.

Lecan kept hitting the face like a machine while the sound of smashing flesh resounded. The wounds eventually stopped getting healed, Lecan threw two additional punches for good measure before loosening his grip.

Solusgia tumbled down the ground, unmoving.

"Match over! It's Lecan-dono's victory!"

Haydent made the declaration.






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