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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Web Novel Volume 1

1-1. Cataclysm Begin Through Death March  

Stars wander
Great numbers of them
Sometimes glimpsing a shooting star
When people see such fleeting moments, each recite a wish in their heart.

But isn't the sky divided by the falling meteorites?
Accompanied with thunderous roar, the mass falls upon the earth with overwhelming speed.

There might be people who enjoy seeing them on TV or a video site... but no one would want to see this downpour in close proximity.

Yes, right now hundreds of meteorites are falling down in front of my eyes.


I shouldn't say it like it's other people's business. This disaster is unmistakeably caused by me.

Due to my thoughtless choice about 10 minutes ago, now meteorites gouge the earth.
Striking dozens of kilometers away, trampling down the [enemies] there. From the corner of my viewpoint, the red dots on the radar are disappearing along with their lives.

And then, a while after most of the meteorites disappear into the earth the slightly delayed sounds reach with a bit of ground tremor.

Before the wave of dust crawling on the ground...

Suddenly, I'm struck with acute pain, like it's some sort of divine punishment

My head feels like it's splitting.

As if my body is being torn apart and scattered away.

Immediately after my consciousness parted from the pain, my body is swept away by the dust wave.

Let's rewind the time a bit.

I'm working on holiday to meet a certain much-delayed project deadline. The so called smartphone and PC browser game from major company who dispatched outsourced subcontractor programmer to complete it.
Even black company doesn't normally commission one person for two project. However the junior programmer disappeared on the verge of release, leaving lots of bug and specification change! Deplorable!

Working in a place with high turnover rate, the only programmer around is the junior and me. Having no means to anticipate the situation, I'm forced to not only manage my own project, but also stuck with my junior's doomed project.

"Alright, completed all the classes, I/O and comment entries, the rest is auto documenter from source code, relation diagram and seriously squashing the bugs.

I let my neck loose for a bit.
Surveying my surrounding, the office is full house on holiday like always. My neighbour, an outsourced person responsible for debugging, is grumbling while working, but no one shift their focus. There is no room for that. The surrounding designers and planners work silently with hollow, dead fish-like eyes.

When I returned from getting some coffee, the monitor already finished displaying the output material needed for debugging.

Even so, with no documentary to work with I can't get fired up.

It can't be helped if the junior who was thrown into OJT right away to complains like dying. Among the 4 programmers who were present when the junior entered the company half a year ago, only I remain, I'm not even sure how many is it in the whole company.

"Sa... Suzuki-san, the client claim that difficulty of WW is too hard for beginner, what do we do?"

You almost said Satou damn you. We've been in the team for half a year, stop getting it wrong!

The overweight director and planner turn his head over here with his usual troubled face.
Moreover, even though such troublesome thing arise, he somehow looks happy. Why are there so many M's among developers?

WW is an abbreviation of the smartphone and PC browser game [War World]. It's an orthodox strategy game with a bit of social aspect in it.

"Didn't they say that the main target market won't play it if we lower the difficulty any more ?"

Yes, the current difficulty level was decided after great many meeting with the clients. Those time-wasters were really a waste eh. Miserable.

"Why don't we use the canceled bonus for the first timer, the show all enemy on map and the 3 time map annihilation bomb? And give the skilled guy who doesn't use it a rare title or such as a present for clear condition?

"Since there's no time, let's go with that~. I'm counting on you for the implementation Suzuki-san."
Mr. Overweight said it as carefree as ever.

"Waitaminute. I'm still debugging the smartphone MMORPG right now, just give the OK to the client for now. There's no time to fix it if it gets rejected due to poor implementation."
"OK. Will immediately tell them on the phone~"

The gigantic figure of Mr. Overweight disappear into the smoking area with phone in hand.

I continue to work while silently muttering to myself.
The GO sign on Mr. overweight's office lit up, he's out eating junk food on late night.

After correcting numerous superficial errors left behind by my junior, I leave the rest to the debug team.

That remind me, what was the name again? It didn't usually come out since I always call it MMO or Roleplay. Oh yeah, it's [Freedom Fantasy World]. Because it's easy to mix up with WW's former name, [Fantasy War World], no one called it with the proper name. When I think back on it, the documentary marked it as FFW. Since we removed the [Fantasy] from WW, nowadays it's not ambiguous though.

While the modification for WW goes on for a while, I'm sending the bug I discovered from FFW to the debug team... All-nighter again today huh.

The checking continues until the next morning, Miraculously the client program of the MMO-RPG is delivered.

Of course, probably there are still some bugs remaining, but since the super weapon called [Update Patch] exists for net distributed programs, there's no need to worry. I feel like I can hear booing from users but I'm sleepy. While the debug team is working, I forwarded the  modified exe package of WW to Mr. overweight via intra-company mail, then I retreated to the safe haven under my desk to sleep for the first time in 30 hours.

Ah, bliss. The funtime of a corporate slave. For now, sleep is justice!

Do you know what lucid dream is?
Being aware that you're inside your dream.

Right now, I'm in wilderness.

I'll stop since it looks like a line from Pol-san <TLN: I have no idea who>

Yep, wilderness. I guess it's okay to liken it with the American Grand Canyon.

Why do I know that it's a dream?

One, because I remember sleeping under my desk. Another is because I can see [Icon] for 4 on the lower right and [Menu] written on the upper-right of my vision.

It looks like the thing on WW I worked on earlier.

However! This is the first time that I'm dreaming about the thing I worked on during a debugging Death March. Though I'm not sure why it's wilderness instead of my work room...
Was it because the room was dry, I'm feeling that's the reason.

Somehow the menu opens when I tap it with my finger. A transparent window often used for near-future stuff appears in my vision... I have poor imagination if I say myself, I'll never be a planner or designer.

The menu is divided into tabs for [INFO], [MAP], [Unit Management], [Storage], [Exchange], and [Log], as well as [Status], [Equipment], [Magic] and [Skill] menus that don't exist in WW.

Did it get mixed up during the FFW debug last night?

Well, you can't really expect consistency in dream though.

When I check Status, level is 1, HP, MP, Strength and all other attribute are 10. This is the basic status that hasn't been assigned with bonus points. Come to think of it, the last check was character creation.

Hmm? There's also Job Type and Reward & Punishment parameters that don't exist in FFW? Where did it get mixed in from?

Age, 15 years old... Did I want to have mentality of a student again?
[Job Type: Management], but I don't even have one subordinate!
Even so, [Affiliation: None], is it a sign that I want to change job...

The content truly has hidden meaning in it... Ah, I want a vacation.

The peculiar ability of [Unit Creation] or [Unit Arrangement] probably mixed in from WW, but is there any need for the peculiar ability field to be written in the menu?
Furthermore what is with the last ability being [Indestructible]? What a strange dream.

I'm wearing a Polo shirt, chinos pant and sneakers. Hey, this is my attire just now. In the storage, there is my wallet, mobile phone and a yellow box with impressive nutritional balance food inside, 1 box. Come to think of it, I left it on the desk with the intention of eating but I lost to the drowsiness in the end.

[Magic] and [Skill] are blank.
There are 10 skill points but sadly there are no skills to allocate them into.

Opening [Setting], I add map and radar on basic indicator. Map displays a wide area and my own position. Radar is almost the same as map but it searches for enemies on the area, and adds color-coding to enemies and neutral units.

I'm shown on radar as a small white point. The surrounding 100 meter is shown in gray, indicating unexplored region.

"Umu, I cannot see any enemies. It's free time. If only this was grassland I could indulge myself in lying around inactive."
I'm not interested in lying down on a rough ground.

I inadvertently stare at the icon "4" on the lower right corner. [All Map Exploration] is 1, [Meteor Shower] is 3. These are the measures for newbies from the arrangement with Mr. overweight.

[All Map Exploration] is just like the name suggests, search all the region in range. It also makes it possible to view detailed information, including the weak point of all units.
I thought that the scope of information was too much with no practical use for it, but Mr. overweight pushed for it to be included in the package.

I tried tapping it like on a smartphone.
The radar searched for all enemy and countless red dot appear. I lower magnification on the radar to display wider area.
Red dots filled half the map... Aren't the enemies too many?

I choose to keep them company with my own army using [Unit]
I'm getting fired up on having a small army defeating large one!

...There was an era when I thought such thing.

[Unit Creation]... Possibility to make unit, none.
[Unit Arrangement]... Can't arrange nonexistent unit.

"Attacking with a level 1 character lololol"
Truly a dream. Even absurd things are unreasonable.

I glanced at the [Meteor Shower] icon on the lower right.

This is [Meteor Shower], the celestial annihilation.

[Meteor Shower] is set with high tension parameters; it could destroy everything, beside the campaign scenario last hidden boss, in a single blow.

It's a message for beginner that says "Bulldoze the map you can't clear with this".

Would you push?
Heil Braiking! <TLN: Thanks for the context!>

The last one seems to be a bit different.
Maybe the effects the from all-nighter still remain, I tap the icon while thinking such thing.

...The silence hurts.
I expected something amazing but there's nothing happening is it?

I was sad for a moment and proceed to lie down. My back hurt from the rough ground.
Then I turn my face toward the sky, something comes into the view...

Thank you for waiting.

We're finally back to the opening scene.

Real name, Suzuki Ichiro. Character name, Satou's life in different world begin this way.

 1-2. Dreamer Write as Ephemeral Read

Hello, Suzuki here.
Having weak presence, I've been called Satou since my school days for some reason, this is Suzuki.
Even though you don't feel pain in a dream, you can still feel the signs of pain when you dream of dental caries.


Well, that's good too.

<TLN: This is how a chapter begin whenever it feature Satou's perspective, it usually don't have anything to do with the actual plot at all. Just some random musing, so don't think too much of it>

I seem to have fainted for two hours following the severe pain after the Meteor Shower receded.
Time is displayed on the menu. Convenient.

My body is half buried in the ground.

Huh? I can't get up...

Feels like when you can't get up off the bed during winter.
My hands seems to move but menu operation is troublesome since it feels heavy.

If only I had ESP to operate the menu and check the log.

When I imagined such thing, it really happened. Truly a dream. It's unrestricted in strange places.

When I see the log while thinking that, the message [Satou Level Up] showed up and harassment-like [Chararacchara~] famous level up SFX rang when I scroll through the log.

Continuing for a while, I finally found a different message log.

> Skill [Summoning Magic: Foreign World] Acquired.
> Summoning Magic [Meteor Shower] Acquired.
<TLN:Whoops, was also skill earlier. Edited>

[Meteor Shower] is that meteorite summoning magic, right?
A magic that does not exist in FFW. Summoning magic is only supposed to summon spirits or golems. Though the world part bugs me. There is no [Foreign World] in either FFW or WW. It bothers me even for a dream.

The [Level Up] messages continue on.
Since there's a time stamp, the order of message can't be wrong. In order it's [Skill Acquired] [Magic that belongs to the Skill Acquired] [Level up]

In other words, this is the kind of RPG that does not let you automatically learn skill and magic as your level rise! <TLN: They work independently, you can learn skill or magic regardless of level when you meet the required condition>

"No no, why am I doing analysis inside my dream..."
Apparently my habit of analyzing thing from gamer era surfaced.

But it's alright, even if it's embarrassing inside a dream, let's continue the analysis.
Even in this situation, my real body is properly taking a rest anyway!

I close the log and decided to check the magic and skill tabs.

"But, before that."

I set the [Log] to open by default from [Setting].
It's troublesome to switch every time.

The magic are [Meteor Shower] and [All Map Exploration].
The skills are [Summoning Magic : Foreign World][Magic Art : Foreign World].

Seems that [All Map Exploration] belongs to the Art category.

Are usable magic and skills registered?
But I can't use it if I don't remember it anyway, this time the exclusive use of initial bonus seems to be an irregular pattern. As a programmer I immediately deny the notion.

My status has changed considerably. After all, my level has been raised to 310 from 1. The limit in FFW should have been 50 at the time I went to sleep. Though we raised it to infinity when we ran stress tests for the server, so the memory from that time might've affected this dream.

Experience point is lined up to astronomical 9 digit number I don't feel like reading it. I want to have a comma splice for every three digits. Let's propose it for the next update.

Strength (STR) and Intelligence (INT) attribute values are 99. FFW client stopped the value at 99 but there is no actual upper limit. During the time when we lift off level restriction the attribute value also rises accordingly... In other word, the actual value might be higher here too?

Endurance (HP) and MP (Magic Power), and Stamina (SP) became 3100 harmoniously. These were set to rise by a fixed 10 for each level. There are many approaches to reduce consumption by various skills.
It's made this way since, according to the Planner, the adjustment is troublesome if we raise each one differently.

In addition, availale skill points are also 3100.
Did it decrease from the acquired skill earlier?

When I properly look at the skill column, both skills just now are greyed out. [Magic Art : Foreign World Lv0] shows up when I tap it. Tapping the Lv text shows [Please Allocate Point (1-10)] confirmation dialogue, so I tried to put 10.
Without any SFX the text becomes white and changes to [Magic Art: Foreign World Lv10]. Skill points become 3090. 1 level = 1 skill point. Easy to understand. When I try to tap on it again, [Maximum Level] message shows up.

On the magic column, [All Map Exploration] text is white while [Meteor Shower] remains in grey.
It seems that you can't meet the condition to use magic if you don't allocate points to the skill level. So I also put 10 point to [Summoning Magic: Foreign World Lv0].

There are also many things added to title column.
First [Monster Slayer]. Yep, I understand this. Then [Scale Tribe Slayer][Scale Tribe Calamity][Scale Tribe Natural Enemy] I'm not sure what scale tribe mean but they're probably reptile monsters. Furthermore, [Wyvern Slayer][Dragon Slayer[Lower]][Dragon Slayer[Infant]][Dragon Slayer[Adult]][Dragon Slayer[Ancient]], and other [Dragon Slayer] with [] inside continue endlessly.

Well, with this many dragons I can understand why such an impossible level-up to the 300 range happened. The map was dyed red before the attack earlier.
Then, just like the title for Scale Tribe, [Dragon Tribe Natural Enemy] appeared and the last title is [God Slayer].

Do you believe in god?

"Wait, when did I kill one?"
I tap the log and search for [God].

>Defeated the Dragon God AkonKagura!

There, the cause for god killer. I see, the meteor shower also killed the god.

I see, I killed it...

Only 2 remain, god slaying technique!!

No no, why would I kill them?
However, the log doesn't show damage so I don't know how powerful it was. In FFW and WW, the last blows damage should have been displayed but... I guess there's no point questioning a dream.

Since it's become easier to move, I raise my body.

I turned off the display icon for [Meteor Shower] in [Setting] since I don't want to become the enemy of humanity by carelessly clicking it.

Oh right, I haven't used the the magic column yet.
I switched to the tab with [All Map Exploration] and [Meteor Shower] in it. Now then, how do I use it. I wonder if tapping it normally work.

There is no particular change when I try to use [All Map Exploration].

When I check the log there's [Magic: All Map Exploration used] message. MP become 3090 in the status. Seems like it uses 10 MP. I added HP and MP to the basic indicator since it's annoying to check it every time.

There's nothing reflected in the radar besides myself.
It's nice that there's no enemy but mass killing like this is not funny. No, wait, it's normal for a game.

Since there are no victims I guess it's okay? I slowly tap on [Meteor Shower]. It feels like something is greatly pulling out my vigor. I saw my MP continue to decrease. It stopped after consuming exactly 1000 points.
It didn't feel like this the first time I use it, guess it wasn't using my own magic power back then.

I look up at the sky. There's no meteorite yet. Considering before, it should be soon.
And then groups of meteorites tore apart the cloud.

Huge. What the heck is that.

It's 100 times bigger than the earlier meteorites.

I instinctively run before thinking.
Of course toward the opposite side of the drop zone.

I run as fast as I can with the continuous huge meteorite impact sound in the background.

As if running through water, the air resistance is too strong. It normally feels sluggish when you run in dream, is it just me?

I rolled over to the other side of a table-like small wall of rocks. Even though I said small, it's about 100 meter in radius so it will do fine as a shield.
A tsunami of dust sweeps apart just right after I went into the shelter. People-sized rock occasionally roll through the dust cloud, my spine becomes a bit cold.

I wonder how long it will elapse. When the dust cloud settled I climb the rock wall to see at the fall.
Since the slope is pretty steep I tried jumping over 50 cm height.

Pon. I fly 5 meter feeling like hearing such SFX.
Landing on the ledge of a rock with slight panic.

"This status rise, what a joke~"

I tried to deceive my trembling body by speaking to myself.

"That giant meteorite earlier is probably thanks to INT increase too~"

I run up the wall by alternatively kicking through various ledges and rock edges like some kind of ninja in games and manga. How convenient. Even in a dream, I have pretty high adaptability if I may say so myself.

I can see the collapse of a mushroom cloud in the distance. Most likely, it's sediment that got caught up on the fall. This would create crop failure and health damage disaster if this was the real world, due to reduction of sunshine.

"It's a dream anyway, there's no helping it even if I think about it."

I think it's bad that it's too real.

1-3. The Start of Wandering Life!

"Hello, Suzuki here. My character name is Satou, but I'm Suzuki."

I want to talk with somebody instead of doing this monologue!

Since the dream continued with no sign of it being over, I decided to look for human habitation.
Thankfully at the edge of the wide map, there looks to be some kind of highway.

Three days since then. I've been been walking day and night yet am still only halfway there.
Stamina gradually decreases, but it's still 2800/3100. It decreased about 100 each day.
If this was a game, I should be okay for 28 days, more but I'm at my limit already.

I'm not sure if it's because of my stat or dream, but I don't feel tired. I did get sleepy but I endured it.
Right now I'm walking, even if I run the stamina decrease rate isn't really different. If I jump around the stamina decreases faster than running but honestly, it's still within margin of error.
Then why am I walking now? That's because I'm free.

You don't understand?

At the start I was singing a one man karaoke while running.
Originally my repertoire is small. I ran out of song immediately.
The surrounding scenery is magnificent but unfortunately it rarely changes.

Then, I decided to read the long log.

I'm not a text mania but since it's painful to silently walk an aimless road I began reading the log from the very first entry.
Of course, it's hard to read text while running, so the I began to walk. Absorbed with reading the log, I forgot my original purpose of getting onto the highway.

The log started with [Magic Art: All Map Exploration is used], then [Defeated~] messages for defeating Lizardmen and Dragonewts until the Dragon God.
Afterwards there's [Defeated All Enemies on the Map] and lastly [Source: Conquered Dragon God Valley]. Source? What's that? Mystery words pop out.

Then the log continue with loot and level up record.

The loot records occupy 80% of the log. Common gold and equipment. Then various dragon materials like horns, fangs and scales. Up to this I can understand the quantity and quality of the loot, but in contrast the remaining ones are strange.
Lizardmen and Dragonewts corpses are stored in the storage. Is it for Necromancer's use?
The rest are probably daily goods used by the scale tribe like food and fuel. I can't lay out such items though... furthermore, they're all named with [Broken~] as prefix, aren't these garbage?

As one would expect, reading through tens of thousands detail would be troublesome.
Thankfully, WW storage window allow you to search and classify by item type and user tag.

I designed them as a common interface to decrease working steps needed. I'm a bit proud making it on the same level as the latest OS filer.
Of course there's also optional folder functionality, but when you tap the stored item inside the bag, the the sub-type  will expand and you can take it out without confirming.
<TLN: The run-on in this sentences is absolutely crazy, I'll appreciate help on this one. The trivia is not that important for the plot though so you can just interpret this whole geeky paragraph as : "It's awesome">.
Of course you can also take out the item by dragging it too. In addition, you can also put user registered items on custom tab. This was added because it's annoying to input search word every time on a smartphone.

Well, the story wandered off for a bit. I can't blabber on program scheme too long.

I open two storage windows to begin organizing items. First, I create folder for each general type. Then I will create sub-folder for sub-types inside.

In the setting screen I enabled the [Automatically Stack Identical Item Type] option.
Without this enabled, the total number of item would be too much.

By the way, we call overlapping position like this as stacking in FFW and WW. The term exists in most RPG's so I will omit the explanation. I wonder if the etymology comes from piling pieces in the old simulation board game?


Gold loot is mostly money.

The most numerous one is [Ancient Empire Gold Coin]. It's 101.2K, wow. I tried taking out one, it's quite big and heavy. It's about as big as a 500 Yen coin and as heavy as five 100 Yen coins. If I remember right, it's about 30 grams. Since in real world money, the coin is about 4-7 grams, this one is too big and heavy. If we calculate, the total is 303 Tons... an absurd weight. In the real world,  about 2500 Tons of gold is mined a year. Hoarding so much gold like this, is very Dragon-ish.

The next numerous one is [Saga Empire Gold Coin] of about 40K. I'm interested whether there are many empires or if it was a new empire built after the former one was destroyed by dragon. I tried taking out this one too, it's a bit smaller than 500 Yen coin but the weight is only about 7 grams.

And the third, Crimson Treasure 30K. Fantasy-like money appears! Taking it out, it's about half as heavy as the ancient gold coin with ruby-like appearance. Sometimes it let out a flash of light from inside creating cyber (chick?) feeling. A bit mysterious.

The rest are 10K of [Ancient Empire] silver and copper coin. [Saga Empire] and [Shiga Kingdom] silver, small silver, big copper, copper, pennies. [Drag Holy Kingdom] big silver, silver, copper, and various money with [~Kingdom] suffix. These are all in total 7000. For now, I sort it by country.

Still, WW and FFW didn't have sets of money... In WW it was called Wol, and in FFW it's Kaane, there's no other currency beside it.
These various currencies may come from the quiz show I saw during my break, impacting this dream.

There are also jewelry, ornaments and works of art besides money. A simple silver ring, emerald fist, ornamental crown, life-sized gold figure, decorative short sword, and many valuable looking things numbered about 300K.

Most are just expensive looking normal items, however there are magic items mixed in around 5% of the total.

The detailed information for the magic items are long so I skimped on reading it. Think of it like reading internet slang that you don't understand the meaning of on a bulletin board. There was no mounted jewelry in WW and FFW. <TLN: Okay this is so abrupt, I'm not sure what's what. This guy need an editor.>

Understanding some of the explanations, there are some things that catch my attention. Able to produce 100 litres of water a day, [Hell Water Jug (Water Bottle)].

I took out the [Hell Water Jug (Water Bottle)] when I found it and drank the water. I wanted to wash my face and hair with it but gave up since the dust from the meteor shower is still floating around.

Other things are; able to keep 1000 sheets of money, [Magic Wallet], stacking 30 varied types of up to 30 items, [30 Holding Bag]. I put those 3 things on favorite.

Since I have infinite storage, there's no point in a magic bag, but I like seeing a long sword slide in and out of the bag.

The second day ended with such feelings after organizing treasury.

Moving on with this and that on the third day. The clock has crossed 0. I'm not sure if it's really the third day since I slip off the clock every 4 hours.
Since I'd get tired if I sleep on this wastelands rough ground, I keep walking instead. There's a full moon tonight so there's no problem with visibility.

Having principle of saving the best dish the last, it's time to check for the weapons and armors.

I sort the type to show materials and corpses. According to the log There are only a few lizardmen and dragonewt corpses. This is most likely because of the meteorite, having received the full blow, there won't be many remains. However, there are a lot of dragon's corpse. Defeated Log shows that there are 2-3 times as many. This place become like a dragon version of an elephant's graveyard.

Most are materials from body parts, but there are also iron ingots, medicinal plants, timber, and stone. They're probably from the things crushed by the meteorites. Random body parts and scales are many. Regardless of type, there are 7.9600K of them. Even an old dragon skin mold and husk exist.

"Huge, if the scale is this big, wonder how huge is the body."

Losing to curiosity, I took out an adult dragon's scale, it's about 50 cm. While I'm at it, I took out lower dragon's scale to check, it's palm size.

[Broken] item are put in specific folder. I was thinking of throwing it away but stopped since it could become a literal mountain of garbage.

Finally, it's equipment.

There are around 30K things. The Scale tribe's spears are especially abundant, things which begin with [Scale Tribe's~] are around 20K. Neither are magic items, they're all normal items made of copper or iron. There are only few strange armors.

I tried taking out a scale tribe's spear. 2 meter long wooden handle with sharpened bone tip comes out. It can't pierce when I tried it out so it probably isn't a war spear.

The magic items are such like [Dragon Skin Armor] or [Dragon Scale Armor], seems like items blessed by the dominant tribe are around 100. Those are probably scale tribe armor.

The remaining 10K of half are [Dragon] based large swords, spears and bows. These are probably legacy from the (scale tribe) people who beat dragons.

The special effects kind are jewelry, but I don't understand the effects so let's put it off for now.

There are several interesting things, especially [Holy Sword] and [Divine Sword]
My long lost Chuuni heart is stimulated.

Why are these [Holy Sword]'s are named [Excalibur], [Durandal] and such?
There are also katana's named [Muramasa] and [Kotetsu]

"Tension up~"

I enjoy wielding Excalibur. It should be quite heavy but I swing it carelessly. Beautiful traces of light come out. However for physical weapons isn't sword disadvantageous? But it's popular in flashy games.
Oh yeah, there is no specific name for the Divine Blade.

I expected to get sword skill when I wielded the sword, but it didn't happen. It will likely come out if I defeat an enemy with a sword.

Unusual things also exist. Cannons and ballistas That are usually placed on fort to counter flying enemy on the sky. Skimming the descriptions, it seems that it seems that it doesn't use gunpowder, but magic power instead.

Another one, it's gun!
Handgun 100, Rifle 50. Magic powered gun 12. Just for the record, there are no guns in FFW. There are cannons in WW though.
I take out the smallest magic gun.
It's a Derringer sized gun with excessive ornaments. The trigger guard is attached.

In the real world, guns have safety locks, over here it's a switch with 0, 1, 3, 10 scale. I set the scale to 1.

I aim at a rock nearby with one hand and pull the trigger.

A psshh sound comes out, yet no trace of the shot could be seen.
When I confirm the rock, a hole about as big as a 10 yen coin penetrated it. It's a 2 meter thick hard rock. MP consumption is 1. There is no recoil, it's a laser gun like feeling. This is totally SF instead of fantasy.
With scale set at 10, the rock completely crushed. This would kill Ogre level demons in one shoot. MP consumption is 10.

"It's way too efficient."

It's an item that would totally break balance of a game. No one would want to use magic.

After that, I played around with the gun while moving for 1 hour.

Finished checking items in general, I began thinking something that bugged me before.

"What is Source anyway?"
I mutter to myself.

It's about the [Source: Conquered Dragon God Valley] from the log.

...this is probably not related to tax withholding. <TLN: Source=Gensen, gensenchoushuu=tax withholding at the source>

Besides on the log, there's no mention of [Source: Conquered Dragon God Valley] anywhere else.
Usually I would have said "It's a dream anyway" but something is bugging me.
Having a change of pace by thinking while running, I feel like coming up with something, I'm immersed in running while feeling good, I feel like anything's good.

I'm incoherent if I do so say myself.
Spending many days without any conversation is no good after all. I'm not suited for that.

I've walked for 1 day before I knew it, and finally almost reached the highway.
There is no human habitation according to map. I can see the highway leading to west on the north west.
By the way there's no presence beside me displayed on the map.
I wonder if they ran away in fear of that catastrophe aka meteorite shower with thunderous roaring and earthquakes.
I stopped the half-baked running and began walking.

"I want to take a bath~"

As expected, not having one in 3 days make my head itchy.
It's not possible to boil water, but there is water. Thankfully the dust cloud has lessened, it's possible to wash off the dirt.

I store my clothes and shoes into storage, find a suitable rock and pour water down from the top of my head.

"It's a bit cold, but I've come back to life."

Feeling relieved, I took out clean clothes from the loot and wipe off the water.
In order to take a refreshing nap, I take out a suitable bed with canopy from the loot and put it on the ground.

That day I slept for the first time after 3 days.

The next morning, I noticed that I could hang laundry on the canopy so I wash my clothes with bucket from storage and hang them up, side by side.

After that I lazed around on the bed while eating jerky  for half a day.
I'm expecting that someone will pass on the highway, but there's no change in radar, even untill afternoon.

"If this was a light novel or manga, I would have met a princess being attacked by thief~"

I like template ay.

"The service in my dream is so bad."

I turn a blind eye to the fact that I easily get treasures and significant level up, cursing my luck.
A flag would occur if this was a dream or tale, but nothing happened.

After changing into the dry clothes, I began walking toward the highway.

1-4. Abandoned Village, Skill and Lost Child

"Hello, Suzuki's here. It's so lonely, I may die of loneliness."

I truly, genuinely want a companion.
After reaching the highway, I got lost on the route; it's been 7 days since then and I still haven't reached a human habitat.

Speaking of which, somehow I got these skills : [Sprint], [3 Dimensional Maneuver], [Jump], [Sing], [Camping] and [Washing].
However, those skills remain grey because I haven't allocated any points to them.

I seemed to have learned [Sprint][3D Maneuver] and [Jump] after the second meteor shower, but overlooked it due to the confusion.

When I was playing around with the gun, the map got in the way so I changed it and the log to icon view, then I noticed something. From the log it's written as place with bed and canopy but...
Isn't that a camping ground? I retorted myself.

Onto 8th day, I finally found a village-like place on the wide area map.
I sprinted to the village. However there's no presence of people according to the map. I wonder if they're taking refuge or got destroyed. No, they should've gone back if they were taking refuge, since it's been one week.

Before long I reached the junction road heading to the village.

There stood a crude guidepost on the roadside. A 1.5 meter commonly made stick nailed to the ground. The destination is written with something like ink.

"I can't read it..."

Something is written there, but I can't read it at all. At least, it's different from all the languages I recognize from the real world. In fact it looks like some sort of fictional writing from a game.

I keep the map on maximum magnification, showing wide area.
While feeling slightly irritated for not being able to read the long awaited clue, I hit the junction on the map. There's no actual meaning to this action, but this time it seems to be a bull's eye.

"'Welcome to Enikei Village','Seryu City 32Km','Until Kazo Kingdom 105Km'; I can read it! ...Or rather, it's in Japanese!"

Pop up displays pile up above the map, each written in Japanese. Is this an effect of All Map Exploration? Cheers for opportunism.

For the time being, Seryuu City seems to be the closest from here, but it's too plain.

After all this time, let's go to the village first. I know that there's no one there, but I feel like I'm losing if I head straight on!
There might be some hidden quests there! If this is my dream, there must be one!!!

The village comes into view on the other side of the field in just about 5 minutes. Between the narrow street extends fields that looks like they have been abandoned for about a year. It's a world of weeds.

Even from a distance, I can distinguish that many house look burnt down. Every house has one thing in common; the roof is completely burned down.

Judging from the position it seems to be a "Village Abandoned by the Attack of the Dragons".

There are no bones lying around, but many things like harvest baskets, wooden hoes and various farming tools are scattered around as if they were left behind in hurry.

As I stared at the tools lying around, though it's too exaggerated to call it a revelation, I got a little idea.

"If I got washing skill from doing laundry. Maybe I'll get something if I dig some farm land?"

I took the hoe and dug the farmland with it.

>[Cultivation Skill Acquired]
>[Farming Skill Acquired]

It appeared on the log as expected. Though I didn't expect cultivation to pop up.
In order to get better, I'll try many other things.

Suddenly, I pluck what appears to be a vegetable peeping out between the weeds.

>[Harvest Skill Acquired]

It's a bit fun.
Even so, it's easy mode, eh?
Come to think of it, what is this vegetable? Is it spinach, komatsuna? <TLN: Wiki it :p>
I stared at it and AR message saying "Hisaya Grass, leaf vegetables. It's seldom eaten raw, usually processed as condiment or pickles." popped up on over the vegetables.

Yep, it's convenient alright. Seems like this is a different function than the map search.

Incidentally, I tried pulling out weeds.

>[Weeding Skill Acquired]

I didn't cut it, I just pulled it.

I went into something that looks like a windbreak, I take out an ax and chop down a suitable tree.

>[Lumbering Skill Acquired]

I wonder what next? I feel like trying some ideas.
I write a mathematical formula on the ground with the hoe.
『1+1=2』, there.

>[Arithmetic Skill Acquired]

Fumu, if this is OK then 『E=mc²』

>[Lost Knowledge Skill Acquired]

The famous theory of relativity is a lost knowledge?
I'd rather get a flying skill or some such...

This time I'm writing some random characters in Japanese. <TLN: henohenomoheji, google it :P>

>[Painting Skill Acquired]

Painter-san would be mad.
Next I wrote ○× alternatively which made it looks like a children's play.

>[Game Skill Acquired]

Is anything fine?

I begin trying one thing after another.
I tried shaving the burned wood on the back of a house with knife in the shape of a stick.

>[Carpenter Skill Acquired]
>[Weapon Creation Skill Acquired]

In addition, I wrap the stick with a leather I took out of the storage.

>[Leather Craft Skill Acquired]

Making a makeshift broom I sweep it under my foot.

>[Cleaning Skill Acquired]

I'm running out of material. When I tried to find more I discovered a cemetery with a native god shrine.
Since I grew up in the countryside, I inadvertently join hands as if praying for my grandmother.
I offered some jerky and poured some sake cup.

>[Prayer Skill Acquired]
>[Title: Devout Believer Acquired]

Umu, I didn't intend to get a skill but...

The material is dry already, I began to get tired of the skill acquiring, let's get out of the village.
It's sunset just as I depart on the highway.
I'm walking toward Seryuu City, according to the guidepost. After accustoming my eyes under the moonlight, in the dark, I sprint down the highway.

When it's near dawn, the wide area map showed the whole Seryuu City. Of course, unlike Enikei Village it has a lot of people.
<TLN: Wut, it's only 30 Km away and you have enhanced speed...>

"Finally, finally civilization~~~"

I cry while trembling with expectation of finally talking with people.

....This is such a long dream. Don't you think so?

1-5. Fortress City Life Begin!

I finally got to Seryuu city.
Let's strip it naked with [All Map Exploration]!

The population is around 120,000. It's a remote region within Shiga Kingdom ruled by an earl. 95% are from the human tribes, the other 5% are beast tribes, scale tribes and fairy tribes. Average level is 2-3. Highest level is an old man magician who is 48. The knights range from 5-20 with most of them on 8-12. Normal soldiers are around 5-7. There are a lot of bows as a dragon countermeasure. Male to female ratio is 5:6 with lots of females. It's unknown whether it's because of difference in birth rate or because of a high male mortality rate.

Unexpectedly, townspeople only have a few skills. Most of them have 1-3 skills, some even none. Having 20 or so skills may be the exception rather than the rule.

Only a few magicians exist. There are only around 2000 people with magic skills. 90% of them have Livelihood magic while the remaining 10% seem to belong to the country's army.

It's as expected in a way, but level 310 is truly extraordinary. In addition, I got carried away and learned a lot of useless skills which would make me conspicuous.

The map could show the name of the streets and merchant's houses to some degree. Even though it could not tell you what kind of item they're selling or their reputation, it's still quite useful for a first look of the town. Unfortunately, the search function only works for people, I could not find shops with it.
Seen from reduced scale, the town is shaped like a 6 Km diameter oval, along with two 3 Km long [くの] shaped, bowing daruma-like objects attached on each side.

I enlarge the map and confirm each area...
First, closest to the gate, there seems to be a general residential area. Beside the gate are stables and inns. Joining them, the local lord's castle is located in the center of the neighborhood. Something like a temple or magic-something is at the center of the city. Far from the gate, the lord's mansion stands. And a cafeteria that looks too small for city use, but too big as an exclusive for the local lord.
When I tried to search for people with [Adventurer] as job, I got nothing. There was no [Librarian] either, which probably mean there's no library. However, there were some [Slaves]...

After checking so many things, I've arrived at the front of the gate. Showing up together with the sun in the horizon, perfect timing! Though the gate is closed at this time.

I thought that there would be other people in front of the gate but there was actually no one.
It would be nice if there are some villagers who are going to sell their vegetables in the morning.

Is it only in my dream that stores don't open until 10 in the morning?!

Wearing a polo shirt and chinos pant might be too noticeable. I searched the storage, found several robes and took out the only non worn-out dark green robe to wear. The remaining robes are magic tools but they're too worn-out, I can't bring myself to wear them. This robe smells a bit like mold.

My body looks like the time when I was 15 with its small stature. The robe is too long and is dragging a little on the floor. Thanks to that, the sneakers are hidden. My mustache didn't even grow after one week. I was so happy and showed it off when it grew during the freshman period of university life. Though, I shaved it immediately when I got a girlfriend...

While having a recollection of the past, I continue to wait for the gate to open.

「●●! ●●●●●● ●●●●●●●●●!!」

When I got near the gate an uncle soldier came out while saying some unknown words.
The long awaited conversation featuring a mysterious language!!

>Shiga Language Skill Acquired!

I love Easy Mode!
God hasn’t forsaken me!!

I operated the menu and acquired the Shiga language skills extremely fast! Overenthusiastically allocated 10 skill points with glee.

"What's wrong kiddo? Do you have a stomachache?"

A bearded soldier follows suit. I don't think calling a man in the latter half of his twenty, "kiddo", is right... Oh that's right, my outer appearance is that of 15 years old.

"Good morning. Yes, I'm fine."

I replied amiably with a vague smile, trademark of Japanese people. Even if the partner is a middle aged uncle, it's a human after a long time. A smile is only 0 Yen!

The heavy gate opened behind us during the conversation.

"Kiddo, show me your identification per the rules. If you don't have one, pay the 1 copper coin tax."

What--! ID in a dream!
I thought of showing the driver license from my wallet but it looked like it'd be troublesome so I stopped.

"I'm sorry, I don't have an ID card."

I honestly say it. If I got refused then I could just stealthily go in, if I got caught then I'd just run. I'm seriously acting self-important inside this dream! Yes, a dream! This is a dream!

"Did you lose it? We could issue a new one but that'd be 1 silver coin, ya okay with that?"

Oi oi, can you so easily issue a new one?
There are some Shiga silver coins in the storage if I'm not mistaken.

"Please allow me to get a new one! My horse, surprised by the loud roar 8 days ago, escaped while carrying my luggage. If I haven't got beef jerky in my pocket and didn't find some spring water on the way here, I would have been dead!

I'm a smooth talker if I do say myself~ I may truly have a talent for swindling.
As if responding to my inner monologue :

>[Excuse Skill Acquired]
>[Deception Skill Acquired]
>[Negotiation Skill Acquired]

Cheap skills!!!

"Come here kiddo!"

Uncle soldier beckon me to the guard station located besides the gate.
Even after telling excuses with great pain, uncle soldier just ignored it. His ignorability power-level is too high!

"Just in case, you're not on some wanted list or a thief, right?"
"Yes, of course."

I'm a member of general public unrelated to crime~

"Then, put both of your hands on top of this Yamato stone and speak your name."

Uncle guided me to the place with a 20" wide LCD display inside the guard station. Where in Yamato this Yamato stone can take me? Can it goes to space?
<TLN: Yamato in yamato, not sure what the heck he's talking about here beside the reference to Space Battleship Yamato series.>

For name, it should be character name right~


Right after I spoke my character name. The lithograph started to dimly shine with blue light, and some words appeared.
It's the same letter as the one on the guidepost earlier. I could properly read it thanks to Shiga language skill. I want an English language skill!

"Kiddo, it's fine to release your hand now."

On the lithograph, [Race: Human],[Level: 1],[Class: Commoner],[Affiliation: None],[Occupation Type: Management],[Title: None],[Skill:None],[Reward and Punishment: None] are written.

Eh, isn't the level different?

Leaving me puzzled, uncle soldier smoothly wrote the displayed writing from the lithograph onto a paper using a quill. Finally, he stamped the entry form, [Person Approving: Retainer of Earl Souryuu, Knight Soun], with his ring on the place where his name is written.

"Here, don't lose it next time."

Uncle soldier passes me the certificate while I give him a silver coin and one big copper coin taken from my pocket.

"What, you can properly put money on pocket. Aren't you quite watchful! Keep your ID safe from now on.”

“Also, don't forget this. Residence permit is only for 10 days. If you want to stay longer, apply your request here or at the ward in the town hall. Wherever it is, the procedure costs 3 copper coin."

"If you're caught in town with an expired permit during homeless hunt, the penalty will be 1 silver coin. If you can't pay it, you'll be forced to become a slave."

The explanation flowed smoothly, as if he's always doing it.
Let's be careful not to forget it.
Falling from vagrant to slave is severe! I wonder if it's the same with homeless hunting during Edo period?

"Thank you very much."
"Ou, you're welcome to the guard station for consultation if there's any trouble. Don't mind about the fee."

I've heard something good. Thank you, knight Soun.
I go out of the guard station with a polite farewell.

I took quite a bit of time inside the station, that the main road from before to inside the gate is now filled with people with an exotic feel.

There's a semicircular space with a radius of about 20m between the gate and the town. Whether it is there to prevent confusion or for war, I don't know.

The certificate is made with material resembling Japanese paper. Even though the cityscape is in western style, the parchment is... Is it the limit of a dream?

I fold it carefully into my pocket. Of course, I put it directly into the Favorite folder inside my pocket.

Let's look for a change of clothes while strolling the main street for now! Even after many washings, it's painful to only wear one set of clothes.

"I want to take a bath before changing clothes..."

I tried to search for a bathhouse attendant, but it was not applicable. I'm wondering if I got the occupation name wrong or if there are no bathhouses in the first place. If it's the latter then I have no choice but to get hot water and take a bath inside my room in the inn later.

"You there! If you haven't decided on an inn then come to ours! I'll give you some service~!"
"It's fine, it's fine, it's cheaper than all the others-- Not, but it is filled with a devotion to delicious food and clean bedding!"

When I was thinking about how to get into a bath, someone suddenly pulled my arm and my consciousness came back. A random high tension girl embraced my arm while pulling it. I wonder if she's a barker, it's a scene you usually see in a campus festival in modern Japan.

I'm dragged to a store that looks like a bar while thoroughly enjoying the soft feeling wrapped around my arm. Because I entered from the main street it feels dim.

"Mom! Mom! I brought a guest!"

Out of consideration for the softness transmitted to my arm, I have no more hesitation in deciding to stay in this inn. Yep, poyopoyo is justice!

"It's the first customer since the stars fell, isn't it... Hm? He doesn't have any luggage, is he really a guest?"

An aunty with a big body came out of the bars counter-like place. Contrary to her figure, she's a beautiful woman with a face filled with dignity. I think she's about 30? I'm sorry for calling you aunty.

However, even though these mother-daughter pair are natural beauties, why are they fat! Lose 10, no 20 Kg, and they would be in my strike zone!!

Though I'm out if she's a married woman. An affair will only make everyone involved unhappy!

"Because of that, er, starfall? My luggage ran out with my horse due to the uproar... Fortunately my wallet is safe, and I somehow got into this city~"
"That's a disaster. Our inn charges 1 big copper coin for one night. If you're fine with sleeping together with other guests in a big room then it'd be 2 copper coin. Meal is served at this bar for one serving. It's the limited service for an accommodation.”

Fumu, I don't know the market price, so let's investigate the value of big copper coin and silver coin by paying for 10 days.
The landlady has arithmetic and cleaning skill so there won't be any mistake with calculation.

"Then, it's for 10 days please."
"Okay, it's exactly 2 silver coins then."

I take out 2 silver coins and pass it to the landlady.
It seems that 5 big copper coins equal 1 silver. It doesn't seem like she miscalculated either.

"Landlady, could I have my meal now? If possible a light one."
"If it's something like oatmeal, black bread, or vegetables then I could get it out right now. And I'm sorry but meat hasn't appeared in the market, so there's none of that."
"Then black bread and a stew please."
"Okay, I'll bring it immediately, so just sit there. Martha, write the guest book for our customer here."

The landlady goes to a place that looks like a kitchen, and in her place, a poster girl who looks like a head clerk from a historical drama holding a notebook tied up with string, Martha-chan, skips here.
She's cute but she looks around a high schooler's age? A bit too young for me.

"Ye~s, I'm writing for you so can you give me your name?"
"It's Satou."
"Okay Satou. Your occupation and age please."

I almost said 29 year old programmer. According to Status screen, it should be 15 years old.

"A peddler, 15 years old."
Martha-chan smoothly fills the notebook. It looks to use yellow papers like the one used on Japanese calligraphy.
When Martha attempted to chat after writing the inn registry, the landlady came out and told her to clean the 2nd floor.

The crystal clear stew with consomme-like soup, cabbage and carrot-like vegetables, and as announced before, without meat, is more delicious than I expected. There are 3 slices of about 2 cm thick black bread. It's harder than what I've heard, but feels about as hard as senbei. It looks like it would fill your stomach. I bite it full of curiosity. It feels like a meal full of strange SFX.

Feeling satisfied for a meal after a long while, I pay the price. 1 copper coin. Usually it's prepaid.

Come to think of it, Martha and the landlady use loanwords like service and oatmeal normally, but when I observed their lips, I know that they're speaking different words. I wonder if it's an appropriation of the Shiga language words.

>[Lip Reading Skill Acquired]

...Ya~y, I can become a spy or a detective~ orz.

Or rather,

"Landlady-san, I intend to buy some groceries and a change of clothes, do you know any good places?"

Although I know stores location from the map, there are too many of them, I don't feel like going around all of them.

"If you want something with high quality material, then the tailor on the city center would be the best. For something reasonable then the east is good, and if you want it cheap then the west. If you have money in excess then you could tailor it on the high class shop at the inner wall, but you'd need gold coin. General good stores usually open near clothing stores, so please plan your budget carefully."

"Thank you very much. I'll go to the east street since tailoring seems that it would take some time."
"Okay, although there's Chian on the east, be careful of pickpockets. Since sometimes there are migrant workers from the west there."

"Yes, I will be careful."

I leave the inn while thanking the landlady for the advice.
It's starting to get hard to say that this is a dream. But I will work hard!

1-6. The Marketplace, the Princess and the Slave Trade

Satou's here. It's Suzuki but I'm Satou. This is a dream right? Please say that this is a dream, Johny.

A slight unrest began to arise inside my mind, when I went shopping on the earl's territory metropolitan, Seryuu city.
It's a few minutes walk to the east of Martha's mother inn.
Come to think of it, I haven't heard the name of the inn, the map says Monzen Inn; is that it?

Immediately after entering a series of food stalls, I smell something good.
Eh? Isn't this the smell of soy sauce?
Okonomiyaki and crepes are being baked on an iron plate. The seasoning seems to be soy sauce. Just as I thought, it's fine to call this a dream. There's no way soy sauce exists in a fantasy!

Even though I've just had a meal, I buy one of them.

"Yep, it's delicious."

I want pork cutlet sauce rather than soy sauce. The other stalls seems to be frying something that looks like croquettes. What a high food culture for a fantasy!

I'm going around various stalls, trying various foods.

"How much is this gabo for 3 serving?"
"It's 2 Pennies."
"Expensive, isn't it 1 penny?"
"young maam, like that, we couldn't eat then; How about 2 pennies for 4 then?"
"Give me 5 for 2."
"It can't be helped, since young maam's a beauty, I'll give in."

I listened to some interesting conversation between an aunty and a food stall owner. Haggling basic eh? Since I'm accustomed with just buying what's written on the price tag, it looks difficult.

>[Eavesdropping Skill Acquired]

"Anything I can help, young man?"
Fumu, from the conversation earlier a gabo seems to be about 0.4-0.5 pennies a pop. Since this uncle has arithmetic skill, he should've been able to calculate the minimum amount.
"I want to buy 2 gabo, is it alright with 1 penny?"
"You've heard the conversation just now eh? It's alright then. Young man have arithmetic skill too right. You're pretty good for such young man."
It's just a normal mental arithmetic though...
I got 2 gabo fruit for 1 penny. Gabo is actually a fist-sized red pumpkin fruit. Incidentally, penny is an oblong shaped coin weighing about 1 gram, it's a yellow-ish copper coin with high impurity.

>[Estimation Skill Acquired]
>[Haggling Skill Acquired]

But I didn't haggle it?
Is it because I saw the earlier haggle by the aunty?

While wondering what to do with the gabo fruit I looked around me. The stalls are all around the size of half a tatami yet there are many of them. Furthermore they're lively.

While looking around the stalls I raised [Estimation], [Haggling], [Arithmetic], [Negotiation], and [Scamming] skills to the max level.

After strolling around for 10 minutes, I finally found my goal.

I choose a large shoulder bag from one of the stall. The price is displayed over the bag thanks to the estimation skill. Handy.

It seems that I'd get hated if I suddenly bought it on market price. I understood the knack after 3 stores. I could get it to half the market price if I try to bargain for 3-4 times... but honestly, it's annoying.

The spoils from the stalls... [Large Shoulder Bag], [A Bit Stylish Bag], [Commoner's Underwear for Top and Bottom + 10 set], [Hand Towel in Various Size, and Handkerchief]. The towel is just two piece of clothes stacked together, I'm a bit dissatisfied.
Also, even though I can't sew, [2 Meter Hemp Cord - 5 Bundles], [Cotton Thread - 1 Roll], [Sewing Needle - 5], [Sewing Scissors], [Cotton Cloth], somehow there's a lot of them. Since I have the storage, there's no problem even if a lot of them end up unused.
In all it's 4 silver coins. Unexpectedly, clothing is more expensive than foods.

I don't think I need to say this, but the first thing I bought, the shoulder bag, is a dummy. I will put things I bought into the bag and directly send it to the storage without being seen. I put some commoner's clothes inside the bag so that it doesn't look flat.

I wanted to buy some some robes or cloaks but, only worn-out or cheap looking things were available so I didn't.

That's right, I want to confirm heat retention of the storage. I'll buy some properly hot things and put it inside.
Shopping is fun~

"Now then, I wonder what else?"

Chair lined up ahead of the stalls and there are a lot of old mans are drinking sake since morning.

"Drinking in daytime... Oh yea, tableware!"

There should've been a shop that sells them among the one I've visited so far.
That's right, shoes! I forgot about shoes.

I want a reminder~. There's a memo field inside the [Exchange] tab of the Menu, let's put the shopping list there.

It's been a while since I saw the Exchange tab, over there I found the reason why I was level 1 when I entered the city.
Those status was the same as the one written in this page. The upper limit for each attributes are chosen from the drop down box here. Even the skills and title can be chosen as [None].

However... I could give false info however I want.

I buy a pair of shoes suitable for rough journey, and a robe matching the shoes, also a sandal for each foot.
I thought of buying everything since I have the storage but I can't find shoes with correct size. I'll just order it on the main street's shoes store later.

Hungry after a second round trip, I set my eyes on a store selling something that looks like shoyu ramen and went into it. Although the noodles are different, it's a proper ramen.
Other was kneaded flour coiled in a stick varnished with miso-like substance then baked. It felt like a mismatch, but it was properly delicious.

I also bought cups, pots, tableware that caught my attention, I bought them all. Also, a kitchen knife, hot pot and frying pan. Somehow there were no cutting boards, do people here don't use them?

I casually bought a bathtub made of metal. As one would expect, the tub is too big to place into the bag so I brought it quietly to the back of an alley and put it into the storage. And since it would look unnatural if I went back into the east avenue, I decided to exit onto the the main street.

At the east street stalls overflow, making the street there squeezed on the center. Here, the main street is about 6 meter width, horse carriage and human-powered cart are going back and forth on it.

Just like the street earlier, different from what I imagined of a fantasy, the street here are very clean. There are no body of dead animals lying around. There are also no bum on the alleyway.

The stalls are sparse here unlike on the east street, in exchange there are a lot of stores instead. There are many people with good attire walking around the street.

"Are collars popular?"

The people who are pulling carts generally wear collar. When I search for it, they're slaves. Mysteriously, all the slaves wear collars, reason unknown.

A carriage coming from the downtown drop its speed to match the walking speed of the pedestrians.

The carriage passes in front of me. There are around 10 woman slaves inside.
My eyes are glued to one of them. A girl befitting to be called Yamato Nadeshiko featuring black hair and black eye, although she looks like she's been in a long journey. Since the great majority of people looks like northern European, this is probably the first time I've seen Asian face.
The girl set her eyes downcast, our eyes met when she lift it up and even though there's no dramatic development, somehow the little girl featuring orthodox northern European face with light purple wavy hair standing next to her looked very surprised when she saw me. No well, It's troubling when you stare so hard at me... I'm not into loli.

When I took a long look at the little girl, a pop up with her name and level appeared next to her.

Arisa. Level 10. Her level is high for a little girl.

Further informations appear.

11 years old.

Title: [Witch of the Lost Kingdom][Mad Princess]

Skill: Unknown

The carriage disappear toward the west street.

Frankly, those were some trouble inviting titles... No no, I won't approach it okay? Absolutely!

Let's go back to my original purpose.
I searched the map for tailor or shoemaker, and found them gathered near the side street, so I went there. Most of them had young women clerks which isn't fit for an old man, so I went into the shop with a kindhearted looking middle-aged couple.

"Pardon me, Do you have a solid merchant-like robe with calm color?"
"Welcome, please come over here, we will bring you sample cloths. There were 5 ready made goods on the rack there, but it's been selling well recently."

The husband guide me to the lounge and take out the samples from the interior. In harmony, the wife bring out tea-like drink. It's an elegant cup.

"Since it'll be cold from now on, how about this thick fabric? If you're going on a journey then we can also prepare a matching waterproof cloak, how about it sir?"

These are excellent goods. Maybe. These are the types that the largest clothing store buy a lot with a lot of color variety, The 5 variety of the well selling goods probably also have cloak order accompanying them <TLN: I'm sorry, this sentences is total gibberish for me too in the raw>.
The tailoring will need 5 days to finish. If I only buy one then it's only 3 days.
5 gold is quite a large sum, but it's a money needed for necessary things.
However, I want at least 1 change of robe before the day is over. I feel like I don't know the TPO if I go the inner wall with this battered robe I'm wearing.

"Master, since this shop is only for tailoring, do you know shops selling ready made goods? As you can see the robe I'm wearing is battered from the journey, I want to buy temporary clothes before the tailoring is done."
<TLN: Not sure why Satou call the shopkeeper goshujin>

"For ready clothes, I recommend Poel Clothing on the Teputa street. Although it's my stupid son's clothes, I can assure his cloth-making skill. It's quite famous among the commoner so it's quite enough for temporary clothes."

Promoting his son's shop eh... I politely refuse when he's offering to draw a map, it's enough with oral instruction so I get out of the shop. I almost forgot to take the deposit receipt until I was called by the Mrs. Shopkeeper in hurry.

I bought two robes, one is a calming dark brown color and the other is a gaudy red with yellow stripes. The former is as said before, and the latter, let's omit the story behind it. My line of vision went into the valley of the female clerk...

Of course I also order shoes on the tailor. 1 for walking in the city, 2 boots for journey.

When I came back to the Martha's inn after shopping, the sun was already sinking for the day.

 1-7. Open Air Bath, Objective and Sightseeing

"Satou's here. The petty one who doesn't want to get involved with the dangerous looking slave, Satou."

It's a dream! My self-suggestion is reaching the limit.

It's another world that's most likely a dream, become my compromise. Yes, however small the possibility is, I won't give up.

My heart broke when Martha said that a bathroom is not available except at the lord's castle. Since the food and sanitation culture of the town were pretty high, I thought that bathrooms also mattered.

I thought of bathing in the room with the tub, but since it'd get the room moldy due to the moisture, I was told to do it in the backyard since it also has a well.

The backyard is about 6 tatami wide. The well is not that far from the back door, it's not equipped with a pump and is the type that uses buckets to draw water, usually used in older days. I'm using one of the two wooden tubs available.

I thought that I would struggle but thanks to my high (STR) status, it was easy.

Thought they said backyard, the fences are only around my waist high. Even though there are only few pedestrians traffic, there are still some. It's already dim during the dusk but if I take a bath in place like this, isn't this like an exhibition?

When I look around, there's a partitioning screen near the back door.

I see, am I meant to use this?

After I put up the screen, I started bathing with the cold water.

Though it's only about as high as my waist, it's enough for shielding the view.

...Dang, I forgot to buy soap!

There's probably no shampoo, but if it's just soap it should be available. Let's look for it tomorrow.

A woman comes out of the back door. It's a blond beauty on later half of her 20. How do I say this, this town has a lot of beautiful woman.

Our eyes match.


...Disgusting. I'm disgusted with myself.

After the woman finished drawing the water into the tub, she started bathing after putting the screen.

There's a screen between us, it is, but!

Whenever she moves a little, the upper body is!

Well, I estimate it to be D cup, purunpurun, it's asserting itself!

She did cover it by hand, but it got unexposed occasionally...

No, no, I'm not a DT, I summon all my strength to avert my gaze and go back to wash my body. Restrain yourself my healthy lower body!

I glanced at the female's face, she's wearing an expression full of deliberate composure!

As I thought, adult women are nice!!

I wipe my clean body with the towel... Wonder where I should put the water.

There is no drainage.

"It's okay to sprinkle the water on the garden plants. There's a drainage below the plants."

I wonder if I looked pathetic since the woman teach me. I thanked her and went back to the inn after throwing the water.

I want you to overlook my glance during my way back.

>[Surveillance Skill Acquired]

>[Poker Face Skill Acquired]

I changed into the new robe after bathing, feeling refreshed.

The dinner was still mainly vegetables, but the taste really came out, it was delicious. Though I prefer it to be a tad thicker.

The service was raw salad. I'd be happier if it were meat...

I feel that the protein was a bit insufficient, so I took out jerky from my pocket and gnaw on it.

I wanted to drink sake, but the customers around me drink an unrefined looking local sake, causing my craving to stop. I want to drink some cold beer~

After the meal, there is no light when I come back to my room. Not even light from magic. Work harder, Fantasy!

When I ask the landlady who's struggling with drunken people, "It's 1 copper coin if you want a lamp", so she says. By the way, the lamp has to be returned later. It seems that the guys who are awake stay in the bar to drink the night away, only the guys who want to sleep go back to their room. <TLN:duh!>

The toilet is shared together, scooping styled. When I think about it, doing it on the outdoor like I always did until yesterday is better than this. There's a bundle of straw that looks like a wiping cloth. Since it seem that I'd get hemorrhoid if use that, I cut a handkerchief in suitable size and use it. This isn't eco-friendly, but I don't want to save for this kind of thing!

I come back to the room after finishing the business.

The light from the lamp is dim. There's probably some magic items able to be used as illumination among the loots, but I'm afraid that the inn could be half destroyed if I take out the wrong item.

The rented room is 8 tatami wide with a single sized wooden bed, there are also chair and desk. The chair having no roller legs is a matter of course, but even the desk doesn't have a drawer.

The window is small enough that when you put your face to look outside it feels cramped. I wonder if it's for ventilation, the landlady warned me to close it before I sleep to prevent crime.

Fortunately, I can still see the menu screen even in the dark.

From now on, let's fill the memo column in the menu with objectives.

Act 1. Let's really think about whether this is a dream or reality.

For the time being, as to not have anything that I'd regret later if this was really a real another world, let's temporary recognize that this is really another world. Yes, temporarily. I can't give up in that regard!

Act 2. Let's be wary of the surroundings.

Even though I could escape from danger thanks to my high level, I should not act too antisocial that it would hinder me from touring another world. Also, although I don't know how strong they are, there are gods here; let's not be overconfident of my own ability and act careless.

Act 3. Let's obtain means for self-defense.

I want to obtain a method to neutralize opponents, or skills and magic to weather through a troublesome situation. I want to refrain from raining meteors every time there's trouble.

Act 4. I want to find a way back to reality.

If it's a dream then a way to wake up, if it's thrown into another world situation then let's find a way to go back. I don't intend to act too positive though.

Act 5. Might as well enjoy the exotic atmosphere.

With how real this all feel, sightseeing is enjoyable. My budget is plentiful anyway.

Let's ask Mr. knight if there's do-it-all person who's willing to guide me for a tour.

Are these all?

I added soap in the postscript before I slept.

"This is the first time I've been asked to be a tour guide."

So she says, the 20 years old jack-of-all-trades, Nadi-san, while laughing bashfully. She's not a beauty, but she's full of cute gestures. She must be plainly popular.

Normally she's a contractor for miscellaneous job from the worker guild, apparently, hired to become a tour guide is quite unusual.

Since walking is a pain, I borrow a roofless horse-drawn carriage to tour the town.

"The west street is not too prosperous so the citizen not only deal with the front store, but also various slightly gray goods in the back."

"For example?"

"Well, something like love potion on the alchemist and pawn shop, moneylender, even brothels exist. The slave company is also located on the same street."

I reacted to "slave" word. I don't want to meet that little girl~ I can only feel trouble from her.

"Oh? Do you have an interest for slaves? Guard job is impossible, but they can be made to carry your load or chore during your journey. Most peddlers usually employ them."

"Recently they closed after the stars fell before, but they're going to resume. They will open 3 days after the day after tomorrow."

It seems that the slaves that the slave company buy are leftovers from the slave market or in training, there's usually a slave auction held once a month.

"If you want to hire guards for the journey, then there are a lot of them gathered in the bar. Since it's hard to find trusty ones, in case the need arise, do ask [Jack-of-All-Trades] by all means!”
<TLN: Not sure if she's talking about herself or the worker guild>

The carriage proceed along the inner wall of the west street.

"Around here is the craftsmen's block. Woodwork, blacksmithing, leather craft and many other craftsmen are here. Most of them don't have an actual store. Generally they open small store or stall and directly sell their products to the customer in person."

Can they repair weapon and armor over here?

"If you have a craftsman acquaintance there then there's no problem but generally to prevent trouble, one usually go to the arms shop as an intermediate. There are high class arms shops within the inner wall for knights, and shops for soldiers and general public on the Biso street in the eastern town. Hunters like to go to the western town since there are a lot of meat processing stores, there along with an arms shop."

Let's just roughly look at each store on the street. It probably won't end in one day.

Come to think of it, isn't the lord's mansion located in the north?

"You're well informed. Do you want to look inside the inner wall for a bit? Though there's only harvest work to be seen there."

Well, I'd hate to be mistaken as a food thief if I walk there on foot.

The carriage proceed along the western inner wall, toward the narrow street between the inner and outer wall.

After advancing for a while we got to the open gate, the soldiers guarding the gate are present too. The driver nods to the guard and continue to enter the northern district.

There's a vast farm land over there. The carriage continue on the farm road. The farmers are harvesting Gabo, the same fruit I bought yesterday.

I don't know if it's normal, but there are a lot of kids around elementary school age helping.

"Those children are probably from the orphanage, since it's currently harvest season, the children from the town might be coming here to work."

Even children work? No more neet?!

My face became strange for a little while.

"If they're not from wealthy family, then children around that age normally work."

Don't they go to school? WHO please, support Seryuu City!

"School? If they're nobles or come from wealthy family then they usually study in private, but schools only exist in the royal capital."

"Furthermore, the Gabo fruits those children harvest are actually staple foods for people with light wallets."

Hmm? But the inn serves bread and thin rice porridge, sometimes even stew right?

"No well, Monzen inn is relatively high level so they don't serve Gabo fruit. On the west street, most stalls are selling flat bread, gruel, and pickled vegetables. It has strong smell, bitter, and hard to chew so the wealthy rarely ever eat it. Since you can eat cheap things until your stomach full, they're not only eaten by the orphanage children but also by about half of the general populace too."

If it's like that, won't normal potatoes suffice?

"The quantity of the yearly harvest differ. Although the harvest area becomes smaller, they could be harvested in one month period and rarely fail. Furthermore it has a property that enable it to fertilize fallow. Thanks to Gabo fruit, the number of orphanages has increased dramatically."

What a convenient fantasy fruit. Even opportunism has limit.

Even so, Nadi-san is quite knowledgeable... she looks like a literary woman graduated from the royal capital school.

"I wasn't raised in the manor inside the wall, the food situation in rural area was pretty terrible."

She grew up outside eh, I wonder if the lord has a monopoly. It's a subtle mystery.

"It's goblin's favorite food. If it's not a place surrounded by wall like this, goblins would come in a blink of an eye and devour them greedily."

"Back in the day, there was an explosive increase of goblins in the northern part of the kingdom, the scholar who investigated the cause concluded that it's related to Gabo fruit. In those days, if someone found a Gabo tree they would burn it down, then it began to be used as a food source and now it has become the staple food of the lower strata people. However, even now, if someone finds a Gabo tree, they would burn it down."

The wall around the farm is quite a bit lower than the town's wall. Is it around 2 meter and a half?

I wonder what that tower standing tall 1 kilometer away is? It's been in my mind since before I entered the farm. It's around 20 meter tall and look surprisingly rugged.

"That's a self defense mechanism built to repulse Wyvern attacks. The one in the castle is for the castle's defense, the one here is used when the attacks come to the farm."

"About 40 years ago when the black dragon attacked, it played a very big role. Back then, although a tower half as tall as this was brought down, the records depicting the successful repelling remain."

Repel... Did it escape through the sky?

"Leaving aside the Wyvern, as expected, defeating true dragon is impossible. Only someone like the ancestor king, Yamato who was a great magician or Saga empire's hero are able to do something like that."

...Hero, eh?

"Saga empire has this hero's summoning great magic. Since the compensation is enormous, except when the 66 year Demon King's resurrection cycle begin, it's not performed. Yamato-sama and Saga Empire's founder were also heroes who were summoned when the world was in crisis back in the day. It's so dreamy."

As I thought, these Yamato and Saga-san... I can slightly see through why the holy swords were named Excalibur and such.

When the story was finished, the one lap tour around the farm was also finished. The carriage went back towards the inner wall.

1-8. The Demon, the Knight and the Magician

Satou's here. Dumbfounded because the long awaited route abruptly closed.

An existence that can only be expressed as a demon descended.

Having horns like a ram, dark red glowing eyes, and a jet black gleaming body. Four arms, bat wings, and a split stinger tail. Truly a demon.

The demon mowed down the knights effortlessly.

The plaza became full of toppled carriages and dead bodies scattered around...

It suddenly appeared in the middle of a peaceful afternoon.

The inner wall is mostly occupied by mansions of the nobles and the wealthy, while the shops are only located on the side of the main street leading to the castle.

When we arrived at the inner wall, we got off the carriage and started taking a stroll around the luxury shops guided by Nadi-san.

"This is the shop who sells the high class armor for the knights. The shop doesn't only have metal armor. Sometimes they have magic armor available. You'd need dozens of gold coin for that~"

"This one here is the largest jewelry shop around. Especially their service for ruby and sapphire is the best in the kingdom. As for commoners, I recommend Liz jewelry across the street."

"If you want robes tailored, then this shop is good. Although it had been on the wane for a bit; last year, after the son who come back from the royal capital succeeded the shop, it became awfully popular. Since 1 article cost around 2-3 gold coin, commoners don't come here but it may be a good idea for merchants who just got a big job to order here to increase their prestige."

Nadi-san is so wiki-certified knowledgeable. As expected of a jack-of-all-trades?
Although luxurious looking horse-carriages come and go from the castle to the plaza, the traffic is relatively sparse for our carriage to stop on the road.

I wonder if Nadi-san is thirsty after that much talking?

"This is the most popular open terrace shop for sweets and tea among women in Seryuu city."

Nadi-san's eyes are sparkling. It doesn't seem like a plea, just pure longing.

"Nadi-san, my throat has dried up, since we're here already let's take a break there."
"Yes, I understand. Please go ahead, I will wait here."


Suddenly, a lonely decision?!

"You don't want to enter, Nadi-san?"

"I'm sorry, since this is a high class tea shop..."

"Please tell me stories about the castle and the plaza while we drink. Of course, I will pay for the tea and sweets."

Nadi-san's eyes are shining... but it quickly become cloudy. Is it that expensive?
Let's be forceful here!

"Let's go."

I tenderly led her hand inside the shop.

I was a bit prepared for it, but a set of tea and sweets are only 1 silver coin. Isn't that cheap? That was what I thought, but considering that amount will let you stay for 5 days in a high class inn, it's probably quite expensive for the general public.

Even though it's an open terrace cafe, they put stylish marble tables there. The teacup and the pot look expensive too.
The tea tastes like an Assam tea. It doesn't seem like they put sugar and milk though.
In exchange, they serve it along with sweet baked cookies. It seems that you eat it with cottage cheese or jam spread.

Is this that desirable? When I look at the girls in the surroundings, everyone is eating something that looks like hotcakes full of honey cream.

So I called the waiter and asked for two serving of the hotcakes. It's 3 silver coin.


It's certainly delicious... Particularly the charming happy expression from Nadi-san's face!

Even while enjoying the sweets, Nadi-san didn't forget her professional duty, she talked about the land reclamation of the Seryuu city castle and various other things.

Such peaceful afternoon tea time did not last long...

Initially, a big shadow passes through the plaza.

Followed by deep bass screams.

Crossing the plaza, a gigantic fireball pierces into the castle.
One spire crumbles forward.

After the cloud of dust and the sound from the collapsed spire expire, the people who were frozen in the plaza restarted. Screams arise, soldiers urge them to take shelter in angry voice.

The four armed demon float in the plaza while spreading his black wings.

"Is there a custom for a demon to come play in the afternoon in this town?"

"There is no such thing! Quickly, let's escape!"

>[Nonchalant Skill Acquired]

I said something foolish. Nadi-san pulled my arm to urge me to escape but maybe her waist lost its strength, she can't get up.

Though it's shameful, I look at the situation around me to incite me to act. Somehow I can't digest the acquired information very well. As if my body is moving separately from my head.

When the second fireball crosses through the rampart to the castle wall, a semi-transparent blue barrier stretched in the sky, and the fireball stopped.

Just before the barrier set, groups of knights and magicians come out of the castle wall.

Besiege him! Why don't you guys utilize the castle's defense?
For someone so pathetic he can't even get up off his chair, I cursed at the knights. Even though I got knowledge about battle only from manga and games...

The demon lands on a flower bed in the center of the plaza. He deliberately choose to fight on the ground instead of in the sky with its advantage.

The heavy infantries in the back let loose a rain of arrows. Sounding like violent rainfall, the plaza is pierced. Unfortunately every arrow that hit the black body of the demon is repelled.

3 cavalry knights holding lances on their left hand line up to assault the demon together. The demon exhales purple breath from his mouth toward the knights. Is that a poisonous breath? The face of the knights and the horse who got direct hits look pretty terrible. The knights who lose their vigor fell off their mounts and got kicked by the demon, flying to their companions.

From the opposite side of those knights, another 3 cavalry rush forward!
Although the first two knights got mowed down by the demon's tail, the other one who was late successfully impaled the demon's body with their lance.
The knights who got mowed down by the tail stand up, and strike the demon with their swords.

The demon parries the knights' attack with his claws and roars!
Debris and little rocks rise and swirl around the center of the demon's jet black body, the swirling speed gradually increase...

A chilling premonition crawls up my spine!
I lift my body off the chair. I thought of escaping but Nadi-san, who's still weak in her waist and can't get up, entered my vision.

There is no time. Escape is impossible.

I pulled down Nadi-san from the chair, and direct the thick marble desk toward the demon as a shield.
I couldn't see it from my position, but at this time, the demon unleash shockwaves of vacuum blades in all directions.

It was close but I managed to hold Nadi-san behind the marble desk.
Heavy impact shock the desk. Part of the marble was blown off from the vacuum blade. The view from the open terrace becomes tragic.

The shops surrounding the plaza are either partially or completely destroyed. One is even struck with a small carriage terribly.

I took a sidelong glance at the demon who began to walk toward the soldiers who were struck with the shockwave, and carry the unconscious Nadi-san to leave the plaza.

I run like the wind toward the main street while carrying Nadi-san.
The people who are evacuating are hustling to the inner wall, it's a dangerous situation.

I turn down a side street before arriving at a packed crowd. Since both my hands are occupied, I operated the menu with thought and raise the [3D Maneuver] and [Jump] skill to level 10.

Approaching the inner wall, I found a big building. Jumping while alternating between the inner wall and the building's wall like a ninja in manga, I cross over the inner wall.

>[Retreat Skill Acquired]

When I check the map, it seems that here is the verge of the east town.
I forcibly stop a carriage that happen to pass by and ask the driver to escort Nadi-san to the worker's guild. The coachman is reluctant at first but he cheerfully undertook the job when I shove him a gold coin.

>[Persuasion Skill Acquired]
>[Bribing Skill Acquired]

This is not the time to scrimp on money.

I rely on the memory from yesterday, and take out a certain item from the storage while running.

1-9. Let's Dance with the Demon! [First Part]

Satou's here. Finding out my incompetence, Satou.

Real demon is way too scary.

Especially that roar!

Please do try hearing a lion's roar while standing close to the cage in a zoo. No matter how safe you know you actually are, if your heart isn't prepared, scary thing is scary.

I came to the rooftop of a building where the plaza can be seen.
From there I could see the demon and dozens of soldiers encircling it. Furthermore, the soldiers from the gate are protecting magicians behind them.
Maybe the knights are seeing a chance for assault, the cavalries joined into formation with the soldiers in the back.

The demon became the victim of the spear thrusts and arrows by the soldiers from the back.
Apparently the demon is playing around.
The assaults didn't do anything, he catches the soldiers who attack him and seems to enjoy breaking their bones.

If the demon is the same existence as the ancient one, the soldiers probably taste terrifying fear and anger from seeing their friends killed.

"Now then, it's good that I'm back, but there is no room to intervene in close combat."

My appearance differs from what I wore earlier, now donning a worn-out cloak with a hood. Since I know that it'll get dirty anyway, I don't wear the expensive one.

I take out the magic gun from my bosom. It's not the handgun type, but the one that resemble rifle with big scope.
The demon moves around 300 meter away, so it's hard to take aim.

Right at the time when the soldiers pull away, the magicians cast magic that buries the lower half of the demon's body in the ground.

I pull the trigger on this good opportunity while the demon is unable to move.

And missed.

Apparently I was too tense when I pulled the trigger the line of fire came down a bit.
Fortunately I did not accidentally shoot the soldier.

The demon continuously got hit by fire and lightning magic, but encircled by a barrier, he doesn't seem to take any damage.

The moment the demon stopped moving I rapidly fire the magic gun, set at the lowest setting.

The third shot finally hit! Beside the demon a gauge appeared and decreased by a little bit.

"What is this, a game?"

>[Shooting Skill Acquired]
>[Aiming Skill Acquired]
>[Sniping Skill Acquired]

In the corner of my view, the small log window displays messages for acquiring skill.

Looking away was a bad move. Without any time to avoid, a lightning bolt sent by the demon hit me. After hitting me hard the lightning struck the foothold I'm on. The roof of the building got destroyed.

>[Lightning Magic: Demon Skill Acquired]
>[Lightning Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Paralyze Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Pain Tolerance Skill Acquired]

"Ouch ouch, my hands and feet are tingling."

If I had to say, it feels like the numbness you got after doing seiza. When I look at my own HP gauge, I've received 5 point of damage.

Come to think of it, I haven't checked the level of the demon...
I lament for a moment.

"How temperamental is that thing?"

For the time being, let's quickly look at the important things. Demon tribe, level 62, [Lightning Magic: Demon], [Wind Magic: Demon], [Darkness Magic: Demon], [Fighting], [Flight] skills.

I push aside the building's wreckage. It doesn't seem like I'm being pursued.

>[Self-Healing Skill Acquired]

When I see my HP bar, before I noticed, it has been recovered. Natural healing huh?

I move toward other building from the back alley.
I assigned skill point for [Pain Tolerance], [Lightning Resistance], [Paralyze Resistance], [Shooting] and [Self-Healing] while moving.

I found a 3 story building 100 meters away from the earlier one. I jump over the wall and onto the roof.

Since the soldiers surrounding the demon has decreased to less than half, the methods to attack the demon increased for me.

I take out bow & arrow from the storage and aim at the demon. I have never used a bow until now, but thanks to the sniping and shooting skills earlier, I somehow understand the aim.

"Aim and shoot!"

I take a good aim, the moment when the demon stopped... shoot.

And missed.

The hand which pulled the bowstring hurt.

After that, no matter how many I shoot, none hit. Even though I understand how to shoot the bow, there is no result.

The enclosing soldiers have become considerably sparse.
I discovered a route where I could get close to the demon discreetly, after marking the map I drop down from the roof.

I equipped the scale tribe's spear.
If I knew this would happen I'd have gotten leather armor tailored.

Holding the spear with both hands, I hide in the shadows.

>[Spy Skill Acquired]

Since I got a skill that looks useful, I immediately allocate skill points to it.
There are several overturned big carriages on the way to the demon. I head there.
When I invoke the spy skill, my footsteps disappear. Maybe it's just my imagination.

The demon's roar can be heard and the knights got hit by lightning.
That roar seems to be a spellcasting procedure.

When the demon's attention wanders off, I shorten the distance and thrust the spear from behind!
Stab! With that kind of unpleasant sound, the sensation of tearing real flesh is transferred to my hand.
Me being a chicken, unintentionally separate my hand from the spear.

My hands and legs are trembling.

The demon's tail strikes the unmoving me from a blind spot, sending me flying 3 meters away. I stopped at the carriage wreckages after rolling on the ground.

>[Surprise Attack Skill Acquired]
>[Spear Skill Acquired]
>[Shock Resistance Skill Acquired]

My HP is only reduced by 1 point. However, I don't know whether this is because of excitement or fear from my first close quarter combat, my trembling limbs don't stop.
Fortunately the demon turned his attention to the knights who restarted their assault, I take a deep breath many times.

The trembling subside for a little.

>[Fear Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Reckless Courage Skill Acquired]

I equip a small sword and shield made from bronze in the shadow of the wreckages. I left the sword in the scabbard and put it on my waist belt. Usually one would use metal fixture or special belt to hold it but it can't be helped since I don't have it. Let's buy it later.

I also prepare a small bow with an arrow. It's an arrow with a bone arrowhead. The demon is only a little over 10 meters away but I still don't think I'd hit.

The demon lifted an attacking soldier and threw him at the knights.
I match the timing to his throwing and dash closer. Shooting the arrow at zero distance unnoticed.

>[Bow Skill Acquired]

I discard the bow immediately, and slash the demon the moment I unsheathed the sword.
The small sword broke. To break bronze in one hit...

>[Iai Skill Acquired]
>[One-Handed Sword Skill Acquired]

「▼▼ ▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼!!」

While cursing with incomprehensible words the demon attacked with poisonous claws.
I promptly decide to receive the attack with the shield but it's also coming from the other side, the judgment come in the spur of the moment, using the broken sword to guard.
Of course, such thing can't defend the attack and breaks in a single blow from the poisonous claw.

>[Demon Language Skill Acquired]
>[Poison Resistance Skill Acquired]

I wanted to immediately enable the poison resistance skill, but there is no leeway to operate the menu in battlefield.
I prevent the poisonous claw coming from the opposite side with the shield, and throw the grip I have in my hand to the demon.

>[Shield Skill Acquired]
>[Throwing Skill Acquired]

While trying to take out a weapon from the shadow of my mantle, I neglected my guard, tumbled by the demon's tail I rolled over.
Furthermore his foot tramples in pursuit.

Fumu! Fumu! Fumu! 3 waves of stomping consecutively come, my body finally breaks away from the loop on the 4th attack.

>[Evasion Skill Acquired]

Kicking the ground with strange posture I take a distance from the demon.
Finally gaining time, I allocated skill points to [Evasion], [Shield], [Poison Resistance], [Shock Resistance] one by one.

Covered by the mantle, I retrieve a dagger and a firewood club from the storage. I slip the dagger on my belt, and hold the club.

Somehow I got the feeling that a look of ridicule is floated on the face of the demon.
I wonder if demon has self-healing ability, his HP is recovering. There is no such skill in his skill column, is it a specific race characteristic?

From the corner of my view I saw the knights readying for the next assault.
I carefully measure the distance while preparing the club.

Ignoring the knights assault, the demon keep his attention here.

I leap and strike the club at the demon's bust. It break when it contact the black body of the demon.
I defend from the demon's poisonous claws with the shield, avoid the tail sweep with minimum movement and jump.
I slash with the dagger. The demon couldn't avoid it but is somehow able to parry with his claws.

>[One-Handed Stick Skill Acquired]
>[Dagger Skill Acquired]
>[Parry Skill Acquired]

The knights begin to run towards us, when they reach the middle of the plaza, I stagger the demon by ramming my shield into it.
<TLN: Now this one is tricky, since subject can be missing in Japanese I'm not sure if it's the knights or Satou who's shield bashing, I'm opting Satou given the next few lines>I jump backward by using the recoil. Leaping over the horses and their riders.

>[Shield Bash Skill Acquired]

The knights attack once then withdraw, then another one does the same, thrusting his lance and withdrawing.

>[Cooperation Skill Acquired]

From the 3 man formation, the last one fails to withdraw due to the demon's tail attack. Both the horse and the man topple over.
I kicked at the demon who tried to finish the knight from the flank!

>[Kicking Skill Acquired]

I picked up a spear with broken tip near my foot fallen from the soldier and put back the dagger in the scabbard. As expected, a dagger's reach is too short so it's easy to parry, it's troublesome.

I elude the demon by using the spear with a broken tip to gain time so that the knights and soldiers who have fallen from their horses can withdraw.
While parrying I also strike some part of the demon's feet, sometime hitting the arms carefully as not to make this into unilateral defensive battle.

>[Two-Handed Stick Skill Acquired]

The spear finally broke after becoming a prey of the poisonous claws.

The demon's eyes are shining!
Because I have a bad feeling about that I raised the shield and put my whole body in the shadow of my mantle. It's probably some kind of evil gaze attack. Is it charm, paralyze or petrification?

The mantle and the shields turned into stone!

...I endured it somehow, only the mantle and shield got sacrificed.
It might have been dangerous if I moved a bit later.

>[Petrification Resistance Skill Acquired]

Since nearing the demon might mean getting petrified, before he comes I allocate skill points to [Parry], [Petrification Resistance].

Petrification attacks might not be exclusive to demons alone...

1-10. Let's Dance With the Demon! [Final Part]

"Greetings from the battlefield, the commentator Suzuki Ichirou, will be sent off by me, Satou."

Expect getting even more skills with increasing tension, Satou's here.
While pretending to be dead behind the mantle, I activate many skills but...
I didn't expect for it to cause a situation like that!

Well then, let's start "Let's Dance With the Demon [Final Part]"!

I take out a two-handed sword from the shadow of my mantle.
At the same time, the magicians begin their counterattack, after waiting behind their formation.

Fireball, Firestorm, Wind Blade, Lightning. 3 systematic magics assault the demon one after another, and it also lands on me who is seemingly petrified near the demon.

Furthermore, more attacks come after a bit. Stone Bullet, Sandstorm, Water Ball, Snowstorm.

The last one to arrive is simply a pillar of light piercing through heaven.

>[Fire Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Wind Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Lightning Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Fire Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Wind Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Earth Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Water Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Ice Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Earth Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Water Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Ice Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Light Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Light Resistance Skill Acquired]

The log flowed at a great speed.

Maybe because of my level the damage isn't much, but unpleasant things are unpleasant.

The demon seems to think the same, and returned lightning magic to the magicians lot.
Probably predicting it, the magicians defended with a barrier before the lightning hit.

Already breaking apart from the magic earlier, I shatter the petrified mantle and shield.

Being a bit away from the demon, I stand up and immediately jump to close the distance. Aiming at the demon's head I swing the two-handed sword.
Since the demon tilted his head, the full attack did not connect, but I succeeded in cutting one of his horn.

>[Two-Handed Sword Skill Acquired]
>[Helm Splitter Skill Acquired]
>[Air Battle Skill Acquired]
>[Weapon Destruction Skill Acquired]

The soldiers are looking over here while saying something.
They're probably surprised that someone who just got shot by barrages of magic could calmly fight.

With my disheveled long blond hair swaying on the back and the silver mask reflecting the sunlight, I face the demon.
I thought that a hooded mantle would suffice, but it was a good decision to prepare additional disguises as an insurance.

After receiving that much concentrated fire the demon finally suffered about 20% damage.

I bear the two-handed sword to on my shoulder. I have no problem wielding it, but it's hard to balance my body due to the weight. It's good that I become younger and all, but since my body also became lighter it might be a minus in a battle.

For now, the demon is too close to the magicians' base. If I don't somehow lead it away from the plaza…

I don't want you to misunderstand me, this is not because some sort of heroism of not wanting any victims. The reason is quite selfish; they do damage the demon, however small it is, so it's troubling if they're all annihilated.

The demon attacks during the gap where my thoughts derailed. Dashing on the ground, the poisonous claws rushed towards me!

Even if tried to shake the demon off with the two-handed sword, it boldly closed the distance not letting me get away.

I throw the two-handed sword at the demon to elude the poisonous claws, taking out a hatchet from the mantle and use it to cut the demon.
Because the hatchet stuck deeper than I thought, I left it there and avoided the demon's counter.

>[One-Handed Axe Skill Acquired]

While empty-handed, I'm exchanging blow with the demon while retreating.
Sometimes, I pick up weapons dropped by the soldiers on the ground to add onto the attack. Since I haven't activate physical attack related skills, the damage I'm doing is small.

Should I break the deadlock soon?

Most knights have wounds all over the body, only a few of them are unhurt. There aren't any useless shots from the magicians either, seems that they ran out of magic power.

Seemingly, it's not only me who thinks so, from the castle gate several horses come out pulling a cannon.

I position myself to divert the demon's attention from the gate until the cannon finished setting up.

When I get near the wreckages I draw the demon's attention, behind the wreckages, I switch my weapon. I put a blacksmith's hammer onto my waist, and wield a two-handed axe and a sledgehammer in each hand.

It's not really practical but thanks to my maxed STR, I can wield it just fine. Maybe because I look ferocious, the demon's expression become unpleasant.

I jump from behind the carriage. First let's strike with the sledgehammer!
The demon guarded to the right with both hands but without minding it I slashed from the opposite side with the two-handed axe.
The axe cut through, and the arm fell!

...I remember, from some manga, about an episode of an arm that had been separated from the body attacking independently. Let's pay attention to that arm...

>[Two-Handed Axe Skill Acquired]
>[Two-Handed Hammer Skill Acquired]
>[Dual Wielding Skill Acquired]
>[Herculean Strength Skill Acquired]

Though it's a different story with a surprise attack, after all fighting using a sledgehammer with one hand is difficult, I fight single mindedly with the two-handed axe.
The cannon still isn't prepared yet.

The demon inhale greatly.

I close the distance. But, that was a bad move.

The demon let out an acid breath!

Even though I've seen it once! I completely forgot that it has this kind of attack!
I guarded with the axe which immediately broke, the wig and the robe got terribly burnt.
"Ouch, ouch, ouch!"

I go to the nearest cover, throw off the robe behind the bronze statue, and wear a new mantle. I wore commoner clothes underneath the robe yet there's also a large hole in it too.

If the surface area of the axe wasn't big, my face would have burned...

>[Decay Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Quick Dressing Skill Acquired]

I allocate [Decay Resistance] and [Quick Dressing] with skill points.

I wonder what the variety for skills are, I want a wiki.

Since the axe is no longer usable as a weapon, I throw it away; I try to strike once with the blacksmith hammer from my waist. Since it didn't seem very effective, I put it back when I got the skill.

>[One-Handed Hammer Skill Acquired]
>[Blacksmith Skill Acquired]

I think blacksmithing is quite different to this...

Meanwhile, the cannon installation is complete, but it seems that it will require some time before it could fire.

I pick up the sledgehammer which I discarded earlier.
Of course the demon doesn't let up his attacks, but whether it's because of the avoid skill, or because I'm getting used to fighting, I've reached the point where I have some margins in this fight.

I should end this soon...
I allocate skill points to [One-Handed Sword].

The cannon seems to be ready to fire. Magicians on both side of the cannon begin to to cast spells.

The demon seems to be really worried about the cannon. Its putting up an air.
The demon charges toward the cannon during the gap when I avoided its tail attack!

I discard the heavy sledgehammer, and pick up a sword lying on the way while chasing the demon.

The demon, with agility belying that huge body, jumps over multiple soldiers who block the way.
The light soldier with spears immediately cover but they become prey to the poisonous claw.

But the demon stopped.

Just like the demon, I jump over the soldiers and cut one wing off the demon, then I pierce the sword to its leg and stitch it to the ground. After getting the sword skill, I could understand the principle of swordsmanship. The demon only has 30% remaining on its HP gauge.
Furthermore, I pull the only remaining arm of the demon to the ground.
I intersect the demon's arm to its leg, and with my free hand pick a spear left by the killed soldiers earlier to use it to crucify the demon on the ground.

>[Fighting Skill Acquired]
>[Capture Skill Acquired]

I look at the a person who looks like a commander besides the cannon who's measuring the timing to shoot the cannon.

I fix the demon with another spear, and nodded there.

The commander swing down his arm, at the same time, I jump off from the line of fire.

The cannon shoots out a buckshot and innumerable wound appear on the demon's. Moreover, as a final blow, a magic combo like earlier struck.

I wonder if the cannon can’t shoot multiple rounds, it didn't finish the dying demon. The magicians probably don't have enough magic power either, only three people cast spells.

I could end it if I run there with the sword but let's give the honor of ending the demon's life to those guys. Like I said earlier, this is not out of goodwill; even if the opponent is a demon, I don't like killing with my own hand. It's really stupid, but I'm from society unrelated to violence since a long time ago... Even though I eat meat and fish, I shirk on killing.

Putting that aside...

The demon used the tattered hand freed from the stitch to lift up its body from the ground, raised a roar and destroyed the cannon with lightning magic. Is there no one who could use a barrier anymore?!

Then the slightly late magicians use magic to shave the little of the demon's strength (HP).
Furthermore, the knights get off their horses and sidle up to the demon with their long swords ready.

...It'll end after the encircling completely, huh. Amen~

The end can already be seen, but the demon hasn't given up yet.

The hand which has been restrained by the knights is thrust into its own chest, pulling out a dark red heart. The pulled heart is fast begin to pulse harder. Matching the violent movement, light overflow.

The knights hurriedly try to destroy the heart, but they don't make it in time.

With loud bursting sound, the heart breaks apart!

When the light subsided, several magicians who set up barriers have become corpses in a heap. Only the lower half remaining of the demon's dead body. The ground is gouged in a fan shaped form following the demon's direction toward the castle gate, the gate itself has been partially destroyed.

The demon's corpse falls apart and becomes black dust.

I slip into the alley during the clamor and hide myself.

>Title [Combat-Ready] Acquired
>Title [Skilled Warrior] Acquired
>Title [One Who Dances With Demons] Acquired
>Title [Hero] Acquired

...I wonder if the last one is sarcasm.

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