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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 1-8

1-8. The Demon, the Knight and the Magician

Satou's here. Dumbfounded because the long awaited route abruptly closed.

An existence that can only be expressed as a demon descended.

Having horns like a ram, dark red glowing eyes, and a jet black gleaming body. Four arms, bat wings, and a split stinger tail. Truly a demon.

The demon mowed down the knights effortlessly.

The plaza became full of toppled carriages and dead bodies scattered around...

It suddenly appeared in the middle of a peaceful afternoon.

The inner wall is mostly occupied by mansions of the nobles and the wealthy, while the shops are only located on the side of the main street leading to the castle.

When we arrived at the inner wall, we got off the carriage and started taking a stroll around the luxury shops guided by Nadi-san.

"This is the shop who sells the high class armor for the knights. The shop doesn't only have metal armor. Sometimes they have magic armor available. You'd need dozens of gold coin for that~"

"This one here is the largest jewelry shop around. Especially their service for ruby and sapphire is the best in the kingdom. As for commoners, I recommend Liz jewelry across the street."

"If you want robes tailored, then this shop is good. Although it had been on the wane for a bit; last year, after the son who come back from the royal capital succeeded the shop, it became awfully popular. Since 1 article cost around 2-3 gold coin, commoners don't come here but it may be a good idea for merchants who just got a big job to order here to increase their prestige."

Nadi-san is so wiki-certified knowledgeable. As expected of a jack-of-all-trades?
Although luxurious looking horse-carriages come and go from the castle to the plaza, the traffic is relatively sparse for our carriage to stop on the road.

I wonder if Nadi-san is thirsty after that much talking?

"This is the most popular open terrace shop for sweets and tea among women in Seryuu city."

Nadi-san's eyes are sparkling. It doesn't seem like a plea, just pure longing.

"Nadi-san, my throat has dried up, since we're here already let's take a break there."
"Yes, I understand. Please go ahead, I will wait here."


Suddenly, a lonely decision?!

"You don't want to enter, Nadi-san?"

"I'm sorry, since this is a high class tea shop..."

"Please tell me stories about the castle and the plaza while we drink. Of course, I will pay for the tea and sweets."

Nadi-san's eyes are shining... but it quickly become cloudy. Is it that expensive?
Let's be forceful here!

"Let's go."

I tenderly led her hand inside the shop.

I was a bit prepared for it, but a set of tea and sweets are only 1 silver coin. Isn't that cheap? That was what I thought, but considering that amount will let you stay for 5 days in a high class inn, it's probably quite expensive for the general public.

Even though it's an open terrace cafe, they put stylish marble tables there. The teacup and the pot look expensive too.
The tea tastes like an Assam tea. It doesn't seem like they put sugar and milk though.
In exchange, they serve it along with sweet baked cookies. It seems that you eat it with cottage cheese or jam spread.

Is this that desirable? When I look at the girls in the surroundings, everyone is eating something that looks like hotcakes full of honey cream.

So I called the waiter and asked for two serving of the hotcakes. It's 3 silver coin.


It's certainly delicious... Particularly the charming happy expression from Nadi-san's face!

Even while enjoying the sweets, Nadi-san didn't forget her professional duty, she talked about the land reclamation of the Seryuu city castle and various other things.

Such peaceful afternoon tea time did not last long...

Initially, a big shadow passes through the plaza.

Followed by deep bass screams.

Crossing the plaza, a gigantic fireball pierces into the castle.
One spire crumbles forward.

After the cloud of dust and the sound from the collapsed spire expire, the people who were frozen in the plaza restarted. Screams arise, soldiers urge them to take shelter in angry voice.

The four armed demon float in the plaza while spreading his black wings.

"Is there a custom for a demon to come play in the afternoon in this town?"

"There is no such thing! Quickly, let's escape!"

>[Nonchalant Skill Acquired]

I said something foolish. Nadi-san pulled my arm to urge me to escape but maybe her waist lost its strength, she can't get up.

Though it's shameful, I look at the situation around me to incite me to act. Somehow I can't digest the acquired information very well. As if my body is moving separately from my head.

When the second fireball crosses through the rampart to the castle wall, a semi-transparent blue barrier stretched in the sky, and the fireball stopped.

Just before the barrier set, groups of knights and magicians come out of the castle wall.

Besiege him! Why don't you guys utilize the castle's defense?
For someone so pathetic he can't even get up off his chair, I cursed at the knights. Even though I got knowledge about battle only from manga and games...

The demon lands on a flower bed in the center of the plaza. He deliberately choose to fight on the ground instead of in the sky with its advantage.

The heavy infantries in the back let loose a rain of arrows. Sounding like violent rainfall, the plaza is pierced. Unfortunately every arrow that hit the black body of the demon is repelled.

3 cavalry knights holding lances on their left hand line up to assault the demon together. The demon exhales purple breath from his mouth toward the knights. Is that a poisonous breath? The face of the knights and the horse who got direct hits look pretty terrible. The knights who lose their vigor fell off their mounts and got kicked by the demon, flying to their companions.

From the opposite side of those knights, another 3 cavalry rush forward!
Although the first two knights got mowed down by the demon's tail, the other one who was late successfully impaled the demon's body with their lance.
The knights who got mowed down by the tail stand up, and strike the demon with their swords.

The demon parries the knights' attack with his claws and roars!
Debris and little rocks rise and swirl around the center of the demon's jet black body, the swirling speed gradually increase...

A chilling premonition crawls up my spine!
I lift my body off the chair. I thought of escaping but Nadi-san, who's still weak in her waist and can't get up, entered my vision.

There is no time. Escape is impossible.

I pulled down Nadi-san from the chair, and direct the thick marble desk toward the demon as a shield.
I couldn't see it from my position, but at this time, the demon unleash shockwaves of vacuum blades in all directions.

It was close but I managed to hold Nadi-san behind the marble desk.
Heavy impact shock the desk. Part of the marble was blown off from the vacuum blade. The view from the open terrace becomes tragic.

The shops surrounding the plaza are either partially or completely destroyed. One is even struck with a small carriage terribly.

I took a sidelong glance at the demon who began to walk toward the soldiers who were struck with the shockwave, and carry the unconscious Nadi-san to leave the plaza.

I run like the wind toward the main street while carrying Nadi-san.
The people who are evacuating are hustling to the inner wall, it's a dangerous situation.

I turn down a side street before arriving at a packed crowd. Since both my hands are occupied, I operated the menu with thought and raise the [3D Maneuver] and [Jump] skill to level 10.

Approaching the inner wall, I found a big building. Jumping while alternating between the inner wall and the building's wall like a ninja in manga, I cross over the inner wall.

>[Retreat Skill Acquired]

When I check the map, it seems that here is the verge of the east town.
I forcibly stop a carriage that happen to pass by and ask the driver to escort Nadi-san to the worker's guild. The coachman is reluctant at first but he cheerfully undertook the job when I shove him a gold coin.

>[Persuasion Skill Acquired]
>[Bribing Skill Acquired]

This is not the time to scrimp on money.

I rely on the memory from yesterday, and take out a certain item from the storage while running.

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