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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Strongest Sage, Pretends to be Ally


I circulate specific mana into the door once I received the girls' confirmation.

Our enemy this time is 『Soil Demons』 that posses high stamina and considerable agility.
While being careful not to let any slips out, I watch over the door opening.


Seeing the hidden room's door opening, the demons got on their guard.

"This guy... Who?"

"Only Grevil is supposed to know this location... Does that mean, he's a reinforcement sent by Grevil?"

"I see. I don't think we're in a situation that necessitates reinforcement though... Oy, you, what's your business here?"

Looks like these demons believed that some guy called Grevil told me about this place.

The 37th King of Aegis Kingdom had the same name if I remember correctly.

Aegis Kingdom was one of the countries that had connections with me.
And since it was also one of the countries involved in the Sixth Source's construction, of course being a king, Grevil knew about this hidden room.
However... It's really hard to believe that Grevil would conspire with demons to destroy humans.

Grevil was neither a tyrant nor a foolish ruler, rather he was a capable king.
He employed the right tactics to minimize casualties in the wars with demons, ruled his kingdom peacefully, and was very popular with the populace.

His only fault would be that he had no magic talent, none at all.
I guess it's plausible for a king to get immortality magic cast on himself, the fact that he's still alive isn't really surprising... But he's inherently someone who's far removed from such violence like working together with demons to fight humans.

Well, the guy might be a different person with the same name, let's think about that later.
No matter who the other party is, we've gotta to find the mastermind behind all this either way.

First thing first, I've got to beat these demons in front of me.
...That said, they've gone out of their way to talk to me and all.

I'll take every info I can pull out of them.

"By Grevil's order, I have come to relay a message from Reliaj."

Reliaj was the chancellor of Aegis Kingdom when the past me was alive, a man who was practically Grevil's right hand.
Since his name was unusual even at the time, if these demons reacted to it, that would mean this 『Grevil』 is the same king I knew.
It's unusual for demons to work under human though.

And the demons respond by...

"What!? Can it be, has Reliaj been resurrected as well!?!?"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Was it not only demons that got resurrected!"

Their reaction was quite unexpected.
For now, it's clear that the demons know about Reliaj, but what do they mean by 『Resurrected』.

Has someone managed to develop revival magic while I was reincarnating?
If that was true, the situation in this world wouldn't have been like it is now though...

For now, I'll just match their talk randomly.

"Yeah. Reliaj may be a human, however Grevil is quite fond of him. Grevil did everything he could to resurrect Reliaj."

I observed the demons' reaction as I said that.
Depending on their response, I should find out more about revival magic.

Now then, and their response is...

"...Grevil resurrected him? What are you talking about?"

"Wasn't a star falling from the sky the one that resurrected us?"

This is... truly unexpected.
『A star falling from the sky resurrected demons』 huh.

--The reason I sought strength to the point I reincarnated myself was space monsters.
Indeed, it wouldn't be strange for those beings to perform mere revival magic.

Even I haven't got full grasp on the ability those space monsters posses, as they are beings that are detached from fundamental principles.
There is no more fitting being that would work as an explanation for making impossible stuff like 『reviving the dead』 possible.

"Yeah. Grevil predicted where that star would fall on and put Reliaj's body--"

I keep talking with the demons to fish out more information.
Suddenly--one of the 『Soil Demons』 shouts out loud.

"Kill him! He's an enemy!"

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 228

Chapter 228 Strongest Sage, Prepares the Raid


『By security check, you mean in the whole Source?』

『Yeah. Everything besides the hidden rooms. We're gonna look inside hidden rooms that can be seen as well.』

『...How big is this Source again?』

『Including all the miscellaneous paths, total length should be around 100 kilometers long. One or two days won't be enough if we do this manually.』

The Source is an enormous facility of an ancient civilization.
Most of the things here are probably non-functional, but I won't be surprised if lots of the paths still are intact.

Same reason why we haven't been found out sneaking in like this.
Were the Source not that vast, the demons would have set up detection magic tools in every corners of the paths.
If that were the case, the time needed to investigate this ruins wouldn't end at this.

『...Are we going to walk all the way through?』

『We might end up having to do that depending on whether the room we're going to now could be used or not... Should be no problem though.』

I circulate mana onto a nearby wall.
Then the wall disappeared... revealing a very small room inside.
A room of about two meter wide.

『A hidden room?』

『Yeah. It might be small but it should prove useful.』

Since the Source is very big on top of being an important facility, there's a lot of hidden rooms inside.
If there are 『Official Hidden Rooms』 that are drawn in the blueprint, there are also 『Unofficial Hidden Rooms』 made by people involved in the creation of the Source, like me.

This hidden room is the latter... or rather, it's a hidden room I made in secret.
It's functioned as a 『Source Internal Monitor』.

During the construction, I had put monitoring devices without anyone knowing in all common areas and of course, all hidden rooms inside the Source.
There were hidden rooms built without my knowledge as well, but in order to make it easier to deal if the Source got misused in criminal activities and such, I sought out and put the monitoring devices in those rooms as well.
By 'all hidden rooms', that's under the assumption that there were no hidden rooms that had managed to elude the past me with camouflage.

I put back the door and activate the magic tool inside.
If this is broken, everything will turn quite a bit more complicated...

『Alright, it's working fine.』

Looks like the magic tools are working correctly.
Soon after, the hidden room's walls display seven people that are inside the Source, and their locations.

『I knew they would be there.』

I point at medium-sized hidden room located under the warehouse where the masked man fetched the poison.
There's a facility to produce life force draining poison inside, with three demons working.

『They're really making that poison inside the Source... Why would they do that in such an easy to find place?』

『Nah, this place is actually difficult to locate. You can't find the hidden room without a specific spell, and even if there are people looking for the origin of the poison, it's easy to overlook the Source... As at a glance, it seems as if the poison get brought from outside.』

『I thought it was weird how they carried it in a cart even though the poison was made inside the Source... So it was to mislead people away from the drug's origin...』

『Yeah... The real reason might be as simple as the Source's hidden room being the optimal hideout though.』

There is only one reason why I managed to find the demons hiding in the Source.
Which is my prior knowledge about hidden rooms in the Source.

If I hadn't had that knowledge, it would have been impossible to discover these demons.
I might have managed to correctly guess that these demons were hiding inside the Source by looking at the surrounding situation, but locating the hidden room would have been 100% impossible.

That's just how effective the knowledge to utilize the legacy of ancient ruins is.
Thus it's dangerous to make an enemy out of those who posses such knowledge.

『...Then, we're going to raid this room right?』

『Yeah. That's the plan... but these demons, why are they here...?』

I observe the figure of mana displayed on the room's walls.
What shown there are demons that should have not been here.

『Are these demons unusual? They look like ordinary demons though...』

『Yeah. It's unusual... rather, if my guess on these demons' identity is correct, they're not supposed to be here.』

I murmured while looking at the demon in display.

『Demons that aren't supposed to be here.』

『Yeah. They're not particularly strong though.』

There are various species among demons.
Some that we have fought so far, 『Mist Demon』 and 『Sub-Demons』 are ones such species.

And these demons displayed now are 『Soil Demons』.
The species has no particular trait except that they're sturdy compared to other demons, are quick to flee, and are relatively easy to form a herd... But 『Soil Demons』 should have gone extinct.

Due to their sturdy and herding traits, 『Soil Demons』 amassed quite a force and turned into a huge threat in the past.
And several thousands years ago, a huge war broke out between three species of demons including 『Soil Demons』 and humans, and as a result 『Soil Demons』 completely went extinct.

We made sure of that fact with the then state-of-the-art detection technology.
I myself helped by using detection magic that could penetrate through Camouflage Facility and detect the very small remains in the whole world to confirm their extinction.

It's simply unfathomable for that conclusion to be wrong.
Yet here these 『Soil Demons』 are.

...Not even the past era had a magic that could revive an extinct species.
Even among magic I researched, let alone the possibility of that, there wasn't even a clue to magic that could revive the dead.

The only magic that bears any semblance of connection to revival magic is the reincarnation magic the past me used.
However, that magic only allow humans to reincarnate. It's just impossible for the one reincarnating to posses the body of a 『Soil Demon』.

『So these demons are unusual... But not really strong!』

Alma said that after hearing me.
...Let's think about the reason for 『Soil Demon』 survival for later, and focus on defeating them for now.

『They're not strong, but they're tough and quick to flee. In order to beat all of them, we've got to shut out any potential escape path.』
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I left the monitoring room and headed to the room the enemy were hiding.

The enemy room doesn't have monitoring facility like the room we used earlier.
And as the hidden room's walls are made of materials that block out mana, they cannot infer the situation outside by detecting mana.

Therefore, our enemy likely has no clue about our movement.
Now's the time to set things up so they cannot escape.

『Now then, Iris you stand here, while Alma, you're over here.』

I instruct their positions.
Iris is right in front of the entrance, Alma is slightly away from her.

I inform them my plan after the two have secured their positions.

『What you two have to do is simple. When I get inside to defeat these demons, there's a chance these fleet of foot demons would attempt to run away... So your job is to halt those demons and knock them back into the room.』

『I see, then I should use these arrows!』

Alma picks up some arrows.
These arrows are mana jamming arrow for use against demons that Ruli made before.
The demons would stop on their track with these.

『This is enough for me!』

Iris readied her usual spear.
Well, with Iris's strength, she could easily knock those demons back into the hidden room even without a weapon.

Now's the important part.

『Ruli, you stay here, and the moment I open this door, focus on mana reaction beyond the wall here.』

I point at the wall right next to the entrance.
This is the most important role in this strategy.

『Beyond the wall, you mean the hidden room?』

『No, I mean the wall itself. There's magic tools embedded inside this wall, however those magic tools can only be controlled on the side of walls inside the hidden room. In the meantime, I'd like you to break one magic tool among the ones inside.』

『Break... Which magic tool should I break?』

『A magic tool that gives off this kind of mana reaction.』

I augment a spell on a magic stone in my hand.
Of course, the actual magic tool inside the wall itself is very complex, and not something I could make impromptu.

I simply imitate its mana reaction.
But this is good enough as a sample for Ruli.

『I got it! ...I don't see mana reaction like that now, but it will show up when it's opening and closing right?』

『Yeah. It will only show up for an instant, so watch closely.』


Ruli began to focus on the wall.
We'll be doing this without rehearsal, but there should be nothing to worry about considering Ruli's current skill level.

I stand before the entrance to the hidden room.

『Everybody, are you ready?』

『I am!』

『Ready when you are!』

『All's OK!』

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-76

16-76. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (6)


"That looks really hurt nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi murmured in a safe zone.

Near the keep of Saga Empire's sunken castle in the center of the imperial capital, the bullhorn woman--Lamia demon lord raised her body with her shoulder dyed red.

Fallen hero Fuu controlling the demon lord was hit by Hikaru's <<Multiple Javelin>>.

"That was not Lulu's but Miko's attack, was it."

Standing behind Tama and Pochi, Liza looked up at the girls floating in the air inside Nana's protective <<Absolute Throne>>.


The demon lord roared out.

Hero Fuu's reflexes aren't good enough to dodge rain of multiple javelins accelerated to supersonic speed with Lulu's accelerated canon.



Hero Fuu's slightly shrill voice resounded above the imperial capital's debris.

"Geh, he's still alive."

Arisa sounded like she was relieved somewhat.

"Lamia demon lord turned her face away to protect that kid."

Apparently, master sniper Lulu saw what happened.

The demon lord who was roaring at them had her face gouged out, but it had already begun regenerating while producing white steam.


The demon lord wraps Hero Fuu in both her hands.


The chest flesh on the demon lord's upper breastbone opens up as she leads hero Fuu inside.

"I see--I'm going to become one with Lamiko-san."

Hero Fuu disappeared into the other side of flesh wall with half-squinting entranced eyes.

"Om nom nom~?"
"It's a two-mouthed woman nanodesu!"

"No no, I don't think she's eating him though?"

Even Arisa who corrected Tama and Pochi didn't sound too confident about it.

A dark purple light swept over the demon lord's body, right afterward, her figure changed.

"The demon lord has undergone a change form so I report."
"Hero's armor and dagger?"

Equipment that appeared to be Hero Fuu's got equipped on the demon lord.
Her lower half is still that of snake, but it's now wrapped in transformed leg armor.

However, it seemed she slackened her strength during the equipment transformation, Mia's Lesser Fenrir managed to pry its way out of the snake tail's constriction.

"It's so dark... yet warm and soft."
『Brighten. ing.』

At Hero Fuu's murmur, the voice of a girl responded in broken speech.

A small room made of red pulsing veins.
Hero Fuu sat on a cockpit-like chair located in the center of the room.


Hero Fuu was gasping for breath at the sudden acceleration, but he didn't get thrown off the chair.
Since slender tentacles secured him on the seat in place of seat belts.

"Lamiko-san, can't I look the outside?"
『Look, ing.』

The wall in front of him turned transparent, showing the outside.

A spherical-shaped laminated magic circles--Nana's throne is floating ahead.

"Our enemy are strong. Lamiko-san, use my equipment."
『Equip, ing.』

Hero's armor and dagger Hero Fuu took from his Inventory were taken by tentacles that extended out of the walls here.

"I'd have given you other stuff I got with me, but I gave them all to the generals and the others already..."
『Gratitude, Fuu.』

Her voice was flat, but Hero Fuu sensed a deep affection in it.

Hero Fuu looks forward.
Straight ahead which is rare for him who's usually looking down.

"Annihilate the enemy. Lamiko-san."
『Annihilate, ing.』

The demon lord resumed the battle responding to Hero Fuu's order.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Falankusu~ nanodesu!"

Defensive shield Phalanx that Pochi deployed in a hurry defended against an attack that managed to split even the rampart.
The demon lord had swung out her arm, assaulting Pochi with a gigantic holy dagger.

At first Pochi blocked the attack with her sword, but even a weapon made of dragon fangs that can [Pierces through everything] wouldn't be sturdy enough to repeatedly clash with a massive holy dagger made of Orichalcum alloy without chipping.
Once the blade is chipped even a little, the crack will only get worse from there.

"We can't get close to her at this rate."
"Not true nanodesu! With Capatult's launch we can do it nodesuyo!"

After dodging the second assault of the holy dagger, Liza runs in parallel with Pochi.

"Nin nin~"

A merry-looking cat ninja who was being chased by undead snake hair ran past the two.

"Stop playing around, defeat them."

Thud, the cat tail struck the ground, and then innumerable shadow extended out of gaps between debris, binding the undead snake hair.
Immediately after, blue shining bullets rain down on the undead, annihilating them all.
Looks like Lulu launched a support fire when she saw these undead stopped moving.

"We should get back to attacking the main body ourselves."
"Aye aye sir~"
"Roger nanodesu."

The beastkin girls gauged the distance to the demon lord as the Lesser Fenrir kept her busy.
Above, Nana is dodging and defending, Hikaru and Lulu attacking, while Arisa is in charge of detecting and disturbing the demon lord in fierce clashes.
Shockwaves generated from these clashes have left none of the original buildings around the imperial castle standing including the rampart.

"--Really, it's truly strong. This demon lord."
"Well, on top of being an upper level 90s, she's even got herself hero's equipment after all."

Hikaru responded to Arisa's murmur.

"Why didn't they deploy Lamia demon lord right from the start then?"
"You mean before the vampire demon lord?"
"Un, if this is the mastermind--Gobu King's handiworks, both of those demon lords should have been deployed at different cities each."
"Maybe he's the type that saves stuff for the last?"
"I could see that if he were a bad guy in a home console RPG, but isn't it too much of a foolish move to unleash your card one by one?"

While replying to Arisa randomly, Hikaru covered the beastkin girls' assault with support magic.

"You're right. But you're bound to have the rug pulled out from under you if you're fixated on the idea that our enemy is incompetent."

Hikaru mocked herself for falling victim to a similar ploy that cost her many of her friends.

"Maybe he adjusted it so Master's help won't come? Or perhaps, he's keeping us here so we won't go support Master?"

Arisa racked her brain while muttering.

"But what would that entail? Gobu King went around and setting fires at every cities, all while constantly running away from Master like he's harassing him. If all of that had some sort of reason behind--"


Arisa's golden armor received a transmission from the Solitary Island Palace.
The comm jamming barrier surrounding the capital seems to have vanished during all the uproar.

"Is there an emergency?"
『I'm not sure if I should report this--』

Zena who was standing by in the Solitary Island Palace reported about <<Miasma Crystal>> found in the capital.
Presently it's being purified in a ritual by Sera and other high ranking priests.

Similar items have been discovered in Seryuu City and Muno Earldom as well, so they've issued warning to every locations.

"Nice follow-up! We'll leave those to you. And since I've told you the situation here, please ask Tina-sama and other personnels that are good with detective works to work out what our enemy is trying to achieve."

Arisa has conveyed everything that has transpired with her group and Satou's to Zena.

"I will pass it over to Elterina-sama and her highness Sistina."
"Un, please."

Now that she's entrusted the investigation to her allies, Arisa can fight without reserve.
The clashes with demon lord that have been seesawing back and forth are gradually tilting toward Arisa and the girls' favor.

"Lamiko-san's attacks don't work? Just what's up with those cheat armor! Even the twerps and tail girl broke through what should have been absolute defense aegis with their white weapons! And most annoyingly--"

Hero Fuu cursed out and then glared hard at the floating Throne.

"That gunner with her starting out-looking FPS equipment shooting bullets endlessly like there's no tomorrow! How dare they shoot and wound Lamiko-san's beautiful body!"

The demon lord's Unique Skill [Shield of Reflect God (Aegis)] did reflect back everything that hit it, but all the rifle bullets other than those intended to be feints managed to hit the snake lower half that was outside the aegis's range.

"Lamiko-san, lower right! Three hostiles with white weapons coming!"

Even with the warning, the demon lord's arms are already busy dealing with the white dragon coming from above and the Lesser Fenrir rushing on the ground, only her snake hair's petrification laser could be used to stop them.

And even the petrification laser was dodged by their Flickering Steps moving in zig-zag.

"If only I had magic like Yuuki's..."

Hero Fuu chewed his fingernails as he could do nothing but watch.

『Magic, have.』

As the girl said that, a screen not unlike a selection screen in a PC game got displayed before Hero Fuu.

"Magic list? Is this maybe--『Master Wizard』's power?"
『Transfer, ing.』
"You mean leaving the control to me?"

After glancing at the screen once, Hero Fuu broke out a stiff smile while kukukuku-ing.

"Nice! We're going to win this!"

Hero Fuu's finger crawled on the screen and picked a magic.

"Earth Shaker!"

Severe earthquake ran through the ground, Pochi and Lesser Fenrir tripped over and got caught in the demon lord's attack.

"Miasma Swamp"

Miasma around the imperial capital converged, draining vitality off anyone inside the whirlpool-like swamp area.
Liza carrying Pochi jumped twice in the air, joined by ninja Tama to take refuge inside Nana's Throne.


The girls got locked up in a barrier of space magic along with the Throne but they immediately got out of it as Arisa cast the opposing spell.

"That was faster than I thought, but that bought us enough time."

A gigantic meteorite falling from the sky assaulted the Throne.
It's the meteor summoning magic that the False King Shin once used in an attempt to destroy Shiga Kingdom's castle.

The girls who just got out of Labyrinth were late to notice it as the meteor squashed them all along with the Throne.

"Ahahahahaha. This is amazing, Lamiko-san. We're invincible."

Hero Fuu laughed out loud like a maniac inside the demon lord.

"Oh crap, what the heck is that?"
"Must be Meteor. What now Yuuki."

Hero Yuuki and Hero Seigi who had evacuated far away from the castle with Flying Shoes looked up at the gigantic falling meteorite in the sky.

"I mean, like, aren't we in danger here?"
"Right, we are!"

Hero Yuuki and Hero Seigi made a nose dive and took shelter in a place that would shield them from the explosion and flying debris.

Moment later, raging winds and broken debris flew all around them.

"What's the demon lord searching for? Don't tell me, those girls are still alive?"
"After eating that Meteor? High level heroes are incredible."

The demon lord pushed her way through broken pieces of meteorites in the impact crater.

"What to do now?"
"'Course we'll help."

Hero Yuuki concentrated his mana and shoot Inferno at the demon lord's lower half.
The demon lord couldn't protect herself with Aegis from the surprise attack, and got her lower half burned.

"It's coming here!"

The demon lord that had started regenerating with rising white smoke turned toward the two heroes.

Rock balls of vengeance are pouring behind the two fleeing heroes.
Every one of those rocks is as big as a house.

"I'm gonna die, die, dieeeeeeeee."
"Shut your trap Seigi, keep those legs moving!"

The two heroes frantically ran in the sky, even more desperately than when they were being chased by the vampire demon lord.

"Phew--those kids are really reckless."
"Un, but we're saved thanks to them."
"Succeeded reactivating <<Absolute Throne>>, so I report."

Throne should have been capable to endure a mass that huge by design, but either it was an early failure or the meteor was not an attack relying on mass alone, the Throne function had shut down temporarily.

Twofolds faint purple lights circulate on Arisa's body.

"It's payback time! Let me show you what serious Arisa-chan's capable of."

Arisa gallantly declared so as she pointed her wand at the demon lord.

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Arisa and the girls' turn will end in the next chapter, and the chapter after the next will be back to Satou.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 3.6


"I ain't gonna give my thanks to the lord! Like hell I'm gonna!"

A man called Pirariko suddenly started to shout at Lecan when Lecan told him that he was here for Service Quest.

Today's quest is to clean up garbage. And indeed, Pirariko's mansion is full of garbage.

"I just need to take care all of this garbage right."

Pirariko continued on to disparage the town lord without responding to Lecan.

Still, what a big mansion. Lecan wondered why would an owner of such a huge mansion posted a service quest, but then he saw that both the mansion and the yard were desolate with nothing of value put anywhere. He could only sense one presence in this mansion, Pirariko, the man wearing shabby clothing in front of him.

Lecan proceeded to sort out the garbage and take them outside the gate.

The garbage here was mostly recycled stuff. Food waste, rusted stuff and some usable looking things. There's barely garbage that has to be buried or burned. And even ash from those things could fetch a price to someone. Thus, by bringing the garbage outside the gate, someone would take it. Someone might demand him to pay up for the litter if he's not careful with it, but he's not obliged to take the responsibility for that.

"Hey, it's awful ain't it. I told 'em I'm gonna pay the tax. I said I'm definitely paying after my fragrant wood is sold. Someone already ordered and paid for it, it was gonna sell for sure. And it was wonderful fragrant wood. I never seen such fragrant wood before."

Pirariko followed Lecan everywhere while continuing to badmouth the town lord.

"But then, exactly the day before that day, the taxation agents dropped by. And they told me. That the fragrant wood wasn't recorded in the account book."

Lecan works fast as long as there's a clear goal. He grabbed all the garbage his eyes caught, and threw it out of the gate.

"I mean, that fragrant wood's gonna be sold the next day. I was gonna write the amount of cash paid in the account book afterward. Since it hadn't been sold yet, naturally you'd only gonna write the product name and its quantity instead."

And yet, the garbage isn't decreasing no matter how much he threw out. It's completely impossible to clean up everything in one day.

"I did write the amount of money it got bought at! But those taxation agent guys ordered me to tell 'em the fragrant wood value. Then they asked me who was buying the wood, and how much I charged 'em!"

Complaints are unpleasant. Getting followed around everywhere as he kept rattling on and on about his misfortunes and endless complaining about the town lord like this is making Lecan feel depressed.

"They took it! They took it all as tax. I didn't have enough cash. And what do you think they took from me?"

To begin with Lecan is bad at associating with other people. While with magic beasts, they're objects to be slashed at, it's simple. If he had to keep listening to his endless complaints, he might as well cut down Pirariko, Lecan entertained such thought. But unfortunately, the quest this time isn't one that requires him to cut down the client.

"My fragrant wood! Those guys took my fragrant wood away! Of course, I didn't get enough fragrant wood for the deal the next day! Then they took an enormous amount of money from me for breaching the contract. Can you believe this crazy talk!"

Lecan has absolutely no clue about merchant's account books. He has no idea about how taxation agents work. He's been like since his former world, and that won't change in this world. Thus, he cannot decide whether Pirariko was really a recipient of an unjust treatment or not.

"Just one day, if they had just waited a day, I would have profited from the fragrant wood, and those taxation agents would get much more than what they calculated. That'd be better for the town lord too."

However, as long as one continues to live in the town, one cannot act against government officials. He should have given up on his lost money and put effort into starting a new business.

"That was mine! That fragrant wood! It was me who found it. It was me who obtained it. I don't care what anyone says, that thing was mine!"


Lecan recalled something.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
The blue jewel inside his <Storage>.

He formally received that from Lady Rubianafale. Heck, it was exchanged for Lecan's treasured item that had been enchanted with <Stamina Recovery> and <Mana Recovery>. That's why, Lecan holds the right to own it no matter how you look at it.

But however, if Zaidmahl current and next heads found out about the jewel's true value and declared that the exchange was invalid, what would happen then.

The blue jewel is already Lecan's, he's got no intention to hand it over to anyone else. He'd fight anyone trying to snatch it away from him. But what if Lecan couldn't move due to a sickness or wounds, and someone took it from him then.

He won't forgive it.

Even if this world puts Zaidmahl House's right above his, it's irrelevant to him.

"That thing is mine!"

Lecan would have insisted as such. Yet if the jewel still got taken away, what then. Not only that jewel, were his favorite overcoat, his trusty sword, and every enchanted accessories he has all got taken away through some kind of reason, what then.

Wonder if he would be able to keep himself from drinking in despair for 20, 30 years.

"You, what do you think. Hey. That wood, is mine right?"


Pirariko was dumbstruck to see Lecan suddenly turning around and giving him an affirmation.

"That wood is yours. It absolutely is."

For some reason, Pirariko stopped getting in Lecan's way afterward.

And just as the day was getting dark, he handed over the quest completion coin.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 227

Chapter 227 Strongest Sage, Witnesses Site


A bit later.
We reached the heart of the Sixth Source without encountering any obstacle along the way.

『Here it is.』

『So this is the heart of the Sixth Source... It's so big... I can't see the bottom...』

An artificial lake called 『Central Storage Lake』 is in the heart of a Source.

500 meters in diameter, 2000 meters in depth.
At the bottom of this gigantic lake lies a magic tool that produces enormous amount of water.

One man is sitting down by the side of the lake.
--It's the masked man who was transporting the poison from before.

Next to him is the bag with poison the man was carrying.
The bag is written with 『Special Disinfectant. Wear mask when deploying.』

Looks like the poison is being disguised as a disinfectant for water supply.
Well, that's only real obvious.

After all, no one will be suspicious of disinfectant being in a Waterworks Bureau's warehouse and having it poured into the Source.
Ordinary disinfectant would have some toxicity as well to kill fungus, so it can be used as a reason to put on a defensive magic augmented mask.

The masked man is watching a hourglass next to the poison-filled bag.
Looks like there's a set time to release the poison.

『...We just need to stop that guy right... Doesn't seem like he's got a defensive magic on, should I shoot with my bow?』

『Nah, an arrow will likely get caught in the detection net... If you look closely, this reservoir is full of magical detectors.』

I point at the nearby ground.
There's a magic tool that can detect air current put in there.

Magic tools that detect air current have a shortcoming of giving off false alarms even with the slightest of wind.
Thus, it's not used in places where there's a high foot traffic and of course, outside.

However, that high sensitivity is precisely why it's hard to deceive.
As it would immediately react if the surrounding air current got disturbed even a little.
It's unlike mana detectors that can be eluded simply by erasing your mana.

This reservoir is filled to the brim with such detectors since it's exactly 『a place without foot traffic』.
The land part is of course full of it, but since the detectors have also been set inside of the lake, walking above the lake by setting up barrier above the water surface is not safe from them.

Only reason why we didn't get detected is because the entrance to the Central Storage Lake's shore is the only part without any detector.
It's probably to prevent false alarms.

I can't guess just by looking what'd happen if we got caught by these detectors... but there's no doubt it's nothing good.
From our enemy's point of view, blowing up the entire reservoir in a huge explosion along with any intruder that was detected is no big deal at all to them after all.
The person in charge of putting in the poison wouldn't be safe as well if that were to happen... but they're not one that would care about that.

『Uwaah. That sounds annoying... Can we even get to the other side without alarming these?』

『We should manage somehow if we're careful... Wait here a bit.』

I erase my presence with magic, and approach the man while being careful not to trigger the detectors.
On my way there... The masked man made a move.

It's not like he noticed me.
The man's line of sight is locked on a hourglass in his hand.
It must be simply the time to put in the poison.

『That guy moved!』
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『He'd put the poison into the lake at this rate!』

『Yeah. I won't make it in time.』

I carefully make my way while being careful of the magical detectors.
There's no particular need to stop the poisoning.

『Err... Is it alright not to stop him?』

『Once the poison got in the water, it would take about three hours for it to flow outside with the water. We've just got to take care of it during that period... Besides, even if we just leave this alone, the situation won't change from yesterday anyway.』

『Ah oh yeah. This country's water has been poisoned for a long time now but everyone is still all fine.』

『That's that... Well that doesn't seem to apply to the person pouring the poison though.』

I look at the masked man.
He's tidying up the poison bag while staggering around with a pale face.
He's clearly lacking life force.

There's no way you can completely prevent the poison with a mask that just covers face.
The masked man seems to have lost quite a lot of life force from the concentrated poison, he's losing his strength.
...He could collapse any time now.

Looking again, there are many bloodstains around the man.
There must have been other similar masked men coming here up until now.
And they all collapsed on the spot right after pouring the poison.

While thinking that, I managed to get close to the masked man.
As there's no detector magic tools near the man, killing him here is easy... but he might be holding onto some info, and unlike the dollmaster, it feels like this man is only being manipulated.
...For now, I'll just knock him out.

I throw a simple magic on the man, knocking him out.
The man muttered as he fell down.

『I... gotta protect the water supply... If I don't, epidemic will, this country...』

Looks like the man is merely a hardworking staff member of the Waterworks Bureau.
He's lost quite a lot of life force, but apparently this man is inherently very tough, his basic stamina is pretty high.
He probably won't die even if we leave him alone here.

『Alright, after checking up the security of other places, let's open that particular hidden room. Getting hit by a pincer attack when we got to the hidden room would be the worst possible scenario after all.』

Afterward, I went back to the girls and led the way back to the path we took.
I know that the enemy is hiding in the hidden room that's connected to the warehouse outside, but if there are demons lurking in other locations, and they carry out a pincer attack on us, it'd be the worst.
To prevent that, first we need to secure all visible spots.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Strongest Sage, Makes Use of Hidden Passage


『...This one's busted too huh.』

I murmured while looking at a blockaded hidden passage.
This is the third one.

There are numerous hidden passages that lead into the Sixth Source, but the 『normally usable』 ones seem to have all been blocked off by the Waterworks Bureau.
Since traces on the blockages are new, the person behind Waterworks Bureau probably inform them about these passages' locations and have them block everything.

After all, a person who knows about the hidden room connected to that hidden warehouse earlier would know about all the 『generally known』 hidden passages in the Sixth Source.

『The blockades are quite rigid... Think they won't notice if we break these, I mean it's a back pass after all no?』

『It's possible to destroy these blockades without alerting them for a time, but once they've done the regular checks, they'll surely find out. I'm still unsure if we can finish this quick, so I'd like to avoid resorting to that if possible.』

『...Should we give up entering the Sixth Source then?』

『No. There's one last hidden passage I'd like to check. If that one has been blocked off too, then we're going with frontal attack and try to finish it quick.』

The hidden passage we're heading to is one that only I know among all other hidden passages.
There is no possibility of that passage getting blocked off no matter who the other party is.
...It might be a different story if the enemy possessed the magic to see through that hidden passage... but I don't remember putting such a low level camouflage on it.

I headed to the passage while thinking that...

『Yes, this one is open.』

Just as I thought, the passage known to no one but me has been left completely untouched.
Looks like our enemy is really someone who knows the layout of the Sixth Source.

But for details on hidden passages to have been passed over... the person who's leaking the information might still be alive even now.
If it's someone from previous era who has allied themselves with the demons, they might prove more troublesome than the demons themselves.

Magic combatants of that era were far stronger than the current batch of demons, and above all, they were well experienced in battle.
The chance is low, but I can't deny the possibility of a survivor who had used immortality magic.

I should plan my moves with that assumption in mind from now on.
...But if it was simply demons finding documents pertaining the Sixth Source or something, dealing with this situation would be easier.

Alma throws a question while I'm thinking that.

『...Open passage? But this just looks like a wall...』
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『It looks like an ordinary wall to me too... The ruins' entrance from that time we were looking for magic swords also looked like a wall, but that one had joints on it...』

『Ah, I forgot to mention it. This has been put with a camouflage several ranks higher than that ruins.』

I put my hand on the wall and circulate specific mana into it.
And then... The short-range transfer spell installed in the wall got activated, transferring us four to the other side of the wall.

『Alright, we got in.』

『Instantaneous Movement!?』

『Yeah. This Source's walls have been furnished with measures that block off transfer magic, but only if it's not installed in the walls.』

I beat the wall we passed through earlier.
The moving type hidden passages are on the easier side to discover.
But plain walls that don't look any different than other walls installed with transfer magic transparently are best possible camouflage there is.

I made this one without expecting to actually ever using it, who would have thought that it would be useful thousands of years later.

『Which means... We're inside the Source right. We've gotta be on alert for enemy...』

『Yeah. Just in case, augment this magic on everybody clothes.』

I handed over a paper drawn with a magic circle to Ruli.

『What kind of magic is this??』

『It's to protect you from the poison. The poison in water was of low concentration so drinking it wouldn't cause any problem, but inhaling the poison powder in its raw form would be fatal.』

We're already using magic that protect us from common poison, but since life force absorbing poison is quite unique, we need specific magic to counter it.
There's more than enough possibility of our enemy scattering the poison powder around when we raid them inside the Source.

『...That's very important. I'll augment a lot!』

Ruli carved multiple defensive magic on our clothes.
With this, the poison won't affect us.

『Is this much enough to completely prevent the poison?』

『This magic circle can completely nullify even the re-amassed form of all poison in the waterworks.... It's useless against any other unique poison though, the magic that can block out all unique poisons is too advanced for you right now.』

I replied as such to Ruli who were done augmenting.
Preventing poison is simple yet complex.
Even if say, you cover and seal up your body entirely in iron plate, there will still be poisons that cannot be blocked by such.

『But we've got nothing to worry about if none of their poison works!』

Alma gave a positive outlook after hearing me.
However, the situation is not that simple.

『It may be effective against the poison our enemy brought, but there's a chance they have synthesized a new type of poison if the demons are really inside the source's hidden room.  It's far more easier to make a poison to kill humans than one that absorbs life force after all... The way to deal with that will differ depending on the poison, so make sure to follow my instructions.』


『Alright, for now let's stop the folks who've been mixing poison in the waterworks!』


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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Strongest Sage, Figures Out Poison's Origin


Seems like my prayer was answered, we didn't have to wait an hour before there were movements at the warehouse.

『...Someone super suspicious is coming here.』

One man is approaching the warehouse while pulling a cart.
A bag in the cart has 『Mandragora Powder 30kg』 written on it.
But just that wouldn't have been worth mentioning.

The man is wearing a mask that covers his whole face.
Judging from the mana flow, the mask is a kind of gas mask.

He must be putting that mask on to protect himself from some kind of toxic substance.

『But he's pulling a cart. Then it's not related to Storage magic?』

Indeed, the man doesn't seem to be a Storage mage.
Judging from his mana, he probably can't even use chantless magic.

However... The man is most likely related to the poison.

『No looks like it is... Look at the cart's mana reaction.』

『...There's traces of mana on the road it passed by!』

『That's right.』

There are traces of life force absorbing poison on the cart being pulled.
No mistake, that cart has been used to transport the poison.

『Wonder what's inside that cart? Mandragora Powder is written on the bag, but...』

『Looks like it really is Mandragora inside... But Mandragora powder is one of the materials used to create life force absorbing poison.』

Mandragora is a type of magic plants.
As the plants would emit harmful screams when pulled out of ground, the current era's technological level is incapable of mass producing it, thus it's considered a luxurious good.

30kg of such powder... meaning the organization providing this has to be quite large.
The man pulling the cart opened the warehouse door while we were talking.

『...The door's open. Should we sneak in?』

『Nope, we're gonna observe the situation from here. No one would find us outside thanks to stealth magic, but we can't be sure what stuff are there inside a cramped warehouse.』

From this distance, it's possible to completely grasp how it's like inside with Passive Detection.
No need to go out of our way to brave danger by going inside.

『If he goes there bringing Mandragora, a raw material, inside...』

『Either someone inside is going to take the Mandragora, or they're really producing the poison inside.』

I concentrate on Passive Detection.
It's no big deal if he goes to warehouse just to put the Mandragora powder and take the poison.

However... This is just a hunch, but I don't think that's correct.
And I guessed right.
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Alma and Ruli who were probing the warehouse like me let out their voice in surprise at the sudden emergence of mana reaction inside.
A spell was suddenly activated in the middle of the warehouse.

And not in a scale possible by chant magic.
It's a complex spell that would need quite a level of mastery even in my past era.

The spell seems familiar to me.
Exchange-type, matter transfer spell.
The target is--.

『Exchanging the Mandragora powder with the poison huh.』

When mana on the magic circle had subsided, the Mandragora powder in the cart the man was pulling had been changed to the life force absorbing poison.
They've exchanged them through matter transfer magic.

『Transfer magic... Is it similar with the Instantaneous Movement magic you used Mathi-kun?』

『Yeah. But I'd have never thought they were using that...』

The transfer magic circle used here was the one the past me created.
It should have been situated deep underground, but it must have got brought out to surface after several thousands years.

...That's good and all.
The problem is how did they even find that magic circle.
Even if the magic circle got to the surface, it should be hidden with strong camouflage I put on it, it should have been impossible to find.


『I mean the transfer magic circle. That magic circle should have been connected to a hidden room in the ruins... The reason how they could find it is bugging me.』

『Maybe they discovered it by chance while they were exploring the ruins?』

『I don't think it's that simple to find... Well, at least now we know where the enemy is. Now we just need to think up our raid plan.』

That transfer magic circle is connected to a hidden room in the Sixth Source.
That room was created due to a 『Certain Circumstance』 but only less than 10 people knew the existence of that room in the past.

The Camouflage put on both the magic circle and the hidden room was of the highest level even by the past me standard.
It's not something that could have been 『found by chance』.

Even the past me wouldn't have been able to find the hidden room unless I knew beforehand that the room existed.
If that room truly had been found... it wouldn't have been possible unless it was by those whom I have confided in regarding the room's existence.

And those people who knew about the room were all either heads of a state or great mages.

Don't tell me, the ringleader who's been absorbing life force is someone among them?
...This might turn out bigger than I thought it'd be.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-75

16-75. Saga Empire, Battle at the Imperial Capital (5)


"Yes, Red. Activating 《Absolute Throne》 so I tell."

A belt-shaped light circles around Nana, branching into top and bottom, and turning into a sphere.
Countless magic circles pop up on the sphere's surface, its exterior is transforming into a shell of light while the magic circles are constantly changing.

"This looks more like a Shell than a Throne doesn't it."

Arisa gave her impression while floating in the effective range of <<Absolute Throne>> along with Nana.
That's right, Throne doesn't only cover Nana, it puts Arisa and the girls along with even Lulu's floating fort inside the light--in the safe space.


The bullhorn woman's omni-directional attack assaulted them.
It's like a diffused version of the petrification beam shot from her snake hair, it's a Petrification Shower.

The Petrification Shower was blocked off by an invisible barrier wall just above the Light Shell, gray crumbles scattered into the surroundings furiously.

"Ooh, it's not working!"

Arisa shouted while clenching her fist.

"No, Red. The barrier's outer layer is getting scrapped off. Lifting off Movement Lock. Switching to Mobile Defense Mode."

Right after Nana said that, Throne flew off in the sky as if sliding.
Unlike Fortress and Castle, Throne is capable of traversal.

"It's moving kinda like a UFO."
"I can't believe there's no inertia inside."

Arisa and Hikaru were impressed at the inertia-less traversal inside.

"Nana, get some distance. I'll do something about the Reflect thingy, so Hikaru-cchi, and Lulu, please have at it."
"Our opponent has a Reflect-type Unique Skill, you know? Can you even interfere with it?"
"Fufuhn, just leave it all to Arisa-chan! There's ways to go about it without a direct confrontation!"

Arisa winked shoddily.

"And Fenrir?"
"Let's have that kid as an insurance after the two."
"Got it."

While they were talking, Lulu Floating Fort's Acceleration Barrel was deployed, the holy shell loaded.

"Oh crap! Lamiko-san, Aegis!"

Hero Fuu shouted out loud.

"Shield of Aegis on a Medusa demon lord?"

Arisa tilted her head in puzzlement, feeling something's not right with the Greek myth setting.

"Wrong! Lamiko-san is a Lamia demon lord!"

The keen eared Hero Fuu corrected Arisa's murmur with a loud voice.
All the effort to hide her race with some kind of sacred treasure had gone to waste by this disclosure, but it must have been one important thing that Hero Fuu could not yield.

This functionality that enables those inside Throne to have a conversation with those outside was installed due to Arisa's persistent request.

"I'm shooting!"

The Floating Fort's assist voice replied to Lulu as she pulled the trigger.
The holy shell that has been accelerated to Mach 20 speed flew straight toward the bullhorn woman while leaving a laser-like blue trail behind.

At the same time, a giant dark purple magic circle--Aegis, appeared in front of the bullhorn woman.

The Aegis that made it by a hair's breadth reflected Lulu's holy shell back.


Sensing the crisis, Tama's ears stood straight up.
Pochi who was standing next to her had her tail briskly tucked in between her legs.


Believing in his victory, Hero Fuu muttered.

His face turned to that of a shock a moment later.

"--No way!"

The holy shell that had been reflected by Aegis got reflected back right when it was between the bullhorn woman and Throne, coming back to the bullhorn woman once again.
After a back and forth like that of a ping-pong ball hitting a smash wall, the holy shell reached its limit and broke apart leaving only blue light.

"I saw it."

Arisa is looking at the bullhorn woman who's slightly bleeding out.
She was hurt by the shredded bits of broken holy shell.

The bullhorn woman's Unique Skill [Shield of Reflect God (Aegis)] can only reflect attacks that hit the shield part--in other words, it can only defend against frontal attacks.

"I have confirmed it also. We're launching a surprise attack from the sky. Tama, send me and Pochi onto the back of Lyuryu standing by in the sky."
"Nin nin~"
"Wait! Don't be reckless, she can turn you into stone."
"It's okay nanodesu! Armor person will protect us with its 『Falanxu~』 nodesuyo."
"My armor can deploy Phalanx eight times, while Pochi's 64 times. There is nothing to worry about."

The bullhorn woman continued on with the petrification beam attack even while Arisa and Liza had the discussion, but Nana led the bullhorn woman outside while evading the attack with skillful maneuvers.

"Dammit, dammit, what the hell are those guys. Lamiko-san is a level 95 demon lord I tell you! She wasted a third of Saga Empire during her active era, she's one of the only five great demon lords. I get it if it's a level 92 hero, but how'd a bunch of level 80s guys overwhelm her!"

Hero Fuu who's being protected inside the bullhorn woman's cleavage cursed out. Looks like he hasn't noticed that he's being a bottleneck to the bullhorn woman as she's protecting him with both her hands.

"Dammit, these guys must've got cheat equipment--"

Hero Fuu hit on something all of a sudden.

(That's it, we just have to catch even one of them and snatch their equipment. With Lamiko-san's equipment evolving Unique Skill 『Free Equipment』, she'll make it her own. Might as well catch every last one of them and make their absurd bombardment and defensive powers Lamiko-san's own.)

Hero Fuu smiled wickedly like that of a villain.

(I'm sure they think that Lamiko-san only has two Unique Skills, 『Queen of Petrification (Medusa)』 that can shoot out petrification beam from her snake hair and omni-directional magic circles, and the attack reflection 『Shield of Reflect God (Aegis)』.)

As hero Fuu racked his brain, the bullhorn woman's wounds recovered before his very eyes.

(The 『Unlimited Regeneration (Rebirth)』 that the fake kansai accent gave me was useful as expected. Too bad the other one, 『Master Wizard』, isn't usable since it's not a good match with Lamiko-san. If it's really a skill that allow anyone to use any magic like that guy told me, even these heroes and their cheat equipment would be nothing...)

Hero Fuu has no idea.

[Unlimited Regeneration (Rebirth)] and [Master Wizard] given to the bullhorn woman by the goblin demon lord were of of Lich Demon Lord and Fake Lord Shin.

Just how did Unique Skills from defeated demon lords that should have been sealed in the [Divine Sword] and [Divine Gift Talismans] got here--.

Hero Fuu has no way of knowing that mystery.

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"How could the demon lord that had perished along with the Snake God Labyrinth by the hands of the Heavenly Dragons 800 years ago be here..."

The emperor muttered while looking at a screen showing the situation outside displayed in the City Core Room.
Neither his supporting aides nor his protector knights were beside him.

"My subjects that I should have been protecting had all already been killed by these demon lords huh."

The emperor derided himself while looking at numerical values displayed by City Core.

"For me to shamelessly survive by myself after losing everything..."

The emperor had no idea that the people were taken to safety with Arisa's space magic while he was devoting himself to hold the castle against the raiding vampire demon lord.

"Emperor of the world's greatest Saga Empire is nothing but an incompetent man."

Clenching his fists until they're bleeding blood.

--You must not give up yet.

Voice of a child echoed in the emperor's ears.

"Now I'm even hearing things..."

--Can you hear me, o child of mortals. I am calling your mind.

The emperor corrected his postures to hear the intermittent voice.

"It cannot be, are you God."

A phrase that would have been spouted off by any reincarnated person sounded fresh to the emperor who was born in this other world.

--There is no time. I shall bestow you the mean to seal away the wicked demon lord and the fallen heroes.

The owner of the voice continued on without replying to the emperor.

--Command the City Core to accept. I shall bestow you a seal art that once sealed away Demon God.

Even though normally he should have been more wary about the possibility of this being a trap, the emperor operates the City Core just as the voice tells him to, as if he's being controlled.

--O my dear mortal child. Endeavor your utmost.

"By your will."

The emperor operates the City Core with eyes that have lost their lights.

City Core should originally have an automatic defensive function that protects its master from mind control.
However, the aforementioned function in this City Core has been turned off by an unknown party.

"Lyuryu, armor person, let's go with Capatult vertical dive bomb nodesu!"

On the back of a white dragon flying high in the sky, Pochi shouted out loud.
With no one correcting her about 'Catapult' part, the strategy progresses on.



A silver flickering board appeared in front of the white dragon that has initiated a nose dive. It's an acceleration board.
The white dragon accelerated at once, surpassing speed of sound.

"Body clone art nanodesu!"

More Pochi is appearing on the white dragon's back.

"Nin nin."

64 Pochi and innumerable cat ninjas are clinging to the white dragon.

"Deathblow, Magic Edge Vorpal Strike Excelion, Stand by nanodesu!"

Pochi's armor is transforming into Assault Mode, a mode that specializes in charging attack.

"Here we go."

Liza who accelerated herself by shooting magic edge cannon out of the sole of her feet leaped off the white dragon the first most.

Faster than sound, the beastkin girls rained down on the bullhorn woman straight from above her.


Either she had a Crisis Perception skill, or it was a wild instinct, the bullhorn woman attempted to move the Aegis she was using to protect herself against Lulu and Hikaru's assaults to above her.

However, she simply won't make it in time.

"Magic Spear Dragg Buster."

Liza's deathblow that could even drive away a dragon pulverized the bullhorn woman's left shoulder.

"Magic Edge Vorpal Strike nanodesu!"

48 of the 64 Pochi were hit by the snake hair's petrification beam, but the remaining 16 Pochi struck the right shoulder one after another.

"Uwaa, whoa, whoa--"

Hero Fuu who was thrown off the cleavage due to the impact was saved by one of the snake hair, landing near her ear.

"Nin nin~?"

The invading cat ninjas who were hiding in Pochi's and Liza's shadows jumped out of shadow and cut down the snake hair.

"How dare you do that to Lamiko-san's hair!"

Hero Fuu's soul magic turned the snake hair into undead that then proceeded to chase the cat ninjas around.
The cat ninjas who were being chased around by undead snake hair looked like they were having fun somehow, but eh, must have just been imagining things.


The bullhorn woman who should have lost both her shoulders mowed down at Liza and Pochi with her arm.

The two managed to evade a direct hit using Flickering Step, but they got swallowed in the gale produced by the shockwave, they couldn't evade all the debris flying toward them like buckshot, exhausting all the [Phalanx] defense system installed in their armor.

Liza and Pochi tore apart the raised cloud of dust that looked like a black smoke, rushing to a safe spot.

"Oh good, looks like the two are fine."

Arisa patted her chest in relief.


Mia murmured while pointing at the bullhorn woman's shoulders.
The shoulders that have been pulverized by Liza and Pochi are regenerating with white smoke rising out of them.

"Knew it, it's got regeneration--Mia."
"Nn, order."

Inside Throne, Arisa gave the signal to Mia.
Lesser Fenrir that was lurking in the debris jumped out and bit off the bullhorn woman's snake torso as she passed by.


The bullhorn woman screamed out loud and strangled Lesser Fenrir with her snake torso.
Even the part that had been bitten off by Fenrir is regenerating back.

"Here's our chance. 『Space Disintegrate』 at Hero Fuu--"
"You can't."

Hikaru steps forward in front of Arisa.

"You've got to leave that stuff to an adult who has dirtied her hands once."

Hikaru casts <<Multiple Javelins>>.
The rain of spears makes use of Lulu's Accelerated Barrel before rushing off toward Hero Fuu, who's clinging onto the bullhorn woman's ear, at 20 times the speed of sound.

"Uaoo, I'm falling--"

Hero Fuu desperately clung onto bullhorn woman's ear trying not to fall off her when the platinum-colored wolf was bitting her.
He let out a sigh of relief after the bullhorn woman retaliated and stabilized her posture.

His eyes caught sight of approaching death before him.

Invisible spears are raining down on him at unbelievable speed.

Hero Fuu managed to miraculously caught sight of it due to the excess adrenaline pumping in him, however, he possessed no power to go against that.
He could only stare at the approaching death, a cruel miracle.

And, after a momentarily pause.

Rain of force spears exceeding 20 times speed of sound collided.

Red blood dyed the bullhorn woman's shoulder.


The bullhorn woman's enraged roar echoed above Saga Empire's sky.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Strongest Sage, Stakeout


『Okay then, let's go straight to that backdoor!』

Iris tried to get away from the town after saying that.
I halted her.

『Hang on. We're gonna look around the town first.』

『...But it's the Source we have business with isn't it? Can't we just like, march right into the bad people's place, wouldn't it be faster that way?』

『That's only possible if we know where our enemy is... As only demons would create poison that sucks up life force. I want to find out where that poison is being produced.』

Even if the demons aren't here, there will be definitely some at the place where the drug is being made.
To stop the life force absorption scheme, we have to beat the demons that are directly involved.
Otherwise, even if we beat down all of the humans in this Source, the demons would simply produce their poison elsewhere.

『By that do you mean we're going to sneak into this town's bigwigs' houses...? But I'm not good with that stuff, you know!』

『That's going to be a last resort. The risk of getting found is too high... For now we're just gonna probe things from outside.』

I put stealth magic on us four and enter the town.

It's the same stealth magic that can't be used to open doors and stuff, but in exchange, there's little risk of us being found.
There's no worry of that happening, unless we meet the demons themselves by chance.
If we did 『luckily』 meet the demons, this whole matter would end by defeating the demons. That's the quickest way this could have ended... but the demons are probably high in alert, I shouldn't get too hopeful.

We head to the center of the town.

『Umm, source of poison, source of poison...』

『Maybe it's getting secretly transported along with something else?』

『That's probably the case, but poison that absorbs life force sticks out like a sore thumb. Unlike a small dosage in the waterways, there should be traces left behind when its raw form is still being transported. However... I don't seen anything like that for now.』

There are several kinds of life force absorbing poison, but any one of those is a poison that affects surrounding mana.
Though not bad enough to kill humans transporting it, it's still enough to absolutely leave traces in the traversed path even if the poison is sealed tightly in a metallic box.

『Which means, it's being transported underground...』

『Either that, or they're transporting only the raw materials... Is creating the poison from scratch easily feasible?』

『At the very least, you can't make it just by randomly mixing stuff. The degree of difficulty is such that Ruli might be able to create it if you know how.』

It's necessary to magically augment the poison itself during its creation.
There's several kinds of magic for it, but every one of those requires specific knack to perform.

『If that's the case for Ruli, then no one in this country should be able to, isn't it?』

『Unless the person has been exclusively trained in it for years and years, yeah, it's impossible... Well, we should find out once we get near the entrance to the ruins.』

...We arrived before a building hiding the entrance to the ruins.
The building looks like a small worn-out warehouse outwardly.

But the walls are abnormally thick, and there's a rigid magic lock put on the door.
The lock is probably provided by demons.

『The ruins entrance should be inside this.』
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『Opening this lock without anyone noticing looks impossible...』

『It can be done if we spend about three days doing it, but it doesn't seem worth that much time... Looks like there's traces of the poison trailing here.』

I pointed at the warehouse's door.
These traces are undoubtedly from poison getting carried into the Sixth Source.

『Traces... Feels like there's more mana on the ground in front of the door than usual, do you mean that?』

『Yeah. Mana released from the poison in question was adsorbed by the ground. If we just trace this trail back, we'll find out where the poison is being transported from.』

I follow the poison trail.
Judging from the density of these traces, this route hasn't been used just once or twice.

As I went onward while thinking that... we arrived at another new warehouse.
It was probably built less than five years ago.

Written there, 『Imperial Waterworks Bureau - Material Warehouse』.

『...Looks like the poison is stored here.』

『Yeah. The problem now is the route that goes to this warehouse...』

I circle the warehouse's perimeter.
But I couldn't find any trace.

『There's no carry-in route... Maybe it was brought in from the sky?』

『That's one possibility... but judging from the mana reaction, the ceiling of this warehouse doesn't seem to be openable. There should have been traces in the surroundings falling above too.』

『Humm, doesn't seem like there's an underground path either, maybe they're making the poison inside this warehouse?』

Ruli is right, there's no underground pathway.
With me this close, there is no way I would overlook hidden paths created by current batch of demons.

Producing the poison inside the warehouse is not out of question, but I don't see facilities for it.
Producing the poison without those facilities raise the difficulty several notches up.

『That's plausible, but producing the poison without any equipment... is quite a bit more difficult. Storage magic is a more plausible explanation here.』

『Storage magic... Like the one Mathi-kun is using?』

『Yeah. If you transport the drug in Storage magic, there will be no traces left behind... Which means, someone who can use Storage magic will come here in person, and we might be able to catch them in the act.』

Judging from the mana reaction inside the warehouse, not much drug left is in there.
If we're lucky, they might even come here today to replenish the drug.

『A stakeout it is then...』

『Yeah. Seems like it's gonna take quite a bit of time, so you girls can withdraw for now.』

The duration of a stakeout depends entirely on luck.
Thanks to my past life experience, I know a thing or two about it, like how to minimize stamina consumption and such, but the two don't.
Iris's sense of time is that of a dragon, so even a year of stakeout probably would be nothing to her.

『...I'll stay with you as long as my stamina permits!』

『Me too!』

『Oh oh me too! I mean, it'd be like a flash compared to lying motionlessly for thousand of years in the mountain anyway!』

...Looks like everyone is staying.
I can only hope that the transporter drops by asap.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 3.5


"Real sorry aboot tha. Fo' real, sorry 'boot tha."

Fobea apologized as he lowered his head again and again. He's been at it for awhile now.

At first he was trembling all over in fear when he saw Lecan, then he suddenly bowed repeatedly when Lecan introduced himself as an adventurer who came for his Service Quest.

The quest is from an old man called Fobea, his yard has collapsed, it's dangerous, so he wants it get tidied up.

Lecan was not sure what it was all about so he went to see the site, and the yard had indeed collapsed.

He got the picture after talking to Fobea.

When this town was being built, a family of stonemason working on the town's rampart was living in this location. Since the rampart needed expansions and repairs afterward, this place was used to keep a large amount of stones. Stones of various shapes and sizes were cut into stacks of square shaped ones.

After a long time, as a result of taking only the needed stones away from here, the leftover stones have gotten piled up in quite an irregular way. Since those stones were left randomly lying here and there, with more and more getting piled on top of each other, the whole thing turned into a complicated and mysterious formation.

Around 20 years ago, that family migrated to another town. Another family purchased the right to live in the livable section of the plot of land, but no one bought the section where these stones were left behind.

Around 10 years ago, that unsold section was finally bought by Fobea. Fobea sold the house he was living in to be a dowry for his daughter who was going to be wed.

His daughter married into a faraway village, while Fobea moved in here and began to grow vegetables on the land available in the gaps between rocks, barely scraping by. He could find a space deep where he could somehow lie his body to rest, so Fobea had no complaints even though he lived frugally.

However, a small quake hit this place last year, sending the stones tumbling down. His vegetable field was wholly ravaged and most of his dwelling collapsed. As a result, he has difficulty just putting food on the table even now.

Nevertheless, old man Fobea subsisted by growing truly a small quantity of vegetables in the very little land that remained.

Lecan was astonished to hear that this was the 12th time he posted the Service Quest.

The state of things is too miserable for something that has been tidied up for the 12th time. Couldn't they have managed to at least slightly enlarge his living and field space.

After talking a bit more, apparently all the adventurers that had come here so far only went to throw away some little rocks and garbage and accompanied old man Fobea for a little chat before they returned.

"Human cannae' move rocks these big 'fter a'. It cannae' be helped."

Then how did the mason move these rocks, apparently they had several ape magic beasts and magicians to help them. Something infeasible without a huge sum of money.

And Fobea didn't ask Lecan to move a rock either. He merely treated Lecan to a herb tea made of a very small amount of tea leaves he made himself.

After drinking the tea, Lecan surveyed the surroundings.

The yard itself is actually quite spacious, thus, if they just carefully stack these rocks in the inner part that's along the rampart, they would secure more than enough space for living and growing plants. However, that will take time.

Aira told Lecan this when he undertook this quest.

"Oh and just between you and me, in case of a service quest, you basically want to finish it in one day, as your evaluation will go down if you take your time. However, there are some clients who purposely postpone giving their approval or give you a lot of works. I don't think old man Fobea is the dishonest type, but I'd recommend you quickly get the job done, get the completion coin and get back."

Wonder if she said that knowing the situation here.

Lecan pondered about all the 11 adventurers who had come here up until now. Lecan has no way of knowing what kind of people they were, but there must be some who felt frustrated to have come and gone without being able to do anything. And yet, having them trying to help even a little and accompany the old man even for a day might be his salvation.

And Lecan thought about what old man Fobea would do from here on. The old man will have no choice but to endure the rain if this stays as is. Even if that's not the case, he should at least get a little more of the space for growing vegetable back. There's plenty of land here. Land he's bought the right with his own money. Yet he cannot use that land.

"Alright, let's get started."

"Ooh. Gonnae pat mah back intae it."

"You don't need to help. I'll do it."

"Hee? That's, s'cuse me then."

Old man Fobea sat down on a rock and watched over Lecan, but then he was taken aback when he saw Lecan suddenly putting his hands on a rock.

"H-Hey ye. Ye cannae' shift tha. Yer' gonna hafa hard time."



"Quiet down and watch."

Lecan put his hands on a huge rock on top of a stack of rocks.

"Aa, aaa. Ye cannae' move tha..."

The rock that couldn't possibly be moved was easily moved out of the way. Lecan briskly carried it away to another location, and put it there.

Even four robust men can't possibly move even one of these rocks. To be able to move such a rock by himself, Lecan possess a tremendous strength.

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"Hee, eee"

"In order to put these rocks along the wall, we need to move away the rocks that are along the wall first."


"By the end of the day, I would only finish removing the wall side rocks at most. I'll continue tomorrow. If it's not finished by tomorrow, I'll continue the day after. I will come here every day until it's done."

Lecan who could easily move the rock in the beginning gradually grew more fatigued, his muscles began to scream. Yet he kept silently moving the rocks. As the sun set, Fobea excused himself into his house. Lecan could have kept working in the dark, but his stamina was at its limit.

He recalled something and made his way to the adventurer association. Aira wasn't present, but there was another woman at the counter, so he went there to report that he wasn't able to finish tidying up old man Fobea's house today.

Lecan stocked up lots of food at stalls, went back to the inn, paid for his room and ate dinner. He drank some booze, washed his body with the basin water and soundly fell asleep.

Waking up the next day, he ate the food he bought at stalls, and made his way to Fobea's house.

Fobea was quite surprised to see Lecan turning up so early. He offered Lecan tea many times over, but Lecan turned him down and began the stone moving work.

The fatigue from yesterday still remains, muscles all over his body are screaming in pain. At times like this, he feels envious of Boudo's <Great Strength>. With that ability and mana recovery potions, he would have finished everything in half a day. Even without that, he would have had it easier were he still possess the red jewel enchanted with <Stamina Recovery> and <Mana Recovery> he exchanged with Lady Rubianafale. However Lecan has not <Great Strength>. Nor the red jewel anymore. Nor do fatigue recovery potions exist. Thus, he simply keeps carrying rocks away in silent while enduring the pain.

By noon, quite a bit of space had opened along the wall. Lecan took his meal from <Storage> while feigning taking it from his bag. He shared two skewers to old man Fobea.

He was done with half of the work by the end of that day.

When he woke up the day after, he had muscle pain all over his body. He chugged water for breakfast. Walking to Fobea's house was excruciating.

He started working, but he couldn't make much progress. Nevertheless, by noon, it has been tidied up enough to have the result visible by bare eyes.

"Sorry but I've got some business to take care of today. I'll come again tomorrow."

"Haa. A'm truly ever sae grateful."

Lecan turned his back at the bowing Fobea, went back to his room in the inn and slept like a dead log.

Curiously enough, his muscle pain had somewhat subsided when he woke up the next morning. His body didn't feel as languid either.

The work progressed well that day. Both small and big rocks got stacked up neatly.

And by noon, everything was done. There's a surprisingly spacious land here, and a pile of rocks that's been solidly stacked without worry of collapsing next to the wall.

"Och, Och, Och, Och dear."

Old man Fobea was deeply moved emotionally. And then he burst into tears.

After listening to him bawling for a while, Lecan put his hand on old man Fobea's back.

"Give me the quest completion coin."

Lecan parted ways with old man Fobea who vehemently insisted Lecan to have a meal with him, saying that he had business and went to the adventurer association.

"Oh it took you four days."

Neither condemning nor commending, Aira calmly said that.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Strongest Sage, Arrives at an Unusual Town


『Isn't that water poisonous...?』

『Eh, won't your life force get sucked off if you drink that?』

『Yeah. People who notice that fact won't drink this water... And that's precisely why, there's a chance the enemy has set up a network with devices that can detect those who 『don't drink the water』.』

Once you drink this, your life force seep out a little along with your mana, so those who have drunk this are displayed differently on 『Passive Detection』 and stuff.
If the demon's surveillance network is present in towns and similar places, anyone who hasn't drunk this will probably really stand out.

Although it's possible to decrease the amount of mana you're leaking out using magic, making it looks like natural mana leakage is the best it could manage.
Even with stealth magic, an opponent at the level of Zaridias would easily see through it.

Yet by simply drinking this water, no one would pay us any heed even if we walk around out in the open unless they're familiar with us.
Unfamiliar faces might raise doubt in a rural town, but it should be an everyday occurrence in highways and big cities.

『So we're pretending that we've been completely tricked... But is it really all right to drink this water? Even if it's necessary for the camouflage, it doesn't change the fact that it's still poisonous, does it?』

『It's only going to suck up very little amount of your life force, and there's no other poison in it, so it's fine. And even if it causes a problem down the line, detoxifying it is simple anyway.』

After drinking the water, I do feel that my mana is very slightly getting drained out of my body... but the natural recovery rate of life force is faster than this very small reduction, thus, my life force isn't actually decreasing.
Babies and elderly might get their life force reduced a bit, but it still won't be fatal unless they're suffering from an illness already.

And this life force leak phenomenon should be unnoticeable unless it's someone who's capable of controlling life force to a degree.
This must have been expressly adjusted to achieve that.

『Uun, I can't really get behind drinking this knowing it's poisonous, but eh, whatever will be.』

『It's still far better than getting attacked by demons after all, and the people of this country already drink this water regularly, so it should be fine.』

『Will this work on dragons too?』

The three drank the water while talking.

I wasn't sure if this poison would work on dragons... but since Iris's life force is now gradually leaking out, it must be working.
Though with Iris colossal life force, even water with 100,000 times the poison concentration would barely have any effect on her.

『Still, humans' waterworks are really amazing. Delivering water into every nook and corner of such a vast country like this....』

Iris said that on our way to the Sixth Source.

These waterworks have been around for a long time though... but Iris doesn't seem to know about its existence.
Well, Iris only began to pro-actively get in touch with humans after I reincarnated after all, guess it's only natural.

『I never heard talk about Saihill Empire being such a technologically capable nation though, or was there some amazing person living here? ...or rather, when did they even make these?』

『There's various rumors on the Empire's Great Waterworks construction date... but I personally think it was probably created by either an ancient civilization or Mathi-kun.』

...For some reason, Ruli began to push out theory about me being its creator.
Time-wise, it's not possible though.

『No err, I don't think I was born yet when these waterworks were made.』

『That's true, but I mean there's no one else who could have done it... I mean, you've got to make a vast amount of water flowing from bottom to top if it's really reaching the entire empire right? The only one capable of making such high performance magic pumps would be either Mathi-kun or an ancient civilization, isn't it?』

I see, she was thinking from magic tool point of view.

...In fact, both theories of Ruli are correct.
As this water network is a relic of ancient civilization whose construction involved me.

Since it would be disastrous if the water network got broken and had the content contaminated by poison, I used my magic to reinforce the network's walls and stuff.
That might be one of the reasons why this network still remains today.

...I never would have thought that demons would make use of this water network to collect life force several thousands years later.
Had I known, I would have installed various traps in the Sixth Source.

There should have been many kinds of defensive mechanisms in the Source to protect against intruders, but the ones set on the entrance must have been blown to bit by the Mana Reactor explosions.

『Saihill Empire's great waterworks are a relic of an ancient civilization indeed... Well, seeing the source first thing first should make it all clear.』

『You say that like it's so easy... Surely the Source must heavily guarded no?』

『Of course it would. Well, let's just stealthily see how it is there and then go from there.』

Fortunately, we're currently not that far away from the Sixth Source.
It should be around noon by the time we get there.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Several hours later.
We arrived at The Sixth Source without a hitch.

The place where it's located at looks like an ordinary town.
There are bars filled with adventurers and merchants carrying fruits on their wagons.

However... Those all are just a facade.
Boxes carried by merchants are double-bottomed, under the first bottom are magic devices to detect intruders.

Adventurers hanging around in the bar may look like the real thing at a glance, but most have the same equipment on them.
Sometimes there are adventurer parties who do have matching sets, but that's limited to armor.
When even their weapons are uniform, high chance they belong to the army or something along that line.

...Lots of buildings in the town are built to protect the Source as well.
The town is dotted with army garrisons that look like ordinary inns outwardly.
The town looks like a simple ordinary town from outside, but the moment you set foot in it, it should be obvious that it's no ordinary town.

There's probably no civilian at all living in this town.
The Map shows this as an ordinary town, but it's probably a camouflage to hide the fact that this town is an important defense point.
They probably shoo away any civilian who cluelessly wandered off to this town by chance after fashioning some kind of reason.

『Unn, getting closer than this seems difficult...』

『It doesn't feel like a normal town does it... But I don't sense demon-ish mana. We'd probably manage getting closer without being seen if we used stealth magic.』

About one kilometer away from the Sixth Source, Ruli probed for the surrounding mana and murmured.
Indeed, there is no detectable demon-ish mana around.

『...We'll go to the source later, let's look around the surface for a bit.』

『Later... Slipping through all these guards? Is such a thing possible?』

『Forcing our way through them would be simple enough, but slipping in without getting found out would prove difficult... Unless we take the backdoor that is.』

Alma's expression turned quizzical after I said that.

『...The Source is an ancient ruin right? How'd Mathi-kun know about its backdoor?』

『Detection magic for that purpose exist.』

Of course, in reality, I simply have the blueprint memorized.
It might have undergone some structural changes while I was reincarnating, but since the Source was made so that it couldn't be remodeled too much, it cannot have changed that greatly.

It's possible to investigate underground locations if you  get a bit creative with detection magic, but the current me can only get to shallow places with 『Passive Detection』.
I could get below that if I used 『Active Detection』 by scattering my mana around and probing the surroundings, but that'd send me straight me to the surveillance network.

...Our enemy probably won't notice if they consist of only humans, but in this situation where demons are likely to be involved, the security can't possibly that lax.

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