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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Strongest Sage, Makes Use of Hidden Passage


『...This one's busted too huh.』

I murmured while looking at a blockaded hidden passage.
This is the third one.

There are numerous hidden passages that lead into the Sixth Source, but the 『normally usable』 ones seem to have all been blocked off by the Waterworks Bureau.
Since traces on the blockages are new, the person behind Waterworks Bureau probably inform them about these passages' locations and have them block everything.

After all, a person who knows about the hidden room connected to that hidden warehouse earlier would know about all the 『generally known』 hidden passages in the Sixth Source.

『The blockades are quite rigid... Think they won't notice if we break these, I mean it's a back pass after all no?』

『It's possible to destroy these blockades without alerting them for a time, but once they've done the regular checks, they'll surely find out. I'm still unsure if we can finish this quick, so I'd like to avoid resorting to that if possible.』

『...Should we give up entering the Sixth Source then?』

『No. There's one last hidden passage I'd like to check. If that one has been blocked off too, then we're going with frontal attack and try to finish it quick.』

The hidden passage we're heading to is one that only I know among all other hidden passages.
There is no possibility of that passage getting blocked off no matter who the other party is.
...It might be a different story if the enemy possessed the magic to see through that hidden passage... but I don't remember putting such a low level camouflage on it.

I headed to the passage while thinking that...

『Yes, this one is open.』

Just as I thought, the passage known to no one but me has been left completely untouched.
Looks like our enemy is really someone who knows the layout of the Sixth Source.

But for details on hidden passages to have been passed over... the person who's leaking the information might still be alive even now.
If it's someone from previous era who has allied themselves with the demons, they might prove more troublesome than the demons themselves.

Magic combatants of that era were far stronger than the current batch of demons, and above all, they were well experienced in battle.
The chance is low, but I can't deny the possibility of a survivor who had used immortality magic.

I should plan my moves with that assumption in mind from now on.
...But if it was simply demons finding documents pertaining the Sixth Source or something, dealing with this situation would be easier.

Alma throws a question while I'm thinking that.

『...Open passage? But this just looks like a wall...』
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『It looks like an ordinary wall to me too... The ruins' entrance from that time we were looking for magic swords also looked like a wall, but that one had joints on it...』

『Ah, I forgot to mention it. This has been put with a camouflage several ranks higher than that ruins.』

I put my hand on the wall and circulate specific mana into it.
And then... The short-range transfer spell installed in the wall got activated, transferring us four to the other side of the wall.

『Alright, we got in.』

『Instantaneous Movement!?』

『Yeah. This Source's walls have been furnished with measures that block off transfer magic, but only if it's not installed in the walls.』

I beat the wall we passed through earlier.
The moving type hidden passages are on the easier side to discover.
But plain walls that don't look any different than other walls installed with transfer magic transparently are best possible camouflage there is.

I made this one without expecting to actually ever using it, who would have thought that it would be useful thousands of years later.

『Which means... We're inside the Source right. We've gotta be on alert for enemy...』

『Yeah. Just in case, augment this magic on everybody clothes.』

I handed over a paper drawn with a magic circle to Ruli.

『What kind of magic is this??』

『It's to protect you from the poison. The poison in water was of low concentration so drinking it wouldn't cause any problem, but inhaling the poison powder in its raw form would be fatal.』

We're already using magic that protect us from common poison, but since life force absorbing poison is quite unique, we need specific magic to counter it.
There's more than enough possibility of our enemy scattering the poison powder around when we raid them inside the Source.

『...That's very important. I'll augment a lot!』

Ruli carved multiple defensive magic on our clothes.
With this, the poison won't affect us.

『Is this much enough to completely prevent the poison?』

『This magic circle can completely nullify even the re-amassed form of all poison in the waterworks.... It's useless against any other unique poison though, the magic that can block out all unique poisons is too advanced for you right now.』

I replied as such to Ruli who were done augmenting.
Preventing poison is simple yet complex.
Even if say, you cover and seal up your body entirely in iron plate, there will still be poisons that cannot be blocked by such.

『But we've got nothing to worry about if none of their poison works!』

Alma gave a positive outlook after hearing me.
However, the situation is not that simple.

『It may be effective against the poison our enemy brought, but there's a chance they have synthesized a new type of poison if the demons are really inside the source's hidden room.  It's far more easier to make a poison to kill humans than one that absorbs life force after all... The way to deal with that will differ depending on the poison, so make sure to follow my instructions.』


『Alright, for now let's stop the folks who've been mixing poison in the waterworks!』


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