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Okami wa Nemuranai 3.1_2


Lecan was hesitating in front of that door.

There is neither a bell nor a knocker. Which means, he has to either knock on the door or call out someone.

However, should he really knock on this door.

Lecan was hesitating.


Before they entered Vouka Town three days ago, Lecan suddenly stopped moving and asked Chaney.

"Chaney. Do a great number of magic beasts inhabit this town?"

"Eh, magic beasts? Aah! Yes, they do. They're tamed magic beasts, you see. Like apes and wolves. The apes are tamed <Long-arm Apes (Zanvald)> while the wolves are tamed <Tree Wolves (Treuje)>. People don't refer to them as magic beasts, but as House Apes and House Wolves. It's not rare for other big towns to keep either House Apes or House Wolves in, but I think only this town has both types."

When Lecan probed the inside of the town with <Life Detection>, he found a surprising number of blue dots signifying magic beasts. Some places even have more than 10 dots crowded together. Additionally, as you'd expect from a big town, there are several red dots signifying mana-bearing humans. There is even an extremely strong one mixed among these red and blue dots.

Asking Chaney about this means Lecan is disclosing the fact that he possesses a peculiar detection ability, but after what's happened thus far, Chaney probably has noticed it himself. That he went out of his way to point out, [People don't refer them as magic beasts, but as House Apes and House Wolves], a fact that anybody should have known, was probably because he had perceived that Lecan is poorly informed of this world's common sense.

Lecan stayed at an inn provided by Chaney during hist first night at town of Vouka. The inn provided not only dinner but even breakfast.

He received his rewards at noon of the second day from Chaney, that was when Lecan asked Chaney to introduce him to a skilled apothecary.

Chaney asked for his reasons, and Lecan spoke of his circumstances.

He had been making his own not-too-effective magic potions. It's a necessity for someone who's constantly knee-deep in battles. However, due to a certain circumstance, he's found himself far away from home, somewhere full of unfamiliar vegetation, he has no idea how to make magic potions with these plants. Thus, he intends to study under an apothecary to learn the necessary skill. He also wants to stock up on magic potions he cannot make himself.

"Humm. Which means, you'll be going on your way once you've learned from the apothecary. In that situation, you will need to pay tuition fee if you wish to study under them."


"And learning from a skilled apothecary means the tuition fee will not be cheap. Ah, but an adventurer like you could earn your daily expense and tuition fee all while studying. What kind of magic potion do you wish to learn to make."

"Physical and mana recovery ones. Mainly these two."

"All right. Hmm."

After thinking for a while, Chaney put forward one apothecary's name.

The person is an exceptionally skilled apothecary, but never takes an apprentice for some reason.

Many people wished to learn under her, even the town lord repeatedly asked her to have his subordinates study under her with huge rewards as compensation, but the apothecary refused and even threatened to leave the town if they persisted.

"That's how that person is, thus I think Lecan-san might have little chance to get accepted. However, her skills are in a whole entire league compared to other apothecaries. Even though I'm fully aware that she might refuse, I still intend to ask her to take Lecan-san under her wings. Besides... No, never mind. I shall try asking her for now."

Lecan couldn't ask for more. For him, no amount of money or effort is too much if it means having a chance to learn from such a skilled apothecary.

Since Chaney asked Lecan to wait one or two days, he asked Chaney where to find a cheap inn.

"I don't care if it's cramped or stinky. The cheaper the better. I might have to stay long after all."

"Haha. And besides, I suppose a slightly dangerous location should be fine with Lecan-san. I understand."
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Chaney skilfully drew a map.

"This here. It's quite far in the back from here, but I'm sure Lecan-san would find no problem."


Since his lodging fee for the day and tomorrow's breakfast had already been paid, Lecan stayed at the inn he was at, and immediately checked out on the third day after having his breakfast.

The adventurer girl, Eda, who went with him to escort Chaney stayed inside the inn all this time. She's probably sleeping in.

That day, Lecan walked around the town and headed toward the inn referred to him around evening. It was quite cheap at one copper coin a night.

And yet, the bed had straw and didn't smell of mold, and the sheet was fairly clean. There's even water in the washbasin. He paid extra for dinner, but both the amount and flavor were quite satisfying.

The next day, Lecan slept in a bit to heal his piled up fatigue, and went downtown after telling the inn he'd be staying again tonight. He went around some stores and bought daily necessities and stuff.

He got back to the inn before evening hour, paid for a one night's stay and went to his room. A different room than yesterday. This kind of inn won't keep your room even if you tell them you're gonna stay for multiple nights.

Lecan threw the purchased goods inside the luggage bag into <Storage>.

He suddenly recalled something, took foodstuff out of <Storage> and inspected it. Some were clearly not fit for eating anymore. He's got to dispose of it. He took various luggage and inspected their conditions. Quite a lot of magic potions couldn't be used anymore, quite unfortunate.

Chaney's messenger dropped by right when Lecan went downstairs to get some grub.

The messenger expressly went to Lecan's room and conveyed a message from Chaney there. It's probably something that mustn't be overheard by other people.

The apothecary agreed to meet Lecan at least, and he was given a map of the store. Whether he would be accepted as her apprentice or not, that would be up to Lecan.

He was given a map to Chaney's store as well.

"Master has requested for you to come by the store once the result of your negotiation has come to light."

After saying that, the messenger went back.

The next day, Lecan went to visit Shiira the apothecary.

The location of her house was quite convoluted.

It was at the edge of the outer wall far off the shopping district.

In a place where complex rows of old desolate big buildings, inhabited by the poor who's probably not the actual owners of those buildings, living side-by-side as if joining shoulders together, the map led him deep inside such a place.

After passing through many junctions in narrow alleys, he finally arrived somewhere that was completely surrounded by hedges.

The plants growing beyond these hedges must be medicinal plants, but it's full of weird poisonous-looking grass and short trees.

He could see a wooden house far in the back. Houses in this town are mostly made of bricks and stones, it's unusual for one to be made of wood.

It doesn't seem to have a second floor, yet the ceiling is unusually high for a single-story house. And near the center of the house, there's an unnaturally large chimney poking out.

And no matter how you look at it, there's no path that goes to the house.

However, according to the explanation in the map, you can enter by pushing the rightmost hedge.

After entering through the hedge, there was a secret pathway hidden by an arch of grass.

At the end of that pathway, there stood a door.

But, of all places, it has to be here.

Lecan had his doubts when he saw the map the first time.

This is the one place he didn't want to get anywhere near to, yet this is also the place the map led him to, the place where the bearer of overwhelming mana that's not unlike a boss of dungeon's deepmost level resides.

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