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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Strongest Sage, Blasts Away


『Alright, I'm done.』

『How was the dollmaster?』

『The demons had put him under a spell, he died as soon as I bound him... Managed to get the info I wanted though.』

『Info you wanted?』

『The mastermind's location... Let's get away from this warehouse first.』

I urge the girls to get away.
There's something I've gotta do here.

『Is there any problem with the warehouse?』

『Don't tell me, it's going to explode?』

The girls had evacuated the place while sounding puzzled.
I set up a simple magic tool on the warehouse's lock while responding to them.

『It won't explode even if we get away from it, but I'm going to ignite it now.』


『We're gonna really stand out if we do that...』

『No, it's the opposite. Our enemy would find it suspicious if this warehouse didn't blow up... There's a timer on the explosive device anyway, we'd better off blowing it up now when no civilians are around.』

From the very start, the enemy has always planned to blow up this warehouse if it's been found out.

Evident by the same type of bomb locks put on all entrances to this warehouse...
There's even a magic tool that will automatically make the warehouse explode if it doesn't detect the dollmaster's mana in three days.

With these many traps, defeating the dollmaster inside while stopping the timer bomb is the same as telling the enemy that there's someone knowledgeable about magic tools amongst us.
That's only going to make them needlessly more cautious of us.

It's a better idea to follow along (?) and let the warehouse go up in an explosion.

『Even time bomb... Won't their own countrymen get caught up in the explosion that can blow away an entire warehouse?』

『Of course they would. Well, the guys who attacked Eis Kingdom don't seem to care even if this whole town is slaughtered, so they probably think nothing of some fatalities.』

『Uwaah... Then it's better to let this explode when there's no one around...』

I check the inside of the warehouse once again.
Yup. Can't find any good materials.

『Alright, I'm blasting it off!』

Afterward, I got away from the warehouse and pour mana into the magic tool I set up.

...Soon after, the warehouse's door got blown away and the warehouse went up in a blaze with sounds of explosion.
Looks like the explosive devices set there were focused into burning down the inside.
Still, anyone within 10 meter radius of the warehouse would have died instantly by the explosion.

At this rate, everything inside the warehouse would have been burned down to ashes and be unrecognizable by the time anyone could get near it.
Just convenient for destroying evidence.

『Good, let's take advantage of this confusion and move out.』

『Where are we going?』

『For now, to the guild. There's something I'd like to check.』

I ran to the guild.
There were some people who were running away from the explosion so slipping in among them was a simple matter.

『Guild? Are we going to take a quest?』
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『Nah, I just want to look at the guild's water.』

We're not going to take a quest.
Heck, we're not even going to enter the building.

My goal is the guild's water facility.

Adventurer Guilds are usually joined to a drawing water facility.
From rehydration to maintaining weapons, such a place is very relevant to adventurers after all.

In Eis Kingdom, the drawing water facilities are usually situated next to the guild buildings.
We never used one since we could just use water magic ourselves though.

『Guild's water...? Since Saihill Empire has waterworks system, I don't think we'll find a well there like at Eis Kingdom...』

『Aah, I've heard about that!』

『I mean that's in the lesson at Second Academy... That water is our objective.』

I arrived at the guild while talking.
Just as Ruli mentioned, the guild's drawing water was from a water service instead of a well.

I was highly suspicious about the water service from the start, but since it was located inside a building, I had it postponed.
The stealth magic we used earlier isn't well suited for sneaking in places like the guild.
In a town as small as this, the guild staff probably remember those who come by the building.

However, in a state of panic after a huge explosion such as this time, us going in and draw the water won't draw attention.
We'd probably look like people who're getting water to fight fire.

I draw about 1 liter water and put it into Storage magic.

『Alright, let's get out of here!』

『Are you done with the guild?』

『Yea. We've no business here now with this water.』

As we were about to leave the guild... My eyes caught a paper posted next to the exit.

...It's a paper with a wanted list of criminals.
Of course, it's not unusual for there to be a wanted list. Like bandit wanted list and such, every guild has these.

The reason I stopped was because one of the portraits posted there looked similar to the dollmaster I defeated earlier.
No, it's not just similar anymore.
Even the moles and scars matched perfectly. It's practically the same person.

Here's the content of the wanted poster.

Wanted: Garijig Slauther
Crimes: 38 Murders, 17 Robberies, and participant in 187 miscellaneous crimes.
Reward: 15 Million Sahia
Note: Broke out of jail in the imperial capital three days before his execution. As he was not in a situation where he could have escaped alone, there is a possibility of collaborators.

...Looks like that dollmaster was a wanted person scheduled for execution.

The demons most likely demanded for his obedience in exchange of freedom.
He ended up like that as a result though.

But the fact that this wanted list exists means that the whole country is unlikely to be controlled by the demons aka the worst case scenario.
I would find out where they intervene with the country if I analyze the water I just drew.
If the water has been tampered with, the empire's waterworks service is definitely an enemy.

I rushed out of the guild toward a forest while thinking that.

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