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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Strongest Sage, Extracts Info


『Of course, there would be a trap. Probably the instant the lock at the entrance was broken, the entire warehouse would go up in an huge explosion magic.』

『But then, the dollmaster would also die if they did that...』

『The dollmaster is a sacrificial pawn anyway. Blowing them all away would erase both those who could damage the dolls and evidence along.』

In fact, mana reaction that feels exactly that is leaking out of this warehouse.

The dollmaster was probably told that the magic tool was for eliminating intruders in time of emergency.
The dollmaster who cannot read magic circles probably set up the magic tool themselves without knowing that it would kill them along with the enemy.

There's a high chance that they're under a high level of mind control that bars them from even questioning what the magic tool is even.

『Uwaah, they're really treated like a disposable...』

『Because they are. To the point that you feel sorry for them.』

Well, that doesn't mean I'm going to hold back though.

Even the demons must have picked humans that were easy to control.
Those who are virtuous steer clear of demons, so they're usually hard to manipulate.

Folkia had a great number of citizens controlled, but that was because the sub-demons were staying nearby.
Strong mind control that persists long after the demons have gone away requires willingness from the person put under the control.

The dollmaster must have allowed the demons to control them due to some kind of reasons.
With that in mind, there's no need for sympathy.

『...Here it is.』

We're standing in front of a warehouse with blue walls.
It's quite old, but the door has a newish lock installed.

『Entry off-limit for non-personnel.』
『Managed by: Waterworks Administration Bureau - Ecial Branch.』

That's what written on the door.
Looks like this building belongs to the so-called Waterworks Administration Bureau.

Mana reactions of one human and the dolls could be sensed inside the building.
The human's mana reaction is very small.

『Waterworks Administration Bureau.... I've heard that Saihill has a large-scale water service, is it being managed here I wonder?』

『Doesn't seem like there's flowing water inside, this place is probably a mere warehouse... Anyway, that lock is a trap, so don't touch it.』

The lock looks like a simple padlock, but the inside seems to be fitted with a transmission-type magic tool.
It's probably connected to a magic tool inside that will blow up if it gets broken.

Well, the fact that it won't go off without breaking the lock is proof this trap is third-rate.

『Will it explode if you touch it?』

『It won't explode as long as it's not broken, but there's a possibility some kind of alarm will go off if you touch it... Not like we need to politely go from the front anyway, we can just do it this way.』

I invoke soundproofing magic and put my hand on a wall next to the door.
Afterward, I invoke attack magic the size of a human.
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『Ah, you're going to break it...』

『Wouldn't it be quicker if you just let me go ahead and break everything then? I mean, I'd be all right even if the whole building go under.』

『That would badly mess up the inside. Something that could be a clue might be there, so I'd like to preserve it as much as possible.』

I don't really have much expectations, but there might be something that could be a hint inside.
And even if there isn't, causing too much uproars could lead them to us.
Well, punching a hole on the wall isn't any better though.

『...Then it might be better if I don't go in...』

『Yeah. You three, please be on the lookout here to stop anyone coming. Our enemy is alone, I'm gonna capture them real quick.』

『Got it!』

After we're done consulting, I destroy the wall with the attack magic.
There's no sound due to the soundproof magic, the hole is just enough for me to pass.

I jump inside through that hole.
Just as the mana reactions tell me, there's a huge number of dolls and one man inside.


As the man sounded confused to see me coming through a suddenly collapsing wall, he threw a sword in his hand at the same time.
It's like attack first, question later, before confirming the situation.

He looks to be very adept at it, there's absolutely no awkwardness in the way he moves.
It's probably not something from the demons' control, but originally his.

...I figure it out after seeing his movement and atmosphere.
This guy had killed dozens of people even before the demons came into the picture.

Well, it's not like he's strong though.
Not like he could use chantless magic like Giruas after all.

"Wha... The hell are you!"

The man pulled out another sword while sounding surprised to see me swatting down the thrown sword with my hand.
He even had a spare sword ready huh.

Of course, I'm not obliged to answer.
I zeroed in on the man and restrained him with magic.

...Right then, I felt something strange.
The mana on the man's his body isn't that of a normal human.

Unrelated to the fact that this man's a murderer.
His heart isn't pulsing.

Dead man... Or rather, it looks like the man got revived after purposely being killed off.
I didn't notice until after I got this close since the camouflaged spell art used life force instead of mana as a base.

And the reason the enemy went out of way to do all this must be for silencing the guy.
Sure enough, the moment my restraining spell was cast, the magic that maintained his life force was canceled.

To extract info, I attempted to cast a new spell to maintain life force, however...

"...Been dealt with huh."

My spell was blocked off.
Looks like it's been made so that only spell that makes use of life force can work.

...Guess I'll confirm one thing before this guy dies.
There's probably nothing much I could get out, just a hint should be enough.

Simple questions with either yes or no answers can be done with a certain magic.
The magic has a heap of side effects, but there's no need to worry about that on someone that's about to die.

"Are the people backing you related to Waterworks Bureau?"

I cast 【Magic Interrogation】 as I asked.
It's called interrogation, but in actuality, this magic practically reads your thoughts.

It causes a huge load on target's brain, so it can probably only used once on this guy.
Even if the target is of healthy body and mind, using this magic five times would make them practically dead after all.

However, it fits well in situations like this.
You simply need to cast the magic as you ask a question, and the answer will come out soon.

--Then, the magic returned a response.
I immediately analyze the mana and derive an answer.

The answer is yes.
Just as I thought.

...With this information alone, I ascertained which places should we raid to trace the people who are collecting life force.

Next, we just need to cross check with the info we got from observing this village, and whether we should raid the place or not.
I got out of the warehouse while thinking that.

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