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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 Intermission 6

Author's note: Not Satou's POV. It's in third person after a long time.

Intermission: Hime Miko



Voice of a young girl echoes in the spacious private room.


A girl is slapping the cushion she's carrying to the sofa as if she's spitting out her black emotion inside.

"Riin, graaan, de!"

With the strength of a powerless girl, she only makes light sounds, "poof", and the waterfowl feathers don't even fly out.
She probably doesn't normally exercise, the girl runs out of breath after only swinging the cushion for a few minutes.

A muffled laugh leaked out of a boy then.


The girl's anger is revived along with the settling of her rough breath. That is because she had ordered the maids in this room to clear out of this room before she began acting violently.

"You're in a bad mood huh, Sera."

The one who comes out of the shadow while smiling is the girl's (Sera's) older brother, Tisrad Oyugock. The name of the one whom Sera was screaming about since earlier is of the two's older sister.

"Tisrad-niisama! Entering without making a sound is rude."

The boy who is smiling kindly eludes the threatening attitude of Sera like a willow tree. He seems a bit mature for his 10 years old age.

"You were calling Rin-anesama, what's happened? Did you hear some backbiting from gossiping maids again?"

He seems to have hit the nail on the head, Sera puffs her reddening cheeks, and turns away. She normally seldom shows such childish actions, but it's not that rare in front of her brother, Tisrad.

"Humph, it's just like usual--

『Hey, hey, did you hear? Ringrande-sama has restored the lost magic they said!』
『You've just heard that old story now? This time she led the holy knights and exterminated the floor master of the labyrinth under the labyrinth city! The proof is with the lightning magic sword she's obtained you know?』
『Oh my, I wonder just how many hundreds of gold coins is a magic sword from a labyrinth? She's really amazing~』

--they said. Furthermore, in the end they said, 『Compared to her, Sera-sama is normal isn't she』. Don't you think that it's none of their business? I know that myself already! Only the younger sister of a genius older sister knows the hardship of having a genius as an older sister!"

The boy smiles bitterly while listening to his little sister who mimics the maids voices. That is because he has just heard similar talks with the position of his sister replaced with himself from the butlers and the maids. Therefore he purposely came here to cheer his sister up who must be in the same circumstance.

He's really just cheering for his little sister. He's not a wimp who licks each other's wounds. If he is like that, in the future he won't be able to unite the foolish, sly old nobles who are spanning over this vast territory passed down from his grandfather and father.

"Sera, stop comparing yourself with nee-san. That person is special. She's a great woman who will stand alongside people who leave their marks in history like ancient king Yamato, and the wise of restoration, Ozara-sama. If you compare yourself to a huge tree, you'll only lament your shortcomings."
"Uu~, I know that, but! It's not about the theory!"

They're not words that should have been said by a mere 7 years old, but Sera, who is far smarter than other children of her age, understands what her brother is saying. Yet, her child heart cannot admit that it's right.

"If you're always angry, wrinkles will appear on your forehead you know? Don't complain to me if a boy you like in the future dislikes you for that."
"H, humph. I'll have ani-sama make me your bride if that happen, so it's fine!"

Sera rubs her forehead even while saying abusive words--although it's slightly cute--to her elder brother. Her young girl's mind seems to be growing quickly.

"Yeah, the head miko of Yu Tenion will do it personally."
"Hee, that's amazing. I'm glad for you, Sera. To be baptized by the Saintess of Salvation-sama, isn't it due to father's request?"

The [Saintess of Salvation] is the second name of Yu Tenion head miko which she's gained from her role as the follower of hero, and her [Saintess] title. She rarely ever do baptism due to her old age. In fact, the one who baptized the heir of this dukedom, the boy Tisrad, and lady Ringrande, wasn't her, but the head priest. Although, since the head priest is technically higher ranked than her, it is unreasonable to complain about it.

Sera is having a smile on her whole face while being hugged by her father and older brother.

She likes being special.
Since her older sister is too excellent, most special things went to her sister after all.

After three weeks of preparation, Sera proceeds toward the Tenion temple accompanied by her older brother. Normally the rite is held in the worship room inside the castle, but in order not to be discourteous to the head miko, the baptism rite is to be held in the sanctuary inside the Tenion temple.

"You are Sera right."
"Y, yes. Head miko-sama."

Sera is ashamed for being unladylike by using loud voice since she's too nervous. The head miko gently brush Sera's head and whispers "Raise your head, being cheerful is a wonderful thing you know?" close to her ear. It's unimaginable how that gentle-looking figure fought the demon lord together with the hero.

Head miko hugs Sera on her lap until she calms down while gently brushing her hair. After confirming that Sera isn't nervous anymore, she takes her hand and leads her to the rite magic circle.

"Listen, think about your favorite person during the rite."
"Is it alright for me not to pray to the god?"
"Yes, calm your heart and think about your favorite person, that warm feeling will reach the god."

This is the head miko's method, it is not the official teaching of Tenion temple. Normally, you only have to make her stand on the magic circle, chant the baptism spell, and it's over.

"Have you imagined your favorite person?"
"Yes, head miko-sama."
"Ufufu, I wonder who's on your mind. Is it your future husband?"
"I, it's not. Sera won't be getting married."
"Ara ara, do you want to become a miko?"
"Yup, Sera, will become a miko!"

Sera speaks like a child as head miko teases her to lure it out. Of course, she doesn't notice it herself. It's as if memories of her playing around with her older sister when they were children went adrift.

"Ufufu, ■■ ■■■ ■■ Baptism (Initiation)"

As if responding to head miko's spell, the magic circle releases warm blue light. Little blue lights that rise from the magic circle happily dance around Sera as if blessing her. Lightly, as if a little fairies coming out of the fairytale.

One light among them disappears as if inhaled to Sera's chest, and the rite is over.

"Open your eyes. Miko of Oracle, Sera."

The head miko suddenly changes to dignified tone unlike the kind old woman before, and Sera replies to that with slightly transparent voice. The head miko can see the [Oracle] gift, and the [Tenion Miko] title on her.

People who receive gift from the baptism rite are extremely rare, but they do exist. However, there is no precedent of someone receiving oracle gift (from the rite) even in the long history of Tenion Temple at the duchy capital.
As a proof, everyone on the surrounding beside the head miko and Sera are hardened in their initial postures from when the rite begins as if they can't follow the situation. They need quite a bit of time before they can move again.

"Sera Oyugock, will you leave the house of Oyugock and serve on Tenion's side?"
"Yes, head miko-sama."
"Then, from now on, you are just Sera. Now, stand up Sera. Tenion temple welcomes you."

After the formality dialogs are over, the girl throws away the wealth and social position of the daughter of Oyugock's house, and enters into miko apprenticeship of Tenion temple.

There was no one who objected, including the girl herself. Among the people in this duchy capital--the 200.000 of them, there are only seven, and among the more-than 700.000 people in the whole duchy, there are only nine people who have [Oracle] gifts, and in order for those gifts to be nurtured with the techniques owned by the temples in certainty, there is no choice for them but to live in.
Although it has some limit, this [Gift] has power to ask a question directly to the god. This is the only mean to receive divination about great disasters from the god.

Therefore, the training of miko of oracle are fierce.

"Sera, Relena, Roza, line up here. Listen, you're safe as long as you are inside that magic circle. Do not lose your composure."

The three girls are clad in different kinds of miko clothes. Each have symbols that signify Tenion, Parion, and Garleon sewed on the clothes.

Relena, and Rouza are nine years old, one year younger than Sera. They're girls who became miko one year after Sera. The two are Sera's blood relatives, they are [Special] girls who have [Oracle] gifts since birth.

This place is a secret graveyard that's shared by the joint of seven temples in the duchy capital.
It's a secret place that only extremely few people know even among the temples.

"Oh, god."

On the other side of the magic circle, several undeads are creeping out from the depth of a wide wide passage blocked with iron bars.
It's a nightmarish scene as if the door to the afterlife has opened.

"Calm down, miko apprentices"
"Now then, put these vengeful ghosts to sleep peacefully."
"Chant it, the edict of blessing!"

The girls strengthen their backs, and wipe their fear with the words of the guarding priests.

"■■■ Bless"
"■■◆ Bless"
"■◆■ Bless"

However, these young girls fail the most basic magic due to their extreme mental strains. Beside Sera, the two have failed their impatient chanting.

"Calm down. Relena, and Roza, you two chant again. Sera, stand by."

After several failings and rebukes from the instructor priest, they finally succeed the chanting. As if ridiculing the girls who feel relieved, the undeads from the other side of the iron bars are throwing their detached arms and feelers noisily. Bless only gives minimal damage to the undeads.

However, that's quite enough.

"■■ Purification (Turn Undead)"

After several purification magic from the high priest who is waiting nearby, the undeads finally stop moving and go back to just being corpses.

Enormous experiences from defeating countless undeads flow to the three girls and the high priest. The pain from the rapid growth assaults their bodies as if tearing it. The girls hug their bodies who's having rapid growth (level up), and writhe in agony on the floor. That pain is the proof of growth, they cannot use healing magic as it will disturb the growth.

Those girls don't know.

The priests have used forbidden spell to produce these undeads in order to quicken their growths.

From now on, they have to undergo this secret ritual for many times.

And then, the girls who have grown up receive the oracle.
The future is harsh.

Oh god.
I pray that the future of humanity and the girls, the unfortunate event--


<TLN: Phew, third person POV is tiring to tl...>
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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 Intermission 5

Intermission: Mia and the Dietary Restriction


Human race food are delicious. They're really delicious you know.
But, they're very dangerous.

I've learned my lesson you know.

That was recently--

"Hamburg steak is the strongest nano desu."
"Yum yum~"
"I like something that's firmer, but it doesn't shade the tastiness of hamburg steak. It's truly delicious."
"Even though it's made of grounded beef, I wonder why is this so delicious~"
"Arisa, you're eating too much you know?"
"I'm on my growth period, I can't help it."

Satou has made hamburg steak from beans for me, it's for my sake you know?
I was always envious whenever I saw Pochi and the others eating hamburg steak so happily.

That's why I taste this hamburg steak one bite at a time.
I mean, it'd be wasteful if I ate it too fast right.

"Does it suit your taste?"

Mou, it's the best. I'm in bliss.
I don't know how is he able to make this delicious dish from beans. It's mysterious!
The grated daikon on top of the hamburg steak is a bit bitter, but it brings out the sweetness of the carrots. Of course it matches well with rice too you know?

After the meal, I dive onto Satou's lap while feeling happy. I jumped you know?
Since the best place is already taken by Tama, I endure it beside her. But, but, I think it's not fair that it's always only Tama. I wonder if it's alright if I protest.

"It was delicious~"
"I want to eat again nodesu."
"Nn, delish."

Words of gratitude are difficult. It's also embarrassing if I talk long, I wonder if it's transmitted well? It did right.

"Arisa, you're going to get fat if you eat sweet things right after meal."
"It's a dessert. Sweet things go into another belly, so it's fine."

Arisa is amazing. She's still going to eat more even after eating that much! Even Pochi and Tama are taking a bite from Arisa!
I wonder if all human and beastkin eat this much?
No, they don't. Lulu and Satou don't eat that much.

"Fish are delicious, but you have to eat meat once in a while after all."

Arisa isn't a picky eater, she can eat anything, she's a good girl.

"Sweets go into another belly don't they. Yummy, crepes. Why is sampling food this delicious I wonder."

These many varying tastes, it's a wonder. Satou can use cooking magic. He must be. But, I think sampling is just for one biteful. If you eat the same amount of shares as Arisa is eating, you won't be able to eat during dinner, it's true you know?


When we're changing our clothes, I call out to Arisa who hardens after she sees her own body.
I wonder what's wrong? I'm a bit worried.

"No~ well~ it's nothing. It's child's body right~. Yes, this is because of the child's body."

What is she persuading herself for? I wonder if she's not? However, she looks like that.

"It's finally, finally here, sponge cake! Hey hey, it has to be with fresh cream and strawberries after all right! Kuuh~ to be able to eat cakes even in this world, truly a bliss."

She really likes it. She does, doesn't she.
Eating half of that big cake alone.

I stop to reflect when I taste it for a mouthful, I mean, it's so delicious! It's too delicious.
Afterwards, everyone is eating greedily. I mean, it's delicious.

"Everyone, get on this one by one."

Satou brings some kind of magic tool that looks like a box, or rather, a stand.
When I get on it, the needle attached on the side is spinning, round and round. I want to touch it, but since Tama was scolded for trying to touch it, I endure it. I endured it you know?

Arisa grimaces when she sees the stand. I wonder why?

"No! I've bid farewell to that devil instrument in my past life! I've promised in my heart to never get on it again."

Arisa refuses with all her might. She hates it so much.
However, she gets on it after Satou unusually [Order] her. Arisa is saying, "Clothes! My clothes must have been heavy!", but that clothes are made of thin cotton, it's very light you know? It's as light as a feather.

Satou tells Arisa with words that I've never heard before. I wonder what obese is? It's on my mind.

"Arisa, snacks are forbidden until you lose 5 kilograms. I'll take off deep fried stuffs from the menu."
"Nyu! Fried stuffs are gone, for everyone~?"
"W, wait a minute nodesu! Fried stuffs are essential nano desu!"
"I feel sorry for Arisa if it's only her, so I'll change the menu to stuffs with less fat."

Fat? The decrease of oily stuffs is to my liking.
But, Pochi and Tama look heart-broken. "Pochi~""Tamaa", they're hugging with pitiable voices. Liza is also looking at the sky as if enduring something. Is it hard I wonder?

But, it seems necessary to cure Arisa from her plumpness. Satou said so.
I think her plump stomach looks cute, is it a sickness I wonder? It's a sickness isn't it.

Let's all cooperate together to cure Arisa's plumpness.
Do your best, Arisa. I'm cheering on you, do your best.

"I hate diet~~~~"

How long does Arisa's scream continue to echo.
This is the first time I know that delicious meals can be dangerous.

Satou, you're a dangerous person aren't you.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 SS 1

Author's Note: It's not Satou's POV this time. It's a short story from Lulu's POV.

SS: Arisa and The Devil Box


Today we're having [Barbecues] on the courtyard of the mansion.

"Kuh, I can't have enough of the burning smell of the meat."
"Tarararari~""No desu!"

Tama-chan, I wonder if she was so happy, she couldn't say "Tamaranai". It sounds a bit like she's singing, it's really cute.
However, Liza-san who seriously watches over the meat with bones that are being grilled is a bit scary.
Since master had prepared a lot of meat skewers, everyone ate to their heart's content.

Today's prototype is pudding.
It's very delicious, but since master keep getting dissatisfied with the [Caramel Sauce], he's having a hard time.

"U~n, no good. It's just sweet, there's no bitterness at all."

Even though Mia-chan and me think that it's delicious, master and Arisa are still not satisfied. Oh Arisa, even though she's complaining, she still eats it all. Didn't she just have a showdown with Pochi-chan and the others with [Fried Rice] which she heavily consumed?

Since she's in her growth period, her appetite is big, but I wonder if it's fine to eat that much?

I got praised by master when he saw the kombu that I had bought from the grocery on the downtown. I was hesitating since it was a bit pricey, but I'm glad that I've bought it. I will give my thanks to the shopkeeper who's recommended it.
I mean, master not only praised me with a smile on his whole face, but he also [Hugged], and patted my head.

Ehehehe~, I won't wash my head in the bath today.

"Crab nabe is the best after all~ but, how'd you get this crab fork."
"Ah, I've made that one just now."
"Kuu, dang you cheat, but, you're forgiven. It doesn't feel right to eat crabs without this after all~."

Just as Arisa's said, it's easy to take the crab meat with this fork.
The crabs are delicious, but everyone is quiet. Mia-chan looks a bit lonely, but she's steadily eating the [Pilaf] that master has exclusively made for her.

"Mia, let me try a mouthful of the pilaf."
"Arisa, overeating."
"It can't be helped right, I have to with all these delicious things~♪"

Isn't she really eating too much?

When Arisa sees the magic tool with a round board connected to a wooden box by a pole that master is carrying, she runs away from the room in full speed.
I was surprised. That Arisa can move so quick.

Pochi-chan and Tama-chan whom master had ordered came back to the room after they caught Arisa. To make Arisa become that unwilling, I wonder what is that magic tool? Since it's something that master's brought, I think it's not a bad tool.

"Then, Pochi is next."
"Yes, nano desu."

When she gets on that board, it looks like the needle on the disk moves. Master scolded Tama-chan when she was going to touch the needle.

"It's a bit heavy, but I guess it's within the standard range. Since her race is different, there's no meaning to BMI, but I have to write down the body weight and the change."

Body weight is it? I had never heard that word, but for some reason I took a step back as as soon as I heard it.

"Lulu, you're next."
"Y, yes."

I hesitated for a little, but then I jumped on it decisively.

"You don't have to be so forceful, be more gentler okay."
"Yes, I'm sorry."
"There's no need to apologize. Lulu is slightly lighter than the standard huh. I guess it's better if she eats a bit more meat and dairy products during meals."

I'm relieved that it looks like I've passed judging from master's expression.

"No~, I've promised my dead grandmother to never get on that devil instrument again~"

I thought Arisa's grandmother-sama had died even before she was born though?
Even though master has said, "Resign yourself and get on it", she's still resisting. In the end, master gets on the tool while carrying Arisa, checks the number, and puts Arisa down, then he gets on it again and checks the number.
At first I thought what is he doing I wonder? I've thought such thing, but master is amazing, I've noticed that master is trying to find out the difference between the two measurements to get Arisa's body weight.

"Uu, I've been sullied..."
"Noisy, you're slightly obese. From tomorrow on, you're forbidden from eating meat, and another helping. Of course snacks and sweets aren't allowed too."

That's why I've warned her that she was eating too much.
I wonder why do Pochi-chan, and even Tama-chan look like their life are over? Even Liza-san and Mia-chan are silently praying for Arisa.

"I'll accompany you with the diet, so let's make the goal to have you go down by five kilograms in one month."
"I, I hate diet~~~~~"

Arisa's sad screams is resounding in that afternoon.


Thanks to the [Non Calorie] dishes that master has prepared, Arisa's [Diet] transitions safely it seems.
I feel that Pochi-chan and Mia-chan who innocently cheer for her have become a bit plump too. I also have to be careful. Let's do the upping and stretching exercises like usual, no three times more than usual today!

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 Intermission 4

Intermission: Tenion Head Miko [Latter Part]


"Head miko-sama, I'm home."

Sera enters the sanctuary while looking livelier than ever. This child always looks happy, but it's rare for her to be this cheerful.

"What's happened Sera. Did you meet your lover?"
"I, it's not like that! Chevalier-sama isn't my lover."

This child is really bad at lying.
Since I was a bit interested, I asked about that chevalier person.

"There's this chevalier-sama who helped me with the food distribution, it felt like I had met him mysteriously, it's been on my mind. Right, he's a person with similar atmosphere to head miko-sama, tender, or rather, flexible, how should I put it--"

While hearing Sera speaks fondly of her love, I've had my suspicion that this chevalier person might be Nanashi-san from the other day, even though it's unfounded. I wonder if it's because I've been thinking about Nanashi-san all the time lately.

It's not a love at old age you know?

I received an oracle from the ceremony that I did at the dawn of that time that the demon lord who was supposed to revive in the duchy capital had been annihilated. Of course I immediately sent a messenger to duke-sama, but it can't be announced publicly yet since there are other temples' honors to consider. Of course, the king had promised that he would definitely announce it, so the announcement about the annihilation of the demon lord would probably be told during the kingdom conference in the spring.

"Head miko-sama, you look really happy about something you know? Did you get a lover?"
"Ufufu, I was just engrossed with thoughts about Nanashi."

It looked like she wanted to counter, but she's still soft huh. To be so upset about my joke. Ufufu, her heart is restless like she's really in love. When the demon lord season is over, it might be a good time for me to retire from head miko position soon.

I don't think that Sera will forget her duty, but let's give her a warning to keep the relationship at healthy scope just to be sure. A miko won't be able to receive oracles if she loses her virginity. It might be cruel for a teenage girl, but she has to wait until an oracle that states the demon lord season is over descends.

I met Sera's lover--it might be better to call him a candidate of one--in the duke castle. He's really popular, and surrounded by girls. Ara ara, oh Sera. If you have such face, he'll laugh at you you know?

Still, what a nice smell. It's not just sweetness from sugar. I know that it's out of stock.

However, this voice.
It's exactly like Nanashi-san though. I wonder if he's his twin brother?
His level is half of Nanashi's, and even his skills composition is different after all.  The things that are the same are his age, voice, and hair color, I guess his height is about the same too.

Since I was together with old acquaintances from Parion and Garleon temples who I had happened to meet across when I was congratulating Tisrad-sama for his wedding, I whispered him (Satou) leading words directly, but rather than getting shaken, he was perplexed instead. Looks like I was mistaken.

I might be thinking about Nanashi-san too much.
Ufufu, I shouldn't be one to make fun of Sera. I look like a maiden in love.

"Good evening, head miko-sama."

He's really elusive isn't he.
How did he invade I wonder? I didn't feel feedback from space magic, so I think it's not that.

"I've come here today to ask about the oracle regarding demon lord."
"Ara? You've annihilated it right?"
"It must have been defeated by a passing hero."

He wants to play dumb that it's not him to the end huh.

"You won't announce that the demon lord has been defeated?"
"I've told his excellency the duke directly, but the 『Annihilated』 oracle haven't come to the other temples, so we can't announce that the demon lord has been annihilated from Tenion temple alone."

Each temple is most likely questioning whether the [Each of the foretold demon lord] is annihilated, not the one in the duchy capital underground.

In other words, the demon lord season this time is not over yet--in that regards, the fact that the duchy capital is already excluded from that might be a small blessing. Thanks to Nanashi-san.

Just in case, I tell Nanashi-san about that, but he too has already expected it. He simply murmured, "So, it's like that after all." His atmosphere is like, "It's just demon lords, they can come at me no matter how many ." It's very fun to guess the invisible expression behind that mask.

Nanashi-san put the filled resurrection artifact on my neck. It's really amazing. I wonder if it's the prejudice of old age which make me thinks that the labor of nearly 20 years is fruitless.

"Thank you Nanashi-san."

However, I mustn't forget to thank you.

Although I asked him about chevalier Pendragon, he only replied, "That young noble who they call miracle chef right.", and he didn't seem to know the detail. I wonder if it's just my imagination that his "don't know" manner looks exactly like him (Satou's).

The [Indulgence] that I've prepared will become a waste if he (Satou) really is an acquaintance of Nanashi-san.

I wonder what'd happen if that third prince meets Nanashi-san?
I can't help but feel a bad premonition. I had hoped that the king didn't send such troublemaker during this difficult time.

It's not that is it.

That king shouldn't have been one to do such mistake. That unbending king should be able to predicts three moves ahead for sure.

I see, he's getting rid the nuisance the prince.
The king has predicted that the demon lord will appear on the labyrinth city. To push aside the prince to the uncertain element, the duchy capital. I have to complain directly to the king.

I don't know whether he'll accept it or not, but I will hand over the [Indulgence] to Nanashi-san in case he eliminates the third prince by mistake.

I actually wanted to give him the bell of Tenion, but I couldn't bring myself to since I was afraid I'd incur his displeasure. It's a bit unlike me isn't it.

The world crisis came unexpectedly early.

Despair? I think that word is more hopeful than the scene right now.

At the duke castle seen from the sanctuary, the great monstrous fish (Tovkezeera) emerges from the huge summoning circle nearby. It's the incarnation of destruction that brought about the deaths of many countries during the time of Yamato-sama. The aerial fortress that the great demon lord employed. I can't see the status since it's too far, but I can't let out words from its overwhelming presence.

Thinking that it'd be fine as long as Nanashi-san is here might be too optimistic of me.

I collapse on the sofa without even having the margin to worry about Sera who has gone out.
Several of the monster that can destroy the duchy capital alone appear from the summoning circle and swim to the arena.

Seven great monstrous fish.

Far from just Shiga kingdom, all the countries on this continent will disappear.

Ah, wonder if I have no choice but to call the heavenly dragon even if it means destroying the kingdom. It's the friend of Yamato-sama who's living on the range of mount Fuji. There's no choice but to use the dragon summoning crown (Fellow Crown) shining on the king's head that can be used to summon the dragon just once.

It's as if seven demon lords have appeared.

I want to rush to the arena to support them, but I have to be here. Since Nanashi-san most likely has filled the resurrection artifact as an insurance in case his friends die.

I watch over the end of duchy capital while patting the head of apprentice miko who are frightened. There's no meaning in taking shelter underground if it can cause damage over the defense magic of the sanctuary.

That is a flash.

When the light subsides, there are figures of severed great monstrous fish. Those are also dissolved as if the sky wipes them off. No, maybe I should say that they disappear.

The sudden attack on the duchy capital disappear more abruptly than when it arrived.
It'a all too soon, no one even falls victim.

Nanashi-san, is that you I wonder.
I was convinced that was it as if I received an oracle.

Ah, Tenion-sama.
Thank you very much for sending that person to this land.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 Intermission 3

Intermission: Tenion Head Miko [First Part]


"Head miko-sama! It's terrible!"

Mou, what a hopeless child. To lack composure when he's going to be 40 like that, I think it's a bit problematic. Maybe I should better give him some stern advice now?
<TLN: The head miko talks like a playful woman in Japanese.>

"What's wrong, head priest. You are higher than me in the temple, so you shouldn't use 'sama' to call me."
"I'm sorry, head miko-sama. No, this isn't the time to talk about that!"
"Calm down. What's happened?"
"Miko-dono of Parion temple, and even of Garleon temple have been kidnapped by someone."

My, such thing.
Kidnapping the miko of oracle in the middle of demon lord season like this.
There are seven miko who have received oracles in this duchy capital. They are Sera and me, head miko of Urion temple and Zaikuon temple, the apprentice miko of Heraluon temple, and the two kidnapped miko.

Normally, one would have sufficed, but last month, by duke-sama's order, every temple was to undertake an oracle for hints of the demon lord revival. Yet, instead of narrowing down the possible revival location, each temple received different response. Although it's normal for the details to be different between people who receive oracles depending on their gods, this is the first time the difference is this much.

My oracle points toward the duchy capital. If possible I want it to be a miss, but it's the same place as the prediction of the location of the demon lord revival 66 years ago. There is no mistake that the demon lord will be revived here. Before, there was a hero near me, but that person has left us, and gone back to the original world. No good aren't I, wishing for something that doesn't exist.

The oracle that Sera's received points to another continent. Even though our oracles are from the same god, I wonder why do we receive different ones. For me to try guessing what the god is thinking, it's really not clergy-like at all isn't it.

Oh right, Sera!
This isn't the time to get lost in thoughts.

"Head priest, check the place where Sera is."
"Yes, head miko-sama!"

I admonish the head priest who have begun to run in a hurry to make him order other people for it. Mou, what are you doing being the gofer yourself. I ask the head priest to contact his excellency the duke if sera's whereabouts can't be confirmed. Since this child is flustered like this, he looks like he'll just collapse.

Even though the priests have looked everywhere, Sera's whereabout is still unknown.
The matter about the three kidnapped miko have reached his excellency the duke too, and his knight and guard subordinates are searching the duchy capital even now. Although I haven't got the report from the bell tower, since I can see that the lights from the ships outside the harbor aren't moving, the harbor is probably blockaded. That's relieving.

However, since the opponents have defended against our detection magic, it looks like they have a powerful magician that can use advanced level magic, or a person who holds powerful artifacts. I wonder if it's that group who were spreading rumors about the end, [Wings of Liberty], that the priests had been talking about.

Sera, please come back safely.

I take the resurrection artifact that's hanging on my neck on my palm, and pour mana into it, even though I know that this is for nothing but a peace of my mind.

Not good, it's impossible to pour mana into the artifact when my heart is disarranged.

This isn't because I'm bad at using magic tools at all, but one needs delicate mana control to pour mana into an artifact. Like putting a thread to the pinhole of a needle on the ground from the top of a tower, that is how precise yet with a far off mind the work is. Having a disturbed mind is like sending wind to the hanging thread. There's no way the thread can get through the pinhole.

I'll use the forbidden mind magic to put my mind back at ease.
Tenion-sama, please give your protection to your believer.

I woke up in my room that's begun sinking into darkness.

Looks like I've fainted.
It can't be helped with my age right. To faint while I was pouring mana into the resurrection artifact like this.

Losing consciousness in this consecration?

I can't believe it.
This place is near the sanctuary where ritual magic is held, and is filled with divinity. Even for an old woman like me, I'm just like a young woman--that's too exaggerated isn't it. Although I can move as well as a youngster, fainting in such place like this, maybe I don't have much time left.

I'm already 80 years old after all. It might be a good time to soon go on a journey to where my friends who had died earlier went.

I didn't notice it before when I was lost in such thought, but there's no shaking today is it. I'm glad that the tremors that had been assaulting the duchy capital for the past several days is gone. It was troubling to deal with nobles who came almost everyday while asking "Is it going to be alright?" you know. Though since they're donating, the head priest doesn't seem like he has any complaint. I'd like to entrust the admonishment job to the high priest soon.

I wonder if I'm really going senile.
There were many assassins who had intruded upon this sanctuary before, but this is the first time one has gotten so close. Wonder if my crisis perception skill is getting rusty?

While feeling dubious with the lack of thirst of blood from the intruder, I take the initiative to greet him.

"Ara, the assassin tonight is quite excellent."

The one who appears from the shadow as if gliding on the ground is a young boy wearing a white mask. There are two wrapped clothes in his shoulder--are those people? Is he an assassin who also happens to be a kidnapper I wonder?

I could see with [Status Check], but I couldn't see his name. Since I could see the name of the two people on his shoulder, it wasn't like the skill wasn't invoked. The two are the miko of Parion and Garleon who have been kidnapped together with Sera.

His level is 70 like the hero of Saga empire, but his title is [Saint]. He can't be called anything but abnormal to have such level at his age even though he's not the summoned hero of Saga empire.

Moreover, that [Saint] title. Although there are other people who have [Saintess] title like me, there shouldn't have been anyone with [Saint] title for the last 100 years here. I wonder who. I'd have consented if he had the title of hero instead.

"Nice to meet you, Yu Tenion Head Miko-dono. I am Nanashi."
"Hey, Nanashi-san. Won't you show your face. It's hard to talk with that mask."

I endure hard not to let my voice trembles.

Hey, what about Sera?

I want to ask that.
However, my intuition as a miko has told me. That child is already no more.

"Hey, Nanashi-san. Don't you know the whereabout of our kidnapped miko, Sera."
"I knew."

Ah, as I've thought.
That child has died isn't she. I can't, it's still to early to cry, for that child's sake. As a miko, I have to ask him now.

"Was the one who deprived Sera's life the humans of 『Wings of Liberty』? or-- the demon lord. That's right isn't it, Sera has been sacrificed for the demon lord."
"That's right."

Ah, I can't hold back my tears.
Even though I have to ask for the deployment of the saga empire hero, and even though I'm not sinking in sorrow, I can't stop my tears.

"Is that so, that child wasn't able to go against her fate."

Nanashi-san takes out a handkerchief out of somewhere and wipes my tears with it. Although he's wearing a strange mask, he's a gentleman isn't he.

I talked to him about the catastrophe that would befall this land while crying. In order to pull him as a war potential before the hero arrives here. He gave indifferent replies when he heard the story about the demon lord revival. Does it not feel real to him? Or perhaps--he has already exterminated it?--That can't be right.

"Yu Tenion head miko-dono, are you able to use resurrection magic?"
"Yes, I'm able to."

I answer Nanashi-san's sudden question.
He probably wants to bring me to where the Sera's body is, and use resurrection magic, but that's impossible. This resurrection artifact hasn't been filled with enough mana to be usable.

"What, that sort of things huh."

Nanashi-san took the resurrection artifact from my chest, and began to dazzlingly pour mana into it.

It's an unbelievable sight.
Doing the precise mana filling just like that. Normally you'd need one hour just to adjust the mana before you even begin to fill it.

However, he still has the body of human after all.
The amount of mana isn't something that can be filled by a person alone. While this is happening, the 30 minutes after-death condition becomes the shackles and resurrection will be impossible.

"Excuse me for a bit."

Nanashi-san takes out a holy sword just like when he took the handkerchief earlier. It's accompanied by brilliant holy light that brighten this room as if it's daylight. Even though it's this bright, it a gentle light that doesn't hurt my eyes. I've never seen a holy sword with this much overflowing power. I can feel an order magnitude different in strength compared to the holy sword that my hero-sama wielded, Joyeuse.

But, what is it for?
I don't think that it's to hurt me. Just what on earth--

"I'll fill it up right away, so please excuse my discourtesy."

--Nanashi-san is absorbing the holy light from the holy sword as if pulsing. And then Nanashi-san pours mana into the artifact without looking agitated, like he's just breathing. Don't tell me, he's using his own body as an intermediary to transfer mana from the holy sword to the artifact?

Such absurd method doesn't exist even in fairy tales you know?

While I was taken aback by that absurdity, the mana filling on the artifact was over. Completing a process that'd have taken several years in just 10 minutes, I am speechless.

He's done so much already, I'll show him that I'll run fast to where Sera's body even if I have to whip out this old body.

As if ridiculing that determination, Nanashi-san summoned Sera's body right in front of me. He doesn't have summoning skill though? Did he summon without the skill I wonder. Maybe he used the infinite stowing (Inventory) like the hero.
No, he said that it's only been a few seconds since the death of Sera's body. Time passes even for the hero's Inventory. Perhaps it's fixation magic? No, that shouldn't be able to be used on living things or corpses.
Don't tell me, time magic? Even though it's a magic that only appear in fairy tales, it's mysterious that I feel that Nanashi-san could possibly use it.

The body of Sera which has appeared in front of me is beautiful without a single wound.
Nanashi-san who has noticed that the body is naked puts a cloth on it.

Rather than that, I have to concentrate now.
It'd be a disgrace as a woman if I wasted the miracles that Nanashi-san had created.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 Intermission 2

Intermission: Orc Alchemist


I am of the ancient perished race--Ga Hou the orc.

The descendant of fools who followed the demon lord, made an enemy of the whole world and got themselves destroyed several hundreds years ago. There should be several groups hiding around the world even now, but no race would probably accept us. Even though the orc empire has been destroyed more than 600 years ago, the world never forgets the crime committed by orcs. Since we're long lived, we have learned the wisdom and techniques to survive with subsistence on the corners of the world, we are already unsuited to appear on the world.

"Ga Hou."
"Ru Heu huh, what's wrong. Did a guest come to the shop."
"Yup, it's the usual masked guest."

This place is rarely visited by human even for a place situated at the downtown outside of the duchy capital great wall. Since it's located beside the sewage filtration facility, the stench is quite terrible, beastkins who have sharp noses also rarely come near it. Although, if this filtration facility that was built at the time of orc empire didn't exist, the mother large river would have been more polluted. When I think so, I can forgive this stench--no, sorry, this stench is unbearable after all. I put on the usual perfumed mask, wear the hood, and go to the shop's front.

"How long do you intend to make me wait!"
"I, I'm sorry, then de requests, here are all the sleep inducing drugs."

When I'm talking to a guest, I always talk with stutters, and use a strange accent. If the other person looks down on me, it's a success.
Wonder why is this man always this exasperated whenever he comes here. I think he should relax his mind a bit more, but there is no need to give an advice. He'd only snap back if I gave him one. I will not do useless thing.
I begin explaining the small bottles that has been passed passed to and lined up on the counter. Even though he probably ignores it, I don't want to forgo my work ethic.

"One small bottle ish, six silverr coins. Dhere are three bottles, how many gold coins ish that?"
"Fuhn, you savages, can't you count. It's three gold coins."

Fumu, he didn't lower it too much. I'll let it off if it's just by three silver coins.

"A, as expectedd of noble-sama. Y, you count fast heu."
"Fuhn, this kind of things are easy for those who are of Shiga kingdom nobles."

Even though the thing about him being a noble should've been a secret, he plainly admitted it. But well, this guy's wallet is adorned with his metal family crest, so there's no need for him to imply it. Since the man himself seems like he wants to hide his identity, I'll keep silent.
The man lined up three gold coins on the counter, took the bottles into a leather case, and went out. He's probably not going to use them for something decent, but I have stopped worrying such thing 400 years ago. I guess I'll give these gold coins to Ro Han's community. I don't need thing like money for living in the sewer of the duchy capital.

"Ga Hou, that."

There certainly is a suspicious group at the place she's pointing. I've seen those clothes. They were the same people who shouted crazy doctrine, "We should become demons in order to not get destroyed by the demon lord.", on the downtown's square. They're called Wings of Liberty--a fanatic group.

The ruin of the labyrinth should be up ahead. The labyrinth is completely dead anyway, and the teleport device to the underground labyrinth should be sealed off. High level cipher has been applied on the seal that no normal humans can possibly solve. Yes, let's believe they cannot enter.

Ru Heu leaves that place, and I approach the group.
When I check them with appraisal skill, there's one with [Abnormal Status: Demonic Possession]. I don't know what kind of demon is it, but I'm bad with fighting. I will flee from here.
Before the effect of invisibility skill wears off, I've left the scene.

"Let me hide here, Ga Hou."

Blood-stained Ro Han falls down into the shop.
Looks like he quarreled with a wolfkin man. Of all thing to do for an orc, how pitiable. A young man who hasn't even lived for 50 years doing as he pleases like this, truly sad.
Right now is the season of the martial art tournament that opens once every three years. There are a lot of rowdy people strutting around, so someone who can't restrain his arms shouldn't have gone out.

I leave the treatment of Ro Han to Ru Heu, and go outside the shop.
It'll be troublesome if the authority comes here.

Fumu, I haven't seen a wolfkin in 200 years, do they have four arms now?
They should have one head if I'm not mistaken, but isn't there another head beside the hairless one.

Now then, let's stop the self-concealment around here.
Apparently it's a lower class demon called short horn demon. It has decaying poison on its claws, a bothersome thing. Its saliva is a strong acid huh, how's the body doesn't get dissolved.

I can't let it runs amok in my shop right in front of my eyes.
I'm bad at fighting, but let's push it out to some place away from the shop.

I put on the magic activator ring, and consecutively chant [Exoskeleton (Shell Armor)], and [Physical Reinforcement (Light Boost)] in low voice. They were lower class magic, but I gave priority to the shortness of the chanting.
I pull out a wooden pillar nearby and set it up. The demon who's playing around with the chivalrous mercenary man is turning toward me. Before it stopped turning, and in unnatural stance, I strike it with the pillar with all my might, and push it away to an open space at the opposite side of the street.

People are running from the open space like they're rolling.
There are demi-human mercenaries nearby who are chivalrously assaulting the demon in succession. What a brave thing to do. I guess I'll go against my principle, and help them here. Alas, I don't want to see those brave young men fall victim to the demon's claws.

"■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■■――"

I drank the reserved magic augment medicine. It's working.

"――■■■ Exploding Flame Dragon (Drag Ignis)"

The mercenaries who were holding down the demon got rolled up on the magic for a bit, just for a bit. They should just get off with large burns, probably.
The demon is dying after getting burned by the Drag Ignis of advanced level magic. Even though I've become weaker with ages, to not die after it got hit by that much magic, quite resilient. I pick a spear that has fallen below and throw it to the demon who's inching forward despite its burn. The spear that was thrown with physical reinforcement in effect pierces deep into the demon, killing it.
Fumu, my body reacts to the first advanced magic since 100 years ago after all. I should have shot several intermediate magic to defeat it after all. I'll get Ru Heu massages my lower back when I return to the dwelling.

I take out the magic core from the crumbles of the demon, and toss it to the chief-like man of the mercenaries who have fought just now. A magic core this big is valuable, but this much quality isn't needed for medicines that I make. You guys can drink to your heart contents this night.

While the chief is thinking over picking the magic core, I pick up the demon horn that's fallen near my feet. It's an item called [Short Horn] according to the appraisal skill. Since the explanations that float in my mind are written in demon language, I'll check it on the dictionary when I return.

The content that I got from checking the dictionary was shocking.

That thing is an item that transforms a person into a demon. The demon that I defeated was probably the form of a young wolfkin that had been transformed.

Demon--no. I'm worried that people will not retain their reason if the existence of this item becomes known. I can't help but wish that the nightmare of demi-human hunting from 400 years ago won't rampage on this land once again.

Around three days after that, I feel turbulent waves from the underground.
Don't tell me that the ancient great demon lord will revive. I hope it's just an unfounded fear.

I can feel intense tremors since awhile ago.
There shouldn't be a hypocenter in this land. If this is caused by someones' fight, it must be between the hero and the demon lord. However, at the very least, I hope it's not dragons.

Ru Heu who finally couldn't keep still in the dwelling went to the underground passage where the wings of liberty group occupied for reconnaissance. It's not like I'm not worried, but there's probably no human that can see through Ru Heu's invisibility, although it's not quite at my level.

A few minutes after the underground tremors had stopped, Ru Heu returned like she was tumbling.

"Oh no Ga Hou. My face might had been seen."

As I understand, looks like her face was seen by a masked man who was flying at high speed when she was moving in the underground passage. To see through Ru Heu invisibility! I should be surprised at that, but why was he flying in an underground passage! I'm a bit lost at whether I should question that or not.

"If he was flying in high speed, then it should just have been in an instant. I don't think your race was known within that instant. However, as a precaution, you shouldn't approach the underground passage for a while."

Just to be sure, I guess we should go to a different continent for at least 100 years until it's been cooled down.
I also have to contact the family of Ri Fuu on the royal capital.

I go to the basement of my dwelling, where the teleport gate (portal) is. This artifact in the shape of constructed stones can connect to the same kind of portal that has been connected with space magic.

I gaze the portal that has been booted up after spending three days. The vermilion stones are truly beautiful.

"Torii has to be like this after all."
<TLN: Torii is the traditional Japanese shrine gate. They're usually painted vermilion.>

A voice came out of the place where there shouldn't be anyone, my heart felt as if it would flew out of my chest.


Ridiculous, ridiculous. Invisibility technique that surpasses my perception ability? There wasn't any report from the conspicuous white crocodile familiars that I had made to lurk. Were them all eluded?! Impossible.

A silver masked man is there.

I calmly talk to the intruder whom I normally would have eliminated.
That is because I've seen his title.

"Do you have any business, hero-dono."

Yes, he is the hero. The warrior of god that matches even the demon lord. A transcendence being whom an ordinary person will never exceed. Since I've been found out by that hero, elimination is impossible.

"Ah, it's nothing much. It looks like I have surprised your orc friend in the underground passage some times ago, so I've come here to tell you that I don't intend to spread it around."

What a useless consideration.

"I also don't intend to tell others about this teleport gate, so please be at ease. I won't talk about it to a third party either."
"Is that alright?"
"Isn't it a secret?"
"Umu, I cannot let them get abused, they are our race's inheritance after all."
"I see, so the broken gate from before was your creation too huh."

Around here, there's one around Seryuu city. There should be a simple teleport gate for monitoring the dragon valley. There should be only one abandoned teleport gate in this continent. Since the teleport gate that was on the small country group near the Saga empire was completely destroyed without a trace, young humans can't possibly know it.

"May I hear where it leads to?"
"I'm sorry but I cannot say it. My brethren are ahead of this teleport gate, few in numbers they are. I cannot disclose it for the sake of their safety."

This teleport gate is also going to disappear soon. The hero will probably survive, but everything in the radius of several hundreds meters around this teleport gate will be ejected beyond the sub-space, and get annihilated.
Farewell, Ro Han, Ri Fuu. Please forgive me for going to the samsara together with Ru Heu ahead of you.

The <<Overdrive Ray>> from the teleport gate fills the open space.
It abruptly disappears.

Death is quite disappointing.
Darkness and silence wrap this body.

"I'm sorry for ruining the mood, but since it was dangerous, I've dispersed the mana from the teleport gate. If I left it on rampage, it might affect not only this duchy capital, but even the royal capital, and this continent after all."

He's said that extremely easily, but dispersing mana from a rampaging teleport gate isn't a technique of human. Moreover, for him to recognize the destination of this teleport gate that I have protected with my life, regrettable.

"Right then, I'll vow with the name of hero, and the Parion god that I will not tell this to others."

To even promise in the name of god!
It's impossible for him to break the vow he's made in the name of his god. My see through skill also tells me that he's not lying. Let's believe on him, the hero, here.

This is how I meet Nanashi, the hero with a strange name.

While drinking the liquor and eating the snacks he has brought with relish, I begin to talk about the old story of the orcs after he begs for it. When I tell him that this sewer and the clean water facility are the heritages of orc, he exceedingly admires it. We even purposely go to the clean water facility for him to study the construction, what a diligent man. I begin to involuntarily talk like an old man about my various past successes, boastful stories, schemes, and even hardships. He listened to it to the end happily without looking tired. Truly a strange youth.

"However, what the wild boar king did is surely a crime. To fight the whole world that even drag its own race."
"It couldn't be helped, Nanashi. At that time, excluding our Orc empire, and the Saga empire, all demi-humans were enslaved by human. The wild boar king, despite knowing that he couldn't win, turned on the world, reduced the power of the human, and got annihilated by the hero."

The human at time that were ruling 90% of the world. When the ancient empire which controlled the majority of the world was destroyed, the orcs' battles were over. The wild boar king who had become the demon lord and couldn't maintain its ego probably marched toward the saga empire, which was the only empire that protected demi-human, to seek its own death.

I won't forget the sight of the hero who tried, until shedding tears of blood, to stop the death march of our brethren who had been manipulated by the five upper class demons. The hero ordered for the heavenly dragon's light breath with trembling voice while warped with crying voice. Exactly because he(?) found a nation that we didn't harbor our meaningless ambition, and lay dormant underground.

He left a single great sword as a proof of our friendship when he was leaving the duchy capital.

There is no inscription.

Thus, I will give it the name.

"■■ Name Order. Holy Sword 『Nanashi』"

We will hand down our treasure until the final moment when Orcs perish.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 Intermission 1

<Author's Note: Not from Satou's perspective.>

Intermission: Dance and Tea Party


Tomorrow is my debut in the upper society at last!

Even though I had been asking mother for a long time, she didn't let me to because it was still too early for me she said. But, at last. Yes, I've finally gotten permission to attend the ball at last.

"You're really lucky Lina."

It looks like Onee-sama is vexed to see me debuts at my 12 years old age since Onee-sama didn't debut in the upper society until she was 14.

But, but, but.
Since the permission comes suddenly, I have to use an old dress that mother used during her childhood. I can't say such spoiled thing like wanting a new dress like Onee-sama. If I said that, the talk about going the ball would be likely gone.

Uwah, the castle! It's the castle!

"Wait, Lina. Your mouth. You're a lady from today on, pay attention to child-like gestures."
"My, oh Fia, you were also like that when you saw the castle for the first time. You two are really siters~"
"Hey, Teena. Please don't do that in front of Lina. There's this thing called older sister's dignity--"

Onee-sama is talking about something with Teena-san of viscount Brates house, but it passes through my ears.
Cause you know, look how many carriages there are in the castle! I wonder which house is that carriage from. Its round body is cute. My, there is even a golem carriage! Amazing, I want to ride it at least once~

"Now then, young lady, please your hand."

The castle footman opened the door, and father who was waiting outside held out his hand. Father is going to be my escort today.

"Hey, Fia. Why isn't the next baron Eto-sama escorting you."
"No way, Teena. That love is already over. Today the prince has especially come from the royal capital."
"If you're aiming too high, you'll miss your chance to get married you know?"
"You're one to say that Teena. Rather than that! Even if aiming for the prince is impossible, I can still go for his accompanying holy knight or the other attendant who has a promising future."

There are a lot among influential nobles who are engaged even before they're 10, but for middle nobles like us, many are still unmarried even after they become adult. There are some who have too high of ideals, they remain single even after they're over 20, but as for myself, I want to to get married by 17 years old at least. I'm alright with the other person looking ordinary, he just has to be gentle.

Uwah, amazing.

I have a bad head if I do say so myself, I don't have any other word beside that.
Father escort me to the ball room with more than 100 gentlemen and ladies who are having pleasant talks.

But! It was too early to be surprised.

"Lina, this small hall is a waiting room for people who are debuting in the upper society."

There's this many people who are debuting! I wonder if everyone is aiming for the prince after all?
I go around the small hall greeting everyone while father introduces me.

Ah, this is the first time I call my name this many times.

"You're in the way. Move it."
"I, I'm sorry."

When I was standing on the passage to the hall, I got scolded. He's a scary person wearing a white armor. I wonder if he's a knight? I apologized and conceded the way.

"You're not bad. Were you trying to immediately greet the prince?"
"Ah, Onee-sama. It's not like that, I was scolded for blocking the way."
"Blocking the way you said, a thin girl like won't be enough to block the way even if there are 10 of you right?"

When I think about it again, that's true. I wonder if there's some kind of reason?

"Haa, I'm tired."
"Ara ara, let's wet our throats with something."

Together with Onee-sama and her friend, we're sitting on the sofa inside the ball room, and watch the ball. I didn't think that the ball I had always wanted to go was this hard. I don't remember most people whom I introduced myself to.

"Of course that would be so. I was seeing from the side, you were looking down the whole time you were being introduced right?"
"I mean, everyone was older than me, it was a bit scary."

I quench my throat with the fruit water that the maid-san's brought. As expected of duke-sama, not only it has fruit that I rarely eat, it even has ice.

"Mou, you two, it's too early to become tired."
"I'm sorry Teena. Leaving that aside, what is with the crowd earlier?"
"It seems there were specialties delicacies from baron Muno territory, but nothing had remained on the plates when I got there. It might have been really delicious, uncles and his friends were competing to eat it."

To even make the older men who are used to gourmet food to compete with each other, I wonder if it's that delicious. I want to eat it even only for a mouthful.

"Disappointing huh. However, this is the first time I've heard baron Muno territory, is it a distant territory?"
"What are you saying, it's next to the duchy. There was a rumor of it getting attacked by the demon's army right."
"Ah, that! It was an epic about a magician with demi-human mercenaries who repulsed ten of thousands monster herds wasn't it."
"However, since the story came from sir Toruma, it's better if you take it with a grain of salt."

I've also heard about it.
The opponents who annihilated the army without even letting them get ready were turned around in a blink of an eye with just a small troop. He must be a giant man with scars covering his whole body. There are beautiful women on his side at beck, and if he wears an eyepatch, his atmosphere might be even strong--

"Lina, are you tired?"

--Ha. I indulged in my delusion. Since different dish are being displayed on the place with baron Muno cooking a while ago, we're going there to look around.

Sweet smell tickles my nose. What smell is this?
Thin batter is spread and fried on top of a heating magic tool, some kind of red fruit and white soft thing are put on top of it and it gets enclosed.
What a skillful movement! I've seen the chef in my house cooks before, but it's completely different.

"Okay, here you go. Small lady-san."
"T, thank you very much!"

The chef presents the cuisine while smiling sweetly. I accept the plate that the black-haired attendant gives me.
When I look closer, this chef person isn't a servant is he? I mean, he's wearing such expensive-looking clothes. He's young, but he's surely from an influential noble house. Even Onee-sama, and Teena introduce themselves before they receive the cuisine.
I also give my name in panic. I understand when we are talking that he's a honorary chevalier-sama. Onee-sama and her friend seem to change their interest toward the dish after they've heard his peerage, but I think it's amazing to acquire a peerage with his own power even though he's this young.

I think of such thing until it's time to eat the dish. I sit down on the chair near Onee-sama and her friend, and use a small knife and a fork on the plate to put the dish on my mouth.


White soft sweetness melt in my mouth. I wonder if I'm chewing that red fruit? The slightly sour taste mixed with that white soft sweets are mixing, the inside of my mouth is in bliss. It's no very ladylike, but my lips begin to open involuntarily, and a smile leaks out.

"U, um, nice to meet you!"
"Y, yes, nice to meet you!"

When I've finished eating and handed the plate to the maid-san, a young gentleman calls me out. He also looks nervous, but my heart is shaking to the point like it'll explodes.
I was invited to my first dance by that person. Although I stepped on his foot since I was nervous, he also stepped on mine, so we were even. After we had finished dancing, his friend tried to invite me, but since he was a bit overbearing, I was afraid and somehow able to decline.

Men are a bit scary after all.

I wanted to eat the [Crepes] from before once again, but it was already over. It seemed that the white soft things were all used up, "I'm sorry." he apologized kindly.
It's strange. Even though his nose isn't high, the area around his eyes aren't deep, and he can't be called handsome, I can't take my eyes off. I wonder if it's because of his calm demeanor, and his gentle expression?

"C, chevalier-sama! Would you dance with me if it's alright with you!"
"Yes, I'll be glad to."

I've invited him to a dance involuntarily. My voices were loud because I was too nervous, the eyes of everyone around were gathered to us. Ah, my face is hot.
Chevalier seemed to be slightly surprised, but he immediately agreed.

"Please don't be so nervous, it's fine to think the people around as trees and stones. Please think of me like your brother or father, and be at ease."

He patted my tense shoulders gently, and whispered so. Just a bit, really a bit of the tension in my shoulders come out, and I've become relaxed.
When the music starts, I'm dancing unlike falling like before. While we're dancing like fish in the water, he whispers "It's alright", "Be more relaxed there.", "Like a princess riding on the flow" which feel good, and then the music stops. To have this much fun in dancing with a skillful person! I have to exercise dancing more seriously from now on.
I wanted to dance for another tune, but since other girls were waiting for their turns, I refrained myself. It looks like I'll get bullied if I monopolize him.

"Lina, were you that skillful?"
"It was because Chevalier-sama was very good, I danced spontaneously."
"Fu~n, I have a rule against someone younger, so I'll pass."

Onee-sama is smiling badly while hiding bottom half of her face with a folding fan. She must be thinking of something, but if you don't do it moderately, you'll be late to get married you know?

"Thank you for inviting me today--"

When I saw the person who visited the tea party I was having with Onee-sama and her friends at the salon, I almost dropped my cup.

Why is chevalier-sama here?

"Ufufufu, since he looked like Lina's favorite, I sent a written invitation together with your letter of thanks."
"You should thank Fia. A lot of girls from other houses have sent their invitations, it seems they're still competing even now."

Onee-sama, and Teena-sama whispered to both my ears.
Even though Chevalier-sama is surrounded by Onee-sama and her friends who look so attractive, he seems very calm not befitting of his age like always.

Tetra-sama! Pushing your b, breasts on him while pretending to talk is cheating.
Ah, even Shiona-sama, are you two aiming for chevalier-sama who's of the same age? I feel annoyed somehow in my chest.

If the house maid didn't come while bringing the present brought by chevalier-sama, I might cut myself inbetween them like a child.

The sweets are called Muno roll, and it taste like between the crepes from before and gururian. It's a bit heavier than crepes, but it suits the blue tea well. The blue tea are presents from Teena-sama, so I've never drank one with a brand though.

I was surprised to hear the story about the time he's granted the peerage when we were talking about the story concerning the cake. I mean, chevalier-sama is the hero of that defensive war of Muno city! He doesn't like it at all. I mean, his hair is silky, his arms are slender and supple, they hardly look like they swing a staff or a sword.

Since he had some business, he unfortunately couldn't accept the invitation to a dinner tonight.
When chevalier-sama was going back, father handed him a bag with fruits and they had a long talk about something. Those fruits are something from the orchard of our house. It's really bitter, and on top of being sour, it looks bad, so insects don't harm it, making it non-labour intensive fruits, but it can only be eaten by making it into pickles, however nowadays gabo fruits pickles have dominated the market. I wonder if that's why our house's fortune is slightly slumping.

"Good day, Lina-sama."
"G,gud dai, chevlier-sana."

I was surprised to meet chevalier-sama when I came out of the passage out of the garden. Because of that, I fumbled. Ah, it's embarrassing.
Father looks restless, I wonder what happens? It smells really nice.
It looks like the black-haired attendant of chevalier-sama hands over a white box. What kind of sweets are those I wonder? Ah, even though I know it's improper, my lips are loosing.

"This is, sir Pendragon! W, were you really able to make a new use for that fruit?"
"Yes, I baked a cake using that fruit."

That white soft thing can certainly hides the sour fruits, but isn't that because of the white soft thing, not the fruit?
As a proof, that fruit's color become completely different because the slices have been wrapped with a lot of that white soft thing.

"This is, it doesn't look like that fruit, have you put something else inside?"
"No, the one on the top is that fruit. It changes color when heated."

Heating fruits? You usually cool them with well water.
To make that brown fruit becomes pink. The color looks really beautiful.

The maids cut it, and I timidly put the [Cake] on my mouth. People are just staring at it, and no one eats it.

Amazing! It softly melts. The texture is different than crepes, it's different than any sweets I've ever eaten.
This time, I put the sour part of the fruit on my mouth while being prepared. It's soft sweet and smooth. As I chew, the fiber feels different than strawberry, or apple.

I want to eat a bit more.
However, unfortunately, it seems to be over with one slice. The fork on the plate with the remaining white soft thing is taken, I endure the impulse to eat it. I'm already a lady who's made her upper society debut.

"I'm thinking of presenting this cake for the wedding of Tisrad-sama."

Ah, father is trembling with chevalier-sama's bomb remark. It's a terribly great honor to have the fruit used as a dish for the wedding of the next-next duke-sama. I understand the feeling of father who nods with trembling body from the unexpected offer.
Perhaps, this cheap fruits can sell more, and our house's finance will become better maybe.

I was called to father's room this night, and got asked if I wanted to send marriage proposal to chevalier-sama. Even though father hated and called honorary nobles shams in all his life.

Ehehehe, Lina Pendragon eh. It'd be nice if Chevalier-sama accepts. And then, the two of us will dance every night. It must be fun, no doubt about it.

I've eaten a delicious cake, and heard a wonderful story, it seems I will sleep pleasantly today.
It'd be nice if tomorrow is also a good day.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 5 Intermission 5

Intermission: Young Merchant and Orphanage Children


When I went to an orphanage on an errand of my employer, I saw little children playing cards. Those cards are exactly like the learning cards that I've made. However, the designs are slightly different.

"Hey, you guys, where did you get those cards?"
"Tsui-niichan made it."
"You're wrong, it was Yuni-ane who got it from her boyfriend."
"Etai-niichan drew the pictures."
"Tsui-niichan shaved the tree you know?"
"Yuni-ane taught us how to play."

The children answered my question in hoots. If you say it like that, I won't be able to hear it. Since the children began to quarrel, I arbitrated them in a hurry.
After asking for many times, I understand that, "They got the cards from the lover of the child called Yuni", "The child called Tsui supplied raw materials like wood blocks, ink, and brushes.", and "The child called Etai drew the pictures."

Since the learning card, including the prototype were bought by that merchant boy, he's probably the lover of that Yuni. The intelligent looking girl who was with her is probably Yuni.
I guess the children that he wanted to teach are this orphanage's kids huh.

That reminds me, the children said something that piqued me.

"What is the way to play?"

There's nothing like way to play for the cards I've made. You read the letter, and check the back of the card to see if you're correct, that's what the item only is.

"Like this!"
"You line them up."
"In turns."
"You guess the letter right~"
"It becomes yours."

The children speaks of in rapid succession. The "I want to tell"-thought overflow. I patiently listen to the children's words, and arrange them in my head.

You put 100 cards with the letter sides on top on the [Field], and if you can read the letter correctly to match the picture on the back, it become yours. The missed cards are sent to the [Graveyard], and if there are no more cards on the [Field], the cards on the [Graveyard] are put back on the [Field], and the play resumes. When the cards are all gone from the [Field], and the [Graveyard], the one who holds the most cards becomes [Scholar]--the winner.

"Amazing, to think of such play."
"That's right, Yuni-ane is amazing~"
"Didn't she say the amazing one was Aisa?"
"You're wrong, it's Tarisa."
"Wasn't it Maisa?"

I want to meet this child called Yuni. I ask if I can meet Yuni or the other two children.

"Yuni-ane is working."
"Tsui-niichan is also training right?"
"What about Etai-niichan?"
"In his room?"
"No, the elder said he was going to work in the field today."
"Gabo field?"
"No, he said mustard spinach."
"Then, he's at the red roof place."
"Uncle, I'll guide you there!"

U, uncle. Even though I'm still 20 years old.
While feeling hurt by the children's words, I follow them by hand.

The children lead me to the place where 20 boys who are about 10 years older than the one who've lead me here are working in the fields.

The eldest-looking muscular boy looks suspiciously at me who've been guided by the children.

"Hey, nice to meet you, I'm a merchant called Neisen."
"What business does Merchant-sama want? Since the crops are the lord-sama's properties, we wont's sell it without permission y'know?"

I notice slightly sarcastic accent from his [Merchant], and [Sama]. I didn't come here to pick a fight with a child.

"It's not like that. I wanted to meet Etai-kun, and these children guided me."
"Etai is under that tree, fainting. Since he's useless, you can take him if you have some business. You kids, come here."

I thank the boy and go toward Etai-kun.
The children are caught by the boy, and got themselves to help weed the grass. While slightly waving to the children, I talk to Etai-kun.

"Etai-kun, can I talk with you for a bit?"
"...Who? Are you?"
"Nice to meet you, I'm a merchant called Neisen."
"Haa, merchant-san, what are you...."

Looks like Etai-kun isn't good with conversations.

"Actually, it's about the picture you've drawn on the learning cards."
"Those are interesting right!"
"Yup, the child who thought that play is amazing."
"Everyone plays it all night."
"Did no one quarrel?"
"Anyone who does will be made to have the last turn."
"I see, that's a good decision. However, it's hard to wait your turns with just two learning cards sets right."
"No, we have four sets now."

I wasn't able to hide my surprise. It's only been eight days since the [Learning Cards] have been sold. To only take four days to make one set!
Even though the painter whom I asked to produce the commercial cards took half a month to create one set...

"Did you draw it yourself?"

I breath a slight sigh of relief with that words. The reason was because it took several people to shorten the time. However, that thought is negated with the next words.

"I made the first two sets myself, but the other set was made with the help of other kids who were good at drawing. Thanks to that, we made one in a day."

"Theo, Shual, Olio. This person has something to talk about."

Etai-kun leads me to a hut with three boys and girls. I promptly do self-introduction and get down to business.

"Can you guys draw pictures as good as Etai-kun?"
"That's right."
"Not as good as Etai-ani."
"Etai-niichan taught me~"

After each of them draws a picture, I start the talk.

"I want to employ you guys."
"I haven't properly learned the letters you know?"
"Is it my b, body?!"
"My breasts are still small, do you want to make me your mistress?"

I deny the children's off--the-mark replies, and I explain in detail.
I'm the original maker of this learning cards, and I want to spread it all over Shiga kingdom, not only in Seryuu city, so in order to make a lot of the learning cards, I'm going to employ them.

"How much will you give? Will you give one penny for one set?"
"You, that's too greedy."
"That's right, that'll become several copper coins in one month."
"How many will it become?"

The children's wages depend on their works, but the market price is around 1-2 copper coins in a month. In case of living-in, they normally don't get wages.
I tell the children who have begun to count with their fingers the answer.

"If you can make 30 sets in one month, then that'll be 30 pennies, or six coins in copper coins."
"Four of us can make 40 sets."
"Then that'll be eight copper coins. Each person gets two copper coins."
"Amazing, that's about the same as Yuni-neechan."
"It's true, amazing."
"However, do we have that much materials?"
"I wonder if we can ask Tsui-niichan~?"

The children are fast to become excited, and depressed.
I don't intend to make them work that cheap, but since I don't have the fund for the start up, I'll compensate them later for the margin.

"I will prepare the materials of course."
"Then, I'll make many."
"Un, I'll work hard~"

Among the children who are in high spirit, Etai-kun alone looks gloomy.

"But, is it fine to do it without permissions from Yuni and Tsui-niichan?"
"Oh right, they're the children who have brought the card, taught the play, and suggested the cards' production aren't they."
"Do you know where they work at? I'll go and ask them. If I can't meet them, I'll go back at midnight."

I go out of the orphanage after hearing the workplaces of Yuni-chan and Tsui-kun. Since I've acquired informal consents from Etai-kun and the other children, I'll talk about it with the remaining two children. I must respect the fellowship of the children.

First, I go to the Gate Inn where Yuni-chan is working. I have to persuade the girl as she's the one who created the idea of the play. If I just put a separate manual for that play, it'll surely sell.


I got permission from the inn's girl to talk to Yuni during her work, and the she readily replied it. The girl is different than my expectation. She's not that intelligent-looking beautiful girl, but an extremely common girl.

"The one who thought that play isn't me. It's by my friend called Arisa."
"Where should I go to meet her?"
"She's gone to the labyrinth city."
"I see, this is troubling."
"It's alright, that Arisa would say strange things like [There is no border for play] and would give you the permission."

That girl called Arisa seems like she has a hearty personality.

Since that girl has promised to send Yuni-chan a letter when she's arrived at the labyrinth city, I ask her to write this matter for the permission in the reply letter. It's going to be an approval after the fact, but let's work hard as to prevent it becoming a dispute.
Of course I won't be breaking any law even if I use it on my own accord, but to just use other's people idea like that, it's something frowned upon among merchants. Normally, the merchant guild becomes the mediator.

When I tell Yuni-chan that I will send the reply together with her letter, she accept while looking wholeheartedly happy.

Lastly, I go toward the wood processing plant where Tsui-kun is working. It's directly after the gate on the east street since it's related to woods transport.


I talked to him who's just taken a break, and he answered readily like Yuni-chan.
He replies while playing with the thin shaved wood wastes on his feet.

"It was originally things that Yuni brought anyway, I only got the woods since I wanted one for myself. I'd hate it if you're selling the the cards that are in the orphanage, but if you're selling newly made ones, I don't have any problem. Moreover, you're going to take Etai who's having problem getting works under your care right? It's impossible for that guy to become a soldier or a transporter after all."

He's unexpectedly quite responsible.

"I won't do anything bad to that boy Etai."
"Un, that guy is good at drawing pictures, but if you leave him alone, he'll draw until he collapses."

Tsui-kun nods that he wants me to tell him to be careful.
I should make an upper limit for the number of sets made in a month. If I don't put a limit, those children look like they'll work until they collapse.

When I see the plane and the thin shaved woods that Tsui-kun is holding, I remember certain words.

『What kind of idea are you going to make next? The demands seem to be there, it's the price afterward. Search for cheap materials, or way for cheap mass-production, the various trial-and-errors are fun right.』

I ruminate those words while staring at the wood chips.

"That's right, this is it."

I involuntarily stand up and shouts, the foremen on this place gather their eyes on me.
However, the excited me with the newly found idea doesn't mind those stares, and go negotiate with the boss-san. The thing that I've thought at this time takes form after half a year.
At this time, I thought of using the plywood made from wood chips and glue as the material for the cards, that wouldn't have happened without the great efforts and experiences of boss-san, and tsui-kun.

Learning cards that are made with latticed wood chips glued to become plywoods are worth 2 silver coins, it becomes souvenirs for people who visit this city for the labyrinth, and becomes well-known.

However, that's a story for later.

Until that, the days of making normal learning cards with wood blocks and barely scrap by to return the cost of the material continue for a while.
At this day, the best I can imagine is the figures of Etai and the others who are flustered for seeing a small bag full of copper coins at the end of the month.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 5 Intermission 4

<Author's Note: From the point of view of the worker's guild elf manager.>

Intermission: The Work of Manager-san


My name is Yusala Touya, an elf who was born in Bornean forest.

"Manager, the preparation is complete."

The one who calls me is the sole employee of my shop, the small Nadi. Although she wasn't even as tall as my knee when I first met her, she's grown taller than me before I knew it.
Human grows fast.

"Let's go."

She answers me with an energetic, "Yes!", and carries the big rucksack below her feet on her shoulder.
She presents another medium-sized rucksack below her to me while smiling.
That's my share of luggage huh.

"We can't. We don't have extra money for that."

I tried to tell her that I wanted to hire a laborer to carry the luggage, but it was rejected. Since she's in charge of the shop's accounting, I can't push it too much.

It can't be helped, I put my favorite staff in the rucksack, and shoulder it.

"I've put manager's favorite dried fig in the bento, so let's do this energetically!"

Hou, it's quite rare for the economical Nadi to look out for others.
My lips gets slightly loose. Since the sharp-sighted Nadi grins when she quickly sees it, I tighten it hard.

"Let's enter the mountain from around this area."

Nadi says so while showing the map to me.
We tie the horses that we rode here on trees. Just in case, I sprinkle medicines to ward monsters around them.

We're in the middle of a job from a merchant boy called Satou to deliver an item for the ashgrey ratkin people who live on an undeveloped land deep in the mountain.
Normally, I wouldn't take such annoying job, but since he's taking care a girl from my race, I couldn't decline it.
Rather than saying I cannot decline, normally I should've taken this job free of charge.
But a good-hearted person he is, he requested the job formally. Moreover, he gave three gold coins
as the payment. I wanted to tell that I didn't need the money, but Nadi quickly blocked my mouth and I was stopped.


I lost in thought for a bit.

"Then, please."

I use the secret art for walking in the forest.

"■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■■ Wood Walk"

Green aura wraps Nadi and me.
It's been awhile since I use this magic.

While we're advancing through the forest in these states, branches and weeds as tall as grown man avert themselves from us.

"This magic is really amazing, no matter how many time I see it."
"Is that so."

I feel slightly embarrassed from Nadi's straight praise.
As a nihilistic grown man, I have to remain expressionless.
I guide Nadi while we continue advancing the mountain path. Since obstacles are avoiding themselves from us, it's no different than walking in a highway.

"Ah, that's the firefly lily of the valley flower!"
"We can't."

Yes, while we're using this magic, we cannot hurt creatures of the forest. Once we do, the magic won't be usable for a season.

"So it's like that, aah, even though we could get five gold coins from the alchemy shop with that flower."

I lead Nadi who keeps staring at the flower in regret by hand, and advance ahead.
I wonder if there was a big monster that passed here, I catch sights of rocks and trees that are gouged unnaturally. Did some kind of high level monster have settled down in this forest?

I was going to use magic to check it, but then I noticed that my hand was still joined with Nadi's. I want to separate our hands, but she doesn't let it go.

"Err, there, it's separated."

It's rare for the intelligent her. She's really interested with the flower before is she.
I'm worried with her condition, but I have to confirm the safety first.

"■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■ ■■ Forest Whisper <<Natural Whisper>>"

The magic spreads through the forest.

『Did some new monster spring up in the forest?』
『Yes, a lot.』
『They're no more.』
『No more.』
『Was here.』
『Exterminated the great wild boar.』

The forest little echoes continue to echo.
A hero in such remote forest? There should be some rumor if it was the Saga empire hero, but maybe a hero appeared among the ashgrey ratkin?
I'm slightly interested with it, but since it doesn't seem to be a monster, there's probably no danger.

We finally arrive at the ratkin settlements in the noon, but unfortunately, looks like we're not really welcomed.

The problem is I don't understand their words. Since I'm told that they saved Mia, I thought that they can speak elf language, but my expectation is off.

"How about it?"
"Yes, it's similar to weaselkin language. There are also some that are similar with elf language."

Nadi is speaking in guess while grabbing the cuff of my clothes.
Although I've heard that she's good with language, to be able to interact using unfamiliar language like this, she's truly capable.

I'd like to use the nature magic [Translate] that my granduncle used but I don't have it, it's impossible with my level.

I watch over Nadi who's negotiating.
In the worst case, we might have to push them the memento at least and go back.

The surrounding ratkin people become slightly noisier. Did Nadi make wrong expressions?
Un? My feet is being shaken.
When I look down, the ratkin little children are coiling around the luggage that Nadi and me have put on the ground. Since their noses are twitching, are they smelling something good?

I slowly squat down while being careful as to not stimulate the surrounding and open the big rucksack.
Strong smell spread. This bundle have croquettes huh.
Apparently, the children are interested with this smell. I don't know what's so good with this oily thing, but it's also popular in the city.
Nadi probably has brought it for her lunch, but let's use these to build friendship with them.
There are 10 croquettes in the bundle. There are 18 children huh.
I break the croquettes in half, and share it with the children.

When that happen, several ratkins who look like the mothers appear from the gap between the soldiers, and each of them carries 3-4 children who keep on chewing the croquettes to behind the men.
I give the last one to the ratkin who look here so wistfully. I saw a slightly appealing glance from Nadi. I'll divide you the dried fig later, so don't get mad.

I don't know if the croquettes succeed as the go-between, but since a ratkin that seem to be the patriarch who understand Shiga kingdom language comes, the goal is complete somehow.

"I see, so my brother has died."
"According to the person who was present on his last moment, it was a heroic death."

The patriarch says so as he holds the red helmet from among the memento I've handed. I can feel deep sorrow dwelling on his words.
When I was about to say thanks for saving Mia, and farewell, Nadi cuts in.

"Patriarch-san, why is only the forest around here dying?"
"I don't know the reason, but they've begun to wither since half a year ago."

I see, I understand what Nadi is trying to say. It's not enough with just thank you words.
I go out of the patriarch's straw-thatched roof tree house, and use a magic.

"■■ ■……■ ■ ■ ■■■■■ Summon Forest Maiden (Summon Dryad)"

In accordance to my spell, the spirit of this mountain forest responds.
It looks like a little girl with green hair.

"I have something to ask."
"Elf! It's been awhile."
"Mountain forest."
"Do you want to know why the mountain dies?"
"That's right."
"The reason why the mountain die is~ because a human tried to forcibly operate the ruin."

According to the Dryad's story, it looks like it's because granduncle Touya's ruin has absorbed the earth veins around here. How can that be.

"It's alright. The ruin has stopped anyway, and I've taken a lot of mana from a cute child."

Due to the stimulation of that mana, it looks like she's succeeded in drawing power from far away earth veins.
Even though she looks like that, she's lived for a lot longer than me.

"Thank you very much."
"It's fine~, see ya."

The dryad went to the other side of the summoning circle while saying that.
It's already been resolved.

Since I talked with the dryad in elf language, I tell the content of the conversation to the patriarch and Nadi.
I wonder if my story is difficult, Nadi somehow interprets it for the patriarch.

"Oooh, the village is saved."
"I'm glad for you patriarch-san."
"Yes, we won't have to move to a different mountain now."

The patriarch firmly grabs my hand, and says thanks many times over.
Even though I did nothing.

"Isn't it because you use magic to identify the cause, and report that it's fine already right."
"Is that so."

Now then, the job is over.
I want to go back to the city, and take a nap on the usual sofa.

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