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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 SS 1

Author's Note: It's not Satou's POV this time. It's a short story from Lulu's POV.

SS: Arisa and The Devil Box


Today we're having [Barbecues] on the courtyard of the mansion.

"Kuh, I can't have enough of the burning smell of the meat."
"Tarararari~""No desu!"

Tama-chan, I wonder if she was so happy, she couldn't say "Tamaranai". It sounds a bit like she's singing, it's really cute.
However, Liza-san who seriously watches over the meat with bones that are being grilled is a bit scary.
Since master had prepared a lot of meat skewers, everyone ate to their heart's content.

Today's prototype is pudding.
It's very delicious, but since master keep getting dissatisfied with the [Caramel Sauce], he's having a hard time.

"U~n, no good. It's just sweet, there's no bitterness at all."

Even though Mia-chan and me think that it's delicious, master and Arisa are still not satisfied. Oh Arisa, even though she's complaining, she still eats it all. Didn't she just have a showdown with Pochi-chan and the others with [Fried Rice] which she heavily consumed?

Since she's in her growth period, her appetite is big, but I wonder if it's fine to eat that much?

I got praised by master when he saw the kombu that I had bought from the grocery on the downtown. I was hesitating since it was a bit pricey, but I'm glad that I've bought it. I will give my thanks to the shopkeeper who's recommended it.
I mean, master not only praised me with a smile on his whole face, but he also [Hugged], and patted my head.

Ehehehe~, I won't wash my head in the bath today.

"Crab nabe is the best after all~ but, how'd you get this crab fork."
"Ah, I've made that one just now."
"Kuu, dang you cheat, but, you're forgiven. It doesn't feel right to eat crabs without this after all~."

Just as Arisa's said, it's easy to take the crab meat with this fork.
The crabs are delicious, but everyone is quiet. Mia-chan looks a bit lonely, but she's steadily eating the [Pilaf] that master has exclusively made for her.

"Mia, let me try a mouthful of the pilaf."
"Arisa, overeating."
"It can't be helped right, I have to with all these delicious things~♪"

Isn't she really eating too much?

When Arisa sees the magic tool with a round board connected to a wooden box by a pole that master is carrying, she runs away from the room in full speed.
I was surprised. That Arisa can move so quick.

Pochi-chan and Tama-chan whom master had ordered came back to the room after they caught Arisa. To make Arisa become that unwilling, I wonder what is that magic tool? Since it's something that master's brought, I think it's not a bad tool.

"Then, Pochi is next."
"Yes, nano desu."

When she gets on that board, it looks like the needle on the disk moves. Master scolded Tama-chan when she was going to touch the needle.

"It's a bit heavy, but I guess it's within the standard range. Since her race is different, there's no meaning to BMI, but I have to write down the body weight and the change."

Body weight is it? I had never heard that word, but for some reason I took a step back as as soon as I heard it.

"Lulu, you're next."
"Y, yes."

I hesitated for a little, but then I jumped on it decisively.

"You don't have to be so forceful, be more gentler okay."
"Yes, I'm sorry."
"There's no need to apologize. Lulu is slightly lighter than the standard huh. I guess it's better if she eats a bit more meat and dairy products during meals."

I'm relieved that it looks like I've passed judging from master's expression.

"No~, I've promised my dead grandmother to never get on that devil instrument again~"

I thought Arisa's grandmother-sama had died even before she was born though?
Even though master has said, "Resign yourself and get on it", she's still resisting. In the end, master gets on the tool while carrying Arisa, checks the number, and puts Arisa down, then he gets on it again and checks the number.
At first I thought what is he doing I wonder? I've thought such thing, but master is amazing, I've noticed that master is trying to find out the difference between the two measurements to get Arisa's body weight.

"Uu, I've been sullied..."
"Noisy, you're slightly obese. From tomorrow on, you're forbidden from eating meat, and another helping. Of course snacks and sweets aren't allowed too."

That's why I've warned her that she was eating too much.
I wonder why do Pochi-chan, and even Tama-chan look like their life are over? Even Liza-san and Mia-chan are silently praying for Arisa.

"I'll accompany you with the diet, so let's make the goal to have you go down by five kilograms in one month."
"I, I hate diet~~~~~"

Arisa's sad screams is resounding in that afternoon.


Thanks to the [Non Calorie] dishes that master has prepared, Arisa's [Diet] transitions safely it seems.
I feel that Pochi-chan and Mia-chan who innocently cheer for her have become a bit plump too. I also have to be careful. Let's do the upping and stretching exercises like usual, no three times more than usual today!

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