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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 Intermission 5

Intermission: Mia and the Dietary Restriction


Human race food are delicious. They're really delicious you know.
But, they're very dangerous.

I've learned my lesson you know.

That was recently--

"Hamburg steak is the strongest nano desu."
"Yum yum~"
"I like something that's firmer, but it doesn't shade the tastiness of hamburg steak. It's truly delicious."
"Even though it's made of grounded beef, I wonder why is this so delicious~"
"Arisa, you're eating too much you know?"
"I'm on my growth period, I can't help it."

Satou has made hamburg steak from beans for me, it's for my sake you know?
I was always envious whenever I saw Pochi and the others eating hamburg steak so happily.

That's why I taste this hamburg steak one bite at a time.
I mean, it'd be wasteful if I ate it too fast right.

"Does it suit your taste?"

Mou, it's the best. I'm in bliss.
I don't know how is he able to make this delicious dish from beans. It's mysterious!
The grated daikon on top of the hamburg steak is a bit bitter, but it brings out the sweetness of the carrots. Of course it matches well with rice too you know?

After the meal, I dive onto Satou's lap while feeling happy. I jumped you know?
Since the best place is already taken by Tama, I endure it beside her. But, but, I think it's not fair that it's always only Tama. I wonder if it's alright if I protest.

"It was delicious~"
"I want to eat again nodesu."
"Nn, delish."

Words of gratitude are difficult. It's also embarrassing if I talk long, I wonder if it's transmitted well? It did right.

"Arisa, you're going to get fat if you eat sweet things right after meal."
"It's a dessert. Sweet things go into another belly, so it's fine."

Arisa is amazing. She's still going to eat more even after eating that much! Even Pochi and Tama are taking a bite from Arisa!
I wonder if all human and beastkin eat this much?
No, they don't. Lulu and Satou don't eat that much.

"Fish are delicious, but you have to eat meat once in a while after all."

Arisa isn't a picky eater, she can eat anything, she's a good girl.

"Sweets go into another belly don't they. Yummy, crepes. Why is sampling food this delicious I wonder."

These many varying tastes, it's a wonder. Satou can use cooking magic. He must be. But, I think sampling is just for one biteful. If you eat the same amount of shares as Arisa is eating, you won't be able to eat during dinner, it's true you know?


When we're changing our clothes, I call out to Arisa who hardens after she sees her own body.
I wonder what's wrong? I'm a bit worried.

"No~ well~ it's nothing. It's child's body right~. Yes, this is because of the child's body."

What is she persuading herself for? I wonder if she's not? However, she looks like that.

"It's finally, finally here, sponge cake! Hey hey, it has to be with fresh cream and strawberries after all right! Kuuh~ to be able to eat cakes even in this world, truly a bliss."

She really likes it. She does, doesn't she.
Eating half of that big cake alone.

I stop to reflect when I taste it for a mouthful, I mean, it's so delicious! It's too delicious.
Afterwards, everyone is eating greedily. I mean, it's delicious.

"Everyone, get on this one by one."

Satou brings some kind of magic tool that looks like a box, or rather, a stand.
When I get on it, the needle attached on the side is spinning, round and round. I want to touch it, but since Tama was scolded for trying to touch it, I endure it. I endured it you know?

Arisa grimaces when she sees the stand. I wonder why?

"No! I've bid farewell to that devil instrument in my past life! I've promised in my heart to never get on it again."

Arisa refuses with all her might. She hates it so much.
However, she gets on it after Satou unusually [Order] her. Arisa is saying, "Clothes! My clothes must have been heavy!", but that clothes are made of thin cotton, it's very light you know? It's as light as a feather.

Satou tells Arisa with words that I've never heard before. I wonder what obese is? It's on my mind.

"Arisa, snacks are forbidden until you lose 5 kilograms. I'll take off deep fried stuffs from the menu."
"Nyu! Fried stuffs are gone, for everyone~?"
"W, wait a minute nodesu! Fried stuffs are essential nano desu!"
"I feel sorry for Arisa if it's only her, so I'll change the menu to stuffs with less fat."

Fat? The decrease of oily stuffs is to my liking.
But, Pochi and Tama look heart-broken. "Pochi~""Tamaa", they're hugging with pitiable voices. Liza is also looking at the sky as if enduring something. Is it hard I wonder?

But, it seems necessary to cure Arisa from her plumpness. Satou said so.
I think her plump stomach looks cute, is it a sickness I wonder? It's a sickness isn't it.

Let's all cooperate together to cure Arisa's plumpness.
Do your best, Arisa. I'm cheering on you, do your best.

"I hate diet~~~~"

How long does Arisa's scream continue to echo.
This is the first time I know that delicious meals can be dangerous.

Satou, you're a dangerous person aren't you.

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