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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 492

492 Can't Go Along


With how lavishly I spent during my shopping spree, naturally people with a good 'nose' managed to sniff me out.

"Yo, yo, bro. Heard you been spending lots of money 'round these parts. Business must be booming huh. Why don'tcha share some o' that with little ol' us? Just a teensy bit is ok, ya got me?"

Hyena-looking guys, scratch that, that's rude to hyenas. Those who live in the wild must endure hardships and ever-present danger. This extends to any and all animals no matter their habitats.
But not so to the four people standing in my way. Definitely not.
I can tell from the way they're filthily grinning ears to ears.
It's like they're enjoying the show.

"Y'see, there's this stuff we wanna get. Lend us a bit of yer fortune will ya. No worries, it's just a small change for a rich boy like you. Or maybe ya can just give us that thing you got on you."

The vagrant kids who vied for my spit roast had desperate looks. These guys look ugly in comparison.

"You're free to refuse 'course. We just gonna rough you up a tad. Why you keeping silent huh? What, too scared to talk? Oy! Speak will ya!"

Me quietly glaring at them seemed to rustle their feathers. They resorted to threat. Empty like the thugs they are.

"I'm warning you. Don't worsen my mood further. I've no time to deal with your type. If anyone is going to get hurt, it's you guys. You might have to pay with your life if you think I'm just a kid from my appearance alone."

I grabbed my katana from my magic bag and threatened the thugs back.
But it seems these guys are too dumb to understand that.

"Hah! We're Gora Family, we ain't scared one bit with yer' lame threat! That crappy blade ain't scaring nobody!"
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The men surrounded me as he spoke. Bare-handed, knife, swords x2.
So now they're going to beat me up huh. Thus I ask.

"That Gora? Who? I'm in a hurry, maybe I might as well crush you all? Ah but I really don't have time. I can't concern myself with this petty house playing of yours. Sorry, I gotta go now. Thinking again, I shouldn't have given you lot the time of the day at all."

I entered Acceleration and left them. Thankfully there was little foot traffic.
Should have done this from the start. Ignoring these types is always for the best. Killing them all is a waste of time. Even if it only takes a blink.
But, I couldn't afford any time for even that. I just wanted to get back to griffon asap.

(I think I've bought all the minimum necessary? Got no more business here then. I'll go fetch the meat and run back.)

I arrived at the warehouse, put the pig (?) I bought in my magic bag and left the kingdom behind.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 228

Elixir - Sketchy Conversation


Ninameria-san bowed and profusely thanked us after we handed the fruit.
She didn't look surprised at the fruit's appearance, wonder if she's seen one before?

No, she probably didn't just see one.
Checking her Status, she's an Apothecary with Lv8 Compound Skill. Quite high for someone who looks to only be in her late twenties.
Is she gonna make the elixir herself? If so, all the pieces are here.

"Sniffle... I truly cannot ever thank you enough."

"You're welcome. By the way, won't you be better hurry up and make the elixir for your husband? We can talk about rewards and such later."

"Y-you're right. Pardon me, I appreciate your understanding... I promise I'll reward you properly later."

She ran back home right afterward.
...Is it gonna be alright? She won't fail, will she?

<<Compound Skill Lv8 is more than sufficient to create elixirs.>>

Lv8 lets you make the complete recovery medicine huh.
What kind of med can you make at Lv10 I wonder. Kinda scary.

By the way, if an elixir is priced at three million en on stores, how much does an Apothecary charge when they sell one to a wholesaler?

<<The market price is around two million en.>>

Fumu, that's just about right.
I'll consult with her tomorrow.

The following morning, Ninameria-san and her now healthy husband were at the guild to complete our payment.
She succeeded making the elixir and got her husband back on his feet... Actually, isn't he looking way too healthy?
His petrified limbs turned back to flesh is one thing, but I'm sure he wasn't this brawny before...

<<The elixir has likely deemed this state as the man's normal state. His muscles had likely atrophied from the illness previously.>>

...Come to think of it, the petrified spots did look big.
What a handy medicine. I want some.
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"I'm oh so so so ever thankful to you!! I'm so back, no, I'm even better than ever now! How do I ever repay this debt to you!!"

"O-oh, sure. I'm just glad you're looking good..."

"Dear, you're being too loud... It's as you can see, my husband is the very picture of health now. Once again, you have our gratitude."

The husband yelled really loud. I don't mind him celebrating but the people around us are sending side eyes...

"This is your payment, five million en. Please take it."

"Thank you."

For now, I'll take it. Yup, it's five million alright.

"By the way, Ninameria-san, can you make elixir?"

"Yes. I can only make one bottle per day due to the precision the work demands, however."

"Is that right... Would you mind hearing me out for a bit?"

I asked her if she could make two bottles of elixir with the two fruit I had on me.
Of course, I'm not asking her to do it for free, she can charge the same fee she charges wholesalers. A win-win dealing for both of us... I'm sorry for wholesalers though.

She was surprised that I had two more rare [Bina] fruit but she readily agreed to it.
It'd take her three days to make two. She can't start today because she already worked till late at night yesterday.
Wonder how do these elixirs look like... I bet it's pitch black like the ingredient. Scary.

Once we got our reward, we reported the commission's completion to the receptionist.
She looked relieved once she confirmed it.

"Thank goodness... I shouldn't say this considering my position, but it really pained me watching her helplessly begging for aid all day long. It was truly heart wrenching."

"That's true. We're happy to complete this commission too."

"I see you did some magic beasts culling along the way. This should help lessen the burden on Stampede prevention quota... Eh?"

The receptionist froze on the spot while she was checking our Kill Logs.
...Ah, that huh.

"Ah, please keep it down about that snake. We don't want to stand out."

"M-Minimum Jormungandr, isn't that the penultimate form of the legendary magic beast of calamity...!?"

"Thankfully, we found it in its younger pre-evolved form. Would have been hopeless had it evolved already."

"T-thank you so much. It could have turned into an unprecedented disaster had it been left alone for even just several more years...!"

The receptionist's face went from relief to pallid.
I'm guessing the wakes left by that magic beast became a legend in this area.

"Or rather, it may be young, but a magic beast over Lv70 is considered a lower tier Rank S beast... Why are you still Rank C?"

"Think it's because we've been focusing too much on leveling, accepting tons of magic beast culling commissions and mostly nothing else."

"With the feat of completing this high level mission of Picking elixir-to-be Fruit from Forest of Toxin, Kajikawa Hikaru-san and Almatina-san are promoted to Rank B, while Reinamiura-san to Rank C... Truth to be told, all of you can easily pass as Rank A..."

The commission this time had several strict conditions such as lacking any takers for a certain period of time, the client's husband not having much time left and the associated risk you must carry yourself.
They evaluated us pretty highly thanks to clearing all those.
And even though the points gained aren't enough to get Alma and me straight to Rank A, I'm told we've amassed quite a lot already, it's only a matter of time now.

Wonder what to do with that big snake's materials. Guess I'll take 'em to Gen-san's workshop.
...I can imagine him frowning at all the poison-laced parts.

Well now that we're stuck here for three days, might as well use the chance to tour the stores and goods in this town.
Or maybe we can go pick medicinal and poisonous plants at the magic beast forest and get them turned into useful medicines.
First thing first though, gotta sample the food here. Healthy food doesn't strike me as yummy, I hope they sell tasty ingredients at least.


"Hmu, one of peon candidates has been felled it appears. I know not who and how they did it, but they must be skilled."

"What!? Dammit, there's only three weeks left until the tournament...! We should have retrieved that thing sooner!"

"It matters little, we have plenty of pieces in our hands already. Besides, that thing was a double-edged sword that might turn on us if it grew out of hands. Having this uncertain factor eliminated for us is a windfall."

"Those humans will only turn the table on us with half-baked forces. We can't afford to prepare many more magic beasts on that level."

"Magic beasts are only there to curtail their numbers. Until the real thing has made his entry."

"The real thing... It can't be!?"

"Indeed, he has thus spoken he shall personally see to it."

"...Did His Majesty Demon King not ordain them to stay at their designated base? If something were to happen..."

"Nothing will. That personage is made different. He can even kill S-ranked adventurers, easily at that."

"...You're right. And how do we deal with the Black Dragon?"

"Dragons for dragons. We have tamed several specimens, although they may prove slightly inferior to that thing."

"Those humans must be planning to use their festival to gather forces. Yet this presents us an opportunity to crush them all in one go."

"All preparations are done. All that is left is to wait."

"We shall meet again at the festival."





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 491

491 Authentic


The granny put on a dubious expression. Anybody would after hearing my demand.

"Sure you have the cash? Can you afford them? We sell by bundles. You don't look like you bring enough coins on you."

"Ah, sorry. Does this store accept this? If not, I'll go earn some first, can you set them aside?"

I always tried to hold back but not this time.
Hence, I showed the card right away.
I've decided to save the griffon. I'm gonna throw away all insignificant pride I have.
It'd be nice if that griffon could recover by itself without my interventions but even my amateur eyes could tell it was unable to move away from that spot, with death as the only conclusion it'd reach.
I want to finish my shopping and go back asap.

"That's, who are you anyways? A young master of some house? Or maybe a royalty? You look like a commoner to me."

The granny looked confused. Also, I finally get why every store I showed this card to had the same shocked reaction.

(Did they think I'm a royalty going out incognito? That's some excessive imagination... But then again, doesn't sound far fetched in reality...)

"Can you prepare those potions if you accept this form of payment. I'm pressed on time. Please make it quick."
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"Okay okay, don't rush me now. Think of my age. Considering the quantity and weight, should I arrange them to be delivered to a warehouse? Or will you carry them with you? Your helpers waiting outside?"

The granny processed the card while asking. She's pretty used to it befitting her age. She was also smoothly calculating price during her surprise earlier.

"Here you go, you're a first for this kind of purchase. Last bulk buy was by a huge group of mercenary. You're alone, aren't you? I won't pry but I can't deny my curiosity either."

The granny beckoned me to follow her.
We arrived in an area behind the store. She opened the door to a small hut found here. There was another door inside.
Quite a strict security. The potions I'm buying must be pretty expensive. This is only right.
Gotta keep them safe from thieves. Anti-theft measures.

"Here you go, they're all yours. Stuff at this price point has the effects to match. They're good but not a lot of people can afford them. Neither mercs or adventurers can just casually purchase one. I've lot in stock."

There's 12 vials of green liquid in one wooden box. There's three boxes in total. The vial looks like that of lipo**tan.
I decided to ask one thing bothering me.

"Are these not past expiration dates? They won't be ineffective when used, will they?"

The granny sounded a bit angry as she replied me.

"You have guts saying that to my face. I pride our store as the best in the kingdom! Ineffective? Bah, of course they are. These potions are of the highest grade. They don't lose efficacy with passage of time. Also, these are relatively new authentic stock. Drink them, smear them on wound, all applicable. Here, take this. Come back here with the vials if they don't work. We'll pay you back warranty money after investigating any defect from leftover potion inside!"

The granny pushed a piece of paper on me as she rapidly spoke.

"So, how are you going to carry these? By yourself?"

I opened my magic bag and stored away the wooden boxes. The granny sounded her surprise again after I was done.

"Is that yours? You're quite young for a magic bag holder. You're not an errand boy who's just holding that, are you? It's hard to believe otherwise. I apologize if I offended you. I'd be delighted to have you as a regular customer."

"I've got to go now."

I didn't want to get caught in the granny's longwinded talk anymore and said my goodbye.

The potions' price? I'm too scared to ask.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 227

Black Fruit


We only collected usable materials from the serpent's body.
You know, inedible stuff like torn fangs, and skin. They're apparently worth a lot of money.
I couldn't store the entire thing whole in my Item Screen so I had to round slice it some.

...Considering this serpent's body was laced in toxin and all, wonder if it won't contaminate the surrounding area.

<<The toxin has started to decompose upon its death. It should be fully neutralized in a month time.>>

Guess the venom in these fangs won't see a use as equipment then.
But man that sure was one big snake. How the heck was that supposed to be 'Minimum'.

<<The next evolution line of this magic beast at over Lv90 is [Jormungandr]. The adult form of Minimum Jorumngandr, a super ultra sized beast at nearly 30 times the previous form's size. In this evolved form, its whole body continuously spews powerful toxin that persists for thousands of years. Past records indicate a huge amount of creatures will die off if the beast is left unchecked.>>

Uwah, what's with that world-ending calamity-class monster.
How'd you even deal with that. You can only despair if that thing is born. Even Demon King looks cute in comparison.
Wait, what past records? Eh, that magic beast did actually come into being once?

<<One was born around 6000 years ago in the spot known as [Forest of Toxin] today. The resulting pollution was contained to a minimum due to the local natives casting multiple Forbidden-class Spells right upon its birth after a thorough preparation.>>

...Was the poisonous land deep inside this territory also caused by the leftover toxin from this magic beast?

<<Affirmative. As the toxin dissipates and gets neutralized over a long period of time, the present day weakened concentration only pollutes plants.>>

These purplish plants are weakened toxin? Just how powerful it is at prime.
We might get stuck with another 6000 year-long disaster if we let that serpent kept growing bigger. Scary, seriously terrifying thought...
...Thinking too deep about this topic is only gonna depress me, I should stop.

My magic beast encounter rate saw a drastic drop after the serpent's defeat.
Or more like, all magic beasts that drew near me kept running away.

That serpent was probably the strongest beast around these parts and those beasts must knew I defeated it.
I didn't do it alone though. I'd have run away with Fast Travel without Alma's group.

I kept going deeper in Forest of Toxin and came to a spot with dense mana of a different signature than that of magic beasts.
Mysteriously, this area is free from contamination with lush greenery abound.

I went to where the mass of mana was and found there, a hole.
No that's wrong, it's a black hole-like fruit hanging, or maybe growing, on a tree branch.
It's so black I can't even tell its outline. A perfectly black sphere that reflects no light. Is this the mass of mana's true nature?

<<Ingredient for Complete Recovery Medicine (Elixir), Fruit [Bina] - This fruit has a property that allows its taker to comprehend [Normal State]. Properly formulated, medicine made from this fruit can restore its taker perfectly to their normal condition.>>

<<This fruit can only be obtained deep within Magic Beast Territories. The exact environment and condition to grow remains a mystery. According one theory, the trees grow by absorbing magic beasts' life force and mana and bear fruit as a crystallization of such process.>>

...So these really are the ingredient for elixir? It's pitch black.
Was afraid magic beasts would gobble them up, but guess they didn't even see them as food.
They haven't been contaminated by the toxin here, have they? Eh, it's the original coloring? Ehh.

I picked three of the fruit.
Usually I wouldn't grab everything, but not today. Good kids don't do this at home, okay.
Well, I'm told it's not like the fruit will grow into another tree if left alone anyway, and more will just pop up somewhere in this forest eventually. I'm not doing environmental destruction.

Welp, now that I'm done, let's meet up with Alma and go back to town with Fast Travel.
...Wonder if they've found the dagger yet. Reina was half-crying when I left, guess I'll go help with the search if they haven't. I mean, just use Mana Search.

"Funfufuun, funfunfuun."

We safely got back to town with Fast Travel.
Reina was humming in a good mood as we made our way to our client, Ninameria-san. Put that in the scabbard already, it's dangerous.
Her Lightning Dagger has evolved into an even stronger weapon after defeating that serpent.

There's Alma's sword, and then this dagger, Hiyoko sure seems to evolve alongside the girls' weapons. Probably just a coincidence though.
All of us leveled up after the battle.
Guess I might as well check our Stats along the way.


Lv 41

Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: High Paladin

State: Hungry (Minor), Tired (Minor)


HP (Health): 927/945
MP (Mana): 735/735
SP (Stamina): 121/494

STR (Strength): 531
ATK (Attack Power): 531 (+580)
DEF (Defense): 487 (+240) (+70)
AGI (Agility): 501 (+180)
INT (Intelligence): 554 (+300)
DEX (Dexterity): 424
PER (Perception): 530
RES (Resistance): 408
LUK (Luck): 493

Swordsmanship Lv 10
Celestial Swordsmanship Lv 1
Martial Arts Lv 10
Ultimate Martial Arts Lv 3
Throwing Lv 4
Magic Sword Lv 5
Offensive Magic Lv 10
Intermediate Offensive Magic Lv 4
Spirit Magic Lv 2
Support Magic Lv 3
Kempo Lv 3

[Master Skills]
Aura Mitigation
Double Tongued
Pointed Thrust

Lv 2 Dragon-eating Black Sword
ATK +580
INT +300

Ogre Leather Chest Armor
DEF +240

Surging Gale Boots
DEF +70
AGI +180

Magic Pearl Earrings
Auto MP Recovery

Superior Slayer
Living on the Edge
Magic Beast Killer
Magic Beast Genocider
Demon Slayer
Skill Master
First Paladin
Spirit User
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000
To the World of 3000

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Her Attributes are growing nicely balanced. Though not as unnaturally balanced as me.
She's maxed out her Swordsmanship Skill, which lets her learn the upgraded version, [Celestial Swordsmanship]. Along with two new Master Skills. Gonna ask her to show me those off later.

Her two new Titles, [Beyond 2000] and [To the World of 3000] she got from temporarily boosting her Attributes to around 3000 with Energy Control.
...[Executioner] is apparently a title given to those who have reduced a certain number of opponents' HP from max to zero in one hit. The title gives bonus exp whenever you defeat enemies in this fashion.
Sounds real dangerous, I've got it too though.

Next up, Reina.


Lv 32

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Poison Flower Kunoichi

State: Hungry, Tired (Minor)


HP (Health): 509/509
MP (Mana): 297/445
SP (Stamina): 23/299

STR (Strength): 304
ATK (Attack Power): 304 (+330)
DEF (Defense): 289 (+240) (+50)
AGI (Agility): 462 (+60)
INT (Intelligence): 241
DEX (Dexterity): 401
PER (Perception): 420
RES (Resistance): 306
LUK (Luck): 398

Dagger Arts Lv 9
Martial Arts Lv 8
Stealth Lv 9
Ninjutsu Lv 5
Throwing Lv 7
Kempo Lv 2
Traps Lv 1

Lv 2 Thunderclap Dagger [Raiko]
ATK +325

Ogre Leather Black Garb
DEF +240

Shadow Tabi
DEF +50
AGI +60

Superior Slayer
Living on the Edge
Magic Beast Killer
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000
To the World of 3000

Her Dagger Arts and Stealth are nearing max level.
Wonder what kind of Master Skills will she get. Can't wait.

The evolved version of Lightning Tiger Dagger has almost twice the attack power of the unevolved.
That's already amazing in itself, yet the new ability is something else.

It's still got Lightning elemental supplementary damage and another ability that powers up its lightning damage on the next attack if you cast lightning elemental spells on the blade.
This is dangerous. Way dangerous.

It's possible to cast multiple lightning spells to further raise its ATK, up to the weapon's attack power. So say you cast three lightning spells with 200 attack power, the next attack will have +600 attack bonus.
With prior preps, she can literally unleash a strike at four digit number even before Energy Control added to the mix.
...Reina might become our party's most powerful one-hitter in the future. She's quick and high powered, way too cheat-y.

And then, Hiyoko


Magic Beast: Silver Cock

Lv 31

State: Very Hungry, Tamed (Kajikawa Hikaru)


HP (Health): 518/518
MP (Mana): 353/353
SP (Stamina): 14/293

STR (Strength): 388
ATK (Attack Power): 388
DEF (Defense): 323
AGI (Agility): 419
INT (Intelligence): 163
DEX (Dexterity): 197
PER (Perception): 370
RES (Resistance): 184
LUK (Luck): 261

Magic Beast Lv 4
Claw Arts Lv 10
Sharp Claw Arts Lv 1
Fang Arts Lv 9
Martial Arts Lv 8
Kempo Lv 1
Throwing Lv 1

[Master Skills]
Drain Claw

Superior Slayer
Living on the Edge
Magic Beast Killer
Ally of Humanity
Gourmand Magic Beast
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000
To the World of 3000

Claws Art is at max level already, earning Hiyoko Piercing Claw Arts. Its Skills sure level up fast.
That's a different Master Skill from Platinum Chicken. Must be absorption related considering the name, no?

<<[Drain Claw] One possible Master Skills obtainable after raising Claw Arts to Lv10. An always active Passive Skill that absorbs mana from targets hit by Claw Arts and Piercing Claw Arts Skills. Absorbed MP cannot go over Maximum MP.>>

Mastering this would let Hiyoko uses Skills without worry of MP depletion.
That's some growth spurt, Hiyoko is finally becoming a proper combat member in our party.

...Now, how does mine look I wonder.

Kajikawa Hikaru

Lv 47

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Unclassifiable)

State: Hungry, Tired (Minor)


HP (Health): 1430/1430
MP (Mana): 865/965
SP (Stamina): 18/602

STR (Strength): 1151
ATK (Attack Power): 1151 (+????)
DEF (Defense): 1143 (+240)
AGI (Agility): 1142
INT (Intelligence): 1148
DEX (Dexterity): 1165
PER (Perception): 1170
RES (Resistance): 1127
LUK (Luck): 1127


Superior Slayer
Magic Beast Killer
Magic Beast Genocider
Demon Slayer
Miraculous Healer
Embodiment of Terror
Great King of Terror
Defier of Nature's Order
Overcomer of Death
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000
To the World of 3000
Across 4000 Seas
Disciple of Fierce Ogre
Brave Preemptive Stopper of Final Catastrophe

Nameless Great Hammer (Enchanted, Contains Explosive Mechanism)
ATK +????

Ogre Leather Chest Armor
DEF +240

I can't even be bothered to come up with a reaction. Breaking four digits for all my Attributes is such a sight to behold.

All the effort from working out with Mana Gypsum is finally bearing fruit on my STR too.
Perception being higher than the rest is probably the result of me desperately trying to observe and perceive Oni-sensei's attacks.

Nameless Great Hammer must be referring to True Explosomething hammer. It's got no exact number since I can explosively raise it at will.
Julian and I've decided to rename the hammer to [Dragon Buster] once it's been used to slay a dragon.
It's kinda whatever, but also something that's gotta be done.

...By the way I'm seeing some unfamiliar new Titles like Great King and Disciple of Fierce Ogre. Who're you calling Great King of Terror. This system sure is doing whatever the hell it wants.
The last one [Brave Preemptive Stopper of Final Catastrophe] probably comes from defeating that snake, I'm guessing?

<<A Title conferred to one who defeated a magic beast that may eventually end the world if left unchecked. In case it was done by a group, the most prominent achiever receives the title. One of Titles required for Hero's Job Change.>>

Uh, does the hero even have the time to defeat that kind of monsters?
Wait, I didn't know Hero Job can be upgraded too. Wonder what kind of Job will he get after a Job Change.

Result-wise, not only do we get the ingredient for elixir, we've also got loads of exp and the big snake's mats. A huge haul if I may.
Now then, let's see if our client is willing to make spare elixirs for us after handing the ingredient over.
...Medicine made from that fruit huh. I can just imagine it'll look like black ink...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 490

490 The Need to Act


I went back to the food stall from before.

"Mister, know a place that sells medicines that can instantly heal wounds just by smearing?"

"Ou! You're that lad! Ou ou, ya paid too much. Here take it back. Yer' scarin' me giving this much outta nowhere."

"Then give me as many meat skewers that coin affords. You keep that. So, do you know?"

"Oy oy, how many pieces ya think this'll get ya. Yer' a riot, lad. And, aah, ya mean potions? Then that'd be..."

Food stall mister taught me a potion seller's location and I left carrying a lot of meat skewers. The paper bag he gave me to carry them is filled to the brim.

(Guess they're called potions too here huh... Plot convenient? Or is it just how it is? Standard name in other worlds?)

The less you question this the less stressed you are. What's the point of minding the names. For now at least.
I'm also ignoring all the glances from passerby. Of course I'd stand out carrying this many skewers.
I keep walking following the route while biting on one.
Then as I arrived in a rather deserted path, I found myself surrounded by small figures.
A gang of vagrant children living in these alleyways.

"Dude, gimme those meat."

A boy of around 10 year old squeezed out his voice loud enough to be heard.
I almost laughed but managed to bear it. There's around 15 children encircling me.
They have thick sticks, broken swords, and rocks gripped.
Must be a kid gangster. But these kids desperate eyes aren't laughing. This is no laughing matter.

"We ain't gonna hurt ya if ya just hand that over, got it?"

These kids look malnourished. It's pitiful to watch.
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(Aah, right. Not like I can finish this all anyway.)

I acted like I was scared as I slowly put down the paper bag. Then I walked in the potion seller's direction with both my hands up in the air.

The encirclement opened up as I made my way out. I started running without looking back once I was out.

(Acting like a feeble man and leaving without causing a scene is the best course of action in this situation.)

This is likely not a matter that'd spark an event. I might as well act this out, don't wanna risk kicking a hornet's nest.
My mental state won't last if I have to see through every little matter.
Meat skewers led me to this event. They were also the key items that ended it.
Not handing them might land me in yet another problem.
By doing this, I managed to avoid that. I took a glance behind me and saw none of the kids anymore.

"Phew~. Can I get a break from running into these events, small or big, every single time?"

There's a signboard in front of a store I arrived at. Drawn with a round-bottom flask. This is the place.

"Pardon. I'd like to buy potions."

The store looked bright and clean outwardly, but the insides were a little dim with a strong stimulating smell of medicine.

"Welcome, what grade of medicines do you want? General? Or quick-acting? Or perhaps instant-acting magic medicine?"

What showed up was a granny who walked briskly despite her hump back. Her hoarse voice echoed in the store.
I was a bit taken aback by this. There are three types. I could kinda tell from the descriptions, so I made my decision.

"Instant-acting magic medicine, the best ones you have. Stuff that heals any kind of wound just by administering it. Sell me all the stock you have."






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 226

Importance of Reliance



The serpent's body glowed.
It's activated Martial Arts Skill [Qi Clad] to raise its Attributes.
The real battle begins now huh. I'm gonna power up with Energy Control too.



The serpent's Extended Mana Fangs collided with my Mana Blade Rev.
One Mana Fang broke apart, but not the other. Guess stopping both is a tall order.

Currently, both the serpent and I have around 2000s Strength.
The biggest differences would be the serpent's higher Res and my higher Luck

High Resistance makes you resistant to abnormal status so flash bang won't blind this snake. It can probably endure Lightning Pepper shoved down its mouth too. Loud sound to break its hearing is pointless since it's got heat and smell sensors.
Having all effective debuffs completely negated against a stronger foe is debilitating.

In contrast, I only have my Luck with its vague effects.
Luck in combat affects [Spur of the Moment], a very hazily defined factor that may or may not turn the tide of combat.

For example, when I'm up against a swordsman, their sword may break from wear and tear, or they might slip up during crucial moments resulting in a fatal opening.
...In this case, those fangs are constantly in a perfect condition, and this serpent's HP and MP were at max when I ran into it. I'm doubting if my Luck is even at work.
Solely relying on Luck isn't gonna get me anywhere. I gotta think up a way to beat this thing somehow---!



Damn, this bastard undulated the majority of its body to increase the number of moves.
Each move has enough power to turn ten trees into sawdust.
It shot out five, six of this move every second.

The attack speed itself is slower than Oni-sensei's.
But dealing with this barrage at its size gives me no room to counter attack.
Doing so will open me to a direct hitting counter instead.

『Shaaaaaa!! Gishaaaaa!!』

As if making doubly sure, the serpent blindly fired Mana Fang Farslash in conjunction.
But it cannot seem to hit me accurately due to its undulating body, all the strikes kept missing me by a breadth. What's it doing?

...!? H-huh? The Farslash aren't disappearing? Heck, aren't they stopped mid air?

<<Piercing Fang Arts Skill Lv7 [Mana Fang Crescent Moon]: An ability that fixes unleashed slashes in place. The stopped farslashes deal damage to anything that touches it. Mana is consumed while the ability is in effect, but there is no time limit as long as mana is supplied.>>

Oh crap, I've been caged in farslashes before I realized what was going on.
But the serpent will get damaged by those farslashes too if it attacks me now. Wait, no way.


The serpent concentrated a huge quantity of mana in its head for a brief moment before shooting it at me.

<<Dragon Skill Lv3 [Quick Dragon Breath]. An ability that shoots out a high speed mana bullet. It possess a lower area of effect and power than Standard Dragon Breath, however it boasts superior speed and explodes upon impact.>>

Boom. Then comes an intense impact.


The breath blow up right as I finished reading Menu's explanation.
The power was so high even though it wasn't a direct hit. I'd likely lose all my HP if I didn't wrap myself in a thick Mana Cushion + Armor.

The impact was severe enough to blow me out of Forest of Toxin.

Dangit, I managed to barely escape with my life but this thing's far stronger than I thought!!
What the heck was 'I don't feel like losing'! Dumb me! Gotta quit getting so conceited just cause I raised my level some!
This is obviously not an enemy I can face by myself!


Seemingly noticing my survival, the serpent chased me outside of Forest of Toxin.
What a persistent fella. It won't stop going after a prey it's locked on huh.

...They're already in range it seems. This thing hasn't noticed.

I'm going all out!
I'll use up all my remaining Stamina to buff my Attributes!
Raising them to around 3000 will only last me a few more minutes but I'd lose anyway if this kept up. I'm going short and decisive.
I converted some of my Mana into Stamina, recovering 20% just to be safe. So now I'm left with only half of my MP, gotta pay attention.

Using Mana Flight, I flew all around the serpent at high speed.

『Shi, sha!? Shaaaa!?』

Unable to keep up with me who moved while ignoring gravity and inertia, the big snake was getting flustered in confusion.
I also put out mana heat decoys and hit it with the explosive great hammer when it focused on them.

I wrapped the hammer with a mana rope mixed with life force and energy, hammer throw mode ready to go.

I kept making the hammer explode and lengthened the rope to boost the centrifugal force even further.
Pay attention now or your head's gonna be in a world of pain!

『Sha, shaaaaaaaaaa!!!』

The hammer only slightly grazed the serpent's head, gouging it. However, that seemed to hurt its brain a lot.


As a retaliation, the serpent charged mana in its head to shoot another breath at me, full of opening after swinging my hammer. How many times would this be.
I can't stop or intercept the serpent's breath right now.

Me, that is


"【Extended Mana Blade】 【Grand Blade】!!"

『Hagya, aaaagagagaaaaaa!!!?』

Alma came out of shadow and stabbed the serpent's mouth with a combination move of Swordsmanship and Magic Sword Skills.
The serpent stopped charging breath attack at the sudden sword crammed inside its mouth. Is that yummy? Chew on it real well.

Now that we're out of Forest of Toxin, Alma's group can join in the fight.
They had rapidly closed in through Shadow Dive and been waiting for the right time to attack.
The serpent can't detect their smell or heat signatures inside shadow. Neither can it sense their mana, hence it failed to anticipate the ambush.



The serpent shook its body to attack Alma, but Hiyoko used up all its energy to explosively raise Attributes to max and deflected the attack with Extended Mana Claw.
Hiyoko's firepower matched the serpent if only for a few seconds. More than sufficient to buy us time.


Reina used Quick Step to run up the Grand Blade and stabbed the serpent with her 'Lightning Tiger Dagger'.
It's a very simple yet highly powerful move using a combination of Energy Buff and Mana Control-powered [Mana Blade].
Her dagger easily pierced deep in the serpent's head.



The dagger's additional lightning damage hit the serpent from inside out, paralyzing it as it convulsed.
Reina got thrown off in the process but she suffered no damage as she retreated into shadow before she crashed.

Considering the serpent's RES, the paralyze should only last for a moment.
The dagger isn't big enough to kill it for good either, yet this is the best. She's done well.

This has given me the chance to smash Minimum Jormundgandr right in the head.

As the last attack was dodged, my great hammer has amassed an even greater centrifugal force from more spins.
The firepower is even higher than that time with giant crab. Now then, have you said your prayer? Eh, not yet? I see, I see. Die.

"This clinches it, goruaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

『Shi, shi, shahyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagabogyu!!!?』

A stupidly powerful swing of my hammer hit the serpent right in its head, dagger and all.
It screamed loudly and let out a weird voice the moment its head burst open when the hammer hit.
Its poison-laced flesh scattered all over the place, but Alma's group had taken shelter inside shadow already. They're safe.

I can feel my HP and MP fully restored. A sign of level up, it's dead for sure. RIP.
...It was such a hard fight alone yet a cinch 3 + 1 like this. There's only so much you can do by yourself.

"...Great job all around, girls. Thank you."

"Good work, Hikaru. I'm glad you're unharmed."

"T-that was a really big snake. I was afraid it'd swallow me whole."

『C-cluuck, cluuuuuck!!』

"You did great too, Hiyoko. Can't believe you stopped that snake's attack... Hm?"

Hiyoko's body is growing bigger.
Its feather changes color from ashen iron to lustrous silver too.
Looks like finishing the fight let Hiyoko evolve into Silver Cock.

"Ooh, you've gotten even bigger now."

"Feathers, glittering. Very beautiful."

"Carrying you is gonna be a challenge when you're this big... What's up? You don't look happy about it."


"Ah, you're famished from using up all your energy huh. Here, let me get your lunchbox out, eat up."

『Cluck... Pi.』
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Hiyoko turned into chick using Larval Camouflage.
It started eating lunchbox at incredible speed leaving afterimages behind. Don't choke on me now.

"Ah! My dagger flew off somewhere when you split that snake's head open!"

"...Oh right, that was still stuck in its head."

"Finding that, is going to be hard."

"Ah, I still have the fruit picking commission to finish. You can do it."

"No no no no, Kajikawa-san you were the one who broke that snake's head! Help me find my dagger!"

Oh man, the power of friendship is amazing.
Defeating that big snake would have been impossible without these girls.
Yup, Alma is right, rushing headlong alone is never a good thing. You should always rely on your companions.

So yeah, I'll leave the dagger search in your hands. Go at it.
It's fine, it's fine, I mean the dagger's mana seems to have grown way strong, I'm sure you'd find it in no time hahaha.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 489

489 Shopping Meat


I arrived at the kingdom. And went straight to shopping. Gotta run around all over the place.
First off, meat should suffice for the griffon's fodder.

(And then, medicine... Potions? Do they exist? Well, I can always ask.)

Dunno if they'll work on a magic beast but it's better than nothing, just gotta give it a shot.

(First, to the butcher... Is there one here? There should be.)

Asking someone should be faster than running around aimlessly.
I went to a meat skewer stall to buy and ask the mister there. Early lunch it is.

"I'd like to buy a huge quantity of meat, know any good place? I'm buying one meat skewer from you if you tell me."

"Wha? Lad, you planning to open a stall or something? Well. Dunno if I should tell ya."

"Ah, please don't get me wrong. I'm not opening a food stall or anything. I know a big eater y'see and I'm treating that guy. He wants meat lots of it. Might as well buy wholesale right."

"Well s'long yer' not competing with me, s'fine I guess. You can see a path over there yeah? Go straight there until you bump into a big warehouse."

"Thanks, mister. Ah, here's your pay. See ya!"

I'm not lying. But neither am I speaking the truth. I was a bit taken aback at myself for being able to say that impromptu.
In my past life, I did only the minimal required work and play hard on free time.
It was on the level of communication disorder yet I managed to negotiate with this mister.

(People do change huh. No, that's not it. It's harder not to in this environment.)

I took one silver coin from Magic Bag and threw it at the mister.
Mister was panicking behind me, 'Wait hey!? Oy lad! This is way too much!?' but I kept walking ahead.
I arrived at the warehouse he told me about, the door was open.

"Hm? What's with you. Got a business here?"

"Sell me meat. Right, a whole one. Ah, can I pay with this?"

I showed him the treasured black card of mine.
The person tending this warehouse froze as he looked at it.

"Oy... There's no way... Please! Please wait a moment! I'm calling my supervisor!"

He ran off inside the warehouse in a hurry.
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(I don't care anymore. I've decided to save griffon.)

The usual me would have gotten cold feet, but not this time.
For what purpose am I all the way here.
It's for the thorn pricking my heart. I'm doing all this to remove that.
There's no room for panic.

"Thank you for waiting! I believe your order is one whole portion of meat. Allow me to take you there."

Thus, I followed the supervisor inside. It's quite cold. Must be a way to preserve meat. Looks like it's the same in this world too.
But it seems they've already sold all the meat out, I don't even see a sliver.

"We have sold most of available meat early in the morning. We're currently in the process of cleaning up. However, we do have a special commodity left."

He took me to a door inside. We went in.

I laughed when I saw what inside. What the heck?
It's a two meter long, two meter wide, and one meter tall pink colored ellipse-shaped balance ball.
I froze for a bit before realizing it was tied up, it wasn't going to move.
It's a pig. I mean, there are many creatures unlike anything I know in this world, except this one, a pig.

"Having the whole thing is very much unusual and so..."

"I'm buying this. Do get it done. Ah, can it enter a magic bag? Ah, I plan to do some more shopping after this, can you keep it for a bit? I'll fetch it later."

The supervisor was in the middle of sales talk when I interrupted him. He could only flap open and close his mouth without a sound.

"T-then this way please..."

He led me to another building where they have a payment machine to insert the black card.
Of course I never asked the price. I would only hesitate or regret it.
In my past life, even a small cow would have cost several hundreds thousands yen.
Hearing that would only trouble me.
Even if I understand this black card has no limit.
I'm going with the flow. I won't ask or tell this supervisor anything.

"I'll be back later, thanks."

I left the place once we were done.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 225

Serpent Breath


It has been an hour since Hikaru entered Forest of Toxin.
I was sure we would come under attack by magic beasts while we waited for him, yet none dared to approach us, likely due to our proximity to the forest's entrance.
While the reason no magic beasts came out from that forest is probably because they're avoiding the trail Hikaru left behind.

"...Wonder if Kajikawa-san is doing okay."


"I'm sure, he is. His Mana and Stamina have barely decreased despite all those explosion sounds we've been hearing."

"Mana presences from magic beasts were disappearing every time he made that sound instead...!? I sensed Mana of a humongous magic beast near Kajikawa-san!"

"...It's as big as the crab back then. Similar to that dungeon worm... No, even longer."

"Hang on, what is that thing...!? It's way too long and big!"

It might be a giant worm or perhaps a snake-type beast.
Hyula-san was with him during the crab fight on the sea. This should be his first time fighting a magic beast of this level solo.
...I want to believe that he's fine, but I can't help myself getting worried.

"I'll dive in shadows and retrieve Kajikawa-san if things get outta hands! The toxin can't creep in the shadows, and I should be alright out in the open for a little while!"

"Un. I'll go with you. Don't want you run out of mana midway."


He did tell us, 'I need your help if it gets too dangerous for me. But don't stay too long if it comes down to that.' beforehand, so us coming to his rescue is not a mistake.
However, we will only drag him down if we come at the wrong time. I have to make sure I get the timing right.

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~~~~~~~Kajikawa's POV~~~~~~~~


The serpent hissed at me.
It couldn't hiss loudly likely due to undeveloped vocal organ, yet the pressure emanating from a magic beast that gigantic is still incredibly threatening. Scary.


! The serpent swings around its long body like a whip.

<<Serpent Skill Lv4 Ability [Serpent Whip], akin to Whip Art Skill Ability [Mana Whip], amplifies impact on hit.>>

I dodged at the last timing. The swing popped open all trees along with the ground in its path while making a loud sound in the process.
I was hoping the generated dust cloud would hide me from the serpent, but it kept coming for me as if it saw me without relying on vision.

Come to think of it, snakes sense their prey through heat, don't they? Also they have an organ to sense smell by opening their mouth, not through nose, or something.
I know those from manga, hey, as long as it does the job... Let's test it out.

First off, I enveloped myself with mana and made it slightly cold to the touch. Too cold would be unnatural.
Then I blended my Mana, Life Force and Energy to make a decoy behind the dust cloud.
I converted a bit of the decoy's Mana into heat energy at human body's temperature.

Then I made it run while I ran in the opposite direction. Now then, which one is it after?

『Shiiiii... Shaaaaa!!』

Result. It went for both.
Fumu, the smell on me should be minimal thanks to this airtight suit, but it's not perfect which allowed the serpent to sense me, I assume.

Meanwhile, it could also sense the heat generated by Mana Decoy, so in the end, it picked both.
The serpent itself seemed a bit bewildered at its prey suddenly splitting into two.

The attack hit my decoy, but it's useless.
That decoy is merely a formless lump of mana, physical attacks do nothing.

『Shiii? Shaaaa...!』

The serpent seemed irritated at the supposedly destroyed decoy moving again and launched another attack. I'm telling you it's useless.

Hmm, it's working better than anticipated, this is getting fun.
I could increase the number of decoys, but then it could tell which one is the real me for being the only smelly one. What do.
Ah, right.

I took a few of my old clothes and wrapped them in my Mana.
By doing this, I produced more decoys. I can't remote control them all at once but they're more than enough to serve their function.


The serpent initially seemed confused at the sudden jump of heat responses before proceeding to lash at them.
It's swinging its entire body around from tail tip to head at the decoys. Like that's gonna work, dum dum.
I'm amazed the thing doesn't end up entwining itself. I don't mind if you do end up like in a gag manga y'know?

Guess I gotta end this while it's focusing on those nigh indestructible decoys.
Its poison-laced meat is literally tasteless anyway. I do want the exp though.

...Huh? Isn't this serpent charging a massive amount of Mana in its mouth? Just me?
No wait, it's not just me, this is bad bad bad, absolutely not good!

<<Dragon Skill Lv1 [Standard Dragon Breath], emits a highly dense compressed Mana from mouth to destroy over a wide area.>>

The serpent's mouth flashed for an instant before unleashing a ray of pure destruction often seen in Kaiju movies.


I inadvertently let out a scream at the sheer destructive power displayed here.
Wait wait wait, are you kidding me?! That attack just now turned several hectares of this forest into a wasteland! It's turning into a world of Go*ra!

All my decoys and old clothes decoys dissipated in the attack.
Makes sense. They're invincible against physical attacks but not magical.


The serpent now has a clear sight on me.
It's started charging Mana in its mouth for another round of breath attack to erase me for good.

'Course I ain't gonna let ya, Mr. Snake.

I zeroed in on the serpent's head with full speed Mana Flight!
I grabbed the explosive great hammer from Item Screen, and swung it at its head!



...! This damn thing evaded with just its head!
It also stopped charging Mana in its mouth and shifted to Mana Fang Farslash as well as a thrusting attack with its tail.
How can it cancel Skill Ability!? All these magic beasts on this level are so crafty. They put humans to shame.

It's not like I can't guard against each hit, but there's just too many of them.
My HP gets shaved down even if I block due to Poison Tusk Master Skill.
I can't keep this on forever!


I felt an unpleasant sensation on my body while I was busy dealing with the barrage of attack.
Its tail is coiling around me, this is bad.
Is it gonna constrict me to death? But this amount of Strength isn't nearly enough to deal damage to my--

Eh, oy, why the heck is it preparing a breath attack?

This darned snake is planning to blow me away along with its tail...!


The serpent shot Breath at its tail without hesitation.
It's an extremely effective form of attack at the cost of its own body part.
A perfect strategy that will decisively kill its target if you could discount the self damage incurred. I underestimated this magic beast.

Or so how it would have gone if the target weren't me.


The serpent shrieked uncontrollably.
Must be the pain from roasting its own tail. Well, pain is pain no matter how resolved you are.

But too bad. Your tail is the only thing your breath roasted. I myself am fit as new.

I enveloped my whole body with Mana Blade Rev just before it shot the breath. That diced the tail good and allowed me to escape from its grip.

Now then Mr Snake, you've been rampaging around like you own the place.
You'd probably gonna keep going after me if I leave you behind, or perhaps you'd change your target to Alma's group.
Hence, I will end it now. Let's do this, big snake.

Ah, the roasted tail is wafting this aromatic scent.
How dare you make an appetizing smell when you're inedible. You're making me hungry, dangit.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 488

488 Reminiscence


I found an abandoned kitten behind our home back when I was still in middle school.
It was so weak even the still ignorant me knew there was no saving it.
Its frail body might have been the reason its parent cat abandoned it in the first place. Despite my parent's refusal to help they felt bad for the poor thing and allowed it inside our home. I cushioned a cardboard box and let it sleep inside.
The kitten had no strength left to even drink the warm milk I gave. All I could do was petting it as it waited its end of life.
My parents weren't poor but neither were they affluent enough to keep a pet. And even supposed that weren't the case, I had an inkling that it was too late even if we brought it to a veterinarian.
Keeping all that in mind, there was no way they would spend so much cash to try and save a hopeless case just because they felt sorry.
The kitten was dead cold the following morning. I had breakfast and went to school after confirming that.
I couldn't remember what I learned at school that day. I was already back at home by the time I pulled myself together.
My parents told me they had buried the kitten in the backyard, then I recalled weeping inside my futon afterward.
Sorrow, the fleetingness of life, my weakness, the nature of 'death', helplessness, questioning why must that kitten die, frustration, such and such.
I couldn't stop my tears from all the emotions. Even though it was but one small soul in the long life ahead of me at the time. Even though I never formed a connection with it. It's not like it was a pet cat I had kept and loved for years.
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I'm strongly recalling that moment right now.
Despite the fact that the griffon in front of me is three meter tall. Huge, impossibly more so compared to a tiny kitten.
Yet its wounded figure overlapped with that kitten in my eyes.
There is no power in this world that could stop this impulse now.
I no longer had the slightest speck of desire to kill this griffon.
No, I must save it. I gotta do something.

"Well, I mean... This griffon is a victim here. If it was ego that made people do this, then it's also ego that compels me to save. All of it must be nothing but a huge bother to this griffon though..."

I'm standing five meter away from the griffon. Thinking with my arms folded.
How do I heal this griffon the quickest way possible.

"Human's malice drove this poor thing out of its home, tormenting it so much while avoiding killing until it settled here... I can't forgive them..."

I've made up my mind. I'll beat the crap out of that Bandoro merchant.

"This was done by human's hands. It's also human who must do the saving. Yet none of that matters to this griffon. I won't blame it if it holds a grudge. What if it starts attacking people after I saved it?"

I have to think about how to deal with the aftermath if the griffon starts bringing harm to people once it's been healed, but I can't come up with a good plan without also taking the responsibility and seeing it through to the end.

"I've decided to help because of something that happened in the past. Of course, it's only right for me to look after this griffon..."

I've steeled my resolved. I will bear all the pain, trouble and difficulty, everything that comes with this decision.
The first time ever I truly resolved myself on something in this world.

"Alright! Gotta get back to the kingdom now! Or else nothing will start! Aah geez! I'm always coming and going places these days!"

I entered Acceleration and ran to the kingdom right away.

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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 224

Minimum (Not Necessarily Small)


"Umm, I'm truly thankful, but are you sure you will be okay? As you may have heard at the guild, going into Forest of Toxin is suicidal..."

"Yes I'll be fine. I am confident in my high Resistance Attribute. I'm actually more concerned I'd catch a hay fever from the pollen than the toxin."

"I-is that right. T-then, please, I leave it in your capable hands...!"

The silver wavy haired woman who was looking for a taker for her commission at the guild, Ninameria-san, saw us off to Kamakura, I mean magic beast forest.
She needs the fruit growing deep inside the forest in order to make an elixir that can save her husband.

I thought I might help cure him with Life Force Control, but he's suffering from a bothersome petrifaction disease that gradually turns his body into stone starting from extremities. This petrifaction reappears even if you cut the affected limbs.
Even abnormal status remedy only works as a placebo. An elixir needs to be administrated asap or else he'll die once the petrifaction gets to his internal or crucial organs.

...It gave me the chill imagining Alma or Reina catching a strange disease like that.
I'd like to get my hands on some excess elixir or two if possible, let's see.

The forest is about tens of minutes walking distance away from the town.
Unlike Gruoz, I could sense some real dangerous presences lurking in this magic beast forest [Dankvaz].

"We'll be your escort up to the entrance to Forest of Toxin."

"You gotta preserve your power, Kajikawa-san... By the way, can't you do something about your attire?"

"Hey, not like I got a choice here. Can't let my high RES get over my head."

『Pi, pipi...』

Cough, cough, I've put on a full face mask like a certain imperial army leader as well as an airtight suit as a countermeasure against toxin.
Apparently, my body by itself can resist the forest's toxin just fine but I don't wanna get pneumonia from inhaling spores or something.

"You look like a real shady character in that getup."

"Honestly, kinda scary-looking..."

"Cut me some slack. I didn't wear this cause I like it, okay?"

"I mean you were flying around in that weird mask and all. I was sure you were into it."

"I've got yours and Alma's sets with me, want to put them on too?"

""No, thank you.""

"What about you, Hiyoko?"


"...You really hate the idea huh."

Well, me too! It's so stuffy in here, I wanna take it off right this instant!
Thinking again, Mana Powered Suit probably would have been enough. I can only regret it now though. Dangit.

After walking in the forest for a few hours, the environment around us started to change.
The color of leaves are changing from green to poisonous-looking purple as we go deeper.
...This is getting dangerous.

"Alma, Reina, Hiyoko. You all stay here. The toxin ahead is too strong."

"...Un. The plants around have these weird colors, and it smells bad."

"Kajikawa-san, please run away if things aren't looking hot on your end."


"I'm not planning to chew more than I can bite. I'll Fast Travel away if I can't handle it. You girls go ahead and return to town if my presence vanishes."

"Got it. Take care, Hikaru."

"Yea. Can't lie, I'm scared but it should be a smooth sailing if I just avoid magic beasts... Cough..."

"I bet those magic beasts don't wanna have anything to do with someone this shady-looking anyway..."

Oh cut it out with my attire! I've heard plenty already!
Gotta pull myself together and proceed ahead.

I was going to fly and scan the forest from the sky but Menu stopped me.
Apparently, the magic beasts living inside have good sensing organs so exposing myself in the air with a good view will turn me into an easy target to all of them at once. That was close.
I'm told, having trees as my cover should make the route to the fruit safer. Guess I can't take the easy way out huh.

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I beat a Forest Taipan Leaf Scale magic beast to death.
Whenever I bump into a magic beast blocking the path I must take no matter what, I erase my presence as best as I could, get close to them and dynamic stealth kill them with the explosive great hammer.
I said stealth but there's always a loud accompanying BOOM! sound though... Magic beasts won't come this way, will they? Is it gonna be fine?

I've beaten five magic beasts in the same fashion so far yet I don't sense one purposely heading my way.

<<The booming sound generated by explosive great hammer might have served as a deterrent instead.>>

Really? Then won't it be safer if I keep making it explode as I go?

<<Inadvisable. On top of consuming too much mana, this tactic has an inherent danger of luring in powerful magic beasts that ignore threats.>>

Okay, yeah no thanks. All the beasts I beat thus far range from Lv50 to 60, any higher is gonna be a toughie.
I have no problem hitting if the beast is as big as that giant crab, but hammer throwing won't work well against smaller targets with high and balanced Attributes like Oni-sensei.

I've been going out of my way avoiding dangerous presences along the way but I don't know how far should I go on.
I'm not even sure if this mass of mana I'm heading for is even correct. At least it doesn't feel like a magic beast...

Then, just as I was about to arrive at my destination, I felt something odd in my surroundings.
...This mana, have I been ambushed by a herd of magic beasts? No, that's wrong. This mana comes from one beast.
One really long magic beast.

An unbelievably long and thick serpentine magic beast has encircled me and all the trees around me.

I leaped into the sky just as it tried to constrict me alongside those trees.
The constricted trees got pressed hard, no crushed flat. There's no splinters, they're all turned straight into sawdust.
The whole thing must be tens, no hundreds of meters long. With a thickness of around three meters in diameter.

I checked the serpent's status as it glared hard at me for dodging its attack.

Magic Beast: Minimum Jormungandr

Lv 76

State: Normal


HP (Life Force): 2864/2864
MP (Mana): 2002/2101
SP (Stamina): 2487/3012

STR (Strength): 1841
ATK (Attack Power): 1841
DEF (Defense): 1887
AGI (Agility): 1341
INT (Intelligence): 874
DEX (Dexterity): 699
PER (Perception): 1312
RES (Resistance): 2412
LUK (Luck): 178


Magic Beast Lv 8
Martial Arts Lv 10
Ultimate Martial Arts Lv 6
Serpent Beast Lv 8
Fang Arts Lv 10
Piercing Fang Arts Lv 7
Dragon Lv 3

[Master Skills]

Aura Mitigation
Poison Tusk

What's minimum about it! That thing's ultra massive!
It's the biggest magic beast I've ever seen. How many tons is this whole thing even...!?

It's even got Dragon Skill. What does that do anyway.


This isn't like the fight on sea back then.
I had Hyula-san draw the crab's attention, allowing me to get my attacks in.
But it's one-on-one now. I gotta create an opening and exploit that opening all by myself.

But, I don't know why.

I don't feel like losing.

"I'm gonna make kabayaki out of this snake after draining the venom out. That giant crab tasted sublime. Let's see if you can rival it... Cough..."


I'm not against eating weird stuff once in a while. Can't wait to test out the best way to cook this thing...!

<<As its entire body is completely laced in poison, this magic beast is inedible.>>

Ah, okay. Forget it. I don't wanna.
...Haa, where'd all my motivation go...







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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 487

487 Research Subject


So here we are at the griffon's spot. But I immediately lost my will to kill it.

"That's some awful wounds... But I suppose it's still a magic beast. They're already closed. Oh but the burns aren't completely healed yet huh? Also, it seems a bit emaciated..."

From what I can tell, there's slash wounds from blades, stab wounds from spears, burns on its hind legs, and tattered wings. It's also breathing slightly roughly.
And then eyes like it has given up when it saw me.

"No. I can't bring myself to kill this griffon. Haa~. What do I do now?"

It must be because of what Chief Raie told me about griffons on the way here.
I ended up sympathizing with this griffon.

===  ~=~=~  ===

In a naturally occurring field of Waking Grass. Chief Raie walked me through it.

"As I told you before, griffons live deep in the mountain up north. There, they maintain turfs they rarely ever come out of. They have all food they need there. It's said they only leave their habitats when accidents happens leaving them with no prey. That's why we quickly presumed this case had human involvements."
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I listened to her review in silent.

"Their most peculiar trait is their smartness. They're very sensitive to threats thanks to this nature. Also, they don't attack people. Because they understand that causing harms to people will only paint them into a target. They do come to human habitats when they leave their turfs. They target farms and go for livestock, but only one. No more. There's no record of them harming people in towns and villages around that forest. They're so harmless it's almost unnatural in fact. Incredible, right?"

"How are you so well versed on the topic? What do you gain from all that knowledge?"

"That's because the research on Waking Grass is simply full of question marks. Nobody knows if any one thing could affect it in some ways. How are they affected by accidents or changes in environment, I can't miss even the slightest bit. There's just too many unknowns about this grass I'm willing to grasp at straws. I know all kinds of things in this site's vicinity, changes in environmental, economic situation, foot traffic and even eras. Perhaps to the point of insanity even. I'm fully aware of that, you know?"

Sounds like she'd lose all human contacts sooner or later, but then I realized that's just how research is like and focused back on listening.

"Moving back to griffons' traits. They won't attack even if they see you in their mountains. Yes, even in their turfs. They won't go on the offense unless they deem you a risk to their life. They're such a smart creature. But one thing for sure, they don't get attached to people. There's not a single record of one such story. At best, some people forced [Magic Crest] on them, or trap one in a cage. But that means never letting them out. They have a strong wild instinct. Ah, they're also known as forest guardians among villages that live off mountains."

"So, is it okay for a forest guardian to leave this place?"

"That's the thing... Apparently our Waking Grass has just started to stabilize in the current environment. If the griffon is gone, will they wither right away, maintain the status quo, or get restored to their former state. There's no way to know until after the fact."

It sounded like it could become a serious problem. But Chief Raie had another idea.

"But that's alright, it will make for an interesting research subject too. It might help solve a longstanding mystery. Or maybe it'll lead us to a new discovery!"

"Guess we gotta remove the griffon either way in the end, huh."

Chief Raie replied me with, 'You're right', before she stopped walking.

"You can see it from here, look, over there. That's where the griffon is... Are you sure you want to go alone? Hmm, maybe we can keep that griffon here as a research subject? Like what kind of effects does Waking Grass have as a magic beast fodder? Also, we can find out what this environment does to the stabilizing Waking Grass. See this leaf here..."

I'm amazed Chief Raie could even think of making the source of all her recent trouble a research subject, but I just want to get this tea problem done and over with, thus I remind her again.

"That's fine and dandy, but if your source of income from this production site is gone, you can forget about researching anything. Are you okay with that?"

"...I wasn't thinking straight. Okay then, I'll head back. Please take care."

=~=  =~=~=~  =~=

And so, I entered the woods and came face to face with the griffon. Seeing it made me recall something in the past.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 223

Medical Town Arrival


After enduring getting vibrated on the wagon for three long days, we finally arrived at the medical town, 'Freyruck'.
We were stuck on the wagon aside from occasional rest stops and inns, which was hellish. Mainly to my butt and mental.

"Aaah... Finally here..."

"We couldn't exercise much on the wagon."

"Well, at least we got to spend time training Mana Control."


Mana Control training is doable even when you are confined in a space.
Partly for killing time, I came up with all kinds of games for practice, like hitting targets made of my mana using mana bullets, a reflex game where you quickly convert mana into energy on your fingertips on commands and such.
One time, Alma and Reina even got too absorbed they ran out of mana. At least that shows how fun it was.
Our Dexterity and Perception attributes rose a bit thanks to this training menu even. Not a bad way to spend time, I'd say.

"...Pinky, light!"

"! ...Ah."

"Ha! I-I did it without thinking...!"


Reacting to my shout, two people + one chicken reflexively converted their mana into energy on their fingertips. Uh, I guess it's clawtip in Hiyoko's case.
Being able to do this on reflex should serve them well in combat, might work as feints at least.

"Hahaha, you girls have gotten pretty good at it huh."

"Mwu! Kajikawa-san, thumb water! Index wind!"

"Middle lightning, ring fire."

『Pipi! Pipipi!』

"Here you go, good enough? Hiyoko, you meant pinky ice, right?"

"H-he just casually converted his mana into so many different elements..."

"...Hard to beat Hikaru in Mana Control."


They looked kinda vexed but you can do this much once your DEX gets higher, I'm telling you.
The only reason I'm good at this is cause I often play with mana control alone in my free time.

We toured the medical town and found it surprisingly homogeneous to most other towns besides the fact that there's a lot of apothecaries and herb stores here.
I was sure the townspeople would all be wearing white robes and masks... Yeah, of course not.

"I'm thinking of stocking up on restoratives and herbs in this town. Also, I'd like to gather materials needed for medicine making from the nearby magic beast territories."

"Un. Hikaru can always heal us back to form, but having insurances in case we went astray or during emergencies would be nice."

"Also, medicine to cure abnormal status. Poisons or diseases that can only be cured with specific medicines like with Director are scary."


"Okay okay I hear you, I'll grab the local specialties and food here along the way."

"...It no longer feels weird watching Kajikawa-san talk to Hiyoko-chan like it's the most natural thing..."

Well then, guess our next destination is the adventurer's guild to look for the usual magic beast culling and herb gathering commissions, as well as to see what's on the quest board.
We can't stay too long here, gotta work quick.

"P-please, anyone! I beg of you, please accept my commission!"

"Y-you can't do that, ma'am! We have posted your commission on the board, please wait for a taker!"

"B-but it has been days, and I've heard nothing back! At this rate, h-he will, u, uuu..."

...The moment we stepped inside, someone started shouting hysterically inside the guild. What's wrong?
A silver wavy haired woman looked positively distressed as she half tearfully complained about her commission lacking takers.

"I believe the reward money is more than ample enough. Why won't anybody accept it...!?"

"Uh nah lady, five million is a lot of money sure but that fruit lies deep inside the magic beast jungle in the Forest of Toxin, y'know..."

"No average abnormal status resistant gear stands a chance, and a healer won't last long there if you try to bring one. Not to mention all the super dangerous magic beasts prowling the place. Forget reward, it just can't be done."

"T-that can't be....!"
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Why're all these guys sounding kinda exposition-ish.
I mean, 『Fruit』? Any idea what's it about, Menu?

<<...According to search results, a fruit used as an ingredient in the making of [Complete Recovery Medicine (Elixir)] grows deep in a magic beast territory adjacent to the medical town.>>

That must be it. Someone must be in a bad enough shape to need an elixir asap.
So what's a Forest of Toxin?

<<A forest where plants that excrete all types of toxins and spores grow. Average adventurers and magic beasts die within minutes if they step inside this danger zone. Gathering the fruit is next to impossible for anybody but S-ranked adventurers.>>

...Welp, no wonder nobody is biting.
Also, you're telling me you can't get an elixir with five million en?

<<An elixir is only priced at three million en, however, the Anti-Demon Army has purchased every single elixir in this town. Restock date, unknown.>>

So she gotta make it herself if she wants one fast huh.
Yet nobody is taking the commission she posted. Cornered in every directions.
Isn't there anyone here who can go grab that fruit? Maybe those S-ranked adventurers.

<<There are no corresponding S-ranked Adventurers situated in the vicinity... With one exception.>>

Eh, who that.

<<Kajikawa Hikaru is capable of withstanding the forest's toxin due to his Attributes' values. Therefore, the only person who can currently gather this fruit is likely Kajikawa Hikaru alone.>>

You know, don't you think the timing, circumstances and such are way too plot convenient here?
Coming across a commission that can only be done by me the exact moment I entered the guild. My Luck Attribute is such a hard worker.

But five million en does sound enticing.
Getting some quick cash is exactly what we need.
...Of course I'm thinking of the client's well being too, honest to goodness.

<<Note that only magic beasts that have adapted to the toxic environment live deep inside the territory, thus even the weakest specimen is at over Lv50, making the gathering an arduous task even exempting the threat of poison. Additionally, Kajikawa Hikaru's party members are unable to participate due to toxic environment.>>

Guess I'll have to keep avoiding magic beasts as I go like that time in dungeon.
...I'm feeling kinda anxious about going alone. Gotta make sure I'm well prepped up first.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 486

486 Serious Retirement


"What do you wanna us do? Ain't you generous."

I told him straight.

"I want you to buy time. It's nothing complicated, really. Keep that Bandoro guy at bay until things are settled here. Make up excuses, reasons, rejections, refusals, anything. Heck, you can even tell him about that guarantor stuff Chief Raie mentioned earlier. I don't care what, just get me time. Use any means necessary. You gotta make do with this much. I'm not paying extra once you're done."

"What are you planning... Well fine. I'm not this band's leader anymore. Oy, ain't that right?"

The leader's question was met with silence.
One of the mercs stared at the leader for a while before opening his mouth.

"You're our captain until this mission has been taken care of. Please don't abandon your duty midway through."

Man must be a pretty good leader if his underlings trust him this much. Enough to make them forgive his betrayal.
Each of these mercenaries probably have their own reservation about him retiring too. Might have struck a chord there. It's one possible future they have after all.
This whole mercenary business is just that precarious.

"...I got you. Sorry 'bout this. Then, uh, we're taking your request. Us mercs are a simple creature who follows the highest bidder... Do you despise us?"

"Nah, I like how simple and uncomplicated it is. Grab the gold before your eyes than chasing a mirage. But, won't this lower your rating?"

"It wasn't a formal commission. All of us here just gotta keep our mouths shut. Ain't nothin' to worry about."

The group left afterward.
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"I wasn't sure how things were going to turn out at first. You're quite incredible. How did you do that anyway? Are you a mage? A master at that?"

Chief Raie threw a volley of questions my way. But I won't entertain her.

"That doesn't matter, does it. More importantly, please take me to the griffon. I'll deal with it. Ah, you don't have to go all the way. Just bring me near the griffon. You're only gonna get in the way."

"Oy! You mean now? What's the bright idea? No, I guess I can't talk after what you showed us, but who are you really? What's your end goal?"

One of the workers protested.
Hence, I told him my honest feelings. Doesn't matter if he believes me or not.

"I simply took a liking to Waking Grass. I went all the way here to stabilize the market price. Of course, me wanting to visit the production site was genuine too. Nothing more, nothing  less. Ah, but I've just made the decision to give that Bandoro guy a beating of his life."

I'm quite angry at finally finding something I like in this world only to get myself dragged in such a boring scheme.
The worker shivered at the 'beating' part.
I bet I got an evil look on my face there. The chief who was in front of me turned pale too.

"Could you please lead the way. We don't have time to waste. If you would."

Thus I'm off to get rid of the griffon.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 222

Oughta Massage


"A, awawawawa.... 114 Imps, 44 Orcs, 34 Werewolves, 31 Forest Plants, h-hang on, there's more...!?"

"Yes, that's only about half. Ah, please check these two's Logs too once you're done."

"Hiyii...! You have been keeping this pace for three day straight...!"

We went around culling all nearby magic beasts to raise our fund.
We aimed for beasts that operate in groups on purpose and spent all day hunting as many as we found.

But those beasts were so weak they barely gave us exp. I didn't even level up once.
Same with that giant crab, I thought my level would shot up after defeating that thing, yet it only went up by 3. I'm Level 46 now.
Looks like the talk about a drastic increase of required exp to level once you're past level 40 is true. How can I not even level up once after hunting so many beasts.

Hiyoko and Reina are getting two levels while Alma one every day.
Yet you could say that they only got that many levels despite all the exp they had been amassing including from the Monster Mountains.
It's weird considering the breakneck pace these girls are slaughtering magic beasts.

We said goodbye to the receptionist who looked dead tired even though I didn't gather any herbs.
Our income per day ranged from tens to hundreds thousands en each. I'm sure that should be enough to cover the transport fee to the royal capital.

"Aah guys guys, mind sharing a teensy bit of fortune with the poor ol' us?"

"Ya lot been working hard killing weakling mobs I see. Didja know easy come, easy go as they say? Lemme safeguard that cash for ya."

...And of course here comes the daily extortion.
It's way annoying than in other towns. Let's get rid of them and get outta here.

"Hiyi... The building is going to break again...!"

The receptionist behind us lamented pathetically which I ignored.
These guys will pay for it, okay?

We made our way to the wagon stop after leaving several human-shaped holes on the guild's walls. We're departing, escaping today.
I don't wanna stay in this thug-infested town a second longer! We're heading for the next town over! I almost blurted those death flag-raising words with all the thugs swarming us every single day.
To be frank, I wish I could tour around this port town a bit more, but I've just had it with all these hoodlums and we're pressed on time for the tournament anyway.

"There were waaay too many baddies in that town."

"Somebody somewhere always tried to pick a fight with us twice, thrice a day..."


"No wonder Hyula-san warned us about unsavory characters. I don't wanna imagine how other towns are like."
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All of us grumbled on board the shaking wagon.
Well, it's not all bad though. I managed to get my hands on all kinds of ingredients and spices from all over the place and continents.
They're all preserved stuff as it's impossible to get fresh local stuff, but it's still a nice harvest.
I'm sure I'll have more chances to obtain fresh fifth continent stuff in the future. Can't wait.

"What's the route we're taking to the capital?"

"The town we're heading now is known for its medical expertise where many medical treatment and medicine are developed. We'll stock up medicine there before departing for the next town over, a coal mine town after which it's the capital."

"Medical town, huh. Hmm, I can't put my finger on what it's like~."

"You're bound to get sore spots the older you get. Who knows we might end up there for hospice care once we're all grandpas and grandmas."

"It's still way too soon for that."

"But you might find something for orphanage's Director. Worth a shot looking for her gift in that town, Reina."

"Ah, now that you mentioned it... Meat is all I could think of when it comes to Director. That thought never crossed my mind..."

Um, well, I get her.
That director did get gradually filled up day by day eating meat back when we were staying. I even saw her racing the children on the day we departed.
...Huh? Guess she doesn't need it? Director's way energetic already.

"Have you been getting sore spots Kajikawa-san?"

"Nope, not really. Okay, maybe my shoulders' feeling a bit stiff lately."

"Pupupu, you sound like an old man."


"Don't make up a weird nickname for me please. Here since I'm oh so kind, I'll massage your stiff shoulders...!?"

Reina jokingly massaged my shoulder before stopping and staring wonderingly at her hand on my shoulder.

"...What's up?"

"K-Kajikawa-san, your shoulder's as hard as rock...!"

"Uh, you're overreacting."

"...Hikaru, may I?"

"Eh? S-sure."

Alma grabbed my shoulder.
Reina is one thing, but getting touched by Alma feels weirdly embarrassing somehow.

"...It's true. It's like steel."

"Isn't the analogy getting worse?"

"Kajikawa-san, how high are your Attributes now?"

"Err... They're at around 1080 on average."

"You've gotten even stronger than that time versus Worm...!?"

"That's it! You got too strong to have a proper massage!"

I had no idea there was this pitfall that came with high Attributes.
Hmm, well, I can massage myself with Mana Control anyway, it's not that serious I think.

Err, oy. Alma? Why are you focusing energy on your fingertips?

"Massage is doable if I do this. Hikaru, relax your shoulders."

Then she started massaging my shoulders.
With tremendous power. Ordinary men would have their flesh torn apart.

"Hold it, Alma, you're too buffed up. It doesn't hurt but my HP is diminishing bit by bit. Ah, but it does feel pretty nice."

"No no no, I'm hearing cracking sound from your body! Are you sure this is safe!?"

Well I suppose massages can be painful, this should be within expectations.
...But. I'll ask her to stop once she takes down 1000 of my HP. It's scary.

My shoulders feel so much lighter thanks to the massage.
It's as if all the stiff muscles on my shoulders have been loosened up.

"...I'm tired."

Alma used too much energy and went limp though.

"I appreciate it, Alma... Are you okay?"

"...My shoulders are stiff now instead."

"It's your turn, Kajikawa-san."


"Hikaru, rub me."

Phrasiiing! Massage, say it with me, it's massage!
Won't this be counted as a sexual harassment? Am I safe?
W-well, I'd feel bad if I don't give back to her, guess I oughta.

"...Unn... Aa...!"

Can you not with those seductive voices every time I put my strength!? It's making me feel weird!
...I ended up straining myself due to that, worsening my condition instead. How, where did I go wrong.
Hope I could find a good massage machine or something at the medical town...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 485

485 Not What's Agreed on? No, Just a Coincidence


I was being unusually overt and crushed [Old Wolf] merc group mercilessly.
By that I mean lightly poking them all on the shoulder in Accelerated State.
No, I suppose this is not overt anymore. I did the same thing to Kanedor's soldiers back during the federation war.

Undoing Acceleration made the result clear. Every single mercs got toppled over. Some even fell on their head and passed out. Must have missed the timing to soften their landing.
Then I waited. They were in no condition to speak with all the groaning.

It was only for a bit. Once they started making gasping sounds to regulate their breathing, I spoke.

"Well then, my good men. Any one of you grasped how you got knocked off your feet?"

I'm standing in a different spot. I asked from behind this merc group.
To them, it must look like I teleported here.

"You monster... damn! This wasn't what agreed on! Curse that bastard!"

"Ah, can you tell us that bastard's identity? Not like they told you to keep it a secret, do they?"

"...Got it, I yield. I don't want more damage. To hell with fighting a monster like ya... He's a man called Bandoro."

"Bandoro... I can't recall anyone by that name. What's going on?"
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Apparently, Chief Raie isn't familiar with this Bandoro. One of the workers does though.

"That's the merchant in the center of all recent bad rumors! Those rumors are always accompanied by different rumors of him making a killing too! I believe he just set up a store in the kingdom!"

It's pretty much guaranteed he's the culprit. I can't believe how sloppy this guy is. That saved us a lot of trouble though.
But I've still got things to ask this leader.

"So what kinda agreement did you have with that Bandoro guy? Say it. Be honest or I'll topple you again."

I don't really like to threaten people but might as well after going this far. Nobody would punish me if I vent out my pent-up stress a bit.
In fact, the god of this world has no right to punish me.
After all, I got no blessing from that god.
I won't forgive the god who me kidnapped me into this world.
If that god ever came my way to punish me, not only would I reject it, I'd also give them a good whack on the face.

Also, I gotta rake this leader over the coals.

"Okay okay, quit your glaring will ya... I'm sorry to these guys, but Bandoro promised me extra bonus if things went well. To me and me only. I was planning to retire soon, y'see. I wanted a sizable sum enough to never left me wanting again. 'Course, I refused him at first. It's way too shady. But Bandoro made his case solid enough to win me over. I took his offer, right on the spot. Was sure this was gonna be my last job."

Some of the mercs looked mortified, some bitter and some like they gave up.
Yet nobody complained. And not just because they're still gasping for air.

"So now you will back down right?"

I asked his commitment once again.

"Yea, us [Old Wolf]'s gonna wash our hands off this matter entirely. I got no place in this group after what I did. I betrayed these guys. This is gonna be the first and the last crooked crap I pull. Didn't go well tho'. What a boring end."

The other mercs stood up one by one as the leader narrated his story.
I gave him an offer here.

"Hey, can you hold off breaking your contract with Bandoro? I'll pay you."

I took two fistful coins of all types out of my magic bag.





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