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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 478

478 To Be Believed or Not


The three guards kept glaring at me and the introduction letter.
Proving that they won't believe me even with a definite identification.

"That's gotta be a fake anyway. Give it to us if not. We'll check it out."

I gave my rejection to that. I mean, I don't trust them either.
There's no guarantee these men will believe what's written anyway.

"Please think about this calmly. With all of you being so jumpy, can you even make a sound judgment? Judging from the way you speak, I can tell none of you is the manager's acquaintance. Even me and my amateur eyes can see you're not in the right mind right now."

"Bastard! Give it a rest already! We don't care if we hafta beat you up, don't you see?"

"The fact that you could readily throw that threat out shows that you're not acting coherently right now, no? Don't you realize that? Are you sure your word comes from a calm mind?"

"Shut up! Just shut your trap! Get the hell away! You're an eyesore! Get lost!"

They must have been quite pent-up to be driven this much due to the attitudes of all the people that came here before me.
Then, the door behind these men opened up and a woman's face peeked out of it.

"You guys! Please don't yell so loud! Who can say how will that affect the grass! This is no time to experiment on that you know!? Go and tend to the seedlings! You can leave your post here. That task is more important!"

"Chief!?", the three yelled at once as they turned around. Looks like these three are just subordinates.

The woman called chief has waist-length wavy blond hair, and a stern tone despite her sleepy-looking droopy eyes which she's using to observe me.

"You three may go to the field now. I'll talk to him."

The woman tied her long hair into a ponytail as she walked up to me.
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"Chief! This guy must be another sham like those arseholes! He must be! You don't have to deal with him!"

That's some hysterical accusation. Wonder how bad it was for them to call those people arseholes?

"Settle down. You've all been working here for a long time now, I don't have to remind you what will happen if you're this high-strung when you get in the field, do I? I'm sure you can control your emotions. Take the reins. Pull yourselves together."

Looks like this Waking Grass is way more delicate than I ever imagined if this chief's word were to be believed.
It also shows how good this site if they can manage to reliably produce and supply the grass.

The three men finally calmed themselves despite still glaring at me. They took a deep breath and straightened themselves up before going away.

"Let's start over. I'm the supervisor of this site. My name is Raie. Welcome, thank you for coming."

"You're quite trusting unlike those three, aren't you. Oops, almost forgot the letter."

If this Raie is really the supervisor, the letter should smooth things over.

"...Hmm, my? ...Fufu, I see, I get it now. Do come on in. Let's start with a field trip. I'll be your guide. Thankfully we're not in a busy period right now."

"Aren't you having issues with many of the grass withering? Are you sure you can do that? Also, am I right to assume Raie-san is the manager's acquaintance?"

"That's right, I suppose he's more like my master? Just like you, I took a liking to Waking Grass tea thanks to him and found my calling by working here."

"No, I'm not his pupil or anything though?"

"Oh why not? Like me, aren't you here because of the impact Waking Grass left on you? Then you're the same as me. This much service is nothing if it means having people like you potentially work on this site in the future."

Chief Raie looked elated after reading the introduction letter and offered to guide me around this Waking Grass's production site.





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