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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 492

492 Can't Go Along


With how lavishly I spent during my shopping spree, naturally people with a good 'nose' managed to sniff me out.

"Yo, yo, bro. Heard you been spending lots of money 'round these parts. Business must be booming huh. Why don'tcha share some o' that with little ol' us? Just a teensy bit is ok, ya got me?"

Hyena-looking guys, scratch that, that's rude to hyenas. Those who live in the wild must endure hardships and ever-present danger. This extends to any and all animals no matter their habitats.
But not so to the four people standing in my way. Definitely not.
I can tell from the way they're filthily grinning ears to ears.
It's like they're enjoying the show.

"Y'see, there's this stuff we wanna get. Lend us a bit of yer fortune will ya. No worries, it's just a small change for a rich boy like you. Or maybe ya can just give us that thing you got on you."

The vagrant kids who vied for my spit roast had desperate looks. These guys look ugly in comparison.

"You're free to refuse 'course. We just gonna rough you up a tad. Why you keeping silent huh? What, too scared to talk? Oy! Speak will ya!"

Me quietly glaring at them seemed to rustle their feathers. They resorted to threat. Empty like the thugs they are.

"I'm warning you. Don't worsen my mood further. I've no time to deal with your type. If anyone is going to get hurt, it's you guys. You might have to pay with your life if you think I'm just a kid from my appearance alone."

I grabbed my katana from my magic bag and threatened the thugs back.
But it seems these guys are too dumb to understand that.

"Hah! We're Gora Family, we ain't scared one bit with yer' lame threat! That crappy blade ain't scaring nobody!"
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The men surrounded me as he spoke. Bare-handed, knife, swords x2.
So now they're going to beat me up huh. Thus I ask.

"That Gora? Who? I'm in a hurry, maybe I might as well crush you all? Ah but I really don't have time. I can't concern myself with this petty house playing of yours. Sorry, I gotta go now. Thinking again, I shouldn't have given you lot the time of the day at all."

I entered Acceleration and left them. Thankfully there was little foot traffic.
Should have done this from the start. Ignoring these types is always for the best. Killing them all is a waste of time. Even if it only takes a blink.
But, I couldn't afford any time for even that. I just wanted to get back to griffon asap.

(I think I've bought all the minimum necessary? Got no more business here then. I'll go fetch the meat and run back.)

I arrived at the warehouse, put the pig (?) I bought in my magic bag and left the kingdom behind.





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