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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 217

Crabbing Out


I melted butter on a frying pan before tossing in diced Rock Onion.
Once it had been heated up enough, I took it off the flame and carefully mixed in wheat flour.
Then I poured in milk before putting the pan back on flame and stirred the mix.

Then once it turned into white sauce, I threw in shredded crab meat, salt and pepper.
I waited till the water got vaporized enough, turning the mix into a good croquette base, before taking it off the heat for the last time and cooling it down with Mana Conversion.
Would have put it in a refrigeration magic tool if we had one, but that's asking too much one a ship.

Once the base cooled enough I molded it into the shape of a straw bag, and covered it on wheat flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs.
Gotta be careful not to use too much flour or it could explode in the frying pan.

I put these croquette bases onto a mildly heated up pan.
I let it fry for around one minute, flipped it around and let it cook for another minute till it turned light brown, Crab Cream Croquette done.

...Man, I only ever cook fried food, don't I.

I also made all kinds of crab dishes like crab shabu, crab salt boil, and crab roast with shell out of frustration for failing to get those legs, but even all that cooking wasn't enough to use up even one crab leg worth of meat.
Well, taking just one leg out of Item Screen almost tipped the ship over after all. They're simply that enormous.

"Phew, I'm about done."

"...You seemed like you were in a bad mood while cooking. Finally calmed down huh."

"He did look real ghastly there..."

"But man, you sure cooked up a storm. Sure you can finish all of that?"

"Ah, would you like to join us Hyula-san?"

"You sure? I ain't gonna say no to that, 'course."

I mean I got to reap those legs easily thanks to the opening Red Axe-san created.
If I went solo, it would have been a close call trying to land a hit under that heavy barrage of attacks.
I managed to land a clean hit on that crab with my last attack cause it started panicking on its own.

"Thank the crab for this feast, bon appetit."

"""Bon appetit.""" 『Pi.』

Hyula-san didn't forget to put her hands together before eating.
Considering her barbarian-like attire, I was sure she'd grab and bite on food right away, ack I'm sorry I'm just joking.

"This is some real good stuff. This one is just crab roasted without a spice yet it's gushing out umami with every bites. Kinda tastes like fresh oysters."

"Shabu shabu... Shabu shabu... Hikaru, do I really have to say that out loud...?"

"It has to be done so the heat passes nicely. Can't let it cool down too much or the taste changes for the worse. It's true, I swear."

"...Sounds like a complete nonsense."

"But it is good. The flavors of dashi and the sauce pair up nicely with the crab meat... Shabu shabu..."

Alma diligently saying shabu-shabu looks so cute.
Nobody does it by the second and third time though, it's a bother.

"Gulp.. Om nom... Hmm! The salted boiled crab has the volume to match the texture! You don't get this luxury often!"

"For sure~. This is my first all you can eat crab buffet too."

『Pipi! Pipipi!』

"Ah hey, Hiyoko-chan! Don't start eating my share from the opposite side!"

These mascots sure get along well.
Nice combo.

"Ooh!? These croquettes are a bomb! The wrapping got this crispy texture while the inside's like gratin."

"The long and slim shape is kinda odd."

"Ah, apparently round shape tends to make it explode when fried. Also, this shape passes heat well or something, don't quote me on that though."

"The inside is melty like stew, while the outside has this savory accent to it. Lemme grab another... Bfft!? W-what's this, it smells super fishy!"

"Ah, forgot to tell you the ones smeared in green condiment has crab miso inside."

"Say that sooner!! Ugugu, it's so sour in my mouth..."

Guess that's a bit much for people who aren't into crab miso.
Just like the child me.

"Oh we have raw crab miso too here, want some?"

"No, thank you..."

"It's fishy, but good. I can get behind this."

Alma has taken a liking to it, surprisingly. What a grown up.

『Pigya! Peh!』

...I see Hiyoko rejected the miso. I don't think there's a need to spit it out though.
Wild magic beasts aren't picky with their food, this little chick sure is growing up like human.

"Hnn! Oh man, all this good food makes me crave for booze! Oy! Get me strong booze for four!"

"Ah, cancel mine, I'm not good with liquor."

"I'll have one!"

"Reina, didn't you get a terrible hangover the last time. I'm not gonna tell you no but you shouldn't drink too much."

"I'm bowing out as well. I get sleepy when I drink."

"Man you guys are boring. Welp, me and lil lady Reina gonna drink your shares then."

"Please keep it in moderation..."

I can heal them with Mana Control if they came down with acute alcohol poisoning or something.
Wait, this woman is drinking strong booze like water, is she gonna be all right?

"Hnn! I knew it, crab miso's fishiness goes down stupendously with strong booze!"

"Oofuhihihi, cannae' believe ya gulped down all that fishy stuff~~~"

And this one here is downed in one sip.
...She's gonna get another hangover for sure.
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Once most of the plates had been emptied, I mixed in crab miso, crab meat and Aro rice together into a gruel.
You just gotta finish with rice.

"Ah, figured rice goes nicely with this crab. Delish."

"...Phew, I'm full."

"Ooh, you got that right. Sure makes for the perfect ending."

"Nufufufufu, Kajikawa-san's love for rice is boundless~~~."

"It's not love. I just have a sickness that would kill me if I don't eat rice regularly."

"There ain't no sickness like that."

"Actually, seeing you pigging out all that food almost makes me believe that. How many servings are you planning to chow down..."

Used up lots of Stamina in that fight against the giant enemy crab after all. I could've converted my Mana into Stamina and all but there are times I want to eat my fill.

I still find it tough to swing that great hammer around without Mana Control.
I'm sure it's doable with only my base specs one day if I just keep raising my Attributes.

"But man oh man, that huge hammer sure put out real staggering firepower. Thing easily outstrips my axe."

"Please, that hit was only possible thanks to your unrelenting attacks pinning that crab down."

"Haha! Says the guy who pretty much soloed the thing at the end. Oh yeah, are you guys heading for Firie Kingdom and joining in the Martial Art Tournament fun too?"

Ah, right, I think I heard about that tournament that's going to be held in around a month from now.

"Oh no, it's unrelated. Are you entering then, Hyula-san?"

"Yea. You don't see many powerful magic beasts or adventurers on the fourth continent after all. A tournament backed by the kingdom is sure to attract strong folks from all over the world."

"Martial Art Tournament..."

"Nfufufufu. I wanna participate~."

"That's fine, but just you know I'm not entering."

"Eeh? I was looking forward to our fight too, what a shame."

"I have reasons to avoid standing out needlessly."

"I'm available whenever you changed your mind. I'm itching for a fight with you."

Then I pray that never comes to pass. You're super strong and scary.

"Hikaru, I want to enter, can't I?"

"Hm? Of course you can... It's kinda unexpected though."

"I want to test myself, how far can I go against powerful participants. First spot is probably out of reach though."

"Really? Want to start a special training once we're on land then?"

"Un. Let's."

"Me too, me wanna too! ...Uu, I, I feel sick..."

Go to the restroom, now. Don't you dare throwing up here.
I'm feeling a bit conflicted seeing the food I made being wasted like that, but well I guess I did make a lot anyway.

But is it normal for the kingdom to hold a tournament in these trying times?
Did they have no choice because it's a long-standing event, or perhaps they have other motives.
...It's the perfect event to check out on strong individuals out there. Both for the kingdom, and for us.
Now then, wonder what kind of people are going to show up... Reina, quit eating if you're just gonna throw it up. No seriously.





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