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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 216

Not a Fight, It's a One-sided Predation



The giant crab roared while shooting bubbles out.
Wait do crabs even have a vocal organ? That thought crossed my mind for a second. Really, who cares though.

"Ha! Quite a lively crab we got here! First up, I'll take your leg!"

Her sanpaku eyes opened wide as Red Axe-san raised her axe with a fearless smile.
She's undaunted even when up against a beast ten level higher than her.


She swung her axe down one of the crab's legs while yelling out something unwomanly.
The crab seemed like it couldn't react to the surprise attack as it didn't make an attempt to defend itself.

CLAACLANK!! A sound like a mix of sharp and blunt metal clashing echoed.
The shell cracked a bit yet it didn't even flinch.
That crab's shell had a tinge of metallic brilliance the moment Red Axe-san's attack connected, what was that?

<<Shelled Beast Lv8 Ability [Metallic Shell Guard] an ability to double user's Defensive attribute for a few seconds. Consumes very little mana to activate.>>

"T-this thing's damned hard...!! Felt like hitting a lump of adamantite...!"

Red Axe-san's grimaced, looked like her hands numbed from the impact.
...Cracking the shell of a crab whose DEF shot up to 4600 is an amazing feat in itself though. This woman is pretty extraordinary as well.

...Huh? Isn't the crack getting healed?

<<Master Skill [Revival Claw]. An ability that naturally regenerates parts that are considered [Claws]. In this magic beast's case, all of its legs and scissors are considered claws. It likely can regenerate a cut leg in a matter of minutes. However, this requires a considerable amount of SP the bigger regenerated part is.>>

S-say what!? D-does that mean...!

I can get all the leg meat I want if I go for this crab's legs!

"Fu, fufufu... Wonderful, we're having a crab feast tonight...!"

"K-Kajikawa-san's eyes turned into a total predator's..."

"...Hikaru can only see that crab as an ingredient..."


Welp, time to go.
I'm hearing some snide comments sideways, but I pay them no heed.

I closed in on the crab while pretending to use Air Step with Mana Flight.
I got near Red Axe-san in no time.

"! ...I see you're strong enough to know Air Step."

"Yes, well."

"But you saw that yeah? I couldn't even cut one leg even after going all out. You got an idea or what?"

"Yes. I'd like to eat those legs asap."


"Ah no, please don't mind me... Let's see, alone would have been tough but it's not a foe we can't defeat if Hyula-san can just keep pressuring it."

"Eh? I mean I got a crack sure, but it got healed right away don't ya see?"

"And that's plenty enough. Though well, I can manage alone somehow if you can't go on anymore."

"Hohou, big talk. Told ya earlier, I don't work well with other. Do whatever you gotta if you wanna."

"Yes, I shall."

"Well then, lemme have another stab!"

She charged in on the crab once we were done talking.
But it's not going the same way she ambushed the crab earlier.

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The crab used all tens of its legs to assault Red Axe-san with [Mana Claw Farslash].
It also simultaneously deployed Sharp Mana Claw Skill [Mana Claw Barrage] which increase the total amount of attacks, creating a barrage you'd normally see from a shoot 'em up game's boss.


Rex Axe-san isn't taking that lying down either. She cut down the barrage with a gigantic mana axe akin to Alma's [Grand Blade].
...That's not a move from normal Axe Art Skill and its upgrade, Roaring Axe Skill. It's too one of a kind.

<<Master Skill [Sky-shattering Axe Strike]. One of obtainable Master Skills from raising Axe Art Skill to Level 10. User's mana forms the shape of a gigantic axe, loading a tremendous mass into user's attacks. However, its activation consumes a huge amount of mana, rendering continuous usage unfeasible.>>

A high powered big move, the so called finisher huh.
Each use seems to consume about 20-30% of her MP. Guess she can only activates that two more times without restoring her MP.

"Dangit, shoulda kill this thing dead with that first strike!"

Even though she was cursing out, she managed to get through the barrage of crab's attack and even closed the distance between them.
She must be trying to hit the main body while Sky-shattering Axe Strike is still active.

"Can't regenerate when you're split in two, can you! Drop deaaad!!"

Red Axe-san swung her axe down the crab's head.
Not even this giant crab can escape unscathed hit by that.


But it's not dumb enough to eat that axe head-on. It activated [Metallic Guard] and put its scissors up to guard against the attack.

A metallic sound echoed as the axe and scissor clashed. The shrill is way more earsplitting than the last one.

"Gugigigigigi....!! Why you....!!"

Her axe sunk deep into the scissor yet far from reaching the main body. That won't kill it.

But, that's good.
That's good!!

The instant the crab undid [Metallic Guard], I took True Explosion Buster hammer out of my Item Screen and went for its left side!
I swoop down on its entire row of legs at their roots from above!!


Sounds of shells getting crushed one after another.
All five left legs including the scissors were torn apart from its body.


The giant crab panicked and let out a shrill seemingly from the pain.
It may be able to double its DEF for several seconds, but that effect is gone immediately after activation.
Which means, severing those legs is more than doable... Though I never imagined I'd get the entire row in one go.

"D-damn, you're unbelievable..."

"That was only possible thanks to Hyula-san forcing this crab to take a defensive action. I couldn't have done it by myself, oh not at all."

"...That sounds like a humble brag to me. Ah, crap! It's regenerating those legs! The hell, the whole thing's good as new!"

"That it is. We can get all the leg meat we want, nice."

"No no, what the hell are you spouting!?"

"Oops, my inner voice leaked out, cough cough... It doesn't look like this crab can regenerate those legs indefinitely. As it stands, we can probably strike it down once it has run out of stamina... Shame."

"...Were you looking at this thing as food from the onset...?"

"Heaven no, it's a fearsome magic beast. Sooo scary, can't believe it can even regenerate, scary~."

"Yeah you ain't fooling anyone, I'm way more afraid of you..."

"Now then, wonder how many more can I get?"


The giant crab turned around and ran off at high speed while screaming loudly.

"I-it's fleeing...?"

Oy, hold it. Hold it right there. I haven't had nowhere enough.
More, gimme more! Gimme those legs!

"You ain't going anywheeeeeeeeere!!"


The crab is by no means slow, but I'm simply way faster. No use running away, I'm gonna get right next to you!


N-no! It's attempting to go underwater!
That's bad, I dunno if my attack alone is enough to harvest those legs.

Guess I'll use that move. That should get through no matter how high its DEF gets.
I'll aim for its head and get those legs while it's out cold, yep.

I wrap the great hammer's handlebar with a rope made of mana, mixed with plentiful life force and energy.
As the rope is made of my mana, I can expand and contract it at will.

I expand it to around 10 meter long and rev the hammer's explosion combustion engine!

BANG! BOOM! BOOM BOOM!! Sounds of explosions reverberated over and over again.
I kept making minute adjustments to its trajectory through my mana, and spun it round and round with me in the center like doing a hammer throw. The great hammer amassed a massive amount of kinetic energy in the meantime.

Enough power to blow away 30% of a mountain at Monster Mountain Range.
Not even this crab's Metallic Shell boosted 4600 DEF can possibly defend against this move! Have at you!!

"Eat thiiiiiiiis!!!"


Sure enough, the crab used its def-boosting Skill but my hammer easily crushed both its scissors and hit it right on the forehead.
Yay! That was a clean hit! Alright, it's not even twitching, completely out cold.
All that's left is to pluck off those legs and...

...Huh? Why're my MP and HP fully recovered?
Did I level up? Why?

N-no, it can't be...!?

<<Target, confirmed dead.>>

Aaaaaaah! W-what have I done!
The crab could have regenerated its legs two, three times more too, what a huge waste!
Its gouged body is even sinking down into the ocean, my crab miso, no~!

"Aaah, how could this be...! My leg meat... Crab miso..."

"...You're more concerned about eating than basking in the joy of defeating that monster...?"

Red Axe-san threw me a punchline but I was in a state of shock.
...Well whatever. What's left of those legs are plentiful enough, I'm gonna cook all the crab I want tonight! I'm gonna binge eat!






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