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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 215



30 minutes has elapsed since magic beasts started their assault.
Most of the sharks have been exterminated. Several seemingly lost the will to fight and ran away. They're precious ingredients, cough, I mean exp too~.

The three whale beasts were all decimated by the redhaired barbarian, Hyumlassa by herself.
It took her longer to carve the mats out of them and storing away in her Item bag than the fighting.
Though she left one whale unattended, probably over capacity. Well it's gonna be fodder for other fish at least.

And so I went around retrieving the sharks Alma and Reina defeated.
Apparently their fangs and stuff are worth something too, not just their fins, these will go towards our party funds.
Once I was done, I carried Alma and Reina back on deck while pretending to use Air Step.

"Good work you two. Couldn't believe my eyes when both of you started running on water."

"I tried borrowing water elemental spirits' power and it turned out nicely. I can fight without restraints on the sea."

<I get why those earth spirits were grumbling 'These folks are bad news' now...>

<She moved so so fast all over the place, almost worked myself to death...>

<Got lotsa mana though. Yummy.>

"Huh, does mana have flavors?"

<Sure does~. Mana from old geezers tastes so bad it ain't motivating, but neechan's so fresh and tasty.>

<Wait no, hey you quit talking to us without a contract. How'd that even work...>

<Scary~. This old man's scary~.>

It's thanks to Menu-san's translation feature.
And don't call me old man. I'm still 25.

"Fufufu, I've been learning more and more interesting ninja gear the more I level up my Ninjutsu Skill. I've got lotsa new Skill Abilities to use too."

"And did you use any besides Water Spider?"

"...Everything was over so fast, I didn't get the chance."

Reina looked a bit disappointed for missing her chance to test those abilities.
Don't get so down now, you'd wish you could stop using them sooner or later.

Oh, the redhaired babari-san's back.
Maybe I could abbreviate that? Like red baba, cough cough, Red Axe-san, yep.

"Good work! You ladies are pretty darned good for someones so young!"

"You too~. The way you easily dissected those super big whales was awesome!"

"Those whales got chopped up just from the swings of your axe."

"Haha! Those things are only big for show!"

She's pretty friendly. High communication power.
Same goes for Reina and Alma for taking that on and even reciprocating her.

"Whoops, almost forgot. I'm Hyumlassa, a solo adventurer. Just call me Hyula."

"My name's Reinamiure. Reina in short."

"Almatina. Call me Alma."

"Oh can I ask why Hyula-san is flying solo? With how strong you are, I bet any party would want you in."

"Well, I'm sure you can tell from the way I fought. I lost sight of everything but my enemy whenever I got heated up in battle. I'm super bad at coordinating with other people."

"Or maybe it's because you can deal with most enemy alone anyway?"

"Ah, that sure contributes too. I got way strong lately, been having a hard time finding anything to have a serious match with. Even those whales were barely passable as a warm-up."

That was a warm-up to her huh.
If the hot uncle's party we saw at Monster Prairie excels at coordination, then this person is like a specialist in personal combat.
Guess adventurers each have their own way to tackle this issue.

"You two a duo? You worked pretty good together."

"More like we're members of the same party."

"Our leader's, over there."

Asked by Red Axe-san, the two pointed at me.
And now Red Axe-san is staring at me dubiously. Please don't look at me with those eyes.

"...Leader? You?"

"Nice to meet you. I'm Kajikawa Hikaru, I serve as the leader as well as a bag holder of [Tomorrow of Hope] party. And this one is our newest animal, Hiyoko."


"Uh, aren't you just doing chores then? Wait, are you telling me that chick is a party member too...?"

"You're telling me. These girls have grown so strong, I barely get any chance to go out and fight lately hahahaha."

""No no no."" 『Pii pii pii.』

Alma, Reina and Hiyoko waved their hands while speaking in unison.
I mean, where is the lie though? You saw what happened here, I left the other members to take care of those beasts for leveling's sake.

"Sorry to say, but you don't look strong at all. How are you the leader?"

"Ah, Hyula-san. He's just hiding his true nature."

"Hikaru is our leader as well as manager because he's the best fit for the roles... Not to say he's not the strongest member in our party however."

"...Hmmm. Hey you. Why don't we have a spar--"

Before Red Axe-san could finish her word, a gush of water sprout up like a volcano from the lone whale body.
The wave created from that shook the whole ship. I was sure a submarine volcano had erupted or something but apparently not.
I sensed overwhelming life force and mana from below the whale body. But it's not the whale's. The scale's on a whole different level.

"W-what is that thing...!?"

"A giant, crab...?"

"...Haa, well I'll be damned...!"

Alma and Reina were dumbfounded, Red Axe-san put on a fearless smile while wiping her cold sweat and locking her sight at the thing that came out of the water sprout.
It's a giant crab. It's nearly twice as big as the whale.
...I'm almost too scared to look at its Status.

<TLN: Catch the latest updates and edits at Sousetsuka .com >

Magic Beast: Oceans Gigant Crab

Lv 74

State: Hungry (Extreme)

HP (Health): 2512/2512
MP (Mana): 1651/1774
SP (Stamina): 68/998

STR (Strength): 1712
ATK (Attack): 1712
DEF (Defense): 2341
AGI (Agility): 878
INT (Intelligence): 612
DEX (Dexterity): 347
PER (Perception): 1200
RES (Resistance): 999
LUK (Luck): 134

Magic Beast Level 8, Martial Arts Level 10, Ultimate Martial Arts Level 7, Shelled Beast Level 8, Claw Arts Level 10, Sharp Claw Arts Level 7

[Master Skills]
Aura Mitigation
Revival Claw

Whao. It's even stronger than the worm we fought on that dungeon's final floor.
Its DEF is stupidly high. Twice as sturdy as Worm in term of numerical value alone.
And then there's the size. You can hit it all you want with your highest powered move, but it's not gonna put a dent unless it's got the scale to match.

"W-we're retreating full speed aheaaaaaad!!"

"Raise Saint Veil's output to maximum! We're done for if that thing caught on to us!"

"Run while it's feeding on that whaaaaaaale!!"

The sailors got into a huge panic after the giant crab's appearance.
The crab is focusing on eating the whale now but I'm not sure if that's quite enough. Doesn't look promising judging from its current Stamina.
It probably won't have enough to fill its stomach even if we throw it the rest of the whales.

"That thing's gonna come to feed on us once it's done with that whale."

"W-we're all gonna die if we can't outrun it!"

"Yea. I'mma bring it down before it's got its stamina back."

Well well, I'm finally getting a chance to use [That].
Dunno if it's gonna work on something that big and sturdy but well, you never know unless you try.
...Gotta be ready to Fast Travel away with everybody if it didn't work.

"...Hee. You put on a wholly new look on your face when it comes down to it eh, nothing like the dainty face earlier. Oh so scary."

I don't wanna hear that from you.

"But I ain't gonna let ya snatch all the glory. Go ahead and take it down before I did if you can!!"

Red Axe-san ran off in the sky using Air Step toward the giant crab. Don't push yourself now.
Well then, guess I can't let her one up me.
...Wonder what's the best way to cook that crab, fufufufu.






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