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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 223

Medical Town Arrival


After enduring getting vibrated on the wagon for three long days, we finally arrived at the medical town, 'Freyruck'.
We were stuck on the wagon aside from occasional rest stops and inns, which was hellish. Mainly to my butt and mental.

"Aaah... Finally here..."

"We couldn't exercise much on the wagon."

"Well, at least we got to spend time training Mana Control."


Mana Control training is doable even when you are confined in a space.
Partly for killing time, I came up with all kinds of games for practice, like hitting targets made of my mana using mana bullets, a reflex game where you quickly convert mana into energy on your fingertips on commands and such.
One time, Alma and Reina even got too absorbed they ran out of mana. At least that shows how fun it was.
Our Dexterity and Perception attributes rose a bit thanks to this training menu even. Not a bad way to spend time, I'd say.

"...Pinky, light!"

"! ...Ah."

"Ha! I-I did it without thinking...!"


Reacting to my shout, two people + one chicken reflexively converted their mana into energy on their fingertips. Uh, I guess it's clawtip in Hiyoko's case.
Being able to do this on reflex should serve them well in combat, might work as feints at least.

"Hahaha, you girls have gotten pretty good at it huh."

"Mwu! Kajikawa-san, thumb water! Index wind!"

"Middle lightning, ring fire."

『Pipi! Pipipi!』

"Here you go, good enough? Hiyoko, you meant pinky ice, right?"

"H-he just casually converted his mana into so many different elements..."

"...Hard to beat Hikaru in Mana Control."


They looked kinda vexed but you can do this much once your DEX gets higher, I'm telling you.
The only reason I'm good at this is cause I often play with mana control alone in my free time.

We toured the medical town and found it surprisingly homogeneous to most other towns besides the fact that there's a lot of apothecaries and herb stores here.
I was sure the townspeople would all be wearing white robes and masks... Yeah, of course not.

"I'm thinking of stocking up on restoratives and herbs in this town. Also, I'd like to gather materials needed for medicine making from the nearby magic beast territories."

"Un. Hikaru can always heal us back to form, but having insurances in case we went astray or during emergencies would be nice."

"Also, medicine to cure abnormal status. Poisons or diseases that can only be cured with specific medicines like with Director are scary."


"Okay okay I hear you, I'll grab the local specialties and food here along the way."

"...It no longer feels weird watching Kajikawa-san talk to Hiyoko-chan like it's the most natural thing..."

Well then, guess our next destination is the adventurer's guild to look for the usual magic beast culling and herb gathering commissions, as well as to see what's on the quest board.
We can't stay too long here, gotta work quick.

"P-please, anyone! I beg of you, please accept my commission!"

"Y-you can't do that, ma'am! We have posted your commission on the board, please wait for a taker!"

"B-but it has been days, and I've heard nothing back! At this rate, h-he will, u, uuu..."

...The moment we stepped inside, someone started shouting hysterically inside the guild. What's wrong?
A silver wavy haired woman looked positively distressed as she half tearfully complained about her commission lacking takers.

"I believe the reward money is more than ample enough. Why won't anybody accept it...!?"

"Uh nah lady, five million is a lot of money sure but that fruit lies deep inside the magic beast jungle in the Forest of Toxin, y'know..."

"No average abnormal status resistant gear stands a chance, and a healer won't last long there if you try to bring one. Not to mention all the super dangerous magic beasts prowling the place. Forget reward, it just can't be done."

"T-that can't be....!"
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Why're all these guys sounding kinda exposition-ish.
I mean, 『Fruit』? Any idea what's it about, Menu?

<<...According to search results, a fruit used as an ingredient in the making of [Complete Recovery Medicine (Elixir)] grows deep in a magic beast territory adjacent to the medical town.>>

That must be it. Someone must be in a bad enough shape to need an elixir asap.
So what's a Forest of Toxin?

<<A forest where plants that excrete all types of toxins and spores grow. Average adventurers and magic beasts die within minutes if they step inside this danger zone. Gathering the fruit is next to impossible for anybody but S-ranked adventurers.>>

...Welp, no wonder nobody is biting.
Also, you're telling me you can't get an elixir with five million en?

<<An elixir is only priced at three million en, however, the Anti-Demon Army has purchased every single elixir in this town. Restock date, unknown.>>

So she gotta make it herself if she wants one fast huh.
Yet nobody is taking the commission she posted. Cornered in every directions.
Isn't there anyone here who can go grab that fruit? Maybe those S-ranked adventurers.

<<There are no corresponding S-ranked Adventurers situated in the vicinity... With one exception.>>

Eh, who that.

<<Kajikawa Hikaru is capable of withstanding the forest's toxin due to his Attributes' values. Therefore, the only person who can currently gather this fruit is likely Kajikawa Hikaru alone.>>

You know, don't you think the timing, circumstances and such are way too plot convenient here?
Coming across a commission that can only be done by me the exact moment I entered the guild. My Luck Attribute is such a hard worker.

But five million en does sound enticing.
Getting some quick cash is exactly what we need.
...Of course I'm thinking of the client's well being too, honest to goodness.

<<Note that only magic beasts that have adapted to the toxic environment live deep inside the territory, thus even the weakest specimen is at over Lv50, making the gathering an arduous task even exempting the threat of poison. Additionally, Kajikawa Hikaru's party members are unable to participate due to toxic environment.>>

Guess I'll have to keep avoiding magic beasts as I go like that time in dungeon.
...I'm feeling kinda anxious about going alone. Gotta make sure I'm well prepped up first.





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