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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 485

485 Not What's Agreed on? No, Just a Coincidence


I was being unusually overt and crushed [Old Wolf] merc group mercilessly.
By that I mean lightly poking them all on the shoulder in Accelerated State.
No, I suppose this is not overt anymore. I did the same thing to Kanedor's soldiers back during the federation war.

Undoing Acceleration made the result clear. Every single mercs got toppled over. Some even fell on their head and passed out. Must have missed the timing to soften their landing.
Then I waited. They were in no condition to speak with all the groaning.

It was only for a bit. Once they started making gasping sounds to regulate their breathing, I spoke.

"Well then, my good men. Any one of you grasped how you got knocked off your feet?"

I'm standing in a different spot. I asked from behind this merc group.
To them, it must look like I teleported here.

"You monster... damn! This wasn't what agreed on! Curse that bastard!"

"Ah, can you tell us that bastard's identity? Not like they told you to keep it a secret, do they?"

"...Got it, I yield. I don't want more damage. To hell with fighting a monster like ya... He's a man called Bandoro."

"Bandoro... I can't recall anyone by that name. What's going on?"
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Apparently, Chief Raie isn't familiar with this Bandoro. One of the workers does though.

"That's the merchant in the center of all recent bad rumors! Those rumors are always accompanied by different rumors of him making a killing too! I believe he just set up a store in the kingdom!"

It's pretty much guaranteed he's the culprit. I can't believe how sloppy this guy is. That saved us a lot of trouble though.
But I've still got things to ask this leader.

"So what kinda agreement did you have with that Bandoro guy? Say it. Be honest or I'll topple you again."

I don't really like to threaten people but might as well after going this far. Nobody would punish me if I vent out my pent-up stress a bit.
In fact, the god of this world has no right to punish me.
After all, I got no blessing from that god.
I won't forgive the god who me kidnapped me into this world.
If that god ever came my way to punish me, not only would I reject it, I'd also give them a good whack on the face.

Also, I gotta rake this leader over the coals.

"Okay okay, quit your glaring will ya... I'm sorry to these guys, but Bandoro promised me extra bonus if things went well. To me and me only. I was planning to retire soon, y'see. I wanted a sizable sum enough to never left me wanting again. 'Course, I refused him at first. It's way too shady. But Bandoro made his case solid enough to win me over. I took his offer, right on the spot. Was sure this was gonna be my last job."

Some of the mercs looked mortified, some bitter and some like they gave up.
Yet nobody complained. And not just because they're still gasping for air.

"So now you will back down right?"

I asked his commitment once again.

"Yea, us [Old Wolf]'s gonna wash our hands off this matter entirely. I got no place in this group after what I did. I betrayed these guys. This is gonna be the first and the last crooked crap I pull. Didn't go well tho'. What a boring end."

The other mercs stood up one by one as the leader narrated his story.
I gave him an offer here.

"Hey, can you hold off breaking your contract with Bandoro? I'll pay you."

I took two fistful coins of all types out of my magic bag.





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