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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 121

Boss VS Boss


Hello, good morning.
The day after Scarymast's unreasonable request, I went to the yellow area with Alma to cull magic beasts doubling as leveling.

We had been working together as a team but since we're planning to run solo during Hunting Fest, we're trying to readjust.
Now that both me and Alma are used to fighting magic beasts, each of us can easily go up against swats of them.
Alma especially, thanks to her Job Change, her Skill repertoire has expanded a lot, she's been experimenting.

She's currently rearranging her Offensive Magic.

Lv1 [Fire Ball] Shoot out a fist-sized fire ball. She can do a lot of things with this spell probably cause she's used it a lot. Shooting a barrage of smaller sized fireballs like a machine gun, or enlarging its size for one big explosion... Or keeping the size while increasing its power to lull her opponent into a false sense of security.

Lv2 [Air Blade] Shoot out wind capable of cutting. It's hard to dodge since it's invisible. Blade Wing used this magic I think, sure takes me back.

Lv3 [Water Bullet] Shoot out a ball of water. Even the normal version feels like you're hit by a sledgehammer, don't underestimate water. I taught her a bit on the principle behind water cutter and then... It cut a rock 2 meter in diameter in half. Scary. Even Alma looked agape.

Lv4 [Spark Bullet] Shoot out lightning. There's almost no time lag between casting and hitting, but it arcs so it's not very accurate. It has a chance to paralyze the target if hit. Looks like she can only raises its output even with mana control.

Lv5 [Stone Bullet] Shoot out stone. This helped us out during the boar war. I have no particular comment since she's done rearranging this magic.

Lv6 [Dark Whip] A spell that lets its wearer manipulate dark elemental whips. Those hit by the whips or grab them gradually get disintegrated by the dark element flowing into them. Scary. Unmodified, the spell can disintegrate objects as dense as rocks, but boosted by Mana Control, even steel turns into dust... Most things would be dead the moment this hits them.

Lv7 [Shine Ball] Shoot out a ball of light element. Power-wise it's not much better than other offensive spells, but it can be manipulated like Dark Whip affording easy hit. Rearranging makes it emit a flash of blinding light akin to Spark Wolf upon hitting. It's like a powered up version of that blinding light magic the sister in that hot uncle party used.

Lv8 [Icicle Bullet] Shoot out icicles. It freezes the area where the icicle lands, quite a troublesome magic to defend against it. Rearranging it freezes the target in no time at all. Nasty.

When you look at this, she's got a whole slew of options now.
And miraculously there's no overlapping elements either. Is it that? Did she get a perk that allows her to master all elements when she chose Paladin as her Job?

<<There are no such specifications. This is simply due to Almatina's own excellent disposition.>>

...Had she chosen Mage instead of Paladin and never learned Mana Control, she'd have become the extreme of a Jill of all trades, master of nothing.
With Mana Control, the more varied your elements the more versatile you become though.

Alma looks like she's having a lot of fun when she's trial and error-ing magic rearrangements with Mana Control.
It's hard to tell since her expression barely shifts, but I can tell she's excited. Just hope she won't run her MP dry again.

Meanwhile, I sensed a group of around ten wolves coming our way.
They've even got a boss wolf, what, come back for a revenge? No wait, the last pack died out, these guys are unrelated.

I was preparing to deal with them together, but then Alma asked to let her do it alone.
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"Are you gonna be okay? You'd better not force yourself..."

"It's all right, I have a plan. I'll ask for help if it gets dangerous, so please let me have a go. If I failed, I'd give up taking on this area at the Fest."

Oh okay.
...Personally I'd rather she prioritize safety over winning prizes during the fest and challenge the green and pea green areas instead.
But well, I'm not gonna discourage her when she's this enthusiastic, it should be okay letting her rise up to the challenge if she can take care of these wolves easily.
So now, I'm standing by in the sky. Watching over her, ready to spring into action anytime.

Those wolves are right in front of you now, why aren't you making a Spirit Magic wall or something? Is this really gonna be all right?
Ah hey, you seriously gonna fight multiple at once? That's too much even for...


Four wolves rushed at Alma with that howl signal. She's in a bind right off the bat!

『Gugaaaaaaaaa!! Gafuu.....!!?』

There were times when I thought that.
The attacking wolves collapsed while spraying blood everywhere.
Her new magic sword, 'Ocean Blade'. A wide area magic sword attack that produces controllable water made of mana around the blade that can be used to slash her enemies.
This move alone lets her take care of multiple foes. Easily at that.
After watching their friends died all at once, the remaining wolves including the boss carefully circled Alma while looking for a blind spot.

Alma rained down sprays of magic water upon those wolves.
Each of those droplets is a slashing attack thus the wolves accumulate damage even if it doesn't kill them outright.


Unable to bear the pain any longer, the wolves rushed in to attack in defiance of the water curtain.
The blades of water assault them in all directions like octopus legs, easily mincing them up... Speaking of octopus reminds me of that time we went fishing.
Staying back gets your HP gradually reduced, while going in for the kill gets you killed instantly. Now then, what are you gonna do, wolves?


Oh, the boss wolf shot a barrage of Mana Blade Farslash like the last one did at Alma.
She used her magic sword to stop the attack but that meant her attack on the wolves also paused.
They're not dumb enough to miss that chance. The remaining wolves went lunging at Alma altogether.

But...! Not good enough...!
The magic sword isn't the only area of effect attack Alma has.
She casts 'Dark Whip' simultaneously, producing multiple whips of darkness to deal with the wolves.
Oh, the whips succeeded coiling those wolves. Is she gonna disintegrate them now? Wait a minute, what's she doing?



...She used the captured wolves to shield against the boss wolf's attacks.
The same thing I did back then, but man this is a pretty nasty stuff when you're a spectator.

Alma tried to capture the flinching boss wolf but it managed to dodge her attempt.
Guess it's still a leader of the pack no matter how inept. It won't go down easily.

『Gu...! Guruu....! Hmph!』

Just when I thought that, it turned tail and made a dash for it.
Looks like it deemed that it stood no chance with the pack decimated.
Well, I'd do that if I were in its shoes too yeah. I mean Alma is pretty much a boss character now.

But even running away demands a certain level of competence.
Or else there is no escaping boss units... Let's stop talking about Alma like she's a great demon lord, I'm afraid of the consequences.
Alma isn't going to let the boss wolf go, she deploys Energy Control-boosted Quick Step to go after it.
You're dead meat if she catches you, break a leg boss wolf! ...Why am I rooting for the wolfie again?

Ah, she grabbed it with Dark Whip and cut its neck with her sword. RIP.
She really went and decimated the entire pack alone... Huh? Am I even needed for real?
I descended down next to Alma.

"Good work, seems like you'd do just fine at the fest."

"Un. But that took a lot of mana and energy out of me. I want to come up with a way to conserve them."

"Well, it's unavoidable when you're up against that many. I hope you put your safety first over getting more points during the fest though."

"Un. I won't go overboard with Hikaru watching. Tell me right away if you need assistance."

"Yeah, I'll be counting on you. Now then, time to go collect these mats."

Seems like Alma's training will make it in time for the Hunting Fest.
...Heck, she's probably gonna do just fine in the next area with her current strength.
That's probably a bad idea but yellow area is just no longer enough for our level up or training.
Okay maybe we can go to the next orange area after leveling up once or twice.
Also, gotta accompany Reina's leveling and practice on her new Skills. Ah, so busy.

...Wonder what should I do.
The stuff I bought at the weapon store is only good as a distraction, I'm kinda apprehensive about my lack of main weapon.
I guess fighting bare handed is still gonna be my best bet...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 392

392 Changed, Unchanged Conclusion


We got off our stagecoach and entered the village inn. The coachman was going to park the stagecoach at its intended spot first.
Booking a room in the inn was no different than other inns. We took our keys to our rooms after asking the staff to make our dinner. The room was similar to the ones in the kingdom's inn.
Our meals got carried in a bit afterward. I asked for room service.
Apparently guests are supposed to have their meals in the tavern next door.
I avoided that by tipping the inn staff.

(Any more trouble and my head would pop open.)

In my past life, I funneled my all to my work so I could safeguard my free time. I had no complain about that. It was for my sake after all.
However, I cannot afford getting burdened by more stuff right now, my mental health can't take it. I thought I hadn't changed, but apparently I have.

"My world's changed, my very existence itself has changed, after all those fundamental transformations, there's just no way nothing about me stays unchanged huh..."

I murmured while eating. Underling who overheard me had a very obvious, 'What's this guy on about?' look on his face.
I finished my meal ignoring him and brought my plate to the counter. There, I fetched a bucket of warm water with a clean cloth back to my room.
There's no bathroom in this inn. So I asked this arrangement to wipe myself. Paid in advance alongside our room, and food earlier.
I paid for mine, the ladies as well as underling's share. With the money I took from the bandits today naturally.
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(Guess bumping into criminals every once in a while will be a good thing for my financial situation.)

My mind wandered to becoming a criminal killer or a bounty hunter as I currently have no stable income. Or so I made excuse to myself.
I wouldn't have chosen the pricey inn if not for that.
I ponder as I lay on my bed after wiping my body. The only reason I could afford this bed was that money.

Underling seems to be terrified of me, he's avoiding talking to me. He's still wiping himself.
I don't pay that warm water for him out of pity. Linda already said this guy will be stuck to forced labor once this is over after all.
He's accompanying us until that point. I don't want to have someone smelly next to us all the while.
So I coughed this up.

I'm told you usually only clean yourself every other day when you're traveling. But I don't care to follow that rule. No matter if it's common sense.
As a Japanese man, I'm already compromising not taking a bath every day.
The ladies themselves looked happy they could maintain cleanliness, they had this mixed look of elation and apologetic.
Apparently lavish spending during travel is unusual in this world. Even the elderly innlady was looking at us with warm eyes and a smile.

As I was gazing the night fall outside the window, I dozed off before I realized.

Ignorant of bandits raiding this village later that night.
Having no idea the bandits I took care earlier in the day were part of a larger gang.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 120

Yet Another Trouble for 『Soarer』


I was invited to Scarymast's office and got seated on a guest chair.
The room was extremely sober and had nothing else besides the things needed for her job and piles of documents. How stoic can one be.

"Fret not. It's a far safer commission than rushing headlong into a Stampede or trying to reseal an ancient weapon."

Those objects of comparison are way weird.
By ancient weapon she must mean that slime. Which means lolimast must have contacted her... Wonder just how much intel does she get on me.

"Are you aware that 'Hunting Fest' is soon upon this town?"

"Hunting Fest?"

"Mwu, don't you know?"

"I'm sorry, I haven't been here long."

Judging from the name, it must be some sort of a festival where you go hunting.

"Hunting Fest is a festival held twice a year sponsored by this guild. Participants enter the Monster Prairie and compete on how many magic beasts they hunt down over a period of time. The winners are decided by total points acquired from the quality and quantity of beasts they hunted. Those who obtain the highest point in each areas get the best prizes."

So it's kinda like a reverse stampede where we go on an offensive instead.

"The meat and ingredients procured during the fest then get circulated to food stalls extending the festival further after the hunt."

"I see. So, are you asking us to participate in this fest?"

"Indeed. Actually, I only need you Kajikawa to accept this commission. As I told you, it's not that dangerous. Your task is to act as a 'Lifeguard'."


"Yeah. Each areas in Monster Prairie host magic beasts of differing power levels. The prairie changes color from green to yellow and then red, the closer it is to red areas, the stronger the beasts are. And as you may know, sometimes magic beasts stronger than their designated areas infringe upon lower level areas."

"Ah yeah, we've come across several."

"This phenomenon was not common until a few years ago, but perhaps due to the advent of Demon King, it's been getting more frequent as of late. There exists a high chance magic beasts far more powerful than the areas suggest emerging during the Hunting Fest."

Demon king again. Cut it out already, ya.
Or maybe this anomaly just so happened to overlap with his advent?

"Shouldn't we put a hold on this Hunting Fest if there's that kind of risk abound?"

"Yes, I thought the same and canceled the fest half a year ago, after which a Stampede occurred soon after. Fortunately it was on a manageable scale, however, I don't believe it's a mere coincidence a Stampede that had been absent for several centuries in this area suddenly cropping up right after we canceled the Hunting Fest."

"...So you're saying the fest wasn't simply a festival but a safeguard to curb Monster Prairie Stampedes."

"That's what I suspect. This fest has been going on for several hundreds years, there is no longer way to verify this theory's validity however."
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I think you should try to preserve that kind of detail.
Guess the festivity itself turns into the main goal over stopping Stampedes after many centuries.

"Your job is to keep a lookout on magic beasts appearing in areas lower leveled than where they're supposed to be in."

"Err, I don't think me alone is enough to watch over that vast prairie..."

"Our staff members will be in charge of green and pea green areas, yours are the yellow and orange ones. The closer an area color is to red, the smaller it gets so you and your flight should manage somehow. According to Ivran, you also have a way to sense faraway magic beasts, don't you?"

"Well, yeah..."

...Dangit Lolimast. You shouldn't have told her.
Wish she could keep this kind of info to herself, it's just gonna bring me trouble.

"I'm not asking you to fight those powerful magic beasts. You'll be given a long distance communicator magic tool you can use to contact guild staff members, we'll take care of the rest."

"What if that magic beast is attacking someone?"

"If the attacked can't handle it, it would be great if you could use your flight and take them to safety. Just don't force yourself, everybody participates fully knowing the risk that comes with it."

"Is that so. Well, I should be able to handle fleeing together with the victim at least, I wouldn't mind rescuing them."

"It's your call whether to rescue or not. That's about the gist of things. Any questions?"

Hmm, I'm still sorting out all this new information, but let's ask a few for now.

"When is this Hunting Fest?"

"Just about a week from now. About time our guild start preparing too."

One week huh, you could say that's soon but also enough time to prepare.

"Are the areas participants compete in decided by their levels?"

"Yeah. Those over Lv50 in red area, over Lv40 orange area, and such. It's only a recommendation and not an absolute rule but even one area higher than the recommended will give you hell, going over is just not worth it."

"How do you judge the points for those who participate as a party?"

"We simply divide the points by the number of party members. Flying solo might net you more but that also comes with higher risks, so most choose to party up unless they're used to solo runs."

Hmph, then Reina and Alma who can cull a stupid amount of magic beasts on their own have quite the advantage, they're definitely gonna be the reigning champions in their respective area.
No, yellow area might be too much for Alma alone.

Umu, I won't be able to participate if I accept this job but I guess that's for the best as I won't stand out.
Well, there's probably people out there who can earn much more points than us, I'm probably just being overconfident here.
If I had to say, I'm more curious about the food stalls post hunt. Wonder how will the food be like in this normally seafood-heavy town.
...Why am I more interested in that than stuff like magic beast materials for my equipment again.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 391

391 Watchdog


Thus the corpses turned into ashes, blown by a breeze of wind.
But the pile remained tall due to the amount.

"This should do. We won't arrive before it's dark out if we don't depart soon."

After saying that, the coachman checked the pile of ashes with a long stick and confirmed there were no embers left before boarding our stagecoach.
I thought to myself as we resumed our journey.

(No more of these thugs please. Heck, who'd want to run into bandits twice, thrice a day!)

I'm told this route is safe. And yet look at this encounter rate.
Wish this 'something' inside me could read the room.

Apparently that wish got answered, there was nothing but a peaceful scenery all the way through afterward.

Then after a while, we stopped by the roadside to have portable rations for lunch and immediately departed again.
The ladies had a sour look, which was understandable. They must be not used to salty dried jerky, bread burned black to extend its shelf life, and water only as beverage. Of course it tasted bad.
Why'd the kingdom decide on giving us poor food after all the preferential treatment? They could have prepared something more delectable yet the coachman gave us those rations instead.

(Not even a grumble, these ladies are pretty well adjusted...)

They must be aware that this is all for the sake of their survival. They're only here because they're not safe in the federation.
They won't last if they complain over a meal.
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"We will be arriving at the midpoint village soon."

Hearing the coachman, I looked outside and saw sprawling fields all around us.
I must have dozed off while I was lost in thought, the surroundings have been dyed orange by the evening sun.
There's a simple fence erected near the village entrance with two young men standing guard over in the distance. Their clothes seem rather high class.
They're holding wooden spears. We're gradually getting closer.
I leaned out of the stagecoach and spoke to them.

"Hello, we'd like to stay a night here. Can you lead the way to an inn? Preferably one that serves good food."

This village seems pretty big, I see plenty of houses.
It must be a bountiful village, both food-wise and financial-wise. There are fields everywhere the eyes can see around the village's perimeter with nicely growing crops.
This place is the halfway point to the commercial city. There must be a lot of merchants stopping by and doing business here.
The so called flow of money.

"We have two inns in our village. Which one's you like? The cheap or pricey one?"

One of the young men replied to me with an easily digestible explanation, seemingly used to it. I thus reply.

"The pricey one of course. Lead the way."

I fetched two silver coins and gave each of them one coin. Their tips, so to speak.
I gave both to avoid them quarreling later.

"Oh!? Are you sure! Thank you very much! Feel free to call me anytime you need something while you're in this village."

The two young men were elated at the sudden windfall, but I just want to get to that inn right now. The ladies must be tired from this trip they're not accustomed to and the toll it's taken on their mental health. I'd like to let them rest at an inn quickly.

"Just get us there. I'm hungry. It's almost nighttime too. Get to it."

"Yes sir, leave it to me. It's this way."

The coachman had a sour look as he saw me poking my head out of the stagecoach and doing all that.
Apparently this should have been his job as a coachman, but I don't have any obligation to follow that rule.
I dunno if he was annoyed because I took his job or because he had another duty to accomplish here.
This coachman being my 'watchdog', I wouldn't be surprised if he had been tasked with another mission.

(No point wasting time thinking about stuff I have no idea of. I won't get an answer anyway.)

I'm aware that I'm a blockhead who lives my life haphazardly, I shouldn't overthink this stuff.
Meanwhile, our stagecoach stopped at a relatively big two-story building.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 119

Is It the Hair or the Rear That's Blue


Hello good evening. I'm currently stuck being condemned by a blue haired young man overflowing with a sense of justice.
Getting accused of being a trash for forcing someone to cull magic beasts and snatching all the reward doesn't feel nice.
...Well it's true that I did make her fight to total exhaustion on the first day, she couldn't move on the second day and she had to pay her inn and meal expenses herself.

"Kajikawa-san, there's no use talking to this person, let's just leave him be and go home."

Reina spoke, looking fed up. Yer' right.

"Oy! I'm not done with you yet!"

"That's your problem. We're done with you."

"You too! How can you be okay with that guy leeching you off!? Don't you want to be freed!"

"I told you he never leeched money off me! Give it a rest already!"

"...You can't even call this a conversation. He's only interested in talking us down, not caring to listen. Trying to interact with this man is fruitless."

Both Reina and Alma sound like they had enough, it's clear they're even disgusted by the guy. They've got these really amazing repulsed expressions on their faces.

"Oy, what's with the commotion."

Oh no.

Seemingly lured in by the noise, Scarymast showed up from the back, her red hair swaying all the way.
...I mean, did she really come from inside this guild? Feels like she just emerged behind Naima-san out of thin air.

"G-guildmast! E, err, um you see."

"I reckon the main cast of this ruckus are that blue head, that little blonde and those two black heads. Am I wrong?"

"N-no you're not."

Scarymast had a scary looking smile on her face for some reason as she confirmed the situation with Naima-san.
She refers to people by the color of their hair. That'd make her a red head.
...With her image, that sounds more like the color of blood than her hair...

"Oy, you blue head, Willclause was it. What's your deal."

"B-blue head...?"


"Uh, y-yes ma'am."

Blue spoke while recoiling, his zeal earlier was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm telling off this black head to stop forcing this blonde girl fight magic beasts solo and snatching her reward."

"That's wrong, I've been telling him it's just a rumor, but he won't--"

"Blonde, Blue is still talking. Keep your mouth shut now."

Scarymast warned Reina who protested while Blue was narrating his side of story.
Reina obeyed despite looking disgruntled. It's all right, she said 'now' so we'll get our turn to tell our side too... Surely.

"He made her fight so much she couldn't even walk steadily, and then he was gonna make her fight in pea green grass area when she had just reached Lv10. It's clear that this man only sees her as a money-making tool! He even made up a tall tale to deflect blame! This man is a peak dirtbag!"

"...Is that the truth? Kajikawa."

Scarymast turned her gaze at me. Scary.
No no, I can't let myself get overwhelmed by the pressure. Calm down me, let's count prime numbers or something.
...Now then, it's my turn.

"...First of all, it is true that Reina couldn't walk on her second day because she fought so much on the first day."

"Did you hear that Guildmaster, he just admitted it! Look, isn't this guys the worst--"

"Blue, shut up."

Scarymast warned him with a voice far sharper and colder than she used on Reina earlier. Blue reflexively shut his mouth.
There was so much pressure I almost did as well... Wait no, it's my turn to speak now. No not talking.

"It's my shortcoming as a greenhorn party leader. Reflecting on that, I readjusted her schedule and made her rest every other day in addition to two day rest on weekends."

"I see. That girl apparently has just come of age recently. What is your reason for making her fight magic beasts solo?"

"It's to prevent power-leveling, so she could gain true experience in real combat. Thanks to some training before her come of age as well as us giving her advice while she's fighting, she's never gotten hurt badly so far."

"Well, she managed to kill a Lv19 Bronze Cock on her own after all. Magic beasts in the pea green grass area should be a cinch to her."

"Wha, they made her fight such a powerful beast alone!? How reckless can you be!"

"Naima, Blue... I'm sewing your mouth shut the next time you're speaking out of line."

Scarymast spoke with an even colder voice while glaring at the two. Way scary.
Relenting to that pressure, the two turned blue as they quieted down. Of course they would.
Bronze Cock must be referring to that chicken, I guess they'd be evolving into Silver Cock and Golden Cock huh... Wait, who cares about that now.
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"She did in fact beat all those magic beasts. Considering her achievement, she will do just fine in the pea green grass area for sure. I'm not seeing any problem in her magic beast culling activity."


"Naima, bring me thread and needles."

"Hiie, f-forgive me! I won't speak any more!"

Blue frantically apologized while yelping pitifully.
This guy gets more and more pathetic every time he opens his mouth. Might as well just get it sewn don't you think?

"And what about the matter of you leeching off her reward money?"

"I've made her pay her inn and meal expenses, that's it. She's free to use the rest of her money. I do warn her not to waste it though."

"So she's paying her living expenses while enjoying autonomy over her money. That's not leeching... And lastly, what about the bit of you making up a tall tale?"

"I'm not sure if it's a tall tale or not, but I did save her when she was being chased by a High Cave Bear in a magic beast territory. I also offered her to join us seeing as she had nowhere to go."

"Naima, is there a High Cave Bear in Kajikawa's Kill Log?"

"There is... In fact there's a whole lot more than two or three, ten of them with several being solo kills."

"I see. That might not be definite enough to prove whether it's a tall tale or not, however there doesn't seem to be anything amiss to deem falsehood... From everything we have got so far, the problem appears to lie on Blue's account, what do you have to say about that?"

Looks like she believes us, thank goodness.
Asked that, the blue haired young man ground his teeth while glaring at us before speaking up.

"T-there is no proof that everything this guy said is true."

"The same goes for you, where is the proof of your accusation on Kajikawa. Besides, blonde... Reinamiure, was it, herself denies your claim. When the person concerned says that, you can't keep pointing the finger all while bringing zero evidence to the table. You have to make sure you've got that well accounted for first before you start accusing people left and right."

"Guh...! Y-you have no right to lecture me--"

"Exactly, I shouldn't have to teach an adventurer all this stuff. It's common sense, if nothing else. Good grief, you're a big man now, I'm not your mother."


Blue ran off the guild after making that parting remark. He made off so fast, the western door looked like it would break from being swung so hard.
...What's blue might not be just his hair, his rear might be too.

What a farce. This has been a huge waste of time thanks to that guy.
Not just to me, but also to Naima-san and Scarymast.

"Sorry for taking up your time, guild master."

"You can say that again. The thought of such a justice drunk brat affiliated with our guild alone is revolting."

Scarymast shrugged her shoulders.

"Ah, good timing. I've got just the job for you, can you come to my room for a briefing?"


Just when I thought I was out, I got roped in another pain in the rear. How'd it come to this.
...Dang you Blue.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 390

390 Unrestrained Use


An instant later, the dregs of society lost their heads. All of them had theirs fallen on the ground.
I did it. I don't think I went overboard. No regret either.
Blood sprays out everywhere in the area. Their hearts were still pumping blood in the bodies because it was done instantaneously. I've situated myself pretty far away to avoid getting splashed.
I don't even bother looking at the falling bodies. Blood gradually spreads out, creating pools that permeate the ground.
Once it was over, I went around taking money off the now useless sacks of meat while being careful not to soil my hands. I put away their swords into my magic bag as well.
I've really gotten used to this stuff.

"Come now, the clock is ticking. Let's pick up the pace a bit. Or else it'd be dark out before we arrived at the village."

It actually didn't take long. Around five minutes at most. I didn't want to waste time with these thugs, so I made it quick.
But apparently, we can't just leave them be in the middle of the road.

"...Left alone, these bodies will draw animals and monsters to this place. We need to dispose of them."

The coachman, aka my 'watchdog' got off the stagecoach after he said that. It's obvious he's trying his hardest to hide his shock. He's walking awkwardly.
Also, he must have tried to sound composed but his voice was shaking.

We're out in a sprawling open field. The road extends as far as eyes can see to the horizon beyond.
Wild carnivorous animals might be lurking out here. Would have been definite if this was a forest.
It's gonna trouble other people taking this road if we don't do something about these bodies indeed.

"I see, guess that's reasonable. So, do we burn them? Or bury?"

If burying them is all that's need to be done, then I can just do it. With Acceleration, it will be over in the blink of an eye to the world.
Although the time it takes to dig a hole and bury all the bodies will be normal to me. Think there's around 20 of them?
Even under Acceleration the passage of time my body experiences stays the same. Meaning I'm stuck doing all the manual labor alone. There's nobody to complain to though, none can join me in the Accelerated world after all.

"We have to round up and burn them in this case. We don't have time to dig and bury a large enough hole. However, doing so would necessitate seeing the process through to the end. It would be bad if a fire breaks out in this plain, it could flare up into a conflagration."

"Go ahead and light them on then. Ah, have you got oil? A type that burns well or it's gonna take ages, yeah?"
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The coachman popped his eyes wide open in surprise.
I pretended to overlook that and waited for his reply.
The reason why he was surprised is the usual. The bodies had all been piled up together.
I made that heap under Acceleration. Doing it the normal way is a waste of time. We would never arrive at the village by evening.
Thus, I opted to use my power unrestrained. No matter what the ladies, the underling and this 'watchdog' coachman are gonna take it.
I care about the time I spend in this world more than what these people think about me.
I'll use all the power I have in my disposal to achieve that.

"...I-I-I do have oil on me. R-right, let's make this quick."

The coachman fetched a large fist-sized pot from his chest pocket and sprinkled its content all over the bodies.

"Is that enough oil? Hm, or is that some sort of specialty stuff?"

I don't imagine that little is enough to burn all these corpses. But I recalled 'everything is possible thanks to magic' from the other day and asked the coachman.

"This oil has been enchanted with mana amplifying effect. This is the only use case it's good for though."

I would have never thought you could enchant oil of all thing. Anything goes huh? The coachman produced a little flame on his fingertip with magic and ignited the heap.
At first only a small flame popped up on the clothes but then it grew into a huge pillar of blaze extending high into the sky before long.

(This heat rivals that of salamander spirit magic Serena showed me once.)

The heap of bodies turned into ashes as the flame grew fiercer.
The flame raged on for around ten of minutes before gradually shrinking and then it vanished on its own.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 118

Chancy Little Girl


"...Whao, Job Change in just half a month since you started~."

Adventurer guild's receptionist, Naima-san sounded amazed.
Though there's a hint of sarcasm behind her wry smile.

"Your Skills and Attributes are growing nicely as well, doesn't look like you're power-leveling. Just how are you doing this..."

"It's simple, I just beat up lots and lots of magic beasts. I worked really really hard."

"Do you have any idea how ludicrous that is? Normally an adventurer flying solo only culls ten percent of magic beasts you did on average, no one goes on hunting so many day in day out. There's even a Lv19 magic beasts in there, you're really chancy cough cough... you're amazing."

"...Did you just call me chancy?"

That chancy Reina's Status post-Job Change is as such:

Name: Reinamiure


Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Ninja

State: Normal

HP (Health Points): 184/195
MP (Magic Points): 39/117
SP (Stamina Points): 27/88

STR (Strength): 91
ATK (Attack): 91 (+80)
DEF (Defense): 86 (+80) (+10)
AGI (Agility): 135 (+24)
INT (Intelligence): 81
DEX (Dexterity): 124
PER (Perception): 132
RES (Resistance): 74
LUK (Luck): 87

Dagger Arts Level 4
Martial Arts Level 4
Stealth Level 4
Ninjutsu Level 2
Throwing Level 1


Bear Claw Dagger
ATK +80

Bear Leather Black Clothes
DEF +80

Wind-Cutting Tabi
DEF +10
AGI +24

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...Chancy. What is you ask, it's the growth of those Attributes.
Her STR and defensive attributes are below average, but her PER and AGI are stupidly high compared to Alma back when she was Lv10.
Heck, Attributes besides RES and LUK can be manipulated with Energy Control so she virtually has no pitfalls. Chancy, so chancy.
Her Status is quite specialized, but bury those gaps and she's quite a force to be reckoned. In fact, she did defeat a magic beast much stronger than her with relative ease.

The growth of her Skill List is also pretty nasty.
All of her Skills leveled up by 1-2, and she even learned Throwing Skill.
It must be a prerequisite Skill for throwing stuff like shurikens or kunais... Dunno how we'd even get our hands on those things though.

"There's the chancy Reina-chan, and then there's those even chancier two behind her. I can't anymore with this party, I'm scared."

"You just said it!"

"I mean, you are chancy."

"Reina, chancy?"

"Um, Alma-san, what are you talking about..."

Alma does tend to get on the joke randomly.
Or maybe she's actually asking that for real, no way right... Or is it?

I'm not particularly mad at Naima-san for saying this stuff.
Or rather, my and Alma's Kill Logs are admittedly quite unusual.

Fighting magic beasts that are on the same level as you is akin to a match to death between two parties of equal strength.
Naturally thanks to having knowledge on the traits of particular magic beasts and the ability to use tools, equipment and items, humans have the advantage.
But most people simply don't make such deathmatches into part of their daily routine. If there were, they'd be either battle junkies or simply dumbasses.
Therefore, it's a common sense to fight as a party so you have numerical superiority. Strength in numbers, aniki.
Only after that you start hunting magic beasts your level. Considering the cost of potions to restore MP, SP, and health, on average people around Level 20s only cull 5-10 beasts per session.

Yet we usually hunted 30-50. That may sound like I'm boasting, but those numbers are objectively abnormal.
Despite of that, our Levels barely rose, a far cry from our Lv10s days. If Lv20s are like this, I can't imagine what it's like at even higher level brackets, must be a path of carnage...
I can see how most people stop just before hitting Lv50 like guildmast said. Once you've gotten to that point, you can just safely hunt for magic beasts below your level and earn a stable income anyway.

"Here you go, your reward. Earning 25000 en solo, I'm past looking forward to your future, I'm just afraid now..."

"Thanksies. Now that I've Job Changed, I'm gonna earn a whole lot more fufufu."

Is it just me or do Reina's eyes have en symbols on them... Wonder if this world uses '¥' too for en.

"That's the spirit, tomorrow we can go to the pea green grass area and--"
"Knock it off already!!"

A voice resounded inside the guild, interrupting me.
I turned around toward the voice's owner and saw a blue haired young man glaring hard at me.
Eh, what, what did I do? Who's this guy anyway.

"...Err, can I help you?"

"I heard you've been forcing that little girl to kill monsters for you and nab the reward. I see now that it's true. Have you no shame?!"


Is this, that? This person heard the bad rumors about me and came to check on it, then he witnessed our conversation earlier and deemed that it must be true?
I can see how somebody could get the wrong impression from our chat earlier, but I dunno, I don't think there's enough evidence yet to go off like he did...
Heck, guy's pretty courageous to shout that out of the blue. Aren't you ashamed yourself?

"Poor girl, look at how worn-out she is. You must have never given her enough rest either! Are you that desperate for money!? Why don't you do it yourself!"

That was only on the first day. Well, I'm not making that an excuse though.
I mean the norm is to take a 2-3 day break after every session, but she's been having an off day every other day at least...

"No, rather than money, the goal is to level her up."

"Then why don't you give her all the reward money she deserves!?"

"No uh, I'm taking portions of it to cover the cost of stuff like our inn, and meals."

"Ha!? Can't you pay that much! Scrimping on beds at your age, you're the lowest of men!"

You're getting there yourself making all those false accusations without any basis.
...Ah, crap. I can sense the waves of impending Ashura (Alma) and Acala (Reina) behind me...!
You'd better quit while you're ahead young man, forget me, these two are gonna snap!

Then suddenly, the young man moved to speak to Reina.

"You should let it out. There's no need for you to beat yourself up earning money for a guy like this. You can speak up if you have issues."

"I can just speak up, can't I?"

"Yes you can, all the money you earn is yours to take. Let it all out to this guy who snatches it from you."

She breathed out a sigh and then,

"Do I now, I can let it all out huh? ....Are you stupid?"


Reina spoke expressionlessly, with eyes like she's looking at garbage directed at the young man.

"What do you know? Just what do you even know about Kajikawa-san and Alma-san? Acting like you're an ally of justice just because you heard some rumors. It doesn't concern you."

"W-what are you."

"What am I saying, right? That's my line. Do you think you're so cool accusing people bad from rumors alone, all while being blissfully unaware of our circumstances? You sicken me."

O, ooou. Didn't know Reina could make that face.
A face that's so obviously repulsed of someone. It's a different expression from that time with her drunk dad.

"These two saved me when I was about to get eaten by a High Cave Bear in a cave. They gave someone with no home like me a place, they let me eat good food to my heart's content, they gave me a new choice for my Job, they prepared my equipment, they lent me power to go against that shitty dad, and they trained me when I wished for strength. You don't know about any of that, do you? So what gave you the right to preach us? Tell me."

She spoke quickly yet firmly while being on the offensive.
The young man flinched but he mustered enough to snap back at Reina.

"I-I'm just thinking of you!"

"You don't have to. I get that you have a strong sense of justice, but how about giving it some thought before you mouth people off? You're behaving like a pushy salesman on kindness, you don't think about how that's troubling the other party."

"...I see, I get it now."

Oho? That's surprisingly obedient of him.
Being able to admit your fault is a good quality to have, yup.

"You've been feeding this girl tall tales for when someone confronts you! Such a cunning ploy! Can you really call yourself a man!!"

Ah, nope. This guy won't admit he's in the wrong ever.
What a pain... Can I go home?





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 389

389 Road to Commercial City


I'm growing more and more uneasy as we're about to depart with nothing happening at all.
Currently we're in front of the kingdom's gate connecting to a common route that goes to the commercial city.
From here, there will be one town and one village along the way.
The route is a bit roundabout however, it's guaranteed safe and many merchants use it so you can stock up on them along the way if you forgot something, making it a popular route.
Commonly used roads like this are well maintained and routinely patrolled.

"Well then, I bid you farewell. I pray for your safe travel."

The guide saw us off to the stagecoach.
He was already waiting for us outside our inn when we were leaving this morning.
He had yet another carriage prepared and took us to this gate.
He gave a rundown about the route during our time on the carriage and by the time we arrived at the gate, our stagecoach was just about to depart.
They must have it prepared as well. Why you ask? Because we didn't have to do a thing, not looking for the stagecoach, not checking with the gatekeeper, everything was already a done deal.
Moreover, we don't have to pay the fee nor are there other passengers besides us. It's so obviously not normal.
The kingdom is paying for all the expenses.

(I told them straight yesterday, didn't I? We shouldn't interfere with one another. Yet they keep pushing this on me.)

Might as well take it. I just don't have to listen if they demand compensation back. I have absolutely no hands in them doing this on their own.
I'm gonna be defiant. I declined their inn offer yesterday and yet they still did this. The next time I'm here, I'm sure they're not gonna listen to me again and keep trying to use me through money.

(Should have accepted their inn offer yesterday... Oh well. No point crying over spilled milk.)

Our rickety stagecoach passed through the gate. The coachman has this macho look with an obviously battle hardened body for some reason.
Must be my 'watchdog', I thought as I blankly watched the scenery.
The ladies never uttered a word all the way here. No, I guess we greeted in the morning at least.
Naturally the underling is also keeping to himself so he won't blurt anything out, I'm the only who talks at all here.
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"We're gonna stay overnight at a village along the way. We should get there in the evening, taking a nap now is a good idea. Make yourselves comfortable."

There's only five of us in the stagecoach, so there's plenty of room available.
Normally it would have been much more cramped, we might as well relax.
You can converse your stamina simply by laying down. These ladies must have never taken this kind of trip, they should try to save energy.
However, my concern was crushed by a group of people ahead of us.
Yep, a bandit gang. How many time would this be? I can't even be bothered to count their number.
Apparently the default for me is running into bandits or thugs whenever no other event is available. The encounter rate is so high I seriously think that, not even joking.
Why am under such a fate? I want to veto that out. Reject it outright.

"Halt you lot. Heeheehee. Gotta pay up the toll y'see? This road is our turf. Ya know what ya gotta do if ya value yer' life... Oh? Ain't those some fine females! Shoulda fetch a pretty price with a lil' makeup. Oy men, change of plan. Grab the women. Make a mincemeat outta the rest!"






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 117

Headhunting Little Girl


"Uoryaa! Hold it you~!"


There's a little girl running around chasing a chicken in a prairie.
You'd think it was the scene of a rural country kid playing with her pet chicken at a glance.
...If not for the bloodied knife the little girl is holding and all the headless chicken corpses strewn across the field that is.

Hello, good morning.
Currently Reina is doing her leveling and training routine.
She's gotten completely used to fighting multiple chicken magic beasts at once, she can even lop their heads off while picking her nose. Scary...
Ah, she caught up to the last chicken and parted its head from its body. RIP.

"I got it!"

The chicken's head that is. Splatter.

"Just a little bit more till your Job Change. Once that's done, we can take you deeper into the prairie areas, Reina."

"The next area is inhabited by magic beasts over level 10, it's on a whole different level, literally. Make sure you stay alert."

"D-do I already have to fight such strong magic beasts, and I've only just gotten used to real combat..."

"No worries, it's far easier than a mock battle with me or Alma... You'd die if you let up though."

"What's not to worry about that!"

Frankly, seeing Reina's moves, I'm sure she can easily handle magic beasts over level 10 even before her Job Change.
But it can be dangerous if she gets too lax so I'll leave her worry be.

"Hm, you should reach Lv10 after one or two more beasts."

"I'm finally leaving my apprenticeship days behind."

"It's not finally. Reina's pace is unusually, or more like abnormally quick. It took me nearly a year for my first Job Change..."

"It's all thanks to Energy Control and the sparring matches with you two~. Kajikawa-san also transported all the magic beasts here so I didn't have to waste time looking for them."

"You're pretty much my equal in Energy Control now... And what about Mana Control?"

"Uuu... I'm still learning..."

"Well, you are battle ready enough with Energy Control alone but adding Mana Control to the mix's gonna make you even stronger and versatile. I won't urge you to learn it asap but you may want to image training using them both at least."


Reina had an awkward look as she replied.
Well Mana Control requires a more delicate control than Energy Control after all. It'll be a while till she can use it in combat.
Umu, I don't believe getting her to prioritize learning practical Energy Control was wrong but it ended up making her reliant to it and behind on Mana Control.
Bolstering your Attributes with Energy Control has its own depths too though even if it may looks simple.

Strengthening Attributes through energy has many elements to it, which are.

1: The amount of energy consumed
2: The scope of power up
3: How high should you boost your attributes
4: How long should it last

Those are roughly the gist of Energy Control.
How you juggle those in battle is the core principle of Energy Control.

Like say, consume 10 energy to boosts only your right arm by 50 attribute points and make it last 2-3 minutes.
You can rearrange that by boosting only the attributes by 200 and make it lasts for only tens of seconds instead.

Reina seems to prefer minimizing the amount and scope while explosively raising her attributes at the exact moment.
That style does have a good fuel economy allowing her to keep going for pretty long while making her toes to toes with stronger foes.
She might even be a match for magic beasts over level 20 depending on usage.

By the way, Alma doesn't seem to like direct uses of Mana Control or Energy Control.
Instead, she modifies her Skill through them which is strong in its own right and with minimal costs.
She does use Mana Search raw because she's got no Skill with a similar function to modify, but according to her, it hurts her head so she doesn't like to use it often.
I never felt pain with Mana Search though, what's the difference between me and Alma?

<<Sensing mana is normally only possible through five senses, thus the load this technique introduces to the brain surfaces up in the form of headaches. It is then translated into HP damage which persistently accumulates during its usage. The damage naturally heals itself in short terms, however continued usage may incur serious damage to the brain.>>

...I should warn her not to use it for too long later.

<<As for the reason Kajikawa Hikaru does not receive damage, it is due to his HP buffer that takes over damage to his real body, as well as damage below decimal points being considered nil, therefore the risk of this technique on him is zero.>>

You're saying minute damage like getting pricked doesn't reduce my HP huh. It's kinda convenient but also kinda unfair.
...Wait, I'm getting way off track here. Aren't I doing that often these days? Is it cause it's getting hot lately?

Now then, let's stop indulging with my thoughts and find an appropriate magic beast for Reina's Job Change.
It's doable with magic beasts around her level but that's no fun cough cough... She's gonna face stronger beasts from now on, I should bring a strong one to serve as training.
Oh, found a handy one in the green grass area. Let's go with it.

"I've brought a good stepping stone fit for your Job Change, Reina. Go on and have at it."


"Isn't that just another chicken! It's huge and looks really angry though!"

"Anybody would if you get kidnapped out of the blue while sleeping oh so blissfully."

"So it's you!"
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This thing is a step up from all the chickens thus far.
The previous ones were all white while this guy has a brownish fur, is double the size and much much faster.
Lv19, it's gonna evolve in just a bit as well. Now then, how are you gonna fight a magic beast twice your level?
It might look like I'm being mean to her, but it could get dangerous if she found herself in a situation like this without my and Alma's supervision if she never had an experience fighting stronger foes.
I'm gonna intervene if things are getting out of hands. But I hope she can overcome it on her own.


"Gyaa!! It's fast, too fast!! I'm boosting my Agility with Energy Control and this chicken's still faster!"

The chicken magic beast angrily chases Reina around.
Furiously headbanging and pecking all the while, must be scary. Even I think so too as a spectator. Or rather, it's gross.
Oh, she dived in the chicken's shadow. Looks like she's going for the good ol' tactic of attacking with her arms stretching out of the shadow.

Just before her dagger hit the chicken's neck, a sound of clashing metal resounded.



The chicken magic beast used 'Far Mana Claw' Skill ability to block Reina's attack.
Swiftly reacting to attack from its blind spot like that, this chicken's pretty dang good.
Seems like high AGI isn't the only thing it's got, add combat experience and high Perception to the pile too. Don't you look down on chickens.

『Gogyaa!? ....Gogeeeeeeee!!』

It tried to attack back but Reina quickly dived in the shadow again, enraging the chicken further.
Goge goge, this thing never shuts up does it, how isn't its throat sore?

Reina is safe inside the shadow but her MP is gradually decreasing. Only a matter of time until it dries up.
Her defeat is assured unless she comes up with something. Now then, what are you gonna do?

10 seconds elapsed and the chicken stayed alert throughout.
It never let up even for a second. I can tell that it's sharpened its senses in order to deal with attacks from any directions.
Which makes Reina's strategy a huge success.

BANG! A sound akin to a rupturing balloon echoed.


The chicken froze up out of surprise.
That sound must be Explosion Pearl from the other day. She must have thrown it out of shadow.
Highly strung paired with sharpened senses made the chicken vulnerable to that loud sound.
Something got thrown out of the shadow toward the chicken's face during this moment.
It swiftly used Far Mana Claw to block the attack again but it was fruitless. The thrown object was in the shape of powder, slipping through the chicken's claw, hitting its face straight on.


The chicken shrieked out loud.
The thrown object was 'Lightning Pepper Powder' Reina bought at the grocery.
The same stuff Lolimast stuffed Vinfitt priest's nose with. Getting your face, eyes and mouth hit by that thing must be hell.
Why'd anyone sell this thing in grocery, not material stores...

As the chicken cried agonizingly, Reina slashed at it from behind, however.

"It's, so, hard...!?"

The chicken activated 'Qi Clad' just before Reina's dagger connected to its neck, bolstering its defensive Attributes.
Guess it's too much for an Iron Knife. This match would have ended if she was using the bear fang one.
Unyielding, Reina also boosted her Attributes with Energy Control but it still wouldn't work.


She also activated Swordsmanship Skill 'Mana Blade' to enhance the dagger's sharpness but that only managed to bleed the neck, nowhere enough to cut it off.
...It's a deadlock. I suppose it's still too early for her to fight a magic beast double her level.
Wait, no! The chicken's attacking back with Far Mana Claw at Reina's torso! Gotta get in there with Pseudo Ground Shrink and cover for her--.


Blood spluttered as Reina yelled.
It's not hers, it's the chicken's neck.
She managed to cut the chicken's head off just before it counterattacked.

This girl strengthened the Mana Blade with Mana Control during that panicked scuffle...! She could never use it until this point.
She's the type that climbs over the wall when pressed to it. What is she, a protagonist of a story?

"H-hiie...! Thought I was a goner...!"

Reina muttered while tearing up on the ground.
Well, I would have made it in time to block that but I guess it was still a scary experience.

"O, ooh!? Ooooh!!"

The little girl suddenly shouted out loud in surprise.
What's up, did something descend in her head?

"What, what's with that dubious look on your face! I was just surprised because I got a Selection in my head for Job Change after leveling up!"

Whoops, my bad.
So Reina is out of apprenticeship. Finally onto the next stage.
...But man, I did all this after promising not to overwork her, she'd hate me one of these days...
Reina still managed to clear my unreasonable trials one way or another though.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 388

388 What is the Correct Answer?


I sprawled myself on my bed once the guide left.

"Aah, good thing he gave up... Thought he was plotting something up to get me to the castle or pestered me until I agreed... Turned out he relented right away..."

There's been so many stupidly high ranking people I've come across to by this point.
At first it was just a novice merchant, then the merchant association president of commercial city, a GM of an underworld syndicate, a daughter of the emperor, a kingdom's princess, a kingdom's PM, and lastly the federation chairman's daughter.
A full line up of personages whom common people would have never even dreamed up of getting acquainted with.

(Oh right, almost forgot, didn't a mercenary guildmaster try to pick a fight with me too?)

I recalled that one time a mercenary blocked the path while I was on my way out of the commercial city.
He mentioned something about the guildmaster inviting me, I just knew it would have led to yet another mess if I went with him.
At the time, I just lightly shook the mercenary off, but now that I'm going back there, I can't help but worry it's gonna turn into a spark to an even bigger fire.

(I was prioritizing going out of the city rather than giving them a stern warning back then. The mercenary guild there might still have it out for me...)

I can't predict the future but how probable is that? My head hurts from worrying over that.
All without realizing that having this thought alone may have raised the flag as I stayed in bed past dinner time.

Everything went without a hitch afterward. We ate dinner together, and asked for water to wipe our body before retiring to bed. The day ended peacefully with no more happening.
But I just know. This is a calm before the storm.

(Troubles tend to miss me whenever I shut myself in a room though.)

I spent a full week of true peace when I locked myself for one week while waiting for my katana back then.
I get that it's a form of escapism.

"My end goal might surprisingly be the 'correct answer'."

I muttered to myself. However, I've got to clear several conditions first before it can materialize.
Place, money, environment, and miscellaneous stuff, which differs depending on where I end up settling in the future.
I gotta learn the sense of value in this world.

(It's such a longshot... But there's no need to hurry...)

I gradually parted with my consciousness in bed.

The morning after started uneventful. Yet my mind was cloudy.

(Are we gonna be okay on the way there? Won't there be a flood of events in every stops?)

After a good night rest in a fluffy bed, my mind cleared up, expelling drowsiness.
And yet there's no use worrying over it now since I'm helpless against it. It's not possible to plan ahead against the 'something' inside me.
There's just no way I can come up with a good countermeasure no matter how hard I mull over it. After all, this 'something' is utterly unknown, I don't have even the slightest clue about it.

As I started getting gloomy at the prospect of repeating this hopeful and resignation cycle over and over again in the future, I got out of my bed.
I sighed once before leaving my room to have breakfast.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 116

Side Story The Path of Heroes is Steep and Precipitous


Hello hi. Several days have passed since we beat up the mountain bandits and escaped.
Fortunately there was a town nearby so we didn't have to walk for days. Would have been fine though since I've got food stocked up.
The issue is...

"Neora, don't you think that clothing store over there has a nice vibe to it? Let's go take a look together."

"...That's a store for women."

"You're gonna do just fine, Neora."

"What is!?"

The red braid haired girl, Levia tried to take me to a lady's fashion store.
...One thing leads to another and now I'm stuck with this girl.

She pestered me for my Job as I promised her once we escaped the hideout so I showed her my Appraisal Document.
'Eh, wha? Eeh?' her confused face looked funny and cute.

"...Hero? Eh, is that real? Seriously?"

"...Yup. Well I don't blame you for doubting me considering the state I'm in."

"Where are your companions? Did you get separated?"

"There's none. After I got summoned here, the king of this country gave me some money, an ID and a pass into restricted zones before pretty much throwing me out, like 'Take care of the demon king, good luck.'"

"Uwaah... Aren't heroes those great folk who save the world? What's up with that sloppy treatment?"

"Tell me about it."

Well, heroes get revived even if they die so those people probably think I'm gonna be just fine.
But I wish they'd at least offer me a companion...

"...Hey, don't you want a party member?"

"I do! But nobody stepped up when I asked for it at the guild. My level is too low and they probably don't wanna be stuck having to fight the demon king..."

"I see... Hey."

She meekly spoke while looking slightly bashful.
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"Can I, go, with you...?"

...Asking with those upturned eyes and meek attitude is unfair.
Wait no, don't get swept up me. I should ask her reason first before reflexively saying OK.

"...What's your reason?"

"I want to become an independent adventurer as quickly as I can. I've run away from home in defiance of my parents, but reality is hitting me hard... I can't even earn enough money to take a carriage between towns on my own. Those bandits caught me when I was wandering around on foot."

This girl is a simpleton, or maybe a klutz.
I think she should stop and ask herself if she's in the right before rushing headlong.

"...You're pretty high leveled considering your age, why's that?"

"I had been stealthily leveling in a nearby magic beast territory before I ran away. I even skipped training to do that sometimes, so the people around me often got mad saying I lack motivation and all that stuff."

Didn't Menu say that fighting magic beasts without training is suicidal?

<<This girl, err, Leviaria-san was it. She's got quite the aptitude. Fighting magic beasts without proper training is a no go, but she's been managing through her sheer talent. Perhaps she has the making of an exceedingly skilled adventurer.>>

Hmm, well I don't have a proper training either. Can't exactly fault her.
But letting a runaway girl without telling her parents go with me is a bit... They must be worried sick.

<<Even if you took her home, she'd definitely oppose it and leave on her own again later. It would likely end up with her getting kidnapped by bandits again or at worst, dying by magic beasts, you know?>>

Eeh, do I have no other choice here?
I mean, the road ahead is full of dangers, is she gonna be fine.

<<On the contrary it should be safer, Levia-san will receive the grace of revival once she is registered as Neora-san's party member.>>

Ah, right, the revive function works on hero's companions too.

<<Well, it only works up to four companions, mind. Otherwise, you could just register like say 1000 members and create an immortal army that never dies.>>

What the heck that's scary.
...Well fine, guess I can let her join then.
We worked pretty well together in combat against those bandits after all.

<<Isn't this for the best? I think she's more than satisfactory as the first member of your harem... Ah, wait, I guess that baldie old man is your first?>>

Not that old man! There's no room for man in my harem!

"Can I go with you? Or, can't I...?"

"Aah, well I do need to defeat the demon king so if you don't mind helping me, sure."

"Defeating the demon king eh... If we managed to accomplish that, that should shut up anybody who'd try to blame me for leaving home, fufufu..."

She's blurting out some wicked calculation...
It's up to her parents to decide whether that's enough to even out her action.
...Heck, I can only imagine them yelling at her when she came back home after defeating the demon king.

"That's fine, all I need to do is beat up this demon king guy or whatever and save the world, right?"

"I'm telling you it won't be easy. You generally don't have any freedom and you'll get revived every time you die until the task is done."

"...Ah, I remember reading that legend, are you saying that's real?"

"Yup. You can't die even if you want to once you've become my party member, make sure you're prepared."

"Scary... But looking at it from another angle, you're guaranteed to come out of it alive."

Well, I guess it does make you feel safe.

"Let's get along well then, Neo Raifu."

"Just call me Neora, can I call you Levia?"

After such and such, here we are now.

"H-how about this frilly dress next...!?"

"No, this boyish style one is hard to beat...!"

...Why am I being made into a dress up doll in this woman clothing line!
The clerks have been going out of control making me wear all sort of clothes. Please stop, seriously.
And you Levia, stop picking my clothes and choose yours!

"...But, I'm a man..."

""All the better!!""

"Hell no!!"

I wanna go home! Back to the inn and sulk myself to bed!
The path of heroes is steep and precipitous they say!? No, this can't be it!
I'm already regretting making this girl a party member... No more of this.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 387

387 Invitation


"We would like to inquire what is it that compels you to return to our kingdom so soon after your previous departure."

The guide seemed to have been told not to be roundabout and asked me straight.
I gave a concise answer that kept confidential stuff off limits.

"We're only staying overnight in this kingdom. Just a temporary stop. I know someone in the commercial city, y'see. I plan to drop by their place and say hello."

Asking the kingdom to put the ladies under their protection is an option.
However, I put a brake on that idea. Since there's the fact that the federation had just made an attempt to invade this country the other day.
If I let the kingdom's side take over the ladies, they'd likely use them as bargaining chips.
I personally don't care as long as I can get this headache off my hands.
But that'd make me no better than a hostage taker, and I don't want that.
I haven't been reduced into such a lowlife.

The kingdom may treat them cordially despite their status as hostages. But that's not the issue here.
It's more about how the belligerent federation are gonna gauge the ladies' values.
They would likely see no worth in them and refuse to formally apologize to the kingdom, in fact, I can imagine them doing exactly that.
That fact would likely deal a huge mental blow to the hostages, aka the ladies.
I believe the federation is pretty much under this Kanedor guy's thumb.
The same guy who's been trying to kill Linda and the other two. A scumbag who resorted to abduction and threats in order to harass his oppositions. He definitely sees no values in the ladies' lives, in fact he'd likely use the chance to vote out the chairman instead.

(No clue if they've got that kinda system though... Gone off track.)

The guide looked relieved when he found out about us going to leave right away before resuming his talk.

"His majesty the king has been asking for your presence in the royal castle if you are to visit this kingdom. We would like to extend you an invitation if your time permits. Would that be possible?"

Underling had a shocked look on his face at this. Surely he can't process how someone of unknown background like me is getting invited by the king of a country.
This 'King' must be referring to that princess, I just know it.
She's the only royalty who'd even have the idea of inviting me.
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"I will have to decline. I'm gonna be straight with you. I don't wanna get involved with you lot. We should not 'interfere' with one another anymore."

I just spoke my true feelings on the matter.
I was none the wiser at this point, but there exist documents, history, and suspicious books that details the existence of 'Black Clad'. All of which warn their readers not to get involved with 'Black Clad' under a scheming mind.
Me refusing here may very well avoid 'the worst of fate' befalling this kingdom.
The princess's reason of inviting me is very likely a desire to have a 'force beyond measures' under her control.
Nobody can predict what will become of this kingdom if this force ends up erupting one way or another.
Few people in this world are aware of such however. Those are facts carved in the annals of history.
This kingdom has just narrowly escaped its end.

Being unaware of that myself as well, I sent a glance at the guide, signaling him not to pursue the matter any further.

"That is quite a shame, but if that is your answer, we shall honor it. I shall report as is. Well then, allow me to excuse myself. We thank you for your time."

Despite his words, the guide looked visibly relieved like he just let out the biggest sigh of relief in his life.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 115

FISH! (Nobody Said It's Angling)


"...! It's pulling...!"

"Ooh! Alma-san, pull, pull back!"

Hello. The two girls next to me sure are getting heated up.
We're fishing at the beach right now.
Normally we'd just buy ingredients from grocery stores, but I thought it'd make for a nice change of pace.
It's one of the very few recreational activities in another world, let's take it easy... I haven't got a single fish though.

"Kajikawa-san, you haven't caught anything. Are you not good with fishing?"

"...I'm pretty much inexperienced save for one or two times when I was a kid. Didn't have a hobby so I never focused much on one thing."

"You mean you didn't have anything you liked to do?"

"Pretty much, yeah."

At best, I liked reading manga or playing games.
Those were the only things I could afford to engage in my super short free time full of overtimes.
I was so busy with work, I even lost touch with my college day friends, just trying to keep on keeping on.
Looking back now, what was so fun about that way of life? I didn't have any reason to keep going but neither was I wanting to die, so I just went on with it.

"Well, now that I'm trying this fishing thing out, it's surprisingly fun. Might be nice to spend my free times fishing while we're in this port town."

"Is it still fun when you don't get a fish?"

"Oh shaddup. I'm doing this to put food on our table tonight."

"Oh, that'll guarantee its freshness alright. Only if you catch a fish though."

"By the way, if nobody fishes up something, we're having saute of that boot Alma caught."

"You can't eat boots!"

"...Caught a kettle."

The tally presently, I got zero fish. Not even garbage.
Reina caught several fish, but all of them were on the small side. Should work well for tempura though.
Alma, a boot and a kettle... Her highlight-less eyes are staring blankly at the sunlight-reflecting kettle.
It's been an hour since we started but the outlook doesn't look good. Guess waiting is the fun in fishing.
But we'll be left with nothing to eat tonight at this rate... I'll make use of this chance to train.

Sending my mana with Mana Control through the line... Hmm the mana dispersed right away.
I link my life force along with my mana flowing through the line to prevent dispersion as well as my energy to bolster its output and precision.
Then I make the fishing line to move around like it's alive to attract the fish.
It probably won't work that well either, but it makes for a good training of Remote Mana Control.

"Oh, I caught another one! ...A finger-sized small fishie."

"...Caught a cup."

Man you girls never change do you.
I'm amazed Alma managed to dexterously hook that cup up.
Speaking of never changing, the same goes for me... Mana Control has changed nothing.

Just when I was entertaining the idea of buying ingredients in the marketplace instead, my rod caught something.


"Oh, it's finally your time to shine, Kajikawa-san!"

Unlike the reels on earth, reels in this world don't roll up well. Mine broke down as I was fighting.
Oh crap, it's gonna take off at this rate! ...No choice, I'll use mana control to grab the fish directly!
Eh, unfair? Can't hear you! Torya!

SPLASH, a flashy pillar of water sprouted as my catch leaped out.
It's an, octopus. A common red octopus you often see on earth.
It landed right on Alma's belly. Oh…

Oh no
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Alma let out a silent scream as she tearfully struggled to peel the octopus.
The sight of the octopus's legs entangling Alma is a bit... No comment.

"A-Alma-san, calm down!"

"!! !?!?! !!!"

She seemingly couldn't hear Reina's voice as she yelped without a word.
Menu-san! What's the best way to peel off an octopus!

<<Stabbing the area between its eyes with a fish-killing pick will turn its body white, enabling an easy neutralization.>>

I don't got something like that on me!
Ah wait, I can just make a needle shaped mana on my finger with Mana Control!

I thrust the mana needle on the ero-octo's forehead as it entangled Alma harder and then it turned white before listlessly peeled itself.

"Hafuu! ...Fuu...!! ...Fuu...!"

Alma attempted to regain her breathing with a flush face.
...I shouldn't stare, feels immoral somehow.

"...My bad, was careless with my aim when I pulled it..."

"I-it's, o, kay... But, please be careful, next time..."

"...The way Alma-san was entwined by that octopus looked kinda, you know..."

Reina, you stop right there.
We resumed our fishing after a short break.
...I should consider where to land the fish next time.

Several hours since we started.
Gotta get ready to head back now that it's almost dark out.
By the way, the final tally wasn't too bad in the end.

Reina only caught small fry like sillago and smelt, but makes it up with the sheer quantity.
Gonna either tempura or dry them up.
...Alma had a big haul in a sense. Absolutely nothing fit for consumption, but there were some useful-looking items among all the junk she fished up.
Or rather, she's the winner in terms of total values. Fishing magic tools should be a talent... The girl herself looked dissatisfied by the fact there wasn't a single fish.
As for me, it was mostly delicacies and unusual foodstuff... What even is fishing.
Octopus, squids, urchins and there were even mantis shrimp-like animals. Shrimps spoil easily so I put them away in Item Screen.
I was looking forward at the kind of sea organisms in another world but they're pretty much the same ones you see on earth.
...Fine by me though, might hesitate eating them if they look too alien.

We normally spend our days hunting magic beasts, but enjoying our breaks like this makes me have an understanding.
I usually spent my breaks in Japan sleeping all day, it wasn't particularly fun.
I feel like the trick is to spend your holidays with someone.

"Let's head back. Fishing makes for a nice change of pace every once in a while, doesn't it."

"...I couldn't catch anything edible..."

"B-but there were like, some amazing looking accessories and stuff in there, cheer up, Alma-san."

"...Thank you."

...Reina was probably trying to encourage Alma, but it kinda sounds like she's ridiculing her.
We should think more carefully about the bait and things like that next time. The paste fishing bait Alma used proved unpopular with fish.
Now then, gotta salt the shrimp, fry the octopi, and make tempura out of Reina's small fry once we get back home.
Everything fried, only the urchins are eatable raw. Processing them's gonna be a pain...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 386

386 Can't Put a Price Tag on 'Debt'


Outside, the guide who led me to the PM that one time was bowing.

"Hello there. May I have a bit of your time?"

There's nobody here besides this guide. But it must be only because I can't detect them, I'm sure there are several agents lurking and watching us nearby.
That's the only reasonable conclusion seeing this guide here so soon.

"No... Alright, fine. But we'll talk in an inn, these ladies need rest. You okay with that?"

The fact that he's even here means something is amiss. Even if the guards had contacted the Royal Castle earlier, there shouldn't be enough time for him to get here this soon. Things moved much faster than the last time they sent me a carriage.
I'm a bit curious on the mechanic behind this trick.
But I'm more curious about what this guide has in store for me.

"Allow me to escort you to our kingdom's finest inn. We shall bear the expense. How would you like it?"

"No. Get us to an ordinary inn. I'll also pay myself. I don't want to owe you guys anything."

Complying would definitely hit me back with an even pricier favor.
Thus I flat out refused. I'm gonna have to hear this man out regardless anyway. I can't take anymore if it turns out to be a mess I can't run away from.
'Very well', the guide bowed just as a carriage arrived.
They must have it prepared beforehand. The timing lined up too perfectly.

"Do please get on board. Allow me to bring you there."

I urged the four to get on and they quietly complied without talking back.
Nobody ordered underling to not speak. The guy got himself put under a contract he vowed when he was begging for his life. After landing himself in hot water by his own words, he's not gonna talk more than necessary.
By that I mean, saying something that could put his master, Linda, in trouble.
That risks putting me in a bad mood and leaving these ladies to fend for themselves.
Some things are better left unsaid.
Those who say that stuff are people who are related to the underworld. I know that much.
From Linda's standpoint, I must look like an object of such fear for getting this VIP treatment from the kingdom itself.

While I was lost in thought, our carriage stood out as it made its way in the middle of the main street.
Curious onlookers turned their gazes on us before quickly averting their eyes when they spotted the kingdom's coat of arms, like they never saw us in the first place.
Our carriage arrived at our inn while I was checking that out somehow from the window.

It's the inn I stayed at back then, Dragon's Back. We got off and entered.
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"Two rooms please. With meals. Triple room for these ladies, and double for me and this guy."

"Sure thing! Which mealtimes? Breakfast too? That'll be this much."

The clerk energetically replied behind the counter after which I paid.
The ladies were going to rest in their room until dinner, while I headed to my room on the second floor.
Underling followed behind and got in with me. Along with the guide.
I told the clerk that he's our guest. The clerk looked so surprised his eyes popped wide open but I had no idea why.

I sat on the bed and had underling sat down the floor, then I urged the guide to sit on a chair behind a table inside the room.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 114

Port Town Stroll


Several days since our first encounter with the chicken magic beasts.
Reina's leveling is going swimmingly, she should reach Lv10 in the next one.
She's gotten pretty good at dealing with multiple enemies too. She can now easily beat up to two without relying on Skill unharmed. Energy Control is indispensable though.

As for Alma and me, you could say it's going well too but our levels have only increased by 1 since then.
Apparently, once you get to these numbers, levels won't raise as easily.

Our adventurer ranks went up as well, Reina to F while Alma and I to C.
These rank ups don't really boost our strength or anything but it's nice to have a concrete proof of our hard work.

"No uh, you guys should have ranked up even earlier. Killing so many High Cave Bears and even demons, what even is that. Are you really Level 20s?"

Naima-san looked a bit tired as she handled our rank up documents.
I mean, we don't wanna stand out needlessly, there's no point in boasting that anyway.

"Done, you're officially higher ranked now. We hope your continued efforts from now on."

"Thank you. Okay then, can you handle these herbs, I've got around a hundred of--"

"Nooooo!! I'm sorry, I'll behave from now on, just no more~!"

Naima-san entreated while yelling sorrowfully. Haha I'm just joking, today is our rest day anyway.
Next one is only gonna be 50 pieces, fret not. Eh, still too many? Can't hear you.

Wonder what should I do during this off day.
Lazing around in the inn sounds nice, but I dunno how other people around gonna take that.
We're at a port town and all, might as well sea gazing while shopping around.

"I'm going out on a stroll to look around for stuff, what about you two?"

"If you don't mind, I'd like to go with you, Hikaru."

"I wanna go with you two. I want to sample yummy food."

"Then, I'll let you two hang on to your allowances. Don't waste it okay."

I'm usually in charge of our finance.
No worries on getting stolen when the money is inside Item Screen, and Menu keep proper records like a balance sheet.
They get allowances everyday in case something bad befall me though.

Shared party expenses like inn, food and stuff are managed by me, while Alma and Reina have their own pocket money.
Reward from culling is partly docked toward party fund, while the remaining cash is split for individual use.
By the way, the money isn't split randomly. It's properly divided by how many and what kind of magic beasts each of us beat. So we get plenty of cash we're free to use. Naturally.
Reina's income isn't quite as high as me and Alma's since she's just started out and mainly culling weak magic beasts, albeit a lot of them. Well, earning 100-200k en a day is amazing though.
Only mid level adventurers and above get that much I'm sure. What an impressive little girl...

I loiter around the town accompanied by the scent of salt.
Lots of stores are selling handicrafts and accessories made from shells and such. Pretty much a mainstay for towns near the seas.
They look quite popular with the ladies, but ours seem disinterested... Can't you girls act a bit least interested.

Oh, these earrings, are these beads, pearls?

<<They are pearls taken from oyster-type magic beasts 'Magipearl'. These pearls are receptive to mana, as such they are used for magic tools as well.>>

Hm, 20,000 for one of these earrings is pretty pricey... No, I guess it's hella cheap considering the pearls. Menu tells me they're of high quality too.
Maybe this world sees pearls as nothing more than pretty stones you can take from oysters. My sense of value is in disarray.
These things might be usable for making magic tools in the future, let's buy a piece.
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"Oh? Kajikawa-san, did you buy an earring?"

"Yeah. Apparently this thing can be used for magic tools, so why not."

"Ah but, sorry to say, I don't think earrings would look good on you Kajikawa-san..."

"...You got that right."

I've just noticed after buying. Stupid me.
...Might just let Alma wear them after they've been enchanted or something.

Next up is equipment stores.
...Going there on an off day may sound weird, but we never had the time or energy left to go in the night after a full day of leveling.

Today's goal is mainly my equipment. Alma's equipment is still sufficient, Reina's even overspecced a tad. The bear fang dagger is still off limit though.
First my armor, my last one had been transformed into a pile of junk after I got hit by the fireballs that sealed stupidly huge slime shot.
I ended up resorting to equipping spare equipment, Red Boar Chest Protector, but I wanna have something more defensive.

The materials from that giant lizard from a few days ago would have made for an ideal equipment, but nope.
The hot uncle party contacted us after the carving was done, encouraging us to take maybe the scales, leather, or claws they'd gladly give but after thinking it through, we opted for a bit of meat instead.
Eh, what's that, am I dumb for wasting their generosity? You're exactly right.
I'm scared using too strong an equipment would make me over reliant on it...

...By the way, the meat was super tasty. I only lightly salted and grilled it and yet it tasted like a heavenly mix of oil, umami, lean meat and wild game-like flavor. Even tastier than the cured meat of High Cave Bear.
Alma and Reina were even in tears. I don't think choosing the meat was a mistake... Let's get back on track.
So now I'm thinking of having Bloody Fang's leather made into my protector.
It will be done in one week, just gotta bear with Red Boar's until then.

And now onto the main subject.
I want a weapon that fits me.
I mean, you know? I do have that Steel Sword I got in the dungeon back then, but ATK+45 is as good as zero for me now.
Heck, bare handed is better for mana control... It's honestly just a hindrance, only good as a self-defense for when I run out of mana. Physical the best.
Would be nice if I could get my hands on a sword as strong as the one Alma received, but you don't stumble upon something that incredible every day.
Even if I did, it would probably a waste to someone with no weapon-related Skills like me. Like pearls before swine.
Can neither have half-assed or too strong a weapon. The heck.

In conclusion, what I need isn't a weapon with high attributes, but a weapon that makes it easier to use Mana and Energy Control.
Buying Spark Wolf Horns would be more useful than a weapon I can barely wield.
I looked around in the store with that in mind and bought something that caught my eyes
...Is this gonna come in handy? Well it'd at least expand our options I guess.
In the end, I didn't find anything that could work as my main weapon. Is there even a weapon that fits my style?

Next up, material store, wait the heck, it's same old same old.
How'd we end up here after going all the way to a port town...

Looking inside, I saw stuff that were unlike Daijel's one.
Lots of marine products such as seaweed extract as a hemostatic agent, or crustacean shells that can be used for armor.
There's also a lot of land-based materials due to this town's close proximity to Monster Prairie. Oh, they've got that giant lizard's mats too. Was it from that hot uncle's party.
Wait what the heck's up with this price!? A coin sized scale is worth 5000 en apiece!? Just how much is that gigantic lizard valued then...!?
Several million, no probably more in the tens of million? ...How much is that block of meat we received I wonder.

Hmm, they don't have Spark Wolf Horns or Fire Frog Oil. Those stuff makes for a good trump card against stronger foes though.
Hmu, what's this Explosive Coral thingy?

<<A species of marine organism. Unlike normal coral, they reproduce through cell divisions, propagating by way of monogenetic reproduction. Drying them inland turns them into a firecracker-like object that ruptures upon impact.>>

So kinda like Exploding Mushroom?

<<They do not produce as loud a sound as Exploding Mushroom, however the impact this coral produces is slightly stronger. Yet, its firepower is still practically nil. They are mostly used as booby traps, seen as luxury goods.>>

Hm, interesting, let's buy some.
Should be good as a feint if I remote mana control it to explode from a distance. Like thunder crash bomb.
I also bought other interesting stuff, would be testing them out later.
...Mwu, Alma and Reina also bought some stuff. Nice to see they experiment too.

Next up... Where to I wonder.
Foodstuff? ...That's gonna be the same as ever. At best there'll be more seafood than usual.
Wait, seafood? ...Menu, is there somewhere nearby that fits what I have in mind?

<<Predicting a match can be found in the nearby coastland easily.>>

I see, let's take a short break and go look for it.





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