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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 392

392 Changed, Unchanged Conclusion


We got off our stagecoach and entered the village inn. The coachman was going to park the stagecoach at its intended spot first.
Booking a room in the inn was no different than other inns. We took our keys to our rooms after asking the staff to make our dinner. The room was similar to the ones in the kingdom's inn.
Our meals got carried in a bit afterward. I asked for room service.
Apparently guests are supposed to have their meals in the tavern next door.
I avoided that by tipping the inn staff.

(Any more trouble and my head would pop open.)

In my past life, I funneled my all to my work so I could safeguard my free time. I had no complain about that. It was for my sake after all.
However, I cannot afford getting burdened by more stuff right now, my mental health can't take it. I thought I hadn't changed, but apparently I have.

"My world's changed, my very existence itself has changed, after all those fundamental transformations, there's just no way nothing about me stays unchanged huh..."

I murmured while eating. Underling who overheard me had a very obvious, 'What's this guy on about?' look on his face.
I finished my meal ignoring him and brought my plate to the counter. There, I fetched a bucket of warm water with a clean cloth back to my room.
There's no bathroom in this inn. So I asked this arrangement to wipe myself. Paid in advance alongside our room, and food earlier.
I paid for mine, the ladies as well as underling's share. With the money I took from the bandits today naturally.
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(Guess bumping into criminals every once in a while will be a good thing for my financial situation.)

My mind wandered to becoming a criminal killer or a bounty hunter as I currently have no stable income. Or so I made excuse to myself.
I wouldn't have chosen the pricey inn if not for that.
I ponder as I lay on my bed after wiping my body. The only reason I could afford this bed was that money.

Underling seems to be terrified of me, he's avoiding talking to me. He's still wiping himself.
I don't pay that warm water for him out of pity. Linda already said this guy will be stuck to forced labor once this is over after all.
He's accompanying us until that point. I don't want to have someone smelly next to us all the while.
So I coughed this up.

I'm told you usually only clean yourself every other day when you're traveling. But I don't care to follow that rule. No matter if it's common sense.
As a Japanese man, I'm already compromising not taking a bath every day.
The ladies themselves looked happy they could maintain cleanliness, they had this mixed look of elation and apologetic.
Apparently lavish spending during travel is unusual in this world. Even the elderly innlady was looking at us with warm eyes and a smile.

As I was gazing the night fall outside the window, I dozed off before I realized.

Ignorant of bandits raiding this village later that night.
Having no idea the bandits I took care earlier in the day were part of a larger gang.





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