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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 108

Offensive Reorganization


Hello, I'm currently at the Monster Prairie along with Alma, in a deeper area than usual.
Reina is resting at the inn. She wasn't in the best shape due to overworking yesterday, so we had a change of plan. Maybe I shoulda brought her fewer magic beasts.
Reina won't last if we keep the pace for another day, and other adventurers are starting to look at us with censuring gazes, so the leveling is now done in a two day rotation with me and Alma doing the leveling on the second day.

This hurts Reina's leveling pace, but apparently most people don't go on killing magic beasts every single day in the first place.
Exceptions being those who need money quick or those who have to level up quickly, but culling magic beasts is not only hard on the body but it's also very mentally draining, so normal people take a break for two, three days after a session.
...That revelation means Alma and me had been really pushing ourselves. We delved in that dungeon for five days straight and only took a break for the remaining two days and all.
That would be considered pretty standard in Japan but apparently it's a complete sweatshop in another world... No, I'm sure Japan is just weird, that schedule is an exploitation too.
...Wonder how the factory I worked at is doing now. Probably the same unpaid overtime hell as ever...

Apparently the grass growing on the ground change color the deeper you go into this prairie.
The spot where Reina had her leveling bout had lustrous green grass growing, while this spot we're at is flush with pea green grass.
Oh, I see pear-like trees. Let's grab some. Yummy.
The magic beasts here are mostly in late 10s, level-wise. Clearly above our usual spot.
They're nothing but small fry to the current me and Alma though. We barely get exp unless the beasts are at least over Lv20.
We came across more magic beasts as we went deeper, but they were out of question. Nowhere near good enough as training targets or for leveling.
It would have made for a nice training if it were the us just after Stampede. Power inflation is real.

The vegetation further changes color to yellow as we go deeper.
The presences of magic beasts also become much stronger. This must be the next area.

"Let's make this area our base of operation today. I sense magic beasts mostly around level 20 here, it's just right."

"Un, they should make for a nice warm-up."

She sees magic beasts over lv20 as warm-up huh. How indefatigable she's become.

"I'll reach Lv25 in a bit and then I can Job Change. I'm going to do my best."

"Ah, figured the next Job Change is at Lv25."

"Lv10 is still considered rookie, and Lv25 is where you're seen as a full-fledged combatant... Many adventurers seem to only have that going for them though."

"And that's why we've gotta work hard so we don't fall in the same pitfall. Now then wonder if there's any good beast around."

Nn, I sense some presences that fit close by, wonder which to pick.
Hmu, one of them is heading our way. Guess might as well start with this one.
Huh? Its speed and mana reading, feels like I know this from somewhere...
Wait isn't this a Jet Boar? Man that sure takes me back.
The last time we fought one, we had to resort to using a trap and struggled till the very end.
Yet I don't even feel the least bit threatened now. Well, it's a lesser magic beast compared to High Cave Bears after all.

"Hikaru, let me take care of that."

"Hm, are you gonna be okay... Of course you are. You've got Spirit Magic and all."

"I won't use it. Not because of conceit, I think relying solely on that is limiting my tactics."

"Do you now. But don't worry about that and just use it if things look dicey."

"Un... It's, here."
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A red boar is charging our way while roaring out loud.
Straight ahead, the very definition of rushing headlong without any gimmicks like Horn Rabbit's zigzags. The most obvious pattern there is.
However that's precisely why it boasts a tremendous amount of power. The thing will even uses 'Roar Rush' once it gets close enough, explosively boosting its attack power. Even the current me likely won't come out of that unscathed.

Alma used 'Quick Step' to zero in herself.
Looks like she boosted the ability with Energy Control, her speed was almost equal my Mana Flight.
The boar flinched when it saw its target coming for it instead, slowing down instead of using 'Roar Rush'.



Alma didn't overlook that opening and used 'Mana Blade Gale' thrusting her Ogre Eater Shark Fang Sword in the boar's forehead.
This would have been the end if it were an ordinary magic beast.


The boar roared angrily, refusing to die despite having a sword stuck on its head.
But we both knew this thing wouldn't die from this wound from our last fight.

BWOSH, a blue flame erupted from the boar's head.
The same tactic as before, she used 'Flame Sword' to burn the insides.
There's no electricity running on her sword this time so she's not gonna get scalded. The red boar's HP quickly depleted to zero, dead.

"...You really did it in without Spirit Magic."

"Un, I'm glad that it really feels like I've gotten stronger bit by bit."

I don't think you can call beating an opponent we barely scraped a victory against just a month earlier without breaking a sweat 'bit by bit' though.
Well, the same goes for me.

"...My level didn't increase."

"Well, there's plenty of magic beasts around, let's work on it piecemeal by piecemeal... And here comes a new challenger."


I sensed multiple magic beasts coming in our direction after Jet Boar was felled.
They must be going after its meat.
Judging from their four legs, body contours, and running speed, they must be wolves.
...Uwhao, on top of every single one being above Level 20, they've even got one leader-like wolf.

Magic Beast: Mad Wolf Highlander


State: Normal


    HP (Health): 381/381
    MP (Magic): 120/120
    SP (Stamina): 120/271
    STR (Strength): 237
    ATK (Attack): 237
    DEF (Defense): 194
    AGI (Agility): 285
    INT (Intelligence): 64
    DEX (Dexterity): 78
    PER (Perception): 230
    RES (Resistance): 69
    LUK (Luck): 33


    Magic Beast Level 3
    Quadruped Beast Level 4
    Martial Arts Level 4
    Fang Arts Level 3

Magic Beast: Mad Wolf Bloody Fang


State: Normal


    HP (Health): 618/618
    MP (Magic): 214/298
    SP (Stamina): 207/399
    STR (Strength): 422
    ATK (Attack): 422
    DEF (Defense): 356
    AGI (Agility): 378
    INT (Intelligence): 170
    DEX (Dexterity): 210
    PER (Perception): 374
    RES (Resistance): 154
    LUK (Luck): 93


    Magic Beast Level 4
    Quadruped Beast Level 6
    Martial Arts Level 5
    Fang Arts Level 5
    Claw Arts Level 5

Oy oy, isn't this area supposed to be exclusively inhabited by Lv20s magic beasts.
Is this tough luck or just luck, running into a beast stronger than High Cave Bears.
I'm guessing one wolf in the pack evolved into that thing but instead of going into a deeper area, it couldn't let go of playing boss so it sticks around.
It's like when a high schooler OB punk keeps hanging out with a gang of middle schooler punks... Oh boy, that analogy makes this magic beast seem lame.


Ah, it's as if the wolf inferred me thinking that and howled out loud to direct its pack here.
...Fine by me, come at me you wolf punks! I'll rehabilitate you personally!






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