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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 119

Is It the Hair or the Rear That's Blue


Hello good evening. I'm currently stuck being condemned by a blue haired young man overflowing with a sense of justice.
Getting accused of being a trash for forcing someone to cull magic beasts and snatching all the reward doesn't feel nice.
...Well it's true that I did make her fight to total exhaustion on the first day, she couldn't move on the second day and she had to pay her inn and meal expenses herself.

"Kajikawa-san, there's no use talking to this person, let's just leave him be and go home."

Reina spoke, looking fed up. Yer' right.

"Oy! I'm not done with you yet!"

"That's your problem. We're done with you."

"You too! How can you be okay with that guy leeching you off!? Don't you want to be freed!"

"I told you he never leeched money off me! Give it a rest already!"

"...You can't even call this a conversation. He's only interested in talking us down, not caring to listen. Trying to interact with this man is fruitless."

Both Reina and Alma sound like they had enough, it's clear they're even disgusted by the guy. They've got these really amazing repulsed expressions on their faces.

"Oy, what's with the commotion."

Oh no.

Seemingly lured in by the noise, Scarymast showed up from the back, her red hair swaying all the way.
...I mean, did she really come from inside this guild? Feels like she just emerged behind Naima-san out of thin air.

"G-guildmast! E, err, um you see."

"I reckon the main cast of this ruckus are that blue head, that little blonde and those two black heads. Am I wrong?"

"N-no you're not."

Scarymast had a scary looking smile on her face for some reason as she confirmed the situation with Naima-san.
She refers to people by the color of their hair. That'd make her a red head.
...With her image, that sounds more like the color of blood than her hair...

"Oy, you blue head, Willclause was it. What's your deal."

"B-blue head...?"


"Uh, y-yes ma'am."

Blue spoke while recoiling, his zeal earlier was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm telling off this black head to stop forcing this blonde girl fight magic beasts solo and snatching her reward."

"That's wrong, I've been telling him it's just a rumor, but he won't--"

"Blonde, Blue is still talking. Keep your mouth shut now."

Scarymast warned Reina who protested while Blue was narrating his side of story.
Reina obeyed despite looking disgruntled. It's all right, she said 'now' so we'll get our turn to tell our side too... Surely.

"He made her fight so much she couldn't even walk steadily, and then he was gonna make her fight in pea green grass area when she had just reached Lv10. It's clear that this man only sees her as a money-making tool! He even made up a tall tale to deflect blame! This man is a peak dirtbag!"

"...Is that the truth? Kajikawa."

Scarymast turned her gaze at me. Scary.
No no, I can't let myself get overwhelmed by the pressure. Calm down me, let's count prime numbers or something.
...Now then, it's my turn.

"...First of all, it is true that Reina couldn't walk on her second day because she fought so much on the first day."

"Did you hear that Guildmaster, he just admitted it! Look, isn't this guys the worst--"

"Blue, shut up."

Scarymast warned him with a voice far sharper and colder than she used on Reina earlier. Blue reflexively shut his mouth.
There was so much pressure I almost did as well... Wait no, it's my turn to speak now. No not talking.

"It's my shortcoming as a greenhorn party leader. Reflecting on that, I readjusted her schedule and made her rest every other day in addition to two day rest on weekends."

"I see. That girl apparently has just come of age recently. What is your reason for making her fight magic beasts solo?"

"It's to prevent power-leveling, so she could gain true experience in real combat. Thanks to some training before her come of age as well as us giving her advice while she's fighting, she's never gotten hurt badly so far."

"Well, she managed to kill a Lv19 Bronze Cock on her own after all. Magic beasts in the pea green grass area should be a cinch to her."

"Wha, they made her fight such a powerful beast alone!? How reckless can you be!"

"Naima, Blue... I'm sewing your mouth shut the next time you're speaking out of line."

Scarymast spoke with an even colder voice while glaring at the two. Way scary.
Relenting to that pressure, the two turned blue as they quieted down. Of course they would.
Bronze Cock must be referring to that chicken, I guess they'd be evolving into Silver Cock and Golden Cock huh... Wait, who cares about that now.
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"She did in fact beat all those magic beasts. Considering her achievement, she will do just fine in the pea green grass area for sure. I'm not seeing any problem in her magic beast culling activity."


"Naima, bring me thread and needles."

"Hiie, f-forgive me! I won't speak any more!"

Blue frantically apologized while yelping pitifully.
This guy gets more and more pathetic every time he opens his mouth. Might as well just get it sewn don't you think?

"And what about the matter of you leeching off her reward money?"

"I've made her pay her inn and meal expenses, that's it. She's free to use the rest of her money. I do warn her not to waste it though."

"So she's paying her living expenses while enjoying autonomy over her money. That's not leeching... And lastly, what about the bit of you making up a tall tale?"

"I'm not sure if it's a tall tale or not, but I did save her when she was being chased by a High Cave Bear in a magic beast territory. I also offered her to join us seeing as she had nowhere to go."

"Naima, is there a High Cave Bear in Kajikawa's Kill Log?"

"There is... In fact there's a whole lot more than two or three, ten of them with several being solo kills."

"I see. That might not be definite enough to prove whether it's a tall tale or not, however there doesn't seem to be anything amiss to deem falsehood... From everything we have got so far, the problem appears to lie on Blue's account, what do you have to say about that?"

Looks like she believes us, thank goodness.
Asked that, the blue haired young man ground his teeth while glaring at us before speaking up.

"T-there is no proof that everything this guy said is true."

"The same goes for you, where is the proof of your accusation on Kajikawa. Besides, blonde... Reinamiure, was it, herself denies your claim. When the person concerned says that, you can't keep pointing the finger all while bringing zero evidence to the table. You have to make sure you've got that well accounted for first before you start accusing people left and right."

"Guh...! Y-you have no right to lecture me--"

"Exactly, I shouldn't have to teach an adventurer all this stuff. It's common sense, if nothing else. Good grief, you're a big man now, I'm not your mother."


Blue ran off the guild after making that parting remark. He made off so fast, the western door looked like it would break from being swung so hard.
...What's blue might not be just his hair, his rear might be too.

What a farce. This has been a huge waste of time thanks to that guy.
Not just to me, but also to Naima-san and Scarymast.

"Sorry for taking up your time, guild master."

"You can say that again. The thought of such a justice drunk brat affiliated with our guild alone is revolting."

Scarymast shrugged her shoulders.

"Ah, good timing. I've got just the job for you, can you come to my room for a briefing?"


Just when I thought I was out, I got roped in another pain in the rear. How'd it come to this.
...Dang you Blue.






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