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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 107

Transport Leveling


Detecting magic beasts' life force readings, the hunt is on.
Most of the readings were that of Horn Rabbits, though there were biggish ones mixed in. Not just wolves, they're quadruped with more rounded bodies, are they pigs? Gotta get them too.
Well, I'll start with the rabbits mostly. Mixing in some wolves here and there.
Oh, found some close by. Wait for me, I'm gonna make you mine.

Several hours since then.
At first, the rabbit passed out during transportation because I was moving too fast, then it fled right off once it came to... I felt sorry for it, I overlooked that one.
There was no more problem once I lowered my speed from second rabbit on... Save for my clothes smelling like wild animals.
It was a simple routine of transporting rabbits (and some wolves) in between breaks and lunch. A bit boring I admit, but it's nothing I can't endure for Reina's leveling sake.

"Here comes another one~, Reina, your stamina and mana still looking fine?"

"Wheeze, wheeze, I-I'm OK, but my real stamina, is about to run dry..."

"Hikaru, let's stop for today."

"Hm, you're right. How many were there again?"

"M-more than 50..."

"Ooh, you've been going at it huh, Reina."

"How wouldn't I with you bringing in so many one after another, Kajikawa-san! You didn't even see the situation here and kept transporting more beasts, so I had to go up against multiple at once!"

"Err, uh that was for your training against mobs, I definitely didn't just miss how you were doing and I'm sorry I just wanted to throw new ones in whenever."

"You gave up making excuses and apologized midway through!?"

I mean she kept defeating those magic beasts while I was out looking for more anyway, it was never dangerous.
Eh, that's not the issue here? Sorry.

Once she defeated the last magic beast I carried here, she plopped down on the spot in exhaustion.
Lying face down on the ground while muttering, 'I can't move a finger...', guess I'll piggy back her home.
Kinda reminds me of that time I was training mana control with Alma, though Reina's pretty light and there's nothing touching my back... Is it just me or do I sense bloodlust behind me, I gotta keep that to myself, yup.
But it was all worth it, she's leveled up a lot since we first started.

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Name: Reinamiure

Level: 7

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Apprentice Ninja

Status: Hungry, Fatigued (Severe)

HP (Health Points): 101/156
MP (Magic Points): 34/93
SP (Stamina Points): 7/73
STR (Strength): 77
ATK (Attack): 77 (+18)
DEF (Defense): 71 (+80) (+10)
AGI (Agility): 114 (+24)
INT (Intelligence): 70
DEX (Dexterity): 109
PER (Perception): 114
RES (Resistance): 63
LUK (Luck): 73

Dagger Arts Level 2
Martial Arts Level 2
Stealth Level 2
Ninjutsu Level 1

Iron Knife
ATK +18

Bear Leather Black Outfit
DEF +80

Wind-Cutting Tabi
DEF +10, AGI +24

...Isn't she getting way too strong?
This little girl shot up to Lv7 in just two days. Scary.
Her AGI, DEX, and PER even broke triple digits. The hell kind of Cheat Job is it.

<<Ninja Job puts emphasize on AGI growth, however her training in Mana Control has helped bolstering her DEX and PER as well.>>

Speaking of which, Alma's DEX and PER also grew way high ever since she started Mana Control training.
Guess that happens when you have to sense something your five senses can't and take control of it.

"Uuh, my body felt so heavy from all the fatigue. Have I really gotten any stronger...?"

"You're fine, you're speeding up at incredible pace. It should feel obvious after a good night rest."

"What's my Level now?"

"Base Level is at 7. Your Dagger Arts and Martial Arts Skills reached Level 2 too."

"...It is indeed fast. Abnormally so."

"Well, it's Kajikawa-san's idea after all. No way it wouldn't be abnormal."

"And what exactly do you mean by that, hey."

Stop saying it like I'm always coming up with the weirdest ideas. Eh, but isn't that true? I guess.. I guess?
Well, other people will have a hard time mimicking this method.
Even if the enemies are moving in a very simple pattern, countering foes whose Attributes aren't that far off you with a single thrust of dagger isn't at all simple.
The fact that she can easily do that routinely is mostly thanks to Energy Control.
To compensate her small stamina pool, she instantaneously boosts her Attributes at the exact moments the Horn Rabbits and Wolves go in for the kill.
She'd occasionally tests Dagger Arts Skills but ran out of mana soon due to her still small mana pool, however it was no issue with me and Alma refilling it.
She also mentioned how those magic beasts were far slower than Alma and me during our spars... I've been getting plenty of surprises seeing her reacting to my true speed lately.

This girl is talented for sure. Both Alma and Reina blossomed the moment they escaped their unfortunate environments.
...What special things do I have compared to them? I can't even publicly use my only original technique, Mana Flight.
Well whatever, rather than envying others, I should focus on finding out my niche.
So yeah, gotta finish our business at the guild and make dinner, one of the few niches I have. Wonder what to have for dinner today.

...Hm? I sensed mana readings of people from deeper inside the prairie.
Must be another party taking on culling commissions.
...Maybe we should greet them or something. But I wanna return quickly.
Forget it, they might have the wrong idea if they saw me piggybacking Reina, gotta get outta here before then.

We got back to the guild and had the receptionist confirm our commissions when she looked at Reina like she couldn't believe what she saw.

"4-41 Horn Rabbits, 8 Mad Wolves and 4 Rush Pigs... How many did you hunt anyway!? I was sure she would be power leveling with the help of those two in the back, but she's done all this on her own!"

"Fu-fufufu... Aren't I amazeishng..."

"Reina, don't try to talk and just get some rest."

"Making her fight to the point of total exhaustion, are you a demon..."

"...You're right, I might have pushed her too much. I'm sorry, Reina."

"I-I'm finesh... It's ok, it's oksh..."

"You absolutely don't look OK! Are you tormenting her!? What are making such a small girl do!"

"I'm not smallsh..."

"Let's take it down a notch from tomorrow on. You've done well today, I'll make you a dessert for today's dinner."

"Fuoooo! For realsies!?"

"S-she perked right up... What's up with this girl too..."

Reina's face lit up the instant she heard dessert. Just you know, it's not gonna be anything as grand as your birthday cake.

"Those two made a little girl work super hard by dangling food at her."

"Demons, they're demons..."

"Or more like, brutes?"

The peanut gallery has something to say about us it seems.
I admit the first part, but that nickname is going too far.

But it's true that making Reina do all the culling is not a good optic, Alma and I should go hunt in the prairie depths once in a while too.






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