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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 386

386 Can't Put a Price Tag on 'Debt'


Outside, the guide who led me to the PM that one time was bowing.

"Hello there. May I have a bit of your time?"

There's nobody here besides this guide. But it must be only because I can't detect them, I'm sure there are several agents lurking and watching us nearby.
That's the only reasonable conclusion seeing this guide here so soon.

"No... Alright, fine. But we'll talk in an inn, these ladies need rest. You okay with that?"

The fact that he's even here means something is amiss. Even if the guards had contacted the Royal Castle earlier, there shouldn't be enough time for him to get here this soon. Things moved much faster than the last time they sent me a carriage.
I'm a bit curious on the mechanic behind this trick.
But I'm more curious about what this guide has in store for me.

"Allow me to escort you to our kingdom's finest inn. We shall bear the expense. How would you like it?"

"No. Get us to an ordinary inn. I'll also pay myself. I don't want to owe you guys anything."

Complying would definitely hit me back with an even pricier favor.
Thus I flat out refused. I'm gonna have to hear this man out regardless anyway. I can't take anymore if it turns out to be a mess I can't run away from.
'Very well', the guide bowed just as a carriage arrived.
They must have it prepared beforehand. The timing lined up too perfectly.

"Do please get on board. Allow me to bring you there."

I urged the four to get on and they quietly complied without talking back.
Nobody ordered underling to not speak. The guy got himself put under a contract he vowed when he was begging for his life. After landing himself in hot water by his own words, he's not gonna talk more than necessary.
By that I mean, saying something that could put his master, Linda, in trouble.
That risks putting me in a bad mood and leaving these ladies to fend for themselves.
Some things are better left unsaid.
Those who say that stuff are people who are related to the underworld. I know that much.
From Linda's standpoint, I must look like an object of such fear for getting this VIP treatment from the kingdom itself.

While I was lost in thought, our carriage stood out as it made its way in the middle of the main street.
Curious onlookers turned their gazes on us before quickly averting their eyes when they spotted the kingdom's coat of arms, like they never saw us in the first place.
Our carriage arrived at our inn while I was checking that out somehow from the window.

It's the inn I stayed at back then, Dragon's Back. We got off and entered.
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"Two rooms please. With meals. Triple room for these ladies, and double for me and this guy."

"Sure thing! Which mealtimes? Breakfast too? That'll be this much."

The clerk energetically replied behind the counter after which I paid.
The ladies were going to rest in their room until dinner, while I headed to my room on the second floor.
Underling followed behind and got in with me. Along with the guide.
I told the clerk that he's our guest. The clerk looked so surprised his eyes popped wide open but I had no idea why.

I sat on the bed and had underling sat down the floor, then I urged the guide to sit on a chair behind a table inside the room.






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