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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.6_7


As they lined up at the trading facility, Lecan got called again by appraiser Telmin. And again, Telmin shoved over many adventurers waiting to get his appraisal and appraised Lecan's items first. It's a mystery how those queuing adventurers aren't complaining.

Lecan requested to have <Chain Fang Spear> appraised as well as its price.

Appraiser Telmin made an appraisal tag, and got it brought to an official behind for the price assessment.

How the official peeked in when the appraisal tag was written nagged Lecan.

Appraiser Telmin made a transcript of the result, wrote down the price assessment and handed it to Lecan who paid him for the service. He handed the fee to the official who then brought it to the administrative staff.


"That's all for today. By the way, I got another appraiser handled my stuff the other day and the result didn't have <Depth> entry."

"Of course. How the heck would an appraiser who can't read <Depth> write it."

"So you're saying there's not a lot appraisers who can read <Depth>."

"The only senior appraisers in Tsubolt presently are me and my two disciples."

This skill seems quite scarce.

"Guess everything that gets appraised here will be known to that general administrative office thing."

"Well, yeah. General Administration's goal is to gain information on everything that drops in the dungeon after all. There's also a need to record what, where and how much. Hence all appraisal results are saved to General Administration. If you don't want that, Secret Appraisal is yer' only option."

"What is this Secret Appraisal."

"A special appraisal service carried out in a private room. Only the appraiser and the requester are privy of the results. And the appraiser is obliged to keep the secret to their grave. However, there is no assessment on price. As that's the job of General Administration. Secret Appraisal service will cost you one large gold coin."


"Err I would love to have some items appraised too."

"Get the goods out here."

"Lecan-dono. Please take <Thunder Sword> and <Lion Spear> out."

Lecan took those two and put them on the counter. Arios paid the appraisal fee. The official stopped trying to peek in when Lecan glared at them, but these results will end up at the General Administration anyway.

That's fine for now. However, it'll become an issue once they get past floor 120.

Lecan doesn't want anyone get in his way, not until he's had a taste of the dungeon boss on the last floor.

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Lecan showed the <Chain Fang Spear> appraisal tag to Tsuinga during dinnertime that night.

"We got this thing. It's in my <Box> right now. I'll sell it to you if you want. How 'bout it."

Tsuinga whose eyes casually wandered over at the tag opened his eyes wide and stared at Lecan's face.

"T-this is!"

"Don't worry about it if you don't want to. Just checking before I sell this at the facility."

"Double extra damage! It is a higher class version of my short spear. The basic performance far outstrips mine as well. And it's even got <State Retention>."

Bruska and Yoana stopped their meal and watched over them full of curiosity.

"It's an incredible Grace Gear. However. Hmm."

The price should be affordable enough for Tsuinga, yet it seems something is bothering him.

Tsuinga handed the appraisal tag to Yoana.

Yoana mulled over it while frowning. Then she put on a refreshed look on her face before returning the tag to Tsuinga.

"Tsuinga. It sounds good to me. Ain't no need to even think 'bout it. Go get it."

"But, you know."

"I don't really know about short spears, but were this a common-sized spear, it wouldn't go for this price, no?"

"That is indeed the truth. Short spears are favored more by experts. Your average nobles or knights likely seldom order one. A long spear with the same exact attributes would fetch thrice as high."


"That is just how much its performance worth."

"Bought! It's settled."


"That short spear of yours is quite beat up already, isn't it. That won't last forever."

"That may be so, however."

"You'd have a weapon for any job we take in the future. We can't have you dead, you know."

"However, for escort jobs and such, perhaps a long spear would be--"

"No you can't! It's short spears you're good with. You can't just switch your weapon willy-nilly. You're invincible when you're wielding a short spear, you know."


"Lecan. Could you show us the short spear first?"

Lecan took the <Chain Fang Spear> from his <Storage> and passed it over to Tsuinga.

Tsuinga examined the spear from all directions and let out a sigh.

"I have never borne witness to such an incredible short spear in my life before."

Bruska extended out his hand, indicating he wanted to see it too, Tsuinga reluctantly parted with the short spear.

"So what's your thought, Tsuinga?"

"Simply outstanding. It is way cheap for what you get."

"That's that then. Lecan. We're buying."

"Hm? Sure."

Lecan wondered why was it Yoana who made the decision, but then it hit him that Yoana is probably in charge of <Grindam>'s accounting.

As if endorsing his guess, Yoana took the huge sum of one platinum coin and one large gold coin from her <Box>.

Tsuinga who has claimed the <Chain Fang Spear> as his own spent the entire night staring at it with a child-like expression on his face.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.5


A group of people are walking down the stairway onto floor 120.

As the passages here aren't straight, with protruding rocks here and there, each sides can't see each other from their current locations.

"One, two... Fumu. It's 16 people. Five mana bearers. Pretty impressive mana."

"Oh, a group of 16 sounds familiar."


"I believe it was a bit before the 40th. If I recall right Lecan-dono mentioned how there were 16 people fighting magic beasts on floor 116."

"Oh yeah, I did."

It's said that 10 persons are the the average party size of adventurers who tackle floor 100 and below.

And yet they rarely ever came across anyone ever since they got on floor 100 below.

So far there were only three sightings.

And since one of those three was a huge group of 16 individuals, naturally it left a lasting impression.

The 16 people are heading straight to a room near them.

Lecan and Arios can just go left or right if they don't want to meet this group.

(I'd prefer not bumping into other adventurers in the dungeon depths.)

(But either is trying to avoid them is a good idea.)

That'd make it look like they're running away.

(If they got someone with a scouting ability.)

(They'd wonder why we were sneaking around.)

As such Lecan headed straight for the stairway.

Eventually the two groups run into each other in the center of the passage.

The one leading them is a swordsman whose red hair looks like it's burning. It's a member of <Gwyntir Era Slupiner>. This swordsman is likely their leader.

He's got a leather armor without an undershirt on his upper half, and an armored headband wrapped around his forehead. His stature is about equal Lecan's. His lower half has got short trousers furnished with leather armor. His boots are very short. There's a greatsword on his back. It looks quite heavy and yet his steps are light and firm like he didn't feel a thing.

(That's a lot of exposures.)

(You see guys like this among battle freaks every once in a while.)

As they were approaching Lecan and Arios, the red-haired swordsman slid to the right, opening a path. The people behind him followed, inching more to the right. Judging from that flow of event, the red-haired swordsman is not only the leader of the entire pack, but he's also quite revered, so guessed Lecan.

The muscles on his body have been honed toward extreme practicality. There's absolutely no excess flab on him, and coupled with his long nose, his face gives off an overall razor sharp impression. Sharp chin, and his thin yet well groomed beard and moustache. Dude must be pretty popular with women.

As they passed by each other, the red-haired swordsman called out to Lecan.

"You, I met you before."


"Yea. We did. On the day Dreitz died. We met at the dungeon's entrance."

Come to think of it, the big man who broke Nikos's head on that day is missing. Is that big man the same Dreitz who died.

"Your party name?"


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"And yours?"

"<Gwyntir Era Slupiner>."

"Too long."

The red-haired swordsman frowned for an instance like he was offended but then he burst out laughing. With his eyes still wide open.

"Kukukukuku. Damn right it is. I thought so too. Seems us two will get along just fine."

"Yeah? I wonder about that."

"I'm Vangard."

Vangard's eyes beamed as he glared hard at Lecan's eye.

"I'm Lecan."

"Lecan. Lecan eh. Noted. Shame 'bout your friends. Well, just count yourself lucky you're getting more loot. See ya."

He suddenly stopped short just as he walked off, then he lowered his posture and squinted at Arios like it was hard to see him.

"And yer' name?"

"Oh, it's Arios."

"Yer' pretty damn good yerself eh."


Vangard left after glaring dagger at Arios without laughing. Lecan and Arios walked to the stairway.

"What is he on about with that shame."

"Perhaps he believed we have lost our companions."

"Aa. I see now. But he should find out right away that's not the case once he's in the room and see no bodies or leftover items."

"Now then, I'm not sure myself."

"Even if we got the items in our <Box>, bodies wouldn't just disappear right away."

"What if we waited around for the bodies to get absorbed by the dungeon?"


Perhaps that's what Vangard believed they did.

"Hang on. Can't dead bodies get in a <Box>?"

"Apparently they can once several days have elapsed since the time of death."


"It cannot be done moments after death."

"Really now."

"Yes. That's what I'm told."

"How long a dead body last in a dungeon?"

"Wouldn't it not take even half a day in a dungeon?"


<Storage> cannot store dead bodies either. Magic beasts' bodies can once they've been dismantled into materials. This applies to any and all living beings. That is to say <Storage> cannot keep living beings. Plants that have been put inside <Storage> can be replanted just fine, but birds, insects and fish cannot get in if they're not dead.

Lecan has never tried leaving a dead body for days and then putting it in <Storage>, nor has he ever heard someone doing that either in his previous world. The thought of testing it out never crossed his mind either.

"We're heading for the trade facility."

"Eh? Are you selling something?"

"I ain't."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.4


The enemies are standing still in the center of the room.

They're imposing magic beasts with overpowering presences.

Floor 100 beasts were about as tall as Arios, but this floor's are around Lecan's height. They probably weigh more than Lecan.

Lecan and Arios lined up in front of the entrance, then they walked off to the right and left at the same time as if they timed it.

The enemies still aren't moving.

However each of them are paying attentions to the person coming at them, Lecan on the right, Arios on the left.

Gaze may not exactly the right term here since these beast have no eyes, but they could feel something akin to that. A strong gaze that feels like it burns through your skin.

As if stirred up by that burning gaze, Lecan raised his walking speed. He's also boosting his concentration even further.

As Lecan got within 20 steps to his target, he made a sudden charge.

And as if it was premeditated, so did Arios.

The longsword magic beast rushed over toward Lecan.

The short spear magic beast went for Arios.

The longsword beast swung its sword from right to left. From Lecan's point of view, the sword was coming from left to right. That swinging sword suddenly changed course.


Lecan blocked the attack aiming for his leg with <Shield of Wolkan>. He let out a thrust at the open throat of the beast. The thrust broke through the white wall covering the front of its throat and the tip of Lecan's sword went in the throat.

The beast swung its sword overhead before swinging it back down the left from right overhead. From Lecan's perspective, the attack came from upper left. He blocked the attack with one handed <Shield of Wolkan>. A thunderous clashing sound reverberated. Lecan pulled his sword and let out another thrust. His sword pierced through the beast's throat slightly to the right, digging in far deeper than earlier.

The beast swung its sword at Lecan's right hand, his sword hand. He quickly pulled his sword back.

The beast's downswung sword got swung back up at Lecan without changing its blade's direction. A common strategy for double-edged swords.

Lecan blocked it with <Shield of Wolkan>, sealing the beast's movement, then he thrust out his sword from above his own shield.

The third Puncture pierced into the left side of the beast's throat. Lecan swung his sword to the left, tearing off the beast's head.

Arios had cut off his target's head almost at the same time as well.

As it wasn't a battle Lecan could afford looking elsewhere, he didn't really get how Arios's battle went, but Arios probably just dodged every attack before unleashing his own.

Lecan basked in a sense of accomplishment while gasping for breath.
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(Managed to keep up.)

(With those swift offensive maneuvers somehow.)

The magic beasts' attack speed up until this floor was truly hair-raising-ly menacing. However, unlike humans, they never use petty tricks. Each and every one of these beasts attack holds tremendous power, but it's not impossible to block them with a shield.

There were two treasure chests.

The Longsword is a <Withering Sword (Kavinscyilla)>, bearing a Grace that scrapes off a huge portion of your life force when it touches your body. Same with <Curse Mark Sword>, the Grace is ineffective unless the blade touches your body. These swords aren't that hazardous as long as you have yourself good protection. Arios said that he didn't need it either.

The short spear is called <Chain Fang Spear (Zeruegwitr)>, with a Grace that deals the same amount of extra damage twice right after dealing one to your target. It's got <State Retention> as well. With high offense.

Lecan thought of claiming it for his own for a moment. He's been troubled with the confined battlefield in middle to depths parts of this dungeon. A short spear is small, powerful and can be swung around well in a confined space. Many more possibilities in battle will open up if he wields this.

But then, Lecan abandoned that idea right away. He's had some experience wielding short spears, but honing it to the level of an expert like Tsuinga is no small task. He'd better off fully focusing on honing his sword skills. Thus he decided.

Lecan walked to the inner wall in the back.

There's an exit right in front of him now. It was covered in a gray mist earlier, but that mist is gone now.

Then to the right of the exit, where all previous stairways were, there's nothing but bare rock wall.

Lecan pricked the rock with the short spear he just got and poked at the rock bedding.

"Is that where the stairway at?"

"Around this spot here yeah."

<Graph Make> is a magic that shows you the rough map of a floor in your mind. Although he can't tell the exact location, the spot he's at now is supposedly where it should be. But he got no feedback from hitting the rocks.

<3D Perceptions> can only detect in the floor he's at. But it should still tell him whether there's another exit or a hole there, yet it won't show him anything.

"Fumu. The stairway won't show up even after defeating the <Guardians> huh. What's the condition to make it manifest?"

Lecan concentrated on <Graph Make>. Trying to find if there's any clue in the rough map displayed in his mind.


(This stairway <Graph Make> shows.)

(Isn't it quite a bit smaller than other stairways so far?)


"Have you thought up something?"

"I have. But the testing will be for tomorrow."

"Could you tell me your finding?"

"No. Gotta think it through some more."

"Is that so."

"Show me your magic defense jewel. I'll refill it with mana."

Arios produced a pure white smooth jewel, Lecan poured his mana into it.

"Alright. It's full now."

Arios took the jewel back with blinking eyes.

"That was quite effortless. Don't you recite spells when you absorb mana from magic stones?"

"No. It's just like what I did. No spellcasting needed. Mana gets sucked right away. Haven't you seen me done some before?"

Lecan felt like he had absorbed mana from magic stones in Arios's presence, or perhaps not.

"I must have never noticed even if I did."

Lecan and Arios took the exit into the passage outside, and went around toward the floor's entrance.

They'd get to the stairway to floor 119 if they just head straight from here. They can go back above ground with <Warp> once they're there.


"What's the matter?"

"Someone's coming."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.2_3


That night Lecan didn't drink much and went to bed after a light meal for dinner.

Arios once said that Lecan would choose the most optimal actions in battle.

However, that only works if there are enough times to observe enemy's movements. And reading complex movements is only meaningful when he's up against above a certain number of foes at once.

Enemies on floor 120 don't give any time to read their movements. And there's ever only two of them.

The enemy yesterday got its attack reach Lecan before he could recite the activation spell.

Even the physical-oriented beasts move and attack at incredible speed. Lecan managed to cast <Barrier> in succession today, but it took his all to maintain them. It probably wouldn't go so well were he up against sword-wielding magic beasts.

This is true even against common variants. Today's tactic wouldn't work against the stairway room's <Guardians>.

Against speedy opponents, it's best if he holds a shield on his left hand and attacks with a sword in his right hand. However, Lecan barely manages to kill current enemies by swinging the <Power Sword> with all his strength in both hands. He can't defeat them with one hand. Even if he could, it would be in a protracted battle. And a protracted battle is disadvantageous for their side.

Perhaps he should just use <Bow of Yelvitz> right from the get go. Piercing magic-casting magic beasts' throats should disable their magic. But those beasts are still capable of physical attacks, and most importantly, accurately hitting the throat 50 steps away is a tall order. Also, the other party won't sit still either.

After thinking things through, relying on <Barrier> tactic has its limit. He'll get himself in crisis right away if the <Barrier> ever goes down in the midst of battle.

One thing he's thankful of is Arios's magic blocking jewel. He can rest easy letting Arios intercept the enemies.

"Alright. Let's go with that."

Lecan decided to turn around and go back to the starting point.

<Shield of Wolkan> on left hand. <Power Sword> in his right.

He may not be able to kill those beasts in one hit with just one hand, it's inevitable. They're not gonna proceed deeper down if he's afraid of that.

He thought of letting Arios go ahead, but decided against it.

Even Arios can't possibly deal with two of those beasts at once.

"Hold it."

What if they went to the left and right instead of attacking right away. That would result in a one-on-one fight. That'll make things easier. They never tried this tactic before since Lecan had no idea Arios has ways to defend against magic. But now that he knows, there's no harm in trying.

Looking back, Lecan is too obsessed with swift strike strategy since floor 100. The enemies are indeed powerful enough to kill them in one hit if their attacks connect. Their Grace Gear are a threat too. But the way he approaches combat is getting constricted due to his obsession with swift strikes.

That might have been the optimal method up until floor 120. But they know now that there are deeper floors. No telling how much further the dungeon goes after 120. They've gotta expand the ways they deal with combats if they want to get through upcoming battles.

For one thing, he's got to fully trust Arios. Lecan ended up devising up tactics where he would take the brunt of magic beasts' attack first because he couldn't. But he should let go of that preconception from now on.

"Alright. Let's go with that."

Once he was able to decide on his next move, Lecan enjoyed a good sleep that night.

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The following day, Lecan and Arios went in the inner passage to floor 120 <Guardians>'s room.

"We're coming straight for the <Guardians>?"


"Are you going first Lecan-dono?"

"Whichever's fine."


"Guess that's not good huh. I'm going first."

"Yes. Should I go in right after. Or should I wait a bit."

"Do as you wish."


Arios stared at Lecan's face.

"Have you, perhaps, given up on setting up a <Barrier> first strategy?"

"Yea. I'll put up one when I need one."

But he adopted the <Barrier> first tactic because he couldn't do that in time, yet Arios didn't bring that up.

"Are we done with swift striking then?"

"Yea. We're gonna observe enemy's tendency."

"What if the enemy uses the rush strategy on us?"

"Decide on the spot what you're gonna do. I'll do the same."


"Let's make one thing clear. I'll go around the right toward my target. You take the left."

"Understood. It's finally back to Lecan-dono-like."


"Yes. By the way, please tell me what our targets have on them."

"Longsword to the right. Short spear to the left. Left got bigger mana."

"Got it."


As Lecan deployed <Shield of Wolkan>, he recalled one thing he ought to ask Arios.

"Oh yeah, whenever <Necklace of Intuador> blocks a magic attack, it consumes mana to form a barrier. Can't do that no more once it runs out of its stored mana. What about that jewel of yours."

"I believe it has the same mechanism. Apparently it consume all of its mana if it blocks two, three powerful magic attacks."

"How many large magic stones is that?"

"Who knows? Ah, but if I recall it right, one large magic stone is enough to refill it full from empty."


The amount of mana large magic stones carry can vary a lot. Average mages can shoot around five to six strong magic. However, each and every magic attacks shot out by <Armored> on this floor is extremely powerful.

(I should probably regard Arios's jewel.)

(Can only defend against magic attacks twice at most.)

(Meaning chain battles are not a good idea.)

"How many times can <Necklace of Intuador> defend against magic attack?"

"Beats me. The thing never ran out of mana. Even if it did, I'd just refill it."

"So you have that kind of ability as well. I've been thinking, Lecan-dono, your very existence itself is cheating."

"We're entering."

Lecan got in the room.

Followed by Arios.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.1


"Huh? Where are we going again."

"A common variant room."

"Isn't it time for us to go back already today?"

"No. Got an itch to fight some common variants."

Arios looked reluctant, but Lecan paid him no mind and got in an inner passage close by.

Arios went after him.

Lecan was a bit surprised when his <3D Perceptions> showed the magic beasts.

"Oh? One got a spear and the other a bow."

"Bow? That's a first in this dungeon. Or more like, I've never seen a magic beast carrying a bow around before. Have you Lecan-dono?"

"No. It's a first for me too."

"Hope it drops a nice bow, that would make for a nice present for Eda-san."

"Or I might claim it for myself."

"Yes, yes."

Lecan kneaded his mana for <Barrier>, and stepped in the room once he was ready.

He was about to recite <Barrier> spell as he got through the entrance.

But the enemy was faster.

Five thin dark red light magic projectiles assaulted Lecan, and got repelled by <Necklace of Intuador>. However, the attack managed to disturb Lecan's concentration, misfiring the <Barrier> he had recited.

The spear magic beast had charged out the instance Lecan got through the entrance. It's right in front of him already. Lecan narrowly managed to draw his sword.


He thrust out his sword as he shouted in his head. A thrusting attack that makes use of the enemy's charging momentum is the only choice he's got in this situation. He twisted his upper half as he thrust forward to push it deeper.

The enemy's spear was aimed right at his heart. But due to Lecan twisting his body, the spear tip only cut through the surface of his light armor to the right.

Then, Lecan's <Power Sword> pierced through the beast's neck, bone guard and all.


He swung his sword to the side, tearing off the enemy's neck.

At that point, Arios who rushed out ahead of Lecan for some reason, had also just lopped the bow beast's head off.

"Arios. You saved me. Why'd you get in ahead?"

"I just felt like that would have been for the best."

Two treasure chests got dropped, with a spear and a bow inside.


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<Name: Bow of Yelvitz>

<Type: Magic Bow>

<Offense: Small>

<Piercing Strength: Medium>

<Speed: Large>

<Maximum Arrows: 5>

<Wear Rate: Minimum>

<Endurance: Maximum>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 120>


The result was a bit lacking since Lecan hadn't really used Appraisal on this type of item much, but he should get the gist right.

The size is between medium to large bow.

About double the size of <Bow of Ishia> given to Eda.

It's solidly built with a thick string.

Lecan took a stance with the bow, aiming at the wall.

It's not heavy.

Even light for its size.

He felt the bow demanding mana as he drew its string.

Lecan poured his mana.

One arrow manifested. Looks more reddish brown than dark red. A dimly shining magic projectile in the color of reddish brown.

He drew the bow just a bit and released.

The arrow shot out at speed untraceable with naked eyes and hit the wall before getting flicked off and falling on the floor, eventually disappearing.

"Pretty fast."

Only a trail of light remained in eyes due to its extraordinary speed.

The magic beast earlier shot five arrows.

Lecan pulled the bowstring once again.

Only one arrow gets manifested still.

Lecan imagined five arrows in his mind.

No change on the already manifested arrow. However Lecan felt a feedback.

He let the arrow loose. The arrow immediately split into five and hit the wall.


It's quite a fun weapon. Lecan grinned.

He tested more things afterward.

As a result, he got a rough grasp on <Bow of Yelvitz>'s characteristics.

First of all, its strength is proportional to the mana poured. Doesn't matter how weak or strong you pull the string. Though it feels drawing it to its limit makes the arrows penetrate better. There's no way to check this in this room. That is because even though the rocky part of dungeon walls, ceilings and floors can be broken down, the inner part beyond that is indestructible. It would be a different story if there were desert, lake or forest dungeons like in Lecan's previous world though.

Next, the user can arbitrarily set the number of arrows, from one to five. You simply need to will it as you draw the string.

The speed is simply astounding. The arrows land on targets almost at the same time they're let loose. Faster than even <Lightning> and <Flame Spear>.

Unfortunately, you cannot individually set targets and density of each arrows when you shoot multiple. One arrow is situated in the center. Then one arrow each above, below, left and right to it, and no matter how far or short you shoot them, the distance between each arrows is only around half step.

"Fumu. I wanna test it out on magic beasts. Let's go up."

"Err. Will you appraise this spear?"

Lecan turned around with only his upper half and appraised the Grace Spear.

"What. What's up with that slovenly appraisal."

"<Lion Spear (Zanawitou)>."

"Say what?!"

"Oh? Caught your fancy for once eh."

"What Graces does it have?"

"<Cross Pierce> and <State Retention>, also got sharpness boost grace. Both got Large effects."

<Cross Pierce> is a grace that reduce defensive grace when used to stab the Grace Gear in question. Lecan has another weapon with a less effective <Cross Pierce> Grace in his <Storage>.

"Yes! Please gimme that."

"Oh, sure thing. Take it."

"My <Box> will swell up if I put this thing inside. Lecan-dono, please carry it for me."


"To think this kind of things also get dropped here. Let's go push further."

"Well now, aren't you enthusiastic. You usually never showed much interest in any of the swords we got so far."

"That's simply because none of those swords had high enough level to catch my attention. Ours also deal with spears and throwing weapons, not just swords after all. I've been wanting to get my hands on a <Lion Spear>."

"'Ours', your sword school?"

"Yes well, something like that. Come now, let's get to the next one."

"No. We're gonna head up and test out <Bow of Yelvitz>'s performance."


"We conquered two floors today. We must not rush things."

"Are you sure you of all people should be saying that? Ah, or rather, we've only conquered one floor today."

"Shut it."

Checking on floor 80, Lecan found out just how fearsome <Bow of Yelvitz>'s penetrating power is. It's on the level of easily piercing through ordinary shields and armor. Moreover, the arrows don't disappear immediately after hitting their targets, so they're likely capable of piercing through three, four people in a straight line. You can just shoot more arrows before the last ones vanish. However, since its penetration power is focused in a small area, it cannot tear off White Spectre's neck in one shot.

Come to think of it, Shira did tell him that while <Bow of Ishia> is a nice bow, its performance isn't really outstanding enough to attract unwarranted attentions. No wonder, it is inferior to this level of Grace Gear indeed.

On the other hand <Bow of Ishia> is small and light, also easy to carry and handles nicely in the midst of battle. Its power may be far below <Bow of Yelvitz> but it's more than sufficient against magic beasts and bandits in escort missions and such.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.16_17


"Norma-dono. What is this something you need to talk about?"

"Townlord-sama. During the time I and Eda nursed Zack-san, he would keep rambling on and on in his delirium."

"Ah yeah, I heard about that."

"I have written down his delirious ramblings. I had also told Eda to write down what she heard."


"Piecing together these fragmentary words made some important matters come to light. That said, as the source was from listening to incoherent rambles with many ambiguous points, it is just not possible to be absolutely certain on the validity of this information. There are some things that I might have misheard as well. Some of his words may be mere illusions and assumptions mixed in the truth."

"Well now, that sounds quite grand. Just what was he on about anyway?"

"That's what I'm about to disclose. Eda."


"Can you point it out if there are inconsistencies that don't match up with what you heard."

"Un. Okay."

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"First of all, Zack-san, no, Zaikaz Family is most likely aware where Earth Dragon Toron dwelled."


"As he had a bout of delirious rambles on how his grandfather found Toron, it might be the second head of Zaikaz Family who did. I believe it was around 50 years ago. The only I thing I could associate the name Toron with would only be the Earth Dragon Toron."

"It cannot be. Earth Dragon Toron."

"And I also believe Zack-san had made plans to exterminate Earth Dragon Toron. No, the preparations itself likely had gone through three generations."

"Exterminating the Earth Dragon huh."

"Apparently Zack-san had commissioned the creation of a sword known as Dragon Destroyer. I suppose it's meant to destroy dragons. It probably took him many years."

"Dragon Destroyer? Fumu. I shall take a look into it. Anything else?"

"But then Toron went missing."


"Zack-san frantically looked for Toron's whereabouts everywhere. It seems he dispatched many search parties."

"I've heard that dragons do not change locations once they have settled down in one. I wonder if something went amiss."

"That I'm not sure. Anyway, he sent out many search parties. This search effort likely took places over many years."

"What happened after that?"

"Almost forgot, apparently Earth Dragon Toron was living inside the Great Forest."

"Fumu? Kogurus to Great Forest is quite a distant away though. Well, no matter. Then what comes next?"

"I'm not certain in how it's connected to Toron's matter, but I think Zack-san had discovered an Ancient Temple-like structure inside the Great Forest."

"An ancient temple?"

"Yes. Although, it may also be that Zaikaz Family had known about it long before the issue with Toron arose."

"Nuh uh, I don't think so."

"Eda. What don't you think so?"

"He said 'It was I who found it'. So Zack-san probably found it himself."

"Ah, right yeah. So he was talking about the Ancient Temple. I see. That does make sense. Thanks, Eda."


"So what is up about that Ancient Temple."

"It seemed to house an unfathomable amount of wealth inside. Zack-san made every last bit of it his own. This likely happened around 17 years ago. Medic Aterna-dono had solid proof that the curse started 17 years ago. Hence, Aterna-dono believed that the curse gnawing on Zack-sama must have originated from the Ancient Temple."

"Goodness gracious. I see. So that's how it was."

"Is something the matter, townlord-sama."

"I always found it odd. That guy is simply way too affluent. He went and messed around in so many places, which sometimes ended up in failures and was forced to withdraw, yet instead of shrinking scale, he'd expand out even further. I always wondered just where did he got all that money from."

"Has it always been like that?"

"No. It started a few years ago."

"I see."

"Is that all the information you have?"

"Right well. If there's one thing, it's the fact how the things I talked about weighed on Zack-san's mind so much he would ramble on about it in delirium. His mind is tormented by it."

"Oho. Intriguing. But to think the dot connected to Earth Dragon Toron. It can't be that Zack is seriously thinking of seceding from Zaka Kingdom, can it?"

"What does that mean?"

"Hahaha. So not even the encyclopedic Norma-dono knows this eh. Earth Dragon Toron is known as <Dragon of Abundance>, it is said the land where it resides shall prosper."

"Yes. I'm aware of that alias."

"Then did you know that this Zaka Kingdom was founded in the very land where Earth Dragon Toron was felled?"


"It is said the place where the founder king defeated Toron is now presently the Royal Capital Finkel."

"I had no idea."

"Apparently Toron once resided in Marl Kingdom as well."

"Did Zack-san believe that defeating Toron would allow him to found a nation?"

"Not exactly. By defeating Toron and taking its magic stone into his possession, he would have a just cause to secede from Zaka Kingdom. He'd probably garner a huge support from the public if he showed off Toron's dead body."

"Ah, I see."

"Kogurus was originally an independent territory that had no connection to Zaka Kingdom. Its integration to Zaka Kingdom came very late. Every townlord around here is aware how much that place loathes the capital's interventions. But, I see now. Toron huh. I see."

"Err, may I?"

"Of course. What is it?"

"Does it have to be Toron for nation founding thing to work? Like, don't we know where other dragons live at?"

"Indeed. Where Sovereign Dragon Atracia and Soaring Dragon Rudd reside in our kingdoms are known. No one is to get near those places."

"Can't you defeat those dragons instead?"

"I am unsure as for the reason why, but among the Six Sui Generis Dragons, only Toron is a symbol of nation founding. Although it's not like all countries were founded by defeating Toron either."

"Six Sui Generis Dragons?"

"Earth Dragon Ogd. Earth Dragon Imamu. Earth Dragon Toron. Soaring Dragon Yog. Soaring Dragon Kodan. Soaring Dragon Rudd. In every age, it is said that only one individual of each of these six dragons exists. We have their paintings in this mansion's entrance even."

"Eh? Really."

"Hahaha. You never realized in the many times you visited here?"

"Huh? Wasn't there Atra-something dragon you mentioned earlier?"

"You're referring to Sovereign Dragon Atracia. This one isn't just some unique dragon, it's a Deific Beast."

"Deific Beast?"

"In the sense that it's a deity of beasts. I don't know if it's true, but it is said that Deific Beasts are capable of speaking human language."

"Eeeh. Even though they're beasts?"

"Haha. No one can say for sure. For Sovereign Dragon Atracia, its gigantic figure can sometimes be seen from afar, so its existence has been confirmed, but I just can't believe it can speak human."

"Dragons eh. Must be super strong."

"We've been passing down history of how the army of the kingdom before Zaka was annihilated by Earth Dragon Toron. Had Zack tried to take on Toron, Kogurus could have been in ruins by now."

"Lecan would win."

Eda spoke without any basis.

"Uhahahahahaha. Right yes. 100 Lecans might have a chance surely. Hahahaha."


Norma spoke in a slightly different tone.


"This time, Townlord-sama offered your cooperation in Zack's treatment. I'm in awe of your broad-mindedness."

"Yeah! You even clapped at the end of the operation even though he's your enemy. That was so cool."

"I myself find it strange. However, I won't deny how moved I was when that operation was over. But now, thinking clearly, this was the once in a lifetime chance to get him. No, killing him in this town would be bad, but I should have dispatched an assassin on their trip back. Just what am I doing anyway."

"Yeah, don't think it's doable."

"What? What do you mean by that?"

"Those eight bodyguards were really really strong."

"I did think they seemed adept."

"I'd get killed if I fought anyone from that group."

"What'd you say? You, a conqueror of Dungeon Ninae, would lose?"

"And two of those people are always around guarding Zack-san. It was super scary, I was so tense all the time."

"Which means I should count myself lucky I did not get murdered then."

"You bet."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.15


Neither Zack Zaikaz or adventurer Baghnatt was aware.

How Eda came running and managed to cast <Purification> in time.

Blood gushed out of the headless Aterna's neck, creating a pool of blood on and around Zack's body, but she was the sole casualty, the other two lives were not in any danger.

Let alone danger, Zack's and Baghnatt's states were restored back without any wound or poison left in their systems after getting <Purification> cast on them. Nevertheless Riol fetched two green potions, sprinkled one on Zack and had Baghnatt drink another as a precaution.

Zack was moved to the bed Shira used. Riol moved back to the townlord's mansion, but Norma retracted her permission to let the group depart on a long journey.

The departure got postponed.

Once things have been sorted out to a point, the main members of the group gathered at town lord's mansion parlor.

"Why would Aterna-dono tried to kill fa-... Zack-dono."

It was knight Jakof who answered Riol's whispered query.

"Riol-sama. The one who murdered Aterna's parents and deprived her off their fortune was none other than Zack-dono."


"However, it appears Zack-dono made some kind of promise to her parents then and took up the mantle of raising her himself."

"That's, that's"

"Aterna grew up to be an excellent medical practitioner. She should have been unaware about the fact that Zack-sama was her parents' murderer. Who could have believed she was harboring such thoughts all this time. But I do not understand. Aterna-dono was the one person most devoted to Zack-dono's treatment."

"Medic's spirit."
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Everyone's gazes gathered at Eda who murmured that.

"Eh? Eh? Uh well, I just heard that from Norma-san, you see. Right, right?"

Looks like she reverts to her real character when she's panicking. Norma who got brought up here nodded, 'right'.

"A medic will absolutely never make an attempt to kill or do a malpractice on a patient they're currently treating. It's simply how us medics are."

"Then why did she keep treating fa-...Zack-dono's over the years. She could have refused to treat him from the start."

"I'm not sure about that myself. She might be trying to repay her debt, or she was looking for a chance to exact her revenge, or maybe there were other reasons, I lack information to weigh in on the matter."

"Norma-dono. Please tell me one thing."

"Ask away, Jakof-sama."

"Aterna was the one who declared Zack-dono illness had progressed beyond being curable and to put him in a <Suspended Animation> state. Many people were against the idea but none of their proposed methods worked, and in the end the <Suspended Animation> medicine was prescribed. Was that truly the optimal step in the treatment?"

"It's not a problem of being optimal or not, but since you didn't have either <God Cure> or <Purification> that might have been the sole path you could pick under the circumstance. But, when did he start taking <Suspended Animation> medicine again?"

"It was first given in month two this year."

"You mentioned how his condition worsened on month nine last year, and Eda's <Purification> was made public on the 17th of month nine last year. Did the possibility of relying on her <Purification> never cross your mind?"

Knight Jakof looked at Riol before replying.

"That's, err. There were voices raising that point indeed, but this town's lord and ours had always been at odds with each other. Some also believed that Zack-dono wouldn't have been willing to owe a huge debt to Vouka had he been well."

"I see."

Norma got lost in thought for a while before she spoke again.

"<Suspended Animation> might have been the last resort necessary to keep him alive. But putting such a deep <Suspended Animation> state on Zack-sama when his strength had been sapped that low would be."

"Would be, what."

"Riol-sama. It would be a sleep he cannot ever wake up from. In fact, I don't believe any <Purification> other than Eda's would have been capable of reviving him."

Riol was taken aback.

"Perhaps that was the last bit act of revenge she could muster up in her continued and undivided effort to treat Zack-sama. No one can know for sure though."

"But in the end Aterna tried to kill fa-...Zack-dono with a poisonous knife! Isn't that against her calling as a medic!"

"Yes. She chose to get her revenge at the very last crossroad. She likely would never treat anyone else had she managed to kill Zack-sama. Or perhaps..."

Norma never finished her words.

"But she could never bring herself to feign treating Zack-sama while actually slowly killing him. Also, the bodyguard would have never suspected her if she didn't make her attempt obvious by taking out a knife. However, treatment is treatment. Assassination is assassination. She failed to completely separate those two opposing ideas in her mind."

Zack Zaikaz's condition made a surprising progress that day, and by his order, the entourage was to leave Vouka the day after, on the 17th of month three.

Zack expressed his gratitude with money. Namely, the originally one large coin payment for Eda became one platinum coin, and as a sign of gratitude as well as  apology to Vouka town lord, Crimus Ulban, Zack also presented one platinum coin to him.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.14


Baghnatt is a skilled adventurer known as <Baghnatt the Unbeatable>. He had experience conquering floor 40 of Dungeon Tsubolt with friends in his heydays. In fact, the sword he's wielding right now is the one he got from that time.

He got into some trouble at the Royal Capital and was forced to head north before eventually drifting to Kogurus.

As he was looking for quests at the Adventurer's Association, he caught sight of a job that paid handsomely. It was a request from Zaikaz Company.

"Yer' gonna be in a world of pain if ya fail this job."

"Yer' tellin' me ya got jobs that don't get me in deep shit if I mess up?"

"Ha, well just watch yerself'."

That job got him in Zack Zaikaz's crosshairs.

The next job was a nominated one. The reward was incredibly high, as was the risk. He kept doing that kind of jobs for a while.

Baghnatt made use of the life force and fighting skill he honed in dungeons to finish those quests. The reward kept going up, the job kept getting riskier and riskier.

Zack was a very generous client. No argument there.

Hence, Baghnatt would keep taking on jobs with fitting rewards. The terminus of that was a raid on a <Nameless God>'s temple 17 years ago. That sure was a toughie. The quantity and caliber of adventurers that got brought together for the quest were out of this world. It was pretty much an army.

The logistics required to hire such individuals could potentially bankrupt a single company, and yet the amount and quality of treasures they acquired were enough to found a small country. Of course Zack had scrupulously done his homework beforehand. The knight who commandeered the group was familiar with the temple's structure inside out. Zack is an extremely meticulous man.

That Zack is now on his deathbed.

As it appears to be a curse, it might originate from the <Nameless God>. Or perhaps it's from the magic beasts guarding the temple then. They had some pretty nice equipment for mere magic beasts. They even behaved like they could communicate with each other. And they were unbelievably strong. Baghnatt's side would have suffered a tremendous loss if not for the ambush tactic. They killed them all as that was the directive given, but it wasn't something he enjoyed doing. Those things have every right to curse Zack.

Even still, Baghnatt took on this escort quest. The client was not actually Zack, but Kogurus's town lord, and yet Baghnatt considers it coming from Zack himself.

Zack is likely gonna die. However, Baghnatt is simply doing a job with fitting reward like he's always done.

They're just going to Vouka anyway.

Just some boring rural town. They'd be staying at the townlord's mansion, but these eight would come out on top even if the town's entire guard garrison came at them. Just shows how powerful these eight are. The other seven besides Baghnatt had similar history with Zack. There's nothing to worry about with these eight on their side. The only individuals they should be wary of would be <Comet Cutter Nike> and <Overlord Lecan> but neither is present in the town according to the intel they gathered. The rest is just noise.

That carefree thought was completely blown away the moment they arrived at Vouka.

There was a monster among the welcoming group.

When that monster was introduced as a <Purification> user known as the <Healing Hand of Herb Saint>, it sounded like a sick joke to him.

She's young. Yet she's stupid strong. Of course, they'd win if all eight of them come at her. But in a one-on-one fight, she'd easily kill them without much resistance.

The job this time is to let medic Eda heal Zack without interruptions, and to safely escort and return Zack back home. However, they would be paid regardless if Zack ended up dying to his illness or not. That was the arrangement.

Yet as it turned out, that medic herself was the most dangerous individual in the whole thing. Who the hell set up such a crappy prank.

Two of the eight escorts would take turn guarding Zack by his side. Then come Eda. Two of them cannot win against her. They're to stay in the same room as a savage beast that can effortlessly kill them for one and half period (six hours), and they're not allowed to attack back to boot. What a horrible working condition.

But there is god. The donation given to the temple before they departed must have worked. Zack was revived, incredibly enough. He's breathing peacefully in his sleep before Baghnatt's eyes right now. Zack saw a miraculous recovery after the decisive treatment the other day. He even woke up and greeted everyone yesterday.

And tonight would be the last night they spend at Vouka. Medic Norma has given her permission for them to depart tomorrow morning. Although Zack hasn't been wholly back to his feet yet, a trip should pose no issue with medic Aterna regularly casting <Recovery> along the way.

Moreover, Eda isn't coming tonight. That monster is sleeping in her room tonight, she's not coming. This is the first time Baghnatt could do his bodyguarding job in utter peace.

Earlier, Eda even cast <Recovery> on Baghnatt and Kimis on her way back from treating, 'You guys must be tired', she said. Thank goodness they didn't end up fighting.

Kimis is unusually frightened of Eda. Being an adept mage, she can roughly guess people's mana pool.

"What even is that monster."

Such is Kimis's impression on Eda. Whenever she and Baghnatt were on guard duty, they would cling in the corner of the room without moving a muscle, staring hard at Eda all the while. Even that is nothing more than an amusing memory now.

It's midnight already.

Another quarter period (one hour) and it's shift change. They'd sleep tight, get up, have tasty breakfast and then depart.

As he was thinking that, Baghnatt saw medic Aterna standing up. This female medic won't leave Zack's side even though Norma said there's no more need for an all-night attendance. She's really something else.

Is that her wand she got in her hand. But she's holding it weirdly.

Wait, is that a.


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As he shouted out loud, Baghnatt drew his sword and stood up before rushing out, he reached the bedside in a flash and swung his sword to cut off Aterna's right wrist, the hand holding a knife in a stabbing motion toward Zack's chest.

However, the knife pierced Zack's chest a moment faster. With the cut right hand still grasping it tightly.


Aterna was holding something in her left hand. She threw it at Baghnatt. Baghnatt swiftly dodged it but he couldn't evade a bit of liquid splashing on his face.


As he grabbed Aterna's shoulder and tried to peel her off the bed, he felt a shiver running down his spine.


Baghnatt squeezed the last bit of his strength to decapitate Aterna and confirmed it before his consciousness fell into darkness.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.13


The 13th of month 3.

It's been 12 days since the treatment started.

Many more people have gathered here compared to the first day.

Second son of Kogurus's town lord, Riol Shalbart.

Kogurus Lord Family's Knight, Jakof Warren.

Kogurus Lord Family's medic Aterna.

Two bodyguard adventurers.

Two Kogurus Lord Family's servants.

Vouka town lord Crimus Ulban.

Medic Norma.

Medic Eda.

Vouka lord family's servant, Pauline.

Including those who are standing outside in the hallway, every single person from Kogurus are present.

Chairs, vases and other decorations have been cleared away to secure enough space to fit them all.

Zack Zaikaz is sleeping in the bed.

He looks wholly unlike his ornamental old tree-like object he was 13 days ago.

Nasty smelling fluid is oozing out in between wrinkles all over his body.

Every time he opened his mouth to gasp for breath, his chest would flap in and out.

His limbs are trembling, and sometimes twitch in random directions.

His sweat won't stop no matter how many times it's wiped clean.

You could say it's repulsive.

However, this is what it means to live.

His body is desperately clinging to dear life.

"We will now begin an operation."

Norma spoke in a cold voice, silencing the rustle at once.

Only Zack's breathing could be heard now.

"This operation is unlike the usual treatment. Ordinary treatment seeks to dispel away the disease that's taken hold of one's body. But this patient's organs, limbs and head have been snatched away by Underworld. This operation seeks to regain those organs, limbs and head from the jaw of Underworld god, and to restore them to their prime state. Fortunately we have someone who can cast <Purification> here, thus a dramatic recovery is possible as long as we manage to take him back to the world of the living."

Two servants from Kogurus house are standing by on each sides of the bed.

They've anticipated that Zack would intensely flail around in the middle of the operation.

It's their job to keep Zack in check while ensuring the operation continue unimpeded.

"This will go on for quite long. During which no one, absolutely no one, is to make a sound. Doesn't matter if the patient screams in agony, you must ignore whatever is unfolding. Any kind of unnecessary sound hinders the operation, which is akin to an attempt to kill the patient. Those who cannot keep silent are to leave this room at once."

Norma looked around once again before turning at the four surrounding the bed.

Resolute lights dwell in all their eyes.

Norma took a mana restorative.

And Medic Aterna too.
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Eda as well.

"Then we shall now begin the operation. Eda."

Eda nodded and spread her arms wide. She's not holding a wand. Her hands are attracting everyone's attention. Eda quietly lower her hands, holding them over Zack.


In that moment, a blue light gushes out of Eda's hands. Zack's whole body soaks up the overflowing light.


The patient let out a sound.

Like the flow of a river, the blue healing light washes Zack's entire being without stopping.


A blissful smile came up on Zack's wrinkly face, as if he was in high heaven.

But then a moment later.


Zack screamed out dreadfully like he was getting his soul torn asunder.

His body which has normalized the state of being cursed is making him feel the healing light like it's an otherworldly pain.

The two servants on the sides of the bed are desperately holding Zack down.

"Eda. Stop there."

Eda stopped her <Purification>. Zack calmed down just a bit.

"Aterna-dono. Let's begin."


Norma holds her wand over and sends out her mana. She's restoring Zack's organs back to normal one by one.

"Uu, uu, uu, uuu"

Zack keeps groaning. The world of death is a pain-free world. Zack is getting called back to the world of pain.

"Eda. <Purification>."

"Yes. <Purification>."

One organ was restored. With <Purification> cast on it, that restored organ returned to its normal function in the blink of an eye.

Norma and Aterna nodded at each other. The operation is proceeding well.

"That's enough."

Eda stopped her <Purification>, Norma and Aterna resumed working on the organs.

Eda watched Norma and Aterna's work in fine detail.

(They're so good.)

(Norma-san being good is no surprise.)

(But it's amazing how Aterna-san could keep up with Norma-san.)

(When it's her first time seeing Norma-san's operation.)

(And she even precisely took care of.)

(Parts Norma-san left undone.)

(She's really amazing.)

<Purification> keeps on getting cast time and time again, restoring Zack's body parts' functions one by one.

And then after about one and four-half period (five hours), they're finally on the home stretch.

"Alright. Eda. Lastly, put as much <Purification> as you can. No need to hold back anymore."

"Yes. <Purification>."

A light of <Purification> so abundant you'd almost think it's filled up the whole room wraps up Zack. His wrinkly body turned back to its fit condition, his body parts that were oozing out disgusting fluid regained their cleanliness. Eventually, Zack with his healthy body was there as if time had been rewound.

Once the blue torrent receded, Norma took up her wand and examined every corner of Zack's body. Then she put down her wand and breathed out.

"Operation done. It's a success. Praise be to god Maraa. You have my thanks, everybody."

Riol clung on Zack and started sobbing.

Crimus turned toward Norma and clapped his hands.

Someone else did the same.

Then everyone in the room did. Even the bodyguards standing in the corners.

A round of applause for Norma, Eda, and Aterna.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.11_12


Norma and Eda are staying at the same annex building they stayed at last time. It's right next to the guesthouse where the patient is.

After sleeping for half two periods (three hours) they went back to see the patient. Then they treated the patient for about half four periods (one hour), took a light breakfast and reported the situation to Crimus. Then they went to bed.

They slept for about half two periods, and woke up to do another round of treatment. Medic Aterna also lent her assistant under Norma's guidance.

After two days of these treatments, Zack's face got a tint of its human color back from the repulsive ornament-like color it had previously.

"Now then, here's where things get rough."

Just as Norma predicted, things did get rough.

Zack would writhe and went into spasms while groaning. The caretakers must be careful not to let him fall off his bed.

He kept shouting in delirium, but most were incomprehensible words. Though there were also times where it would make some fragmentary sense.

"Where'd it go! Toron! Where's Toron at!"

"We did all the preparations. We paid so much to prepare all those things!"

"Six years! Six years."

"Came to waste! Waste, a waste! Dragon Slaying Sword!"

"50 years! That thing stayed there for 50 years!"

Whenever Riol or knight Jakof was present, they would look at Norma's and Eda's faces whenever Zack had a rambling bout. Medic Aterna went back to being expressionless, she would just do her share of job mechanically.

The servants brought from Kogurus worked heroically. They not only have to care for the patient but also Riol, knight Jakof as well as medic Aterna, and on top of that, they also have to keep watch on Zack alternately, their load is quite high.

"It is I who found it!"

"The scouting party I dispatched found it!"

Zack's groans were as noisy as ever. But the fact that he could afford to get that noisy means that his vitality is getting better.

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"It feels like forever since we could take it easy and enjoy tea like this."

"Isn't that the truth. Guess today would make the sixth day huh. He's looking a lot better now, isn't he?"

"Yup. It's progressing well. His vitality is the thing that cinched it in the end after all. Zack-san is an owner of exceptional life force. Hmm. Not like I've got something on the tea here, but I miss Jinga's tea."

"I'm sure Rakrus-sama misses Norma-san so very much too."

"Hahahaha. I'm in for it once I get back for sure. By the way Eda. How do those people from Kogurus look to you?"

"How they look, what do you mean?"

"I'd like to hear your opinions on them as individuals. Like say, what do you think of Riol-san?"

"Unn. I guess, he's honest. Kinda like how Agito-san was a bit while ago. It's like, 'this is how a noble should act!', he's someone who wears his heart on his sleeve."

"Haha. I see."

"He's seriously worried about Zack-san from the bottom of his heart."


"Oh and."


"He looks more and more like Zack-san every time I see him."

"What? Oh right. You've met Zack-san when he was still well. I see. They're similar huh. What about Jakof?"

"He's been trying to make himself seem super simple but that man is actually quite finicky in reality."

"Oho? Interesting. What makes you think that?"

"He'd go on to say stuff like, <Scouting must be done right>, or <We shall end it in one decisive strike when the time is right>, as if there's nothing but fighting in his head, yet he's not even trying to act on it. He just sits around and looks around."

"Fumu. Good observation."

"Besides, that person isn't really that strong. He's more a desk official."

"I see, I see. And what about Aterna-san?"

"I don't really get that one. I've been wondering why she had that hateful look when Lecan's name was mentioned. Ah, the way she looks at her patient, Zack-san, is very cold, no hint of warmth at all."

"Yup, yup. Exactly."

"Besides, she was lying."

"Eh? What kind of lie?"

"How could someone who's not well versed in Curse can make a <Suspended Animation> medicine?"

Norma was taken aback before she burst out laughing.

"Hahaha. True, true. My word. It did strike me as odd when she said that. It completely slipped my mind. You're exactly right. Ah, a correction, there's no such thing as <Suspended Animation> medicine. If there's one."

"If there's one?"

"It's a <Suspended Animation> poison."


"Hahaha. Well if we go by Shira-san's classification, poison and medicine are apparently the same thing, so <Suspended Animation> being a medicine may not exactly wrong? But Shira-san is also someone who'd go on and say <Food is a type of medicine> after all."

"She's a bit weird, isn't she."

"Yup. But that's an important distinction to have. Apothecaries see humans, the world from the viewpoints of herbs. Otherwise they're not real apothecaries."

"See world from herbs?"

"Haha. Guess it's a bit too difficult. But Eda, your power of observation on people has progressed so much. I'm impressed."


"Let me say one thing though. Aterna-san is a genuine medical practitioner."


"So many things still don't add up with just that though. Anyway, her knowledge and skill as a medic is the real thing, and she's also got this, how do I say it, spirit of a medic."

"Ooh okay."

"That's how I see it. But Eda, you should keep that perspective of yours. An outlook of the world only you possess."

"And also."

"Hm? And also?"

"It hit me when I saw how their servants. Zack-san is really loved."

That seemed to take Norma by surprise, she was blinking for a while before quietly speaking.

"I see. Now that you mention it."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.10


"A curse can come from a mage who specializes in shamanic art, aka a shaman, or from Dungeon items' Graces, or a divine punishment. Which one do you think this one is from?"

Riol and knight Jakof's faces suddenly turned grim.

"I'm not well versed in shamanic art."

Eda didn't miss how the light in Norma's eyes glimmered for an instance.

"However, there are several mages adept in shamanic art at Kogurus. Their investigation suggested that it wasn't done by any shamanic art they were familiar with. Kogurus also houses people knowledgable in Curse-related Graces, and the symptoms do not match any Grace items they know.  Lastly, we had also invited priests to perform a nine day ritual, which revealed that the curse wasn't a handiwork by any known god."

"Fumu, fumu."

Norma put down her memo, closed her eyes and repeatedly tapped her pen on her forehead.

"When did those investigations done by shamans, Grace Gear experts, and priests' ritual take place?"

"The first and second were done about a decade ago, and they would get called from time to time for their opinions. The ritual one was done five years ago."

"When did the symptoms worsen?"

"On month nine last year. Before that, he was acting like usual despite occasional pass out. It never hampered his judgment or memory. Then on the ninth of last year, ever since he passed out once, his consciousness remained turbid, and no matter how many medicine or <Recovery> we administered and even all kinds of <Blessings>, we could not manage to wake him up. His body visibly went into decline before our very eyes."

"It's possible to undo a curse even if you don't know its true nature."

"Yes. We had looked for and bought a <Dagger of Harut> that was dropped in a certain dungeon seven years ago. However, his conditions did not improve."

"I see."

Norma closed her eyes and sank deep into the sofa, contemplating.

She eventually opened her eyes, straighten her posture and spoke.

"Thank you. I think I've heard all what I needed to hear. Thanks to it, we can now skip unnecessary procedures. I would have called shamans and priests to ask for their opinions had not for it. But it's clear now that there's no need for that. If not even <Dagger of Harut> could lessen the symptoms, then the curse has likely been assimilated with the patient himself. His life would have been forfeit had you taken a bit longer to come here."

"Do you mean to say that it's possible to cure him then?"

"There is a chance he could be saved."
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"Oh, god!"

"Praise be!"

"The fact that a treatment is possible was made clear earlier. And now we have to work toward slowly gaining additional allies."

"Gaining additional allies?"

"That's right, Riol-sama. All of his organs have switched side right now. They should have been working to support his body, yet now they're slowly killing him. We must regain those organs back as allies. If we manage that, the match will be over in one decisive strike."

"Uumu. Not sure if I follow, but tactician-dono you are saying we have a chance, are you not?"

"Yes, Jakof-sama."

"Then we shall follow every last bit of your order, tactician-dono!"

"Some of you are going to take turn watching over the patient, I take it?"

"Indeed. Two bodyguards will always be present. Besides them, either Riol-sama, an official, or medic Aterna will also stay."

"It'll be a long drawn out battle. Go ask where your lodgings are and get some rest. Taking a rest is also part of the battle. Take a good long break, eat well and get your condition in order if you want to be of use."

"Ooh. Acknowledged."


"Do you need something Aterna-dono?"

"You were checking each organs when you held out your wand earlier."

"Ah. So you could see that. You must be able to see mana then."

"Yes. Only faintly however. What exactly were you doing then?"

"I was tampering those organs to help them recall their original functions."

"Can something like that be done?"

"Yes. Once you have learned the structures and functions of those organs as well as ways to restore dysfunctional organs back to normal, you can do this treatment with a little bit of mana."

"Just how much knowledge have you amassed at such a young age."

"It wasn't all my effort and study. The research left behind by my father laid the foundation for me."

"Pardon me, but could I have your father's name?"

"He's Sasfrey Wazrof."

Norma inadvertently spoke the house name as well.

After knowing that her uncle, Godfrey called her father that, she had been wishing to call his father that herself one day.

Reacting to the name Wazrof, Riol and knight Jakof looked shocked, but they managed to keep silent.

"Sasfrey Wazrof-dono."

Medic Aterna spoke the name with her mouth as if digesting the information before asking again.

"You exercised your magic for quite a long time, I'm astounded by how much mana you used."

"Haha. It's all thanks to this."

Norma took a mana restorative pill from her pouch and handed it over to medic Aterna.

"And this is?"

"It's a mana restorative pill made by apothecary Lecan. Your mana will keep welling up for half a day if you take one. As I only had an extremely miniscule amount of mana, I have been devising up ways to use my usable mana to the fullest. These pills enable the treatment I showed earlier."

"I see, so that's how. Those pills were the secret to Eda-dono casting so many <Purification> in quick succession as well as those <Recoveries>."

"Uh well, that's."

"Apothecary, Lecan!"

A belligerent expression one could mistake as rage came up on medic Aterna's artificial-looking face as she glared hard at the mana restorative pill in her hand.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.9


"First of all, we need to stealthily scour the insides of the castle. We must make absolutely sure the enemy remains ignorant. Otherwise they would turn the castle upside down to look for the spy. They might even kill innocent servants. Since even though the castle has been occupied, that doesn't mean everyone inside is hostile. There are commoners. There might be merchants who were passing by too. We cannot allow them get killed helplessly."

"Indeed, truly."

"So now we're sending food and weapons to the captured ally. Little by little over time, in secret so the enemy doesn't suspect anything. Then once the time comes, we're going all out exterminating them at once and retaking the castle."

"Very well understood. So, when are we mounting the counterattack!"

"I can't say yet at this stage. Once we know the situation inside the castle in one or two days, we can hazard a guess on the outlook. Be prepared for a protracted battle, it might last ten, twenty days even."

"Acknowledged, tactician-dono! Riol-sama I shall immediately deliver tactician-dono's words to townlord-sama."

"Umu. Do so."


"It's midnight. Even if you send people now, it'll have to wait until daybreak. Now then, in order to determine the cause of the patient's illness and to erect a plan for his treatment, I must ask some questions. First, how old is the patient?"

"What does that have to do with the treat--"

"That will not do, Riol-sama. It is tactician's duty to measure their allies' strength. She deems knowing the age a necessity. It is better if you answer her. I realized that they are no sham after witnessing Eda-dono's skill with <Recovery>. I believe these folk are capable of executing the plan to recapture the castle in one swift move."

"He's 81."

"Eh? I got to meet Zack-san when he was still healthy last year, even then he didn't look that old though?"

"Zack-dono had always taken good care of his health. He employed outstanding medics such as Aterna-dono, took red potions and health-related medicines regularly, as well as receiving <Recovery> every once in a while. He also bought up all kinds of items to strengthen his life force and prolong his life span. He is not your ordinary 81 year old."

"When did the illness begin showing symptoms?"


It seems to be something that shouldn't be talked about, Riol turned around and exchanged glances with knight Jakof.

"It began around 15 years ago. It might even went as far as 17 years ago if we include periods with indefinite symptoms."

With a slightly stumped expression on his face, Riol turned to look at Aterna who said that.

"What kind of definite symptoms first showed up?"

"Vertigo. Hallucinations."

"What kind of hallucinations?"
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"That has nothing to do with this treatment!"

Riol suddenly shouted out loud.

"Ah, no I mean. As that would touch upon highly sensitive political matters, I'd be grateful if you don't probe further."

Norma looked at Riol quietly.

"Feel free to only disclose what can be told. Please tell me what the hallucinations were about, and how the patient reacted to them."

"The hallucinations were the kinds about receiving the comeuppance of his deeds. Zack-sama's reaction was intense. He seemed enraged outwardly, but it almost felt like he was terrified on the inside."

"Did those hallucinations affect the reality in any way?"

"Nothing actually happened in reality. However, Zack-sama might be believing what could happen in the future. I'm not too sure on that myself."

"What happened after a hallucination struck?"

"For a few years, right, about for four to five years, he would often hallucinate as if he was recalling something, but then it stopped. At the very least, Zack-sama stopped trying to order around or brush away invisible objects in empty space, nor would he shout things like, 'disappear!', 'those are mine now!', to those invisible objects anymore."


Riol protested, but Aterna continued on with a hard to read expression on her face.

"In exchange, Zack-sama lost his appetite and weight. He was originally someone who had a hearty appetite. He turned gloomy, taciturn, distrustful and quick tempered. His decline started to become obvious during the past ten years."

"Fumu. Do continue."

"He would occasionally turn rigid and pass out."

"Did that happen often?"

"At first it would only happen twice a year. It gradually got more frequent, by last year it happened seven, no eight times."

"What did you do when he passed out?"

"We first cast <Recovery> before proceeding with a variety of treatments, then after four to five days, he would get well enough to stand up."

"From your perspective, what illness caused all those?"

"I had researched many documents and prescribed all kinds of medicinal plants, trying to pin down the disease. As a result, I have concluded that this is no illness."

"I see."

"Eeeh? But if it isn't an illness, then what?"

Medic Aterna looked at Eda with a doll-like expression and replied to her.

"It's a curse."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.8


"Fumu, Eda. How about you cast <Recovery> on everybody here."


Eda stood up and pointed her palm at Riol.

"Don't forget your wand now."

"Ah, oops. Hehe."

Norma has sternly warned Eda to keep her remote <Recovery> strictly confidential. That kind of skill is better off left unknown for now. Not like it's needed for the treatment this time either.

Eda took her wand, recited <Recovery> spell to create a green sphere of light at the tip of her wand, then she stretched out her hands to put down that sphere over Riol's head.


The light sphere fell down from above, slowly vanishing into his whole body.

Eda casually produced light spheres one after another, casting <Recovery> on everyone present.









The bodyguards sent out a warning glance when they were about to get their turns, but Eda didn't care and cast <Recovery> on them anyway.

Once she was done with Kogurus's group, she also cast <Recovery> on the townlord's employees. Even to those who were standing in the hallway.

Medic Aterna looked dumbfounded.

Of course she would. This spectacle was unbelievable to any medic. <Recovery> is absolutely not a magic anyone can just cast in rapid succession like this. To begin with, mages who manifest <Recovery> commonly have low mana pools. No one knows the reason why, but it's a well known accepted phenomenon.

"I wish to speak more with Riol-sama and Aterna-dono. As for the rest of you, would you like to be led to your lodging?"

"No. We're grateful for your offer, but I'd like you to explain to everyone here. After which we can rest."
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"I understand."

Eda came back, cast <Recovery> on Norma and then herself before flopping on the sofa. Norma resumed afterward.

"First of all, I shall explain about the treatment earlier. The patient was in a state of <Suspended Animation>. I believe this was done in order to keep the illness on track during the journey here, but that <Suspended Animation> was an extremely potent one."

"That was induced by a medicine medic Aterna made as approved by me."

Norma frowned and asked back when she heard Riol.


"Indeed. Townlord-sama has left all the care taking of Zack-dono to me. As for the suspended animation medicine, it was not actually done for the sake for this trip, we had it prescribed in order to keep Zack-dono alive while we wait for a <God Cure> since all kind of treatment was no longer effective. He was already taking the medicine before we sought Eda-dono's help."

"So you're deliberately putting him in <Suspended Animation> because there's no telling when you can get your hands on a <God Cure>? Uumu. That does explains the potency of that <Suspended Animation>, but... No. I'll put that aside for now. At any rate, he was induced into <Suspended Animation> for the sake of treatment."

"Can't Zack-dono be treated while he's under <Suspended Animation> state?"

"Riol-sama. In that state, all system in your body is dormant, no, more like dead. Neither <Recovery> or <Purification> work on the dead."

"Is that how it works."

"Yes. We cast <Purification> on him then, but there are two issues. First of all, the patient's vitality was on the verge of drying up. And the other is the fact that he was already in <Overwritten> state due to years of suffering from the disease even before getting Suspended."

"<Overwritten> state?"

Medic Aterna asked. The voice was hoarse and low, but it's a woman's for sure.

"Yes. I call a state in which the body normalizes being sick, <Overwritten>. Due to these two reasons, there is a danger of blowing out the patient's flame of life were we use <Purification>. Hence we're only administering fruit juice in order to prevent his body from fully awakening while we wait for it regaining its vitality back."

Riol looked confused.

Knight Jakof spoke out.

"Forgive me, but Norma-dono's explanation is too difficult for me to understand. Can't you make it easier?"

Norma smiled back at this candid protest.

"Then let's make an analogy. You're sending a reinforcement to help an ally whose castle is under attack by hostile. Even though you have managed to clear away the enemy around the castle, the castle itself has been occupied. Your side holds a huge advantage in brute force, so it's possible to eliminate all hostile if you wish, but doing so will lay waste to the castle, turning it useless. Also, the captured allies will get caught up in it as collateral damage."

"Umu, umu."

Knight Jakof nodded with sparkling eyes.

"That's where you halt your advance, withdraw the march and put yourself somewhere the enemy can't see you. Because the enemy may set fire to the castle if you besiege it and put pressure on them. You set forth a spy to scout the castle and found out that your allies were held underground. So now you send a little bit of food to these allies, and have them eat to regain their strength. That's our current situation."

"That's truly easy to understand indeed. I'm impressed. Pray tell, what will our next move be!"




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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.7


Norma put down her wand, turned around and spoke to Pauline.

"Something to drink for me and Eda."

"At once."

Still standing, Norma drank down a drink Pauline skilfully prepared. Eda did too.

"Phew. Unsure how you did it, but that was truly a high level <Suspended Animation>. It has come undone completely. But the patient's body has lost most of the power needed to sustain life. To the point that it needed to use up all its remaining strength just to absorb a little fruit juice."

These words are meant for Eda as well as the people watching over them.

"His body has used up its vitality to suck up the fruit juice's fluid. From now on we have to regularly cast light <Purification> to boost vitality until his body can sustain itself. Pauline. Wipe the patient's sweat."


Afterward, it was a regular treatment.

Norma would occasionally send out mana while pointing her wand at the patient to observe his condition.

She'd also regularly gave Eda instructions.

"Eda. A light <Purification> on chest."

"And now a whole body <Purification> starting from the head."

"<Purification> on right arm."

"<Purification> on left arm."

"<Purification> on right leg."

"<Purification> on left leg."

Time flows into the depth of night.

Just when the quiet fight against the illness seemed like it'd go on forever.

"All right. His condition has finally stabilized. Pauline. Keep watch on the patient's condition for a while nearby. I will stand by in the lounge, notify me if anything happens."


Norma turned toward Riol.

"I will explain the patient's condition and treatment prospect in another room. Those who wish to hear it, please come along."

Then they left the room.

Riol, knight Jakof and medic Aterna are showing signs they will go with Norma.

The bodyguard adventurers aren't moving.

Norma spoke to an employee of the townlord in the hallway.

"Please get two more chairs into the room for the caretakers. And another two chairs next to the bed."

"Yes, Norma-sama."
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As Norma walked away, Riol gave orders to employees and bodyguards in the hallway.

Norma collapsed into the sofa in the lounge. With Eda sitting next to her.

Riol sat down on the other side of the table.

"Have a seat. I'm sure you're tired."

Medic Aterna muttered something in a low voice and sat next to Riol.

Knight Jakof is standing behind Riol attentively. Behind them are two employees from Kogurus and two bodyguards.


(This person is a woman.)

As it turns out Medic Aterna is a woman. Eda figured she must be a woman judging from her name, but her frame is solid, her face is big, and her hands and fingers are long and large. Her curious big boney face paired with her stout facial feature and tightened expressions look exceedingly masculine.

However, her muttering voice was too high-pitched for a man. Eda wasn't really sure since the voice was hoarse, but after looking at her again, she does seem to be a woman.

Eda was surprised when she saw Riol sitting ahead.

(Looks just like Zack-san.)

The Zack Zaikaz she saw at Kogurus back then.

The impression Riol gave to Eda was weirdly similar to that despite the difference in age and facial features.

(Does that mean Kogurus's town lord is related to Zack-san?)

The relation between Zaikaz Household and the townlord's was talked about back then, but Eda can't really recall the detail. However, she's sure they weren't supposed to be related.

(Well, no matter what's the relationship between Riol-san and Zack-san.)

(It has nothing to do with the treatment.)

Everyone there had some drink first. Riol and medic Aterna drank greedily. The knight behind them also drank down his cup and thanked when offered seconds.

"First of all, I'd like to apologize. Ordinarily I should have done a diagnosis first and then discussed with everyone regarding patient's condition as well as treatment plan, but since the situation was critical, I went straight to treatment phase. I must apologize again on that."

"No. We all bare witness to Norma-dono's extraordinary skill in healing. How Eda-dono could cast so many <Purification> for so long was also a point of surprise. I have no doubt that the two of you were truly sincere in trying to save Zack-dono. You have our thanks."

Riol bowed. Followed by medic Aterna, knight Jakof and the employees behind them. The two bodyguards are watching over them vigilantly without bowing.

(The glances they're sending me.)

(Feel weirdly harsh somehow.)

(Wonder if it's just me.)

It wasn't. Intense lights dwelt in the eyes of the two bodyguards whenever they looked at Eda.



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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.6


Zack Zaikaz arrived at Vouka on the first of month three. As they departed Kogurus on the 34th of month two, the journey took them seven days. The entourage deliberately moved slower with intermittent breaks per the judgment of a medic who came along with them.

The entourage consists of one luxurious wagon, one ordinary wagon and horse-riding escorts.

Representing them is the second son of Kogurus townlord, Riol. He's accompanied by one knight.

Then one medic and eight people who tend for Zack and Riol.

Also, eight escorts.

Eda, who was welcoming them at the town lord's mansion with the town lord, his son and Norma, broke out in a cold sweat.

The eight escorts are no knights no matter how you look at it. Neither are they noble or soldiers.

They're adventurers. And all eight of them are highly adept.

Frankly, Eda doesn't think she can win even in a one-on-one fight.

Later on, she was told this was just how Kogurus do thing. Kogurus have few trueborn knights and soldiers. They hire adventurers with money whenever needed. And this time they got extremely capable people to guard the VIP.

Eda regretted not asking Jinga to come. But it's weird for a medic to have a bodyguard, it would make them look hostile, so Norma convinced Jinga, hence he's not present now. Norma was sure that it'd be okay since she got Eda with her, but it's not okay at all.

"Salutation, Riol Shalbart-dono."

"I am honored at your warm welcome. Crimus Ulban-sama."

"This here is my son, Agito. And the girl here is our gold rank adventurer, <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> Eda. And then this one here is medic Norma Goncourt. She is the very person who saw through the cause of Guide Skalabel-sama's condition and came up with a treatment."

"Ooh. That is reassuring to hear. This man is our town's knight, Jakof Warren. And this woman is medic Aterna. We're all pleased to make your acquaintances."

Once they were done with pleasantries, they brought the patient to the guesthouse. Then after a moment of repose, they got right to examination.

Zack Zaikaz is lying on the bed once used by Herb Saint.

Eda didn't really talk with Zack when they met before.

Zack is a tall man. He was thin but his gestures had no hesitation, and his sinewy finger bones looked powerful. He wasn't exactly a handsome man being an elderly man and all, but he got this mysterious something that naturally drew people in.

The Zack now has been turned into a dark shrivelled diminutive mass resembling that of a crumpled frog. There's no dignity on him anymore. His body is dried up like it's lost all moisture, it looks more like a fallen old tree in the forest than a human.

The room has Norma, Eda, Riol, knight Jakof, medic Aterna and one bodyguard. The town lord family maid, Pauline is standing in front of the door. The room is not large. Letting in any more people would hinder the treatment. Bodyguards and servants from Kogurus are standing by outside the room in the hallway.

Norma is looking at Zack with a grim face.

"The situation is far more dire than I thought. This is no time to take it slow. Eda."


"We're doing examination simultaneously with treatment. Can you cast a soft <Purification> on his whole body slowly without a wand."

"Yes. <Purification>."


Despite intending to watch in silent, Riol inadvertently shouted when he saw the <Purification>.

Norma pointed her wand at Zack who was wrapped in blue light and focused her all to examine him.

After a bit, a black mist-like thing seeped out of Zack's whole body.

"Eda, that's enough."

Eda stopped her <Purification>.

"<Suspended Animation> is it. I see."

Norma murmured.

"I was wondering how were you planning to bring a critically ill patient all the way from Kogurus, this is truly a desperate measure. But it's an apt choice. Eda."


"We now stand at the preliminary step of treatment. This patient has been put under <Suspended Animation> curse in order to stop his illness from progressing."


"In all other situation, this would eventually lead to death, but <Purification> can undo <Suspended Animation>. Just a bit more <Purification> and <Suspended Animation> will come undone."


"However, by undoing <Suspended Animation>, his illness will also break free from suspension."


"We could opt to cast a strong <Purification> to heal him in one go but that comes with danger."
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"That is because there are cases where healthy organs work in harmony with diseased organs in critically ill patients like this, thus removing the illness could result in those organs stopping functioning which leads to death."


"Thus, I will stop your <Purification> the instance <Suspended Animation> has been completely removed."


"We need a precise timing here. Make sure you do not miss my instruction. Stop right away with a signal."


"Then, first cast a very light <Purification>."


A black mist seeped out once again.

"<Purification> stop."

Eda stopped.

As sweat ran down her forehead, Norma pointed her wand to carefully examine the patient.

The darkened shrunk body of the patient began to sweat out.

"Uuuu, uu."

He let out a fragile voice.


"By your side."

The now completely familiar family maid opened the slightly opened the door.

"Sarigona, fifty-fifty."


They have put things that could be of use in the kitchen.

In a shockingly short amount of time, Pauline returned with a mix of Sarigona's extract and well water on tray.

Norma nodded with her wand still pointed out.

Pauline soaked the juice in cotton and then lightly squeezed the soaked cotton in patient's mouth. She soaked the cotton again before squeezing it in patient's mouth. She kept repeating that.

Norma took a pill from her chest pocket and tossed it in her mouth.

It's a Mana Restorative pill she got from Lecan.

Norma's mana pool is pitifully tiny. But she can continue using her mana intermittently with the help of this mana restorative pill.

Norma carefully observes the patient's condition with her wand. Sending mana every once in a while.

"Uuu. Uuu."

The patient groaned in pain.

A long night has just started.





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