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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.8_9


The morning after, on their way to the dungeon.

"Looks like they don't plan to keep going in the dungeon for long now."

"Hm? Who are you talking about?"

"Of course, <Grindam>."

"What're they gonna do then?"

"Who knows? But it seems Tsuinga-san and Yoana-san intend to keep working as adventurers. This town has regular flows of dungeon goods, which brings in the money. From food to clothing, everything necessary for dungeon exploring are getting transported here. There must be a lot of escort jobs around."

"Yea. They mentioned escort jobs last evening."

"They might buy a house too."

"Well, a house would be handy to have if they plan to permanently work as adventurers in this town."



"This house I'm talking about is a house where Tsuinga-san and Yoana-san will live at as a married couple."


"Why are you surprised on that point?"

"Those two, married? Didn't hear a pep about that."

"Neither have I. But it's obvious that's what's going on between them."

"What's going on?"

"I mean they get along well, they make fun of each other, they discuss with one another about important matters, and Yoana-san holds the rein on their financial."

"Come to think of it, yeah."

"Dungeon explorations carry risks with them after all. They likely plan to get married and retire early from dungeoneering."

"What about Bruska."

"I don't know about this one. But Bruska-san seems to have a woman he's seeing as well."


"Lecan-dono, it's as if you lose your power of observation on things you have no interest in."

"That don't got to do with interest. I'm simply focusing on stuff necessary for my own survival, unrelated matters takes less priority is all."

"You may try to play it cool, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing as human. And also, this is nothing more than a mere intuition."


"Bruska-san. I've got a feeling that he will succeed <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> business."


"Please don't tell this to anyone. It would only complicate things."

"Got it."

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"Alright. You wait here."


Of course Arios would be shocked.

After all the 'here' refers to the spot right outside the stairway on floor 120.

"I'm gonna fight alone."

"Alone, are you sure?"

"The entrance to the stairway down is quite small."

"Oh, I see."

"I'm thinking that's fit for one person use."

"All the entrances we passed through so far weren't that large either though. And then, what's the other?"

"Other, what?"

"Other reasons that lead you to believe the condition for the stairway's manifestation is to fight alone."


"The entrance is small, and that's it?"


"Lecan-dono, you really live by your instinct, don't you."

"Yeah it's instinct. But think about it, the fact that there is a stairway below floor 120 is completely unknown to public. Meaning, none has ever satisfied the conditions to make the stairway manifest."

"What about Shira-sama I wonder."

"Floors below 120 were probably common knowledge during Shira's era. Shira herself might have gone there even. No, considering she doesn't like dungeons, guess not. Anyway, not one soul likely ever went there since the founding of Zaka Kingdom."

"Yes, I think you're right on that."

"Surely there were many people employing all kinds of fighting styles and strategies. But there's probably no one who tried to fight in a group that has less than five members."

"How do you know that? Ah, I see."

"The fact that less than five magic beasts can be spawned should have been known if someone did. And yet, everyone believes there's always five magic beasts that spawn on floor 100-120."

"Right, yes indeed. I think that's a good guess."

"I'm sure there's not a lot of strategy that hasn't been attempted left. But none likely dared to fight alone."

"I too thought it was absolutely unfeasible when Lecan-dono told me only us two would fight on floor 100. Yes indeed. You're most likely correct in saying no one has tried fighting alone."

"It's a never been done before strategy. There's a good chance this is the right answer. At least the chance is not low enough to not give it a try and look for other possibilities instead."

"I understand. It is as you said. Just a reminder though, you have no insurance if something goes wrong."

"That's probably it."


"Braving a fight where you have nothing to fall back on if things go wrong. That's the hidden condition to reach the lowest floor."

"What's the difference between that and just being rash?"

"They might be one and the same. Or maybe not. It doesn't really matter. So long as we can find the stairway down. Alright, I'm off."

"May the fortune of war be with you."

Lecan started walking off, leaving Arios behind.

He felt a tinge of helplessness. Arios's existence really has been such a huge support thus far.

(Think back on my very first step.)

(I stood alone in the beginning.)


(You always set out on an adventure by your lonesome.)

He got in the inner passage to <Guardian>'s room.

One magic beast spawned inside.

Lecan put <Power Sword> in <Storage> and took a Solid Sacred Silver Sword.

Solid Sacred Silver Swords are fragile but their sharpness equals to none.

He's gonna bet this battle on this sword's sharpness.


Lecan readied <Shield of Wolkan> on his left hand and walked into the room's entrance.





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