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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.14


The chubby man presented a paper on a board and a pen. It's an inkless pen.

"Please write your name and the number of item you wish to use Secret Appraisal service for here."

Lecan wrote down his name and number 1. The man wrote something else himself.

"Yes. That shall do. Secret Appraisal service will cost you one big gold coin per item. The appraisal tag won't have a transcript made, the original tag shall be given to the client. There is no price assessment on the appraisal tag. Only the client and the appraiser can see the appraisal tag. The appraiser is under an oath to protect information obtained in Secret Appraisal to the their grave. I too shall not speak of everything unfolding in this room to anyone. This act is sworn to great god Elex under townlord-sama's name. That is all. Please pay the one big gold coin fee if you agree with the conditions presented."

Lecan paid the fee, the chubby man nonchalantly took it, put it in a pouch on his waist and walked into one corner of the room. As if indicating he's done with his business here.

Elder Termin took an appraisal tag from the desk drawer.

"Alright, Lecan. Get yer' stuff out."

'This old goat remembers my name now', thought Lecan as he took a <Box> he bought at Ninae and proceeded to take <Comet Cutter> out of it onto the table.

Elder Termin held his jet black thin wand, and cast his magic after reciting the preliminary casting.


Then he wrote on the appraisal tag and handed it over to Lecan.

Lecan overlooked how the chubby man's eyes gleamed suspiciously at this point.

<Name: Comet Cutter>

<Type: Magic Sword>

<Offense: 20>

<Hardness: 20>

<Firmness: 20>

<Sharpness: 50>

<Wear Rate: None>

<Endurance: 100>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 121>


<Depth: 121>

<Grace: Magic Blade (Offense tenfold, sharpness tenfold, length two-fivefold), Damage Restoration>

※Magic Blade: The sword generates a blade of magic when supplied with mana. Its length corresponds to the amount of mana supplied. User needs to keep supplying the mana to maintain the magic blade's manifestation.

※Damage Restoration: Automatically restores damaged portions of the blade.

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It really is a <Comet Cutter>. As he trembled in excitement, Lecan scanned over the appraisal tag and asked a question.

"What does this description mean."

Lecan pointed at <Offense tenfold> entry.

The elderly appraiser took the appraisal tag, flipped it over, and wrote something on the back before handing it back to Lecan.

<The physical part of this sword's blade has 20 Offense. The generated magic blade possesses tenfold that number. The higher the offense number, the more mana needed to generate and maintain the magic blade. Additionally, the length of this sword's blade is twice its original legnth at minimum. The mana required to generate the blade wouldn't be much had this number was one, but due to it being two, the blade generation demands a tremendous amount of mana. Unfortunately, even mages with an abundant mana pool with the help of mana boosting and mana storage Grace Gear could only barely generate and maintain this sword's magic blade.>

Meaning this magic sword's offense is 200.


What an absurd number.

Even <Sword of Agost> only has 59 Offense. Of course, being a sword, in practice its real offense varies by its wielders. This <Offense> plus the sword's weight, hardness, sharpness and the wielder's skill becomes its true offensive number. But its basic attribute being 200 is just on a whole another level regardless.

Its sharpness has a basic value of 500. A truly terrifying number. There's almost nothing that cannot be cut by this for sure.

(Wonder what's the numbers on <Power Sword> I'm using.)

(Guess I'll visit the trade facility again later.)

"You're selling?"

Elder Termin looked pitying somewhat as he asked Lecan that.

"It'd go for an unbelievable sum if you are. The assessment will take some time."

Not a lot of people can draw out this sword's true power. But the pinnacles of this country's magic swordsmen can probably pull it off. This sword won't do any good to some countryside lords even if they take possession of it, but it's a weapon with unparalleled strength to the kingdom and temples. Lecan had someone in mind whom likely capable of wielding this sword.

Temple Knight Derstan Barmoa.

That man can likely wield this sword. Though he's got no idea how good and how much power can that man draw out. And if one person like that exists, the inner part of this kingdom must have other magic swordsmen equaling or even surpassing him.

The kingdom and temples must covet this sword.

"No. From testing earlier, I can use this sword. Not gonna sell this to anyone. I'll put it into use."


A hint of surprise came up on the elder's stern face.

Lecan expressly turned his head to look at the chubby man. The man is looking to be in a good mood like he's gonna start humming anytime soon while flipping the documents on his hand.

(Dude hasn't moved an inch from there.)

(Don't think he can read the <Appraisal Tag> from over there.)

"Anything else you wanna know?"

"Nah. Wonderful job. I wasn't able to appraise this sword."

"What? You can cast <Appraisal>?"

"Yeah. Managed to appraise stuff a floor above this though."

"Give it an appraise."


"Cast <Appraisal> on this sword right here and now."

"Why do I gotta do that."

"Just do it."




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