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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.7_8


"The path that will not shame my father as his child."

Those words hit Norma like a revelation.

That's right.

That's what important.

All other matters come after.

How could she overlook something so simple.

Her duty is not releasing her father's writing to the world.

Her duty is releasing what her father wanted to leave behind to the world.

Anyone could see Sasfrey's writing if they just look at the documents in person.

However, the only one who knows what Sasfrey really wanted to write is her alone as his sole daughter and student.

Her father won't be happy having documents he wrote in his youth published. He would want later works that have undergone revisions from new knowledge to get published instead.

However, that is something her late father incapable of. As such it's her duty to do that in her father's stead.

The many words her father spoke. The content of research her father tackled. Numerous fragmented memos that could not be made into a book themselves. And things that were clear later, the real meat of the matter he wanted to actually write.

Bringing that to this world is exactly the path that won't shame her father as his child.

"It appears you have made your resolve."

As Norma came back to her sense, her grandfather Prado whose stern face softened up a little spoke.

"Yes. I'm thankful for your guidance."

"I'm glad that could be of use. From now on, do feel free to consult to this weary old bone whenever something is weighing your mind, Norma-dono."


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"I see. You are resolute then."

"Yes. After thinking through the meaning of Rakrus-dono's words, and getting an advice from someone, I am no longer hesitant. This had always been on my mind as well."

"Umu, umu. I did think I was overstepping my bounds, but it could not be left unsaid either. We can't afford to publish a half-baked book, not this book."

Jinga, Eda, Parm and Yoran are warmly watching over Norma's and Rakrus's conversation. They're all enjoying Jinga's brewed tea. At first Rakrus's group was shocked to see a knight doing such a menial task as brewing tea, but they've gotten completely used to it now.

Additionally, Rakrus is aware of Sasfrey's family name. That is to say he's aware of noble blood running through Norma's vein. As such, he's been using polite speech with her.

Rakrus read the posthumous works of Norma's father at tremendous speed. Norma herself has memorized everything her father wrote, except for the very fragmentary writing. As Rakrus is capable of selecting which books to publish, she's showed him everything but the more private writing.

Norma has never let anyone touch her father's posthumous manuscripts, not even Jinga. Yet she entrusted Rakrus. That's how much trust she put in Rakrus in the brief time they associated.

"I will be done reading them all by around the tenth of next month, the fifteenth at the latest. I will make a catalog of those books, we will use that to decide how many books to publish."


There's no way anyone could read such an enormous amount of writing in that time frame, not even Rakrus a professional. It's impossible even for Norma.

"All of that? That many books?"

"Hahaha. Us transcribers know a trick or two on speed reading. Draft reading, phrase reading, delimit reading, sentence end reading, conjunction reading, paragraph reading, each which serves their purpose. This time around, I will employ a combination of phrase reading and draft reading. I won't completely chew through the meanings. That will be for the next phase."

Norma couldn't get the explanation. All she knows is that professionals are amazing and that they have no time to spare at all.

"Priest Amamir had arranged for 1000 pieces of transcribing paper before we departed the capital. Of course they're <Sacred Code> paper. He has made a promise to send more on a regular basis. Worry not and write all those manuscripts."

No way, no how. Unlike you, I'm just an ordinary human.

Norma wanted to say that but she couldn't. The other party is prepared to stay in this town for as long as his work requires him to.

A head clerk of a paper store visited Norma the following day. It's a shop that specializes in high-class wood-made paper, Norma has never bought anything there.

Paper can be made of leather, cloth and wood. Among those, the lowest grade is made of wood, and the highest grade is also made of wood. And between them, only leather-made and wood-made can be used to make a book, and only wood-made is available for a 300-page book. Additionally, everything above <Abridged Code> must be made of wood paper. That is because wood-made paper is far more preservable than leather-made.

When her father was at the marquis house, he used high-class wood-made paper. But Norma cannot afford that now. When she asked how and why a paper dealer would visit her, turned out it was on Prado Goncourt's request. Prado family will also bear the cost.

Prado had guessed from the fragments Norma talked to him, and sent her wood paper. Norma decided to accept Prado's goodwill while still in shock.

Rakrus was present there. Thus the business was done quick.

"Norma-dono is in charge of writing a manuscript for a <Sacred Code> book."

"Ah. I see, I understand. Would you like to have <Large Sacred Code> paper then?"

"No. That would be a bit too small. It is hard to insert and revise words as well. I believe <Extra Large Sacred Code> paper will do. Norma-dono. How about it?"

After an explanation, Norma agreed to it and ordered the paper. The clerk was dumbfounded when they made an order for 1000 pieces of paper and possibly more later.

And once the clerk found out the person before him was the renowned capital's transcriber Rakrus, his eyes almost popped out of their eye sockets.





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