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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.1


"Oh yeah, Master-dono. I'd like to use the normal appraisal service."

"We're heading back to the trade facility then."

Hearing that, the chubby man walked up to the door and opened it.

"I shall excuse myself here."
<TLN: He's been referring to himself with feminine pronoun 'Atashi'.>


The chubby man left.

Lecan followed Elder Termin to his counter at the trade facility. Another appraiser was tending the post there, but once he was done with the appraisal item he was working on, he gave back the post to Elder Termin.

Lecan cut the line of queuing adventurer yet again and sat before Elder Termin.

"This one's here."

Lecan paid the fee, and put <Power Sword> on the counter, the elderly appraiser set up his wand like usual, did the preliminary casting fluently, and cast <Appraisal>. Then he wrote down the entry of an appraisal tag and handed it over to Lecan.

<Name: Power Sword>

<Type: Sword>

<Offense: 29>

<Hardness: 38>

<Firmness: 42>

<Sharpness: 33>

<Wear Rate: 32>

<Endurance: 89>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 100>


<Depth: 100>

<Graces: Power Boost (3.75x)>

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'What, that's it?', was Lecan's initial impression when he saw the tag.

<Offense>, <Hardness>, <Firmness>, <Sharpness>, every one of it is inferior to <Sword of Rusk>. Grace-laden swords tend to have low basic attributes. That tendency gets more prevalent the better the Graces. Although the <Power Boost> number being 3.75x is far above any other <Power Swords> he's gotten so far. 3.75 times the 29 Offense is a little over 100. That much power was what enabled the sword to cut down the beasts on floor 102 to 120.

"Any question."

Lecan came back to his sense with the elderly appraiser's voice.

"No, none. I'm in your debt."


Just as Lecan was about to head back, someone called out to stop him.

"Adventurer Lecan-dono. General Dungeon Administrative Office has summoned you. Could you spare your time for us?"

A flat-faced man wearing a luxurious outfit stood. The lines of his eyes are thin like strings. He's got a pitifully short bladed short sword hanging on his waist, but this man is quite an adept one.

Lecan would have turned him down if it was an option, but doing that would likely make dungeon diving difficult in the future.

"Sure, but let me go to a washroom first. Can't hold it any longer."

"Of course, feel free to. Please use the washroom in the main building."

"Main building?"

The slit-eyed man quietly walked away without saying any more word.

They left trade facility to the south, then once they passed the trade building, they headed west inbetween buildings. Then they got in through the northern entrance of the General Dungeon Administrative Office's building. They kept walking for a while before the slit-eyed eventually stopped and turned around.

"Here is the washroom."

"Gotta go in."

Lecan went inside. The door automatically closed silently.

The ceiling had lamps embedded in three spots, emitting unwavering lights. That's fine and all, but another gem with unknown purpose is also embedded in the ceiling. A smooth big gem that's been sending out mana even now.


Lecan's handkerchief floated up into air, reaching the ceiling, then it wrapped itself around the gem and stayed there.

Lecan put the <Comet Cutter> in the <Box> in his hand into <Storage>.

He also put away the <Power Sword> on his waist into <Storage>. Then he took a Solid Sacred Silver Sword and hung it on his waist.

Then he took his time to do his business.

Afterward, he stood before the washbasin, but there's no water in it. Just as he wondered if they forgot to fill it, water came rushing out of a protruded metal pipe, filling the washbasin before stopping by itself.

(Little mana was at work when I came before this washbasin.)

(That must've detected me.)

As he left the spot after washing his hands, the water stopped on its own.

Lecan cut off his mana stream to his handkerchief.

The handkerchief fell off the ceiling.


It then moved into Lecan's right palm he thrust out.

He wiped his hand with the handkerchief, put it in his vest and left the washroom.

The slit-eyed man said nothing to the fact that the <Box> Lecan was carrying had disappeared.

The slit-eyed man walked off once again. Climbing up the stair.

From floor 1 to floor 2. From floor 2 to floor 3. Then Lecan got led to a room near the center of the whole building.

The slit-eyed man presented both his hands like he's waiting to receive something in front of the door.

"I will take custody of your sword."

"I refuse."

The slit-eyed man kept his posture for a while, but then he gave up and spoke toward the door.

"I have brought adventurer Lecan-dono with me."

The door opened.

There's a huge desk with a profound texture at the end of the room in the center, the person sitting behind it stood up, walked ahead of the desk and made a greeting. Her outfit leaves no gaps. First-class clothes that fit her body tightly. She's slim and petite, but it's perhaps her perfectly shaped body that helps giving off the illusion of her looking taller than reality. Her rather short yet exquisite black hair is let down, glamorously reflecting the magic light in the ceiling.

"Welcome, Lecan-dono. I'm niece of Marquis of Tsubolt, Giluent Notz, also the General Chief Administrator of Dungeon Tsubolt, Eliza Notz."

It's the woman who was sitting in the inner part of help desk facility back then. Had no idea she's got such a high standing.

Her speech sounds pretty sharp and confrontational. She's far younger than Lecan initially believed. Probably only a bit above 20. Her facial features should put her in beauty category.

"And this person next to me is Administrator's Representative, knight Torog Benchara."

"This will be our second meeting, isn't, Lecan-dono. I'm just glad to see you're doing well."

It's the knight who came to see them after clearing floor 100.

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