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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.4


"What real thing."

"<Comet Cutter>! The regalia of legend! If that really got dropped, that'd be an irrefutable evidence!"

'Evidence', Eliza's voice echoed in the next room after a slight delay. Her voice got picked up by the <Yacklubend Televoice Jar> put next to other vases and resounded in the adjacent room.


"Founder King's trusty sword, <Comet Cutter> is a regalia which symbolizes this kingdom's founding. And that is said to have been dropped in this dungeon. However, not one <Comet Cutter> has ever been found in this dungeon ever since House of Notz took up position as lord of Tsubolt. That emboldened some rogues to dare claim that Founder King's <Comet Cutter> was never from <Dungeon of Swords>!"

"Hm? When did House of Notz assume the townlord position again?"

"It was on the second of Zaka Kingdom year of course! Our family has stayed here in this land since the year after the founding!"

"So, either way the <Comet Cutter> Founder King used wasn't from House of Notz."

"Listen to the word you spouted off! Such an incorrigible man. The <Comet Cutter> which was in possession of House of Notz found in Dungeon Tsubolt aided the founding of this kingdom. Us Notz prided ourselves in that fact."

(I don't get what this woman is rambling on.)

(In short it's not that they need a <Comet Cutter> for a highly pressing matter.)

"It's not like the thing ever got dropped somewhere else just cause no <Comet Cutter> ever got dropped since the founding here."

"And we absolutely have to make that definite! This world is rampant with fake <Comet Cutters>! By showing off the real <Comet Cutter>, we will prove to the world that <Comet Cutters> can only be dropped in Dungeon Tsubolt!"

"Are there that many fake <Comet Cutters> around?"

"So many it's sickening."

"How'd you figure they're fake. There might be a few <Comet Cutters> dropped in this dungeon, and who can say if another dungeon dropped some as well."

"Our house once launched an investigation to check the veracity of all swords claiming to be <Comet Cutter>. But none, not one of them was real. The only known true <Comet Cutter> is the same trusty sword wielded by the Founder King."

"Ah, I see. There's a <Comet Cutter> left at the Royal Palace. Hm? Then can't you just appraise that one and find out which dungeon it's dropped from?"

"The Royal Palace's <Comet Cutter> is treated as a regalia, its visage is only allowed a glimpse during special ceremonies, forbidden to be held by hands. Forget ever getting appraisal done to it."

"Then get the royal palace to dispatch their own appraiser and announce the results."

"Our family heads have been making such requests for generations. But it's no use."

Guess that's just how it is with regalia. Its inviolability makes <Appraisal> out of question.

(Guess the act is treated like trying to peek under goddess's skirt.)

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(Hold it.)

(That means there's no record of <Comet Cutter> appraised at Tsubolt.)

"Are <Comet Cutter>'s exact abilities known in Tsubolt presently?"

"We have no idea. But since the story about how it emits a dazzling light that cuts down everything in its path is famed far and wide, we suspect that it's a magic sword. Is that true?"

"No clue."

"How could you not have a clue! Just get it out right away!"

"Who's been feeding you lies about me getting to floor 121 or having gotten a <Comet Cutter>?"

"It is not a lie. Gwislan submitted the report."

"Gwislan? Who's that."

"It is the observer who was present during your Secret Appraisal service."

"That chubby spy huh. What did that man report?"

"You asked for a Secret Appraisal service, elder Termin wrote down an appraisal tag. There it's written, <Comet Cutter> and <Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 121> as its spawn spot. Gwislan saw it clearly."

Lecan stood up.

"W-what's the matter?"

He headed for the door without bothering to say anything back to Eliza.

Knight Torog stood in his way.

"Eliza-sama is not done with her business yet. Lecan-dono. Do return to your seat."

"Did you hear what she said?"


"I paid one big gold coin to use the Secret Appraisal service. This service won't have the appraisal tag transcribed, the staff cannot see the content, only the client and the appraiser are privy to the appraisal results, moreover, the appraiser is to keep the secret for life. That's what I was told."


"And yet miss administrator here admitted herself that Gwislan trampled upon the oath of secrecy he swore in townlord's name. I cannot stay here a second longer."

A knight and a mage in the next room are heading to the door in a passage connecting to this room. The other knight and mage are heading to a door connected directly to this room. Probably to prevent Lecan getting away and to protect Eliza.

"Keep that door shut!"

Lecan shouted fiercely at the <Yacklubend Televoice Jar> next to a vase.

"This place will turn into a battlefield if you guys come out. I may not leave unscathed, but I'll make sure your side suffer a much greater loss."


Knight Torog pondered for a second before speaking to the Televoice Jar.

"Do stay in the watch room. Indeed, if this turns into a melee, it will only worsen our relationship and give him an excuse to retaliate."

Lecan confirmed the four returning to their posts with his <3D Perception>.

As Lecan took a step forward, knight Torog stepped aside.

"Do give us a chance for a reconciliation."

Lecan glared at knight Torog and took another step in silence. Two servants opened the door, the slit-eyed man was waiting beyond it.

Led by the slit-eyed man, Lecan left the General Dungeon Administrative Office.

"Send a spy and they're dead."

The slit-eyed man quietly bowed.





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