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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-45

16-45. Pier Rock Kingdom, Oblation Contest (1)


Satou here. I love watching sport matches, but I'm not good with martial art matches that involve blood. It's not because I dislike blood, but more because I don't like painful sensations I get from watching it. I love bloodless matches like Judo though.

"This is quite a huge arena isn't it, Master."

Liza is looking over an arena made of ocher colored stones from the audience seat.
This arena is apparently a historical structure magically made in the ages of Furu Empire.

Liza and I headed straight to the Zaikuon Main Temple the instance we arrived at Pier Rock, but since the only Zaikuon miko who had Oracle skill was participating in a tournament at the arena, the ritual is postponed until after her matches are over.

Thus, I went with Liza to see the crowded tournament and also to kill times.

"It's really really pig nanodesu." <TLN: No, it's not a typo.>

Tama and Pochi showed up like poof.
Looks like they got here, the audience seat, from the airship's gate through Tama's ninjutsu.
Judging from the times, they must be on lunch break.

『Show 'em the strength of [Warriors of Garleon]!』
『Don't ya dare lose to Garleon temple followers! Make it known that [Holy Warriors of Zaikuon] are the strongest eveeeer!』

Cheers erupted from the audience.

The tournament this time appears to also serves as an oblation contest, all the players belong in teams bearing their god's names and they're donning mantles and armor bearing the holy marks.
There seem to be bets that also serve as almsgiving, lots of bookmakers bearing the holy marks loiter around.

"The players for the next match have made their entrance it seems."

Garleon team is a pair of a giant man holding a huge two-handed battle axe, and an old man with a long sword. Both are of upper level 30s, none carries a shield.
Zaikuon team has a handsome young male temple knight equipped with a small shield and a one-handed sword, and a priestess holding a long mace that looks like an iron club along with a round shield. The temple knight is level 29 while the priestess is level 40, rather unbalanced.

"That priestess seems to be quite the fighter."

Liza looks at the priestess.

"Muki muki nanodesu." <TLN: Onomatopoeia for 'very buffed'.>

Tama and Pochi made their opinions known while posing like body builders, undoubtedly taught by Arisa.
These two and their soft squishy builds won't look muki muki no matter what they do.

Just as the two said, this priestess has a muscular build that wouldn't look out of place for the Supreme Ruler of the Century's End. <TLN: Fist of the North Star's references.>

Not sure if it can be considered a praise for a woman, but she has this reliable aura that would fit the word [Rock] most.
She seems to come from Norooku Kingdom, Princess Mitia who's staying at the labyrinth city might know about her.

"--However, is that priestess really the miko we're looking for?"
"Yep, looks like it."

Liza's face looks like she finds it hard to believe.

She's wearing priestess uniform instead of miko's, however, my AR readings show that she has the [Oracle] skill.
Liza must be bewildered since she's the first of this type among all the miko we've met so far starting from Sera.

『By the honorable name of Zaikuon, may his grace be with holy warrior Senuma.』

My Attentive Ears skill picked up the Rock Miko reciting something as she gestured a holy mark sign.
Yellow light overflow out of the temple knight's golden circlet.

That's--similar to the [Super Strength] state of Lady Karina granted by Raka.

"It began~"
"It seems the battle axe user will fight the priest, and the long sword old man will fight the temple knight."
"They're not cooperating together nodesu?"

Apparently, it's going to be a one-on-one fight even thought each team consists of a pair.
The temple knight rushed out at superhuman speed and made a head start over the long sword old man.

"Defensive fight~"
"Ojii-chan, do your best nanodesu!"
"The temple knight's attacks are sharp and heavy, but there is no experience behind them. He would create an opening if it keeps up--"

Liza stopped her speech midway.

Just as she's suspected, the long sword old man made a clean hit on the defenseless flank of the temple knight.
But the reason why Liza stopped was not because of that, but the results.

"Just like Karina~?"
"Small shields made of yellow light came out nodesuyo."

As Tama and Pochi said, small shields made of yellow light blocked the long sword old man's attack.

According to AR readings, the golden circlet the temple knight is wearing seems to be a divine treasure of God Zaikuon, called [Zaikukaan].
Thanks to that divine treasure, he's able to match or even surpass the more skilled old man.


Slightly later, the battle axe man rushed toward the Rock Miko and swung down his axe with the momentum.
Looks like the battle axe man used [Great Strength] skill while the Rock Miko used [Body Reinforcement] skill.

"Full of openings~?"
"She went under the axe, going for Achilles Hunter nodesu!"

Tama and Pochi cheered on the Rock Miko while raising their fists overhead.
Before our view, the Rock Miko hit the battle axe man's arm while blocking his axe with her round shield.

"Her attacks are simple but steady."
"Slow and steady~"
"Axe's movements are getting squeaky nodesu."

The Rock Miko made use of the fleeting chance when the battle axe man grimaced and swung her mace toward the battle axe man's temple.
The battle axe man sacrificed his arm to block the mace and kicked back at her.
The Rock Miko blocked his kick with her legs.

"Grappling match nanodesu!"
"Not like Karina~?"
"Karina-sama does it by continuously moving without stopping, but for them it's a clash between muscle-armored bodies."

The fight between these two kinda reminds me of pro-wrestling.
After some painful looking exchanges, the Rock Miko snatched away the victory.

The Rock Miko who gallantly wiped her nose off of blood is looking at her comrade seriously.

"The temple knight seems to be at a disadvantage now."
"Too many wasted movements~?"
"Ojii-chan is moving so wonderfully wondrous nanodesu."

The temple knight has exhausted his mana and is gasping for breath, but he's unscathed.

On the other hand, even though the long sword old man is fiercely attacking the temple knight with a composed looking face, I know from AR readings that he's also quite exhausted himself.
There are cuts dyed in red on the old man's surcoat, put over his armor, here and there.

"Surprise attack~"
"He dodged it nodesu!"

The long sword old man smoothly evaded the Rock Miko's mace who rushed on him from behind.

The temple knight tried to slash at the old man's flank, but that opening was a trap, as the old man parried the temple knight's sword and guided it toward the Rock Miko instead.
The Rock Miko turned her neck and managed to dodge the temple knight's sword, but she was forced to receive the temple knight whose back was kicked by the old man.

"Oh no~"
"They're in a pinch nanodesu!"

As the old man was going to stab the temple knight's back with his long sword, the Rock Miko used her body to block it instead.
The long sword pierced her body but she tightened her muscles to stop the thrust.

The temple knight's sword was going for long sword old man.

The old man let go of his long sword and blocked the temple knight's sword with his gauntlets.
Those gauntlets seem to be defensive type magic tools.

『Do not interfere!』

The Rock Miko who had thrown away the long sword was stopped by the temple knight when she tried to help him.
And then the temple knight put all his body weight on the sword to push down the old knight in an attempt to end the fight.

"Shoddy nanodesu."
"It cannot be helped. There is no way to evade that."

When they were close enough their foreheads could collide, the old man exploded his gauntlet decorations to shot out small pellets.
Even the yellow light shields couldn't block them all, perhaps because the explosion was too close, the temple knight staggered as he got hit by some of the pellets.

The old man snatched away the temple knight's sword and swung it toward its former owner.

"Nice assist nanodesu."

The Rock Miko shoulder rammed the old man and immediately got away from him using the recoil, before she swung around her long mace at him.
The old man managed to handle it for a few swings, but he couldn't endure the Rock Miko's strength as his sword got thrown off of his hand, cornered, he declared his loss.

Once the match was over, the Rock Miko began to chant in order to heal the temple knight.

"Fanburu nanodesu."

Looks like she failed to cast the healing spell.

The Rock Miko apologized to the temple knight while looking sorry, but he pushed her aside and went to the waiting room without even a hint of anger.
He must feel awkward losing after he tried to finish the match by himself.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The next match was between [Magic Warriors of Karion] and [Love Warriors of Tenion].
There was nothing of note in the match itself besides their eye-catching names, so we're watching while enjoying the piping hot potatoes we bought on a stall along the way to the arena.

Even though Tama and Pochi must have got their lunch in the school before coming here, their appetites are still in full swing.
While watching over the two who were munching on the potatoes, I gave a bite myself.
Simple saltiness. People prefer steamed potato in this country, since it's a bit cold here.

The potato wasn't too good itself, so I cut it up and put some butter in.
Nice aroma of butter melting in the hot potato pervaded in the audience seat.

"Très Bien~?"
"It must be, must be, super good nanodesu."

I put butter on the potatoes the two held out to me as their tails fluttered around.

"Blifss~ nanodesu."
"This is tasty."

I don't think it's that good, but the three look blissful like they've just tasted some first-rate cooking.

I watch the match while biting on the buttered potato.
This reminds me of the [Jaga Butter] eaten during Hokkaido winter festival somehow.

In the end, [Magic Warriors of Karion] won the match without anything worthy to point out.

"Seems like the next match is between 『Beast Warrior of Parion』 and 『Sun Warriors of Heraruon』."

I told the info I heard from Attentive Ears to the beastkin girls.

"And Fifi too nodesu."

Tama's tail stood upright while Pochi's tail swung around buzzingly when [Beast Warriors of Parion]--tigerear-kin Rusus and the wolfear-kin Fifi entered the arena.

I knew that these girls were in this arena from my Menu, but I never thought that these two, who were attendants of the previous Saga Hero, would participate in the contest.

I don't find it odd considering these two are battle junkies though.

Once the match began, [Beast Warriors of Parion] quickly reigned victorious in a one sided match.
The level gaps are just too big, and most importantly, the experience they've accumulated across many harsh battlefields along with Hero Hayato cannot be compared to other warriors'.

"Rusus strong~"
"Fifi was really strong too nodesu."
"The Sun Warriors weren't too bad themselves, but those two are just on a whole different level."

The beastkin girls' eyes were glimmering, as if saying that they want to fight them instead.

While waiting for the semifinal, we warm ourselves with consommé soup I brought over and listened to Tama and Pochi about their school life.

"Next is a match between 『Beast Warriors of Parion』 and 『Holy Warriors of Zaikuon』 it seems."

Rusus and Fifi are going to fight without a rest, but if I had to say, [Holy Warriors of Zaikuon] look more fatigued instead.
The match earlier was a one-sided game after all.

『By the honorable name of Zaikuon, may his grace be with holy warrior Senuma.』

The Rock Miko put the temple knight into [Super Strength] state with the same ritual as before.
Looks like the temple knight is going to use a great sword this time.

『Attendants who serve upon Hero of Parion!』

The temple knight closed in on Rusus at high speed.

『I am Holy Warrior Senuma! The one who will defeat you!』

Rusus blocked the sweeping great sword with her palm.
I think she's using the def up skill [Vajra], but that's still quite reckless of her.

『Who's going to defeat who again?』

Rusus showed a ferocious smile while tightly gripping the temple knight's great sword.
The temple knight is frantically trying to pull the great sword off of her.

『Get lost』

The temple knight lost his footings when Rusus let go of his great sword, then she lightly kicked his stomach, blowing him away.
Rusus chased after him faster than the temple knight's earlier with Flickering Movement and attempted to land another hit on him, but the Rock Miko blocked her attack using the long mace.

『Oh you're pretty good--』

Rusus praised the Rock Miko.

『--But still not good enough.』

Rusus twisted her wrist and the Rock Miko's long mace got flung away from her hand.


The temple knight swings down his great sword toward Rusus, on a trajectory that would cut the Rock Miko along with her.

『At least you've got guts--』

Rusus kicked away the Rock Miko to get her away from the great sword, then she lightly swung her sword, separating the great sword from the temple knight's hand.
Looks like she cut the temple knight's wrist in that instant.

"It's gonna fall off nanodesu."

Tama chased the swaying wrist with her eyes, Pochi covered her face while looking pained.


Liza muttered as she looked at the Rock Miko.
The miko ignored her long mace lying on the ground, and chanted holy magic toward the kneeling temple knight.

Rusus is looking at them without attacking.
Doesn't seem like Fifi has moved an inch since the beginning of the match.

It seemed the Rock Miko used a mid-level healing magic, the temple knight's wrist managed to get attached back.

『--Still wanna go at it?』
『No, this is our loss.』

The Rock Miko shook her head at Rusus's inquiry.

『Oy! I can still fight! I, holy warrior of Zaikuon, Senuma-sama--』

The temple knight was going to object the Rock Miko, but Fifi zeroed in on him in an instant with Flickering Movement and knocked him out in one hit.

"Now then, looks like the miko is done with the contest, let's go to the temple after greeting Rusus and Fifi. Tama, and Pochi, wanna see them?"
"Yes nanodesu!"

The other semifinal was [Force Warriors of Urion] vs [Magic Warriors of Karion], but since it didn't seem like it'd be interesting judging from their last match, we turned our back without any hesitation and went straight to the waiting room.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Strongest Sage, Creates Feint


"...How's the target?"

30 minutes after we started getting tailed.
The guy who was following behind our pursuer asked him.
We're only 300 meters apart from our pursuers now.

They seem to think we can't hear them due to the distance... But a conversation done without any concealment spell can be easily heard simply by using sense reinforcement magic.

"Doesn't seem like they're on guard... More importantly, don't get ahead of formation. We'd get found out since you guys don't know how to tail someone."

"...Got it. Make it quick. We Raid Unit don't got the whole day. And killing 'em quick woulda nab us some nice buck 'fter all."

Looks like the enemies are separated by two roles, scouts and assaults.
Judging from their conversation, killing adventurers who have come to Folkia territory is a daily occurrence to them.

『Seems like they're trying to look for the right time to strike...』

『What should we do?』

Ruli and Alma who have also learned Sense Reinforcement noticed the enemy proceeding with their plan to attack.

Normally, you'd want to outflank your pursuers in this kind of situation and attack them in their confusion.
However... Considering our opponent is really weak this time, we can afford not to kill them.

『Let's put them to sleep with magic, look for something that could be a source of info and let them off.』

『We're not going to kill them? I don't think there's any worth in bandits other than their death though...』

Iris is correct indeed.
But it's not like I'm letting these bandits (or people disguised as one) go out of pity.

There's no doubt that there's a wire-puller behind these guys.
In order to defeat this wire-puller in the most efficient way, we've got to keep these guys alive.

Killing our attackers would bring unwanted attentions.
Besides, there's a high chance these bandits are carrying the thing I want the most with them.
That thing would be rendered unusable if we killed these guys.

『Yeah. Normally you'd do that. However, we don't want to alert Folkia. So let's just put them to sleep.』


『Yeah. High chance these Raid Unit is connected to Folkia. If we turn the table on them, they'll know our strength won't they? To prevent that, we'll get through this by putting them to sleep.』

『I understand! ...Should we use Sleeping magic tool?』

『Yeah. Please take care of that while I and Iris act as a decoy. Make sure not to make it lethal. I'll cast a camouflage spell in 10 seconds, erase your presence with magic and go around the enemy.』

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
『Got it!』

After confirming their replies, I count to ten while walking with Iris.
And then I cast 『Vision Illusion』.

『Vision Illusion』 is a magic that makes an illusion of someone that shouldn't be there.
As this can be used even without having a direct contact with your opponent, even Disqualified Crest is able to deceive faraway opponent with it... But it's easy to see through the magic if you just look closely.

However--whether you allow your enemy to have that chance or not depends on your skills.


Hearing my comm spell, Ruli and Alma go separate ways from us under stealth magic.
The level of stealth magic they're using is not high at all, but it's more than enough against these guys.

Right after Ruli and Alma went away, I turn around and shout out loud.

"It's an ambush! Get ready to attack!"

Then I run toward the assailants.
Iris followed behind.

Since they're focusing on us rushing to them, they won't pay close attention to the 『Vision Illusion』.

"Dammit, they found out!"

"You shittin' me! Did you really follow 'em right?"

"Of course! You know my tailing skills don't you!?"

The assailants that carry a bow let loose their arrows toward us.
Around half of them carry a bow.
All of them are equipped with the Strength Reinforcement magic tools mentioned before.

I strike down all of those arrows with my sword.
But looking at the fact that every one of these arrows accurately flew to me... These assailants are pretty skilled for the present world.
At the very least, they're not like your average bandits.

"Wha... That guy's a monster!"

"How the hell did he strike down arrows with a sword!"

On the other hand, Iris also attempted to mimic the feat with her spear, but it was in vain as all of the arrows ended up hitting her.
Well, mere arrows are no different from dandelion's fluff to Iris though.

"The girl's real bad news too! She's crap with spear, but arrows ain't working on her at all!"

"No one told me about magic to protect you against arrows!"

And these guys went and badmouthed Iris for some reason.
Well, they're right though, Iris is bad with spear.

"Hey, what do you mean by crap! Mathias-san is the weird one here! You normally can't strike down flying arrows mid-air!"

Iris swings her spear around while getting angry.
However, it's all in vain as the spear keeps missing its targets.

"Ooh, then how about..."

Iris takes a stance as she gets ready to throw her spear.
But I stop her a moment before she could.

『Oy, they're gonna die if you do that.』

『Ah... Oh right, I can't kill them...』

『Yeah. It's annoying, but it'd be better for us in the long run if no one died.』

Ordinarily, there's no need to endeavor so hard just to avoid one or two casualties.
But, I have a reason why I try not to kill even one.

I intend to erase the fact that 『there was a battle here』.
And that's only possible if the enemy suffers no casualty.

Because these assailants themselves wouldn't want to report to their boss, 『We failed the ambush, everyone fell asleep before knew it』.
By simply creating a situation that would prompt the assailants to insist on 『there never was a clash in the first place』 narrative, they would take care of the rest on their own.

...Well, even though we're not gonna kill them here, I've remembered their faces, thus once we've beaten the one behind all this, I will tell the proper lord about their deeds, practically sending them to the gallows.

"What the? They stopped movin'."

"Dunno what's goin' on, but here's our chance! Aim at the boy!"

Our opponents saw us being immobile, since I stopped her throwing spear, as a chance.
Unlike Iris who's impervious to arrows, they must see me as someone that could be killed by one since I kept striking down their arrows.

Well, it's all pointless though.
With how slow these arrows are, I've no problem dealing with even ten times the amount.

"Oy, do it seriously! These arrows are too slow they look like stop motion here!"

I struck down all the incoming arrows while provoking them on purpose.

"That ain't no human feat..."

"What do we do? Should we retreat back?"

"Fool, like we could do that, we're just up against just four peeps! We've just gotta get close and--"

Thus while we were buying time... Ruli and Alma were done with the preparations.

『We're ready! Activating now!』

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Apparently You Get Stronger After Close Call


The Orc Shielder took a stance once again. I was going to take a minimal evasive maneuver, but the Orc Shielder made a different move than before.
It thrust out both its palms, and then my whole body got blown away.

I step back after getting blown away for 5 meters. My head feels dizzy, probs because the shockwave hit my whole body.
It's got ranged attacks too huh.
While feeling dizzy and putting my guard up, I try to analyze my attack earlier. Particles of light were flying around every time Lunar Cat hit the barrier. That was probably magic essence. Which means this barrier thingy is probably a type of magic.
Then how about I put more mana into the Lunar Cat and completely cover the blade with it. By doing so, perhaps I could detect the barrier's flow of mana and counterbalance it.

I resume the slashing while watching out for ranged attacks. I can feel mana waves with minute vibrations from the mana I touched. It kinda feels like the ultrasonic beautifying device (around 380k yen) the aunty at my part-time used in the past. That thing turns water into small drops through vibration when you pour it onto the thing.

When I tried to slash by going against the waves, the resistance was more intense than ever. This is bad. Lunar Cat is getting chipped down too much.
This time, let's try to match the waves... Hey wait, another double palm strike?!

I tried to step back but since I dodged in the middle of doing something else, I couldn't manage to and ate the blow. Ugeeh, nausea that feels like having car sickness is assaulting me.
The Orc Shielder is getting ready to launch another attack, as it's taking a different action than before.


From completely outside my view, Tama-chan made a ram attack and hurled herself into the Orc Shielder's face.
That caught me off guard too.
However, I can't let this chance go to waste, thus I grip Lunar Cat on my hand and charge forward while enduring the nausea.
The invisible wall obstructs me yet again, however I'm getting closer. And the closer I get, the tougher its defensive strength feels as my katana's blade is getting shaved down faster.
In the meantime, Tama-chan is fighting gallantly. The orc can't afford to deal with my attacks now as it goes into defensive.
Barrage of invisible barrier attacks is assaulting Tama-chan. She's defending herself from the orc's assault while bouncing all over. Am I seeing things, or does Tama-chan's body look blurred?
Is it due to the effect of mana essence, or are my eyes going bad, or is this some kind of symptomps...

I keep slashing while going along with the flow of mana. Moving forward, like peeling the barrier layers one by one.

Tama-chan suddenly stopped while I was keeping at it.
No, did she get trapped inside the invisible barrier!? An unpleasant smile floated one the Orc Shielder's face.


Right afterward, Tama-chan was crushed like she was burst open, scattering particle of lights everywhere.


I shout. Slashing in rage.
Definitely! I will definitely get revenge on...... huh?

Weird. My vision is getting weird by tears. I'm seeing lots of Tama-chan before my eyes??

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

-―Tama-chan 64 Split Bodies (S Marimo 64)-- <TLN: Marimo means Moss Ball. Why am I doing this? For the sake of pun of course.>

Eh? Your real body is hidden by camouflage? Why dontcha tell me that sooner, Tama-chan!?
The body that was burst open earlier had split into 64 Tama-chan and rushed toward the Orc Shielder. So this is the effect of Split Body huh. Apparently it creates artificial bodies made from consuming mana, the so-called afterimages with mass.

The Orc Shielder is clearly losing its focus from Tama-chan's assault. Right now, I should be able to do that stuff I put on hold since the activation would take too long. 'That one' with the greatest penetrating power.

"Roar thunderclap! Surge tempest! Rain down indignation!"

I gather dense magic essence forward. Holding out Lunar Cat, establishing the target.

"<<Lightning Storm>>!"

Directional lightning and tempest shot out toward the Orc Shielder from Lunar Cat. However the rampaging force came to a halt by the barrier.

Even this wasn't enough!?

I foster more convergence on Lunar Cat that's become the eye of a storm. Thunderous sounds shook my eardrums.
Tempest that's already quite thick, make it even massive, sharper. Hey Lunar Cat's blade, bear with this. During my experiments for this, wooden and steel rods turned into dust after all.

--Tama-chan. Get away now!

The Orc Shielder is completely ignoring Tama-chan now, focusing solely on the defense. Glaring at me while getting drenched in cold sweat out of fear.

I read the barrier's flow of mana and thrust with all my might while matching it!

"<<Lightning Spin Break>>!"

The thrust clad in tempest turned into a gigantic drill as it pushed forward while gradually drilling down relatively thin magic layers of the barrier. This orc can't move while it's maintaining the barrier. Yet, it'd meet a swift end the moment it undid the barrier. It can't move even if it wants to. Even it could, there is no escaping this. The Orc Shielder's expression is now like that of a convict waiting for execution.

However, I have no mercy for you!
Even if it was a split body, pay for the sin of bursting Tama-chan!!

"This end iiiiiiiiit"

CRASH, the barrier breaks apart, and with nothing stopping it now, Lunar Cat goes to pierce the Orc Shielder. The moment the katana's tip touched its body, it got gouged out.
When the tempest settled down, only a few pieces of meat remained of the Orc Shielder.
I really went and overdid it.

Tereretettette~♪ Fighter, Otherworlder leveled up.
Tettere~♪ Class Level has exceeded 20, Side Class has been liberated.
Tettere~♪ Met the requirements, new Classes have been liberated.
Tettere~♪ Time-Space Magic has been liberated.
Tererete~te~tentettere♪ Tama-chan leveled up. Super Marimo met the required level. Class Change is now possible.

Oof, lotsa things went up... Tama-chan is going to evolve again eh. Guess Super Marimo hits its limit.
And the new evolution is?

『Doctor Marimo』 <TLN: Marimo means etc>
Half of its body consists of kindness. A Class that might promote growth for special ability involving medicines.

Did she get stronger, or weaker. But a certain someone said that seeing a doctor is like seeing a god of death, and Class Change should not be inferior right!?
Let's go, toward God Hand Marimo!


Uwoo, Tama-chan's body color changed from green to white. Her grown fur has all fallen out too, she's like a white ball now.
No, more like white gem?
Right now feel check is most important, yes, more than status check.


T-this is!? It's not like the mofumofu feeling from before, but this punipuni (squishy) feels are something else. I can get addicted to it easy.

Looks like she's made a real dangerous evolution, what terrifying kid!
But can I still call her a moss ball now? Well Tama-chan is Tama-chan anyway, so all is forgiven.
I check her Status once I'm satisfied with the sensation. Everyone, keep it a secret that I was rubbing Tama-chan's smooth skin a bit, ok.

Name: Tama-chan - Gender: Female - Race: Moss Ball
Class: Dr. Marimo Lv1 (new!) - State: Healthy
Title: 【Moss Ball of Possibility】 - Bond: Deep Affection
HP: 39/39 - MP: 4/88
(Status Up from Master's title)

Split Body - Medical Element Mixture Lv1 (new!) - Holy Magic Lv1 - Evasion Lv2 (up!) - Hardening Lv1 (new!) - Camouflage Lv2 (up!)

She's got Medical Element on her body since she's a doctor huh... How, why.
What kind of effect it's got anyway.

【Medical Element Mixture】
Able to store Medical Element inside its body. Effects increase by level.
Lv1 - Robust Nourishment - 12 types of robust nourishment effective on a tired body.

This one is that huh. Like with pit viper sake, I guess Tama-chan will have to be submerged?
That'd make it look like souvenir moss ball no matter how you slice it, it's white though.
Hardening means that her squishy body can turns hard in an instant huh. It's questionable whether she could beat her foe with a soft body after all. But who knows, some enemy might be held captive by that squishy sensation. I'd definitely yield if it were me.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-44

16-44. The Four Heroes (2)


※This is not from Satou's perspective. Third person point of view.

"--Do you mind if we get back to talking about heroes?"

Satou, who was done telling the story of the time he met Sera after being pestered by the romance story-loving women, steered back to the topic at hand.

"Oh my, pardon me. I lost myself since your tale was so interesting. We were talking about Hero Yuuki next, were we not?"
"I think we were at the part about Yuuki being an unusual magician type hero."

Ringrande affirmed Maryest.

"By that do you mean, he's capable of using powerful magic like Maryest-sama?"
"I'm confident that I won't lose in my forte, lightning magic, but unfortunately, I'm completely outclassed in flame magic. However, since the hero is still inexperienced in spell control and precision, I suppose I still come out on top when it's against foes with powerful anti magic ability or someone strong in a one-on-one fight."

Maryest answered Satou's inquiry.

"Well, no magician is better at exterminating large swats of enemy than Yuuki though."
"That's just the powers granted by God Parion."

Hearing the two, Satou is recalled of his own Meteor Shower, and feels oddly sympathetic to the hero, thinking, "Must be hard to use."

"So what kind of person is this Hero Yuuki-sama?"
"He has made some self-righteous remarks, however, he's very eager to learn new things and extremely enthusiastic about training."

Maryest indirectly replied Satou's question with implications.
Satou himself felt like he got a grasp of Hero Yuuki's personality from her answer and nodded.


"What is this? Why's there so few monsters here?"

On board an airship floating above the small sand sea, Hero Yuuki grumbled to his attendants.

"A search by wind magicians also only turned up a few aggregations of monsters."
"Damn that useless Seigi."

With the grumbling Yuuki on board, the airship heads toward Sania Kingdom's capital in order to replenish its supply.

"--What the heck is that?"

At the front row of the noisy bridge, Hero Yuuki is looking at a dead body of a gigantic monster stuck at the capital's harbor.
The body is so huge, the golems that are currently dismantling it look like sesame seeds from afar.

"Meiko didn't come by here right?"
"Yes, that should be the case."
"No way Seigi did this either, guess there's still someone strong out there in this world."

Hero Yuuki grins.

Before long, a wingkin attendant who was tasked to gather info on the ground comes back.

"Give me your report, Michael."

Hero Yuuki haughtily gave his order without even a word of thanks to the attendant with colorful feathers.

"My name is Mieka."
"Yeah yeah, report."

Even while sighing at Hero Yuuki who kept calling him Michael no matter how often he corrected him, the wingkin attendant conveys the information he got to the hero and his cohorts.

"That is the dead body of an ancient monster called the 『Land King』 whom 『Ancient Dog-head King』 commanded during the age of myths."
"A mythical monster huh."
"The Devil God's Troops..."

The other attendants couldn't hide their surprises when they heard the report.

"I've read some myths about Land King myself. Ain't it a monster stronger than your average demon lord?"

The attendants affirmed Yuuki's question.

"Who killed it?"
"Shiga Kingdom's--"
"Hero Nanashi?"

The hero made a guess of someone capable of such a feat while the wingkin was answering.

"No, it's the Demon Lord Slayer, Earl Pendragon."

Hero Yuuki recalled that it was the name of the sexual fiend whom Meiko met at a cafe once.

"A Japanese who's pretending to be Arthur huh... Ow, my side."

Even though he's never met him before, Hero Yuuki is holding a bizarre rivalry with the demon lord slayer.

"--Huuh? Dontcha think that thing just moved?"

A section of the Land King moved before Hero Yuuki's eyes.
Voices can't reach this far away, but the golems and laborers who were dismantling the body are scurrying away in all directions as the moving dead body begins smashing buildings.

"Undead Land King?"

Immediately after the sound of crushed buildings reached him, Hero Yuuki muttered the result of [Analyze] skill he got from God Parion.

"Did someone turned it into an undead or somethin'?"
"It was probably the demon's work."

Hero Yuuki licks his lips when he hears the attendant's reply.

"I want to test my magic on it."
"You must not, Yuuki."
"Evacuate all the guys below."

Hero Yuuki brushed off the attendant's warning and went to the deck.

"Please at least wait until the airship gets to the flank."
"Hurry up."

Hero Yuuki draws out the holy sword Laevateinn he took from his [Inventory].

"Buff me with support magic. Not the defensive ones. Just stuff that power up magic. Then put all your remaining mana into mine."

The attendants cast buff magic on the hero while the airship goes around to the Undead Land King's flank.

"Let's do this, full power--hey you guys, put some spirits into it!"

Hero Yuuki shouted at the attendants standing by behind him.
They're numerous. Unlike with other heroes, many are of level 30.

"Household Tuning (Everyone to me)."

Hero Yuuki's body is wrapped in blue light which then connects to the attendants behind him.
The attendants let out voices of agony.

That light also extends toward the main engine of the airship, absorbing an enormous amount of mana.

"Unlimited Range (Anywhere no matter how far)."

Once again, blue light wraps Hero Yuuki and holy sword Laevateinn that he holds up high.
Hero Yuuki can't be stopped even by the now slowly gliding airship.

"Romantic Explosion (Glory along with my name)."

Third blue light wraps around Hero Yuuki.
It's an intense flame-like light.

The attendants behind Hero Yuuki have fallen down on the deck.

"<<INCINERATE>> Laevateinn!"

A red flame blowing up toward the sky rises from the holy sword Laevateinn once he read aloud its holy verse.
Red and blue flames combine together into an abominable purple flame that scorches heavens.


With the swing of the sword, the purple explosive flame violently rushes forward.
That flame swallow the Land King's body that was far outside the normal range in the distance, sinking it into the depth of hellfire.

"Kukukuku, I'm strong. My magic blow away even mythical monsters."

While illuminated by the burning light of red and blue flame, Hero Yuuki is laughing out loudly on his knee as he clings to his holy sword on the deck.
Light of ecstasy dwells in his languid sunk eyes.

Perhaps, the spellcaster that had turned Land King into an undead was inexperienced as the Undead Land King's defensive power and health were far below its living state's, yet it was still a monster that couldn't be defeated by ordinary magic.
The firepower of the flame the Hero unleashed just now probably surpasses even the forbidden spell of flame magic, [<<White Inferno>>].

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"His desires for acknowledgment might be a bit stronger than others, but well, he's generally a good kid. His tendency to get hasty is not unlike Meiko, but I'm sure it can be fixed so long others care for it."

Ringrande didn't say out loud whom did she compare him to, but everyone here seemingly correctly guessed who it was.

"Initially he went around randomly spewing flames everywhere like a pyromaniac, but once we put him with some reliable attendants, he's gotten a better."

Satou thought that Hero Seigi also had some dependable attendants with him.

"I'm not that well acquainted with the last hero, Fuu."
"I remember him being a shy kid who couldn't hold conversations well."

Hero Fuu has trouble communicating, Satou made a mental note.

"His ability was of scouting type, yet for some reason, he tried really hard to learn magic didn't he?"
"Yes, his aptitudes for elemental magic were apparently not good, but he is skilled in Sou--Summoning magic."

Satou noticed that Maryest was going to say [Soul Magic] and corrected herself, but he wasn't going to pursue it further.


"Kehya, kehya kehya kehya."

Laughing like convulsing in a dim temple-like place, was the [Hero of Parion] Fuu who should not be in such a place.

"Our regal familiars, Vampire Knights, have no equal!"

Before Hero Fuu's line of sight are Vampire Knights who are fighting without baring anything as if to brag their beautiful bodies.
They're fighting monsters summoned by Hero Fuu.

Even though he's alone here, he seems to have the habit to refer himself with 'we' and 'our'.
The way he could suddenly scream out loud in between his usual blurred voice is probably another habit of Hero Fuu.

"Our level went up once again. And now, recycle of dead monsters--"

Hero Fuu stares at the corpses suspiciously, then the corpses get revived into undeads.
It must be the work of Soul Magic [Animate Undead] cast without a chant.

"--Second Round. Go vanquish them again."

As ordered, the Vampire Knights jump on the monsters that were revived as undeads.

"One platoon of level 50 Vampire Knights should be done by today's end after another 100 sets."

While muttering to himself, Hero Fuu summoned more monsters and offered their neck on the Vampire Knights.

"We will raise our level once a platoon of level 50 Vampire Knight is complete."

A bracelet made from Blue Crystal is equipped on the kehya kehya-ing Hero Fuu.

"We have plenty of mana so long this bracelet is on us."

It's a terminal device bracelet for City Core that originally shouldn't have fallen onto a hero's hand.

"Half of the vast amount of Saga Empire's mana is for us to freely use at will."

Hero Fuu made a complacent smile and then muttered to himself, "We will create an invincible army."

"Fuu-han, you there?"

Hero Fuu's heart almost jumped out of his mouth when he heard someone's voice from an empty space.


Hero Fuu was relieved when he turned around and saw a familiar face.

"Oh it's you."

Hero Fuu muttered very quietly.
He timidly looks up at the other party.

"Another day, 'nother zombie paradise here, I see."
"D-D-Do not get it wrong! They're un-undeads, not zombie."

He gets so enraged, it's like he's a different person.
Hero Fuu's boiling point seems to be unexpectedly low.

"Oh scary, scary. Calm down, 'k."

To Hero Fuu, this someone with fake Kansai dialect looks like he's provoking him instead.

"A-a-as long you understand."
"I'm here to fetch another pots or dozen of Vampire Mosquitos."

This someone went for the big earthenware pots lined up at the corner of the room after amusingly watching Hero Fuu who was putting up a bravado.

"D-do as you like."
"What's this? There's only, like, three pots here."
"I-is it not enough? B-but three should be plentiful isn't it? Dunno if you're using it as an ingredient for magic potion or something--"

Hero Fuu said so like he was complaining to the guy for obstructing his quest to level up.

"Whaddya say?"

Hero Fuu retreated back with a pale face from the deep voice.

"Achaa, I was just checkin' cos' I didn't hear ya the first time, see. Don't get cold feet on me now."
"I-I did not."

Hero Fuu tried to bluff as best as he could while trembling, but it didn't work on the opponent as he waved his fluttering hands.

"Riight. Please prepare a dozen pots by next week, 'k. An epidemic is spreading at the western part of the continent, ya see. Can neva' get enough of medicines."
"I-I got it. I'll make them."
"Pleasee. You can use as much mana as you want, but be careful 'bout the cracks on Yuika-chan's barrier when yer' circulating mana, yea. You gotta make sure to hold back cause it's an old barrier."
"N-no need to remind me, that again."

Hero Fuu begrudgingly nodded while whispering "Who the heck even is Yuika" inside his mouth.

"Well then, keep at it, yea."

The guy disappeared in thin air like when he first came.

"...Damn fake Kansai dialect."

Hero Fuu mouthed the guy off the moment he was sure the guy had been gone for good.

Hero Fuu's back is drenched in sweat.
Even for Hero Fuu who excels in scouting--or to be more exact, assassination, it was someone whom he could not take lightly of.


"--I think that should cover it?"

Ringrande gave her confirmation to Maryest.

"Well, they can be quite immature, but they're all good kids."

Ringrande closed the topic with that.

"By the way, just the other day, Arisa who was together with Mito-sama and Sistina-dono came here and bragged about the new dresses they get you to commission for them--"

Satou thought, "That's unusual even for Arisa."

"My apologies, she's still a kid after all."
"Ufufu, I don't mind about such things. Their dresses were so wonderful, it made me long for one myself."

Maryest looks up at Satou with a smile full of implications.

"Then, I shall ask Arisa to place an order for Maryest-sama's dress too."

Sera tried to cut in Satou who easily made the promise without thinking, but she kept her silent when Satou asked her back, "Is there anything wrong?"
It appears that Sera doesn't intend to poke the bush herself.

"Oh my, sorry to make it look like I'm imposing on you."
"Satou. Just Mary?"

Sera stood up from her seat to hear her elder sister's joke.

"What's the matter Sera? Are you going to leave me out, just me?"

When Ringrande whispered, "Left all alone, I might just blurt out something out of loneliness", Sera went completely silent.

"Can I? Satou."
"Of course, Ringrande-sama will get hers too."

Satou willingly consented to Ringrande who took the opportunity to demand for one.

"Oh my? Are you sure?"
"Yes. Please think of it as an apology for the trouble Arisa and the others have caused, I haven't showed you my appreciations for the info this time either."
"Was such little info good enough?"

Satou affirmed, "But of course", to reply the giggling Maryest.

"I shall look forward to it with anticipation."
"Me too, I can't wait."

Looking at the two's smiles, Satou thought an off-the-mark impression to himself, "Were the dresses look that good?"
It was not until later that he realized the meaning of their words--.

"I'm back~, I've gone and asked Sete about it."
"Thank you Mito. You're a great help."

Hikaru who had even gone to the king (Sete) and the prime minister in her investigation got back before Satou and Sera who were relaxing at the Solitary Island Palace.

"Apparently they're treating Hero Seigi like a patrol plane."
"Is he like a wide-range detector for demons?"
"Yup, something like that. And once he found a demon, Hero Yuuki would be deployed and then demolish it from afar."

The info from Shiga Kingdom's intelligence division is similar to the one Satou heard from Maryest, but there are some differences due to the difference in their positions.

"But since Hero Yuuki's range is pretty expansive, cities and the populaces often suffer collateral damage whenever he does it near a city, so he's not really liked."

Maryest said that Yuuki has improved, but according to the intelligence division's info, even Saga Empire is at their wit's end dealing with him.

"Hero Meiko is said to be visiting countries that suffered damages by monsters, but in reality it seems like she's been making troubles at the places she's visiting."

She challenged strong knights and warriors whenever she went, and beat them all to a pulp.

"And this time she's going to Dragg Kingdom probably cause she wants to challenge the Guardian Dragon of the kingdom, don't you think?"

Satou smiled wryly while saying, "That's so like that battle junkie Meiko."

"Hero Fuu is apparently shutting himself in the Imperial Capital, so not much info about him. Unlike with the other heroes, apparently he went to Hero Dungeon once, got frightened, and refused to go back."
"Oh that's plenty already."

It's okay as long as he's harmless, said Satou to Mito.

"For the time being, could you continue gathering info involving heroes?"
"Un, I think that's a good idea. Also, I'm going to tell Sete to ask Saga Empire to hold the rein tighter on Hero Yuuki."
"Yeah, I'm counting on you."

Mito seemed happy to have Satou depending on her, she left after replying, "Leave it to me!"
Zena who passed by her as she entered the room went to Satou while finding the frolic Mito unusual.

"Satou-san, the airship has arrived at Pier Rock."
"Ah thanks. Zena-san."

Satou stands up once he hears that.

"Satou-san, who will be going with you this time?"
"This one seems like it will get dangerous, so I'll take only Liza with me. She should be able to deal with any situation after all."

Jealousy welled up from within Zena and Sera at Liza who got Satou's stamp of approval, but recalling that Liza doesn't harbor feelings toward the opposite sex on Satou, they extinguished their jealousy.

"Zena-san, sorry but could you call Liza here? I think she's testing the flight exoskeleton while sparring with Heiron in the desert sub-space."
"I understand."

Tasked by Satou, Zena heads toward the desert sub-space gate.

"Now then, I'm heading off. I'll try to finish the trial by today."

Satou turns around as he prepares to leave after saying that to Sera who's left alone in the living room.

"Satou-san, please don't let your guard down. God Zaikuon is often considered a foolish god who didn't know his own limit and went on to challenge the dragon god, however, I don't think an existence like god would take actions without thinking the consequences."

Satou stops in his track and turns around at the unexpected words from Sera.

"In other words, the act of picking a reckless fight itself may have meaning?"
"Yes, I know not what that is, but perhaps there was some kind of merit for God Zaikuon to embrace death once."
"Got it. I'll keep Sera's warning on my mind as I face God Zaikuon."

Satou went through the gate connected to the airship after saying that to the anxious Sera.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Break the Wall in Your Way


I noticed something a bit odd when I woke up. There's some kind of presences outside the wall.
I silently get close to the wall and put my ear on it.

"Weird. It's been three days since the target entered the dungeon. If everything went well, we should have bumped into him by now."

"Fumu. He was acting alone after all, maybe he got done in along the way?"

"Nah, the guy's said to have a tamed monster with him. I don't think he'd go down that easily. Maybe he's already ahead of us even."

"So, what are we gonna do. The target is only a 15 year old kid, we can't exactly go back empty handed now, can we?"

Looks like there's four of them. Three men, one woman. From the tamed monster part, they're most likely coming for me. They're probably planning a stakeout before the boss room here. Never in their wildest dream that their target was already hiding himself here. Now then, what I'd do depend on what they'd do.

"Jamito-sama said it's ok to give the boy a good shaking. Naina, how 'bout we keep a lookout on him here?"

"Let's see, we were rushing here without resting, so that might be a good idea."

"Then we should get ready, Waina. Well, it's just the same as always though. Gramp Kakkuriko, are your waist all right?"

"Sigh, getting old sure is tough. Been awhile since I last stayed inside a dungeon."

OK, got their confession. That Jamito guy sure acts fast, I expect nothing less from a big merchant. I'd love to strike first and end it quick, but they're humans and of the same trade as me. If I don't do this right, I'll be the one at a disadvantage instead.
I should look over again what hands and magic I can play here.

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"Phew, I'm stuffed. Now time to decide on the shift and get some rest... Wha, oy. The hell yer' sleepin' before me."

"Sorry Waina, looks like the fatigue caught up to me. I'll change with you later, Jelind, you go firss~"


"Dammit, I'm getting real sleepy too. Weird, why am I so drows... Gusupii."

Behind the four adventurers who're sleeping like a log, a wall disappeared.

Alright, it went well.
For this, I used fine powder from the first of poisonous mushroom series, 『Sleepshroom』. I opened a vent and scattered the fine powder outside using wind magic. The result is just as you can see.
Now then, gotta get these guys...

I put magic on each of them. It's a modified version of dark magic's Curse. Curse, just like the name suggest, is a curse magic, I've weakened its binding force to turn into into a a kind of pledge magic. It's a one-sided pledge though! Truly barbaric indeed. Well, I'm not capable of giving extreme orders though.

By this magic, if any of them attempts to cause harm to us, they would feel like they're trying to harm each of their most important person or thing. With this, they would falter even for an instant when it came down to it. Looking at their Status, their States are shown as Healthy. Aw yeah, just as I guessed, Curses don't get displayed on it.

You've got to go the extra mile it can't be traced back, this is important.

By the way, I asked Master to be a guinea pig of this magic, it made him to be reminded of his late wife when he saw me, prompting him to hug me with all his strength. With Master's crazy strength! I thought my spine was breaking that time.

I can't bring myself to kill these four, so I'm leaving them inside a stone wall-made room that'd disappear in six hours. They'll sleep for two hours, so please enjoy getting locked in for the remaining four hours. I ain't gonna take responsibility if you contracted claustrophobia 'k.

I should beat the boss in the meantime.

Apparently, Floor Boos exists on every five floor of a dungeon. However, what will spawn out is randomized, those with bad luck sometimes encounter monsters that normally don't appear on shallow floor. Alas, with what I said just now, felt like I just set myself a flag.

I buff myself with magic and step inside the boss room. I've confirmed by sight that the entrance is now covered in red haze, I can no longer escape. Now then, wonder what's gonna show up.

Orc Shielder Lv22
HP:180/180 MP:48/48
A big pig faced monster. Even though it can't move quickly, its strength is enormous, each of its hit is dangerous.
Like Goblins, Orcs breed by impregnating female of other races, so they are extremely shunned. Shielder is a class that only special orcs can become, they host relatively upper class ability.

Knew it---. Its infamy is authentic, mom. Outwardly it looks exactly like Ha*-sama though... Bet it's gonna swing around some lethal blunt instrument anytime now.

I won't get anywhere complaining, so I unsheathe Lunar Cat and observe the orc's movements. Tama-chan is on the lookout slightly away from me. I instructed Tama-chan to move on her own judgment while I looked at the orc.
On the opposite side, the Orc Shielder is observing us after taking some kind of martial-art stance.
We're squaring off for a while but it doesn't seem like the orc is gonna make a move. To begin with, it's called Shielder yet doesn't even carry a shield. Creepy.

Nothing will come out of this stand-off, I'll take the first move.

"<<Icicle Bullet>>!"

The instant I cast the magic, a huge ice bullet appeared at the tip of my finger and shot out toward the Orc Shielder at high speed.


However, it was erased midair before it could even reach the Orc Shielder.

"<<Icicle Magnum>>"

A sharper spinning bullet bigger than the one before shot out toward the Orc Shielder, but it too disappeared midair.
I saw that they both disappeared at exactly the same place. Shielder... You mean it's more like a barrier!?
Then how about physical attacks. I take out an iron spear and throw it with all my might.


Since my Throwing skill has leveled up, its force has also increased by one rank.
Something like barrier should be broken if it's hit by a force stronger than it! I mean even that certain lab gets constantly cracked. Break like a cracking rice cracker would!


With a high-pitched noise, the spear was repelled and fell down slightly away. Looking closer, the spear's tip is chipped. Is the barrier itself has a repelling force on it or something?
It might be bad for me if I carelessly shot out a big move and it got reflected back on me. Ok, what to do now.
How about Lunar Cat, it will restore itself immediately even if it's chipped, wonder if the barrier will hit its limit if I keep slashing at it?

I immediately act on it after thinking so. From Attack Form, I run toward the location where the spear was repelled earlier.
I swung down Lunar Cat with all my might, the blade felt like it hit something really hard and got repelled back with a high pitched noise. What I learned from hitting it myself was that there were some kind of vibrations transmitted to me, my hand that was holding Lunar Cat felt numb.
I kept at it and tried to slash upward, but that was when the Orc Shielder made its move. It thrust up its palm from below, something invisible shot out of it, and turned into a shockwave that blew my abdomen.


What!? I took some distance away while enduring a pain that felt like it was from a body blow. Apparently, its invisible attack can't reach that far. But, that hit just passed through my Stone Skin.
Analyzing while healing myself, perhaps it made use barrier-like force as a mean to attack? My inside felt like it was getting rocked. I figure that Orc Shielder most likely cannot unleash that attack without taking that stance. I should be able to resume my attack as long as I watch out for it.
Very well, let's resume then!

My side slash was blocked by something invisible too. However, I put more strength into both my arms to push through it this time.


It sounded like something got scraped off. Looking closely, Lunar Cat's blade has many chips that are gradually getting restored on it.
Orc Shielder whose face was looking composed up until just now is glaring at me loathfully. And then it tried to thrust out its palm to redo the attack earlier.
I match its movements and dodge the attack. Per my calculation, I got away from that palm-attack trajectory as it missed me. It seems to be a technique to shoot out its barrier upward from its palm.
I continue to slash at the barrier while watching out for the palm attacks.

After many slashes, the resistance feels weaker than before. Would it get completely shaved down if I kept this up?

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Strongest Sage, Getting Tailed


A few hours after we departed the first checkpoint.
We arrived at the second checkpoint.

『How is it? Think there's a demon here?』

『Nah, every one of them is a human... There's some slightly suspicious response beneath the ground though.』

『Suspicious response?』

『Yea. They're undoubtedly humans, but they have body reinforcement magic tools equipped on them. Stuff that couldn't have possibly been made with chant magic.』

Of course, if there were someone who could use chantless magic besides us, these magic tools could possibly have been created by that someone.
I saw myself how Giruas developed his own version of chantless magic and fought using it.

However... These magic tools are too refined.
They're not really something special in the past era, but body reinforcement magic tools aren't something a self-taught amateur could just randomly make.

...Probably a good idea not to beat myself over the source of these magic tools.

『Wait, so you're saying there's magic tools for body reinforcement... Would we get stronger in fight if we used one?』

『You'd better not. All the minute adjustments are too complicated, and when they're changed, it makes fighting harder. It has its use if you want to bulldoze through things with brute force, but the load on your body is high.』

Judging from the mana reaction, the magic tools equipped on the people underground are the type that bulldoze things through brute force.
Most likely with a severe side effect.

『From what the code in this board said, we have no choice but to pass through this checkpoint, don't we...?』

『Yea. That's a good idea... Don't worry. We will simply attack back if they try to pull a fast one on us.』

I probe mana reaction on the checkpoint once again.
Yup. They're all spectacularly small fry. No demon either.
At this level, Iris alone can take them all.

As a matter of fact, I've already figured out a short cut that won't be found out by checkpoints, but we're not gonna use it.
We should go with the flow if it doesn't alert the other party, yet on the other hand, finding out whether Folkia Territory is hostile towards us or not is better for us.

The move we're taking when we enter the city will differ depending on that knowledge.
After all, if Folkia Territory turns out to be an ally of demons, we must not apply for permission to enter Eteris Steppe.

They'd know our destination if we did.
The demons probably have no idea what's in Eteris Steppe, but that still won't stop them from bolstering the defense there.

While thinking and walking on the road, we're stopped by a guard, similar with the first checkpoint.

"Halt. Show me your pass."

It'd be nice if we could smoothly pass through this one too...
We show him our passes while thinking so.

"...This is..."

The guard slid our passes through a machine.
And then he tells us.

"Sorry, it's gonna take half a day to ask for the approval. You'll have to wait here till then."

"...Got it."

Looks like it won't go like the first checkpoint.
Well, it's only half a day anyway, might as well wait.
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『I wonder where they're getting the approval from? It doesn't look like they're doing anything resembling that though...』

At a place slightly apart from the checkpoint, Ruli asked me.
...Looks like she was attentive enough.

『You noticed huh. They're probably not asking for approval or anything.』

『...Then what is it about?』

『They're stalling for time. When our passes were slid through the machine, mana that resembled comm magic was emitted out of it. It probably takes half a day for the people at the receiving end of the magic to finish their preparations.』

『Receiving end... Who?』

『Ah. If the territory lord is our enemy, it's probably their underlings disguised as bandits or something along the line. Some demons might even pop up depending on the situation.』

『Disguised as bandits... You mean they're going to raid us?』

『Yea. The missing people that Giruas mentioned were probably their victims.』

Giruas said that there were a lot of adventurers that went missing near Folkia.
If they're really getting attacked by fake bandits, it explains a lot.

Ordinarily, they don't have any reason to attack adventurers who came to the territory... but the term 『Ordinary』 does not apply to people who employ magic tools demons made.

『What should we do if we get attacked?』

『We'll just turn the tables on them. While pretending not to notice anything.』

A few hours later.
They finally 『Got the Approval』 and we were allowed to pass the checkpoint.

『I guess we're gonna meet some bandits soon?』

Alma asked me after we were far away from the checkpoint.

『I'm not sure if it's going to be bandits, but something is definitely there... Look.』

I deciphered the pass content and showed it to the two.
『Warning. High rank adventurers. Deploy B-class Disposal.』
There were codes written inside the passes.

『B-class Disposal...?』

『Yea. I'm not sure what that means, but it's definitely not good... I mean,We've got ourselves some guests tailing us already after all.』

I look far away.
Some place away from us, someone is tailing us.

The other party is relatively skilled at it, but even though their figure is hidden from sight, their mana response is completely bare laid open.
Behind the pursuer, there's around 30 bandits... or, people disguised as bandits, lurking.
Judging from the mana reaction, all of them have been equipped with physical reinforcement magic tools.

Now then... Where to begin.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-43

16-43. The Four Heroes (1)


※This is not from Satou's perspective. Third person point of view.

"Oh my? I thought it was unusual for Sera to ask me a favor, so it was your doing?"

At the room in the royal castle's villa given to Saga Empire's imperial princess Maryest, as her friend, the [Skyshredding Witch] Ringrande greeted the guests.

"My apologies if it looks like I'm sneaking on you."
"Satou-san, there is no need to apologize. I have no doubt that Ane-sama had noticed it the moment I asked to meet her."

Beside the apologizing [Demon Lord Slayer] Earl Satou Pendragon, [Oracle Miko] of Tenion Temple and also the little sister of Ringrande spoke out in irritation.
Sera's complex towards her older sister is as strong as always.

"And so Satou, since you want to meet Mary, that means you've made up your mind to marry me and Mary?"

Before Satou could finish, Sera strongly denied her elder sister's joke.

Ringrande doesn't look offended at all by her little sister's attitudes, or rather she looks so unfeelingly unperturbed. That is in order to irritate Sera.
In truth, Ringrande's inner thought was filled with, "Jealous Sera is soo cute."

"So, Earl Pendragon, did you need me for something?"

Maryest who was watching the sisterly fight with a tired look asked Satou to move the conversation forward.

"I'd like to inquire you about the heroes who were summoned  here after Hayato-sama went home."
"Is that so important that you, who should have been out at the western part of the continent, came back here to ask me about it?"

Princess Maryest asked back as if she was probing Satou's true intention.

"Yes, I ran into Hero Seigi-dono in one of the countries I visited and heard about the other heroes from him, thus I couldn't help but wanting to inquire Maryest-sama about them."
"Did you not ask Seigi-dono?"
"Of course I did, but his information was a bit too subjective..."
"Well, I guess it would. What about his attendants?"
"It appears that they were cautions against me."

Satou scratches his head bashfully.
When he makes these gestures, he looks his age unlike his usual adult atmosphere, so Princess Maryest thought.

"I have my duty as a princess of Saga Empire. Are you aware of that?"
"Yes of course, I am. I wouldn't ask things like their Unique Skills or such. I merely wanted to hear what Maryest-sama thinks about their personality each and your impression on them."

Princess Maryest contemplates for a bit after hearing Satou's reply.

"Very well. It's a request by someone who might become my future husband after all. If you are fine with only info that won't put Saga Empire in disadvantages, I don't mind telling you."
"Thank you very much, Maryest-sama."

Princess Maryest offers Satou a seat.
While leaving the two sisters who are still quarrelling standing.

"What would you like to know?"
"Then let's start from your impression about the heroes."
"That's quite a vague question. Well, all right."

Maryest crosses her nicely shaped legs.
Unfortunately, there is no one in this room who could admire the beauty of her ankle.

"My impressions on the four heroes is that their immatureness really shows due to their young age, but generally they are『Existences that love justice』."

Her remark is seemingly unexpected to Satou as he stares at Princess Maryest's eyes as if probing her.
Sera who was quarrelling with her elder sister was seemingly alarmed by that as she left her sister and sat down next to Satou.
She's getting unusually close to him, but Satou himself doesn't seem to notice that.

"You don't believe it?"
"No, the hero whom I met, Seigi, was a boy that exactly fits Maryest-sama's description."

Princess Maryest burst into laughter at Satou's serious response.
She probably found it funny that he said that like an adult would even though the two of them are only around two years apart.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mock Sir Pendragon."

Princess Maryest quickly apologized at Sera who was growing angry.

"Did you know that there were four heroes who were summoned this time?"
"Yes, apparently it was a group summoning or something along that line."

Satou affirmed Princess Maryest's question.

"So you knew. Group summoning is quite an extraordinary phenomenon, but there were records about it in the past. In most cases, there's only one hero while the other people are merely innocent bystanders, but the summoning this time was unusual in that all four were heroes."
"There was one who didn't act like a hero at all though."
"Rin, the person in question is yet an adult. Even that Hayato was a little kid with flippant attitudes when he was first summoned."

Princess Maryest should have been as young as Hero Hayato was when he was summoned, but Satou didn't point that out and quietly listened to her reminiscence.
Before long, she was done with it and went back to the topic.

"I'm sorry, I made you listen to all these irrelevant stories--"
"No, it was quite an interesting topic."

Satou replied the apologizing Princess Maryest without looking like he was offended at all.

"The first one, Hero Meiko. You have met her before yourself haven't you? As you might know, she's a problem child. Her combat aptitude is very high despite growing up in a peaceful country. Her initial level was high too. I can assert that she was stronger than Hayato was when they were first summoned."

Satou carefully listens to Princess Maryest.


Let's turn back the time a bit--when the Gods' Divine Punishment had just started.

"--I can't believe the 『Northern End Magic Beast』 sealed by the hero hundreds years ago has been revived!"
"Quit yappin' and prepare for defense! Fortress-Eating Elephant is gonna cross that mountain soon!"
"So even the Mountain Wall of the First Emperor that could prevent Great Monstrous Fish (Tovekezeera)'s invasion is meaningless against the Fortress-Eating Elephant..."

At one of the fortress protecting the city at Saga Empire's northern outskirts, a young officer was yelled at for his grumbling.
The defiant young officer's line of sight was fixed at the towering mountain range to the north.

"Your excellency General, Great Monstrous Fish (Tovekezeera) from the northern sea won't invade through the barrier the Fortress-Eating Elephant broke through, will they?"
"No need to fret, was it Third Princess Porikest? That person has gone on her way to restore the barrier, leading a magic division. Nothing to worry about if we leave it to the Witch of Ice, said to rival the attendant of previous Hero, Princess Maryest."

The general heartily nods while stroking his white beard.

Before long, a ripple of light that looks like an aurora appears above the mountain range and settles down.

"Here it is..."
"It appears that her royal highness succeeded in restoring the barrier."
"Yea, it'd be real helpful if she killed the beast while she was at it tho'..."
"There's a legend saying that Fortress-Eating Elephant is protected by a sturdy rock body and powerful magic walls. Not even her royal highness could hope to defeat such a thing by herself."

The General gazes at a black haired girl standing upright on top of a rampant tower.

"Unless they're a hero, huh?"

The staff officers nodded at the general while looking worried at their trust in the being called hero and the young girl Meiko.
While no one denied his words, the Fortress-Eating Elephant showed up from beyond the mountain, broke through the defense line of Saga Empire and approached the north city.

"--That's the Fortress-Eating Elephant huh."

The Fortress-Eating Elephant boasting rocks as its outer skin is advancing on while easily mowing down nine-meter class golems left and right.
Its outer skin is clad in glittering blue light, not unlike hero's armor.

"It's entering the firing range soon. The magicians and large magic artillery should fire their volley."

Advanced level fire and wind magic shot by royal court magicians dispatched from the Imperial Capital, and the large magic artillery cannons got dispersed once they got past the Fortress-Eating Elephant's magic walls.

"What's happening?"

The general had no way of knowing that the adamantite crystals on the Fortress-Eating Elephant's skin dispersed the already reduced power of the magic from its magic walls.

The seemingly unstoppable Fortress-Eating Elephant's advance came to a halt.

"It's the hero! Hero Meiko-sama is fightin'!"

Neither strikes from the elephant's trunk nor its blizzard breath could manage to graze Hero Meiko.
It's the power of her Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Agility (Never Get Hit)].

And by another power given by the God Parion, [Strongest Katana (Nothing cannot be cut)], she cut one of the Fortress-Eating Elephant's legs, however, the damage seemed to have been reduced due to the difference in sizes.

"W-what the hell is that?"

Hero Meiko took some distance away and began to shine blue.
And then the blue light is focused into her sword.


The scene observed by the general and the others is that of a huge blue sword slashing at the Fortress-Eating Elephant, dealing massive damage.
Hero Meiko didn't manage to cut it in two, but she continued to slash at it without stopping, and eventually defeated the Fortress-Eating Elephant.

"So this is the powers of heroes..."
"Previous hero Hayato-sama was quite powerful himself, but I do not think Hero Meiko-dono is in any way inferior. Saga Empire will stay peaceful so long as we have Heroes-sama bestowed by God Parion on our side."

The general's words were mixed among the cheers for hero.
As he watched Hero Meiko who fainted from overusing her powers getting nursed by her attendants.

Looks like she pushed herself too much.
This was right before she was given oracle that led her to the Weasel Empire.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"The part where she doesn't know her own limit is troubling, but I think Hero Meiko's powers are a cut above the rest."
"Unlike Hayato, she's the type that rushes through enemy one after another without stopping, perhaps the fact that there is no attendants that could keep up with her on the battlefield is the drawbacks here."

To compensate for such drawbacks, Lady Ringrande was temporarily enlisted in her campaign to the Weasel Empire.

"Rusus and Fifi would be perfect, but those two went and left Saga Empire before they could meet Hero Meiko."

Hero Hayato's attendants who left Saga Empire, Rusus and Fifi, are apparently going around the stormy countries on the western part of the continent.

"Would that sums it up for Hero Meiko?"
"Right. If you'd please tell me about Hero Seigi."

Princess Maryest sips the cup to quench her thirst.

"Hero Seigi isn't really suited for battle. If I had to say, I suppose he's a type that can only show his true worth by getting paired with Hero Meiko or Hero Yuuki, perhaps?"


It was about the time when Satou and the girls visited Sania Kingdom for the trial--

"Found it! There's a nest to the south-southwest. A huge group of underground monsters, numbering in four digits at least."
"That's a lot.... It's close by Sania Kingdom too, it's likely a nest of Sand Scorpions."

The civil official attendant made a guess from Hero Seigi's report while looking at the map.

His enemy search capability is as amazing as always, so the official thought.
Even a combination of high level wind and earth magicians can't detect this far.

"South-southwest, you mean around that sandstorm over there?"
"Sandstorm? I don't see any tho'?"
"Jema has a good sight after all. You should be able to see it too with Distant View."

The civil official attendant tells the bridge about the course through the speaking tube, to check Hero Seigi's investigation with their own eyes.

"You're amazing, Seigi. To think you found a nest of monsters hidden underground from this distance."
"Chellis, looks like Moryu has something to say."

Rabbitkin attendant, Jema, said so to the civil official attendant, Chellis.
Attendant Moryu who's wearing the royal court magician robe drops her hood even lower as she looks at the civil official attendant while behaving like a suspicious individual.

"What's the matter, Moryu?"
"Err, umm, i-it's nothing big, umm--"
"I don't mind even if it's nothing. Even if it's about how you think the desert sand has different color, or how the cloud looks like the bread we had this afternoon."

Even though she's hard to handle, civil official attendant fully trusts attendant Moryu's magical knowledge.

"T-the barrier, i-is, opened. O-other parts are tattered too, but there's one with a neatly made hole over there."

Attendant Moryu sorted out her report in her head while stammering as she gave it.

"Perhaps, someone has broken in? According to the legend, there should be a powerful monster sealed inside since the age of myth, the 『Land King』... Seigi, do you remember the presence of the Fortress-Eating Elephant that Hero Meiko killed before?"
"Yeah, I do, and?"
"Try looking for something stronger than that."
"Nothing like that y'know?"

She requests the hero Seigi who instantly talked back to, "give it another try" with a scary smile on her face.

"I-I got it--"

Blue light circulates on Hero Seigi's body.

"Hmm, there's really nothing--ah, wait. Something's there. It's like super hot spicy curry inside a retort pouch. I don't really get it, but it's probs super dangerous."
"I wonder if it's the sealed 『Land King』?"
"Chellis, report from the bridge, they saw a Sania Kingdom's sand ship behind a rock."

After thinking a bit, the civil official attendant came to a conclusion that it was probably a regular check by Sania Kingdom's personnels.

"We should not needlessly involve ourselves in Sania Kingdom's matter. Let's just report what Seigi found to Sania Kingdom."
"Eeh, we're not gonna kill it? I can beat it with the 『Sword of Condemnation (Justice Wins)』 I got from Parion, I tell you. Let's farm some exp, c'mon."

Ever since he defeated a mid-class demon in a single blow, Hero Seigi has developed a tendency to overestimate his Unique Skill.

"That might be a good idea if there is only one enemy and without Sania Kingdom's people around, but the location is not ideal."

And even before that, the civil official attendant figured that hero Seigi alone probably couldn't win against a legendary class monster from the age of myth.

"Lots of Sand Scorpions have positioned themselves around it too."
"Yes, Hero Meiko and Hero Yuuki should be able to handle them, but it's impossible for Seigi."
"You saying I'm weaker than those two?"

Hero Seigi pouted to hear the attendants' talk.

"You've got it mistaken. It's a matter of compatibility."

The civil official made a follow up.

"I'm sure that Seigi can beat a powerful enemy easier than Hero Yuuki would if it's alone. However, there is too many of them in this case."

The civil official attendant was correct not to mention Hero Meiko here.

"Let us ask Hero Yuuki to deal with the Land King and also the monster clean-up while he's at it."

The civil official attendant doesn't think that Hero Yuuki could defeat the legendary class monster though he should be able to handle the small fry.
Hero Yuuki would probably fail, and then the four heroes would be forced to combine their powers.

By the civil official attendant's calculations, Seigi who's not good at fighting should start groping for a way to profit from something without doing much.

"Boo, it's always about Yuuki."
"Seigi, your powers aren't for defeating small fry. Yours is for the sake of exterminating demon lords."

She tightly hugs the complaining hero Seigi to make him waver.
As a youth in puberty with no experience about women, he absolutely has no way to resist the softness.


"Well, the guy can't read the mood and all, but he was the most helpful hero during the Divine Punishment uproar."

Thanks to him, they didn't have to dispatch scouts too far in dangerous missions, and since they could pin down the exact force needed to stop a stampede, they were able to efficiently deploy neither too many nor too few troops.

"Yuuki is also unusual for a hero, though not as much as Seigi."
"Yes, he's a magician type hero."

When Lady Ringrande and Princess Maryest were about to talk about the third hero, maids bringing in trays that let out sweet scent came into the room.

"They're presents from Sir Pendragon."

The maids set up tea and sweets on the table after Princess Maryest's personal maid said so.

"It's sweets especially made by Satou and all. Let's talk about heroes after having a taste."
"My? Didn't onee-sama like liquor more than sweets?"

Sera made a sarcastic remark at the humming Lady Ringrande.

"Sweets that Satou brought aren't like those all-about-sweet confectionery, I love it you know?"

Lady Ringrande teased her little sister by putting a meaningful intonation on the 'love' part.

"With all these sweets, it would feel too dull to only talk about the immature heroes. We have this occasion after all, would you be willing to tell us the story about Sera-dono's and Sir Pendragon's beginning of love?"

Seeking for more sweet stories, princess Maryest who had stuffed her mouth with a spoonful of cake brought up the subject about Sera and Satou.
Behind his calm face supported by Poker Face skill, Satou is gearing up his gray brain cells to get him out of this predicament.

However, the excited eyes of three people informed him that there was no escaping this.

※ Next update is planned for 4/22

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Don't Think, Feel… Sometimes That Won't Work




With a single stroke by Lunar Cat, the goblin was cut in two and fell down.

Presently, I'm progressing through dungeon 5F. While exterminating every enemy I came across to. Truly <<Search and Destroy>>!
Levels of the Classes I set, Fighter and Otherworlder, have gone up by two too.

However, it's still not enough.
I also experimented trying to develop a magic to neutralize a group of people at a range, but it's not going well. One of the magic that I hadn't used since I learned it, Graviton, was comparatively usable, but everything within its range with me at the center gets swallowed up in it. I'd like to make the magic only target people I specified, but this is hard too.
Since it's not something that can be finished shortly, currently I'm experimenting a lot.

And there's lots of goblins on this 5F. It sure is depressing to only ever see goblins everywhere. They can be tough as they're coming at me with weapons such as swords, arrows and other stuff. Some of those are even smeared with poison, pesky little. And yet, their weapons always disappear with them so it never ends. Are those treated as parts of their body or something?

I've got no choice but treat this as a training in group battles. I wipe off the bodily fluid on Lunar Cat and progress deeper.

It's been two days since I'm staying here.
No problem with food supply as I've brought 10 days worth with me and I've also got lotsa meat from exterminating several Louiv Pig along the way. I've also modified Light Arrow to circle in one place in order to fulfill Tama-chan's need of light source.

Tama-chan's level has been going up steadily too. She's level 26 now. She ain't comparable to yer' average Moss-ball, yea. She's been beating down goblins alongside me.

I've gotten quite a bit of Soul Stones. Nothing else besides those though... Oy, goblins. Gimme your weapons at least!
I take another step forward toward the boss room while feeling like a mountain bandit as I exterminate the enemy. The goblins here have average level of around 12. They tend to come in groups, though not as many as the ants, there's no end to them spawning no matter how many I beat. This wave tactic is what becomes the first gate to success for parties of adventurers. That's right, this floor is normally braved by a party of 4-6 adventurers of average levels.

Oops, no time to get lost in thought. Around 10 goblins are lurking at the end of this spacious passage. Guess they're a barrier before the boss room. It'd be easy to annihilate them all with magic, but I'll take care of them in a close quarter combat. Realizing how unreasonable I am being, I clad Lunar Cat with thick mana and charge in.


I block the incoming hatchet with mana clad gauntlet, and cut the goblin's body with the Lunar Cat in my other hand. I caught another goblin and used it to shield me from the incoming arrows. Then I threw the shrieking goblin in my hand at the Goblin Archer that was readying its bow.


The two goblins fell down grandly from the heavy crash.
Right as I confirmed that, two goblins were coming at me from behind. I cut the Goblin Fighter that was bending itself. While the Goblin Swordsman that was going to swing its sword from above got knocked away by a green object. The goblin flew in the air by the momentum of that force. Good job, Tama-chan.
I cut the mid-air goblin into two, made a somersault back and put the finishing thrust on the other goblin below.
Then I took two iron spears from the pouch on my waist, designed to be easy to reach, and threw them at the two goblins that were still laying on the ground. The spears that flew like a ballista shot pierced and skewered the two goblins.
Six remaining. Four vanguards, two rear guards. Their formation is like that of an adventurer party.
First, I use throwing knifes as a diversion for the rear guards. Reacting to that, the four vanguards made their move. Judging from their weapons, they're Fighter, Grappler, Thief and Lancer huh. Tama-chan, slip pass them and take care of the ones in the back okay.

『All in accordance to your wish, Master. Leave it ta' me.』

That's what I felt she said. Yup, not gonna retort anymore.

Then the vanguard goblins formed a straight line and charged at us. You think you're three black stars or something! When the leading lancer thrust its lance, the thief jumped out at the same time.
I step on the lancer to go upward, and punch down the thief's face with all my might with my left fist. The thief seemingly never imagined that I would jump up using the lancer as a stool, it didn't even manage to swing the knife in its hand as it got knocked away toward the fighter behind it. The fighter that should have been their next ammo couldn't do anything but crashed with the thief.
I myself threw a yakuza kick at the dumbfounded grappler, sending it flying. Then I cut the fallen two goblins into two and continue toward the lancer. The remaining lancer
was staggering since I used its head as a stool, but it readied its lance even while looking shaken by its friends' demise, and made a charge. I calmly made use of the goblin's momentum with Counter Form and lop its head off.

Only the Grappler remains.

I sheathe my katana and grasp my gauntlet. The grappler has seemingly given up running away as it makes a reckless rush toward me. When I blocked the claw in its hand with my gauntlet, it tried to push the claw down my gauntlet. However, I nullified it by straddling with all my might, exposing the grappler's wide open instead.


Thanks to my training, I am now able to employ this technique momentously. One huge rock stake pierced the grappler, and it let out "Guruu" voice.



Next come the rock pile bunkers, driving out inside the goblin. Its body got torn off into two.

Now then, how about the rear guards? Peeking there, I see Tama-chan taking a victory pose, or rather she's bouncing around like trampling on their bodies.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Afterward, several more groups of goblis spawned. I think that's it for today. So I thought while picking up the fallen Soul Stones.
And then, I make preparations for our bed room at the end of a passage near the boss room.

"Stone Wall!"

With a thud, walls of stone were produced in the passage. Four of this make for one room. Of course, I've made sure to put an air hole above. It's a form of camp I've come up with in order to safely stay inside a dungeon.
The stone walls have been put with enough mana to persist until tomorrow morning, so there's no worry of getting raided. The thickness is around 50cm. Thanks to this, I've been able to sleep well. This is the answer I arrived at after desperately searching a way to cope with the huge problem of taking a rest alone.

Morning, I'm thinking about my future plans while having a largish portion breakfast and taking it easy. For now, I should focus on conquering 5F and reach level 20.

How am I staying in dungeon acts as a diversion, you ask.
First of all, they're focusing their attention on me since it's been revealed that I'm the one who made the ingredients. They will surely come after me once they know I'm staying in the dungeon. They have almost nothing to gain messing with the store, surely. If they're taking the rough way, it's easier to do it in a dungeon after all. And being in a dungeon, the opponents I have to be cautious with are only adventurers. There's also no need to worry about collateral damage inside a dungeon, so I can go all out with ranged magic.
Everything won't necessarily turn out like so because they're ultimately what I think might happen. It'd be nice if nothing happened.

And, I'm ashamed to admit this, but it's also so I won't drag Sefi-san down.
Frankly speaking, that person should be far stronger than I am. From the presence I felt from her at times, though not at the level of Master, she should be at least stronger than Eleanor-san. It should be a simple matter for Sefi-san to flee to the Adventurer Guild or Master's mansion if she's alone.

Discerning Magic Eye might be capable of seeing through status, but there's no guarantee that it's all correct. Even now it doesn't get one of Tama-chan's skills. And with level system around, there's a possibility of disguise after all. I don't get why Lamia Kin is shown either. I've been made fully aware that even though I can rely on Discerning Magic Eye, the information from it is not everything.

That said, I can't afford to stay here forever either.
Perhaps, I should ask for help from one of Sefi-san's noble clients? I immediately brushed off the thought. There is no guarantee for them to not be a second Jamito. A noble's lust of power might match that of Jamito after all.

It feels like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Won't a good idea please show up. For now, I should practice my magic while continuing to hunt goblins. It pains me to say, but I've gotten quite used to group battles thanks to those goblins.
I should heal my fatigue by lying in a bedding that would have been normally impossible in a dungeon. Good night, Tama-chan.

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