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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Strongest Sage, Hand Over Book


"Ok then, are you ready?"

Giruas drew out his sword as he said that.
However... We probably should at least establish the rule considering this is a test.

"What about the rule?"

"The fight is decided when either side gets knocked out or gives up. I won't use magic, but you aren't disallowed to yerself."

"...You won't use magic? Are you going easy on me?"

Giruas's mana reaction is definitely that of a magic fighter.
If he's not fighting with magic, there is no other explanation than him going easy.

There's no point in this match as a test if he fights like such, but...

"Yeah nah, I've never used magic in my life. This guy is the only thing I use."

Giruas took a stance with his sword.
He also activated body reinforcement magic right at the same time.

Yet... It doesn't seem like Giruas is telling a lie at all.
Or to be more precise, he has no intention to lie.

--I understand the source of the odd feelings I got now.

"...I see, he did it unconsciously huh."

It appears that Giruas is not aware that he's using magic.
He's simply controlling his inner mana through his senses and reinforces his body through that.

Of course, it's not possible for an ordinary human to use magic without being aware of it.
However, geniuses can be found every now and then.

"Unconsciously... What are you talking about? Meh whatever. Let's get it on already."

Giruas readied his sword.

I too drew mine out while checking the surroundings.
Several guild staff including the branch head have already positioned themselves around the training ground, observing us.

They're probably acting as the witnesses of this test.
I wonder if I should show a fight that's easy to digest for them.

"I'm ready. Come at me anytime."

"Gotcha, ya asked for it."

Giruas rushed up and thrust his sword at me.
His sword was buffed with a half-baked version of 『Toughening』 and 『Steel Slash』 as he thrust it.

I make a counter attack while parrying his sword to the wayside.
Frankly speaking, I could have ended the fight right here and now if I wanted to.

...And honestly, Giruas's way of fighting can't really be called that of magic fighter.
He's just fighting randomly while relying on his talent.
Alma is far better at technical level than him.

Well since Giruas never learned magic training in earnest, this should come as no surprise.
Rather I'm impressed that he could reach this level despite the fact he isn't even aware that he could use magic.

While thinking so, I swing my sword at Giruas, with just enough force not to end the match.
Seems like it took Giruas everything just to block the attack though... What surprises me is how he's quickly improvising mid battle.

This guy probably has never fought with someone stronger than him before.
After all, simply swinging a magically enhanced sword around would afford you victory unless the opponent is powerful.

And he used this opportunity of fighting someone that can't be beaten with brute force alone to learn how to fight against one such opponents.
Still, this is the first I've met someone who could improvise this quick.

"Oy, don't tell me, yer' holding back on me, aintcha?"

...I was being careful not to let him notice that, he's got good intuition.
Is this also thanks to his overwhelming talent that prevail over technique.

Trying to deceive this kind of opponents would net the opposite result.

"Yeah. I was... if you want to make me fight seriously, try doing it yourself first."

I kicked off a barrier I put mid-air and slashed at Giruas.
Giruas shouts out loud while guarding against my sword.

"...You said it! I ain't gonna hold back no more!"

His body reinforcement got strengthened with that shout.

"Eat this!"

Giruas slashed at me.
I was going to parry the sword like I did before--but this time Giruas took on a different path.

He jumped up right before our sword clashed.

Of course, jumping up is the height of folly for a fighter who can't use magic.
You're fully exposing yourself to attacks the moment you jump until you've landed.
The reason why part of the way of the sword puts importance on moving around with your legs on the ground is to shave off even a bit of instances you find yourself in such a situation.

And that also applies to Giruas who cannot use other magic besides body reinforcement.
At least that should have been at the beginning of this match.
--However, the current Giruas is not the same as before.

The jumping Giruas emitted mana from the sole of his feet, and then he made an air-kick-like move through the force generated from that.
Amateurish, technically speaking, but it's undoubtedly magic.

It's as if he was mimicking the maneuver I did before with a spell he made on the spot.

And Giruas swings down his sword at me while I'm taken aback.
It's a blow that takes advantage of gravity alongside body reinforcement.
An ideal sword art to push down your opponent with brute force.

--I face that sword from the front, and cut it down.
I'm not using any kind of special technique.
It's just a straight sword swing with body reinforcement magic.

Giruas was blown away without barely any resistance.
He probably never imagined that he would lose in a battle of brute force.
Since Giruas had always won through brute force up until now, he tried to create a situation where the clash would revolve around brute force.

I step forward toward him and put my sword on his neck.

"Now then... Still wanna go?"

"I give."
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Giruas muttered while looking vexed when he saw the sword pointed at him.

"Tch, my first lose since I was born. From the beginning to the end, it never felt like I could win... It's more frustrating than I thought."

Giruas stood up after saying that.
And then he asks me.

"Please tell me. How do you get so strong?"

I considered inviting Giruas to our party for an instant, but I immediately threw away the idea.
This type of person will grow better if you leave them to their own devices.

...That said, I guess I can at least give him some pointers.
I've got just the right thing with me after all.

"Read this book. Whether you could get stronger than me or not, it all depends on you... But I can guarantee that you have the talent."

I hand over a thick book to Giruas.
The title 『Second Royal Academy Textbook - Magic Volume - Complete Version』 is written on the cover.

This book may have second academy on its title, but it's not like it can't be used by anyone other than second academy's students.
Rather, it's better if the book is spread out in the entire country to fight off demons.

Though the one being employed at Second Royal Academy of Eis Kingdom is the 『Simple Version』, a greatly simplified version of this 『Complete Version』.
Apparently, the complete version is too complicated, only a few researchers were able to even read it.

"...You makin' fool outta me?"

"I'm dead serious."

"This is a magic book no? No way you can fight while making yerself full of openings by chanting and stuff... Even you Mathias can't use magic right?"

"I can. I even used some in our fight just now... True magic need not chanting."

I light up a flame on the tip of my finger without a chant.
Giruas opened his eye wide when he saw that.

"Giruas, you too casted body reinforcement magic on yourself unconsciously... Once you're able to master it consciously, you should get far stronger than you are now."

"...And the way to do that is written in this textbook thingy?"

"That's right."

Giruas opened the book when he heard that.
And immediately frowned.

"What the crap with this stupidly hard book. I feel depressed just looking at it... Is this thing seriously used as textbook?"

"Unfortunately, that book was rejected because it was too difficult. I've got a simpler version of the book with me here, do you want that instead?"

I took out the 『Simple Version』 as I said that.

"...This book ain't difficult just for the sake of it yea?"

"Yeah. The simpler version could get you stronger, but if you want to truly get strong, it's the complete version."

"Got it. I'm taking this book."

Giruas put the complete version into his pocket.
And then he asks me with a slightly hopeful face.

"...By the way, d'ya know a spell that makes you good at reading? I'm bad with studying y'see. I got headache every time I tried reading a book."

"Unfortunately, nope... By the way, the healing spell written on page 132 is effective for headache just so you know."

"I wanted to read this without getting one in the first place..."

Giruas opened the book while muttering... He grimaced in 10 seconds flat, and folded the book.
Yup. Looks like it'd take some time before this guy read through the entire book.

However, there is no doubt that he'd get stronger.
The desire to get stronger, fondness of battle, and most of all, talent.

There's no future where such a person doesn't get stronger when they're given the right magic theory.

"Oh yea, I forgot. You passed the test... Don't think anyone would complain after watching the fight just now."

Giruas looks at the branch head.
The branch head nodded like he consented.

This means we've ranked up to Rank A now.

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