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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Don't Think, Feel… Sometimes That Won't Work




With a single stroke by Lunar Cat, the goblin was cut in two and fell down.

Presently, I'm progressing through dungeon 5F. While exterminating every enemy I came across to. Truly <<Search and Destroy>>!
Levels of the Classes I set, Fighter and Otherworlder, have gone up by two too.

However, it's still not enough.
I also experimented trying to develop a magic to neutralize a group of people at a range, but it's not going well. One of the magic that I hadn't used since I learned it, Graviton, was comparatively usable, but everything within its range with me at the center gets swallowed up in it. I'd like to make the magic only target people I specified, but this is hard too.
Since it's not something that can be finished shortly, currently I'm experimenting a lot.

And there's lots of goblins on this 5F. It sure is depressing to only ever see goblins everywhere. They can be tough as they're coming at me with weapons such as swords, arrows and other stuff. Some of those are even smeared with poison, pesky little. And yet, their weapons always disappear with them so it never ends. Are those treated as parts of their body or something?

I've got no choice but treat this as a training in group battles. I wipe off the bodily fluid on Lunar Cat and progress deeper.

It's been two days since I'm staying here.
No problem with food supply as I've brought 10 days worth with me and I've also got lotsa meat from exterminating several Louiv Pig along the way. I've also modified Light Arrow to circle in one place in order to fulfill Tama-chan's need of light source.

Tama-chan's level has been going up steadily too. She's level 26 now. She ain't comparable to yer' average Moss-ball, yea. She's been beating down goblins alongside me.

I've gotten quite a bit of Soul Stones. Nothing else besides those though... Oy, goblins. Gimme your weapons at least!
I take another step forward toward the boss room while feeling like a mountain bandit as I exterminate the enemy. The goblins here have average level of around 12. They tend to come in groups, though not as many as the ants, there's no end to them spawning no matter how many I beat. This wave tactic is what becomes the first gate to success for parties of adventurers. That's right, this floor is normally braved by a party of 4-6 adventurers of average levels.

Oops, no time to get lost in thought. Around 10 goblins are lurking at the end of this spacious passage. Guess they're a barrier before the boss room. It'd be easy to annihilate them all with magic, but I'll take care of them in a close quarter combat. Realizing how unreasonable I am being, I clad Lunar Cat with thick mana and charge in.


I block the incoming hatchet with mana clad gauntlet, and cut the goblin's body with the Lunar Cat in my other hand. I caught another goblin and used it to shield me from the incoming arrows. Then I threw the shrieking goblin in my hand at the Goblin Archer that was readying its bow.


The two goblins fell down grandly from the heavy crash.
Right as I confirmed that, two goblins were coming at me from behind. I cut the Goblin Fighter that was bending itself. While the Goblin Swordsman that was going to swing its sword from above got knocked away by a green object. The goblin flew in the air by the momentum of that force. Good job, Tama-chan.
I cut the mid-air goblin into two, made a somersault back and put the finishing thrust on the other goblin below.
Then I took two iron spears from the pouch on my waist, designed to be easy to reach, and threw them at the two goblins that were still laying on the ground. The spears that flew like a ballista shot pierced and skewered the two goblins.
Six remaining. Four vanguards, two rear guards. Their formation is like that of an adventurer party.
First, I use throwing knifes as a diversion for the rear guards. Reacting to that, the four vanguards made their move. Judging from their weapons, they're Fighter, Grappler, Thief and Lancer huh. Tama-chan, slip pass them and take care of the ones in the back okay.

『All in accordance to your wish, Master. Leave it ta' me.』

That's what I felt she said. Yup, not gonna retort anymore.

Then the vanguard goblins formed a straight line and charged at us. You think you're three black stars or something! When the leading lancer thrust its lance, the thief jumped out at the same time.
I step on the lancer to go upward, and punch down the thief's face with all my might with my left fist. The thief seemingly never imagined that I would jump up using the lancer as a stool, it didn't even manage to swing the knife in its hand as it got knocked away toward the fighter behind it. The fighter that should have been their next ammo couldn't do anything but crashed with the thief.
I myself threw a yakuza kick at the dumbfounded grappler, sending it flying. Then I cut the fallen two goblins into two and continue toward the lancer. The remaining lancer
was staggering since I used its head as a stool, but it readied its lance even while looking shaken by its friends' demise, and made a charge. I calmly made use of the goblin's momentum with Counter Form and lop its head off.

Only the Grappler remains.

I sheathe my katana and grasp my gauntlet. The grappler has seemingly given up running away as it makes a reckless rush toward me. When I blocked the claw in its hand with my gauntlet, it tried to push the claw down my gauntlet. However, I nullified it by straddling with all my might, exposing the grappler's wide open instead.


Thanks to my training, I am now able to employ this technique momentously. One huge rock stake pierced the grappler, and it let out "Guruu" voice.



Next come the rock pile bunkers, driving out inside the goblin. Its body got torn off into two.

Now then, how about the rear guards? Peeking there, I see Tama-chan taking a victory pose, or rather she's bouncing around like trampling on their bodies.

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Afterward, several more groups of goblis spawned. I think that's it for today. So I thought while picking up the fallen Soul Stones.
And then, I make preparations for our bed room at the end of a passage near the boss room.

"Stone Wall!"

With a thud, walls of stone were produced in the passage. Four of this make for one room. Of course, I've made sure to put an air hole above. It's a form of camp I've come up with in order to safely stay inside a dungeon.
The stone walls have been put with enough mana to persist until tomorrow morning, so there's no worry of getting raided. The thickness is around 50cm. Thanks to this, I've been able to sleep well. This is the answer I arrived at after desperately searching a way to cope with the huge problem of taking a rest alone.

Morning, I'm thinking about my future plans while having a largish portion breakfast and taking it easy. For now, I should focus on conquering 5F and reach level 20.

How am I staying in dungeon acts as a diversion, you ask.
First of all, they're focusing their attention on me since it's been revealed that I'm the one who made the ingredients. They will surely come after me once they know I'm staying in the dungeon. They have almost nothing to gain messing with the store, surely. If they're taking the rough way, it's easier to do it in a dungeon after all. And being in a dungeon, the opponents I have to be cautious with are only adventurers. There's also no need to worry about collateral damage inside a dungeon, so I can go all out with ranged magic.
Everything won't necessarily turn out like so because they're ultimately what I think might happen. It'd be nice if nothing happened.

And, I'm ashamed to admit this, but it's also so I won't drag Sefi-san down.
Frankly speaking, that person should be far stronger than I am. From the presence I felt from her at times, though not at the level of Master, she should be at least stronger than Eleanor-san. It should be a simple matter for Sefi-san to flee to the Adventurer Guild or Master's mansion if she's alone.

Discerning Magic Eye might be capable of seeing through status, but there's no guarantee that it's all correct. Even now it doesn't get one of Tama-chan's skills. And with level system around, there's a possibility of disguise after all. I don't get why Lamia Kin is shown either. I've been made fully aware that even though I can rely on Discerning Magic Eye, the information from it is not everything.

That said, I can't afford to stay here forever either.
Perhaps, I should ask for help from one of Sefi-san's noble clients? I immediately brushed off the thought. There is no guarantee for them to not be a second Jamito. A noble's lust of power might match that of Jamito after all.

It feels like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Won't a good idea please show up. For now, I should practice my magic while continuing to hunt goblins. It pains me to say, but I've gotten quite used to group battles thanks to those goblins.
I should heal my fatigue by lying in a bedding that would have been normally impossible in a dungeon. Good night, Tama-chan.

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