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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.1


"I'm back ssu."

Voice from the front door. It's Eda's.

"Oh looks like she's back."

"Seems so."


Jericho also participated in the conversation.

There have been times when Lecan would suspect this guy understand human's language.

No, he surely knows some words no doubt.

He'd bring chairs if Nike told him to, and barrels when Nike said barrels.

But Lecan can't help but feels like he understands some complex conversations and the content, not just those kinds of limited words.


"What is it?"

"What is Jericho."

"What do you mean by what, he's a Longarm Ape (Zanvald) as you can see for yourself."

"Haven't you granted him some sort of special power."

"I have not."


"Even among humans, there are dumb and smart ones. Jericho is an especially intelligent one among his Longarm Apes peers, you see."

Her explanations sound kind of dubious, but Lecan has no venue to press further.

Eda came in the room.

With a dazzling smile on her face. Eda looks even younger than she is when she shows these defenseless faces. Honestly speaking, she doesn't look like an adventurer at all.

"I'm back. Ehehe. It's celebration time. I've gone and taken up a super nice quest."

"You took it?"

"I sure did, Lecan. Hold on to your seat. It's a one-way five-day trip escort quest, with one gold coin per person as the reward!"


"Ou, what's up?"

"Weren't you listening."

"Listen to what, whom?"

"You went to Adventurer Association because Nike asked you to. What did Nike said back then?"

"Geez, you've got a bad memory. 'Course she told me to look for a quest. A quest for us three, remember. Copper Rank she said. A quest that takes several days out of town."

"That's right. Nike told you to look for quests. Either subjugations or gatherings."

"Well yeah, I guess she did, but she never said that escort quests were a no no."

"Do you even know why we're taking a quest that'll take us out of town."


"It's for you to practice magic outside."

She's also got another reason to leave the town as well, but Eda has nothing to do with that.

"O-oh. Right it is. It's for my magic practice."

"An escort means we'll be with the client. You can't practice when there are other people around."

Eda opened her eyes wide.


"B-but, can't I do it like in a forest, the client won't see me right?"

"Are you planning to leave your client while working an escort job?"

Eda fell silent once again.

Her expression is gradually getting worse.

"N-no way."

"Besides, Nike said this. You can't accept the quest. She will pick for herself among them. Don't tell me you have accepted that escort quest, do you?"

"Uu... I did."

"Go turn it down."

"Like I could now! It's a super nice job!"

Lecan was amazed when he heard that from her.

He's still not too accustomed with this world's common sense, but he at least knows the fact that one gold coin per person is an impossible sum for an ordinary escort quest.

They got five gold coins for three people for escorting Chaney's wagon to Vantaroy, but that was no ordinary escort quest.

They had anticipated an attack from expert assassins then. And Chaney himself had all the reasons to transport the many dungeon items he got from Lecan to Vantaroy safely. The end result was Chaney garnering trusts from his dealings and gaining footholds at Vantaroy city.

Lecan realized something after thinking this far.

Had they not hired Nike, Lecan and Eda, what would happen then.

Vandam and Zeki would have been killed, their equipment would be looted. Those two had some relatively good equipment for sure. Orst and Ghett would have been either killed or used as a bargaining chip.

And then, what fate would befall the luggage. That was valuable enough to even change Chaney's eyes.

Come to think of it, he sensed multiple people at a certain distance away from the assailants during all the raids. Those might have been Zack Zaikaz's secret agents.

Which means, had Lecan and co. not gone with them, the transportation would have failed, Chaney would lose trusts, incur heavy loss, and to top it off, Zack Zaikaz would profit greatly.

I see. That was more than enough reasons to pay Lecan and co. so high.

Yet, nevertheless, their reward was only six big silver coins. Though the actual reward was many time more thanks to belongings and money they took from their assailants.

Hence, no matter how you slice it, one gold coin is just too much. Way too much. The client of this quest clearly fully intends of not paying.

Why doesn't she understand such an obvious thing.

Lecan looked down on Eda's face while sighing out.

"W-what. The heck are you sighing while staring at other people. So rude."


Nike's voice is firm and cold.

Eda was taken aback and turned at Nike.

"You've done two things you should have not. First, you failed to keep your promise. Second, you've dragged me and Lecan into a dangerous job."

"Eh? What do you mean by... dangerous job?"
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"Lecan. Tell her."

Another pain in the, thought Lecan, but he can't really refuse with the way this is going.


"W-what, what."

"The client has no intention of paying our reward."

"H-how could you know that."

"What's in it for the client, what makes the escort cost that much to them?"


"Have you garnered enough trust to have people pay you that much?"

"O-Of course I have. Nozz-san came with the quest cuz he knew my name. The name's <Eda of Thousand Shots> heh."

Eda swiped his nose with his right thumb.

(She'd do this gesture whenever she got smug.)

(Did she mimic it from someone else?)

"Who is Nozz-san?"

"He's an adventurer. Also Dovor-san's bodyguard."

"Who is Dovor-san?"

"He's the client. For this job. Merchant."

"That merchant posted an escort quest despite owning personal bodyguards?"

"Apparently, the luggage's pretty important. So the escorts would be Nozz-san, Ritz-san, Numes-san and then added with us three."

"Six escorts? Just what kind of treasure are we transporting anyway?"

"I-I dunno."

This quest got a full mark on shadiness rating.

"Did you mention my and Nike's names?"

"Nah, I didn't. This quest wasn't taken with Nike-san's name. Used mine fer' it."

There are several possible patterns when an escort job comes from a shady client.

First, those who would beat down reward.

Next, those who would work their escorts to the bone.

And then, those who prey on the escorts.

Escorts who fell prey to these clients would see a miserable end. They'd be stripped of all belongings, killed or get sold as slaves.

There was no Adventurer Association or such in the world Lecan came from. Checking up the client's background was an ironclad rule before taking on an escort quest. If it's a quest to escort a caravan, that caravan would usually be relatively known in that town, thus gathering up rumors about clients was no sweat.  The client side itself would only sign a contract after confirming the adventurer's reputation. Naturally.

But this world has the Adventurer Association. Though he's only associated with them for a short while, Lecan has enough trust on the association. He ought to check just how did the Association let this suspicious quest slip under their radar.

"Tell us the quest content in detail."

"The client is Merchant Dovor. The load is two wagons. Our destination is Kogulus. The job is only one way. It's a four day trip, we'll be camping out for three days. Since we'll be traveling through an off beaten path in the mountains, we might have to camp out for another day. If that happens, it'll be a six day trip."

"What's the luggage?"


"What are we transporting."

"I'm telling you it's wagons."

"What's inside those wagons."


"Is it light. Or heavy. Bulky. Or small."

"I dunno nothin' about that."

"How many people are we escorting?"

"They said we only have to protect the wagons."

"Then will the quest be considered finished even if our clients get hurt?"

"Eh? No no, that'd be bad."

"This isn't going to work unless we know how many and what kind of people we're protecting. Also, will the client provide us meals?"

"Eh? Of course they would, right."

"Have you confirmed with them?"


"Whether the client will provide meals for their escorts or not should be written on the quest tag."

"Ain't that somethin' the client prepare?"

"Show me."


"The quest tag."

The quest tag is signed by the staff in charge. Practically a substitute for contract. The signed documents can be left to the Adventurer Association or to the adventurer who took the quest. Since this particular quest is finished at the destination, the tag must have been handed over to the adventurer.

"There ain't no quest tag."

"What? How'd you accept the quest without a tag."

"I took it directly from Nozz-san who was there to post the listing."

"Are you dumb."

"What'd say!"

Taking a quest not through the Adventurer Association after going all the way there.

This girl doesn't understand the benefits of having an Adventurer Association in this world.


"Yes, anything I can help, Nike-san."

"You'd be utterly toyed with before getting sold off."


"They must be aiming to pawn off <Bow of Isya>."

That must be it, Lecan thought so as well.

Some thugs targeting the <Bow of Isya> Eda possesses sounds like a very plausible scenario.

"A-are Nozz-san and his friends bad people?"

"Without a doubt."

"N-no wayy."

Eda pitifully fell dejected hard.

Then after a while, she speaks up.

"I'm off to annul the contract."

Nike stopped Eda as she stood up.

"Hold it."


"Are you going to go back on your words, after you've taken up on that quest?"

"I've got no choice ssu."

"Contracts aren't something you can make light of."


"Those who cannot keep their words are human trash. The moment you lose trust, you cannot continue as an adventurer."

Lecan can't agree to what Nike said at all.

Not hesitating when to quit when you know it's dangerous is a recipe to survival.

Going back to one's word is not something that never happens in life, it happens a lot.

Once you're sure you're gonna do it, you have to stand firm to your decision, no matter if you're gonna get verbally abused or have bad rumors spread about you.

Someone whose skin isn't thick enough to handle that is not fit to be an adventurer.

However, this is Nike giving a lecture to Eda.

Thus, Lecan kept silent while listening to Nike.

"That's why, Eda-chan. Grit your teeth, we're going to finish this quest."


"Still, Dovor huh. So he's going back already even though he just got here. Was he only here to help pull out of this town? Probably plans to use this opportunity to entertain his good-for-nothing protege along the way eh."

Nike showed a ghastly smile.

"Shall we pluck it off then."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 9.13


"Eda-chan. I'm glad for you."

"I-I, I'm. Zzo hapfyy. Zniff."

"People may catch a sight if you train in town, so let's continue your training when we're outside, okay."

"I'll continue my training out of town ssu."

"Good, now then, I'm sorry but could you go over to Adventurer Association and look for subjugation or gathering quests that take more than a day to finish for me. Those that take three, four, or even five six days would be good. And of course for Copper Rank. I don't mind even if the reward isn't too high. And don't accept the quest by yourself okay. Pick several here and I'll be the one who choose."

"I got it ssu! I'm off now ssu!"

Eda rushed out energetically.



"This has become quite a pickle."

"You mean the fact the she could use <Recovery>?"

"I'll explain to you now, listen well."

In many cases, <Recovery> manifested when one wished for the recovery of a family member who was hurt or fell ill during daily life. Which means, many ended up acquiring the ability without preparations nor resoluteness for it.

If the spell that was first cast demonstrates weak power, capable of only healing scratches or light injuries, it means the power is less effective than good quality medicine. Those who posses this level of <Recovery> can live the way they've always lived and make use of it to help their relatives or neighbors.

If the spell demonstrates stronger power, meaning capable of curing big wounds or non-serious disease, it opens three major paths to the users. Either going to the temples, to nobles, or become a medical practitioner. A medical practitioner has to work together with doctors, those who use medicine to cure people, otherwise they have to work double as one.

And if the power is even stronger than that, capable of healing even fatal wounds or grave illness, they have no other path than to be under temples or nobles.

However, even those who showed weak power could get solicitations from temples or nobles if they're deemed to have talent. A luxurious life awaits those who accept those solicitations, in exchange for their freedom as they won't be able to even see their parents freely nor choose marriage partner. No matter be it men or women, they will be treated as a tool to leave behind the lineage of <Recovery> users.

Put simply, the degree of restriction is directly proportional to the degree of <Recovery> power. So long as one exhibits weak power of <Recovery>, they won't be bound too tightly even under temples or nobles, but the stronger their power grows the harsher the restriction becomes. If one has the power to heal even crushed eyeballs or cut off fingers, the only life they're allowed to have is like that of a prisoner in a gaol.

The reasons for temples and nobles wanting <Recovery> users are similar yet also different.

<Recovery> can be used to treat illness and injuries, and even to improve physical conditions. A noble house would seek <Recovery> users to maintain and preserve their family's health conditions. As it relates to a boost in family head's authority. If those with noble blood were to manifest <Recovery> power, it would be deemed as a proof of holy blood, resulting in even severer restraints.

Temples gather up <Recovery> users to offer medical treatment to nobles and the populaces. This is an important source of income to temples which leads to expansion of power. Because the more <Recovery> users a temple has, the deeper god's love for that temple considered to be, increasing their speaking rights. And, although numbers of subordinate temples in each town is decided in conferences between temple heads of the Nine Great Temples, principally those numbers are proportional to the numbers of <Recovery> users each temple possesses.

And, many mages who have learned how to use high level <Recovery> also eventually learn <Purification>.   <Purification> has the power to cleanse impurities or curses, and is also highly effective against Soul Ogre youma, but when used on humans, it works to heal most illness and even cure poison and abnormal status. High level <Purification> is even said to equal <God Cure>, but even low level <Purification> has a slight age-rejuvenating effect.

This rejuvenation is the temples' greatest weapon. Aged high-ranking nobles and wealthy people will pay the temples all kinds of things in exchange of getting slightly rejuvenated. The two things that sustain temples' continued existence are people faith and <Purification> users.

The Great Nine Temples undoubtedly have several <Purification> users under them, but they don't disclose the exact numbers of these users, nor their names nor ages. Rumors abound about several <Recovery> users who left their mark in history to have progressed into <Purification> users, but some also believe that there must some who manifested <Purification> while they were still young. A <Purification> user is put under extreme restriction, they're not allowed to go out, meet other people, or even act without instructions from temples.

It's said that some of the high-ranking noble houses also have <Purification> users under them, but since the temples would take away those users if their existence ever became public, their identities have never come to light.

"Lecan. You'll be fine. Neither temples nor nobles would try to forcefully detain an adventurer as strong as you won't even if you have the power to heal grave injuries. However."

That's not the case with Eda. She doesn't have the strength to defend her freedom by herself.

"I wouldn't have been this worried if only that child didn't have the talent. But, most likely, she's got it."

"Just forbid her then. From using and practicing <Recovery>."

"Lecan. Did you become a swordsman because someone told or ordered you to use a sword?"
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"Was it because you knew about the existence of swords, got one for yourself and found out you could use it?"

"That's right."

"I believe it's the same with that child."

"Is her talent so great to warrant such worries."

"It might be just a needless anxiety. However, if that weren't the case, what can we do for that child?"

"Can you really escape the restraint imposed by nobles and temples if you become an adventurer?"

"It's probably the only path toward being boundless. She's got to become a Golden Ranked adventurer first thing first. Once she is, some small town lords won't make their move on her. I can't say that for certain though."

"By first thing first, you mean there's more."

"If she's a member of a party that has delved into the deepest parts of dungeons, even high-ranking nobles can't carelessly make their move."

"You get that much authority huh."

"Well it's not exactly authority. Those who have delved into the depths of dungeons are not regarded the same as ordinary persons. They consider it's a bunch who should never be angered."

"I see. I can understand that. But, it's a way of life where one constantly wrestles against death. Is that what Eda wishes."

"Well now, I wouldn't know that, would I. Many don't think bad of the restriction as well. It's understandable. Children born in a countryside farming family being sought after by nobles, getting to wear gorgeous clothing, to eat tasty food, served by a great many servants, it's like a dream come true to them."

"Wonder what Eda herself wants."

"That's where we come into the picture, to give her choice, you see. Once restricted, you can never get away. Does she wish to live being bound, or boundless. I would like to give enough power for that child to choose for herself."

Lecan fell silent.

Truthfully, he would rather not get too involved. Eda may not be a total stranger to him now, but neither is he her guardian.

Nike, in other words Shira herself stared at Lecan, like she was aware of his train of thoughts.

"Lecan. I've taught you how to make all-purpose medicine, cold medicine and antidote. You can probably make them yourself already, but I think you should practice under me one more time if you can. Besides, I may have taught you how to make wound salve from Shura Grass, but not with Culusim and Pourica Grass. If you want the option to make wound salve in any season, you have to wait until August when Pourica Grass starts growing. You can only pick Cumis Grass used for Stamina Recovery medicine from May to July, and the complete ingredient set for Mana Recovery in September or October. In other words, this year is full of things you'd want to learn. Now then, I believe it's not a bad idea to set up your base here and go to dungeons or take on quests in the meantime."

This is an extremely welcome suggestion in line with Lecan's aim.

To Lecan who have experienced the limitations of Red and Blue Potions after using them in dungeons, Shira's medicine have proven to be quite essential

And the only person who can teach him that is here.

"I'd gladly take upon your offer."

"And in the meanwhile, or while you're studying under me, can you look after Eda-chan and save her whenever she needs your help."

"I got it."

Lecan hates trouble.

He hates being bound.

Hence, he's of the opinion that Eda should live her life without being bound as well.

But he hates to bind Eda to achieve that goal.

It makes it easier for him if he's doing so only while he's studying under Shira.

He's unwilling to decide what to do afterward right now.

Besides, in any case, it's a request from Shira. Shira accepted him and taught him knowledge and techniques generously. It's a request from that Shira. He finds it a bit weird for Shira to be so concerned about Eda, but that can be said to her considerateness toward Lecan as well, it's beyond profit-and-loss calculations. Lecan has never received so much goodwill from someone else in his life before. Since it's a request from such Shira, he can endure some slight time-loss and trouble.

Even though that was the extent of Lecan's feelings on the matter, this was the moment when Lecan, Nike and Eda truly formed a party.

"Still, you're really good at teaching, did you know that. I could only marvel at it. Exactly what you ought to do for teaching Eda-chan. The orphanage children were very fond of you too, perhaps looking after small children is actually your calling?"

"That's nonsense."

[Episode 9 Party Formation] End/ Next [Episode 10 Zaikaz Company]

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Strongest Sage, Turns Back



The moment I said that, a huge pillar of light ascended to heaven in front of me.
The pillar of light broke up into countless spears of light, raining down the land below.

(Now then... got excess 2 seconds huh.)

The damage to my soul is within predictions.
Once I rescind the Sage Gaias Revival in two seconds, it should end without my soul breaking.

Two seconds are enough to cast another medium-scale magic.
What should I use in this situation I wonder.
I mused only for an instant before deciding to spend it for eliminating demons.

This world is currently being encroached by demons.
We managed to wipe them off the inner circle of Eis Kingdom where I was born... But we have no clue where all other demons are in other places.

This situation is a huge inconvenient to me.
Lesser demons and their numbers are especially a pain.
Even if I managed to lessen their powers here, so long as they keep hiding all over world, there's a chance I'll miss the opportunity to raise promising magic combatants in the future because of those demons.

I can easily annihilate all these lesser demons with a shot of medium-scale magic.
Demons above middle rank may manage to survive a spell that only needs two seconds to cast... But that's not a bad deal in itself.
Strong demons could serve as nice sparring partners after all.

I constructed [Eyes of Heaven], a spell to detect and attack demons.
The target is strictly lesser demons.

The magic I cast produced a pillar of light thinner than [Genesis] earlier before diffusing all over the places.
Judging from the diffusion range, there were about 1,200 demons who got caught in it.

That's a lot of demons lurking around.
I made the right choice with this magic.

These lesser demons give no challenge at all when you actually fight one even though they're a pain in the rear, they're the most pointless bunch.
I'm really glad that I ended them without having to go around defeating each one.

As I was thinking that... I rescinded the revival magic.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"...What a brief revival that was."

The power of Sage Gaias slipped out of my body the moment I did.
The crest on my hand is also gradually turning back to Disqualified Crest.

And now that I've parted with my previous life's power.
Next I just gotta live in this world with my... Mathias's power.

Mathias may not possess the power of the past me--But unlike Sage Gaias, Mathias has room for growth.
Slowly savoring the process to the top is what makes it interesting.

I gazed at the back of my hand as I thought that... It has gone back to Disqualified Crest.

"No memory loss, and the state of my soul... is within calculations huh."

My soul has been slightly damaged, but since Souls are something that recover naturally over time, this much damage will be gone in no time.
My state is about the same as before the casting of revival magic.
There are some changes in my magic circuits after taking in a massive amount of mana... but it didn't disable me from using magic.

Looks like it went well.
I had expected that I wouldn't be able to move properly right after the rescind, but I can at least walk it seems.
As I thought that, Iris's voice suddenly resounded.

『The magic just now... Has, has Gaias-san been revived!?』

She's talking in dragon language to prevent Ruli and Alma from listening in.

『Yeah he did. Just for six seconds long though... The me now is Mathias at the core.』

『Just for six seconds... But I guess this is to be expected for Gaias-san from the past...』

Iris looks at her vicinity.
The monsters encircling her have all died out due to [Genesis].

『Yeah... It's gonna take some time before I could get back to that level of power.』

However, I have no regret with reincarnating.
The mana I used earlier had enormous quantity and quality, but it flowed dully.
The so-called limit of Glory Crest.

I can gain as much mana quality and quantity as I want with training.
But there's nothing you can do about the limitations of Crest.

Reincarnating was worth it for the mere fact that I broke through those limitations.
And I've got companions now, unlike the past me.
...Companions who could fight alongside me were another thing I could not obtain in the past.

『You should get back to your human form soon. Lest your wings get damaged again.』

『I-I understand!』

Iris transformed back to her human form.
The load of Dragon Form is still too much on current Iris.

I'd have liked to heal her wings if I just had more time... But Dragon Wings are complex, even the whole six seconds wouldn't have been enough to completely fix them in one magic.
I should spend more time to try to fix Iris's wings.

I saw Ruli and Alma running over here while I was thinking that.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 9.10_11_12


"So I heard."

"Oh I see. I guess there is nothing we can do about that then."

"Oy, teach me <Recovery>. <Recovery>."

"By the way, there's this thing."

Lecan took out a bizarrely shaped magic tool from <Storage>. It's the weapon that can shoot out flame magic.

"Where'd you get that."

"Aren't you two done talkin' yet. Let's get down to practicing already, c'mon."

"Took it off a guy who raided us when I was escorting Chaney the first time."

"I see. We can use this."

"<Recovery> eh. Never woulda dreamed I'd ever get to use it."

"Midosco said that this was broken, didn't he."

"Right. Insisting that it broke down into pieces when he was examining it cause it was defective. Yet when asked to bring the pieces here, he went on saying he had thrown those away already."

"An adventurer who can use <Recovery> 's gonna be super popular, I'm sure of it."

"Can we prove that this is the item in question?"

"Each of those magic weapons has been stamped with a numbered mark you see. Lookie here. This is without a doubt, one of the weapons I handed over to the town lord. What do you think will happen were this found in Midosco's estate."

"Re-co-ve-ry. Re-co-ve-ry."

"Even breaking a very powerful weapon the lord bought for a large sum and which he unreasonably took upon himself to safe keep should have been a grave crime in itself."

"You're quite right. And on top of all that, the man even lied about breaking the weapon while actually hiding it."

"Right right, I never used a cane whenever I cast magic, is that alright."

"He'd be suspected of trying to raise rebellion."

"Eda-chan. Canes are indeed convenient. They make it easier to construct magic and draw out stronger power. But you make using a cane a habit and your magic skill will not develop as well nor your mana increase as much. It's best for a growing mage to use magic without a cane. We'll find you a good cane eventually."

"Thank you ssu."

"Lecan. I've got some business to attend to, you teach Eda-chan <Recovery>, okay."


"No. First we're going to Adventurer Association. You're coming with me."

"But why."

"You really don't listen to people."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Congratulations for completing the quest. Please receive your reward from the client directly. Furthermore, Lecan-san your rank has been raised to Silver Rank with this achievement. Please come to the association tomorrow to receive your Adventurer Badge."

"Eh. How bout me? Can I get a rank up too?"

"You cannot."

"But whyy. Aira-chan. I mean, come on. Haven't I finished much muuuch more quests than Lecan, right right."

"We still have records of consecutive failures in your early days here. Lecan-san has 100% quest completion rate, and all with high valuations at that."

"Uuu. C'mon, do somethin' bout it."

"I will not. By the way Lecan-san, you have a nominated quest from the orphanage. They want you to come play with the children again."

"I refuse."


"Welcome back."

"We're back ssu."

"How did it go?"

"I've made the arrangement. How it will go afterward is up to the lord."

"I see."

"Then, Lecan. Why don't you start your first lesson on <Recovery> for Eda-chan."

"Master Lecan! I'd be in yer' care."

Lecan pondered.

Eda definitely won't get it if he teaches her like he was taught.

It's got to be more instinctive and practical.

Nike told him that the key to activation was the depth of one's prayer.

Which means.



"Suppose someone dear to you is here."

"W-whaddya, mean by, someone dear. I got none of that."

"Your mother, father, siblings, or even your good friend will do. It can even be someone who's no longer alive."

"Aah? Ah, what, you mean that huh. Then, daddy I guess."

"Your father has been wounded."


"He's in pain from the wound. Suffering. But no one is going to help him."

"B-but why. Why wouldn't anyone help, why."

"No one is coming to his rescue. That's just how it is."

"C-can I really do nuthin' bout it."

"There is a way."

"Tell me."

"Hold both your hands out."

"L-like this?"

"Put them together, round them a bit. Like you're catching a falling snow."

"What am I catching again?"

"Like you're scooping water."

"O-ou. So err, like this."

"Produce a warm light inside those palms."


"Your wish will turn to light."

"W-what are you even talking about"

"You don't need to understand. Feel it."


"If your wish to save your father is real, it will produce a light."

"Y-you're sayin' the truth right?"

"A soft light that fills up everything, a light of happiness."

"Light of... Happiness."

"If your wish to heal your father's wound truly comes from heart, it will turn into a light."

"Wish... to light."

"Now, recite. <Be Healed (Kirim)>."


It's as if there was a sound, 'powa'.

A lone warm light was produced inside Eda's rounded palms.

A light of happiness that brings about tenderness and serenity to the heart of those who witness it.

"I-I did it."

Eda shouted out loud happily from the bottom of her heart.

"I-I did it, Lecan."

She's overjoyed while shedding tears.

This came as a great shock to Lecan.

Even Lecan himself took three days under Shira's strict tutelage to produce a small light after countless failures.

Yet Eda did it in just one try and under Lecan's halfhearted guidance. The light was even far bigger than what Lecan produced at first.

Lecan who came to himself from the shock after a period of one breath turned his sight toward Nike while feeling slightly proud.

Nike had an awfully terrifying expression on her face.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Strongest Sage, Resurrected


"...No time for rehearsals huh."

I activated the finished magic tool while murmuring that.

This magic tool has been carved with a modified version of [Composite Test Body No.1] magic circle Anmorr brothers created, a spell formula to revive my previous life--Gaias the Sage.
The biggest difference in the spell formula is the material used for reviving.

Apparently Anmorr brothers had used bones they dug up from graves for the creation of [Composite Test Body No.1].
However, I don't have the bone of Sage Gaias, the revival target.
I mean, the magic I used to reincarnate myself was a type that disintegrated the entirety of my body including bones, so there's probably nothing left to begin with.

The only element of Sage Gaias that has remained on me is... only my soul.
As such, I constructed a revival formula with Sage Gaias's soul as base material.

Since it's not based on physical object, the body of Gaias itself won't be resurrected.
Only powers and ego would flow into my present body.

It'd be an overload to my currently undeveloped body and magic circuits.
My body will crumble if I merely take in the power. However... I should manage to withstand if it's only for a very short time.

"...Guh... This is pretty painful..."

As the magic tool booted up, Gaias's power began to flow into my body.
Of course it's the kind of power this body can't possibly bear.

Magic circuits in my entire body screamed out, my cells are decaying.
I put all the mana flowing in into healing my crumbling body.
However, I cannot null the pain.

I had gone through countless battles and suffered many life-threatening injuries in my past life.
And even for me, this much pain is a first.
An ordinary man would have long lost their sanity.

However... As my body keeps being healed and destroyed, it's gradually getting used to the new power.
No, the revived power of Gaias that was sleeping within me is reinforcing my body.
And... The crumbling began to stop.

At the same time, the Crest on the back of my hand has turned into an unnatural one--it's like a mix of Disqualified and Glory Crests.
A distorted Crest that can't have been a normal one.

The shape of the crest is oscillating unstably, turning deep then thin then deep over and over again.
Every time the crest got thinner, I felt like power slipped out of my body accompanied by intense pain.
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(...Seven seconds huh. More than enough time.)

Looks like putting together powers from different crests in one body is really forcing it.
At the rate this is going, my soul will completely collapse, and I myself will die and can never even reincarnate again.

Hence I'll end this in six seconds.
I've made the Sage Gaias Revival spell formula to be turn off-able.
I'll settle the situation in six seconds and turn off the spell art afterward.

Six seconds are quite an ample time for the me right now.

(First off... Gotta banish the nuisance.)

I assemble a powerful object acceleration magic in an instant.

The target is the fallen [Broken Star] in front of me.
This [Broken Star] is not something that should exist on this planet right now.

Once accelerated to 60% of this acceleration magic, the [Broken Star] should gain enough velocity to escape this planet's gravitational pull.


I cast the acceleration magic while murmuring.
And then the [Broken Star] vanished into the sky while emitting an intense light.
And now, no need to worry about principle of magic getting destroyed by [Broken Star].

Our main objective is complete now.
But... The monsters here would murder me if I turned back into Mathias as is.

Ruli and Alma could be in danger as well, I've got to dispose of these monsters.
Which means... I need to use a spell art that won't affect humans.

As I was thinking that, I recalled one magic and started constructing that.

It's a wide-area attack magic called [Genesis] in the past era.
A magic that targets only monsters and demons in the designated area and rains down huge mass of mana upon them and only them to destroy their souls.
Since it also ignores terrains on top of not affecting humans, I used this handy magic a lot in the past life to dispose of small fry.

Its area of effect can be freely set, but in this case I use the preset I used a lot in the past--which means, 1 billion targets within 100 kilometer radius.
To prevent Iris from getting hit, I remove dragons from target.

"Man this takes me back."

I pour my mana into the completed magic.
The sensation at this point felt quite nostalgic to me.

My mana feels heavy.
I can't construct magic as well as I desired.

This is not because of the revival.
It's just how the mana of 『Glory Crest』 like.

Now that I'm experiencing 『Glory Crest』 once again, I can only be grateful with 『Disqualified Crest』 I have now.
The present me may posses little mana, but it moves just as I want it to.

...I completed [Genesis] magic while thinking that.
My mana is heavy indeed but not to the point of being unusable.
After all, the past me wielded mana hundreds times heavier than this.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-21

17-21. Imaginary Fears


Satou here. There's this word imaginary fears, but it's not so imaginary when it comes to fictional worlds. I mean, space stations or colonies in SF worlds, or castles or islands in the sky in fantasy worlds falling down are not that rare after all.


Once I heard that Aze-san needed help from Blue Territory's trees, I teleported to Boruenan Forest with Unit Arrangement.

Aze-san who was usually in the tree house is nowhere to be seen.
She's not displayed on the Radar either.

Looking at Map, it seems she's at the base of World Tree.

I moved there with Unit Arrangement once again.


The scene of Aze-san laying on the ground with her head getting trampled down by a yellow haired man came into my view.

"--What are you doing!"

I had moved in with Flash Drive before I could finish talking, and kicked the man away without holding back.
The moment the sound of air getting split reached my ears, the man had already gone beyond sea of trees after drawing an arc in the sky.

"Are you alright, Aze-san."

I lifted the teary-eyed Aze-san and frantically hugged her.

Fortunately, she doesn't seem to be hurt anywhere.

"Sa-Satou-san--what have you done..."

Miko Lua-san who was nearby ran up to me and asked that with a pale face.

"Have I done anything wrong?"

I don't think there's any need to hold back against someone who trampled down my beloved.

"T-that man is--"
『You mongrel! Know your place!』

Before Miko Lua-san could finish her speech, the yellow haired man earlier came back while looking furious.

The yellow-haired man who's approaching us at Ground Shrink-like speed swings down a great sword that emits yellow lights toward me.
He fully intends to cut both me and Aze-san in two.

The yellow-haired man's AR readings show UNKNOWN.

I produced a split-body with ninjutsu to guard Aze-san, and kicked away the man who was swinging his great sword at great speed, this time at full power without holding back.
The yellow-haired man who exceeded the speed of sound in an instant disappeared beyond the horizon like it were a gag manga.

According to Map info, the dot that indicates the yellow-haired man hasn't disappeared.
Mere physical attacks probably don't work on him.

"--Nothing less to expect from a god. Quite sturdy this guy."
"Sa-Satou-san, were you aware who you were up against?"
"No, I only noticed right before the second kick."

I answered the shaken Miko Lua-san.

Judging from the color of his hair and great sword, it's probably god Zaikuon.
Coming immediately right after the demon god raised the flag, what a needlessly industrious guy.

"Before the second kick--you mean you knew when you kicked him the second time?"
"The sole of my shoes is fitting for someone who was going to harm Aze-san."

I do think that I'm being reckless here, but I mean, I've kicked him once already anyway, no point in holding back with the second one.

"By any chance, are you angry?"

I only realized after Miko Lua-san pointed it out.
I'm angry enough to lose my composure.

Seems like I couldn't control my emotion well since I usually rarely ever got angry.

Oops, more importantly--.

"So what's his excuse to rough up Aze-san like that?"

I ask Aze-san who's being carried in my split-body's arms.
Kinda envious of my split-body right now.


In place of the stammering Aze-san, God Zaikuon who made his come back answered instead.

『She should have done as she was told and surrendered her Memory Bank to me.』

Blood is seeping out from various holes on the tattered toga God Zaikuon is wearing. Apparently gods shed red blood as well.

He seemed to have dropped his great sword somewhere, he spread out both his hands open and produced magic circles in the air.
He's going for magic battle this time huh.

『Be trampled down under God's Army.』

Innumerable magic circles manifested behind god Zaikuon--and vanished.


Looks like the forbidden spell [Divine Destruction] I chantlessly cast worked on it.
This forbidden spell was the one Hikaru used to destroy the magic circle that covered the capital during the [Demon God Offshots] incident, and despite having learned it early after I got Chant skill, I never had the opportunity to use it until now.

『It appears that the God's Army is currently on their off days.』

Since the other party is a god for once, I'll at least use polite speech.

『Damn you, you dare mock a god I am!』

God Zaikuon picked up a branch on the ground below him and proceeded to remake it into a yellow sword.
It's probably Primeval Magic.

...Too slow.

I mimicked him and turned a branch I picked into a sword.
I did and all, but this sword is not really that strong.

『H-how could you use God Works!』

Maybe the fact that I used Primeval Magic shocked him, the sword God Zaikuon was making disappeared into nothingness.
Well I mean, with Primeval Magic, you'd fail at it the moment you lost concentration.

『I had the privilege to study under Ancient Dragon-dono.』
『Those damn detestable dragons...』

Gununu expression fits God Zaikuon really well.

『Don't think this is over yet!』

God Zaikuon's body disappeared into yellow particles as he said that.
Since the marker I secretly put on him has disappeared as well, he must have gone back to God's Realm after leaving that parting threat.

"Satou, I'm sorry. Because of me you're..."
"Oh there's absolutely nothing to apologize about."

I smile at Aze-san who was about to cry.
I erase my split-body and carry Aze-san in my arms.

There might have been better ways to go about it, but there's no point crying over spilt milk.
Let's postpone introspections and stuff for later and just be happy that I've managed to protect my most precious.

"So God Zaikuon apparently was asking for Memory Bank or something, but what was he going to use it for though?"
"He was demanding about the full details of the events when World Trees got cleansed of 『Evil Jelly』..."

Evil Jelly--those jellyfish huh.

Come to think of it, those gods were saying that they're maintaining a barrier that protects the entire world from outside invaders.

"You mean the matter with jellyfish? He didn't say anything about the spear squid--the white-ball and the grey space creatures?"

They were the bunches I exterminated by a request from Birowanan Clan right after I learned Chant skill.

"You must mean the flame in space event. He didn't say anything regarding that, but it seemed that was included in the matters he wanted to know as well."

Miko Lua-san who was present then affirmed.

By doing that, Aze-san did keep my handiworks a secret, but I'd hate it if it meant she would get hurt because of me.

"I don't really mind, so please just tell them the next time they ask."

Aze-san averted her face when she heard me.

--Well now?

"B-but. It's so embarrassing..."
"Is it?"

The blushing abashed Aze-san is the cutest ever.
I'm even hit by the urge to take her home right here and now.

"Isn't she just against the idea of having you two lovey dovey scenes be seen by someone else?"

Miko Lua-san sighed as she said that.

Did we really flirt that much?

"Then I guess we just have to refuse and refer them to Birowanan Clan who knows better about--"

I noticed something after saying that and asked.

"--Why did he go to Boruenan?"

The matter with Jellyfish are universal amongst all clans, and Birowanan Clan should have more details about the matter with spear squids.

"I think that's because Boruenan is the clan with Aze-sama as the sole high-elf."
"...Is it because the high elves would raise an objection if he went to other clans?"

God Zaikuon kinda seems like a small time villain somehow.

"No I do not believe that is the reason. Since to gods, high elves-sama exist solely to carry out their commands."

Well if that isn't haughty.

"I had a chance to an audience with Slispuze-sama before, according to her, withdrawing information from Memory Banks bears heavy load to even Gods. As such, he probably chose Boruenan because he could finish it by checking only one high elf."

This is the first I heard Slispuze name, but judging from her wordings she's probably one of the seven high elves sleeping in Boruenan Forest's World Tree.

--No, rather than that.

If what Miko Lua-san said is right, God Zaikuon is surely coming back to Boruenan Forest.

"Then, I'll stay at Boruenan Forest for a while."

After I said that, I asked Aze-san, "Do you mind?" just in case.

"Un, of course not. Thank you, Satou."
"No worries, it's just an excuse to stay close to Aze-san."

I stare at Aze-san's eyes after saying that.

"Umm, how long do you plan to hold Aze-sama in your arms?"

Miko Lua-san who looked like she was about to vomit sugar said something superfluous.

"A, awawawawa--this is, you're wrong! It's not like I forgot cause it felt so comfortable, umm, err--"

Since Aze-san's eyes and hands started to bashfully go round and round, I had no choice to let her down.

Right at that point, Crisis Perception skill alerted me a faint signal of danger.


Yellow lights twinkled in the sky as I looked above.
Looks like the second round against God Zaikuon would come quicker than expected.

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『Fuhahahaha! Let me to teach you what it means to have an abundance of divinity!』

A golden ship wrapped in yellow aura is floating in the sky. Not a sailing ship, its shape more resembles a space ship like that of Boruenan's Light Ship.
Magic circles with fractal patterns, similar to ones I saw in God's Realms, are appearing and disappearing on the golden ship's main body.

A voice that sounded like God Zaikuon's came out of the ship.

While I was watching, magic circles manifested in the sky, and several boats shaped like toy bamboo leaf boats came out of those.
Those boats look small next to the golden ship, but they're actually as big as World Tree's Light Ships. The golden ship itself is a huge ship whose size rivaling a small island.

『Yield your head lest the army of gods burn you down along with World Tree.』

The quick-tempered guy went ahead and declared war.

I guess we're fortunate the Divine Punishment that befell Weasel Empire wasn't one that indiscriminately turned everyone into salt.
Since I want to avoid turning Boruenan Forest into a battlefield myself, this is convenient for me.

『Milord-sama, you would get scolded by Head-sama and Kindness-sama if a World Tree got burned down.』
『Hmph, even a foolish human must know the meaning of sacrificing a World Tree.』

They seemed to forget turning off speaker out switch or something, a conversation between a shrill voice who seemed to be a nymph and God Zaikuon could be heard.
Sorry but there's only a few people in the whole world who knows that World Trees suck up mana from outer space and circulate it into the world via Earth Veins.

"I'm heading off for a bit."

I walked into the air with Sky Drive, and got into a self-made Dimensional Ship I took out of Storage.
I went out of my way to bring out the ship like this to attract God Zaikuon's attention.

I waved at Aze-san who looked worried as I closed the boarding hatch, and moved my self-made ship right before God Zaikuon's golden ship with Unit Arrangement.

『Taste god's judgment.』

Whoops, no room for argument it seems.

A yellow beam pierced the spot where my ship was.

I don't intend to forgive God Zaikuon for what he did to Aze-san, but I was thinking of at least apologizing for kicking him all of of a sudden, but it appears his mind is fully preoccupied in punishing me.

『We won't let you run.』

Leaf boats boarded by nymphs were already waiting for me at the spot my Dimensional Ship teleported to.
Apparently these leaf boats could see my ship even when it's cruising the dimension.

Tentacles split out of the leaf boats, the tips of those tentacles spread open like flowers and shot out beams.
Their forms are similar to stuff I saw in older robot anime.

Since I can't let them damage the ground, I dodge while leading their attacks upward.
I'm also luring these God Zaikuon's troupe to the sea south of Boruenan Forest.

It's not as easy as it sounds though.

"Foresight huh--"

The nymphs' leaf boats that were giving chase like hounds went round and cut in my path as if they knew where I was going.
Their flower beams posses offensive power unbefitting of their fantasy-like appearance, gradually wearing down my Dimensional Ship's barrier walls.

Crisis Perception blared really hard.

『Perish, mongrel!』

Looks like I've been led by the nose by these leaf boats.
The tip of golden ship split into four parts, then a super thick beam was shot out of the center.


The super thick beam diffused.

I moved above with Unit Arrangement.
Had a hunch that my Dimensional Ship probably could not dodge that.

One of the countless rays of light that diffused from the beam landed on the sea, creating steam explosion and raising an island-sized water column.
Another ray sent several uninhabited islands to their watery graves.

Since it looked like it would cause a tsunami, I used an advanced level water spell [Erase Tidal Wave] I created after the Divine Punishment.

Still, that's some power befitting of a God's Ark.


I recalled my fight against the Mysterious Creatures in space.

These golden ship and leaf boat would be more than a match against the jellyfish and spear squids.
Against the black octopus, it's probably impossible but I'm sure they can go up against it if all seven gods combine their strength.

--Which means, there are even more dangerous things than the black octopus in space?

『You little!』

Spheres of light changed their trajectory as they headed toward my ship.

Since these spheres kept persistently going after me no matter how many times I dodge them, I made a decoy packed with dense mass and mana to erase those light spheres. Since normal decoys will stop working after the first time.
It's becoming bothersome to keep dodging, but it also looks like they'll go down fast if I counterattack, which is also bothersome.


With the support of Trap Usage skill, I adjust my position to match with the leaf boats' assaults.

『Nuoooooo! Nymphs, where are you aiming!』

I tried going for friendly fires, but I got too much into it and ended up sinking two leaf boats, while the golden ship whose main gun suffered a direct hit began descending raising black smoke all the while.
That's what happens when I don't even attack nor block and dedicate everything into dodging.

Additionally, two lights who seemed to be nymphs got out of the two sinking leaf boats and were rescued by the other leaf boats.

A Greek temple-like structure on top of the golden ship that had landed on water detached.

I could see a human clad in yellow lights inside the temple which consisted of only pillars.
Unlike the man in toga earlier, the light was too intense I could only make out his silhouette,

『A mere mortal dared to shoot down God's Ark...』

No uh, that was your friend doing the fire though.

『Know that mortal sin sees no forgiveness!』

Shouldn't he be more angrier at the fact that I kicked him though?

My view blackened out while my mind was quipping him.
Looking over the cockpit's canopy above me, I saw the sun darkening at quick pace.

--It's a solar eclipse.

An artificial solar eclipse at that, caused by God Zaikuon.

『I'll show you the forbidden power deprived from demon god!』

God Zaikuon shouted as he raised his arms heavenward.

Looks like he's not done with futile struggle yet.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Strongest Sage, Composes Magic


"Alright, here goes!"

After saying that, I push my way toward [Broken Star].
Iris kept cutting apart the swarm of monsters to maintain the gap I'm taking to get to [Broken Star].

Of course, I'm also getting attacked by many ancient monsters myself, but none touched me as I dodged and blocked them all with barriers.
Even though it may look like I've dealt with every attack, it's actually impossible with this many assaults.

"Don't worry about me getting hit by your attacks, just keep at it!"

I'd have preferred to go about this more carefully, but we just don't have time.

Gotta deal with these innumerable attacks either way anyway.
The difference between having Iris's claws directed toward me is like having 101 attacks coming my way instead of just 100.

"I gotcha!"

Iris swings her claws with me included in the range.
The monster swarm rapidly collapsed, creating gaps here and there.

I slip into the ones that seem like they'll get me closer to [Broken Star].
And when I find no gap to slip through--. I unleash a large-scale attack magic to blow the monsters away.

"Blow away!"


The monsters who got hit by my magic retreated while roaring angrily.

Ancient monsters posses big and heavy bodies.
But they could be moved to a degree if you shot them with magic that specialize in blowing things away.

Normally, this gap would have been buried instantly.
But thanks to Ruli's movement jamming, I managed to slip into it nicely.

I passed through the gap and made my way toward the [Broken Star].
As such, I got closer to [Broken Star] little by little.

"Ah... Sorry I hit you!"
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Iris whose claw sweep hit me by mistake spoke apologetically.
I reply back to Iris.

"It's okay. Don't worry and just keep doing that!"

I keep heading toward [Broken Star] while making use of even Iris's claw.
Progressing through a danger zone choke full of monsters with no space to even wriggle about.

Then--I arrived at [Broken Star].

Right at the same time, a sound like something broke resounded in the surroundings.
Ruli's Dragon Vein control had reached its limit and broken apart.

"I failed! I'll set it right back up--"

"No, that's enough. I've made it."

I directed the magic Ruli used toward [Broken Star] and collected [Broken Star Flake].

Then I constructed another magic and put the flake into it, finishing up a magic tool.
Since the magic tool is made with my crest, it won't last long--nevertheless it's long enough to ensure my victory.

I've won this match the moment this magic tool is completed.

"...Anmorr brothers, your research has come in handy."

Their research doesn't have much use in itself, but it became a hint in the creation of a new magic.

That [Composite Test Body Number 1] had its ego broken because it was a forceful combination of resurrected people with different personalities.
And the [Reinforced Test Body Number 1] self destructed because one man was forcefully fed with revival power beyond its body's capacity.

Excessive power is too much load for a non-composite body.
However, mixing different personalities would collapse its ego, losing their ability to wield the power.

In other words, if you make a composite of two persons with the same ego, it's possible to fuse the power while retaining one's ego.

Normally, nothing exists that could satisfy such conditions.
Different person bears different ego.
No matter how similar twins are, they have differing egos so long as they're their own person.

However--in reality, there are actually beings who meet those conditions in this world.

One is the present me, Mathias Hildesheimr.
And the other is the past me--Gaias the Sage.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 9.6_7_8_9


Nothing happened in the campsite during that night.

The next morning, Vandam asked Lecan with an intrigued look on his face.

"That overcoat. It's awfully clean. I thought it'd been bathed in blood spurts from when you cut down those apes."

"These bloodstains are inconspicuous y'see."

They arrived at a town early in the morning. There must be a reason for them to camp out the night when they were this close. The head clerk of an inn whom Chaney Company regularly used was desperately asking them to take a rest, but there was nothing of note besides that.

They approached another mountain path after leaving the town.

As they were about to go down a ridge after reaching a rise, Lecan suddenly jumped on top of the wagon. Ghett the coachman was surprised at this.

"Le-Lecan-san. What's the matter?"

Vandam turned around while still on his horse when he heard that.


However, Lecan kept staring at the forest below without replying.

Then he suddenly raised his hand and cast a spell.

"<Flame Spear>!"


"Hyaa. What's going on?"

The flame spear landed several hundreds step ahead, producing a loud blasting sound.

"What was that. Lecan, just what was over there."

"You'll see when we get there."

"That much firepower from this distance. Unbelievable."

By see, Lecan means that the impact point of his magic is close by the path they're taking soon, hence it'll be clear what's in there then. Still, Vandam just can't believe Lecan would fire a magic without any warning all of a sudden.

When they eventually reached the spot, there was a dead man. Moreover, his upper half has been torn with most of his lower half missing, quite an awful way to go out. Judging from his clothes, he seems to have been a mage, there's a cane in his right hand.

Zeki recognized who the dead mage was.

"This guy's <Jiba the Evil Eye>."

"What. This guy huh."

Vandam was aware of the man's name.

"He someone famous or somethin'?"

Since Zeki wasn't going to explain, Vandam did in his place.

"If memories serve me right, he was a user of magic, <Illusion>. Bedazzling his opponents with illusion magic before killing them. Apparently, he even made them kill each other. It's said that there was no way to guard against this magic unless you got a specific dungeon item with you. And also, it seems like women who got targeted by this guy would meet an appallingly terrible fate."

"Uwaa. What an awful man."

"This cane looks to be of quite a value. And this assassin appears to carry a bag with a <Box> function. There may be other valuables inside. I'm sorry, but would you be willing to let me take hold of these cane and bag."


"That's for the best. Please."

Lecan and Vandam agreed, ending the discussion.

"But to think we've been getting raided three days in a row. This is a first."

"Musta cost a lot too. Bufuz, Jiba and magic beast user. Gotta be lots of work to assemble the lot of them."

"Yes. Hence it's probably... No nevermind. Let's press on ahead."


In the end, they never stayed at any town or village they passed along the way and camped out all the way through.

The raid ended with the third one.

The group arrived at Vantaroy a day later than scheduled after an eight day journey.

The plan is to stay here one or two night before going back to Vouka.

Since they arrived late at noon, the goods were to be delivered the day after.

Vandam and Zeki are guarding the goods in the same room as Orst. Lecan, Nike, and Eda are staying in adjacent rooms each, keeping watch. Renting this many rooms must have cost them in excess, yet it proved just how much precautions they had to put into this.

The day after, they went around to have three business talks, with five adventurers accompanied them everywhere.

Later that night, Orst met with Nike, Lecan and Eda to consult something.

"Originally the plan was to go back with the same member composition, but the situation has changed. Vandam and Zeki will have to go on horses back to Vouka ahead of us to do some business. Which means you three will be the only escorts for our return trip, or would that be too much?"

"Just leave it to us ssu. Us three will overcome anything that stands in our way!"

"I have no objection either."

Lecan nodded in silence.

The meal that night was grandiose, but lacking boozes.

The day after, Vandam and Zeki left the inn early in the morning.

Afterward, Orst went around two merchant houses with Lecan as his sole guard.

The group set out on their journey back this afternoon.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The group unconsciously were on edge during the return trip since they had received constant raids on the way there. Eda's bottomless cheerfulness cleared the tension that was running high.

"I sure would like for Lecan to lead the way. And with Eda-chan right behind him, that'll cover for support fire. Then I'll walk behind the wagon and watch out for rear attacks."

Since Nike said that, Lecan began walking in front of Eda. When they got to a wide path, Eda came over and walked next to Lecan, talking to him all the while. Lecan couldn't help but admire her ability to chatter endlessly while walking in these bushes.

"Oy, Lecan. You're gonna teach me <Recovery> once we get back, aintcha. No backsie ya hear me."


At the time, Lecan thought that Eda probably got no aptitude to learn <Recovery> anyway.

They stayed the nights in towns or villages during the entirety of the return trip. Since they got treated with good food in towns, Eda was overjoyed.

"Oh right, Nike. Why wasn't Zeki surprised when I cast <Recovery> without chanting."

"Aah, that, well of course. <Recovery> is the only case where the majority of those who can use it never studied to learn the spell. Except for those who got taken in by the temples."

"How come."

"Cause most <Recovery> manifested by chance. Reciting <Kirim> while frantically praying for their parent or sibling to be cured of wounds or sickness they suffered. The word <Kirim> carries the meaning <Be Cured> y'see. And then those who happen to possess mana and the aptitude end up casting <Recovery>. Afterward, all that's left is to polish their skill at their own way."

"You can construct a spell without learning?"

"<Recovery> is a special case you see. It's not about the perfectness of the spell construction, the key to its activation is how deep one's prayer is."


"Probably sounds like mumbo jumbo to you since you learned <Recovery> through logic. You'd get it one of these days."


They got back to Vouka on the seventh day.

There was a concern about another raid from magic beast user, but it never came in the end.

In a surprising twist, the magic beast user has already been arrested at Vouka Town. Not only him, those who gave orders to the magic beast user and their conspirators have been rounded up as well.

"The key was the raid on the third day. A raid at that spot at that time would have not been possible unless one was privy of our Company's planned route for the wagon."

The day they got back to Vouka, Lecan was invited to a dinner by Chaney. Orst is with them as well.

"Yet, the day of departure depended entirely on whether we could assemble all the escorts. Even I had no idea when that would be until a day before the departure date."

Nike probably proposed the escort quest because she knew about that.

"The first raid is of note in particular. The raid happened in the morning of the second day, but originally the wagon was supposed to pass through that spot in the evening of the first day. Then how come they could set up an ambush at that location for that time. That is because the person who had the intel on us and gave the order to attack was in this town. There is simply no other way to interpret it."

This store's dishes are pretty good. So are the boozes. Lately Lecan doesn't feel stuffy even when he's in a private room, maybe because he's gotten used to it. Tonight is a fun night. It would have been even better if Nike and Eda were here too, the moment that thought crossed his mind, Lecan shook his head. Nike aside, he must be very tired to even think having that noisy woman around fun.

"Then where would the magic beast user, the perpetrator of the first raid be located. Was he tailing the wagon? Oh non, non. Of course that cannot possibly the case."

Oh right, Eda was getting fussy about teaching her <Recovery>. She'd press on him again tomorrow for sure.

"He must have returned here to this town. It's only logical to think that. And that was what written in Orst's letter."

Chaney exaggeratedly waved at Orst who put his glass down and bowed back.

"I immediately hasted my way to the lord's mansion at once and asked for an audience. With information pertaining an individual who might have been the perpetrator of the sudden emergences of powerful magic beasts at the highway two and three years ago on hands."

Chaney seems to be a bit tipsy tonight. He holds his glass on eye's level, and sways it boastfully.

"Truthfully, we had had suspicions on a certain place for some time already. It's a certain store that has connections to Zaikaz Company. The guards raided the place and arrested both the magic beast user and the people who had been giving orders. For some reason, one of Midosco-sama's subordinates was also found among them."

"Is the matter with Midosco not concluded yet."

Chaney who was in good mood had a dejected look on his face.

"That's well, it's taking more time than expected. Recently, the madam's family side has been asking for Midosco-sama's temporary return home until things have calmed down citing that many of his actions have brought misunderstandings as the reason. We cannot let him go back there. He will leave this matter to go vague, and come back like he's never done anything wrong, I'm sure of it."

"Sounds like a pain."

"We will likely get hold of unshakable evidence had we raided his mansion, but lord-sama is unable to make the decision. If only we know of a positive proof, one that will surely be found, with no way to rationalize when found, something anything will do."

Chaney sent a sideward glance at Lecan. Since Lecan isn't drunk yet, he's aware of what Chaney is trying to say.

"What were we talking about again. Ah, right. We confiscated many items that would suffice as evidence, and obtained testimonies from those arrested. There is no way for Vouka's branch manager of Zaikaz Company to weasel his way out of his felony. I plan to use this opportunity to drive merchants who have been acting as Zack's lapdogs out of this town."

Since Chaney urged for a toast, Lecan reluctantly complied. Orst participated as well.

"It probably won't be enough to go after Zack himself though. That's something out of our control. However, Zaikaz Company's Vouka branch will fall into ruin. Zack surely lost not insignificant amount of money from this. And it will be much harder for them to carry out future business through the highways."

Lecan realized the reason why Vandam and Zeki had to quickly go back to Vouka.

The conspirators would have made their next move already had the full group gone back to Vouka from Vantaroy. Before that could happen, or in other words, before the information about that reached those people, they needed to get in touch with Chaney first.

"That means either these conspirators have a base at Vantaroy, or someone capable of making decisions there."

Chaney moved to another subject without answering that.

"Thanks to this endeavor, we Chaney Company have managed to open a new branch at Vantaroy. The person in charge will be Orst here. He's my right hand man. Lecan-san. Do please continue your patronage with Orst as well."

Chaney and Orst bowed together to Lecan.

"Ah, and I need to give you this."

"This is... a Quest Completion Coin?"

"The quest this time is a formal one accepted through Adventurer Association. By handing this over to the Association, your feat will be recorded."

Honestly speaking, Lecan doesn't really care about this Adventurer Association stuff anymore.

But Eda probably has another one in mind.

He gratefully took the coin.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Strongest Sage, Breakthrough


The railway tunnel we're in right now is located next to a running Dragon Vein.
She should obtain the power needed to interfere with ancient monsters if she makes use of this Dragon Vein.

"I-I understand! ...I'll go with this one!"

Ruli showed me her magic circle's composition as she said that.

...It's quite a complex composition... Pretty strong for movement jamming indeed.
Maintaining this with the pulsing Dragon Vein will be quite an arduous task... But the Ruli right now can surely maintain it for a short while.
Nice choice.

"Looks good... Can you maintain this?"

"I'll do my best!"

"As for me, I'm gonna buy time by aiming for legs of any monster coming this way!"

...These two should be fine here.
There's probably only going a few monsters coming here thanks to the tunnel.

Alma alone should be more than enough with the help of Ruli's movement jamming magic.
I just need to end my fight quick in the meantime.

"I'm counting on you... Tell me once you're ready with the Dragon Vein."

"I understand!"

Afterward, Ruli augmented several magic stones, and installed them on the Dragon Vein.

She's doing good up to making the magic tool... but as to whether she can maintain it or not, all I can do is bet on Ruli's skill.
When dealing with Dragon Vein, regulating the magic tools once they've been activated is the hardest part.

"I'm done preparing!"

"Got it! Start the magic tool up once I contact you through comm magic...  Iris, we're heading out!"


The two of us ran in the tunnel.
A monster showed up ahead of us right after we started running...

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Iris's spear pulverized the monster.

"Alright! Good going!"

Inside the tunnel, only one monster can pass through each time. Iris herself can take care of them.
We came out of the tunnel while I was thinking.

"I'm turning into dragon now!"

Iris cast the magic to transform her back into dragon.

A moment later--A huge Darkness Dragon manifested, shoving many monsters away.
The ancient monsters here are big, but none can compare at all to Iris in her dragon form.

The monsters launched a concentrated attack on the suddenly appearing foreign object--but Iris paid them no heed.
It's all about body size and sturdiness in a free-for-all-fight like this.

『This body really is nice! It's so easy to move around in!』

Iris began rampaging around after saying that.
Then all these ancient monsters got blown apart in a blink of an eye, but...

『...Haven't you forgotten our objective here?』

Our goal is to arrive at [Broken Star], not to defeat monsters produced by it.
After all no matter how many monsters we defeat, [Broken Star] will just keep resurrecting more unless we do something about it.

『Aah! ...Should I shoot out my breath!?』

Iris asked me after recalling our objective.
Indeed, getting closer to Broken Star should be easy if she uses her breath to thin out these monsters, however...

『Please go with physical attacks. We have no idea what would happen if a high ranking dragon's breath clashed with [Supra-natural Art].』

『I got it!』

Iris turned toward [Broken Star].
Seeing that, I give the instruction to Ruli.

『Ruli, the magic please!』


Iris mowed down the monsters with her claws.
Almost at the same time, Ruli activated movement jamming magic.

Even if our enemies are ancient monsters, the power of Darkness Dragon is just overwhelming.
Monsters who got hit by Iris's claws blew away other monsters near them.
Then a gap opened between these monsters.

This little gap would have been buried in no time flat were I had no support at all, but thanks to Ruli's Dragon Vein control, the gap persisted momentarily.
Maintaining the magic must be difficult with thousands of ancient monsters here--but Ruli seems to be giving her all at it.

However, this situation won't stay for long.
It's a match against time.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 9.4_5


"I'm sorry but we will be camping out again tonight. We'll enter a town tomorrow morning, please restock our foodstuff then. Ghett-san, please stock extra food for the horse."

Orst said that on the third day's morning. The original plan was to stay in the town tonight, so they're delaying it a bit.

No one knows what kind of information or knowledge that prompted the decision, but since it's an order by their client, none objected.

Afterward, the wagon passed by several travelers, but none was particularly suspicious.

Around noon, something got caught in Lecan's <Life Detection>.

There's no one in the highway ahead of them visibly, but someone is lurking at the hill next to it. Being invisible to bare eyes must mean that they're hiding behind the hill.

"Vandam. Someone is hiding behind the left hill ahead. One person."

Lecan didn't inform about the fact that the person in question did not posses mana. It's to keep his ability from being known more than necessary.

"Hum. I'd hate to get attacked from far above with our flank exposed."

Vandam pondered a bit while stroking his goatee.

"The distance from the hilltop to the road is about 100 steps. Arrows would easily reach us from above there. Arrows won't work on the wagon, but it'd be a different story if they got Graced weapons."

Eda intervened from behind Lecan.

"Mine magic bow will shoot through that guy's mug once he shows it up the hilltop!"

<Bow of Isya> will surely reach the top of that hill even if it's 100 step far apart. It probably won't hit, but the opponent will surely go back into hiding. It'd buy enough time for Vandam to run up the hill with his horse and defeat the enemy.

"Alright, let's go with that. Everybody! There's a suspicious person at the left hill ahead. Be on your guard as we proceed! We'll commence counterattack if they attack!"

At this point, Vandam made light of their enemy since it only numbers in one person. Thinking that there was nothing to fear with their collective offensive prowess. A judgment he soon regretted.

Eda got on top of the wagon. She sits on her knee while balancing her body on the swaying wagon, sets up her bow and readies a magic arrow. She's in position to shoot anytime.

Lecan probed their enemy's location with <Life Detection>, drawing a straight line between them and the wagon in his head. Just as Lecan came right beside the wagon, or in other words as the wagon passed next to the hill, someone stood up on top of the hill.

Vandam shouted like he was screaming when he saw the enemy,


Eda shot her arrow. The arrow flew straight toward the assailant on the hilltop and pierced through their chest. Yet, let alone falling down, the assailant didn't even show any sign of pain.

It's a weird man.

He's wearing nothing on his upper half saves for a small belt. His lower half is of trousers with loose cloth. Having an unbelievably obese constitution and lustrous black face and body. Even though he's so far away, it's somehow very obvious that he's got bloodshot eyes.

Vandam made his horse run up the slope. But he's taking the slightly roundabout route from the right as to not obstruct Eda's vision.

The man on the hilltop put his hand inside a bag on his feet, gripped small black things which he tossed above. Then he grabbed the big hammer that was in his left hand with both hands and swung it hard.

By this point, Eda's second arrow had pierced the man's belly, yet it had no effect again.

A huge explosion occurred when the hammer hit the black small round things that then proceeded to fly straight toward the wagon.

Dodging these incoming objects would be a simple matter with Lecan's kinetic vision and reflexes. But it might hit the wagon or Eda if he did.

"Flame Spear <Bandroux>!"

He unleashed the above spell almost unconsciously. With a cast time faster than any <Flame Spear> he ever cast before. Within a time frame not short enough to even blink, he managed to circulate and converge his mana, perfectly constructed the magic, and actualized a high powered offensive spell that clashed with around 20 black bullets right next to the wagon.

BOOM, with a stomach-rumbling sound, the black bullets exploded.

"<Flame Spear>!"

The second shot of his attack magic landed on the enemy at bizarrely quick speed. Far faster than the magic arrows Eda shot. Zeki who was riding the horse in the back and witnessed the whole thing could only see a ray of light connecting the enemy with Lecan's hand in a straight line the instant Lecan raised his hand.

The flame spear opened a huge hole right in the middle of the enemy's chest. He slowly fell down on the spot.

Nike was already standing next to Lecan before anyone realized. With her sword drawn out. Perhaps she was going to shoot down those black bullets.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"He was an adventurer called <Bufuz of Crushing Hammer>. He originally worked in dungeons, no specialized in dungeon diving, but after losing his partner, he started accepting shady business in exchange for huge sums. I believe several towns have put up his wanted posters."

According to Vandam's explanation, the Graced hammer Bufuz was carrying would cause an explosion if it strikes an object. The recoil from that was what made the iron bullets fly.

Adventurer Association does not accept quests that make adventurers do crimes, but there are underworld organizations that specialize in exactly that. And among adventurers who take on underworld jobs, Bufuz was famous for his destructiveness.

"Sorry. The fault lies on my judgment. I should have launched a preemptive strike or at least stopped the wagon first. I wasted the information Lecan got."

"You did not."

"In any case, you were really a great help. You have my thanks."


Zeki the mage came from side and talked to Lecan. It's unusual for this taciturn man to initiate a conversation.

"You didn't do preliminary chant with the <Flame Spear>. You might have secretly done it with the first shot, but there was no time for that at all with the second shot. How'd you do that."

Lecan knitted his brow. Zeki didn't say anything when he cast <Recovery> without preliminary chant even though he did it right in front of his eyes. Why would he ask that now of all time, he wondered. However, Vandam deciphered Lecan's expression for a different meaning.

"Zeki. Like hell an adventurer would reveal their cards. Just drop it."


"Can I have a moment please."

It was Orst who spoke up.

"In cases like this, all escort members hold ownership of the loot. Which is the Graced hammer this time. You have to decide whether to take the item itself or exchange it for money."

"Lecan. Do you want to take this hammer for yourself?"

"No, don't need it."

"Is that so. Then let's sell it. Sorry, but it's gotta be split up evenly with everyone."


"Well then, I'm sorry for the trouble but in order to ascertain its power, Lecan-san, could you hit a tree with this hammer please."

Lecan lifted the hammer and headed toward a tree.

It's a curious hammer. It looks like metal yet feels like wood in hands. Even though a battle hammer is supposed to concentrate its impact point, this hammer is flat on both ends like a wooden mallet.

Lecan raised the hammer and swung it toward the tree from the side.

A huge explosion occurred. As the hammer felt like it was about to fly off, Lecan reflexively put more strength into his hands.

Looking at the tree, a section of its thick trunk has been blown away into nothingness. The upper section fell down just like that, producing a loud sound.

"What splendid power. Vandam-san, could you have a go as well."

"Got it."

Vandam involuntarily dropped the hammer when he received it from Lecan.

"What the heck's up with this thing's weight!"

Vandam managed to lift up the hammer he dropped and hit it on a nearby tree.

An explosion occurred, and the hammer flew off Vandam's hands, but the tree broke down nonetheless.

"Thank you very much. I've grasped a rough understanding on its strong and problematic points. It will take time if we put it on auctions. If you wish to sell it right here and now, we can offer you four gold coins, would that be satisfactory?"

Vandam looks at Lecan with eyes full of expectations.

"Vandam. You decide."

"Sorry 'bout this, Lecan. Orst, buy it now."

"Thank you very much for your patronage."

They got four large silver coins each as incidental income. Both Vandam and Zeki looked pleased.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Strongest Sage, Faces off the Swarm


"...This should be fast enough."

I lowered the lever for acceleration once the magic freight car had gained enough speed.

"Aah, it's not going as fast as the one we rode here... This is so much nicer..."

Alma looked relieved as she said that.
Looks like the magic freight car we took to get to the research facilities proved to be too much thrill to Alma.

"Yeah. This magic freight car has got to stop before it gets there... We'll find the [Broken Star] at the terminus of this line, but the track is probably not intact. I'll stop right before the spot where ancient monsters prowl around, then I'll head off along with Iris from there on."

Afterward, I check the mana situation with [Passive Detection].
I'd put the brakes if I sense a monster ahead of the track.

"So me and Alma are to wait on the magic freight car?"

"Ruli, please support us from afar with Augment magic... Since there's a Dragon Vein near where [Broken Star] is, you'll have to meddle through Dragon Vein."

"Dragon Vein... Like how I did at Dungeon City?"

Ruli played a support role through Dragon Vein when I was fighting a demon in Dungeon City.
That should serve as a good practice.

"Yeah. Hinder the monsters' movement with your magic through Dragon Vein as medium... It'd be much harder than that time, but I'll end this one quick. Bear with it until you can't anymore... Alma, protect Ruli. Ancient monsters may be strong, but I'll make it so those you can't beat won't pass through."


Alma also nodded readily.
Looks like these two have gotten much more courageous than ever, guess fighting all those demons were not for nothing.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

After a little while--A sign of monster showed up in my [Passive Detection].
I immediately tell the three.

"I'm stopping the freight car! Hold on to something!"

I fully lowered the acceleration down, and put up multiple layers of barrier in front of the magic freight car.
The freight car crushed the barriers with a loud sound and decelerated.


"I-it's shaking so much!"

The girls tightly held onto the interior enduring the impact as the magic freight car hit the barriers.
And it managed to stop before it reached the monster.

"...That huh."

There's an abnormally gigantic mana reaction three kilometer away from where we are now.

It's emitting mana even though [Supra-natural Art] is not magic.
However, its mana pattern is extremely bizarre, like it's not of this world.
I've never seen something like this before even counting my past life.

"W-what an incredible mana reaction..."

"I've never seen this mana reaction before, you could tell even from here..."

"This mana feels yucky somehow!"

The girls sounded surprised to see the mana reaction.
Heck, even Iris who usually never noticed mana reaction could sense [Broken Star] power.
Normally, you won't even notice its existence at this distance.

This is the power of [Supra-natural Art]
It's on a whole other dimension than the powers that exist on our planet.

A power this great exists in this universe.
...And I need to eventually catch up to these bunch.
The thought alone sounds fun.

"This mana reaction is [Broken Star]. I'll be going now to reach that."

"T-three kilometers inside this..."

Alma murmured so to hear me.

That much distance is nothing if you only need to walk.
However, swarms of monsters are crowding the area around [Broken Star] with nary a gap.
The tunnel that connects to [Broken Star] has been destroyed, the spot slightly ahead of us is gouged out.

All other outbreaks we have seen so far look like normal forests compared to this [Broken Star] surroundings.
It's easy to imagine why Anmorr brothers gave up trying to fetch [Broken Star Flake] after seeing this spectacle.

Even if I ride on Iris dragon form's back and fly in the air, the problem persists.

Though there's not a lot of monsters capable of flights in the current era, that's not the case with ancient monsters.
Even the ground monsters have many ways to shoot at airborne objects.

Rather, the sky above [Broken Star] is the worst danger zone in the whole world right now.
Pushing our way on ground is still a better choice here.

"No choice but to break through the front line... Ruli, interfere with the Dragon Vein and spread as many dense movement jamming as you can. Keep at it for just three minutes."

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