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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Strongest Sage, Defeats Test Body


"Come, show me more powers with the last of your breath!"

--As elder Anmorr activated the magic, little Anmorr's mana swelled up even more.
Looks like he fully intends to use up his little brother to gather data to the end.

"...I understand! This Lunat Anmorr shall shine the brightest in his last! --For the greater good of magic research!"

Looks like little Anmorr has made his resolutions.
He's casting his biggest attack magic.

This is bad.
At that amount of magic output, even Iris won't be able to guard against it.
Even if you've lost control of your magic, as long as you're prepared to have your entire body destroyed right after you cast magic, it's still possible to use powerful magic that corresponds to the amount of mana used.

"W-what's with this mana!"

"Oh no! --I'll put up a barrier!"

Alma sounded surprised, Ruli stopped her augmenting magic and cast a barrier magic.
However, that level of barrier can't possibly hold up against little Anmorr's magic.

After all, it's a magic cast by a magician strengthened many folds at the expense of his life.
Forget Ruli's barrier, even the surrounding [Wall of Space Rupture] probably won't withstand little Anmorr's magic.

--My preparations to end this fight completed right at that timing.

(...That sure took some time.)

While mumbling in my mind, I secretly invoked the magic I constructed.
It's a type of augment magic--similar to the one Ruli used, a counter magic to life force reinforcement by way of [Broken Star].

All the attack magic I had been using on little Anmorr was to hide the fact that I was constructing this magic.
It took a while thanks to Disqualified Crest being unfit for augment magic.
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Little Anmorr sounded perplexed when he realized that the magic I shot at him just now was different from all other so far.
But it's far too late.

Little Anmorr had his hands full already dealing with Alma's arrows in front of him while trying to cast full powered magic, he had no leeway to deal with my magic.
My magic pierced little Anmorr's left chest.

"This spell art...?"

Little Anmorr muttered in confusion.
Since what I cast was augment magic instead of attack magic.

--Afterward, nothing happened for a while.
But elder Anmorr was surprised to see the magic I invoked.

"It cannot be. Counter magic...?"

Little Anmorr looked at his left chest when he heard that.
The same augment magic Ruli used had been invoked there.

"There's no way complex augment magic could be invoked by that crest--"

Little Anmorr stopped talking midway through.

...Counter magic are not mere augment magic.
The idea that other crests besides Glory Crest can't possibly hope to use such magic is not exactly wrong.

It's true that maintaining that augment magic is unfeasible for any crest but Glory Crest.
Even the magic I spent so much time to construct and cast could only be maintained for a few seconds.

--However, that was enough to destroy the innards of little Anmorr who held a vast amount of mana.

"Guh... Goho..."

Little Anmorr fell on his knees and vomited out blood.
His heart has been completely destroyed by mana.

There's no need to attack anymore.
Thus little Anmorr breathed his last.

"The experiment... is a success. The loss of the best test subject, my little brother indeed hurt, but I obtained so much more interesting data... Well then, if you'd excuse me."

Elder Anmorr who saw the data and confirmed little Anmorr's death proceeded to leave the place.
However, of course I've no intention to let him escape.

I ran inside the barrier, and destroyed [Wall of Space Rupture] with the modified [Fusion Collapse].
However, the second barrier of multi-layered barrier was not a type that could be easily destroyed like [Wall of Space Rupture].

Elder Anmorr had vanished while I was trying to destroy the second barrier.

"...He escaped?"

Alma asked me after I managed to break the second barrier.

However... The little time it took me to break the barrier shouldn't be enough for him to escape this research facility.
Since this place is located deep underground.

If he used magic freight car or magic elevator to go above ground, I would have definitely noticed the mana reaction.
The absence of that must mean elder Anmorr is still close by.

I informed that to the girls.

"No he hasn't. That guy is still inside these facilities."

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