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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 287

Chapter 287 Strongest Sage, Ensnares


In the previous era, the greatest class of attack magic would be 『Great Collapse Formation』 if we're exclusively talking about destructive power.
A single shot of this magic is capable of blowing these entire facilities away.

However, by the time I was born in my previous life, this [Great Collapse Formation] had already been considered an out-of-date magic.
The magic circle needed to invoke it is too complex, with 10 minutes cast time and on top of that, you cannot adjust its range, so of course it would.

Even power, there's so many other magic I developed that are more destructive and more efficient than this magic.
Yet, I still chose [Great Collapse Formation].

There were times when it was deployed as a strategic attack magic, but by the time I was alive in the past era, no one was using it anymore due to its difficult use case.
However, you can cast this magic worry free so long as no one is getting in your way nor you care about getting anyone caught in it.

"...Surprised that I could still recall it."

I'm constructing the magic smoothly while murmuring.
This is the first time I'm casting such a large scale magic since I reincarnated.

...Few minutes later, right when I have finished constructing about 70% of [Great Collapse Formation] spell art.
My mana detection showed a reaction for an instant.

That mana reaction went through these facilities in a straight line.
It originally came out of a detector magic tool.
And the destination is--a bare wall inside the facilities.


The mana reaction just now occurred due to a mana detector that got activated for an instant.

My current amount of mana cannot afford the casting of [Great Collapse Formation].
The reason why I attempted to cast it despite of that was because this magic was already well known as a large-scale magic in the era Anmorr brothers lived in.

The [Great Collapse Formation] itself was nothing more than a threat.
My true goal was to make elder Anmorr operate a magic tool and probe his location from the mana reaction that ensued.

Elder Anmorr himself must have been aware that I didn't have enough mana to cast [Great Collapse Formation].
However, even after knowing that, elder Anmorr still feared [Great Collapse Formation].
After all, there are no magic researchers who don't know [Great Collapse Formation].

And thus, elder Anmorr went to confirm whether my mana was enough or not.
As a result, his location got exposed to me.
Even though it wouldn't have been were he just waited idly.

"...Over here huh."

I destroyed the wall where the mana went in to.
Then along with a loud crumbling sound--elder Anmorr showed himself up.

An attack magic flew at me from above at the same time, but I dodged that with a jump and used binding magic on elder Anmorr.

Elder Anmorr attempted to use counter magic when he saw that--but he really is lacking in battle experience.
Both his hands got bound before he managed to pull off the counter magic.

Since the binding magic I used includes jamming magic, there's nothing he can do anymore.

"To think I would be found out... I thought it would be fine if it was only for an instant."

"I went out of my way invoking [Great Collapse Formation] to get you use detection magic. There's no way I'd miss it."

"That does make sense."
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Elder Anmorr nodded while still being bound.

It doesn't seem like he's going to struggle.
Instead, he talks to me.

"...I have one request."

"No point in trying to weasel your way out... You will have to die here."

Unlike Grevil, elder Anmorr wouldn't hesitate to endanger humanity for the sake of research.
Even in the previous era, these brothers ended up getting executed because they performed some dangerous human experimentations.

This guy may be the most knowledgeable person in magic after me in this world no, but there's no way he can teach in Second Academy.

"No, I'm not going to beg for my life... From what I've seen, you are a very talented magician. I'd like you to take over our research."

No way.
Is what I wanted to say right away--but I need to ask elder Anmorr some things myself.

Let's hear him out for a bit while watching out for attempts to break away.

"Okay... First of all, I need to know where you got [Broken Star] from."

He must have used a lot of [Broken Star] to prepare that many revival magic.
Its origin intrigued me.

"We got it from a small lump of [Broken Star] which fell from the sky. You can reach the spot using magic freight car from here... Though getting your hands on it would be difficult even for us."

"What do you mean?"

"[Broken Star] is too powerful, you cannot transport it using ordinary methods... In order to transport [Broken Star], you have to use a specific magic to peel a very small part off it, then enclose the [Broken Star Flake] in a magic stone. On top of that, you have to use the [Broken Star Flake] within 43 hours after you peeled it off, lest it would disappear."

I see.
Indeed, that much labor is only right if you want carry out [Supra-natural Art].
...Though [Supra-natural Art] barely existed in my past life, forget about using it.

"Can't we just use that method then?"

"...That was the case just a while ago. But just three days ago when we went to fetch it, the area around [Broken Star] had turned into a hotbed of powerful monsters... Retrieving it is impossible now."

A hotbed of powerful monsters huh.
Enemies strong enough to make Anmorr brothers, human beings from the long past era, give up collecting research materials--then those monsters must be truly powerful for sure.

"The monsters who had died around that area got resurrected huh."

"Exactly. In addition, most of those monsters have gone out of control due to their excess life force... It has gotten completely out of hand."

Okay well that's bad.
Right now, the only downside is [Broken Star Flakes] being inaccessible, but if more out of control monsters keep emerging up, it's only a matter of time before the damage spreads to other places.

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