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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Strongest Sage, Inquires Location


This world would suffer a huge damage if even one dragon got resurrected and went out of control.

"...Is it still continuing to resurrect monsters even as we speak?"

"Yeah... By our calculations, it will take about 2000 years before that [Broken Star] gets completely exhausted."

2000 years huh.

The world will easily perish if powerful monsters keep getting resurrected for 2000 years.

First, towns would be destroyed by those monsters, humanity will decline.
And if demons use that chance to strike, current civilizations would fall into ruins in two, three years.
We need to avoid that.

...But I've already come up with a countermeasure.
Ironically, I got the hint from Anmorr brothers' research.
There's no guarantee that it will go as planned--but I'm confident that I can make it work.

And I need a [Broken Star Flake] to achieve that...

"Do you have some [Broken Star Flake] on hand?"

"Unfortunately, we have used it all up. Use magic tools piled up in these rooms if you need to run a quick test."

"You can't take the [Broken Star Flakes] out of those magic tools, can you?"

"You can't. But those tools can be used for resurrections... You can jump straight to combat if you just revive some mass murderers."

I'm not trying to resurrect anyone in particular.
Indeed, monsters resurrected by [Broken Star] could be easily dealt with if I just revived that sword nerd Loita--but if they were to go berserk, humanity would 100% go extinct.

"That's not good. Where can I get my hands on [Broken Star Flakes]?"

I know a safer and more effective method--but a [Broken Star Flake] is indispensable for that.

"...The third [Magic Freight Car] is directly connected to [Broken Star]. We couldn't arrive at the [Broken Star] no matter what we tried... but perhaps you will."
That there is a direct route is nice.
There may be lots of powerful monsters around it, but I plan go there for a quick look.

Afterward, I asked elder Anmorr some more things, but there wasn't much useful info.
At most he told me about the way to make revival magic, but the augment magic these brothers used was neither that advanced nor creative.

It's a magic that any magic researcher will come up with if they get their hands on [Broken Star].
Though it hasn't been that long since the [Broken Star] fell to this planet, so this level would be just right.
Anmorr brothers probably would succeed developing an even better magic in five years, but the majority of humans would have died out by then.

"That's all I need. I'll take over your research."

I said that to elder Anmorr after throwing enough questions.

I can erase all influences of [Broken Star] affecting this world as long as I can get my hands on [Broken Star Flake].
I'm sure of that after my discussion with elder Anmorr.

"Is that all? I still have more useful information though."

"Like, say?"

"...There's these villages with few foot traffic in the heart of a mountain. Most suited for human experimentations. Even if you [Consume] it in its entirety, nobody will notice for years. You can get 300 test bodies from five villages without worry of future trouble."

These guys even looked into such things huh...

Of course, it's an utterly useless piece of information to me.
Researchers who have dipped their toe in crimes for the sake of research will end up convicted for their atrocities before they could witness the fruits of their research.

"Who needs that... I can utilize this research even without making such sacrifices."

"Think it'll go well?"


I have comprehended the structure and usage methods of [Broken Star].

Next, I just need to obtain a [Broken Star Flake], once I do I can erase the main [Broken Star] and all summoned monsters right away.
I might even defeat a few unlucky demons in the vicinity.
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Few minutes later.
I contacted the girls with comm magic after putting an end to elder Anmorr.

『Alright, I'm done here.』

『Eh? ...It doesn't feel like anything has happened though...』

『Having you get caught up in magic and stuff was just a bluff... Since our enemy was monitoring us through surveillance magic tools, I put on a show to make the guy out himself by frightening him a bit.』

I activate surveillance magic tools here and check the inside of these facilities.
Looks like there's no one around.

『For now, come back here... Our situation is worse than expected.』

『Worse situation... Did something happen?』

I guided the girls toward my location as Alma asked me that.
Then I reply to Alma's question.

『There's a huge outbreak of monsters around the spot where the [Broken Star] landed.』

『Monster outbreak... Is it really that bad? It's not that rare, isn't it?』

『...It is if we're talking about ordinary monster outbreaks. But due to the [Broken Star], it's not an outbreak but revivals... Which include monsters from thousands years in the past.』

Iris sounded surprised when she heard that.

『Thousand years in the past... You mean even monsters from when I was born would be there too!?』

『Most likely... Even the [Warmongers] those Anmorr brothers resurrected were humans from thousands years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if monsters from the same era got resurrected.』

『Are those old monsters strong?』

『They are. And if they're revived right... It'd be practically a great outbreak of Disaster-class monsters.』

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