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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Strongest Sage, Turns Back



The moment I said that, a huge pillar of light ascended to heaven in front of me.
The pillar of light broke up into countless spears of light, raining down the land below.

(Now then... got excess 2 seconds huh.)

The damage to my soul is within predictions.
Once I rescind the Sage Gaias Revival in two seconds, it should end without my soul breaking.

Two seconds are enough to cast another medium-scale magic.
What should I use in this situation I wonder.
I mused only for an instant before deciding to spend it for eliminating demons.

This world is currently being encroached by demons.
We managed to wipe them off the inner circle of Eis Kingdom where I was born... But we have no clue where all other demons are in other places.

This situation is a huge inconvenient to me.
Lesser demons and their numbers are especially a pain.
Even if I managed to lessen their powers here, so long as they keep hiding all over world, there's a chance I'll miss the opportunity to raise promising magic combatants in the future because of those demons.

I can easily annihilate all these lesser demons with a shot of medium-scale magic.
Demons above middle rank may manage to survive a spell that only needs two seconds to cast... But that's not a bad deal in itself.
Strong demons could serve as nice sparring partners after all.

I constructed [Eyes of Heaven], a spell to detect and attack demons.
The target is strictly lesser demons.

The magic I cast produced a pillar of light thinner than [Genesis] earlier before diffusing all over the places.
Judging from the diffusion range, there were about 1,200 demons who got caught in it.

That's a lot of demons lurking around.
I made the right choice with this magic.

These lesser demons give no challenge at all when you actually fight one even though they're a pain in the rear, they're the most pointless bunch.
I'm really glad that I ended them without having to go around defeating each one.

As I was thinking that... I rescinded the revival magic.
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"...What a brief revival that was."

The power of Sage Gaias slipped out of my body the moment I did.
The crest on my hand is also gradually turning back to Disqualified Crest.

And now that I've parted with my previous life's power.
Next I just gotta live in this world with my... Mathias's power.

Mathias may not possess the power of the past me--But unlike Sage Gaias, Mathias has room for growth.
Slowly savoring the process to the top is what makes it interesting.

I gazed at the back of my hand as I thought that... It has gone back to Disqualified Crest.

"No memory loss, and the state of my soul... is within calculations huh."

My soul has been slightly damaged, but since Souls are something that recover naturally over time, this much damage will be gone in no time.
My state is about the same as before the casting of revival magic.
There are some changes in my magic circuits after taking in a massive amount of mana... but it didn't disable me from using magic.

Looks like it went well.
I had expected that I wouldn't be able to move properly right after the rescind, but I can at least walk it seems.
As I thought that, Iris's voice suddenly resounded.

『The magic just now... Has, has Gaias-san been revived!?』

She's talking in dragon language to prevent Ruli and Alma from listening in.

『Yeah he did. Just for six seconds long though... The me now is Mathias at the core.』

『Just for six seconds... But I guess this is to be expected for Gaias-san from the past...』

Iris looks at her vicinity.
The monsters encircling her have all died out due to [Genesis].

『Yeah... It's gonna take some time before I could get back to that level of power.』

However, I have no regret with reincarnating.
The mana I used earlier had enormous quantity and quality, but it flowed dully.
The so-called limit of Glory Crest.

I can gain as much mana quality and quantity as I want with training.
But there's nothing you can do about the limitations of Crest.

Reincarnating was worth it for the mere fact that I broke through those limitations.
And I've got companions now, unlike the past me.
...Companions who could fight alongside me were another thing I could not obtain in the past.

『You should get back to your human form soon. Lest your wings get damaged again.』

『I-I understand!』

Iris transformed back to her human form.
The load of Dragon Form is still too much on current Iris.

I'd have liked to heal her wings if I just had more time... But Dragon Wings are complex, even the whole six seconds wouldn't have been enough to completely fix them in one magic.
I should spend more time to try to fix Iris's wings.

I saw Ruli and Alma running over here while I was thinking that.

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