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Okami wa Nemuranai 8.12


The next day, Eda dropped by while Lecan was practicing <Recovery> with Nike.

"I'm back~~! Oh, Jericho, how you doin'? Look what I've got, souvenirs for you."

"A noisy one came back."

"Oh isn't she cute. Ah, right this is my first meeting with her."

In other words, Eda is unaware that Nike is Shira, and this is their first time meeting.

"Lecan! You got back huh. How was the dungeon? Wait a minute, who's that woman?"

Eda glared at Nike with awfully cold eyes.

"Hello there. I'm Nike. Shira-baachan's grandkid. An adventurer by trade."

"Eh, grandkid? Adventurer? Hang on? Nike? Don't tell me, you're Nike the <Comet Cutter>?"

"Some people call me by that moniker sure."

"G-g-g-g-g-golden rank?"


Eda quickly changed her tone the moment she knew Nike was a golden rank.

"O-Oh I had no idea. Hee. So Nike the <Comet Cutter> was Shira-san's grandkid, wasn't it."

--This girl sure is weak against authority...

"You must Eda-chan eh. I've heard about you from Baa-chan. She said you were a very promising rookie."

"P-promising, oh you. I already knew that I was very promising, but to think Shira-san saw me like that."

Right then, a voice could be heard from the front door.

"Pardon please! Pardon please!"

Lecan had heard this voice before but he couldn't recall who. The red dot displayed in <Life Detection> had no particular characteristics to distinguish the person either. Though <Life Detection> can't be used to pinpoint a specific person to begin with unless Lecan were to stay in one place for long and get in close contact with each person like he did during his time at Zaidmahl House.

"Be right there~"

Eda nonchalantly replied back and went to the front door.

Then she got back to the workroom.

"Umm. Nike-san. Knight Agito Ulban was asking to see you."

"Achaa. No choice then. Let him in here."
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Led by Eda, Knight Agito and an aide entered the room. That voice earlier was apparently the aide's.

Lecan stood up and got behind Nike.

"Heya, welcome here. Do have a seat over there."

Nike offered Agito a seat, but instead of taking it, he made an exaggerated bow.

"Nike-dono. So you were safe! This Agito is extremely moved to have been given this chance to meet you once again!"

"Good to hear that. So what's your business today."

"Oh please, no need to be so formal with me. Nothing is laborious if it means I could be of help to Nike-dono's continued peace and happiness."

"Then you'd better improve on your skills or resourcefulness. You can't protect your people with the way you were."

"P-please don't say that. I have been spending all my times training every single day ever since that day."

"Hee. Then let's give it a test. Come to the garden. Lecan, you too."

The five people there went to the garden.

"Boy. Try slashing at this huge thing. Lecan, don't draw your sword. Don't touch your opponent either."

"I-I simply need to cut this man, do I."

"It's bare-hand vs sword. I'll give you my approval if you managed to cut this man."

"P-please don't forget your words!"

In front of Lecan who stood casually, Agito is trembling as he puts strength into his sword. Under Lecan's overcoat, the sword he bought in the city, <Sword of Rusk> is hanging on his waist, but his hand isn't resting on its handle.

Even though Agito has a slim profile, he's not exactly short, yet Lecan towers over him a head above. Lecan naturally has to look down on him.


Agito rushed slashing at him while yelling.

Lecan blocked that with his left forearm. No half-assed attacks can deal any damage to Overking Bear's overcoat. Even so, Agito is desperately pushing his sword.

Lecan looked at Nike with a slightly troubled look on his face. Nike isn't saying anything.

Having no other choice, Lecan grabbed the sword in between his left index finger and thumb then twisted it.


Agito let go of his sword while leaking quite a pitiful voice.

Lecan grabbed the sword by its tip and beat it on his knee.

With a loud snapping sound, the sword broke in half.

As the aide attempted to bring the dumbfounded Agito back with him, Lecan called out to him.

"Take your broken sword home with you."

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