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Okami wa Nemuranai 8.13


Nike, Lecan and Eda went back to the workroom and enjoyed tea together there.

"Soo he sure was cool wasn't he. But look at how hard he was bullied. Lecan, are you a demon?!"

It was Nike who ordered him to fight. Lecan stared at Nike.

"Now that he's found out that I'm here. He'd come over every day for sure."

"It kinda looks like that knight-sama got some hot on Nike-san. Just what happened between you two?"

"Eh, there's really nothing between us though."

Nike briefly explained the situation.

Three years ago, a Silver Wolf (Saraje) showed up on the highway connected to the capital. Having this highway inaccessible would be a huge blow to Vouka town. The Guard Corps immediately formed a subjugation unit and dispatched an emergency quest for Silver Rank Adventurers to participate in the campaign. However, it ended with two Guard Corps' captains suffering grave injuries and a not insignificant loss for Silver Rank Adventurers.

As it wasn't the time to fuss over honor and stuff, Vouka town formally requested Earl of Golbul, Gaionis Douga to mediate between them and high-ranking adventurers who were staying in Golbul for the dungeon there, but they were coldly rejected.

Being at his wit's end, the town lord Crimus Ulban went to apothecary Shira and asked her to refer an adventurer. Shira dispatched her granddaughter, Nike. Crimus was greatly disappointed when he saw her, an adventurer who looked barely 18. Nevertheless, he couldn't just let the Silver Wolf roamed freely, and dispatched another group of adventurers along with Nike to the highway.

Nike cut off the Silver Wolf's front legs with the first stroke of her sword, and its neck with the second. Crimus could do nothing but believe it as the adventurers who went with her testified. At this point, Vouka's Adventurer Association approved Nike as a Silver Rank adventurer.

Then two years ago, another beast, an Eight-eyed Great Spider (Gienul Hador) appeared in the highway to the capital. Crimus immediately consulted to Shira, and Nike was once again sent to eliminate it. She was accompanied by other adventurers as well this time, but the subjugation was quickly over before they could do anything.

Vouka's Adventurer Association rewarded her with Gold Rank for this feat.

"Wait a minute, that knight-sama earlier was nowhere in these stories though."

"He came along as an overseer in the Eight-eyed Great Spider's subjugation campaign, you see. Well, his father must have told him to go see an actual battlefield. Yet even though it wasn't his position to, he went and issued some pointless orders and turned the site into a chaos, then when the magic beast actually showed itself, he fell on his rear unable to stand out of fear."

"Then you went and chopped off the huge magic beast right in front of him."

"Well, that's about right I guess."

"And your swordsmanship must have gone and chopped off knight-sama's heart as well."

"Is that even something you chop off? But still, occurring once is one thing, but twice must mean that it wasn't a mere coincidence."

"You mean your encounter with knight-sama? It must be what they call fate!"
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"Not that one."

"Are you saying that the magic beast's emergences were not a coincidence?"

"It's almost undoubtedly related to a <Hypnosis> user."

"Not <Tame>?"

"There's probably only a handful of tamers capable of <Taming> those high ranking magic beasts, you see. For <Hypnosis> there are those who can use it on human, or on animals or even on magic beasts. It's easier to make something fall under <Hypnosis> than <Tame>. Though since you can't give complicated orders nor build trust, it's basically only for disposables."

"Umm what are you talking about? <Hypnosis>? Who's sleeping?"

"Were you even listening."

"Lecan, don't say it like that. Even if the word people would use to describe it would be 'fool', that's Eda-chan's good point you know."

"Spot on!"

--She's not praising you at all.

"Still, I won't be able to stand it if that's going to come here everyday. Worse comes to worst, Midosco might, no, will definitely caught winds of it. That's, not good."

After losing in thought for a bit, Nike looked at Lecan and Eda in the face.

"Eda-chan. Have you taken a quest for tomorrow on?"

"I just got back today. So I have nothing planned for tomorrow on."

"Good. You two, wait here a bit."

Then Shira left the place.

Lecan wanted to practice on <Recovery> but Eda wouldn't let him.

"Aren'tcha gonna ask what I have been doin', hey?"


"With the <Bow of Isya> you gave me, first I took on a subjugation quests for some nearby magic beasts and succeeded on it."

"I did not."

"Then they let me took on an escort quest nearby, and of course, I made it a success and got myself a high rep."

"You really don't listen to people, do you."

"Afterward, I took on a slightly more difficult and longer escort mission. And of course, it's another success."

"Return the bow."

"Then just before this, they let me be the sub-leader in a six-person escort mission. I've been getting called <Eda of 1000-Shot> among Vouka adventurers now."

"Must be just how you called yourself."

"Ya shoulda see the look on everyone's face when I showed them <Lamplight> and <Ignition>. Awesome, they said."

Nike came back while they were talking.

"We're going on a little trip. Since us three have taken on an escort quest. Our destination is the Trade City Vantaroy. It'll be a 14-day round trip. Lecan, Eda-chan, meet up in front of the South Gate tomorrow morning."

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