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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 509

509 Strength in Number, Overwhelming


There's no blood on my katana's blade, either because it's too sharp or swung too fast.
Splat, blood gushed out of the man's cut body.
The woman hiding behind me briefly shrieked 'Hii!' while her face went deadly pale and her body froze up.

"...G-guys! Surround him! This guy's good!"

I suppose I should praise this prompt judgment. But that's too good for these garbage humans.
The remnants of Gora Family slowly encircled us now that they finally became alert.
Pitiful lackeys who have no idea about Gora's dead. It's too late though.

Because a new party joined the fray. I can't say if their timing is good or bad.
One thing for certain is it was abrupt.

"All of you! Do not resist! Or else we will cut you down! I repeat! Get in the rope! Or you're dead!"

"Geeh!? Why're the kingdom's soldiers here?! And aren't they... an elite unit! Dammit! Rargh, swim or sink! Go get 'em boys!"

These guys shouted admitting their inferiority to the elite unit. Getting surprised and then yelling like that is like announcing to the world that they're small fry.

I followed the soldiers' instruction by putting my katana in its sheath and raised my hands up.
That signaled the start of their clash. I took the woman with me to somewhere safe from all the carnage.

There are strength in numbers. At least in this case.
Every three or at least two soldiers handle one small fry.
There are 30 small fry and nearly 100 soldiers.
The soldiers are also an elite unit with equipment matching that status. The result is obvious. It's a complete beat down.
The small fry kept getting cut down one after another. The only way to get out of this alive is to focus their everything into running away or cut open the path somehow.
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The only other choice awaiting them if they're arrested is death. They're gonna get wrung out dry doing hard labor.
The soldiers have furious looks as they swing their swords. Anyone resisting is immediately cut down, a policy that must be put in place against heinous criminals.
Which goes to show how much this gang has exasperated the kingdom.

"Please excuse me. May I borrow a bit of your time? I wish to have a little chat."

Someone called out to me while I was watching the carnage.
I turned around to a young man. He's wearing an obviously flashier armor than other soldiers.

"I have heard a lot of rumors about you. I'm a provisional commander of this unit, Leordo."

(What did he heard about me... I mean, there's way too many just from the past several days.)

"So you wanna hear straight from the horse mouth? Ah, before that, can I entrust this lady to you? Apparently she just got kidnapped today. Escort her to somewhere safe."

I handed over the woman to the soldier while I tried to recall what I had been doing.

"Yes, we will have to question her as a victim. We guarantee her safety. May I ask why you're here?"

Leordo got straight to the point. I'm hesitant to reply truthfully.

(Hmm? To begin with, this guy's timing is a bit, y'know? There's no way it was a coincidence. I guess kingdom soldiers would know about me from the PM? Or perhaps there's some crossed wires?)

I'm contemplating which motive should I say in order to convince him. As the question wasn't specific, I thought I could wiggle my way out of it but then the man continued.

"To tell you the truth, we have been tailing you. Do forgive me. I hope you don't get mad."






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