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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 244

Hero's Match


This chapter is from main character's POV

Umu. Reina splendidly won her match against that Great Sage called Olivie.
Olivie did pretty good herself. It's a shame she had to drop out of the tourney in her first match.

She kept maintaining a good distance with expert uses of Quick Step, constantly raining down offensive spells while waiting for a chance to shoot a big move.
It wasn't easy for Reina to close in on her due to how mobile Olivie was.
Powerful magic, and mobility unthinkable of a rear guard. Ordinary combat Jobs would find it difficult to win against her.

But Reina's isn't your ordinary combat Job.
She threw a gigantified shuriken to erase Olivie's offensive spells while also serving as a counter.
Olivie narrowly managed to dodge the giant object appearing out of nowhere but Reina was nowhere to be found by the time she turned her sight back at her.

She kept looking around in confusion while Reina emerged from the shadow cast by the giant shuriken behind Olivie and put her dagger before her throat from behind.
Reina had dived into the shuriken's shadow and waited for her chance inside.

Completely driven to the corner, Olivie could only declare her surrender.
I had no idea a high level battle could end up with both participants unscathed too.

"What was that. How is that fair?"

"It's an ability of [Ninjutsu] Skill, Shadow Dive. It allows the user's entire being dive into shadows, erasing their presence."

"Entire being? How do you attack people inside the shadow then?"

"It's pretty much impossible."

You can forcibly expel Reina out of the shadow by shining a light on it but I have no reason to tell her.
Hero could consult his Menu to reveal the trick though.

"That's unfair alright... I should have got her join Neora-kun's party even if I had to resort to force."

"Ahaha, I hope you're prepared to face me if it comes to that."

"It's a joke, a joke, okay. No really, I'm begging you. Quit it with that pressuring smile..."

Even if it was said in jest, she might be seriously aiming for Reina and Alma inwardly.
Can't let my guard down and come home with them kidnapped. Gotta pay attention.

"Raunakwesu and Leviara was it. Those two were just as magnificent."

"Yes, I agree. Raunakwesu has a solid base with his swordsmanship. And Leviara... How do I put it into words, I can just imagine how hard it is to deal with her fighting style."

"She stabbed her spear on the ground and kicked like she was pole dancing, she threw her spear and immediately Quick Stepped along with it for a two pronged attack. All that makes for an interesting spectacle but her opponent must be at their wit's end trying to predict her next moves."

"Nnfufu, I had her fight against group of enemies all throughout her training regime. As a result of having to constantly deal with a diverse line up of attacks, she came up with that free flowing unpredictable style."

"You mean like you made her spar with a group of people?"

"Hmm, that's about the gist of it. Her opponents were magic beasts though, so she kept getting eaten."

"You're a devil."

That sounds terrifying.
She may have the grace of Revival but won't her mind break down getting eaten over and over again?
My training menu was quite gentle in comparison... No, our party's girls are just weird for easily triumphing over stronger magic beasts in groups.

"...So, Levia-chan's next opponent is gonna be Alma-chan, but like, she's got no chance, does she? What's the deal with that speed anyway."

"She moved at tremendous speed while simultaneously slashing at her opponent, but that swiftness is not doable with just [Ground Shrink]. Is there more to it?"

"I'll at least say that she used multiple Skills at once, yes."

"Oh c'mon, don't leave us hanging."

"Haha, I can't just reveal my companions' hands now, can I?"

Not a Master Skill, it's an Alma-exclusive finisher. Like I'd disclose that willy-nilly.
She used a combination of Quick Step, Storm Sword, Energy Control, and Mana Blade Gale previously, but this time was a combo of Ground Shrink, Storm Sword, Qi Clad, and Mana Blade Gale.
...She won't use Direct Mana or Energy Control even now during the main round, I guess she thinks it's not fair or something?
Compare to Reina who's been using them non stop, she's too serious.

"Aizawa-kun who fought in the other ring also displayed a superb performance befitting of his prodigy fame."

"That swordsmanship was simply exquisite. He parried with no waste of movement and then, splat, one stroke... Say she won against Alma-chan, she'd have to fight him in the next match. Levia-chan got no luck at drawing lots."

Well, Alma is probably gonna win though.
I'm looking forward to Alma's fight against Aizawa-kun, but if it seems like she's gonna lose to him with the absent of Mana and Energy Control, I'm not gonna hesitate and remind her to get serious.
Dunno what he's gonna do if she ends up losing otherwise.

Oh, next up is the hero huh. Attribute-wise, the result is obvious, but I wonder.
It could turn out differently if his opponent struggled to death and turned the table on him like Radia-kun did.

But still, Radia-kun sure was acting desperate.
Even if you know you'll get healed, not just anyone would willingly cut their arm off if they didn't have a will of steel. I think he was aiming for his opponent's leg along the way though.
Wonder what's driving him to go that far. So scary, the totality of youth is so scary.

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~~~~~~~~Hero's POV~~~~~~~~~

My opponent is a Great Lancer [Vinoumakk], a brawny macho old man.
...He's on a whole different level from that small fry I beat up in the qualifier. He's at later half of Lv40s too, normally he would have been one of champion candidates.

"Gahaha!! Nice to meetcha young lady!!"

"...I'm a man."

"I got ya, I got ya! I ain't pullin' a punch just cuz yer' a woman! Gahahaha!!"

"You don't get it at all!!"

...Quipping people to correct them from misgendering me feels like a tired trope now.
Might as well shave my hair down to the last strand and make them admit my manliness...

<<You can't! Absolutely not! It's a huge waste!>>

What is! Levia, Olivie and even Aina-san also protested when I asked their opinion about this. Is it that fun watching people mistake me for a girl?
I said to Levia, 'Imagine if you were in my shoes Levia, people would keep telling you how cool and manly you are', and then she got mad and punched me hard, the topic never got brought up again... I'm so done.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience! The ninth match of Intermediate Division will now begin!"

Finally. I'm fed up chatting with Menu in my mind, let's get this started already.

"You can tell at a glance of his sheer muscle prowess, Great Lancer, player Vinoumakk!! And our world's current symbol of hope, the Hero Neo Raifu!! Who will win this match!!"

Oy, that preamble is new! Why'd you only do that with my match!
Ah, geez, the audience is making a ruckus now because you said the hero word. Hero is just my Job, I'm not that great of an individual myself...

"D-did she say Hero!? Is it that girl?"

"She's strong and cute to boot, simply the best."

"Quit daydreaming you guys, don't you realize that's a boy?"

"Haa? Are your eyes rotting or what, that's clearly a girl!"

"No boy can be that cute!"

"No you! No girl can be that cute!"

They've got way more invested in my gender more than my status as a hero!?
I'm hearing some incorrigible stuff mixed here and there too, I'm standing out in a really bad way...

"Hero-sama, may we have a word--"


"Hiiyii!!? W-well then, begiiiiiiin!!!"

My mood turned sour I inadvertently glared hard at the umpire.
But it's her fault for spouting all that stuff. Therefore, I'm not venting or anything, not at all.



First, we struck our lances against one another.
I'm most adept with a sword but I won't miss this chance to learn how to spear from a better lancer.

We're pushing our lances against one another. My opponent is like a mass of muscles yet my superior Attributes allow me to go toe-to-toe despite my lighter weight.

"Uoo...!? M-missy, yer' pretty dang strong...!!"

No, I'm actually winning.
You'd think he'd have handily overpowered me considering his overwhelming advantage in muscle mass and weight.
I knew it. Attributes can ignore law of nature. A bit late for that though.



He must have deemed he'd get pushed down at this rate and used Qi Clad to power up alongside [Mana Blade Gale] to blow me away.
Hmm, guess this strike is too much for me. My base me that is.



I used Qi Clad and Mana Blade Gale as well to blow Vinoumakk several meter back.

"Ha, haha, gahahaha!! What power coming outta that small body!! Ya musta gone through quite the training regime belying yer looks!"

"Ou, got myself killed a few times too many."

A simile. Exactly how many? Way too many to recall.

"But yer spear handling's bit rough 'round the edge. Ya might win with strength but just that ain't gonna work on me!!"

"Big talk!"

He must judge that he can't win with strength alone and compete with techniques.
...What masterful handling, no wonder his Skill level is so high. Vinoumakk is right, I can't win in a fight between spearsmen.
Forget learning how to spear, I might lose at this rate.

Ah, crap, he flung my spear off my hands. I'm left with no weapon--

"Got ya!!"

Vinoumakk's spear closed in my defenseless body.
...Guess this is the limit of my spearsmanship.

Menu, Equipment Change!


I equipped a shield made of a turtle magic beast shell, stopping the attack.

"Wha, a shield!? Where, did that..."

It might look unfair, but I'm gonna show you what it means to be a hero from here on out.
First of all, sword!



Unlike my awkward spearsmanship, I expertly unleashed a barrage of slashes with the sword.
The gap between our Skill Levels is pretty much nil now, it's all about Attributes.
More and more wounds gradually opened on Vinoumakk's body.

"Ga, gaha, ha...! Well I'll be, cannae' believe I lost in both techs and power. Guess I hafta do that...!"

Vinoumakk retreated back with Quick Step as he muttered.
He grabbed his spear with his right hand and took a throwing pose.
Throwing technique at this point? ...No, it doesn't look like an ordinary throw.

<<Yes, he's likely planning to use Spearsmanship Master Skill [Lance of Remora]. An incredibly bothersome ability that enables the thrown spear endlessly chase after its target until it hits.>>

Can't I just block with my shield?

<<He's planning to simultaneously use Spearsmanship Skill [Mana Blade] and Throwing Skill [Mana Cross Bullet] which boosts piercing power. Your current shield likely cannot guard against that.>>

Really. Even a single spear is capable of outputting some terrifying firepower by combining multiple Skills huh. A good reference for the future.

Menu, can I combine two, no, three Skills together?

<<A piece of cake.>>

Good, come at me!

"Here goes nuttin'! Duryyyyaaaaaaaa!!"

He put all his strength into the throw as he combined his Skills and Master Skill into his spear.
Normally it's a true blue finisher you cannot block nor dodge.

I grabbed a sword, a spear and a dagger, hold them all in my hands and took a stance like I was batting a ball with them.
Batter Neora, striking!

Activating Swordsmanship, Spearsmanship and Dagger Arts Skill [Mana Blade Gale] altogether!
It's an exceedingly simple and brainless tactic but the combo of multiple Mana Blade Gale from three different weapons struck down the thrown spear zooming at me stupidly fast.
The spear got blown away before breaking down into dust. It's no longer usable... I'll reimburse him later.

"...Gaahahahaha!!! Splendid! Ya done and took down my strongest strike like it was nuthin'! Oy, umpire! Got me darned good! It's my defeaaat!"

"Is that all?"

"Ou. Alas, I ain't got a move awesomer than that. It's a darned shame, this match's yours for the taking!"

Due to his all brawn no brain looks, I was so sure he'd keep going bare handed at first.
It felt a bit anti climatic but I guess the result is obvious either way.

"Player Vinoumakk has yielded! The winner of ninth match is player Neo Raifu!"

The audience sent out a round of applause and cheers at the umpire's declaration.
Vinoumakk walked up to shake my hand which I gladly took.

"Ya got me handily beat. Ya got this tourney in the bag, lil' lady!"

"Who you calling a lil lady! Get it through your thick skull already, you darned muscles for brain!"

I gripped his hand with my full strength as I flew into a rage.
...I wanna go back to the waiting room stat. So many things ruined.

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