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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 331

331 If You Sympathize Then...?


"Hey, hey? You sure we can eat this? We got no cash even if you demand us to cough up later."

"I don't need cash. But you must listen to what I say if you eat this. Do not back talk me when I'm teaching you. I don't need kids who have no motivation or just here to drag me down. You said you only have each other yeah? Then those who contribute nothing can get out. Eat if you agree."

The kids swallowed their saliva altogether.
A weird silence came up afterward.

"Ah yeah, you gotta know your manners before you get to eating. First, say 'time to dig in'. Only then you can start."

None of the kids said a word. I was confused for a second, 'Hm? Are they acting rebellious now?', but that wasn't the case.

After I said, 'time to dig in' and started eating, the kids followed, saying 'time to dig in' together and chowing down on the food.

(Ah, they're listening to me huh. They saw me as their superior so they didn't dare to eat before me. I see, they've made their resolve then.)

Some of the children chewed on the bread almost to the point of choking, some slowly relished the soup and some stuffed their mouths full of meat.
The joy of finally being able to have a full stomach on food they had always starved for, longing for, for years.
Days of spending time with hardened hearts just trying to live to see another day.
And finally the fortune to eat good food.
They must be strongly relishing all that.
I felt pity when I saw the expressions on these kids. Circumstances completely outside their control. I am not going to ask them how they get to this point.
I have no words that could soothe these children who must have lacked the power to overturn all the 'misfortune', 'unreasonableness' and 'absurdity' they experienced.

Once we were done eating, I murmured, 'thanks for the food' and began cleaning up. Then after a short break, I executed the plan I formulated during mealtime.

"You kids, line up by the wall. In a row."
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Normally, their reaction should have been that of a confusion. These kids seem to be barely ten after all.
Yet, they swiftly lined up following my 'order'. Standing up straight.

(They're way too good at this... I didn't mean to go that far though... It's like we're an army...)

"Ah, I won't ask you for detail. But it's a pain to tell you apart without names. So I'm gonna give you ones."


I pointed at each the children while counting the numbers.
The leader is naturally '1'. And then the rest is by the order they lined up.

The tall lanky one is '2'. The shaggy hair is '3'. The smallest one is '4'.
The girl with waist length hair is '5'. The short haired girl is '6'.

"Roll call! When I said that, you immediately line up and say your name out loud. Let's give it a try. Roll call!"


Yep, handling all six children was a pain so I just haphazardly treated it like we're in some kinda army.
But their unexpected enthusiasm took me by surprise.

(Hm? What now? This is heading in a weird direction...?)

And thus, I was getting a bit worried for the future as I began the kids' education by chance.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 56

Inn Before Meal, Scratch That, Meal Too


We arrived at the inn lolimast recommended.
It's huge, way bigger than the lodging house of Daijel. It can probably hold hundreds of guests.
As I pushed the bell to call for the receptionist, I saw some adventurers mixed among the guests.
As expected of a guild-sponsored inn, there seem to be a lot of adventurers staying here. Don't see many shady looking guests too, seems like a nice place.
And now checking in. Eh, 2000 en a night? ...W-well it's twice as high as Daijel's, but it's still on the cheaper side. No complain here... Gotta get serious with the guild job if I don't want to get into the red.
Hm? It's 3000 en for a double room? Rejected... Why would the receptionist even suggest that.

So, we went to the kitchen to make our dinner.
Apparently a lot of guests do make use of the kitchen, so the inn had multiple kitchens available.
I'm gonna make Rush Boar and Jet Boar meat dumplings today. Comparing between each meat and making some mixed dumplings sounds fun.
Let's get to it.

First, I sliced both meat and minced them in a grinder.
Rush Boar meat was fine but I had a bit of trouble mincing the Jet Boar one. It's really quite tough.
I mixed a portion of the meat, while dividing the rest before mixing each with finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and eggs.
Then I rolled up the three types of meat into bite-sized dumplings, finished.

Next, I boil pseudo seaweed and water, took the seaweed out after a bit and put in chopped cabbage and shallot.
Once the vegetable had softened a bit, I put in the meat dumplings, and scooped out the formed scum before pouring in miso (same name in this world, a Japanese person must have made it here), mirin-like spice and sake.
Miso hotpot with boar dumplings, done.
Pot-based cooking is nice, so easy to make~. Very nutritious too with all the veggies.
I moved the pot to the table with a pot stand where Alma was standing by.

"It's done. This one's Rush Boar dumplings, this one's Jet Boar, and this one's mixed."

"You split them?"

"Yeah. Thought it's gonna be interesting comparing them."

"Nn, no Aro rice today?"

"That's for later. First let's dig in the food in the pot."

"...? I got it."

Time to sample them.
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"You're not putting them in containers?"

"Yeah, you put what you want in your own bowl straight from the pot whenever. That's how it goes with this stuff."

Eating from the same pot. Well, I'm doing this to deepen our relationship or anything.
But we're in the same party and all, occasion like this is nice every once in a while.

"Hmm, this Rush Boar meat is really soft. It's pretty much pork."

"Gulp... Jet Boar one's a bit tough but also chewy. It's meatier than Rush Boar, I like it."

"Ooh, the mixed dumpling's got both Rush and Jet Boar's accents combined nicely. Shoot, should have just mixed them all from the get go."

"But it's fun to eat them when they're so different like this."

I'm thankful for Alma's kindness. Good for the appetite.
The veggies get the flavor seeped in nicely too. It's the veggies from that village, they're all innately sweet and go well together with miso.
I can barely sense the meat's gamey taste thanks to turning them into dumplings and pepper. Hm? Why not add that in along with pepper then?
I went to kitchen, took a fruit similar to yuzu (apparently called Rinka) from Item Screen, peeled the rind and chopped it.
Normally you'd want to cook yuzu first to get rid of its astringent taste, but apparently you don't need to do that with this one. It's like a better version of yuzu.
<TLN: Yuzu is a species of citrus.>

"Alma, I think this will go nicely with the dumplings. It's up to you though."

"What's that?"

"It's a chopped peeled Rinka. I'm not big on it eaten on its own, but I have a feeling it'd go well with peppered meat dumplings."

"Meat, with fruit? ...It's like the menu in a high class restaurant."

"No no, it's nothing that bourgeois."

I do remember watching people adding fruit into sauce for meat in a TV program, wonder how that tastes? Is it even good?
Now then, let's have a taste on this impromptu idea. I actually haven't tried yuzu chili thing before.
<TLN: AKA yuzu kosho.>

"...How are they so good. It's spice and fruit, can't believe they taste this good with meat."


Rinka's peculiar flavor combined with pepper's aroma and meat's umami are a match made in heaven. So this is the what they call food marriage.
It's kinda like karaage and lemon, just better. Wonder if there are other good combos of fruit and meat out there?
Our pace boosted as our appetite got tickled, we cleaned our bowls in no time flat.

"Now then, had enough yet?"

"...To be frank, I could go for a bit more."

"Yeah? Hang on tight then."

I put back the pot in the kitchen stove and ignited it.
Then I put unwashed aro rice in. Cooking unwashed rice might sound weird but apparently doing this will avoid turning the rice sticky, and make for a rustling feel.
I put in egg when it had been heated enough, miso egg zosui, complete.

"The ending's just gotta be zosui. It's nice with noodles too."

"Zosui? Rice gruel?"

"It's kinda one, but I think it's got a stronger taste due to the meat and veggie flavor."


And sure enough, when I had it in my mouth, the taste of meat and veggie spread out inside.
The egg adds all the more. Gotta say, well done me.
We cleaned up our bowls without leaving a single grain of rice in a flash.

"Thank you for the food, Hikaru."

"You're welcome. I might have eaten too much."

I ate a lot and yet my stomach can still take more.
I'd never eaten so much food I couldn't take another bite ever since I came to this world, but this might be too much... It's a one way street to chubbiness if I'm not careful.

While we were cleaning up our pot and bowls, I could feel glances from other guests. Did I do something wrong? Can't think of any though.
I'm probably just feeling sensitive due to all the people here. Almost nobody used the kitchen in Daijel's inn after all.

I was honestly unsure how it'd go at first, but turns out people can adapt to living anywhere so long as you've got roofs and food huh.
Or maybe I'm just too stuffed to think about complicated stuff.
Now then, tomorrow's plan is to take a look around the town before heading to the guild. Wonder how's the guild here like compared to Daijel's.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 330

330 Secret Base


The inside is quite spacious. It's almost perfectly cube shaped too. There's plenty of room available even with me.
The houses around here enclose from all directions, leaving only this space intact.
Either it was a design error or those houses were built haphazardly without any planning. In any case, this space's existence is almost miraculous in a way.
It's sheltered from wind and the top has some ragged boards installed that are plenty to shield from rain.
The boards are slightly slanted to divert water down into a container below.

(Are they making use of rainwater? They've made some impromptu drainage on the ground too? They've even got relatively clean planks to sit on...)

My tension rose at this very picture of a secret base. All while quipping to myself inwardly, 'what are you, a kid'.
Never thought my kiddie heart would get stimulated here. I'm getting a bit motivated.

"This place is our dwelling... Huh? Are you okay big bro? What's with that weird smile?"

I pulled myself together when the leader pointed out the face I was making.

"Ah... This is amazing, really a surprise. You can't find a spot like this anywhere that's for sure."

I decided to treat them to good food, not quite as thanks for inviting me here.
The kids were startled to see me suddenly taking out utensils, table and other miscellaneous stuff, they stepped back from me altogether.
There's one thing I need to tell these kids beforehand.

"You were rescued this time, but think of it as a once in a lifetime luck of thing. You're an idiot if you believe you'd be lucky enough for a second time. From now on, you've got to pull yourselves out of this ditch with your own strength. I'll be your power in the first stage. I'll teach you kids how to hunt."

How much do these kids understand my word? They look like they don't know what I'm even saying.
The leader who seemed to gradually understand the meaning of my word put on a surprised face as he asked me.

"Big bro! Are you serious! We got nothing to pay you back! You're still gonna teach us hunting!?"

How come I'm such a big softie? I never once felt compassion toward children in my past life.

"Yeah, I'm going to train you all into first rate hunters. I'll stay in this kingdom until then. Don't worry."
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(My past coworkers would suspect me of suffering from a mental illness if they saw me. Dunno if something changed me in this world if my true personality surfaced up.)

I continued cutting up ingredients, boiling the pot, roasting meat and took out bread while talking.
I'm cooking using leftover ingredients from White Fang days. Gotta mind the ventilation and smoke, cooking in a semi-sealed place like this. Scattering the scent to conceal us... is a bit of a tall order.

(The elves would have cast wind magic for that.)

This place is a secret base. We wouldn't be able to go back here if someone found out. I finished up while slightly grumbling at my magic inability.
Attracted by the delicious smell, the children had gathered around me before I realized.

(Thought I couldn't handle kids. Turned out not?)

What has changed, unchanged, got changed and forced to change since I left my village. Seems like I can't get a good grasp on that.
I put the finished meal on the table and sat on the chair.

"You kids gotta wash your hands first if you wanna eat the grub. Thoroughly. Get the dirt off your nails, in between fingers and back of hands!"

I took a barrel full of water and a bucket from the magic bag.

"Those who don't wash their hands right don't get to eat. Line up now! Starting now, you gotta listen to what I said, you hear me? Or else I won't teach you anything!"

And thus, starts my temporary child's care service.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 55

Lolimast Interview


"Have a seat now. This won't take long, but talking while standing around doesn't sound fun, no?"



Alma and I sat down as urged by the twintailed girl.
We've been brought to an office inside the city gate.
The silver haired receptionist girl had a dubious look, or rather she was clearly acting hostile toward me as she led us here. I mean I get it with that kinda stats but there's no need to be that prickly, is there.

"Now then, first thing first an introduction is in order. Nice to meet you, I'm the guildmaster of Vinfitt-branch Adventurer Guild, Ivuranmii. Looking forward to work with you in the future."

G-guildmaster!? A girl this young!?
No wait, her appearance may not necessarily reflect her age being an elf and all. She might be even older than me.

"I'm Kajikawa Hikaru, a Rank E adventurer. I'm still wet behind the ears, pleased to meet you."

"Almatina, Hikaru's party member. Nice to meet you."

"Umu umu, I like how polite both of you are. Elves look young from humans' perspective, so quite a lot of them tend to treat me like a kid during first meetings. I'm actually older than Velga despite my looks."

Ah, I knew it... Wait, older than guildmast? Seriously?
I think guildmast was about the same age as Appraisal Master Filsdaim, you're telling me she's more than 60 year old?
So is this person the so called loli hag... Not gonna say that out loud in her face though.

"Ah, but getting treated like an elderly also irks me, would be nice if you could see me like an adult woman."

"I-is that right."

Well, even after knowing her age, she still looks like a ten year old girl.
But it'd be a pain if she fussed over it, guess I just gotta honor her wish.
Wonder if she's got lots of leveled Skills that comes with age. Checking without permission is rude though, not gonna do it.

<<Elves have a longer lifespan than humans, however they do not level up as fast in exchange. They live around three to four times longer than humans, and need around as much experience points and skill proficiency.>>

So the longer living you are, the harder it is to grow huh.
And yet, she's been appointed as a guildmaster, meaning this person must have a high specs, belying her looks.

"Well now that we've got that covered, let's get to the topic, Kajikawa-kun. Or perhaps I should call you Soarer?"

Figured she knew my identity.
Her mouth flapped the word 'Soarer' earlier after all.

"...Did you hear that from Daijel's guildmaster?"

"Yup. As far as I understand, he's shared the matter about you to people he trusts, me included. If not for that, you'd probably get in trouble whenever you try to enter a town. Just like earlier."

Good job, guildmast. You're seriously a big help.
Guess this is what they call foresight. Or maybe wisdom of age.

"What was it again, you can't use Skills but instead you can control mana directly?"

"Yes. It's a highly adaptable technique that lets me fly, cast magic and even fight without a single Skill. Publicizing this technique may result in Production Job people gaining the ability to fight even if it's not at the level of Combative Job, which could collapse the balance maintained between them, so I'd like to keep it a secret."

"That's for sure~. Like say, there's plenty of Production type people who have high INT, if those people can use magic, Mages would lose their standing. Even if their growth rate isn't quite at Combat Jobs' level."

Gramps Filsdaim is a good example of this.
His INT was higher than Alma.

"And if Combat Job people utilize this techniques, even beginners could possibly wield the power of high level Skills on their fingertips in edge case scenarios."

"Ah, are you saying it can be used to power up or remodel Skills? Uwaah, this technique is seriously way more dangerous than I thought. So wait, does that mean Almatina-chan can use it, I mean you don't have a Skill do you?"

Legal loli guildmast looked at Alma while smiling wryly.
...Too long, let's just go with lolimast.

"Yes. I can to a degree. I'm not quite as adept as Hikaru however."

"That still means it's something you can learn if Kajikawa-kun is willing to teach. Nobody ever thought about such a technique in history. Well, naturally of course, why would anyone do that over honing the Skills they already have."

"For sure. I wouldn't have come up with it either if only I had a single Skill."

"Well look on the bright side, that allowed you to fly and accomplish a lot of stuff, so aren't you glad you couldn't? Although you can't openly use them in public yet."

"Right, you are."


It was thanks to having no Skills that I met Alma in that forest, driven to the corner, yelling for help in desperation.
Pathetic it may be, I think not having Skill isn't all that bad.
Also, learning Pseudo Mana Blade which then let Alma learn the real Magic Swords, turning her into a Paladin.
If I was given the offer to restart with the option to have Skills, I'd have chosen to go without so I could meet Alma again.
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"Oh my my~? Could it be that technique helped deepen your relationship together? Oh, to be young again."

"W-what are you saying."

"Un. Hikaru helped me so much, not only with mana control."

"No no, I'm the one being helped here. I'd have gotten eaten by a magic beast if not for you, Alma. I should be thanking you instead."

"Ah, okay okay. It's my fault for teasing you, take your flirting routine somewhere else, you hear me... Haa, it's so nice to be young..."

Who's flirting. Think about our age difference.
...Guess that's how it looked like from the sideline.
And now she's kinda sighing, is she still single or something? Well, considering her physique, I guess that's the only natural outcome.

"Let's get back on track. So I see you deploy that mana control in combat, but what if it leaks out, that'll be real bad. Have you thought up a way to cover it up?"

"I try to avoid fighting when there are other people besides Alma around, and in case I'm forced to, I fight in a way that eschews suspicion. And when flying is needed, I put on the mask with Status hiding effect I received from Daijel's guildmaster."

I also put it on on our way to this town, but that mask is really not my thing...

"Ah right, the rumor about Soarer did mention him wearing some sorta weird mask. You don't usually put it on?"

"...Wearing that all day is a bit..."

"Ah yep, I get you. Well, so long as you're making the effort. Unless you act like some extreme aberrant, you should be able to worm your way out... Uh, I guess flying is aberrant enough..."

Tell me about it.

"Now then, they'd get suspicious of us if we keep this for too long, let's stop for now. Lastly, I'll tell you where to find the inn this town's guild recommends, and dangerous spots you should stay clear off."

"Thank you so much. But are you sure about this, going so far for us?"

"It's fine, it's fine. You probably can't see or hear them, but the spirits around me are telling me to get on your good side."

I do sense multiple mana reactions around lolimast, is she talking about those?
As they're in the air and all, guessing they're wind spirits. So lolimast is a Spirit Magic user.

<Yep yep, gnomes kept saying this guy's bad news don't antagonize him, might as well butter up to him.>

<The miss next to him is pretty scary too when she gets angry, they say. She's like, boom, with magic.>

"What the heck kind of rumor is spreading among spirits..."

"Ahaha, these kids love to chatter about any rumor they find interesting, so... Wait, you can hear them?"

"Yes, I can hear them just fine."

"Y-you normally can't hear Spirits you're not contracted to... You're really a unique one aren't you, yep."

Lolimast made an 'Uh, ok' face while twitching.
Eh, what? You're telling me these spirits aren't normally audible?

<<Conjecture: Spirit Language must have been included in Otherworld Language Function of Menu.>>

Really? I thought anybody could hear them like I do gnomes.
...Man I'm still lacking a lot of common sense in this world if I want to stay low profile in public.
Still a mountain of things to learn, what a pain.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 329

329 Revolving Door


Anyway, I now no longer plan to leave the kingdom today. Yet I can't just go back to the main street and book an inn there.
I'm not taking any chance to run into another random event. My small tolerance can't take it.

(Dealing with multiple trouble gonna pop my head open... Gotta take care of this one first and foremost...)

I'm still at the slum now. As I looked around for a house I could spend the night in, the kid who was talking to me pulled my sleeve.
I stopped myself from telling him not to pull with his dirty hand.

"Hey? Why are you here big bro? You saved us and all but we have nothing to offer you... also, you said you'd help us? No grown ups ever said that to us... Can we really believe you?"

My path of retreat has been closed with that. The kids' gazes are stabbing me. My heart hurts.

(There's no way I could abandon them now... Now then, do I teach them how to support themselves or do I ask somebody else... That's the question.)

For now I gotta find somewhere to spend the night, but I couldn't see a suitable place nearby.

"Hey, do you know a good place to shelter from wind and rain around here? Maybe where you kids usually sleep."

Having no other choice, I turned to the kids.

(What is this? I look like a goody two shoes now... I don't think I was ever that kind of person though?)

"Got it. We'll take you there. Over here. Come with us."

The kid who's been talking to me must be their leader. I better talk to him if I want to move things forward.
As I kept following them, one question popped up on my mind. We're heading toward the gate that leads to the federation.

"Hey, aren't we heading to the gate? So your hideout is around there?"
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"There's this little gap between houses that makes for a good shelter from winds and rains, that's where we usually sleep. Here it is."

It's just a plain old middle of the road. There is a small gap between houses covered by a board that's just as wide as the gap.
The leader pointed at that board. As I was about to ask what it was about, what happened next surprised me.

The board opened up like some kind of gimmick in a ninja mansion. The board was only made to look like it was nailed on, but it was a revolving door all along.
The kids went in one after another. I was late to follow them, too dumbfounded by the sight when somebody called out taking me back to reality.

"Big bro, come on in quick! It's gonna be bad if somebody found this place. Quickly!"

I hurriedly got in. The gap is narrow but still passable. The leader followed after me and closed the board while being careful to keep the camouflage up.
Afterward, he spoke to me.

"Inside is where we sleep. You won't find a nice spot like this anywhere else. So we're trying to keep it a secret."

The kid leader smiled broadly before resuming to walk, implicitly urging me to continue. Pressed by that, I went deeper inside.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 54

Barrier Ahead of Entry


"H-Hikaru...! Slow down...!"

"No can do. That pig baron might catch up to us if we don't get away from Daijel quick. Bear with it."

"Uuu... It's too fast, scary..."

We're currently speeding high up in the sky with me carrying Alma.
We're taking unpopulated routes far away from the highways.
Naturally this means taking a detour, and yet we're still going far faster than traveling on foot and it's less toilsome.
The only issue is Alma clinging quite tightly on me due to the speed, I'm dying. I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel nice, but I dunno how long my sense would last...
We saw Kemura village that was under siege by the boars along the way, and disregarded it. I'd have liked to go greet the villagers but we got no time.
...It's really a shame we've gotta cut vanilla cultivation short. Don't think it's a strong enough crop to last without proper care, I'm sure it'll have died the next time we drop by, dang.

As my mana was about to run out, a rampart-like wall came into view.
The journey would have taken many days on foot, thank goodness we got here before my mana dried up completely.
I can't see the whole city from here, but it's clear how much bigger it is than Daijel.
Wonder if it's as big as the royal capital?

<<Commercial City [Vinfitt]: The land around this city has an abundance of resources such as good yielding mines, and crop-friendly soil. This results in a large amount of merchants flocking in to procure and market them. The city is approximately as vast as the royal capital, it is known as the mecca of merchants.>>

Oh, that's nice.
I might find never-before-seen ingredients and mats there. Can't wait.

<<However, due to its size, there exist districts with bad public order such as the slum. It is also where underworld syndicates such as Assassin Guild build their headquarters, thus caution is advised.>>

What the heck, scary. Guess Daijel is on the safer side after all...
But well, it's just like dungeons, high risk high return. A bit different maybe, but there's no use getting cold feet now. Men gotta be bold, let's get to it.
We landed a distance away from the city and walked toward the highway.
Right after landing, Alma had this relieved look from the bottom of her heart before sending a reproachful glance my way... Maybe I should've slowed down a tad. As an apology, I'll make today's dinner a bit more luxurious than usual, hope that's enough to forgives me.

After walking for about tens of minutes, we arrived at the gate.
We got in a line of people at the checkpoint. The foot traffic going in and out is more intense than I thought.
Same as Daijel, we're to show our Appraisal Certificate to a receptionist as a prerequisite to enter. Though there's more receptionists working here.
It's our turn next.

"Next one, please."

"Here you go."

Once Alma and I handed our certificates, the receptionist, a silver haired woman, had this perplexed look on her face.
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"Err, just to confirm, this is officially issued, right? Not a forgery you made as a joke."

"Yes. They were issued by Appraisal Master Filsdaim at Daijel."

"Almatina-san's Job is Paladin I see. I had no idea Paladin truly existed."

Well, she's the first ever Paladin in the whole world after all.

"And, Kajikawa-sama, might you be a noble? If I may be so brash, you don't look like one. What is your peerage rank?"

"It's normal for commoners to have a family name in my homeland. I'm not really a nobleman myself."

"Is that so, a commoner having a family name is unusual around these parts. No, there's a bigger issue here. Your Job and Skills don't look right, have you been cursed?"

"It's correct. Shameful as it is to admit, I am not capable of acquiring Skill since birth."

"...I've never seen a case like this before. Did you forge your Status? I can't let someone who does that enter this city."

She's looking at us super fishy. But there's no forgery here. Though, I get why anyone would doubt my Status.
What should we do, this is quite an unexpected barrier. And it was so simple at Daijel...
They might not let me enter the city at this rate. Heck, they might start suspecting Alma too.

"Oho, what's going on here? A trouble?"

As I was inwardly panicking, another woman's voice interrupted us from behind the receptionist.
Wait, she's small. The voice came from a cute twintailed girl of around ten.
Is she a kid of a staff member here? ...Whoa what, what's with those long ears? They don't look fake too.
C-could this be.

<<Demi-Human: 'Elf' confirmed.>>

For real!? I knew this world would have elves!
Heck, she's the very picture of your classic elf in popular media... Don't tell me this world mimicked the design from there...

"Ah, master. This man here wishes to enter the city, but the Status shown on the appraisal certificate is obviously not right. I believe it's a forgery."

"Hm? Lemme see... Hee, so Velga wasn't just speaking nonsense. My word, quite a bizarre Status indeed, hahaha."

Master she said, is this girl a bigwig?
Is it that? She's actually way older than she looks cause she's an elf?
Wait, more importantly, who is Velga even? I don't know anyone that goes by that name.

<<...There is a record of Velgarand being the name of Daijel's Guildmaster. Velga is likely his nickname.>>

Eh? ...Ah, yeah that may or may not have been his name.
Forgot his real name cause I kept calling him guildmast.
...Forgetting the name of someone who's been such a great help, I'm the worst. Gotta give him some good booze as a present later. I'm sorry, seriously.

"What would you like to do. They may have gained entry in another town with this forgery as well, should we call the guards?"

"Nay, that won't do. I've got to check a few things with these two, bring them to my office. Also, don't let anyone enter until I say so. Are we clear?"

"Eh, ah, what?"

"Bring these two, to my office, are we clear?"

"Y-yes ma'am!"

The receptionist spoke like I was definitely a fraud or a criminal, then she sounded confused at the twintail elf girl's order before immediately getting with the program after the second time.
Is it normal for criminals to break in this big city or something? Scary~.
Wait, what's she gonna check on us anyway?


"Don't you worry a thing now, *****-kun."


...I see, she heard about me from guildmast.
I'm sure it's gonna be fine if she's someone that man trusts, but let's see.
For now, let's just get in the office. Declining here is just gonna make things messier.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 328

328 What Do? Shove It?


I managed to take the children's collars off. But is that good enough for me to just go 'see ya then' here?
Me carelessly telling them I'll be their power has become my shackles.

"Ah, guess I gotta see this through to the end... what a pain. A huge pain in the rear... but I should make sure these six have a stable life without fearing the future at least. But y'know. What about my plan to leave for the federation today..."

My hunch at work here.

(Are you telling me there's still something I need to do in this kingdom? Power of fate? I was made to come across this situation just to stop me going away? Who would do all that anyway?)

Everything I do carries consequences. Perhaps things would end in a bad note if I did even just one thing differently.
Butterfly effects, though I don't think there's any way to verify such phenomenon.

"...Is this all because of my lack of 'Blessing'? Because I don't have mana? Whatever the answer may be, I don't have any way to ascertain it... huh."

I kept groaning on my own, not knowing what to do.
How do I shove the responsibility of taking care of these children, and to who.

Fortunately, there are several people that owe me a 'debt' in this kingdom.
I'm sure I could shove this issue on them. Hence, I'm thinking.

(Maybe have these kids help out at gramps' place, or as his pupils. Or maybe they can work as porters for 'White Fang'...)

My last option is to bring these kids along in my travel. Just as my thought wandered there, I recalled one other place.

(It's this kingdom's slum after all, the responsibility falls on the country. Maybe I could ask the princess or the prime minister for help?)
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They probably wouldn't take it kindly, but not like I care.
I mean, the princess had caused me no end of trouble herself. She coaxed me into taking her to the castle as her guard lest she'd brand me a wanted man. I have no good impression of her even if that was just a joke.

There's just one thing I need to ask these children who have been staring at me all this time however.

"You kids, do you have a home? What about your parents? Also, how do you usually eat?"

As per the usual template, I could hazard a guess what the answers would be. However, it still warrants a question.
I'm not a kidnapper. Hence, these kids gotta tell me what they wanna do themselves.
Do they have nothing else to go to but to cling on my suspicious offer of power, or are they self-sufficient enough without having to rely on me.

"We have no home or parents. We usually scrounge for food scraps in garbage. We only have each other, barely scraping by everyday."

They're a group of orphans, beggars and vagrants no matter how you look at it. My head hurts.

(They're gonna hit a dead end sooner or later if I just hand them money. Taking them to an orphanage... if the solution were so simple, these children wouldn't have been here. Can't just feed them, gotta think up ways for them to make money, they gotta learn how to support themselves...)

What is this, a raising simulation game or something? I was at my wit's end.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 53

Idle Talk Inquiry or Interrogation


"Oy! What have you been teaching people of your guild! Some adventurers registered here just hit me!"

The pig baron, Shuudanshunshu Koguppu ranted while spewing spits everywhere. Disgusting.
His face is internally bleeding all over, he's got some teeth missing too.
...How hard did that guy punch this thing anyway. I suppose he held back seeing this thing's still alive.
Behind the loud baron, his two guards and poison taster are looking at the situation with bitter faces.

"According to the people involved who've filled me in on the situation, you apparently tried to recruit Almatina and hit her when she declined. Is that not the truth?"

"B-balderdash! I told you they started it! I did nothing!"

"...That is a lie. You have made a false statement."

Fils deemed that the pig baron was lying.
'Truth Judge'. A Master Skill obtained by those who have mastered Appraisal Skill, able to determine truths from lies in spoken and written words.
...He's the person I'd like to avoid making an enemy of the most in a way. There's no more terrifying Skill to those who are hiding skeletons in the closet.
Well it's not without its demerits though.

"Who the hell are you! On what basis do you accuse me of such!"

"Lies do not work on me. Not me, one of the only few 'Master Appraiser' in this world."

An Appraiser who has raised their 'Appraisal' Skill to level 10 become a Master Appraiser.
There's probably nobody in this world who doesn't understand just how monumental the task of Job Change for Production Type Jobs with their lack of Basic Level... Well, Kajikawa probably doesn't know being an otherworlder he is.
That fact alone makes them considered national treasure. Not even nobles are able to easily dismiss their words.

"M-Master Appraiser...! T-then how do we ensure that you're speaking the truth!"

"You can check that by appraising me. As a price of being able to see through lies of others, my own lies are recorded in my Log as well to my displeasure. Isn't that right, Mr. poison taster. Feel free to appraise me and see if my Log has a lie recorded."

Fils urged the man standing behind the pig baron. It will prove that he's not telling any lie.
...Speaking of which, Fils may joke around a lot but I don't recall him ever lying.

"N-no... There is none."

"There you have it... You may want to choose your words carefully in front of me. Lying or putting on airs will only worsen your position."


The baron grits his teeth, his face turns red and his veins are bulging from anger.
Are they gonna pop or what. If only, woulda make things easier.

"Ah, there is no use trying to brainwash me using Skills. I am equipped with tools that prevent abnormal status."

We've taken countermeasures after receiving that intel from Kajikawa.
...He's another one to the list of 'don't antagonize these folks'.

"Wha, how come you know my Skills...!? D-did you appraise me, a noble!? That's a felony!"

"I did not. I simply stated that using such Skills are futile. Your poison taster should tell you that was no lie as well."

"H-he's not lying. This person has not used Appraisal skill on my lord."

"Y-you bastard! Whose side are you on!"

Must be cause people with Appraisal Skill understand the true value of Master Appraiser Job. Even if he works for the baron, the man can't afford to falsify his statements just to get on the baron's good side, risking getting on Fils's bad side.
Fils is the biggest workaholic I know. He's never even tried to learn any other Skills outside his Job description in his entire 60 years of life.
Those with Appraisal Skill raise its proficiency every time they use it, but it comes with slight fatigue each usage.
Raising the Skill level by one needs thousands of usages, tens of thousands once its level gets high enough.
It's said that an average man will pass out from fatigue if they Appraise for tens of times a day. This means one cannot become a Master Appraiser without passing out for months to years.
...Come to think of it, there was a period when our receptionist Neia took days off multiple times recently. She was even out cold the entire day before Stampede. And the culprit was none other than Kajikawa. You again.

"Enough of this! This guild is filled with worthless fools that deceive me! And you, taster, for conspiring with them and slight me, you're fired! And you two useless guards who can't even kill a single adventurer, you're also fireddddddd!"

"...Very well."

"Eh that's fine by me. Heck, sure ya wanna go against that monster?"

"Guy cut a dang sword bare-handed ya know? Guessing he's an Advanced Job of Martial Artist or something. I ain't got enough lives to deal with a guy like that."
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The poison taster and the two guards easily accepted their dismissal.
Wait, did I hear that right, what the heck were you up to Kajikawa!?
He's not those two yet it looks like he's quit being human too...

"Guild master! Don't think you can keep running this damned guild for long! Before my authority, this one little guild is worth nothing!"

"That won't do. We have received a call to arms by his majesty the king to help in the effort against Demon King army."

"Wha...!? F-from his majesty..."

His fervor got drained out of his body just like that.

"In matters such as figuring out Demon King's army composition and the likes. It will be done under the guidance of Arch Mage Lunatiara and Sword King Dukeris. Ah, and here's the letter proving that."

"T-that's the king's royal seal..."

"Yes. Hence, you have no right nor the authority to fire a guild master without his majesty's permission. Ah, and also."

...They're already outside the room.
Too bad, pig baron.

Those two made it in time.

"Almatina, the girl you slapped is the daughter of those aforementioned two. In fact, they're standing right over there, perhaps you wish to check on them yourself?"

Once I said that, Lunatiara and Dukeris who had been waiting outside the room entered.
Apparently these two have been ordered by the king to drop by this town.

...Oh crap, I'm way scared to look straight at their faces now despite calling them.
They haven't said a word yet there's this dreadful pressure emanating from them just standing there.


"Gimme more detail."
"May we have a word with you, Baron Koguppu."

The two spoke to the deadly pale, sweaty and groaning baron.
Their voices were calm and gentle and yet it hung on tremendously heavily in the room.

I can spare you a pity for just this one time, pig baron. Now then, will he come out of this alive?

Tens of minutes later, the sight of a baron, who's passed out from the two's interrogation, getting carried away can be seen.
He hyperventilated under the sheer pressure of those two before getting revived from the shock, this kept repeating for a while until that happened.
...Yeah that's definitely gonna turn into a trauma. Not sure if he's gonna be able to live properly from now on.
They didn't hit him or anything at all, yet it's probably gonna lasts a much bigger impression than Kajikawa's punch... Yeah, Kajikawa's still nowhere near these two's level.

"My oh my, what a pity. Our good baron up and blacked out when we were just having a talk."

"He must have been working too hard in his duty. After all, nobles are meant to be the model figure to the common people."

"...Well done."

I spoke to the two as they chatted like it was business as usual.
They're not mad anymore right? It's fine now right?

"But punching a noble eh, Hikaru-kun's quite a punk. Well, ain't no way he'd do nothing to someone who hit Alma. Hmph, takes me back to my younger days."

"Like that time Duke got mad for real and made a huge mess when some random duke tried to take me away as his concubine. My, those were the days."

"My only hope is for them to stay true to themselves, unyielding to authority even without our involvement."

That was around a decade ago, they were reminiscing like it was yesterday. It was pure hell to me having to deal with the aftermath.
By the way, Dukeris snapped and destroyed that noble's mansion, finishing it off was Lunatiara launching a barrage of high level magic.
Even back then, those two were already among the top class humans in the world, as the damage gradually grew bigger, the country itself had to bow down before the two to soothe them. It was all too bombastic.
Wonder if those two are gonna turn into these monsters too...
I'm begging you, please don't bring any more trouble here, my stomach won't last. No, really.

I guess we can consider this matter settled.
...Hm? Wait, was there a need for them to take shelter then...
W-well, expanding their views should make for a good experience, it's all good, yep.
...Have a feeling they're gonna cause a mess wherever they go though.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 327

327 What's Happiness Again? What is it?


I'm wondering just what is good luck even?
Winning the lottery is probably good luck. Getting rich quick. This case must be happiness because you purposely go out and buy a lottery ticket.
There are also some unforeseen matters that count as good luck.
Like how you're handed an easy job because of someone else's failure.
Or getting compensated big from a trivial action you did without thinking.

But how about me now? A body that far surpasses the common men's, and reincarnating in another world.
I'm sure it's a grand experience nobody else can get. That may be good luck to some.

But that's only one way to look at it. Personally, my situation is far from being lucky.
No matter what anyone else says, this is not something I ask or even need.
In fact, happiness to me is if I get transported back to my world and resume my life there right this instance.
I wanna ask the deity who shoved me here what's her problem with me.

(A double trap. Looking the other way would make me feel sick, yet saving them would mean sticking myself into yet another mess...)

There are six kids, and I can't bring myself to just leave and let them fend to themselves.
If only I could do that, I would have lived worry-free in this world. Heck, I would have outright ignored the thugs earlier.
I can't really complain about it now.

(I'm dumb for never thinking what comes next after saving someone...)

"Oy, kids, gather round, I'm gonna take off your collars."

The kids who were sprawling on the ground have all stood up before I realized.
The kid who was being held by the big man is glaring hard at me.

"You can't take these collars off. They're made for slaves. It's on you forever once it's put on..."

The kid explained while looking downcast.

"Hey? You never asked for my help and I did this on my own, so I don't need your thanks. But why do you know about these collars anyway? Can you tell me more? Who knows maybe my power can help you."

I blurted out something out of character. What kind of 'power' do I even have in this world?
The only power I have is an unwieldy one I can barely control. I have no real 'power' when it comes to saving these children.
It's too late to take it back. Looking closer, the children all have bruises. Not to mention the rags they're wearing. They're so skinny you'd think they'd disappear anytime.
What power do I even have to help these children.
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(Oh man... Why'd I go and set up an event on my own...)

Were this event have a name, I'm sure it'd be called 'Rescue the Children'.
Or perhaps more like 'Save'?
Now that I've initiated this vague yet long-term-sounding quest, I just wanna run away right this instance.

(I'd be living a completely different life had I heart to do that.)

The children are all downcast. After about two minutes, one of them slowly spoke.

"The mana inside this collar will react with a different mana and locks it down forever. That's what these thugs said when they were trying to catch us. And they were right, we couldn't take them when we tried."

The collars are made of metal, breaking or cutting them is a no go.
The specs seem kinda different from the collars used to capture the elves. Though I feel like they have the same principle.
So I gave it a try and put my hand on the resigned kid's collar.

"The heck, it came off just like that... A bit anti-climatic if you ask me... Wait, maybe this stuff are all made similarly?"

That apparently came as quite the shock, the children were all surprised before sending a look of awe at me.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 52

A Bother


"My bad, I got careless and hit a noble real hard, so we're planning on leaving to some faraway place for a bit."

"What the heck are you spouting right after showing up out of the blue. No seriously, what the heck."

Yup, even I don't get it myself. It'd be scarier if he got the whole picture just from that.
After that event, we went straight to the adventurer guild and asked for a meeting with the guildmaster, which he promptly responded despite being busy.
Quite a treatment for two mere Rank E adventurers. Guildmaster's pretty broadminded.
Might also be cause he's free now that Stampede is over.
Ah, Appraisal Master, Filsdaim-shi gramps is here too. I see him here pretty often, wonder what's his business.

"I'll have you know, I've spared my time for you in consideration of your deed in the Stampede a month ago. No other Rank E party coulda get an audience with me willy-nilly."

"Sorry for the trouble."

"For now, let me hear the detail. Ain't got nothing from just that... I get this is another trouble from the sound of it."

Yes, that's exactly right.
Acting on impulses only to have the consequences biting you on the back happens even in another world.

Once I gave him the rundown, guildmaster sighed with a tired look.

"...I have no word."

"...I'm sorry. I'm fully aware how rash I acted."

"Well, I agree you could have done better. But I'm talking about that nobleman, Baron Koguppu."

That pig noble was a baron huh. I think that's the lowest peerage rank?
It's still a noble rank though and you can't tell their character from just ranks. But that damned pig is definitely out. Hope your front teeth fall off. Ah, I did just that.

"As it stands, that pig baron is known for being a small time villain who has been dabbling in criminal activity to indulge himself."

"Guy's apparently got a Skill that makes people gradually believe his words as well, so even personnel dispatched to investigate him ended up taking in fake information. Appraising a nobleman's Skill is against the law, so we still have no idea what his Skills and Job are."

"As far as I know, his Job is Fraudster and his Skills are Power of Word and Hypnosis... Ah."

Oh crap, said that without thinking!

"...Hold it, how do you know that."

"I do not believe you have any Skill... Ah, right it's the grace of Menu usable to heroes."

"Haa? Hero? Menu, what's this about."

"This guy here hails from the same parallel world as heroes'. Oh right, I never told you."

"Oy oy, what the heck, first I heard of this!?"

Ah, gramps just went and laid it bare.
Well it was me who slipped out though. Now that it's come to this, might as well be honest.
Guildmaster should be all right.

"...Forgive me for keeping it a secret. Thought it would cause lots of issues if people found out."

"Well, you're not exactly wrong about that, I'm not blaming you... So you're a hero?"

"No... One day I took a nap on my way back from work in my world and woke up in this world. My attributes were all zero, my Job unidentifiable and I had absolutely no Skills, so I'm not a Hero."

"...Fils, is he speaking the truth?"

"Indeed he is. Unbelievable it may sound."

"So how'd that end up with you beating up some magic beasts and flying around in the sky... Mana Control is it, I get how dangerous that technique is hearing your story. That thing lets you fight magic beasts despite such tragic stats after all."

"He beat up goblins before learning that though."
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...Alma, are you doing this 'kick when you're low' thing on purpose?

"...Enough. My head's gonna burst open trying to figure you out. I just know common senses don't apply to you."

"Well, I shall tell you more later, for now you two should evacuate this town for your sake."

"Ordinarily, we should be handing you over to that baron considering our positions, but I've heard your side of story. Besides, I'd like to avoid selling out members of our guild."

"That baron made his move first, even made an attempt to violate Almatina by force. I can assure that your words contain no lie. But there is always a possibility of their side making hasty decisions such as sending assassins your way, as such, you should lay low somewhere far until this matter settles down."

"Man's gonna be a pain but it's nothing compared to a Stampede. Leave his handling to me... With this, we're even now, got it?"


"I'm talking about your deeds during Stampede. What you've done is far meritorious than you ever think. The reward we gave you ain't nowhere enough to cover it."

"I-is that right... My apologies, guildmaster. I've imposed on you a lot."

Uumu, I got lots of stuff from them, even some rare items and accessories drop from Hobgoblins, thought that was more than enough.
But I'm truly thankful for his help. Nothing I can do with brute force against people in power. I'm not some strongest creature in the world like in that fighting manga.
...Uh, though two people that fit that description come to mind. Those two are the exceptions.

"Go pack up and leave now if you get it. There's a village called Keruna if you follow the highway from here, keep going and you'll find town of Vinfitt. It's way out there but it's a big city, just right for hiding. You know where to go?"

"Beyond Keruna Village is it. We had just finished a commission there and got a map in the occasion. I think we'll be fine."

"Ah right, you beat a Jet Boar huh... Well done defeating a Rank C magic beast between the two of you. You'll be fine then."

"If you'd excuse us... Thank you so much."

"S' fine, just go, that pig baron's gonna find ya if ya keep lagging."

Man he's so cool, what's this sense of relief. Guildmast you look like a hunk now. What a super reliable bunch of people.
He said we're even now but I'm gonna come and say my thanks again once this blows over.

Now then, for now let's go back to our inn and grab our belonging, get our Jet Boar equipment and get the hell outta here.
We should arrive there before today's end if I fly carrying Alma... So long as my mana doesn't run out midway.

~~~~Guildmaster's POV~~~~~

I let out a deep sigh once Kajikawa and Almatina left.
What do they say about sighing again, your happiness leaves with every sigh or something. Nah, it's the other way around, I keep sighing cause of all this mess always finding their way to me.

"...Sheesh, quite a pickle they brought here."

"But, doesn't this take you back?"

"Hell no. How hard do you think I had to run around when I was dealing with the aftermath of those two. Well, at least it's just the pig baron this time."

"Ho ho, nevertheless, Kajikawa sure has got the most fortunate of Luck."

"Ah? What's so fortunate 'bout getting in this mess with that pig baron?"

"Look here."

Fils handed over one of the letters that arrived today.
What about it?
Eh... seriously?

"....How high was Kajikawa's Luck again?"

"It was around 170 just now. Lad had another level up to 18, I see. Looking at their Extermination Log, they must have been doing leveling in the dungeon."

"1-170? Even peeps on Advanced Jobs don't get that high."

"It looks to me his attributes rise by the same number as his level. Luck being no exception might be a tad unfair. To top it off, Almatina's Luck appears to be gradually increasing as if following that."

"Is it due to the mechanic where people that defeat magic beasts and level up together with someone with high Luck attribute have their Luck increase easily as well? ...His attributes ain't that high now, but give it some time and he'll turn into a monster"

He might even surpass those two at this rate. And not that far in the future.
...Even non-hero otherworlders might host some incredible powers inside them it seems.

Step step step step step!

Sounds of violent footsteps could be heard outside.

"U-um! Please wait a moment until you've been given permission!"

"Shut up! Every last one of you dares to make a clown out of me! My whims aren't beholden to mere peasants!"

...Here it comes.
Now then, who's gonna make it in time, pig baron or those two?
As I inwardly agonized over my aching stomach from the stress, I faced the door as it got violently flung open by an uninvited guest.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 326

326 It's That Kind of World After All


I took a jab at his stomach as I dodged the big man's fist.
Of course I don't put any power into it. I exclusively utilized the big man's momentum instead.
The man seemingly didn't think I'd dodge him, he rushed headlong into my fist.
The sensation of hitting something transmitted to my arm. My fist sunk in the big man's trained abs.
That counterattack had enough power to reap his consciousness.

Normally, the weight difference should have been too great and I'd get blown away instead. But I'm not normal.

(I wouldn't have been here if I were...)

I looked at the man as he fell down unconscious while foaming at mouth.
Then once I confirmed he wasn't moving, I turned my gaze at the other thug.

"I wasn't planning to attack if you didn't start first. But it's too late now, yeah? This will be you next."

"Bastard... I ain't lettin' this slide. You're dead meat..."

The thug drew a knife and swung it around to stop me from coming closer.
He's quite calm despite acting frenzied. Was sure it'd be another template where he'd rush in with a knife, but that never came to pass.
This thug is quite an 'adept'. Which makes him a bit more difficult to handle.

(I could've shrugged him off if he came charging in. But this guy doesn't seem like he's trying to kill me.)

Despite telling me to die, it's very obvious how he's probing for a chance to flee.
And the direction wasn't to the slum but toward the main street, in a calculated way.

(Resorting to bluffing so he could flee even if it means leaving the big guy behind. The type that's well aware of his own weakness and understands what's truly important...)

Letting him escape would make this mess grow bigger later.
You see this a lot. 'I'll get you for this!' as they ran away and then came back later bringing more men as a 'payback'.
Also, these thugs look like they belong to an organization. No doubt about it.
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(There's no way two men could 'use' this many children. They must be in a group.)

Their most probable goal is 'slavery'. An indispensable part of this 'world'.
I'm sure they'd find use for these children nobody would look for.
These children are obviously orphans considering they're only wearing rags.

With all that in mind, it's clear they must have the backing of a crime syndicate.
There's no way an official organization would resort to such a shady means.
No wait, considering this is a fantasy world, that might not be totally out of question.

I kept effortlessly dodging the thug's knife while thinking all that trivial stuff.
Despite never hitting, the thug only appeared slightly restless as he continued to look for the right time to escape.

I got tired and pretended to stumble.
The thug took a large swing at this chance.

Yep, if he's looking for an opening, might as well give him one. Sure enough, he took the bait.
But his reaction was part of the plan. I'm in full control of this opening, so there's plenty of ways to cope.

As the thug lunged straight at my chest, I grabbed his arm from below and shoulder threw him. I didn't put him doing an ukemi into consideration as I made the throw.

The thug got the air in his lungs forcefully taken out as his back crashed onto the ground before passing out.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 51

What Bastard Noble Are You


How'd it come to this.

A nicely oiled nouveau pig is passed out with a nosebleed in front of me.
This guy has a family name so he's probably a nobleman, nobles really are scumbags. No, I guess not all of them. But this guy looks nothing like those stupidly sparkly handsome noblemen you see in shoujo manga.
Next to him, a spearsman and a swordsman, probs his guards, are knocked out too. Oh and the poison taster as well.
These guards are over level 20 so I thought they'd pose a challenge but even Baredo and Rasfin were still stronger than them. Their Skills levels are relatively low too, wonder if they power leveled?
By the way, the one who knocked these guys out is none other than me. Yes, I did out of rage. It's nothing big though.

It all started after our return from the dungeon, we were going around the stores to sell off our loot when.

"Man, there's so many good stuff on floor four. Comes with a bigger risk though."

"Un. But Hikaru finds most of the traps and the magic beasts aren't much trouble to us so long as we take care."

"Can never thank Menu enough, seriously. Who knows where that warp trap would have thrown us to."

First, to the second hand equipment store.
It's a store that specializes in selling old yet cheap equipment, they will also buy equipment off you.
The line up there isn't quite on the same level as expensive equipment but due to the cheap price and acceptable performance, the store is relatively popular among newbie adventurers.
A lot of people also come there to sell off their old equipment, which then brings in people who seek those.
Today we're here to pawn off old equipment now that we've gotten better ones in the dungeon. Good bye Iron Sword. You were a great help. I'm keeping Safety Shoes with me since they're from earth though.

Then just as we were about to make our way to the material store tended by the old lady, I could hear a carriage approaching from behind us.
Oy oy, what the heck is that speed in the middle of the town, that's dangerous. We're at the town edge though.
Hm, it's slowing down, no, stopping. Do they have business around these parts?

The carriage door got violently swung open, and then a middle aged plump man wearing gaudy clothes came out.
Uwao, his outfit really screams 'nouveau riche'. So many embroideries, precious metal and jewelries.
On top of it, the man acted like a violent and vulgar walking hubris. Ew, quit picking your nose.
He was loudly complaining how the carriage ran badly. I mean a carriage is gonna shake, no way around it. Or maybe there are carriages installed with shake-free tools or something in this world?
Wait, whoa. He's kinda coming our way. Alright, let's avoid eye contacts and get the hell out of here.

"You black haired woman over there! You must be the Paladin!"

Uwaa, he's talking to us. Shitto.
Wait, Paladin? He knows about Alma? Is it from a rumor spreading after the Stampede last time?
His attendant and what seem to be the guards approached us.

"Taster! Appraise her!"

"...Fumu, there is no mistake. This woman is not an Apprentice, she's a true Paladin. I have confirmed the existence of Magic Swords Skill as well."

"Oooh, so she is! My hunch is always right! Hahaha!"

And now he's getting all fired up on his own, but what's up with appraising someone without consent like that.
Is he that? Those egoistical nobles that's all in the rages in isekai stories these days?
Let's check his stats. Name, Job and Skills. I mean he didn't ask for permission, he should be okay on the receiving end too.

Shuudashunshu Koguppu

Age: 48

Race: Human

Job: Fraudster

Power of Word Lv7 - Hypnosis Lv5

Uwaah, his Job's a Fraudster. He even got some mind attack-sounding Skills.
Nothing good's gonna come out getting involved with this guy.

"...Hikaru, this man seems to be a noble."

"...Yeah. And his Job is Fraudster, he even got Power of Word and Hypnosis Skills. He could get us under their effects before we realized."

I warned Alma in whisper.
We might have already come under his influence right now.
...Menu-san, please notify me right away if Alma or me are affected somehow.


"Now then, girly! I am aware that you used that Magic Swords Skill to kill a higher level Werewolf during the Stampede!"

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The nouveau plump man pointed at Alma while loudly talking with a self-important tone.
Opposite to him, Alma replied listlessly.

"You will tell me how you learn that Skill! And you will serve me! Do so and there will be many more Paladins in the future, and I shall claim that deed for myself... Surely you are honored to work for me? Do you not?"

The man licked his lips while telling Alma all his worldly desires out loud.
That last 'Do you not?' part feels like it was loaded with some sort of effect, don't tell me.

<<Power of Word Skill Lv4: [Enforced Agreement]: Enforce agreement when the target fails to resist a question. In combination with Hypnosis Skill Lv4 'Fogged Sense': Debilitate focus of people who listen to user's words.>>

<<Almatina has resisted Power of Word Skill. Kajikawa Hikaru as well as Almatina have come under the influence of Hypnosis Skill.>>

Geh! Are you for real!
I am getting a bit sleepy now that you mention it. Oh crap, who knows what he's gonna do to us now!
...Wait, what? Some weird mana is creeping inside my ears, uwaa gross! Expelling with Mana Control!

<<Kajikawa Hikaru has neutralized Hypnosis Skill.>>

The mana trying to enter was from Hypnosis Skill huh. It was sticky and yucky. Exactly like this pig.

"Bufufu, looking closer, you don't look half bad. I'll have you tend to me tonight."

Uwaa, gross! This guy's seriously gross!

<<Almatina has neutralized Hypnosis Skill.>>

Oh, Alma did it too huh.
Well controlling inner mana is her forte, it's to be expected.

"...I must decline."


"I won't quit being an Adventurer, nor will I serve under anyone."

"You wench...! Do you mean to go against me! Who do you think you're talking to!"

Who the heck care. Ah, guy's a noble huh? Hee, amaze.
Wait, what are you.

CLAP a dry sound resounded.

This pig, just freaking, slapped, Alma's face.

"...Have you had enough?"

"You wish!! Brat! Not even a thank, dare you refuse working for me!? Pushing your luck just because you've a pretty face! I've decided, I shall violate you and"



"The hell you're doing you damned pigggggggg!!!"



I punched the pig's face with all my might producing a sound akin to a ruptured balloon.
The pig spun in the air as he got sent flying a few meters away, scattering nosebleed everywhere.
He's barely alive, unconscious.
Trash. Should've died.

"H-Hikaru! Stop! Hitting a noble is gonna cause a huge problem!"

Alma hurriedly tried to stop me, but the two guards had already drew their weapons while glaring at me.

"Ah man, he went and did it, what now."

"Nobody cares 'bout that pig, but hey, ain't no choice but to kill that guy over there, got a job to do y'know."

"Got that right. So yeah lad, keel over and die, will ya. We'll make this quick if you--"

I closed in on them with Pseudo Ground Shrink. Using the momentum, I elbowed the spearsman's face.


"W-wha, damn you!"


"Wha, d-did he just cut a sword bare handed...!!?"

The swordsman swung his sword at me which I blocked with my Mana Blade Mark 2-clad hand, cutting the the sword in two in the process.
...Eh? The technique is this sharp with just my hand, not even using a sword as a base? What the, scary.
W-well, whatever. For now, get to sleep you. Ground Shrink Punch to the face!



Ah, the poison taster was in the blown man's path.
Both of them got knocked out.

So now, we're back at the beginning.

...Um yeah, there's no 'how'd it come to this', it's all me.
Seeing Alma getting slapped blinded me in rage.
...Crap, we should have run away before they made their move on us.

"A-Alma, my bad! Lost my cool there and..."

"...And I went out of my way to let him slap me. Nothing good ever happens when you pick a fight with a noble, you should avoid provoking them. Some of them would even send assassins just because of small disputes."

"...Sorry, I'll take full responsibility. Alma you should go somewhere safe and--"
"I'll get seriously angry if you finish that."

She interrupted me vehemently.
I can tell from her face that she's never been angrier. Scary.

"We're comrades in the same party. We share responsibility no matter the outcomes. I will never agree being the only one saved, and it's not like this matter will be resolved with just you taking the blame."


"So please avoid acting on impulses. Even actions you think fine might result in irreparable errors."

...I have no excuses. I'm really no good.
Just when I thought I was doing much better than ever after coming to this world, I got ahead of myself and landed us in this situation.
Alma did her best to endure that pig, and yet look at me who should be her senior.
I'm just dragging her down.

"...Well, I'd probably punch that guy myself if he hit Hikaru."


"Or rather, there's no telling what he was going to do so personally speaking, I'm glad you did it. Thank you."

She's either assuaging me or telling the truth.

"What should we do. Things will definitely turn into a huge mess once this guy comes to."

"Un. I think he's gonna keep coming for us for as long as we're within his reach."

"...How about we explain the situation to the guildmaster and go somewhere else till the heat dies down."

"That's probably our best bet. This thing is still a noble, we won't stand a chance if it gets to trial."

"That's that then. Sorry for real, we've gotta go on an unplanned trip now."

"It's fine. Besides, going to some faraway places sounds fun and I've been wanting a change in scenery. This is a good opportunity."

Haa... I was personally hoping to gain some level first before leaving Daijel...
Welp, no point in crying over spilled milk. I could have done better but there's no time to waste on regret.
We'd better set off today. That pig's going to look for us once he wakes up.
Well, our stuff is inside Item Screen so we can move out anytime, we'll leave right away after reporting to the guildmaster.
Gotta check up which direction to go.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 325

325 Unavoidable


I'm currently walking in the slum on my way out of the kingdom.

(Why? How? I was just walking through some random unpopulated area, how did that end with me 'seeing that by chance'...)

The reason why I was even in the slum was because gramps told me about a shortcut here.
If I didn't take this shortcut, I'd have to walk past several crowded areas to leave the kingdom. There would be no escape if someone got their eyes on me in those places. Just like that time Kidd first called out to me.

Hence the slum. Not many people there, and nobody could catch me when I'm under Acceleration.

Thanks to this 'something' inside me, trouble comes looking for me anyway and the encounter rate should stay the same regardless of which path I take.
Then I might as well choose the path that offers an easy way out. Or so it should have been.
Yet why does this happen?
A kid is being held high by his neck. There's also several other collared kids lying on the ground in terrible shapes.

(...Feigning ignorance gonna make me sick to my stomach. On the other hand, I don't know the full story and it's not my place to butt in if this was something 'normal' here...)

But I just know it. The fact that I come across this must mean it's a crime scene.

"Hey? You guys. Get your hands off him. Aren't you ashamed doing that to a kid?"

It's too late. I undid Acceleration and spoke to the thug-like men.
Not out of altruism. I just couldn't overlook it. It wasn't out of pity for the poor children either.

"Aah? Who the hell? What we do got nuthin' to do with ya! This ain't no show!"

One of the two thugs, the short and skinny one yelled while spewing spits everywhere.
The other thug, the one holding a kid by their neck is a classic macho man.

"Ah, sorry. Your mugs just look so punchable, I couldn't help myself. No really, why are all scumbags I run into always look so unmistakably evil? So much so I suspect they only exist to annoy me."

Yes, that's the whole reason. I don't care about the children's circumstances, who these thugs are, or how it comes to this.
It's just that these scumbags always crop up with sickening grins on their mugs.
What I'm about to do is nothing more than me venting my anger. I'm well aware of that.
I just wanna know why do all these events are always the type that would make feel bad if I ignore them.
That fact alone is piling up my frustration.

(But please give me an excuse to beat you guys up. Something, anything will do.)

Not because I want an excuse, but to serve as a measure and convince myself.

"Oy, get lost while I'm still feeling generous. Didn't ya hear me? Get the hell outta here!"
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"Sorry. I did hear you but no. What are you doing to those children?"

"Tch! Oy, kill him. We're taking the brats once you're done. Dammit! What a pain! Guess his stuff'll make for some extra cash at least."

Did all these dunces have a conference to decide on the same crap to spout in situations like this?
But I welcome it this time.
Because this means I have a legitimate reason to defend myself.

"Well, I'll make sure you don't die at least."

I opted not to use Acceleration, nor my katana and instead countered the punching man while holding my power back.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 50

Communication is Important


As of now, the only Spirits Alma can command through her new 'Spirit Magic' Skill are low level earth Spirits.
Apparently once she raise her Skill level by raising its proficiency or entering a contract with other elemental Spirits, she can use other elements as well but for now she's focusing on learning to employ the earth Spirits.
A day after our dungeon delving, we went to our usual training ground where she tried to cast Spirit Magic, but the Spirits were moving more sluggish compared to when the triangle hat commanded them.

<<There are cases where Spirits treat the user lightly and refuse to exert their power, usually it is when they haven't been summoned often enough.>>

...So you're saying they're making fun of her cause she's a new contractee?

<<That understanding is mostly appropriate.>>

Hou, really now.

"P-please do it right. I'll give you a lot of mana."

<Eh~, too much work~.>
<Nope, not nearly enough mana, gimme more.>
<You can go home now~.>

Alma looked troubled as she tried to convince the Spirits. The little gnomes on the other hand, don't seem motivated at all.
By the way, it's not like Alma is being stingy with her mana tender. In fact, she's been giving them more through mana control. Far more than what triangle hat gave at least.
Umu, it's not like they're slaves, I guess it's important to take this slowly as she gains their trust over time.

<Missy, you an item with that old man over there? I say think again.>
<Yep yep, what's so good about an old man like that~.>
<And hey, we're even gonna help find you a better man. So gimme more mana.>

Man, they have no brakes, do they. Maybe a little warning is in order?
...Hm? W-what's with this intimidating pressure from Alma...


A crater three meter wide in diameter was created after that booming sound.
Alma just shot a powered up fireball on the ground.

"...If you have time to chatter on, you have time to do as you're told. Don't think I'll stay gentle forever."

<<<Y-Yes, Ma'am!!>>>

Their sluggish movement vanished like a dream, replaced by a brisk motion per Alma's instruction.
...Perhaps she learned from the time I threatened these Spirits, or those their word got to her nerve, or perhaps it's both.
She's really the daughter of those two, scary when angered...

"Just you know, Hikaru is even scarier when he's mad, try to not badmouth him."

<<<We won't.>>>

"You guys..."

<I asked you to be reasonable...>

"I will if you do your job. You were obviously playing around. Any more complaint?"

<We're seriously sorry!>

She got them to yield through force in the end...
Well, they won't ever learn if they keep making fun of her, guess this is fine.

We ran Spirit Magic through some tests afterward.
Normally, you can only manipulate terrain to a small degree when the Skill level is still low, but by adding more mana, she managed to do stuff like making earth walls and spears emerge out of the ground, or opening up a big pitfall.
If only we had this during the village incident. Feels like we've been acquiring the right abilities only after big incidents.
This magic should be pretty powerful depending on use cases. Good thing she made the contract with Spirits.
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A day later, we're back in the dungeon yet again.
We're slaughtering, I mean defeating magic beasts while looking for treasure chests on floor four.
Umu, the equipment in here are all good stuff. Mine even got a slight upgrade.
Which is from Iron Sword to Steel Sword (ATK+45), and from Safety Shoes to Bladed Boots (ATK+15, DEF+15).
The boots have a mysterious gimmick that makes a blade come out of them when you push a button. Uh, better than nothing.
Alma's equipment have barely changed. At most, she's using the staff dropped by that triangle hat whenever she casts magic now.
Feels like she's been maining magic more these days... I think what makes Paladin good isn't exclusively magic but the ability to wield both.
She has a staff in one hand and a sword in another, so it's not like her focus is slanted to only one type, but aren't those heavy?
At least she puts the staff away when she wields Magic Swords though.

Also our levels have gone up again, I'm at 18 while Alma is at 19.
Almost the same as Rasfin and Baredo during Stampede.
...I believe those two are about 18 year old. Meaning they had three years since coming of age to level up and yet we caught up to them in just two months. How is that possible.
Unlike Heavenly Dragons (lol), those two don't seem to be lacking courage and mettle, you'd think they'd be leveling up at a faster pace.

<<Combat Job people who aspire to be adventurers generally study the basics for a period of time after coming of age and before raising their level. They are drilled on the importance of training Skills and Status before they come of age. Additionally, in majority of cases, people prioritize safety over rapid level ups. There are also those who enlist assistance of powerful people to power level, however as there is a clear gap in practical experience between such cases and people who do it the standard way, this strategy is not recommended.>>

Fumu. But feels like they're still going slow despite all that. They did level up after defeating that Werewolf though.

<<However, the pace at which Kajikawa Hikaru and Almatina are growing is considered unusual relative to the norm.>>

Yeah, I heard that from Neia-san at the guild too. Is it that abnormal?
I mean I'm sure there's plenty of people who keep delving in dungeons to level up like us.

<<As the chance of falling into fatal traps is not zero inside Dungeons even on early floors, only those who are highly confident in their ability make the attempt.>>

Hm, well, I guess the three girls from back then did fall into one such traps. I can see why people would rather do leveling at the relatively safer magic beast territories than risk dying tragically.
...Huh? Then did Alma suggest going into this dungeon because she believed we'd be fine? Isn't she being a bit too reckless. A bit late after almost a month though.
Well, in hindsight, we did level up a lot so quickly, so all is well. Yup.

Oh, found the portal.
We've gone around this floor and all, time to make our return. Still got 80% of our MP left, gonna use it in training.

"Well that's our portal, let's go home for today. I know we can still keep going, but there's no harm in being prudent."

"Got it. Let's go back."

Then, just as we were about to step in the portal, a menu display popped up in front of me all of a sudden.

<<Warning: This is not an Escape Portal.>>


<<It's a teleportation magic circle disguised as an Escape Portal. It is likely a trap.>>

W-whoa! Just narrowly avoided stepping on it!

"Alma, stop!"

"! W-what?"

"This thing is not an Escape Portal, it's a teleport trap. Apparently you'd be warped somewhere if you step on it."

"R-really? ...It almost got us."

"Let's go look for the real one, there are areas we haven't explored yet."

"Un... Traps like this are what make dungeons so terrifying, more than the magic beasts but we don't need to worry about them with Hikaru around. It's so, reassuring. Thank you."

"You can tell that to Menu. I know nothing about detecting traps myself."

"E-err... Thank you, Menu?"

Hear that, she said thanks, Menu-san.

<<The safety of Kajikawa Hikaru as well as his companions is this Menu Feature's raison d'etre. No thanks necessary.>>

Is it being a Tsundere? No, a Kudere?
Wonder if Menu-san is gonna have a personality on its own if we keep talking to each other like this.

<<Unlike the present day Hero, Kajikawa Hikaru's Menu Feature has not been installed with an artificial personality.>>

Hwat, the hero's got a Menu too? So it wasn't only me.
No wait, guess it's the other way around, I've been using a feature intended for heroes. What was it again, anyone coming from another world automatically gets it or something.

<<...For your information, the present day Hero is at his wit's end having to deal with the installed artificial personality.>>

...I'm so glad it's the Menu-san I've got, from the bottom of my heart.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 324

324 Contained Within


I left the wagon alone after it passed through the gate. The rest of the group were heading to the association to give an explanation.
I'm not going with them. The reason being, it's a pain. I'm not even an official member of the party.
I had them all promise to muddle things up regarding me.

(Well it all depends on how good they can mix up 'truths', 'lies', and 'brags'.)

I don't particularly mind if the association finds out about me.
What will be, will be, I can't predict the future.
I wasn't really thinking about what would happen later when I agreed to dungeon delve anyway.

It was simply because I didn't want my acquaintances, the gramps who made me this katana get harmed.

(And apparently the last boss, Wraith King was a disaster waiting to happen... Hm? Didn't they mention how the kingdom would get wrecked if that thing wasn't dealt with?)

Everything turned alright anyway, let's focus on the future now.
I'm planning to have my katana get looked at.
White Fang should be celebrating at the association today, we won't run into each other so soon after parting.

I arrived at gramps' forge after walking a bit. That was when I noticed.

(Where's Chimera gone off to?! ...Huh? Just when did it even...?)

As I try not to think about my now cold shoulder due to the vanishing Chimera, I entered the store and spoke.

"Gramps you in there? Will you have a look at my katana, see if it's chipped or bent. I was swinging it around a bit too wildly."

Of course I never actually did.
However, I chose to say it like that so gramps would agree to look.
Once I've left this kingdom, I won't have the opportunity again, gotta use this chance to get him have a good long look.

(Next up is the federation I guess? Or was it  called something else? I can't even be bothered to memorize country names in this world huh.)

I'm sure they have proper names, but my interest in this world doesn't extend that far.
My life-long goal is to fully reminisce the past after all.
I'm doing my best to avoid getting familiar with this world's terms.

(But I sure would love to take a look at this 'Hinomoto'.)
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Now that I've found out from the dungeon expedition I could run on water, I should be able to go across continents.
I'm not gonna run into sea magic beasts or the likes during Accelerated state anyway.

"Ou! It's you! Hold on a bit! Minya, get some tea out! The best one!"

"Yes. Ah, hello! What would you like to do today?"

Minya asked. I replied honestly.

"I plan to leave this kingdom soon. So I'd like to learn how to do some simple maintenance on my katana as well as having gramps look at it."

"Eh? Are you leaving already? That's a shame..."

"Well I'm traveling around with a goal in the first place. Now that I'm done with the stuff here, it's good time as any. 'No time like now', they say."

The 'stuff' which is the dungeon. I have an inkling that I'd get dragged into another incident involving White Fang if I stayed here any longer.
I'm never becoming an adventurer, if I stay here I'm sure to come across White Fang by chance and get dragged into a whole new mess, that's for sure.
There's just no denying one thing about me anymore.

(This must be because of my lack of 'God's Blessing' thing... This 'Something' inside me has been dragging me headlong into all those incidents...)

It's a minefield everywhere I go, yet the frequency is just not normal. I'm sure things wouldn't be this bad if I had a 'Blessing' protecting me.
The lack of that is what's probably turning me into the 'brunt' of those events by the world. This 'something' must be akin to 'Causality' or 'Karma'.
There's probably nobody else but me without a 'Blessing' in this world.
No mistake about it. My hunch is telling me that.

(Give me a break... I seriously wanna punch the deity of this world...)

Minya got all worried at me who turned downcast from thinking all that.
Then gramps showed up.

"Ou ou ou! What's up! I heard ya just now. Yer' leaving the kingdom eh. Okay then, let me at it! I'mma even give ya a booklet teaching simple maintenance. But y'know? Make sure you turn up every once in a while or years. Some stuff just cannae' be done by amateurs, ya got it? Gahahaha!"

Looks like gramps gonna see me off with a big hearty laugh.




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