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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 43

Revenge (2) ~Desperate Raw Finish~


I frantically tried to keep my grip on the blade stuck to Jet Boar's head, but this can't keep going on forever.
The idea of using pseudo mana blade trick to send flame down the blade crossed my mind, but there's no way I could do such a delicate technique while being flung all over like this!


"You...! Give it a rest already!"

I clung on while cursing at the bloodied roaring Jet Boar.
Dammit, it's likely gonna flee again if let go of the sword, what should I do.
Hm? It's stopped moving? Has it finally resigned?



Just when I thought that, the boar suddenly dashed forward.


"Kuh...! Bastard...!"


It rammed itself on a wall in an attempt to crush me.
That's some masterful tactic you wouldn't think a beast with a sword stuck on its head could come up. Is this thing really a magic beast?
I can tell I've lost a lot of my HP. Crap, a few more of that and my HP's gone!
Oh crap, it's heading for the wall again.


"Get ahead of yourseeeeelf!!"

Crackle crackle crackle crackle!!


"Aaaaa!! It freaking huuuuuurts!!"

If flame won't do, how about electricity!
Getting electrocuted straight in the brain should stop it! Gotta be a level way above painful!
Even though I don't get damaged so long as I have HP buffer left, this technique delivers pain directly to my sense so it really stings!

"Uwaaaa!! J-just drop dead alreadyyyyy!!


The red boar and me enduring the pain.
Both of us screamed our lungs out.
What a terrible situation this is.

Dammit! The thing's HP is gradually decreasing but my MP is reducing faster!
The mana recovery pill is inside Item Screen. I'd like to take one out but that's just impossible in this state.
Dammit, what should I do, how!
Trying to think straight while getting electrocuted is too much, even under normal circumstances how do you--

As I began to lose track what I was even thinking anymore, somebody's hand gripped my hand on the sword.


A scream. I must be hallucinating that screaming of a girl from the electric shock.
Wha, oy, wait.

"A-Alma!? O-oy! What are you!"

"Uuu.... Guuuuuu......!!"

Alma gripped the sword. Oy oy, you shouldn't move with your Mana Shortage, or rather what are you doing here!
There's a powerful current of electricity running on the sword I'm holding.
I'm unharmed thanks to my HP, but ordinary people wouldn't come out unscathed.
In fact, Alma's hands are gradually getting scalded.

"L-let go now! You're getting damaged from the electricity!!"



"Burning Blade...!!"

A moment after she whispered that, BWOSH, a blue flame gushed out of the Jet Boar's head.


Its HP rapidly decreased from its brain getting burned directly.
I see, using mana control to create a flame requires some delicate control but Skills can do it automatically, hence Alma's result!
But she's too reckless! I'm not one to talk though!




The boar squeezed out the last of its strength to shook both us off.
I immediately caught Alma and neutralized falling damage using a mana cushion.

Jet Boar slumped down the ground right after.
...Finally, it's down for good.

"Alma, I'll be honest with you, you were a big help. Thank you. But that was just too rash. Look how scalded your hands are."

"...I don't want to hear that from the always reckless Hikaru..."


Alma's hands have been burned badly. Uwaah, some parts even look charred.
Can a recovery potion heal this? With no scars left?

<<A damage of this scale will likely leave a scar unless she drinks a High Potion.>>

A scar huh, I'd like to avoid leaving one on a maiden. It's my fault. What am I doing really.
Is there nothing I can do?

<<...Transferring life force, healing by way of genetic blueprint of the body, may result in the lack of scars.>>
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Eh? Ah right, never tried transferring HP.
Wait, you can do that? ...Probably can.
Let's believe in Menu-san.

"Alma, it might hurt a bit, but can I grip your hands?"

"Eh? ...O-okay."

She's blushing and all, but this is part of your treatment okay?
Ah, my mind ghost is getting restless for the first time in a while. Can this guy say something else besides straight to jail.

Transferring HP, life force from me to Alma through our hands.
I focus on the scalds and image Alma's gene, her body blueprint to turn back to normal.

New tissues seem to be created under the scalds as they peeled off, leaving her original fair skin in its place.

O-oh good. It's a success.

"I-it's cured....!?"

"Yeah. Remember how I said I could control life force directly now? I transferred mine to you and heal your wound. Good thing the scars are gone."

"T-thank you... Hikaru is really amazing."

Fufufu. I think so this time. Self-praise? Say what you want.
Wonder if Alma can do this too if I teach her?

<<Not recommended. Kajikawa Hikaru is able to heal with no risk due to his Status overlapping his base body. However, to people of this world whose body is interlinked with HP, healing by way of life force control may risk shaving off their life span.>>

Yep, out! I'm never teaching her!
That's a way riskier technique than I thought. Gotta be careful not to use this in public.

Now then, Alma's scars are gone and the rest of Rush Boars seem to have been beaten or driven off by the combatant villagers.
It's finally over.



The Jet Boar groaned if ever so weakly.

"I-it's still alive...!? ...But."

But it looks completely helpless.
The little bit of its HP is gradually decreasing.
Its state shows Total Paralysis from Brain Damage, it's gonna die in two minutes.

Part of the State displays, 'Agony - Acute Pain'.
...I may have been the one who did this, but I don't want to let it suffer for two minutes. I'd like to quickly end it if possible.
However, neither of us have the power left to do it. Killing this boar would level us up and restores our state but that's the cart, not the horse.


I took the fried vanisoi from Item Screen, crushed it with the little mana I got left and tossed it into Jet Boar's mouth.
It's his favorite and all apparently, I hope this could ease his pain at least.

This is nothing more than an act of hypocrisy for my own satisfaction.

What this guy and his friends need are crops, not something like this.
I'm well aware. Both us humans and them magic beasts only fight for the sake of survival, we merely stand on opposite sides.
Thus we cannot coexist. But I'm sure this much is allowed. Even if it's hypocritical, what's so bad about it.
Go on and eat good stuff at the very end.


Either I was imagining thing, or its expression softened up. Its state turned to 'Tranquil', and the Menu display changed to red in less than two minutes.
The boar is truly and well dead this time.

F-finally over.
Both Alma and I leveled up so our HP and MP got fully replenished, yet the feeling of fatigue was too much.
...That didn't end in a good note. Even though we managed to kill the Jet Boar with no casualty.

"Hikaru, are you all right?"

"...I'm fine, just a bit tired."

"I see, good."

She got worried to see me downcast.
Not good, I gotta perk up, we've beaten the boss after all.
Looks like we can expect some good mats from Jet Boar too. Especially that stupid tough leather, gonna make some equipment out of it.

"By the way, won't that red beast's meat get to smell like the bean."


Oh crap, now that I think about it.
W-well, the innards are probably a no go, but the other parts should be fine, I'm sure.

...A pitfall to the end.





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