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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 322

322 Until Return


Crumble rumble rumble rumble....

The sound of something collapsing somewhere deep underground is filling the air.

"Guys? Isn't this bad news? Like for real."

I know 'earthquake' from my past life. I dunno if it's also a general knowledge for the people in this world, but if this vibration comes from the collapsing dungeon, isn't this place quite unsafe?

"It will be fine. This always happens. Let us focus on finishing the required procedure."

Apparently this wasn't anything unusual according to Firuna. The way she phrased it sounds like they've conquered a lot of dungeons already.

(Then the spectacular collapse of the tunnel dungeon back then was not the norm...?)

'But why?' I cursed inwardly as I recalled that time I escaped the tunnel dungeon with the blacksmith gramps.
The crumbling sound continued on for a while before eventually settling down.
My curiosity piqued, I went to the big hole where the dungeon entrance was located and it had turned into a flat ground with absolutely no trace left. You really can't tell it apart from some random ground besides the impromptu guard camp set around it.

(Made me wonder if I'd just dreamed it all up...)

Wish I could have seen the moment that hole vanished, can't be helped though. I had to go with the White Fang after all.
Who could've thought it would be gone so soon.

(Fantasy, full of mystery, full of wonder.)

My understanding cannot hope to match the common sense of the people living in this world.
As I was thinking that, somebody called out to me.

"Oy! We're gonna head back to the association now! Come with us!"

Kidd did.
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(Well, this expedition isn't over till our return... or something.)

I plan to go back to the kingdom once anyway, might as well going along with them instead of parting ways here.

"Anything else we forgot... guess not. Then it's time for our triumphant return! Let's go and tell everybody there ain't no dungeon threat no more!"

Kidd seemed awfully excited. What, does he like being a hero or something?

"Take it down a notch Kidd. I agree that it's a good thing the threat is no longer present. However, this is far from the zenith we seek out."

"Yup, this expedition really showed how much of greenhorns we really are. And that's why we're gonna get enough power so we can stand up against anything."

"Yeah but, there's no harm in taking a little breather just for a lil' bit, don'tcha think?"

"Yes I agree. Although, we could not conquer this dungeon through our powers alone, it's all thanks to him."

Firuna giggled. Her smile was very dazzling. She must have finally felt at ease now. Up until this point, she always had this complicated serious look on her face.
Her smile which embodies 'cute makes right' gathered a huge number of gazes from the men around.

We already did the procedure to leave this ex-dungeon spot which was turning into a festival.
White Fang got on a wagon that had been prepared for them.

"That felt quite long yet also short...? Now then, where to go from here...?"

None of them heard my mutter. I followed them into the wagon.
Afterward, the wagon took off, slowly advancing ahead, rattling all the way.
Inside the wagon, White Fang started discussing what to do about their income this time.





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